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Friday, October 27, 2006; 11:00 AM

The staff of Weekend , The Washington Post's weekly entertainment guide, covers what's happening in the Washington area. We'll field your questions on everything in the section from performances and new DVDs to weekend getaways and kids' activities. We write about all kinds of fun things to do and we're happy to talk to you about it.

Join the Weekend staff online this Friday, Oct. 20, at 11 a.m. ET to take your questions and comments.

This week we write about how more and more grown-ups are getting into the spirit of Halloween ; visit Vit Goel , a.k.a. Lighthouse Tofu House, a standout among Korean barbecue kitchens in Annandale; check out two exhibits for modern-art lovers at the Phillips Collection ; explore the National Zoo's new six-acre Asia Trail and panda habitat; chat with legendary pianist McCoy Tyner and noted director Terry Gilliam ; and of course review the latest movies .

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Weekend Now Discussion Transcripts

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Curt Fields: Hello and welcome to our weekly chat. Looks like a lot of questions have already been submitted so let's get to it...


Arlington, Va.: Is there any place you know of that won't be having any Halloween festivities this weekend, where some long-lost friends and I can grab and drink or two and enjoy some conversation? I'd like to stay in Arlington, specifically Clarendon/Courthouse. Thanks!

Jenny Abella: Hmm. Let's see. How about Tallula (2761 Washington Blvd.; 703-778-5051)? You could call to see if they're providing an oasis for those looking for a little more conversation and a little less "people in crazy/scary/silly costumes". They have 70 wines by the glass and a lounge. Anyone else have a suggestion?


Wilmington, Del.: Do you know of any events where dogs can participate such as a dog costume contest? Thanks!

Michael O'Sullivan: The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore sponsors an annual costumed-pet parade on or around July 4, but you were probably looking for something, um, sooner, right? (Mark your calendar.) Anybody else know of something happening now?


Accokeek, Md.: I've got a 14- and 16-year-old. What would be an evening Halloween outing for them to enjoy in our area? Thanks for taking my question.

Jenny Abella: Why not try a spooky ghost tour? There are tons of 'em across the region, such as in Annapolis and the Riversdale House Museum in Riverdale. Those are bound to give 'em goose bumps! A link to more coming in a bit. Other ideas? Anyone? Anyone?


Montpelier, Vt.: If you had the choice of taking a class in "music video dance" versus a single's cooking class, which would you choose. On the one hand, I do want to learn to dance like Justin Timberlake, but on the other hand, maybe cooking will help me get my sexy back ... It's so difficult to make these choices. Oh, and I'm moving to D.C. after one of these classes, so which skill will suit me better there?

Joyce Jones: What a tough decision. I'd say take the single's cooking class, gives you more of a chance to talk to the other singles and in the long run meeting someone who can really cook is a bigger plus than being able to dance like Justin (Also, can't you figure that out by watching him on video? my theory is either you can dance or you can't. a class isn't going to change it. where as cooking, yeah, a class could make a difference)

this is such a burning question, that I'm sure others might want to chime in...

Eve Zibart: I'm with Joyce (my turn to lead?)...Cooking is much sexier in the long run because once you've got the date in the kitchen, it's a captive audience...besides, Justin will be back out of fashion in another six months; good food never goes out of style!

Curt Fields: Oh Eve, you have so little faith in JT's long term cultural relevance. I'm shocked.

But yeah, cooking seems to be a more handy and beneficial skill in the long run.


Arlington, Va.: Where can a couple in their mid-20s go to be a part of the Halloween festivities that is not a bar crawl for college kids or a community center day for families?

Eve Zibart: A number of restaurants--as opposed to nightclubs, in this sense--are hosting Halloween parties, Chef Geoff's and Helix among them. Or you could probably find a fun crowd at one of the Halloween-ish movies (I'm crazy for "Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3D) or Millennium Stage, a pianist is doing the old "Phantom of the Opera" music, then you could skirt the edges of Georgetown and pick your spot.


Fairfax, Va.: Hello, all: Can you tell me, please, whether any places in the No. Va. area (theater or otherwise) will be showing more "light" Halloween-appropriate movies on the evening of the 31st (something even campy, like "Creature from the Black Lagoon")? Not looking for true horror or anything too scary, but more fun while still being in the spirit of the holiday. There is usually someone playing something like that each year, but I've been unable to find a place so far. Of course I could always rent, but there's something about being in a theater ...

Thanks in advance for your help! And if there are any of your readers who know, please feel free to add your comments. Much appreciated.

Christina Talcott: For my money, I'd cross the river for "Young Frankenstein" at the AFI Silver Theatre, part of their "Frankenfest" series. Close to home, you've got lots of options, too: the Psychotronic Film Society is showing "Die You Zombie Bastards!" at 8 at Dr. Dremo's in Arlington (202-707-2540). Maybe Capt. Jack Sparrow's your ticket - "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" is showing at University Mall Theatres. And Arlington Cinema 'N' Drafthouse is hosting a party and an advance screening of the new movie, "Turistas," directed by John Stockwell ("Crazy/Beautiful," "Blue Crush"). In DC, the Library of Congress is showing the classic "Somewhere in Time"; Films on the Hill is showing Laurel & Hardy's "The Live Ghost" and Boris Karloff as a creepy doctor in "The Man With Nine Lives"; and if you want fries with your movie, American City Diner's screening "Rear Window." All these and more are in the Repertory listing in Weekend, starting on page 47.


RE: Delaware Dog Halloween: Hey Wilmington, I'm from that area, and you might like to know that there will be a doggie Halloween party at the Talley Day Bark Park (on Foulk Road). It's scheduled for Saturday at 3:00. Have fun!

Eve Zibart: and naturally, Old Town Alexandria, doggy happy hour heaven, has one, too


Poolesville, Md.: I want to give my husband a flying lesson for his birthday. Could you recommend a good place to go? Thanks!

Eve Zibart: I took one some years ago at the airpark off Route 134 on the way to Laytonsville, that would be pretty close....


Washington, D.C.: I'm thinking of taking a drive to see the fall foliage. Do you have any recommendations on where to go? Do you think the leaves will still be around by next weekend? Thanks!

Joyce Jones: The leaves are still pretty stunning in the area east of the mountains. On the Virginia leave hotline (did you know there was one?) Forester Tim says that the leaves in the Shenandoah Valley are at their peak. And they are peaking in the piedmont. The peak will come in early November on the Eastern Shore. If you want to wait til next weekend, you may want to give either the Va hotline (800-424-5683) or Md hotline a call (800-532-8371) before you plan your trip.


Rockville, Md.: Is Love's dress code still going to be applied this Saturday for the Cypress Hill show? I mean they do know who Cypress Hill's fan-base is right? (i.e., wacky-tobacky crowd.)

Curt Fields: Most likely. They don't tend to make a policy of relaxing it. You could always give a call ahead of time if you just can't bring yourself to meet the dress code guidelines. Love's number is 202-636-9030.


Silver Spring, Md.: Hey guys ...

Movie question. Anybody know if "Flags of Our Fathers" is worth it? I'm in a movie mood tonight, but I am worried that "Flags" won't fly with my girlfriend. Also, anyone hear anything about that movie "Little Children"? I'm open to any new movies though. Thanks!

Michael O'Sullivan: I loved "Little Children," by the writer/director of the Oscar-nominated "In the Bedroom," Todd Field. Desson liked it too. Not sure if it's exactly a date movie though. It's about marital infidelity and a sexual offender. Haven't see "FooF."

Jenny Abella: I saw "Flags of Our Fathers" last weekend and loved it, but I guess I'm just a girl who's into war flicks. It's not a romance, no, but it has more than carnage and bombs exploding -- half of it takes place stateside and there's a lot of character development. You see how war has affected the men internally. In terms of new movies, I recommend "Catch a Fire." It's great.

Michael O'Sullivan: I agree with Jenny. "Catch a Fire" is really top-notch. Dramatic political thriller set in pre-Apartheid South Africa.


Newport, R.I.: Has anyone seen that movie Borat yet? I am stunned that people actually fell for Ali G's hoax and "didn't read the fine print," as all the stories are saying. It seems like it might be a fun movie, but it could probably go either way.

Michael O'Sullivan: I haven't seen the movie, but I've seen Baron Cohen's "Borat" shtick on "Da Ali G Show." I find that the funniest encounters are the ones in which he makes fun of Borat as much as he does his "victims." He's usually so over the top that it's hard to imagine anyone falling for it, but they do.

Christina Talcott: Having watched hours of back-to-back "Ali G" episodes (gotta love Netflix!), I'm looking forward to the movie. BTW I was at SBC's press conference (in front of the Kazakh embassy, with the march to the White House), and he was in fine form. My only disappointment: I've heard that when he's Borat, he wears the suit for days (weeks?) so it's really stinky, but I am sad to tell you that I leaned in for a sniff as he walked by me that day, and he smelled nice and clean. I was crestfallen.


Washington, D.C.: I'm hosting a birthday and Halloween party this Saturday (my birthday is on Halloween). I want a birthday cake, but that doesn't really go with the spooky Halloween theme of the rest of the party. Do you have any ideas?

Eve Zibart: YEAHHHHHHHH HALLOWEEEN BIRTHDAY!!!!! (okay, so I'm prejudiced--it's mine too). Here's some ideas (and what's wrong with devil's food cake? my favorite)How about a prison tower of Halloween-frosted cream cones turned upside down on cookies (i.e., witches' hats)and frosted spiked chocolate in pumpkin mugs...caramel and chocolate apples (black and orange)...pumpkin-shaped carrot cream molded into Caspar (vanilla) and a black cat (chocolate) could even do a red velvet cake and give it a more gruesome title. One more: root beer floats in frosted mugs, like a witch's brew

Curt Fields: red velvet cake ... mmmm ... (sorry, the southern roots for both Eve and me are showing)


Washington, D.C.: A while back, the Post did a weekend getaway review to a B and B and B -- that's Bed and Breakfast and Beer. Sounds fun! It said the owner serves his own brew and guests can drink as much as they want -- included in the rate. I can't remember the name of the place or where it's located. Please help me find it!

Joyce Jones: I don't recall this showing up in Weekend, but our friends in the Travel section think you may be referring to the Smokehouse Winery and B&B near Sperryville, Va., where owner John Hallberg is part of a renewed trend toward making mead, a wine made from honey instead of grapes.

Does anyone out there know of another BB&B?


Cathedral : Hello everyone! I am attending the Buzzlife event at Wooly Mammouth tonight. I love Scott Henry but was unable to go tommorow night. Can you let me know what kind of music to expect tonight from the DJ's. I haven't had time to check out the Web site but I was curious your opinion?

Richard Harrington: headliner is Hybrid, a progressive breaks/trance trio from Wales' who've also done remixes for Moby, Alanis Morriestte and Radiohead. Costume party there tonight....


Eve Zibart: PS to campy Halloween movies: the Spooky Movie Festival at the CinemaArts in Fairfax is doing 30 new animated, sci-fi, docu-drama, you-name-it flicks this weekend, and the always wonderful Count Gore du Vol is back to host...could be hilarious


Washington, D.C.: Okay. I'm not big on Halloween (I don't hate it, I'm just not into dressing up). So what can I do this weekend that has nothing to do with the holiday?

Jenny Abella: Hey, we accept everyone here in this chat. You could check out the new museum and education center at Mount Vernon -- it just opened today and looks mighty cool. Or there's the Arabian Sights Film Festival sponsored by FilmFest DC at Loews Wisconsin Avenue Theaters, 4000 Wisconsin Ave. NW. For live music, check out the fifth-anniversary party that Jammin' Java is throwing itself Saturday with music for kids during the day and for adults at night. Happy non-Halloween!

_______________________ Mead in the U.S.A. ( Post, April 19, 2003 )


Alexandria, Va.: Is Terry Gilliam crazy? He thinks teens are going to want to see his movie?

Michael O'Sullivan: Okay, that's two questions, but I'm not going to touch the first one with a ten-foot pole. As for that second one, I don't think he really believes that teens are going to WANT to see it, but that whatever teens do see it will "get it" (and not be irreparably damaged by it). That's assuming that a parent or guardian drags them to it. He told me he knows a 12-year-old boy who saw "Tideland" and thought it was "wild." Look, the man has been living in Europe for the past four decades. He was surprised when I told him that no one under 17 could get into an R-rated movie in this country without a parent or guardian.


Upper Marlboro, Md.: Is Peyroux all she's cracked up to be? How does she compare to McKay, Norah, Krall? Where would you put her in the RIYL spectrum?

Richard Harrington: More focused than McKay, less adventurous than Jones, less showy than Krall. A bit too melancholy for my taste, but a lot of folks are drawn in by that....


Desperate in Chicago: I am a 27-year-old female with no Halloween costume -- I just can't think of anything I want to be. Any suggestions? I am getting desperate!

Eve Zibart: the "Devil Wears Prada" is hot; beg, borrow or steal a Prada handbag (or just this once, it's okay to buy a fake) and a pair of about wearing a blue tarp, stick some branches on it and a sign that says, "FEMA housing"? (due credit: my husband thought of that)


Fredericksburg, Va.: I'm babysitting my niece (8) and nephew (3) Sunday afternoon. I want to take them somewhere fun, I'm kind of clueless on kids stuff and Fredericksburg (I live in Fairfax). They have already done the big pumpkin patch there, any other ideas? Or can kids do a pumpkin patch twice in one year without being cranky? Oh, and it can't involve eating food due to some wacky allergy issues.

Joyce Jones: From personal experience, YES, kids can go to a pumpkin patch more than once a year. My almost 5 year old twins are set for their second pumpkin patch adventure (And they only went a week ago for their first this year). Pack some approved snacks and take 'em to the patch.

Other ideas from Fredericksburgers?


Falls Church, Va.: Do you know of any good farms/pumpkin patches in Northern Virginia that we could visit with a five-month-old? There are ones in Poolesville and Howard County but the little one does not like long car rides ...

Jenny Abella: There are a couple in Fairfax County you could visit. The Burke Nursery in Burke (9401 Burke Rd.) has a pumpkin playground, and Cox Farms (15621 Braddock Rd., at Pleasant Valley and Braddock roads, midway between Routes 29 and 50, about five miles west of Centreville) has a lots of events on the weekends during its Fall Festival. Bring a camera -- you never know when a photo op will strike! A list of other pumpkin patches, mazes and more coming right up shortly.

_______________________ Farm Trips ( Post, Oct. 6 )


Washington, D.C.: I've never been to a Cirque du Soleil show ... What's this new one about?

Michael O'Sullivan: Having seen a few Cirque shows, I'd say that asking what one is about is like asking what an acid trip is about. That said, the description of "Corteo" on the Cirque Web site calls it "a festive parade imagined by a clown. The show brings together the passion of the actor with the grace and power of the acrobat to plunge the audience into a theatrical world of fun, comedy and spontaneity situated in a mysterious space between heaven and earth.

The clown pictures his own funeral taking place in a carnival atmosphere, watched over by quietly caring angels. Juxtaposing the large with the small, the ridiculous with the tragic and the magic of perfection with the charm of imperfection, the show highlights the strength and fragility of the clown, as well as his wisdom and kindness, to illustrate the portion of humanity that is within each of us."


Harper's Ferry, W.Va.: We're taking a drive to Harper's Ferry on Sunday and I'm hoping for some suggestions on what to do, see, and eat while we're there. Thanks!

Eve Zibart: Most of the museums and Park stuff are sort of at the bottom along the river(s); the whole street that rises up from the river is lined with little shops and restaurants; a lot of them have patios and gardens (if it warms up again). You can usually see a menu posted out front. Hilltop House has the most amazing view, but the food's not much to speak of.


Joyce Jones: Anybody out there got a really cool costume idea they want to share? What are our intrepid chatters going to dress up as this year?


Washington, D.C.: Rain tomorrow. What to do indoors somewhere that's not my house?

Twila Waddy: You can always catch up on a few movies. Alot have come out in the past two weeks. There are a few film festival for Halloween, if you are looking for a good scare.


Leesburg, Va.: For Delaware looking for a dog costume contest, there appears to be one in Woodbridge, Va., on Saturday. Check out The Washington Post Event listings for more details.

Also, for the person looking for a Halloween Birthday cake, Costco does great cakes, complete with a spooky theme, they're very big, very yummy and very affordable.

Curt Fields: Here's some help from a chatter for a couple of earlier questions. Thanks.


Silver Spring, Md.: Petsmart hosts a Halloween Party for pets. Prizes and everything!

Curt Fields: And here's another suggestion.

Our chatters/readers are an informed bunch. We like that!


Avoiding M street: Where can adults get a few costume friendly bars in without paying $10 at each door and avoiding the college crowd on terror at M street.

Eve Zibart: I'd have to guess that the area around Verizon Center, which has a lot of bars and lounges but isn't quite as collegy, would be a fair bet.


Rockville, Md.: Lupe Fiasco ... real deal or lame?

Richard Harrington: Actually, much closer to real deal. For one thing, he's thoughtful and willing to see the grey instead of just the black and white in many scenarios. And as the spouse of a skater, I have to respect him for "Kick Push" alone.


Chicago, Ill.: Hello Weekend Staff!

I'm visiting from Chicago and am wondering if there are any Fall Festivals to check out next month? Thanks, D.C. is great!

Joyce Jones: If you want to share the dates you'll be here, we can give more details, but here's a general view of the next few weeks. Most of the "fall festivals" that involve turning leaves and pumpkins are winding down, but the leaves themselves (and perhaps some festivities) may be peaking on the Eastern Shore, so you should consider a drive out that way if you're looking for fall color while here. But if you just looking for festivals, here are some: Multicultural Children's Book Fest is at the Kennedy Center, Nov. 4; the 2006 National Ski and Snowboard Exp is at Dulles Expo Center, Nov. 10-12; and the Washington Craft Show is at the Washington Convention Center, Nov. 17-19. Enjoy your time here...


Washington, D.C.: Any suggestions on area wineries that would be fun to go to during the day on a weekend in the fall? Also, how do winery visits work exactly?

Eve Zibart: Almost every winery will be open on a weekend afternoon. What generally happens is that there will be a rep (or two) at the bar with a long row of glasses; he/she pours a small sip from all or as many as you're interested in, working from lighter whites to big white, then lighter reds to big and perhaps dessert wines, if they make it. You can buy by the bottle or case. Most have wine-oriented gift stores or nibblies as well: some, including Barboursville and Prince Michel, have serious sit-down restaurants.


Hungryville USA: Your earlier answer got me wondering? Where can I find good red velvet cake around here? Pecan pie? Chicken and dressing? Help, my stomach's flashing back to my childhood.

Christina Talcott: A few years back, I did a round-up of places to buy red velvet cake. Harris Teeter and Giant said they make 'em in their bakeries; here are a few others from that list: Buck's Fishing & Camping (occasionally on the menu, 5031 Connecticut Ave. NW. 202-364-0777), Georgia Brown's (also great Southern-style food, 950 15th St. NW. 202-393-4499),

Red Byrd Restaurant & Motel (19409 Shepherds Town Pk, Keedysville, Md. 301-432-6872), Reeves (1306 G St. NW. 202-628-6350).

Eve Zibart: just make sure it's a flashback, not a reflux!


Mt. Pleasant, Washington, D.C.: Hi Weekenders,

Do you know if the annual trick or treating fest will be happening on Lamont St. in Mt. Pleasant this year?

Michael O'Sullivan: That's my 'hood. I understand that it will be. Thousands of angry 7-year-olds would take to the street with Molotov cocktails--hey, there's a costume idea!--if it was cancelled.


Washington, D.C.: Looking at the lineup, is this DAM! Festival going to be a one-hit wonder? Or do you think it'll be the next SXSW?

Curt Fields: Probably fall somewhere in the middle. You can help it avoid the one-hit wonder fate by turning out to support it (and urging friends to go too). The odds of it becoming another SXSW seem highly unlikely. That's a venerable and (some would say over)hyped event that draws industry types of all kinds.


Washington, D.C.: I'm a Halloween-obsessed 22-year-old with a killer costume (Wonderwoman ... fav superhero of all time) However I'm on some meds and can't booze until Tuesday a.k.a. I'm missing the "Nightmare on M street Bar Crawl." I know Tuesday isn't technically the weekend BUT ... Can you help with any ideas of places to go to make up for being on the Injured list this weekend

Jenny Abella: To us, every day can be the weekend if you put your mind to it... Asylum (2471 18th St. NW) is getting its Halloween on with a "fractured fairy tales" theme on Tuesday with drink specials and a costume contest. Hope you're better!


Lupe: He isn't actually a skater .. so it makes him less the real deal. Plus he's GIANT on self-promotion. I saw him in Chicago at Lolla. He came out as a special guest for Kanye and pretty much showed everyone he was closer to sell out than we had originally thought

Richard Harrington: Sounds somewhat personal. BTW, David Bowie wasn't actually an astronaut, David Byrne wasn't actually a psycho killer, etc, so not sure what Lupe Fiasco's not being actually a skater has to do with it....

Curt Fields: If self-promotion was a negative the airwaves would be dead.

I'm not quite as sold on him as Richard.

_______________________ Capital Hauntings ( Post, Oct. 6 )


Washington, D.C.: Have bar-goers noticed an uptick in violence on U Street? Around midnight last Friday, my husband and I walked past Bar Nun and were harassed by a group of young thugs. These men blocked our path on the sidewalk and one of them punched our friend in the back of the head as we tried to walk away. I have heard similar stories from others, and I fear that a vibrant neighborhood is being ruined by an unsavory element. My husband and I are debating whether to go back to U Street for nightlife.

Eve Zibart: Well, most of it is anecdotal, but you have to remember that U Street has only fairly recently upscaled, and is still a little uneven. The sort of street harassment you're talking about seems to come and go, perhaps depending on police presence, but I certainly wouldn't give up on it. I would certainly make sure I reported it to the police, though, which itself makes for more beat coverage.

Joyce Jones: The Post has published a couple of stories recently on crime in some of the more popular nightlife areas. One ran on Oct. 13 and was an overview of the types of things that happen and when and where. In yesterday's paper there was a story on a new system where people can map an area and see what kinds of crime occur there. Sorry to hear of your experience. But don't give up on going downtown. (we'll give a link to yesterday's story)

_______________________ Plotting Crime, Street by Street ( Post, Oct. 26 )


Curt Fields: That concludes our chat for today. Thanks for stopping by and a special thanks to those of you who offered suggestions to your fellow chatters.

Check us out on the radio next Thursday and come back for the next chat on Friday the 3rd. You can tell us if you got mostly treats or not!


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