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Thursday, February 8, 2007; 2:00 PM

When Britney left K-Fed, when Jen and Vince broke up (and broke up again), when Mel Gibson self-destructed on a California highway, washingtonpost.com Celebritology Liz Kelly was here to pass along the buzz, offer some perspective, provide crucial links to juicy alternate news sources and, of course, take your reaction.

Now join Liz each Thursday at 2 p.m. ET to gab about the latest celebrity pairings (and splittings), rising stars (and falling ones) and get the scoop on the latest gossip making waves across the Web.

Before she started blogging about celebrities, Liz ran washingtonpost.com's Live Online section, where she enjoyed talking to really interesting people -- including some Post reporters -- on the phone. She produces both Carolyn Hax's advice discussion and Gene Weingarten's Chatological Humor*, which is currently on hiatus.


Liz Kelly: As predicted last week, I am a little tired from my late night of "Lost" watching/blogging, but with the help of some Kona and some really good questions from you'uns, I'm perking back up by the second. Speaking of "Lost" -- reaction is all over the place to last night's mid-season premiere. We'll talk about it in the last 15 minutes. Spoiler alerts will be deployed.

Is anyone else annoyed with the drummed up controversy over Prince's supposedly "phallic" guitar solo? Next you'll be telling me "Darling Nikki" has sexual overtones. As if. Speaking of Prince, Celebritology Field Agent Frank Thomason has inspired me on a quest to find out what the keyboardist from Prince's Revolution days -- remember the one who used to dress up like a doctor in scrubs? -- is up to now. His official Web site doesn't seem to have been updated since 2003.

For my money, the story to keep a close eye on is the alleged fight between Ryan O'Neal and his son Griffin -- a gun was fired, a fire poker was brandished, a 911 call was made and a Tatum issued a press release. As details continue to dribble out (did everyone see the item in this morning's Rumor Mill about the younger son and a dog run?), this is shaping up to be the stuff of Hollywood legend. It almost rivals an astronaut in diapers. Almost.

Last Thursday's posting about stars we love to hate drew the most comments to a Celebritology topic ever and it wasn't even a Friday List. At the good suggestion of a few readers, I'm taking an informal tally and tomorrow will post the results of who emerged as the most-hated celeb. So far, that "home-wrecking" gazelle Angelina Jolie is leading the pack. I guess that means Diane Keaton's off the hook, dammit.

Anything else? What's on your mind?


Olney, Md.: Where can I go to find "Heroes" spoilers. That show is so awesome!

Liz Kelly: I'm sure a Google search can turn up some good fan sites for you. Anyone?


Washington, D.C.: Lizzie: Unfortunately I don't watch "Lost" since I'm not a big network TV fan (okay, "A.I." sucks me in sometimes), but I'm big on cable for some reason. I got hooked on this phenomenon called "Surreal Life." What do you make of this? I mean, really, Vanilla Ice and Ron Jeremy? Chyna Doll and Vern Troyer? Did you know Brigitte Neilson is 6'7"? Put her next to Fergie! I have a bizarre fascination with fallen stars of old. Help! I'm sick! But c'mon. Webster, WEBSTER! Where has he been?

If I were to do some casting I'd def have to pic Courtney Love, Blaire from the "Facts of Life" and that big guy from "Head of the Class."

Liz Kelly: Ya know, VH1 has really made a hugely successful business model out of their celeb-reality shows. "Surreal Life" begat "Flavor of Love" begat "I Love New York" and they all seem to pull in massive ratings.
Me, I can only take small doses before I start feeling brain cells actually dying.
I'd like to see a cast made up of stars who have found religion -- Kirk Cameron, Lisa Whelchel (Blair from "Facts"), that Baldwin brother who travels around in a van pimped out as a church and maybe Tom Cruise or a reasonable Scientology facsimile.


Arlington, Va.: Please no "Lost" talk. Or at least give us a warning on spoilers!

Liz Kelly: Don't worry -- I will post a big glaring spoiler and we'll limit Lost talk to the last 15 minutes.


Fairfax, Va.: Liz, have you ever considered creating polls for your chat readers and then spending the latter part of your chat telling us all why we're wrong about everything we've ever thought or believed a la Gene? I miss that.

Liz Kelly: No, and let me tell you why. Hold on, let me answer some shorter questions first ... this may take a while.

Liz Kelly: Here's why. For the past five years of my life Gene's polls -- while each one is a genius work of art -- have been the bane of my existence. Several of his proposed polls never made it to you people because they would have resulted in the immediate termination of me and quite possibly Mr. Big Shot Columnist himself. The process of keeping those polls from making it online was often an arduous one, involving many arguments about freedom of speech and how much of a prude I am. Gene was right in most cases, but ever the practical girl, I like getting a steady paycheck.
Then there were the polls that did make it, several of which were so convoluted it took hours -- and in some cases -- new technology to birth them. Not that they weren't worth it -- they were and are and will continue when Gene's show returns in April. But if I tried to subject myself to two of those a week, I would either die or end up in Wonderland with Lohan.


America's newest celebrity: Kind of fascinating what gets you famous these days. There are lots of astronauts, and lots of people wearing wigs, and lots of adults wearing diapers, and lots of love triangles ... and yet the combination of these elements was somehow magic, in a sick sort of way.


Liz Kelly: For real. That is a movie waiting to happen. It's "The Right Stuff" meets "Transamerica" meets "Thelma and Louise" meets "The Silence of the Lambs."
I wonder if she had any products on hand for diaper rash.


TVland: What has happened to Helen Hunt? Her career was just taking off it when she just disappeared. Is she doing a Demi, taking off 10 years to raise kids? What about Jodi Foster, how does she manage to keep a low profile and avoid paparazzi (for which I'm sure she is thrilled considering her younger years of tragic notoriety).

Liz Kelly: I was thinking the same thing recently. I didn't see Emilio Estevez's "Bobby," but apparently she was in it. Who knew? Also, she seems to be involved in some movie slated for 2008 co-starring Colin Firth, Bette Midler and Matthew Broderick. What an odd trio -- sound like a joke:
"So Colin Firth, Bette Midler and Matthew Broderick walk into a bar..."


Alexandria, Va.: Spoilerfix.com

Covers just about every show out there.

Liz Kelly: Danke


Pittsburgh, Pa.: You know Britney Spears is pretty close to hitting rock bottom when Kevin Federline's behavior looks tame by comparison. Does she even remember that she has two kids anymore? Yeah, she can afford full-time nannies, but jeez girl, pick a hair color, sober up, put some pants on and be a mom already. And by the way, where's that killer comeback album you've been "working" on for the past year and a half? Someone should seriously stage and intervention with this child. And soon.

Liz Kelly: Poor Britney just can't seem to get it back together.
She's certainly not the first woman in her 20s to go through what my friends call her "Courtney Love phase." Luckily most of us didn't have cameras following us around when we made absolute dolts of ourselves. Still, she's also got kids, which makes the "sowing her wild oats" argument a little less palatable. She needs to get it together.


Bethlehem, Pa.: How much of the astronaut's ironic fame has to do with the fact that she wore a diaper on her 1,000 mile trip?

Liz Kelly: For me, that's about 99 percent of the interest. The other one percent involves the wig and steel mallet.


Washington, D.C.: Did Weingarten wear diapers during his chats?


Liz Kelly: Don't be rude. They call them "adult undergarments" and incontinence is nothing to snicker about.


Washington, D.C.: Can I have your job? Please?

Seriously. I am unhealthily obsessed with celebrity gossip and am wondering how to do something meaningful (i.e., earn a living) with my illness.

Please help me help myself.

Liz Kelly: This is a tough one to answer. I love my job. It has amazing perks, like an ever-ready excuse for buying supermarket tabloids and watching the most brain dead of television fare, but sometimes it does come dangerously close to celeb-overload. I have to grab a crossword puzzle or the latest New Yorker to detox. I know, wah.
Also, not sure you'd like the working conditions. I work from home which, for the next few months will continue to be my mom's basement while some work is done on my house. The upside includes the sudden appearance of sectioned grapefruit and sandwiches. The downside includes trying to explain "Dirty Sanchez" to a 72-year-old and sharing a queen-sized bed with a husband, a yellow lab and a ginormous cat.


Jane and Sally: Jane: Hi Sally this is Jane.

Sally: Hi Jane. What's up?

Jane: Listen, I think I'm done with plastic surgery. I mean I don't want to turn into Joan Rivers.

Sally: I know what you mean. But we'll be left out of all the gossip columns if we stop.

Jane: I know Sally. But how about we announce our principled stand against it and say we want to be the new face of aging?

Sally: That sounds great but that'll just give us a one time hit in the papers. What about long-term?

Jane: Well, after a while, if we can't think of anything else, we'll go back to having the surgery and then they'll write even more about us.

Sally: Great let's give it a go.

Liz Kelly: Bravo.


Surreal Life : also begat "My Fair Brady." Another spin off chock full of adult losers. But for a reality show chock full of losers in training don't miss the "Real World-Denver." Adolescence and alcoholism. A charming combo.

Liz Kelly: A confession: I haven't been able to watch the "Real World" for years. I think I tuned out somewhere around the Puck era. After a while sprawling hiply-decorated downtown apartments populated by hot mental midgets just got boring.


Chicago, Ill.: Hi Liz,

Re: the astronaut ... I wonder why is it that when an educated person acts like an idiot the first thing that is said is 'psychological test.' Angelina, Brad, Britney, Paris, etc act like idiots all of the time and no one recommends having them tested.

Liz Kelly: Well you don't need to test the obvious.


Gallery Place, Washington, D.C.: How is Gene doing, by the way? Is he enjoying his time off? Does he ever send you wild e-mails, or humorous rants, out of habit?

Liz Kelly: Check last week's discussion for Gene's update.


Diaper Rash: I'm sure she had some kind of plan for it -- after all NASA plans for everything.

At that point, though, I'm sure she took a look in the mirror and said to herself, "Me, with diaper rash? That's CRAZY!"

Liz Kelly: Okay, you're funny. Can you write me another one, this time somehow including "Tang?"


Liz Kelly: Lots of Lost questions coming in, but I'm saving them all for the last 15 minutes.


Lexington, Ky.: Speaking of "Surreal Life" and its assorted spinoffs, were Brigitte and Flave (Strange Love) really an item or was that all hype for TV?

Liz Kelly: In my professional opinion: pure hype.


How about "Celebrities We Hate To Love"?: Posting early.

How about "Celebrities We Hate To Love"? For example: Being a dedicated vegetarian myself, I find I can't totally hate Pamela Anderson. But if she were an omnivore/fur-wearer, I'd find her completely annoying.

Liz Kelly: Some variation of this will be tomorrow's Friday list question. My husband has already informed me that this is a subject I'm well-equipped to address. This from a guy who has been DVR'ing "Sanford and Son" for the past month. Whatever.


My Diaper question: Do we know why the diaper? I've heard so it was she wouldn't have to stop to go but she had to stop for gas. So did, she changes diapers in the gas station?

Maybe she's just into diapers.

I also don't get the BB gun/steel mallet thing. A BB gun might be good to scare you but it won't kill you. A steel mallet is an awfully Three Stooges kinda thing.

Liz Kelly: It all reminds me of some kind of cracked out game of Clue. It was the astronaut in the car with the diaper and a steel mallet.


Lima, Ohio: Who's Nicole Richie dating?

Liz Kelly: Nicole was last known to be spending her free time with Good Charlotte's Joel Madden since breaking up with longtime boyfriend and sometime fiance DJ AM Goldstein in October. Madden (a local Murriland kid, by the way) was linked to Hilary Duff previously.


"Heroes" Spoliers: Take it from me, a Number 1 fan since the first show: skip the Web spoilers and chat about it around the coffee pot at work. Although you may be hard pressed to find someone willing to admit to watching the show, you'll get better spoilers and form theories. Plus, it's a chance to make professional contacts. Consult the "Lost" and "Galatica" fans for spoilers aficionados.

Oh, and I loove New York!

Liz Kelly: There you go.


Washington, D.C.: Eddie Murphy acted like a scumbag when he kicked Scary Spice to the curb after she became pregnant, and he even threw out the question as to whether he's the father. Now, it's reported that James Brown's will left out his partner and his son, nevermind that he battered her when they were together, and she and her son were locked out of the mansion after his funeral. Does that make James Brown even worse, or just as bad?

Liz Kelly: I don't know that the two situations are all that comparable. Not trying to defend Eddie Murphy here and by all appearances his demand for a paternity test from Scary Spice comes off as really crass, but he is still innocent until proven guilty and according to some European tabloids had some reason to think Scary was, err ahh... friendly, with someone else around the time the baby was conceived. Otay?
As for James Brown and wife/partner Tomi Rae Hynie (I typed out her name solely to use the word "hynie") and their young son, the situation looks pretty bad. For those who haven't been following this train wreck, Tomi Rae and her son were apparently locked out of Brown's estate when he died at Christmas and his six children are claiming Hynie was still married to her first husband when she exchanged vows with Brown, so no go. And for good measure, they suggest that Rae's five-year-old son isn't Brown's either. As you mention, police were also called to the Brown home in 2004 after Ms. Hynie claimed Brown pushed her to the floor during an argument. His third wife, Adrienne Rodriquez, had him arrested four times on domestic abuse charges, too. For good measure, Brown's violence wasn't limited to wives. He also reportedly attacked an electric company repairman with a steak knife in 2000.
I could go on, but I think the question is answered.


Bored at work: All I keep thinking about the astronaut is "She was in Houston, isn't it a law that all Texans own REAL GUNS?"

Liz Kelly: Maybe the BB gun belonged to one of her kids.


Re: Incontinence: Incontinence may not be funny, but wearing an adult undergarment because you are too fraking lazy/insane to use the bathroom is hilarious.

Liz Kelly: I wonder what SNL will do with this astronaut. Sheri Oteri would be fab in the role.


Washington, D.C.: Here's a celebrity I hate to love (though love is a strong word), Ryan Seacrest. He gives you every reason in the world to dislike him, but maybe it's my Type A personality, I really do admire what he's accomplished. Namely, dumping Teri Hatcher. I truly hate her.

Liz Kelly: Seacrest -- How could you? Okay, right now I can tell this is going to make a fabulous Friday list.


Ratings: "CSI" beat "Lost" in ratings, except for the 18-49 demographic.

Liz Kelly: Okay, thanks for sharing.


"Surreal Life": ALSO begat "Strange Love" between "Surreal Life" and "Flavor of Love" -- it chronicled Flav's and Brigitte's well, strange "love." Can't forget that one. Even if I tried.

Liz Kelly: True story.


Rockville, Md.: Can you shed any insight as to whether some of the MTV "shows" ("Laguna Beach," "The Hills," "Maui Fever") are really reality, or something staged with very bad actors? The shows (which I watch when I'm working out-really!) seem to have so many camera angles and good lighting that I just can't believe they are like good old "Real World."

Liz Kelly: It's a funny kind of reality show -- I guess that's the best way to describe it. Supposedly everything that happens is somewhat genuine, but the parameters of where things will go is much more controlled than on some other reality offerings -- there's much more of a straight-forward narrative to what's happening and no use of a "confessional" to allow show participants to give you some insight into personal motivations.
And, just FYI, "Real World" is pretty durn contrived itself. They


Chevy Chase, D.C.: Liz, you are rocking our chat world ... only your second time out of the gate and you turning and burning the questions at rate to the incomprehensively speedy Gene.

Liz Kelly: I can take a hint.


Sad Songs: Pray tell might you tell us what your sad song entry was? A couple of those responses and the reasons why broke my heart.

Liz Kelly: My sad song should've been in the intro to that Friday list...
Yep, here's what I said then and I stand by it:
Well do I remember working myself into a frenzy over repeated childhood listenings of Michael Martin Murphey's "Wildfire" (hush you Weingarten chatters) and I will never forget the roommate who literally paused my emotional breakdown to cue up the Eagles' "Wasted Time" when my college boyfriend abruptly dumped me. And, being a good Irish girl, I can't help but tear up if I even hear a Muzak version of "Danny Boy." Then, of course, there's The Pretenders' "Back on the Chain Gang" and "I Go to Sleep." Still, for me, the Velvet Underground has a pretty big portion of my sad songs playlist covered -- "I'll Be Your Mirror," "All Tomorrow's Parties," "Stephanie Says." Lou knows from sad.


Long Island: Flava Flaaaaaaaav

Liz Kelly: Yeah, boyyyyyy.


washingtonpost.com: Celebritology Live (washingtonpost.com, Feb. 1)


RE: TV in the chat: Just wanted to thank you for not referring to us as some variety of the word "Pookie." While I enjoy Lisa's work, I find it condescending from her and very lap-doggish from those who enjoy being called "pooks" or whatever the variety of the word is.

Liz Kelly: I love the "Pookie." I was actually Lisa's discussion producer when she first came to Live Online and was there for the birth of Pookie. That lady is some kind of smart and I have nothing but respect for her and her Pookie-isms.


Melissa Rivers: She "MC'd" an event last night at the Russell Building on the Hill and was pretty funny and down to earth in person. She looks so much better face to face than she does on a TV screen. Not nearly as plasticky scary. Just thought I'd share. Thanks.

Liz Kelly: Thank you. How odd that she'd look worse on TV. Maybe there's some kind of digital manipulation to avoid a massive contrast between her and her mom.


Lima, Ohio: The one person that irritates me the most on TV would be New York and her mom on "I Love New York." Am I the only person that thinks her mom looks like a man?

Liz Kelly: I don't know about her mom looking like a man, but I do think her mother is pretty despicable. Remember on "Flavor of Love" when she kept telling New York she was fat. This as she swanned around in a cowboy hat blowing smoke in everyone's face.


The Purple One: I don't think I can say I'm annoyed by the "controversy" of Prince's halftime show. I do think that the phallic image was totally on purpose -- I mean c'mon, "Darling Nikki," "Little Red Corvette"? He's a dirrrrty boy. He knew exactly what he was doing. It was awesome.

Liz Kelly: Would we expect anything less from Prince? You don't book Prince for a halftime show and then complain when he fails to deliver a completely vanilla performance.
And he looked so cute in his little head scarf thingimabob (which was allegedly for sale on eBay as of this morning -- see the blog).
My favorite Prince song, at least at the moment: Raspberry Beret.


Pittsburgh, Pa.: Here is a suggestion for poll question -- What TV show do you watch that you wouldn't want anyone to know that you watch. For me, it's "Real Housewives of Orange County" on Bravo. Honestly, these women make me want to slap them (especially Jo), but I can't not watch it. I was also a fan of "My Fair Brady" -- I know, I need help.

Liz Kelly: I love that show, too! Also, I have a weird fascination with "Dr. 90210" -- not just for insight into completely plastic women like Tabitha Stephens who do things like get cheekbone implants, but for some of the docs themselves. One of the docs -- Dr. Rey is the guy's name, I think -- has a particularly bizarre home life. A knockout wife who weighs like 85 pounds soaking wet and two kids who he keeps tattling to about the bad food mommy has been eating. It's good TV.


Pookie!: Is a charming nickname for those chatters that Lisa connects to. Michael Wilbon's use of "knuckleheads" not so much ...

Liz Kelly: True. Tho I'm sure Michael uses it affectionately.


Tang:: Clearly that was to be her celebratory drink: Tang and champagne, also known as the left-handed screwdriver.

Liz Kelly: Oooh, "Left-handed Screwdriver" -- that's good. Might have to be the official chat beverage of choice.


Sad Song Entry: Ooops ... I meant what was your FAVORITE sad song entry, or the one you found most moving. (typing fast, trying to avoid HR.)

And please tell Gene Gene The Dancing Machine we miss him.

Liz Kelly: It's hard to name a favorite. As a card-carrying Irish girl, I'm genetically pre-programmed to torturing myself with sad music. So the whole list read like a wonderfully dark playlist for me.
Right now, tho, I'm all about the Wu-Tang. They're nothing to F with, or so I hear.


Liz Look-Alike: If you have the Jillian Kelly banner ad (something about losing weight -- I blocked that part out) on your web page... check out how much Jillian and Liz look alike. With the same last name, I'm thinking that Liz has a as yet unknown alter ego!

Liz Kelly: I have the ads turned off in my browser. Can someone take a screen grab for me and mail to celebritology@washingtonpost.com?


Washington, D.C.: Ah! Last week or so the crossword had the clue: "puck's profession" and while first I thought, "How obscure is that? "The Real World" must have permeated society!" Then spent way too long trying to remember what Puck could have done as a profession, only to find out later that the answer was CHEF and uh, the Puck they were talking about was Wolfgang.

Liz Kelly: I love it.
"The Simpsons" on the other hand have totally arrived, if totally arriving means often used as NYT crossword puzzle clues.




Charlottesville, Va.: What happened to the story line of Michael and son? They were conspicuously left out of the 1hr. recap. Are we to equate their escape to future irrelevance to the plot, or did the actor who plays Michael get into a contract dispute with the producers?

Liz Kelly: Producers say Michael and Walt's thread will be picked up again -- probably in season 4.


Still a little lost: Liz:

I have to say, when I realized last night's episode started with another (another!) flashback delving into the background of another character, I cursed at my TV set. But at least in this case, it gave us a little hint at what might be going on out there (fertility tests? reproduction experiments?), which is a start. I still think they're making a big mistake in sending us mixed messages about the Others for so long. They need to let us know if they're good guys or bad guys and fast. Thanks.

Liz Kelly: According to this EW interview with the show's producers we will find out much more about the Others in the coming weeks. Obviously they had some ability -- at least until the Losties arrived -- to come and go from the island and we have been teased with yet another corporate name, this time Mittelos Bioscience, to add to the puzzle along with the Dharma Iniative. One of the blog readers added a link to this creepy video, which seems to be a message for Juliet from a young niece. Some might say a "three-year-old" niece. Liz Kelly: Just watched again. Still creepy and I still can't understand much of what is being said except that Juliet is a part of the experiment now.


Dr. Rey: Is one self-obsessed individual.

Liz Kelly: Yep. And his terrible, custom suits. Eeww.


Galesburg, Ill.: Liz:

Do "Lost" and "Deadwood" have the same casting agent(s)?

First Kim Dickens (Joanie Stubbs) appeared as Sawyer's mark/girlfriend.

Then Paula Malcomson (Trixie) as the Other shot by Sun.

Now Robin Weigert (Jane) as Juliette's sister.

P.S.: Weigert was credited in the episode.

Liz Kelly: 1. It would seem so. It would also seem that same casting agent worked on HBO's "Oz."
2. I knew there were more -- thanks for the Joanie reminder.
p.s. Weigert may have been credited on the show, but doesn't seem to be included in the IMDB listing for the episode.


Washington, D.C.: Okay, on your blog, people noticed several characters' names are the same as past history's philosophers. Edmund Burke (Juliet's ex hubby), Rousseau (crazy French woman), and one that I haven't seen yet mentioned: Karl (Rousseau's son? Benry's son?)... as in Karl Marx. Coinkidink? Producers/writers must be philosopher fanatics?

Liz Kelly: Literature fanatics, philosophy fanatics, Stephen King fanatics. They're just fanatics and seem to delight in placing these references that we may or may not get.


Mom's basement?: Your husband too? And he is DVRing "Sanford and Son" from there?

Liz Kelly: Well, the hubby actually works outside the home, so he's not home with mom all day like me. But yes, he's DVR'ing "Sanford and Son" from the basement... which is more of a circa 1978 rec room, complete with pool table.
I'm so embarrassed.


Ashamed to watch: "Entertainment Tonight"

Liz Kelly: Maybe I'm not so embarrassed.


Re. James Brown: I really feel for the child left out of the will and now being kicked in the head by his "siblings." People will do anything when it comes to money. Sick.

Liz Kelly: Agreed.


Fredericksburg, Va.: Awesome work on the blog!

Question: What new actors/actresses did you notice got into the opening credits? I noticed Rodrigo Santoro and see that he's credited with two more episodes this year on IMDB. Any predictions?

Liz Kelly: ABCv hasn't yet released pressers for all of the spring episodes, so not sure beyond a couple of weeks. I'm sure Nikki and whathisface will be a part of the rest of the season at least -- even if they are superfluous.


Liz Kelly: Rocci the producer says MSNBC is reporting that Anna Nicole Smith has collapsed somewhere -- either in Hollywood or Florida, but definitely at a Hard Rock Cafe.


Germantown, Md.: Just my .02 cents on last night's "Lost":

cent 1: When I saw the bus hit Juliet's ex, my first thought was that Juliet could make things happen like Walt could.

cent 2: I can't remember: was it ever said whether Rousseau was already pregnant when she arrived to do research off-shore? If not, then it's possible that Alex is the result of either rape or an Others-conducted fertility experiment, either of which could leave Ben as the father and Rousseau not recognizing Ben.

Liz Kelly: That's interesting about Juliet. I assumed the corporate recruiter had facilitated the accident.
As for Rousseau/Ben/Alex -- hopefully we'll find out more next week. Or not.


Hard Rock: See! I knew their food was cr--!

Liz Kelly: Or maybe that's just how Anna Nicole reacts to enforced paternity tests.


Washington, D.C.: Just wanted to add, that on BBC news late night a few days ago, the reporter used the phrased "adult nappies" when describing the diapers, then inserted an incredulous pause. God, I love the Brits. and think we need to work "nappies" into our vernacular.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Rule Britishisms.


Pittsburgh, Pa.: "I have a weird fascination with "Dr. 90210" -- not just for insight into completely plastic women like Tabitha Stephens who do things like get cheekbone implants, but for some of the docs themselves."

Me again -- OMG, I LOVE the docs on that show! They are more interesting than the procedures they perform. How about that doc who is married to the woman whose family owns several hotels/casinos in Vegas? Their cook is Britney Spears's father. How cool is that! And seriously, Rey's wife needs to gain some weight. She's gorgeous, but WAY too thin. I love how she had this major meltdown when their dog dies and Rey had to pay for a doggy funeral -- visiting the dog in the dog funeral home -- yee gads!

Liz Kelly: Glad I'm not alone.


Beltsville, Md.: I want to know what Tom meant when he answered Jack's question regarding why, if they could get off the island, didn't they just take Ben to a hospital to have the operation. Tom answered "Well, ever since the sky turned purple." They were then interrupted. Did anyone else hear that? My husband says he doesn't remember Tom saying that. If he did make that statement, what does it mean?

Liz Kelly: I heard it and wondered, too. Let's see what "Lost" sites make of it over the next few days.


Silver Spring, Md.: Liz Kelly: I have the ads turned off in my browser.

Now, wait just a minute! If we have to see 'em, you should have to see 'em!

Liz Kelly: It's a bug, not a feature. Wink.


Falls Church, Va.: My problem with "Real World" now is that the kids seem SOOO young. I am I am 26. So I've been watching it since what, I was 16?

Liz Kelly: Gee. I don't even want to tell you how old I am, now, jr.


Liz Kelly: Apparently Anna Nicole collapsed in Hollywood, Fla. and has been intubated by an EMT crew.


Liz Kelly: And I love that this is BREAKING NEWS on MSNBC.


Liz Kelly: Okay, that's it for this week folks. Stay tuned for tomorrow's Friday List on stars we hate to love and if there's anything significant to report about Anna Nicole Smith I'll add it to the blog.



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