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The Washington Wizards

Ivan Carter and Michael Lee
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, January 17, 2007; 2:00 PM

Washington Post staff writers Michael Lee and Ivan Carter were online Wednesday, Jan. 17, at 2 p.m. ET to field your questions and comments about the Wizards and all the latest NBA news.

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Michael Lee: Good afternoon, people. I've stepped up in this room and I'm ready to roll. I just heard about this Golden State-Indy deal and I'm still trying to figure out what Chris Mullin is doing here. No matter. Let's get down to business. Questions, please?


1900 L St: Do you see the Wizards making any trades before the deadline? I'm not talking about insane "Garnett for Haywood, Jamison and Blatche" deals but more along the lines of something that would shore up our bench. I like Daniels (even if he is in a down year) but Hayes just isn't cutting it. So any potential deals or does Ernie/Eddie view Songaila's return as sort of a mid-season trade? Thanks for your time guys and you do great work.

Ivan Carter: The more I think about where the Wizards are, the more I see Ernie standing pat -- unless some deal fell into his lap that would simply be good to good to pass up. Songaila is why. He's getting closer and closer to a return to practice. Yesterday, he ran through plays with Eddie Jordan, Mike O'Koren, Phil Hubbard and Harvey Grant acting as teammates and word is that he could be practicing at full speed within the next two weeks. If that's the case, it's possible to see him getting game action some time in February. That would give him at least two full months to find his legs, blend in with his new teammates and get ready to help in the playoffs. It also shores up Eddie's rotation, giving him a crucial PF/C option of the bench, a guy who can play the pick-and-roll game and stick that 15 to 18 foot jumper that is always there for Wiz big men.


Arlington, Va.: Hi Guys,

Any word on Gilbert's shoulder?

Ivan Carter: Evidently it's fine because he dropped 51 and that game-winner with it the other day.


bad tune: Fellas, this can't be a coincidence.

The Jazz have allowed 50+ point games to Arenas, Ray Allen, Kobe and Michael Redd this season. Now Ray and Redd might have been in OT, however this is a Jerry Sloan team, with a great defender in Kirilenko. What's going on with this unit?

Michael Lee: The problem with Utah is that it doesn't have a lot of help at the two-guard position right now. The Jazz would love to have somebody like Corey Maggette on the team, but not at the expense of one of their core players - Carlos Boozer, Deron Williams, Mehmet Okur and Kirilenko. Sloan has experimented with Giricek and Fisher at the two, and so far, those guys have been getting torched on a regular. Unfortunately, something is seriously wrong with Kirilenko right now. He looks like a lost rookie this season. His defense has been non-existent with the exception of a few blocked shots. Kirilenko has got to get it together for the Jazz to be taken seriously in the West. He needs to snap out of whatever funk he is in.


Roo: Wilbon said that Webber would have been a good fit for the Wizards. While I agreed at first (him being a role player), I realized that Songaila can do everything that Webber would have done, except better. What's your take on Webber to Detroit?

Michael Lee: I've never really felt that Webber would be a good fit in Washington, again. He's too slow, doesn't play any defense and would give the Wizards three serious defensive liabilities if he were ever on the floor with Gilbert and Antawn. Can you imagine how many points teams would score on that unit. As for Detroit, I'm not sure how that will work. I hope that Webber is serious when he says that he wants to be a part of a winning team, not the focal point of a winning team. So far, he has yet to show an ability to take a backup role. He wanted top billing alongside Iverson in Philly and we know how that worked out. With Chauncey Billups still out with Detroit - and especially Flip Saunders - has enough problems as it is. Last thing they need is a past-his-prime superstar complaining about shots or minutes. If Webber puts his ego aside, it could work. I'm worried, though. Not a believer just yet. I'm really waiting to see what moves Joe Dumars makes next.


Great Falls, Va.: How is Pecherov playing overseas? Is he progressing? What is the probability of the Wizards resigning Jamison and Hayes? I'm thinking that they resign Jamison, drop Ruffin, play Blatche more, resign Hayes if he picks it up a bit and bring Pecherov over.

Ivan Carter: I hear that Pecherov is doing well in the Ukraine after missing the first nine or 10 games with a thigh injury. I see him coming over next season. Jamison has one more year on his deal so barring a trade, I see him back next season particularly because his contract is so large ($16.3 mill next season in the final year of his deal). Moving 'Twan could be extremely difficult even if the Wiz wanted to do so. What they do with Jarvis will depend on how he performs from here on out this season. His shooting has been streaky at best and he's going to have to show that he can consistently shoot at least in the low 40s to land a nice contract, either in Washington or elsewhere. If not, this team will be in the market for a shooter who can come off the bench.


Bethesda, Md.: Who do you think makes out better in the Warriors-Pacers trade (Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, Ike Diogu and Keith McLeod for Al Harrington, Stephen Jackson, Sarunas Jasikevicius and Josh Powell) that is being reported on

Michael Lee: On first glance, I'm with Indiana here. I love picking up Murphy and bringing him back to Indiana, where he was a star at Notre Dame. For a town that had to suffer through the Artest ordeal and that foolishness involving Stephen Jackson during the preseason, it will help the fans rally around the home squad some more. Who knows, Carlisle might finally be the guy to get through to Mike Dunleavy, although I am not sure he will ever amount to much. But getting rid of Jackson is a great move for the Pacers. The fans were ready to really turn on this squad, mostly because of him. Diogu could be pretty nice down the road. He gives the Pacers some more depth inside. Both Diogu and Murphy can take some of the pressure off of O'Neal. It looks like a brilliant move -- unless O'Neal whines about losing his best friend, Harrington, in the trade.

As for Golden State, I'm trying to figure out how you mix in all of those players and divide minutes for Harrington, Jackson, Monta Ellis, Matt Barnes -- and Jason Richardson when he returns. I would not want to be Don Nelson right now. This, of course, is my initial reaction. I really haven't had a chance to fully process all the particulars.


London, U.K.: Mr. Carter and Mr. Lee,

I was ready to excuse the lose to the Raptors last week on the 1 p.m. start (seriously, why does the league let Toronto schedule so many 1 p.m. Sunday starts every year? Isn't it enough to ask players to pass through customs on the way to games?), but then Monday afternoon the Wizards hustled against a hard-nosed Jazz team. Do you think the sluggish effort against the Raptors was a product of the early start, a hangover from Gilbert's party or Eddie Jordan failing to motivate his players in a game against team from the Titanic division?

Ivan Carter: The funny thing about Monday's game is that if Gilbert had not gone off like he did late, the Wiz would have suffered another ugly loss. They were outplayed in almost every facet of the game from energy (they had none), to defense (they played little), to rebounding (Utah led 46-39) to, once again, bench production (21 points). The only difference is that Gilbert didn't go off at Toronto, so they lost.


D.C.: Did either of you guys ask Ernie about his European trip? Did you get a sense that he might go international again in the draft

Ivan Carter: I talked to Ernie about it a couple of weeks back. He saw Juan Carlos Navarro and other prospects play in Spain. The Wiz still hold Navarro's rights but he has a nasty buyout clause (in the neighborhood of $10 million) with Barcelona so I don't see him coming over next year, he saw Pecherov and he went through Germany where his son, Dan Grunfeld, is a rookie. My guess is that Ernie will take the best player sitting there at his spot, whether he's an American college player, a prep school kid or an International prospect. He's open to all possibilities.


Washington, D.C.: Thanks for taking my question. Now that Chris Webber is starting for the Pistons, do you see the Wizards making a move for Antonio McDyess or Nazr Mohamed?

Michael Lee: I honestly don't know who the Wizards can offer to get McDyess (I'd take Haywood over Mohammed at this stage in their careers). The Pistons need some help at backup point guard and I don't see the Wizards with the pieces to bring McDyess here. I like his game, even if McDyess is having a down year and is on the down side of his career, altogether. Honestly, I think it would be a mistake for Detroit to move McDyess. You don't get quality big men coming off the bench like that too often.


New York, N.Y.: Where is Gheorghe Muresan? And what is he doing?

Seriously. Do you all know?

Ivan Carter: He does community work for the Wiz and is at just about every home game. He seems to be moving pretty well though he does have a slight limp on those bad dogs of his.


Hibachi!: Fellas,

If you can, fill in the blank. Gil Arenas -- the biggest sports hero Washington has had since....

Ivan Carter: Riggins? Gilbert's certainly attaining that level of folk hero status though Riggo earned his stripes when it matters most: in the Super Bowl when he trucked home boy from the Dolphins on that big 4th and 1. Doing it in the playoffs, say getting the Wiz to the conference finals, would push Gil to that level.


Oakton, Va.: Orlando refuses to go away. Do you guys still think the SE Division is going to the Wizards, or is Orlando legit and it's going to be contested?

Michael Lee: I think Orlando is a legit playoff team, but I think the Wizards should still take the division, even with Miami beginning to surge onto the scene without Shaq, no less. Orlando plays solid defense, which explains why they are in the race, but they don't have that one offensive weapon to carry a team over a stretch of four, five games. Grant Hill had that ability about six, seven years ago, but you can't ask him to do that anymore. Miami is seriously creeping, though.


Washington, D.C.: Thanks for taking my question, When Lamar Odom and Kwame come back from their injuries after the All-Star break, do you think the Lakers can be serious contenders in the Western Conference? I think the four best teams in the West now are Spurs, Suns, Mavericks and Lakers.

Michael Lee: No. I don't think they can crack the big three of Dallas, Phoenix and San Antonio. Phoenix and Dallas are heads and shoulders above the rest of the league right now. San Antonio is there in third, with the Lakers and Houston right behind. I must say, Phil Jackson really does not get his due. He has the nine championships, but the man is truly proving his worth as a coach in this second run in L.A. When you look at all of injuries and the roster he has to throw on the floor each night, it truly is amazing what Jackson is doing with the Lakers right now. It helps that he has a superstar in Kobe, but I had no idea they would be this good -- especially with Odom out. They will be scary in the postseason, though. Heck, they came within one game of beating the Suns last season.


Re: Jamison: After next year, what do you see happening? It's obvious that 'Twan can't play any D, but man....I really do feel that he's the MAIN reason why the Wiz have made such a turnaround the last five years. I don't think this team would be anywhere close to what it is without AJ's leadership and composure. I think this team owes Antawn and should keep him for the duration of his career.

Ivan Carter: Good Antawn: Brought instant credibility and a stable presence to a franchise that had neither for a long time. Can draw bigger defenders away from the basket with his ability to stroke three-pointers, is a natural scorer who also grabs 9 to 10 rebounds every night and is a classy locker room guy with leadership qualities. You'll never see 'Twan pointing fingers or getting into trouble with late night mishaps at the neighborhood strip club, night club etc. He's a winner.

Bad Antawn: A total defensive liability because he's not big or strong enough to defend PFs like Elton Brand, Carlos Boozer, Kevin Garnett, Chris Bosh etc. nor his is quick enough to stay in front of SF's like LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Luol Deng, etc. The streaky nature of his outside shooting means that on certain nights, he'll shoot the Wizards out of games while on others, he can shoot them right back in them. Not a great passer and there are some possessions when you just know that he's launching one up, not matter what.

That about sums it up.


Washington, D.C.: I agree that Gilbert Arenas is having an incredible season and deserves the accolades he receives. However, I fear that all of this talk about the MVP award may detract from the fact that basketball is a team sport. If the Wiz want to go deep in the playoffs they need to focus on the team, not just one player. And, the team is playing pretty good ball.

Michael Lee: Did you notice that the team is playing good ball because one player is playing great ball right now. Yes, this is a team game, but Gilbert is carrying this squad. They are only as good as he is, unfortunately. We've seen that Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison can have big games, but if Gilbert doesn't the team loses. Like Shakira's hips, this stat doesn't lie: The Wizards are 17-2 when Arenas scores 30 and 4-14 when he doesn't.

By the way, did MVP talk surrounding Steve Nash detract from the fact that Phoenix is the most exciting team in the NBA. Enjoy the season that Gilbert and the team is having. How often does Washington have a legit MVP candidate in any sport?!!


Keith, D.C.: Has Chris Mullin lost his mind??

Michael Lee: I'm asking myself that question, too, right now.


Ballaholic: Hey Guys,

Do you foresee any jealousy on the part of Gilbert's teammates? In the Utah game, Gilbert did not pass the ball with under 4 minutes left, not once! I'm a big Gilbert fan, but you have to pass the ball at some point, even if it's just to rotate it around the perimeter until it comes back to you. How are Caron and Antawn warming up to the hibachi grill?

Ivan Carter: To this point, I haven't seen a hint of jealousy or frustration over Gilbert's style of play. Both Antawn and Caron have kind of figured out how to get theirs around Gilbert. Antawn does it with pick-and-rolls with Gilbert and also has a certain number of plays called for him by Jordan. Caron gets his in transition, off of offensive rebounds and putbacks and off the occasional play call. Because they give up points pretty quickly but also tend to force a nice amount of turnovers, this team gets enough possessions to keep everyone happy. It also helps that the other two starters, Brendan and DeShawn, understand that their shots will come after the Big Three. It all kind of works but believe me, my radar is always up for potential tension. The good thing is that the fellas seem to genuinely enjoy being around Gilbert. There is a child-like quality to him and that sort of makes him the anti-Kobe despite the fact that he tends to dominate the ball.


Chevy Chase: Michael, it seems like when the Wizards play any team with a good low post player (Spurs, Miami with Shaq, etc.) they have a tough time winning. If the right trade came along (i.e. Garnett, Boozer, Randolph) involving Jamison, would Grunfeld make the deal?

Michael Lee: What team has an easy time playing a team with a good low-post player? That has been the story of the NBA since its inception. Dominant big men create problems. That's why they are so rare. But to answer your question: I'm pretty sure Ernie would trade Jamison for Kevin Garnett if Minnesota was loony enough to suggest that move. To be honest, the only player that can really be considered untouchable on the roster is Gilbert. After that, I'm sure everyone else is expendable.


Gaithersburg, Md.:"If not, this team will be in the market for a shooter who can come off the bench."

Don't they already have that type of guy in Roger Mason Jr? He's been deadly from long range and was a huge spark in that late comeback at Toronto. I somewhat understand playing Jarvis ahead of him since he has size and the versatility to defend at a couple of positions, not to mention he's a better rebounder than people give him credit for. But I don't get why Donnell Taylor has been getting more p.t. recently than Mason.

Ivan Carter: I'm a little confused at Eddie's use of Mason. From what I've observed, he's a more consistent shooter than Jarvis (but can't be used to defend small forwards the way Jarvis can) and a solid ball handler. As you pointed out, he's made some big shots for this team in certain situations. With the way the bench guys have struggled to make shots, I wouldn't mind seeing Roger get a few more opportunities.


MVP chants at Verizon Center: Can Gilbert be seriously considered for MVP at this point in the season? He has definitely taken over many games for us, made winning shots, etc. But with a supporting cast that includes Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison, is he really a serious candidate?

Michael Lee: Why not? His team is in first place. He's scored more points than anyone else in the NBA. He has two game-winners. That sounds like a legit MVP candidate to me.

Doesn't Steve Nash have a nice supporting cast (Shawn Marion, Amare Stoudemire, Leandro Barbosa, Raja Bell, etc.)?

Doesn't Dirk Nowitzki have a nice supporting cast (Josh Howard, Jason Terry)?


Laurel, Md.: Being a Bullets/Wizards fan my whole life (26 years old) this team has never had a legitimate superstar, we always sold the visiting team's star. I was excited to see the ad on the Pistons Web site selling tickets to the game with the Wiz as "come see the Pistons play Agent Zero." I truly feel Gilbert is now a bona fide superstar, but how does the rest of the league, especially the players, view him?

Ivan Carter: Right now, I'm seeing a ton of respect and more than a little bit of fear. The pure wide-open nature of Gilbert's game makes him scary. Yes, he might go out, take some questionable shots, spend too much time arguing with the refs and have a rough night as he did at San Antonio last week, but, then again, he's also capable of going out and draining shots from all over the place. The clincher came when he dressed down Kobe the way he did in Los Angeles. Players around the league saw that and when he made that shot against the Bucks and stalked off like that with the scowl on his face, fellas really took notice. You just don't see that very often -- even from the best players in the league. A lot of guys simply admit that he's unguardable. Yes, he might miss some shots but that's more of a product of him being off than anyone's defense.


Saint Louis: As a Washington transplant, I appreciate your chat to keep up with what's going on in the hometown. Anyway, in my opinion only Butler and Thomas give Washington that physical presence. Is there anyone else on the bench who should be playing that's not?

Ivan Carter: Nobody on that bench has played with kind of consistency that demands a huge role. That's been part of this team's problem. Daniels is a nice role player who plays defense, can create opportunities with penetration and gets to the free throw line but he's not a shooter. Jarvis thinks like a shooter but is shooting a low percentage. Etan was hurt forever. Ruffin is out. Blatche is still raw: every good play is followed by a bad one. Donell and Roger Mason don't see a lot of action.


D.C.: Arenas gets all the press and hype because of his self promotion and the many shots that he takes that result in many points, but without Caron or without Jamison, this team wouldn't have the same record. I just wish Arenas wasn't the poster child of this franchise as Caron is equally as important, if not more, because he does the dirty work that Arenas does not do.

Ivan Carter: Caron is having an All-Star season but this team is going to have to be 8-10 games above .500 to get two reserves in that game. They can get there but no losses to teams like the Knicks, who visit Verizon Center tonight.


D.C.: Mullin got out of Dunleavy and Murphy's contracts. That in itself is a win.

Did you guys hear about Kwame stealing cake from someone and throwing it at him?

Michael Lee: C'mon DC, where are you getting your info?

But back to the trade today, I understand that he had to move Murphy and/or Dunleavy -- Don Nelson surely wasn't a fan of them and didn't hide his displeasure -- but I still don't get why Mullin accepted the players he got in return. Golden State's roster is looking rather redundant right now. I forgot to mention that the Warriors have Mickeal Pietrus, too. They really might regret throwing Diogu into that deal.


Karma: Have these last 2 1/2 seasons been Grandpa Abe's reward for all of the great community work he's done in the District for decades? Such a terrific person who, for years, owned a lousy, lousy basketball team.

Ivan Carter: Abe has to be loving this team. He finally has a true blue superstar in Gilbert and thankfully (for all of us) that superstar is not a knucklehead. The building is full, they play a great style and Ernie Grunfeld knows what he's doing so the future is bright. Now, if these guys could play just a little defense, Abe would be in heaven.


Arlington, Va.: Is Capt. Quirk finally getting the respect around the league? I hope not. He seems to play better with a chip on his shoulder. Can he stay motivated after making All-NBA this year? Will he have to lead the league in scoring to be satisfied?

Ivan Carter: Trying to figure out what is going in Gilbert's head is a dangerous thing. I have no idea what's going to come out of his mouth on a given day but I do know one thing: It's going to be entertaining. The guy's an original.


Salt Lake City: My sense out here is the Jazz would (if contracts permitted) trade Kirilenko straight up for Maggette without a second thought. AK-47 is not the fan favorite he once was, and the Jazz appeared to play better when he was out injured. Still, I could see him reviving himself and providing hustle and energy in D.C., though inevitably that would involve trading Jamison.

Michael Lee: Trust me, Salt Lake. The Jazz wouldn't give up Kirilenko to get Maggette. That's way too much to surrender for Maggette, no matter how poor Kirilenko is playing this season. Maggette is a nice player, but he still has a tendency to take poor shots, forcing issues on offense and Clippers Coach Mike Dunleavy Sr. (who knew Dunleavy would be written so much today) isn't a fan of his defense. Just relax, Salt Lake. You have to remember, with a healthy Boozer and improved Williams, Kirilenko has struggled to find his niche. When I spoke with Jazz general manager Kevin O'Connor last week, he was confident that Kirilenko would have a better second half of the season.


D.C.: Arenas's credibility has been iffy as of late because it's always "I want to involve teammates but I keep shooting, me against the world, I want to be different," but then he throws himself a coming-out birthday party. Given that, do you think there's any truth to his past statement that he will not cripple a franchise like what KG and AI did by requesting the maximum dollar value for his next contract, so that the Wizards can have money to bring in more talent/help?

Ivan Carter: He's going to get a max contract regardless of what he might say between now and next summer. Abe and Ernie won't even think about letting this guy get away. The key will be surrounding him with smart contracts. Caron is locked up with a reasonable deal, Antawn's money comes off the books after next season, DeShawn may be earning himself a quality deal, and the kids: Blatche and Pecherov will be under palatable contracts for the near future. The salary cap situation is such that they won't have problems taking care of Gilbert. Where Minnesota screwed up was in overpaying guys like Wally Sczcerbiak, Trenton Hassell and trading for an overpaid stiff like Marko Jaric. Ernie won't make those mistakes (or, at least he hasn't displayed any signs of being that stupid).


Silver Spring, Md.: So Ivan, how mad was Eddie on Saturday

Ivan Carter: As ticked off as I've ever seen him.


New York, N.Y.: Guys, sorry if this is widely known in D.C., but I'm from out of the area. my buddy and I have been debating why Gil says "Hibachi" after making a shot.

My theory: He is small and on fire and a hibachi is small and on fire.

My friend's theory: a hibachi has a grill, therefore, it's: "in your grille" i.e., "in your face."

Please clarify if you can.

Side note: instead of chanting M-V-P, Wiz fans should chant HI-BA-CHI! How sweet would that be?

Ivan Carter: Actually, all credit for the "hibachi" thing should go to Brendan Haywood. He said it when Milwaukee's Mo Williams was lighting the Wizards up in a game last season (remember when he went off in the fourth quarter at VC and ended the game with a 36-footer at the buzzer?) Gilbert stole the term from Brendan after Brendan said Mo put Gilbert and the other Wiz on a "hibachi grill."


Cleveland: You mentioned earlier that without Arenas's huge game against the Jazz, the Wiz suffer another ugly loss.

It is becoming clear that the margin for error with this team is extremely small. Without a huge night from Arenas or a collectively strong performance from the 3-headed monster, this team doesn't rebound or defend well enough to win.

What are they doing to address their liabilities?

Ivan Carter: Pray that one of those three don't get hurt. Not much else this team can do unless/until Songaila gets back and helps add some scoring, rebounding and defense off that bench.


Lexington, Va.: Do you know the number of shots Gilbert has made in, say, that last 3 seconds of a period this season? He has to be on pace to smash any record, right?

Ivan Carter: He's made 11 with three seconds or less left in a quarter, half or game. Eight of them have been threes. Not sure of any records but it has to be close.


DC:"If you can, fill in the blank. Gil Arenas -- the biggest sports hero Washington has had since...."

Darrell Green

Ivan Carter: That's a good one.


Alternate-uni land: Anyone know how those gold-and-black unis are selling? Media types don't seem to like them, but I think they are popular with the fans...

Ivan Carter: I've been seeing a lot of the jerseys around so they must be selling somewhat well but you're right, the uniforms as a whole aren't real popular. I don't really mind them myself.


D.C.: Seriously...Etan Thomas played 8 minutes in the 4th quarter last game. Haywood had 1 foul at that time! Why! Why bench Haywood!?

Michael Lee: You're right. Benching Haywood doesn't seem to be a good move. According to, Haywood has the third highest plus-minus ratio on the Wizards roster behind Gilbert and Caron. It's funny. I was joking about it last week against Chicago. The Wizards had an 84-80 lead when Eddie put Haywood in the game. I joked with the reporter next to me, "Watch how this lead grows." I swear, the Wizards with on a 19-7 run while Haywood was on the floor. What did Haywood do out there? Absolutely nothing. He just raced up and down the floor a few times and picked up one foul, but his mere presence turned around a close game. I'm half-kidding here, but you cannot question the results when Brendan is in the game.


Boston: Do you get the sense that Brendan is the starter for the remainder of the season??

Ivan Carter: Unless Brendan starts playing like total garbage, I don't see how Eddie can pull him out of that lineup.


Ivan Carter: I have to go and get ready for tonight's game against the Knicks so I'm out of here folks. Thanks for dropping in.


St. Mary's College: What's up with the bench? I know there have been injuries (Ruffin, Thomas, Songaila), but shouldn't someone be able to score off the bench? It seems as if every night all of the scoring must come from the Big 3 along with a few Stevenson jumpers, one Haywood hook shot (along with some putbacks), maybe a three here and there from Hayes, and some free throws by Daniels. Antonio Daniels's game has fallen off significantly from last year. Why? I thought at the beginning of the season one of this team's strong points was their depth. What happened?

Michael Lee: You answered your question. They have injuries to Songaila, Ruffin and Etan Thomas! Take three of your top 10 players out of the rotation and you tell me what you should expect? The bench is wretched right now because there is no depth and Gilbert, Caron and Antawn are guaranteed to play big minutes. Add Jarvis Hayes shooting woes and Daniels struggling to find consistency and there you have it.


Michael Lee: All right, good people. I've got to head out of here and get ready to catch a flight. I look forward to rapping with you guys again. Have a great weekend. Peace.


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