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Liz Kelly
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007; 12:00 PM

The Golden Globe Awards are generally considered a good indicator of which movies stand a chance at next month's Academy Awards ceremony -- what films will be remembered as truly excellent and which actors will achieve Hollywood's highest honors? Well, really, who cares? It's all about the red carpet, who wore what, who escorted who, who was conspicuously absent and which star made the biggest PR flub. Celebritologist Liz Kelly was online Tuesday, Jan. 16, at Noon ET to talk about the pre-show, after-parties and next-day buzz.

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The transcript follows.


Liz Kelly: Liz Kelly: So much to talk about. A great night. Make sure to read Bill Booth's fabulous summation of the night's festivities and, if you missed the show, Jen Chaney's blow-by-blow as the night unfolded.

Angie was annoyed, Borat was hot and the Brits seemed to rule the night. I can't wait to hear your observations, so let's jump right in.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Liz, most of the winners last night were pretty predictable, but Hugh Laurie seemed genuinely stunned at his second win in a row. What was your take?

Liz Kelly: Well, these folks are actors by trade, but yes, Laurie seemed charmingly unprepared.


Atlanta, Ga.: Favorite male acceptance speech: Hugh Laurie. (Every time he accepts an award I get a little crush on him.) Favorite female acceptance speech: Meryl Streep. She's seen it all, and I love her attitude and the way she put her glasses on and said "I think I've worked with everybody in this room." What were your favorites?

Liz Kelly: Ya, Streep is so damn disarming. How can you not like her? She pulls out the glasses, talks to everyone in the room like a favorite neighbor and still has a white hot career. I liked her comment attributing a good year in movies to her fellow nominees.

Still, and I know this will be an unpopular opinion, I don't know that I wanted her to win for Prada. I really thought the award should've gone to "Little Miss Sunshine's" Toni Collette.


Centreville, Va.: On the red carpet, Angelina Jolie seemed to refuse to talk. Why bother walking the carpet if she hated it so much? Why not just let Brad walk and meet him inside?

Liz Kelly: Ya, Angelina Jolie was kind of a dud last night. She seemed unwilling to talk and didn't look happy to be there at all. When talking to the supremely annoying Ryan Seacrest, Jolie basically ignored direct questions and even seemed peeved with Brad who tried to salvage the interview by answering Seacrest's inane questions as Jolie looked on icily.

There are some reports that she was unhappy with her crepey, grey St. John dress and pouted her way down the red carpet in protest.


San Francisco, Calif.: I applaud the victories of Kyra Sedgewick and Hugh Laurie.

They are both interesting choices, and kind of out of the ordinary for the Hollywood mainstream. However, I don't quite understand why The Wire (the HBO show), especially this past season, continues to be ignored. It is by far the most critically acclaimed show on air today, and some would argue one of the best shows ever aired on television, yet it has yet to be nominated for an Emmy or a Golden Globe let alone win one. It has a stellar cast and just in general it's a pretty amazing show. Can you give some insight to this constant oversight? It seems rather unexplainable. It seems to me that if Kyra Sedgewick can win for a show that is shown on the USA network, there is no reason why the Hollywood Foriegn Press would overlook The Wire and its cast.


Liz Kelly: Baltimore thanks you for pointing out this miscarriage of justice, hon.


G'town, Washington, D.C.: I have to say I just love that America Ferrara won. She's fantastic.

Liz Kelly: Right on.


Liz Kelly: Oh, and an non-Globes aside -- did everyone catch Paula Abdul on "Ellen" this morning denying she was drunk during a live interview on Friday? She said she was just "off in her own little world." Indeed. Duff World.


Arlington, Va.: Does Sasha Baron Cohen stand a chance of any nominations or even a win at the Oscars?

Liz Kelly: In a word, no. Which is why we love the Globes.


Los Angeles, Calif.: I've been reading elsewhere that Isaih Washington had a complete red carpet meltdown last night when asked about trouble on the set of "Grey's Anatomy," going so far as to claim that he never called T.R. Knight "that little faggot." Gasps reportedly rang throughout the room. What do you know about this?

Liz Kelly: I don't know if "meltdown" is an accurate characterization of what I've been reading. Apparently there were two moments for Washington last night. When asked about the incident on the red carpet, he said: "I love gay. I wanted to be gay," he said. "Please let me be gay."

There is also this report that seems to come a bit closer to what you've heard, but I haven't seen a lot of corroboration on this one.


Philadelphia, Pa.: I am not a Bush supporter at all -- but Hollywood seems to exist only in its own self-congratulatory bubble. Where are the guts? Where is even the half-mention of the war? Sacha Baron Cohen was gutsy enough in his little bit -- and funny -- but where are the guts when it comes to real life? I hate to say it, I really do, but where are the Michael Moores and Richard Geres?

Liz Kelly: Usually we hear a lot of that at awards shows and certainly have heard a lot about the war at the Globes, Oscars, Grammies over the past few years. You're right, though. Last night, any hint of protest and "message" speeches were absent. Could it be that everyone wanted a break from the grim reality of war?


Washington, D.C.: I prefer the Globes to the Oscars. It's quicker. It combines TV and Movies. And it seems like more fun.

Oh, and Borat gave one of the 10 best acceptance speaches ever.

Liz Kelly: Agreed on all counts.


Washington, D.C.: Why does Leonardo DiCaprio never win? I think he is the best actor in the bunch and he always seems to lose. Any ideas why?

Liz Kelly: I agree and Leo's performance in "The Departed" was incredible. As several of my (female) friends have pointed out, he seems suddenly to have transitioned from boy to man. Looks and animal magnetism aside, he has blossomed into a solid actor and I was sorry he wasn't recognized for his work in "Departed" or "Blood Diamond." Still, the competition was tough and it was Forest Whitaker's night -- another actor who has quietly turned in masterful performances over the years and deserved some long overdue recognition. Go Ghost Dog!


Washington, D.C.: Who did American Ferrera come with?

Liz Kelly: Not sure who accompanied America to the ceremony, but MTV reports that she was hoping to party with Diddy after the show before heading home to get a good night's sleep before returning to work the next day.


Rockville, Md.: Ditto that I really wanted Toni Collette to win for "Little Miss Sunshine" over Streep (although she was fabulous, in every way, in Prada). But an even bigger disappointment to me was that "Little Miss Sunshine" itself lost to "Dreamgirls." Do you think either of these films stands a chance for a nod come Oscar time?

Liz Kelly: I'm not a critic, just a celeb watcher, but I'd bet on "Dreamgirls" getting at least one Oscar -- for a performance would be my guess. Maybe Eddie Murphy or Jennifer Hudson. Just too much hype, too many stars, too many glowing reviews for Oscar to totally shun.

"Little Miss Sunshine's" chances are not so sure, but seems like it would be recognized for screenplay if anything.


Boston, Mass.: Is Baron Cohen's acceptance speech the first time someone has referenced a co-star's anus during an acceptance speech?

Liz Kelly: Yes, I believe he can now add that historic first to his CV.


Re: Where Are the Guts?: The director of "The Queen" got in a little rant before he was told to 'wrap it up' by those running the show.

Interestingly enough he seemed to get the hook before other awardees.

P.S. If I were Jennifer Hudson, I would still be freaking out that I tripped in front of Clooney!

Liz Kelly: Dude, tripping is totally eclipsed by winning the award. She did fine.


Washington, D.C.: The guy who won for the Queen screenplay (I think ...) started to say something about the war/protesting, but then they made him get off the stage (whether that was because of time or politics, I don't know).

Liz Kelly: Must've been in the powder room when he was talking. Thanks for sharing.


New York: Liz, how many years has Jeremy Irons worn the same suit?

Do you think we can start a "Jeremy Fund" so men can donate old designer suits for Jeremy Irons.

Liz Kelly: Honestly, Jeremy Irons can wear whatever he wants.

Anyone think Jeremy Piven should've won? I did until he got all catty about John Cusack last week. No one attacks Lloyd Dobler.


Washington, D.C.: What was the deal with Justin Timberlake? For starters, he is not nearly as cool as he thinks he is. He should be lucky he has a job. Then, he has the unmitigated audacity to make fun of Prince (arguably one of the most talented musicians of my generation) when he accepted an award on his behalf. Was this a major faux pas or worse?

Liz Kelly: I'm no fan of Justin Timberlake's music, but the guy is definitely funny -- his two hosting stints on "SNL" even made that stinker of a show funny again. His "impersonation" of Prince last night was a little bit cold (he crouched behind the microphone, mimicking the diminutive singer), but maybe JT's only giving as good as he gets: Prince apparently made some derogatory comments about Timberlake's music last year. So maybe this was payback.


Richmond, Va.: Am I the only one? I think J. Lo is preggers.

Liz Kelly: Well, her dress definitely left her midsection open to speculation. She looked fabulous, though. Did you notice hubby Mark Anthony's refusal to join her at Seacrest's microphone? Hardly appropriate behavior for the star of an upcoming movie.


Washington, D.C.: I thought the show looked poorly produced and directed. Some people waxed on and on and others got rushed off with the music. There were also a lot of moments with people visibly asking, am I supposed to do this now or what? Didn't anyone tell Warren Beatty when he was supposed to come up on stage? The worst moment, however, was Maria Menounos not wrapping up what she was saying while a jubilant America Ferrera walked up. It looked like she was supposed to wait and then she realized, wait, maybe she wasn't and the look on her face said it all. Maria then didn't recover as she asked America what she thought about people who said she shouldn't have had the role -- the role she just won a Golden Globe for. Bad timing, wrong question and just weird mix of slick and stick thin Menounos kind of mistreating Ferrera.

Liz Kelly: Is it just me who remembers Warren Beatty receiving some other lifetime achievement award at the Globes not long ago. Oh, no wait, that was Michael Douglas. Sorry, confusing aging studs with younger wives.

I thought the show was fabulous and the little flubs just add to that low-budget DIY feel. But the set itself was funny -- it looked like they bought the decorations at a "Solid Gold" rummage sale.

Liz Kelly: And I don't care who you are -- can we please nix the speeches from HFPA/Academy presidents? No one cares, ok?


Alexandria, Va.: With there only being a single category for Best Picture, what do you think will end up getting left out? Any chance for "Children of Men" to get some recognition? I realize it's incredibly political and likely polarizing, but it's incredibly well done(imho). It'd be a shame for it to be completely ignored.

Liz Kelly: Ya know, I haven't seen "Children of Men" yet, but it does look good. And I'm usually up for anything including Clive Owen. Academy Award material? Not sure -- but I haven't heard much buzz about it related to the awards.

Oscar nominations, by the way, will be announced bright and early next Tuesday morning.


Prince vs. "JT": So, they're supposedly fueding now ... did you catch any awkward moments? Staredowns?

And just to defend Jolie for a moment, I think the girl looked less "attitude" than "oh my god, I'm bracing myself for whatever" ... following the red carpet coverage, she looked pretty clingy with Brad. And then People magazine reported a "meeting" with Courtney Cox and David Arquette on the carpet ... Awkward!

Liz Kelly: Sure, if "oh my god, I'm bracing myself for whatever" is synonymous with icy stares and/or boredom.

As for Prince vs. JT -- I'm sure it's not a showdown. Though if it is, I suggest they settle it on the basketball court.


NYC/Tribeca: Does the fact Reese Witherspoon and Jack Nicholson were sitting together strike anyone as odd? I am sure Reese does not curse, have unpure thoughts and is nearly as conservative as former Senator First. Do you think when Jack droped the f-bomb and was his charming self it put some curl into Reese's hair? I would have loved sitting at that table. Anyone else curious?

Liz Kelly: I don't find it odd that Reese and Jack were seated together. This is the Globes and, as Bill Booth pointed out in his excellent scene setter, the Globes is famous for throwing together seemingly disparate parts of Hollywood -- for instance, TV and movie stars co-mingling.

As for Reese, though. Maybe you should check out some of her earlier work, like one of my favorites -- "Freeway" -- that showcases Reese's adept use of profanity.


Washington, D.C.: Where was Jennifer Aniston at last night's awards? Do her publicists have to work with Brangelina's to make sure their schedules never overlap?

And did Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake ever cross paths last night?

Liz Kelly: Well, Jennifer didn't really have anything that would take her to the Globes this year. After all, "The Break Up" was conspicuously absent from the nominations. Snicker.

Haven't heard any reports of JT and Cameron tangling. Maybe he didn't recognize her.


Washington, D.C.: Didn't J. Lo wear a toga-like dress to the Oscars once? Was she a "Bennifer" then? I recall a sea green color.

Liz Kelly: Yes, she did. And she's done that Barbarella-ish hairdo before. Very "Valley of the Dolls," no?

Hey, a general question for anyone who watched the E! pre-show. How annoying is Ryan Seacrest? Please start your answers with "Ryan Seacrest is so annoying that..."


Falls Church, Va.: Did Forest Whitaker completely not expect to win? He seemed totally unprepared to make any sort of remarks, and there were a million "uh" moments. Or was he just flustered?

Liz Kelly: I think he was just flustered. He strikes me as a very private person who was genuinely touched to be recognized for his performance.

I'm watching a rerun of the red carpet on E! now and I have to say that Kate Walsh's dress was also fab.


Greenbelt, Md.: RE: Jennifer Hudson and the tripping upstage -- it kinda made her look even more "real" than "Hollywood". She's not perfect: she's not waif thin, but more of a size most of us are (me included!); she didn't win or place that high in "American Idol"; she has to co-star with the diva Beyonce; she's still dating her non-Hollywood boyfriend, a regular guy ... To me, the trip up the stage by Jennifer Hudson was just great.

Liz Kelly: Yep, yep -- she's still genuine. Let's see how long it lasts.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Liz,

Did I imagine it or did Helen Mirren have a wardrobe malfunction last night when she went up to receive her award for "Elizabeth I"? It looked like the back of her dress was unzipped and her bloomers were showing.

Liz Kelly: Ya, I saw that, too. I wasn't sure if that was a tear or if it was an actual part of the dress design.


Anonymous: So what was up the little lapel pin everyone was wearing? It looked like a little blue puzzle piece.

Liz Kelly: Good eye -- Alec Baldwin and other NBC stars wore the pin in support of charity Autism Speaks, which is a favorite of NBC Universal chairman and CEO Bob Wright, according to People online.


Anonymous: How many people vote for the Golden Globes? How many vote for the Academy Awards?

Liz Kelly: According to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Web site, the Globe winners are picked by about 80 journalists covering Hollywood for overseas publications. Interesting that this small, obscure group of folks runs the second biggest awards ceremony of the year and tend to be a pretty reliable predictor of Academy Award winners.

Then again, the HFPA has also awarded Globes to folks like Ricky Schroeder ("best new star" for 1980's "The Champ").


Pittsburgh, Pa.: While Angelina Jolie's dress was lovely, what was up with her interview with Ryan Seacrest? She was beyond rude.

She has also gotten frighteningly thin, if you ask me. Someone needs to tell her that she successfully lost the baby weight MONTHS ago.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. She is looking a little on the thin side. Did you catch the picture of her from last week? "Experts" quoted in the accompanying article claim the bulgy-vein look comes from too much exercise and not enough food.


Washington, D.C.: How can you like the "DIY" feel of an "major" awards show? The production was truly awful, and NBC should be ashamed. They lost 30 seconds to dead air, had numerous graphics problems, and the direction was just plain amateurish. I could have hosted a more presigious looking awards show in my basement. There's no excuse for an industry that makes so much money and that is so visible to be portrayed in such an unprofessional and shoddy way.

Liz Kelly: You prefer big stage productions of "Hard Out Here for a Pimp" complete with a stage full of dancers? I'm liking this basement idea, though. Do you have foosball?


Washington, D.C.: Did anyone else see the John Stamos comment to Ryan Seacrest? Stamos said something like, "you're working really hard for that $20 million a year". Then later, Ryan was asking TV stars if they felt slighted by movie stars because he's felt slighted by other TV stars for being a "reality" TV host. Is this a brew in the making? I was totally expecting PR statements to be issued!

Liz Kelly: Missed that -- good for Stamos. Unfortunately, Seacrest is laughing all the way to the bank. He's everywhere -- E!, the radio and tonight "American Idol's" new season kicks off.


Wake Forest, N.C.: I like Cameron as a blond better than a very dark brunette. She also needs to fire whoever talked her into wearing that dress. Yeeks.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Cameron's natural dirty blond look suits her better. Still, as someone who has been through every hair color made, I can't fault her for experimentation. My husband didn't mind the dark hair at all. Of course, I doubt he was concentrating on her hair.


New York, N.Y.: OF course Laurie deserves to win. Anyone so diverse as to play the idiot prince on "Black Adder" and "House" has loads of talent. By the way, any "House" fans who haven't seen him in "Black Adder" must see it.

Liz Kelly: Yes, "Black Adder" -- which also stars the talented Rowan Atkinson -- is a really entertaining show.


Reston, Va.: C'mon, Drew Barrymore was about the best looking woman there last night.

As for Ryan Seacrest, could someone please beat him with that microphone.

Liz Kelly: Thank you. I had hoped Angelina Jolie might do it, but I'm not sure she had the energy to lift her arm.


America's Date: Looked like she was accompanied by mom. They cut to her during the acceptance speech.

Liz Kelly: Thanks


Washington, D.C.: How were the ratings for last night's awards? Did more than critics and tabloid readers actually tune in, or was everyone watching that incredible double-episode of "24?"

Liz Kelly: Haven't seen the ratings yet. Why choose when you can DVR one and see both?


"Best new star": Have the Golden Globes stopped giving the "Best new star" award? Tom Hanks mentioned repeatedly how Warren Beatty had won it in 1962, but I didn't hear any mention of anyone receiving it last night, nor see it listed in the results this morning.

Liz Kelly: Yes, they seem to have stopped giving that award that in the past has been won by the likes of Ricky Schroeder.


Wait, wait: Jeremy Piven made derogatory comments about John Cusack?! What could he possibly say about Cusack that is negative?

Story please ...

Liz Kelly: Well, apparently Jeremy claimed in a new interview that Cusack hasn't reacted well to Piven's recent success. But, after all, it was Cusack who kept Piven acting for several years with small roles in movies like "Gross Pointe Blank," "One Crazy Summer," "Say Anything," "The Grifters," etc...

In fact, Piven's on the E! rerun right now with his date -- mom.


Arlington, Va.: I thought Drew Barrymore looked great. Also she looked very healthy -- not too thin. A nice contrast to the stick ladies like Angelina. Angelina seemed almost controllingly clingly to Brad.

Liz Kelly: Agreed -- but there were lots of nicely turned out real women there last night. Drew, America Fererra, Jennifer Hudson, Meryl Streep, Annette Bening, Helen Mirren. It's a nice break from my normal fare of Mary Kate and Ashlee and Nicole Richie pix.


Burke, Va.: I know it's your job, but don't you think there's WAY too much celebrity watching/gossip? I mean, how many Web sites, TV shows, radio programs, etc. ... do we need to follow the lives of people who are full of themselves? It seems that every year we get more and more celebrity news/junk, so much so that real "news" now incorporates celebrity gossip. Does it really matter that Angelina Jolie show Ryan Seacrest the cold shoulder? Did she suddenly win some award for "Best Disregard of an Entertainment Reporter by a Mother of Adopted Childen?"

I sometimes appreciate the humor that celebrity news brings, but when is enough enough?

Liz Kelly: It seems to be one area of "news" consumption that is growing. I'll try to find the link and add it into the blog for you, but I read recently that the one sector of print publications experiencing an upswing is tabloid/gossip mags. And with sites like and PerezHilton and -- for, Celebritology, making it big in 2006, there does seem to be a big appetite for this stuff.

And no, none of this stuff matters, but does it have to?


Greenwich Village: Liz: Who do you think looked the best? I'd vote for Helen Mirren (my boyfriend was deeply disturbed to discover she's 61, as he found her hot), Drew Barrymore (who can be a disaster sometimes), America Ferrara and Salma Hayek. All interesting and a little different. I also liked Ellen Pompeo (who I'm not always a fan of) and J. Lo (surprisingly).

What about Hilary Swank's hair-jewelry? Ick.

Liz Kelly: Ya know, Mirren looked great, but I think Cate Blanchett was last night's best dressed. (And for anyone who hasn't seen her in "Notes on a Scandal," it is a really good, chilling tale that also features Globe winner Bill Nighy).

Hilary Swank needs a new stylist.


Re: Ratings: Globes beat 24 handily, 15.7/23 to 10.1/14.

Liz Kelly: Thank you!


Missed Borat's speech: Where can I see Sacha Baron Cohen's acceptance speech online? Where?

We of the unwashed masses own no DVRs ...

Liz Kelly: Well, it's not the actual acceptance speech, but this page features video of him (and others) talking to the press backstage after winning.


Seattle, Wash.: Who was Miss Golden Globe this year?

Liz Kelly: Jack Nicholson's adorable 16-year-old daughter Lorraine.


New York: You should know by now that these celebs are never as wonderful as they seem they are.

The fact is, Cusack is not the star he was a decade or two ago -- though it's impressive he's been around for so long. I have a bad feeling Piven is right and Cusack is sour about Piven's celeb status.

Liz Kelly: Enh. Cusack is still a big star. He's got proven box office draw. Jeremy Piven, as yet, does not.


Ryan Seacrest is so annoying ... : Seriously, if I were Angelina Jolie I would've done the same thing. As far as her being rude, Marc Anthony wouldn't even go near him. Hmmm ... maybe it was the too-skinny people bonding together.

I couldn't believe he kept shoving his mic into conversations -- would've served him right if someone had dropped the F bomb.

However, at least he didn't grab anyone's boobs, like Isaac Mizrahi.

Liz Kelly: True. Isaac's move (was that from last year's Oscars or the year before?) is hard to top.


Washington, D.C.: What are the chances that Ryan Seacrest never appears at one of these things again? Can they set him up with some questions beforehand? Goodness, he sucks and unfortunately he seems to be every darn where. Gotta love Angie and Stamos (if that is what he said).

Liz Kelly: Oh we're stuck with Seacrest for some time.


McLean, Va.: What the heck has happened to the Olson twins? Have you seen the pictures of them at the party they attended afterwards? They are all white with makeup! They look so fake! One picture had one of their breasts almost hanging out because her dress was so skimpy. They are trying too hard to shed their innocent cute little girl typecasts.

Such a shame ...

Liz Kelly: Yep, in fact I've got a picture of them on my blog today. I think between the two of them they used an entire tube of eyeliner. Also, what's with Ashlee's fur? It's supposed to be a stole, but she disappears into it. And it's gross.


Washington, D.C.: Is Helen Mirren the new Judy Dench? They're both Dames.

Liz Kelly: Helen Mirren and Judi Dench are both great and both still working.


Arlington, Va.: So Liz, if you're hosting the chat, who's producing it? And how do you like things on the other side?

Liz Kelly: Live Online's deputy exec producer Rocci Fisch is producing this chat. Gene wasn't available.


Chattanooga, Tenn.: I can't see that anyone has commented on Reese Witherspoon's shoes. I thought they looked fabulous with that yellow dress -- and I don't even like red shoes.

Liz Kelly: Missed the shoes. Anyone?


Re: Seacrest: Last year I decided I couldn't completely hate Ryan Seacrest. That man works ridiculously hard and earns every penny he makes.

That being said, he is by far the most annoying person on the planet.

Liz Kelly: Fair enough.


Pittsburgh, Pa.: Since you mentioned (and included that picture of) Mary-Kate and Ashley: is Ashley getting set to star in some made-for-TV flick about a concentration camp?

I had a soyburger yesterday with more meat than that girl ...

Liz Kelly: Snap.


Washington, D.C.: Chiming in with the Laurie love:

"Jeeves and Wooster" is way funnier than "Black Adder," and I'm a "B.A." fan. Then again, Stephen Fry has it all over Rowan Atkinson, which explains a lot of it.

Liz Kelly: Will have to check out "Jeeves & Wooster."


Washington, D.C.: Did you see "Brothers and Sisters" on Sunday? One of the characters on that show claimed that if an actor brings their mom to an awards show than that means they're gay. Do you agree? Did that hold true for this years' Golden Globes?

Liz Kelly: That's BS. If you're gay, you bring a monkey.


Landover, Md.: Love, love, love Meryl's point about getting movies like "Notes on a Scandal" and "Pan Labyrinth" in large release. I constantly have to hunt down good movies, meanwhile "White Chicks" is everywhere.

More power to the red carpet ladies with the healthy bodies. Did you hear the questions some of the press asked Jennifer Hudson about fitting into her dress? Just ridiculous.

Liz Kelly: Agreed and I cringed this morning watching Matt Lauer and Tim Gunn talk about how a large bodied woman like Jennifer Hudson can dress well if she tries. I mean, really, do you have to look like a skeleton to escape size comments?


Did you notice: who didn't go to Ryan's pre-show booth? Teri Hatcher! I would have paid money to have her go to him to be interviewed. Would have been nice to see him squirm for a while, the jerk.

Liz Kelly: Ya, that would've been an interesting interview.


Washington, D.C.: Liz your sidestepping of San Francisco's question about the lack of noms for "The Wire" was as deft as the question she sought your opinion on. I knew when I saw the question that you would not answer it. I hope that S.F. can see through you like I can.

Liz Kelly: D.C. -- I agree, but didn't have anything to add to San Francisco's already good read on the situation. Yes, "The Wire" is continually overlooked. I'm not a TV reporter so I can't speculate as to why.


Brooklyn, N.Y.: I'm sorry, why is John Stamos criticizing Ryan Seacrest? Did he swipe his hair gel or something? I think there are a lot of people there you can accuse of not working hard enough for their gobs of dough. Stamos included.

Liz Kelly: Hey, wearing a mullet and a leather jacket on TV for years is akin to combat duty.


New York, N.Y.: No, if you're gay, you bring Jennifer Lopez.

Liz Kelly: Ohhhhh, thank you.


Prince v. JT: Angry dance off!

Seriously, one of the many things we need to give props to is how the Golden Globes are produced. At 11:05 that sucker was off the air and everyone was staggering their drunk selves to the after parties. Not so with the Oscars. I think the HFPA is full of bull, but I love this show.

Liz Kelly: Amen, and following their lead, I see it's 1 o'clock and time for me to sign off. Thanks for joining me today. Feel free to continue commenting on the blog.


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