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Alexander Ovechkin from the All-Star Game

Alexander Ovechkin
Alexander Ovechkin (Preston Keres - The Washington Post)
Alex Ovechkin
Washington Capitals All-Star hockey player
Wednesday, January 24, 2007; 12:00 PM

Live from the NHL All-Star Game in Dallas, Caps left wing Alex Ovechkin took your questions about the game and his All-Star season.

Ovechkin was online Wednesday, Jan. 24 at Noon ET.

A transcript follows

____________________ Alex is running a bit late but will be with us shortly.


Mechanicsville, Md.: Is there a friendly bet going on between you and Semin as to who will score the most goals this season?

Alex Ovechkin: I'm very glad when Alex scores. I'm always the first guy to celebrate with him, and he does the same for me. We are great friends.


Capitol Hill, D.C.: Alex,

I'm 23, hot and single. Will you date me?

Seriously, good luck in tonight's game! You're my favorite player -- see you back at Verizon Center on Saturday!

Alex Ovechkin: For sure!


Charlottesville, Va.: How have you been treated by your fellow All-Stars? Have any of them asked for your autograph? If Peter Forsberg is available do you think the Caps should make a play for him? Thanks for representing the Caps. Good luck with the rest of the season.

Alex Ovechkin: They've all been great. We've signed a lot of autographs for each other. It's a fun room and everyone is terrific.


Omaha, Neb.: What do you think of the new jerseys? Will they make you skate faster, since they have less wind resistance?

Alex Ovechkin: They are nice. We need more time to get used to them, but I like them -- I like the way they look and feel.


Washington, D.C.: On the East All-Star Team, who are you looking more forward to playing with? Thanks for everything you do for Caps Hockey!!

Alex Ovechkin: Crosby, I think. I think we will play well together.


Washington, D.C.: Alex, so far what has been your favorite thing about the All-Star festivities?

Alex Ovechkin: Just the atmosphere. Everyone is excited to be here and it's a lot of fun.


Sterling, Va.: Alex,

Love the new visor! Are you going to be wearing that the rest of the season or is it just for the All-Star Game?

Alex Ovechkin: We'll see, but I like it too!


20008: Hi Alex. D.C. loves you! I've read that you and Alexander Semin room together on the road. Are you helping him learn English? North American hockey fans would love to hear more from him (especially as it's clear that he needs no such help with his wrist shot)!

Alex Ovechkin: I'm helping a little, but he has a teacher.


Austin, Tex.: Davai, Sasha!!

Do you like defense at all? I notice you like to hit. That seems like a good start.

Alex Ovechkin: I like defense, but I'm a forward. I like more to score goals. I work on my defense with my coach and want to be the best I can at both ends.


Silver Spring, Md.: Alex, how is it being on the same team with Briere? Have you guys chatted at all?

Alex Ovechkin: Yeah, we've talked a little bit. We said that we didn't really want to hit each other, so let's forget the situation.


Arlington, Va.: Alex: how do you like the new practice facility in Arlington?

Alex Ovechkin: It's unbelievable. Our locker room isn't ready yet, though -- when it is finished it will be very cool. I hope everyone comes to see it.


Cleveland: Hi Alex! Go Caps! Both you and Sidney Crosby are rapidly becoming the NHL's premier players. I just wondered if you guys are friends or ever talk to one another?

Alex Ovechkin: We talk to each other a bit. We don't have lots of time, but we get along. It will be fun to play with him.


Alexandria, Va.: I'm so excited to have you in D.C., and looking forward to seeing you and the Caps continue to grow.

What do you think are the biggest challenges the rest of the season, for yourself and for the team?

Alex Ovechkin: For the team, we need to get points to get to the playoffs. For me, just try hard and score goals.


Silver Spring, Md.: Hi Alex -- two things to keep in mind: 4 goals and 6 points. That's what you need to break Wayne and Mario's respective records. Any predictions? We are pulling for you back home.

Alex Ovechkin: I will try my best. No predictions, but I'd love to have a record.


Washington, D.C.: Of all the retired superstars who would you most like to be on a line with?

Alex Ovechkin: Lemieux. He is my favorite player. I saw him the other night here.


Tokyo, Japan: Alex, I used to live in Moscow -- in fact, that's where I first heard about you. I think you were 15 at the time! What do you miss most about Moscow? I miss the view -- at night -- of the city from Moscow State University. It's a beautiful city. Thanks and good luck this season.


Alex Ovechkin: I miss my family most. It is a beautiful city, too.


Washington, D.C.: Alex, how do you like the United States overall? Is it a lot different from Russia?

Alex Ovechkin: I like the U.S., but my home is in Moscow.

I'm here to play in the NHL and the people are nice. I do like being here.


Fairfax, Va.: Ovie, is there a lot of press from Russia at the All-Star game and what do the people back in Russia think about you? I'm sure they are very proud!

Alex Ovechkin: There are a lot. In Russia everybody loves me and is happy for me, which is good.


Pentagon City, Va.: We love your game Alex, but we'd like to see more of you in television commercials. Please tell us that there is an Eastern Motors ad in your future.

Alex Ovechkin: I did one TV commercial yesterday. It was funny, with Sidney. I think you will like it.


Annapolis, Md.: What is your favorite team to play against and why?

Alex Ovechkin: I like to play against Montreal. There's lots of attention, and it's a great team with great fans and history.


Ottawa, Canada: What is the biggest on-ice adjustment you have found playing in the NHL as opposed to playing in the Russian Super League?

Alex Ovechkin: Everything. It's all different game, but I love NHL.


Loudoun County, Va.: Hi Alex! Did you follow NHL hockey while growing up in Russia? If so, did you have a favorite NHL player, or one you wanted to emulate? Thanks and please try to go easy on my Islanders.

Alex Ovechkin: I did. I liked the Sharks and Owen Nolan. Lemieux was my favorite player.


Washington, D.C.: What is your favorite thing to do other than play hockey?

Alex Ovechkin: Answer questions from fans!


Washington, D.C.: Who gives you the best passes on the team? Zubrus or Semin?

Alex Ovechkin: Zubie and Semin are the two best. We have lots of good passers, though.


Arlington, Va.: Your vending machine commercial with Ted Leonsis is very good. Is making commercials hard work?

Alex Ovechkin: No, it's easy. Pretty quick. The one with Ted was an hour. Yesterday was just half an hour, easy.


Hoboken, N.J.: Alexander,

Who do you feel the top goalie is in the NHL/World?

Alex Ovechkin: Kolzig. I'm glad I don't have to play him.


D.C.: Alex, is this season easier or harder than last season, and why?

Alex Ovechkin: I think the same. It's different in the second year. I know the league more, but other people, they know me too.


Washington, NW: Alex, why weren't you in the hardest-shot competition? I think you got a harder shot than most of those guys.

Alex Ovechkin: I wouldn't have won -- I don't have good shot. I was glad Chara won, he has a great shot.


Washington, D.C.: Alex: I heard you were invited to Gilbert Arenas's birthday party. Did you go? Do you like basketball too?

Alex Ovechkin: I was invited and I love Gilbert. I didn't go to the party, though, because we had a game the next day. I was happy to be invited, though, and happy for him. He is a great player.


Ottawa, Canada: Who is the toughest defenseman for you to play against in the NHL right now?

Alex Ovechkin: Chara and Markov. Chara is so big, it's tough to play him. Markov knows me well.


Arlington, Va.: Great year so far, any pregame rituals that you or your teammates do prior to a game?

Alex Ovechkin: I listen to music, mostly. Take a nap in the afternoon.

I've got to go and get ready for tonight. Sorry I was a little late, I had to buy some souvenirs and the line was long. Caps fans are great -- you are the best fans! I hope you watch tonight and I will see you at games the rest of the year!


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