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Liz Kelly
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Thursday, February 15, 2007; 2:00 PM

When Britney left K-Fed, when Jen and Vince broke up (and broke up again), when Mel Gibson self-destructed on a California highway, washingtonpost.com Celebritology Liz Kelly was here to pass along the buzz, offer some perspective, provide crucial links to juicy alternate news sources and, of course, take your reaction.

Now join Liz each Thursday at 2 p.m. ET to gab about the latest celebrity pairings (and splittings), rising stars (and falling ones) and get the scoop on the latest gossip making waves across the Web.

Before she started blogging about celebrities, Liz ran washingtonpost.com's Live Online section, where she enjoyed talking to really interesting people -- including some Post reporters -- on the phone. She produces both Carolyn Hax's advice discussion and Gene Weingarten's Chatological Humor*, which is currently on hiatus.

A transcript follows.


Liz Kelly: So during last week's show we got word (thanks to eagle-eyed producer Rocci) that Anna Nicole Smith had passed out and been rushed to the hospital. We all know what happened next, but I bring this up to point out that you never know what will happen while we're here stirring the Celebritology pot. Powerful stuff.
A sad case all around and the Anna Nicole Smith train will likely keep rolling through at least the daily morning headline round-up for the foreseeable future. It seems Smith left pretty much everything she touched in disarray and several interested parties are now playing grabby grabby with her body, her estate, her house, her belongings and her baby. I'm sick of it already but, of course, eating up every subsequent revelation with a fork. Today's "hunh?" headline was an alleged report a former nanny who claims Smith was starving five-month-old Dannielynn so she'd grow up sexy.
Stretching to the very limit of the definition of celebrity, everyone should take some time (after the chat, ahem) to read today's Style story by David Segal about Westminster-winning doggie James, who hails from Fairfax Station, Va. His owners apparently spent upwards of $100K campaigning for this dog over the last few years. And here I was balking at the price of my dog's prescription food. (Well, it's not like she's won Westminster. All she does is sleep and harass the cat.)
Juiciest overlooked story of the week has to be this tidbit about Ralph Fiennes apparently propositioning an Australian flight attendant mid-flight from Australia to India. Talk about embarrassing -- not only did the story get out but, dude, she said no. Ouch.
Also, you might have seen the pic of Beyonce from the cover of SI's swimsuit issue in the blog yesterday, but today I inevitably came across some pretty poorly sourced reports saying the image took five hours of air-brushing. Any PhotoShop experts out there care to weigh in?
I'm officially in "Lost" nerd mode and already planning to spend time after today's show trolling message board sites for more Easter eggs from last night's episode. Yes, I'm that pathetic. But as made glaringly clear by today's "Lost" posting comment thread, I am not alone and am actually pleased and humbled to number several Celebritology readers who actually have a working understanding of quantum physics and a facile grasp of the writings of Stephen Hawking. You are better men than I, gunga din. Still, I can't help but notice a big drop-off in the number of Lost comments from last week to this week's post. Snow day, nothing to say or is no one watching? We'll save more "Lost" talk for the the last 15 minutes of the show, as ever, preceded by a ginormous spoiler warning. So please disengage from "Lost" mode for a while and hit me with some stumpers about Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan.
Actually, last night I was wondering whatever became of the actor Griffin Dunne -- he was in Scorcese's odd (but good) Manhattan comedy "After Hours" and that second stinky Madonna movie, "Who's That Girl."
Alrighty. I've got a little Eric Donaldson music to chat by. So, let's get this thing going...


Americone Dream: Could you tell Stephen Colbert that I would be glad to but his new ice cream flavor if he could just come to my house and, um, serve it to me.

Liz Kelly: Sure, I'll get him on the horn right now, though his lovely wife Evelyn might put the kaibosh on your little ice cream fantasy.
FWIW, did you know that Colbert was born here in D.C. as the youngest of 11 (holy Catholic family, Batman) children?


Chevy Chase, D.C.: As thrilled as I was to see the Dixie Chicks conquer at the Grammys I was disheartened to see Natalie jump on the changing-hair-color-bandwagon. All the girl idiots have been doing it: Christina, Britney, Lindsey, ad nauseum. And even some of the less mentally- challenged like Drew Barrymore and Ashley Judd. What is up with this, Liz? They seem to be making changes for the sake of change and not because it looks better. And am I wrong? Doesn't constantly changing your hair color play havoc on it?

Liz Kelly: Hold on a minute there, bud... coloring one's hair does not an idiot girl make. And I'm not just saying that because my hair has been white, black, red and every shade (natural and unnatural) in between.
In the end, we all need to be happy with ourselves when we go to sleep at night and maybe changing her hair color -- just because -- makes Natalie happy. Or maybe country music listeners between the ages of 18 and 45 respond better to brunettes. Or maybe she wanted to avoid any confusion with the bumper crop of blond singer/songwriters critical of the Bush administration. Does it really matter?
I'm ignoring, of course, the larger issue of an entertainment industry that places a higher premium on looks than actual music and the very serious damage caused by the horrendous dresses the Chicks wore that evening, dresses which damaged my retinas irreparably.
And hair dye isn't good for your hair, but a nice chestnut tint probably won't do much more damage than washing with tap water. Unless you're going for an au natural Crystal Gayle kind of thing, hair has this remarkable quality: It grows (and can be cut off, dyed again, permed, straightened, teased, etc.).
To put this in terms you might understand... don't you ever get a new pocket protector just because?


Houston, Tex.: For years everyone has said that "the man" is/was the downfall of stars such as Whitney and Britney. Why is it that people can't see they had problems BEFORE and AFTER, WITH or WITHOUT their man? Would you agree?

Liz Kelly: Well, in the case of Britney, I think you're on to something. She was hailed as a teen sensation and seen as somewhat savvy businesswoman until hooking up with Kevin Federline and going from pop princess to pregnant for two years straight. Back in October (I think it was October, but I'm date-challenged) when she split with K-Fed and appeared looking much like her former, buff self on David Letterman I (and several others) hailed the comeback of Britney. We said she was finally free of that millstone of a husband who dragged her down to his level. Turns out her level might be a basement or two lower than his, judging from her recent behavior. So, yes, she had it in her all along to be a big sloppy mess.
As for Whitney and Bobby -- I don't think Bobby was her downfall, but he certainly was not what she needed in her life. The two of them make a bad combo. That's why it was especially frightening to read that they'd spent Sunday evening out to dinner together. Thankfully, rumors of a reconciliation were quickly squashed by Whitney's camp, who said the dinner was all done for the benefit of daughter Bobbi Christina (I think that's her name. I'm also name-challenged).


"Who's That Girl?": Is that the one with the puma? I rather liked the puma.

Liz Kelly: Yes, the puma and the debut of a Madonna with cropped platinum hair.


Washington, D.C.: MSNBC's Rita Cosby had an interview with that maid. Why is Howard K. Stern giving Entertainment Tonight such an exclusive on the story. You can tell Access Hollywood is steamed over it. I love it.

Liz Kelly: Well, word on the street is that Howard K. Stern was paid by Entertainment Tonight for that interview. Judging from ET's almost exclusive access to Anna Nicole over the past few months, it wouldn't surprise me if that turned out to be true.
Also worth noting that ET's coverage of the story has been utterly disconnected from reality and the furthest thing from actual reporting in the entire world. They are clearly taking the sympathetic tack in order to gain access. Disgusting.


After Hours: Liz,

You must realize there is never any reason to wonder what became of someone when Google and/or imdb exist. Griffin Dunne appears to have had a full acting career since "Who's that Girl," appearing in countless movies I've never heard of, except "Snow Dogs."

Liz Kelly: I said I wondered. I didn't say I wondered enough to actually do anything about it. Did I mention one of my more developed qualities is laziness?


"Lost" Spoiler Alert: Liz,

For those of us who wait until "Lost" comes out on DVD, do you think you could save "Lost" questions until the last half of the chat, and give us a spoiler alert before hand?

Liz Kelly: Of course. We save 'em for the last 15 minutes.


Liz, the domestic diva: Hey Liz, saw your ginger orange carrot contribution to the washingtonpost.com "At home" e-mail. So now you are a cooking guru. Are you preparing to take over the world, like Rachel Ray?

Liz Kelly: Ha. No way. Everything I know about cooking I've learned from my mom and from Kim O'Donnel, doyenne of the Mighty Appetite blog and the weekly What's Cooking chat.
The carrots and ginger I learned from mom, so being the devious sort I mouthed off about it to Kim to look like I knew something worth her time. She took the bait. Sucker.


Don't forget ... cropped platinum hair: with the very dark eyebrows. (Shudder. I think I'm gonna have a nightmare tonight.)

Liz Kelly: That's right -- and bright red lipstick and a beauty mark. For anyone who missed it, here's a peek at that fabulous Madonna phase.
I think my favorite Madonna was the "Sex" book-era Madonna. She kind of had that messy degenerate thing going. Anyone else want to counter with a different Madonna? I defy anyone to advance her jelly bracelet phase as her personal best.


Ralph Feinnes: I could have sworn Leno did a bit on him saying that he was actually busted in the airline john, with the attendant, in the act.

So, Leno was way off then?

Liz Kelly: Well there are apparently conflicting reports. Members of the airline crew say they saw Fiennes and the stewardess emerge from the restroom and assumed what had gone on. However, the stewardess -- doh, I mean "flight attendant" -- in question says although she flirted with him in the cabin she was surprised to find him following her into the bathroom where she told him, in not so many words, that she isn't that kind of girl and asked him to leave.
In light of this development I probably shouldn't reveal the following: I think Fienne's character from "The Constant Gardener" makes it to my list of fictional Valentines.


Fairfax, Va.: Does that Colbert ice cream come in a lite version? I have to watch my waistline.

Liz Kelly: That is a fabulous question. I don't have an official answer for you, but channeling Colbert himself:
Get real, sissy. "Light" ice cream is for evil-doers.


Washington, D.C.: Favorite Madonna?

"Cherish" Madonna and maybe "Human Nature" Madonna. "Human Nature" Madonna looked like a superhero/villain (who's into bondage). Can I mention bondage on the WaPo chats?

Liz Kelly: Sure, why not? What's a little bondage among friends?
I think my least favorite Madonna might be "Papa Don't Preach" Madonna.
If I'm imagining a comic book where various Madonna's battle each other, am I some kind of dork-idiot?


NYC: Thank you, Liz, for entertaining us with your celebrity insights!

In regards to Larry Birkhead's paternity suit, I think his lawyer's request for ANS's DNA in order to check that the DNA submitted for the test is really Dannielynn, actually makes sense because AN'S' reaction to the court order before she died was extremely suspect to me. What was she hiding? I guess now after her death everyone has realized that she was hiding that she had no idea who the father was.

Liz Kelly: No doubt about it, Anna Nicole was hiding something. Or, rather, Anna Nicole's camp was and is hiding something. Everyone's got a theory -- most of them involving the culpability of Howard K. Stern -- but we are in early days yet.
As I understand it, Birkhead's lawyers wanted Anna Nicole's DNA to make sure that the baby being tested for paternity is actually Anna Nicole's and not some kind of swaperoo. Apparently it's not really necessary, but is a nice safety net.
The California judge has released Birkhead's hold on the body, though. One forensic specialist on the news last night said they've already got vials of Anna Nicole Smith's blood and plenty of potential DNA if needed for further testing. Hence, no reason to hang on to the body.
One reader in the blog this morning suggested placing bets on who would be buried first: Smith or James Brown.


Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.: Nice, try, Liz, but Stephen Colbert was actually born and raised in my hometown, Charleston, S.C.!

Liz Kelly: Nay. According to Wikipedia he was born in D.C. but raised in South Carolina.
Someone find out the ultimate truthiness before show's end.


And you call yourself a 'tologist: For someone's who's all-hail-celebrity gossip, and almost always on top of everything Tinseltown related, how can you be date and name-challenged??

Liz Kelly: Knowledge is not the ability to memorize everything, but the skill to know where to find information when you need it.
I know where to find the dates and names when I need 'em, but see no need to slow down the chat with a Google search.


Kim O'D: Who ya callin' a sucka? Youse a good cook, Lizzie, I eat your

food anytime ...

Liz Kelly: Awww, thanks Kimmy.


Papa Don't Preach: I always thought that would be a much better song if the lyric went "I made up my mind, I'm keeping your baby"

Liz Kelly: Eww.


Re: Paula Abdul, American Idle: I know we live in the land of carefully-prepared PR statements, but do you find it at all telling that Paula claims to "have never done 'recreational' drugs"? Okay, so maybe coke, weed and X are off the list, but that still leaves a lot of room for an occasional trip to the medicine cabinet to for a handful of Oxycontin, Percoset or codeine that she just happens to have a prescription for?

Or am I giving hwer PR machine much too much credit?

Liz Kelly: Well, "recreational" isn't necessarily synonymous with "illegal" is it? I take "recreational" to mean taking something not prescribed by a doctor -- legal or not.
So Paula's saying she's never taken drugs for kicks or been drunk. Which leaves us to conclude that she's insane.


No Spoilers: Man, no "Lost" questions at all because you're waiting on the DVD? Lame. DVDs are great to get caught up on a show that's already in progress, but shouldn't the ultimate goal be to watch the show in real time, so you can participate in conversations like this? I think it's silly to know that you like a show, but insist that no one talk about it until the last 15 minutes of the chat because you can't be bothered to TiVo the show. Argh.

Liz Kelly: Not to mention that if you invest the $9 bucks or so in DVR you can start the show five minutes late then fast forward through the ads for the rest of the night.


Washington, D.C.: Was listening to Elliott in the Morning (DC101) this a.m. and they always have Mark Steines on their show and he said they got the exclusive because they have interviewed ANS 100 and some times and always called on a regular basis so -- they called Mark specifically for the interview. He didn't say anything about them paying for the interview -- just that they all (producers included) -- have had a relationship with them for a long time.

Liz Kelly: I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that ET has been so easy on Smith and Stern. Well, I guess it is an entertainment show, not a news show... so what do I expect?


Falls Church, Va.: Any new news about the lovely Ms. Witherspoon? I was dismayed to find her wasted away to a size 2 at the Golden Globes -- though her outfit was lovely. Why the sudden weight loss?

Liz Kelly: I don't think Reese looked too small at the Globes. In fact, I thought she looked fabulous -- trim, solid and sporting a fabulous new modern 'do.
She made yesterday's morning mix for firing her agents. She jumped ship to CAA, I believe. Also, this morning I saw this item about her, but opted to not include.


I thought Colbert was born in France! ;): but IMDB says born in D.C. ...

Hmmm, part of his mystery persona

Liz Kelly: Well, also according to Wikipedia "Colbert" is an Irish name and the rest of his family pronounces it "Col-bert", not "Col-Bear."
Maybe Wikipedia is leading us astray, tho. There must be an official bio out there somewhere.


Paula -- what now?: Doesn't Paula know that the celebrity fix-all of rehab can be her friend but she's closed that door now.

Liz Kelly: Honey, the door is never closed. There are many euphemisms for rehab -- a break, spa vacation, time off.


Anna Nicole: Did anyone see the train wreck of the hearing over her body on CNN (might've just been the CNN online thing)? Oh my goodness. I shill for no news org, but if you have the opportunity to find it, do not miss it. You won't be able to take more than three minutes -- yelling, arguing, a blonde lawyer woman (I lost track of who was who) literally yelling about "the importance of a mother's love." Good grief. I understand now why people don't want cameras in courtrooms.

Liz Kelly: Thanks, I'll have to try to find that after the show. Which will cut into my "Lost" research. Ah well.


I counter your bondage Madonna with ..: I like early '90's Pepsi Madonna when she was dancing in front of burning crosses and kissed/made out with a black Jesus.

Liz Kelly: I like that this Madonna is called "Pepsi Madonna." I think they all need names.
So far we have:
Pepsi Madonna
Jelly Madonna
Eyebrow Madonna
Who else?


River City: DO you even know who Liz Smith and Kitty Kelly are? They're gossip writers, which is why your name is perfect for a gossip columnist.

Liz Kelly: Yes River City and if you missed it, I answered your question on Monday in the blog.


Alexandria, Va.: Speaking of hair colors, your hair is brown on the top of today's chat banner -- but was pretty red on the sidebar of your blog.

Giving up being a henna-rinsess, are we?

Liz Kelly: Yes, I'm back closer to my natural color. But I have an appointment later this evening. We'll see what happens. It's anyone's guess.


Favorite Madonna moment: Just wanted to add an important stop on the tour down Madonna Memory Lane:

Does anyone else remember fondly the time she appeared on "Wayne's World" on SNL? She earned her wings in heaven on that one, especially when she said, um, something about monkeys that might not be permissible for a washingtonpost.com discussion ...

Liz Kelly: I don't remember this, but if it's to be had on YouTube, I will find it after the show.


Fairfax, Va.: It galls me how Steines is like the senior entertainment reporter-type on this Anna Nicole story. Everybody's interviewing him now like he's some kind of authoritative source. All ET does is sensationalize everything. It's really bad.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. He keeps turning up on MSNBC as an interviewee and talking about how he was invited to some Smith-Stern official wedding that may or may not have been planned for a couple of weeks from now.


More Madonnas: Cone Bra Madonna

"Thespian" Madonna

Liz Kelly: Thank you!
Cone Bra Madonna is key.


RE: ET as a News Show: Yes, ET is an infotainment show, but I can remember a quote from Walter Cronkite, lamenting the state of network news in the early 90s where he said something to the effect of "If you look at the stories on Entertainment Tonight, you're more likely to get all 4 W's". Of "course, the folks at ET took it as a compliment, like Cronkite had anointed their program as real news.

Oh, and Griffin Dunne recently did an episode of one of the "Law and Orders" ("Criminal Intent," I think), where he played the weasely businessman who killed his wife/business partner/pregnant mistress.

Liz Kelly: Griffin is so good at playing a weasely guy. Surely there must be more call for weasely guys on film.
My favorite "entertainment news show" remains the completely goofy "Soup" on E. I wish it was a daily show.


Washington, D.C.: According to an E! THS, Paula did rehab once already (I think that's what I remember). She has back and neck pain issues or something (from all the dancing) and takes heavy meds for those.

Liz Kelly: Ahhhh, of course. Dancing is dangerous work.


I love Stephen Colbert: In the "Rolling Stone" cover article from not too long ago, Stephen reveals that his father always wanted to pronouce the surname "Col-bear" but something about Ellis Island and yadda yadda which resulted in Col-bert. so when Stephen was on a plane to go to college, he had some deep convo with his seat-neighbor about this being a chance for Stephen to start anew, etc. - so he decided to honor his father and go with Col-bear.

Liz Kelly: Thank you.


Washington, D.C.: What about the current purple Madonna, or as I refer to her "Barney"?

Liz Kelly: Purple Madonna? Are you talking about Leotard Madonna?


More Madonnas: Virgin Madonna

Boardroom Madonna(The "Express Yourself" one)

Liz Kelly: Yes.


Arlington, Va.: FWIW: Comedy Central says S. Colbert was born and raised in South Carolina: Comedy Central Host Page

Liz Kelly: I will find out the definitive answer to this and get back to you in the blog or here next week.


Memphis: I rather liked "Dick Tracy" Madonna.

Liz Kelly: I forgot about Dick Tracy Madonna. She was kind of cute in that. She totally rocks '40s/'50s couture like no other. Though Christina Aguilera is a close second. Both of them can wear a hat. I can not wear a hat and it is a constant source of sadness to me.


Col-BEAR: I'm pretty sure that's a character thing -- to make his self-important right wing blowhard seem even more self-important. We've only ever known him playing that character, so it wouldn't surprise me his his name wasn't actually pronounced that way.

I'll be happy to drink a left-handed screwdriver if I'm wrong, though ...

Liz Kelly: We may hold you to it.


Proceed at your own peril.
This does not preclude us, however, from continuing to compile a list of Madonnas.


Hyattsville, Md.: Apparently, one of Stephen Colbert's brothers used to work for the Prince George's County Dept. of Housing.

Liz Kelly: A-HA.


Lost in Chantilly: Alright, great episode last night, but what was the point? A whole episode devoted to telling the viewers that when Desmond turned the key he got walloped in the head and got his pre-cog abilities back?

(The way I see it, when he fell of the ladder, they were switched on. Then, when he got walloped wtih the cricket bat, they were switched off. The hatch implosion switched them back on.)

Also, the part about his life flashing before his eyes: that was (cliche but) true, but it's still going strong in that he's still seeing his life flashing before his eyes. It just hasn't happened yet.

Liz Kelly: What was the point? Please see today's blog post.


San Francisco, Calif.: "Lost." Another thing that makes the show so different is that you can enjoy it on a surface level but, oh, the rewards for fanatics. SPOILERS AHEAD. Desmond's comment to Charlie at the end that he's not saving Claire, he's saving Charlie was actually echoed earlier in the episode when, in flashback, Desmond comes upon a pre-fame Charlie playing guitar on the street. He's playing Oasis's "Wonderwall", and here's part of the lyrics.

Today is gonna be the day

That they're gonna throw it back to you

By now you should've somehow

Realized what you gotta do

Because maybe

You're gonna be the one who saves me?

Today was gonna be the day

But they'll never throw it back to you

By now you should've somehow

Realized what you're not to do

Note the change in the end to "what you're not to do," reflecting Mrs. Hawking's warning that you can't change fate.

Liz Kelly: Now that is deep.


Arlington, Va.: It's official. I 'heart' Desmond. He is the most interesting character on "Lost." Probably because he and Hurley seem to be the only ones left on that island with any kind of conscience.

Liz Kelly: Well, I'd say Sawyer, Jack and Kate still seem to have a conscience. As for the rest, who would know. We really haven't seen much of Locke, Sun, Jin and the rest of the original Losties since season 2.
Oh, I forgot to include this in today's "Lost" post. ABC has apparently posted some extra back story videos on the official site and will continue to do so throughout the season. As I understand it, the idea is to give more insight into the characters, not necessarily into the plot.


Calgary, Canada: Paula was never drunk or otherwise impaired. She was 'exhausted.' I wish I had a publicist to tell my boss I'm exhausted after the office Christmas party.

Liz Kelly: I know. Really.


"Dancing is dangerous work": Especially with MC Scat Cat (or whatever his name was) as a "dancing" partner.

Liz Kelly: Hahahaha.


"Lost" Fanatic: Can we start discussing last night episode now?

Liz Kelly: Yes, we are discussing it. Hit me.


LOST on Capitol Hill: So I guess my DCPS education didn't really go into the theories of time travel in physics and such because I was completely boggled by last night's "Lost."

So Desmond has been on the island before? Is he stuck in some kind of loop?

Also, religious fanatic Madonna was interesting for a while. Now she's moved into her H and M phase. (Although I doubt she actually wears anything from there!)

Liz Kelly: Loop or the same thing keeps unfolding for him over and over -- the Groundhog Day effect. Or, riffing on the "what is the flashback" question, could it be that Desmond's flashback was the reality and the island only exists in his dream or mind (this is similar to last year's theory that the whole island was a figment of Hurley's imagination).


Washington, D.C.: Does the fact that Desmond now has the photo of he and Penny in front of the faux-marina (she had it in the previous flashbacks) mean that he has somehow changed the course of events? It at least proves that he actually did travel back in time somehow rather than just experience a dream.

Liz Kelly: Ya know, that's a good point. I didn't pick up on that.
What that photo did remind me of was "The Terminator" -- remember at the end how Sara Conner has the picture taken of herself in the Jeep that her future lover carries in the cyborg-dominated future? The other "Terminator" parallel was -- and don't laugh -- Desmond's naked state when waking up in the woods after the hatch implosion (which we now know to be his return from an alternate reality or the past). Remember, Arnie and Michael Beihn (spelling?) were also nude after traveling back in time in the "Terminator" because nothing inorganic can travel through time, I guess.
Okay, I'm probably reaching.


Foggy Bottom, Washington, D.C.: Cannot forget the current incarnation:

British Madonna

Also Liz, how do I update my browser to be acceptable to WaPo to able to submit comments to your blog? My posts get rejected all the time. Such as this one from yesterday:

Fox Mulder

Josh Lyman

Pacey Whitter

Logan Echolls

Regular readers will know the question.

Liz Kelly: Ya know, I'm not sure. You should check your security settings and make sure you're able to move freely around the Web. Do you have that problem anywhere else?


Washington, D.C.: Where can I find last week's chat? I am addicted to Celebritology!

washingtonpost.com: Celebritology (Live Online, Feb. 8)

Liz Kelly: Wow, there you go. And remember, you're not "addicted" -- you're "exhausted."


Reston, Va.: "Susan" Madonna

It's been all downhill (musically and otherwise) since then.

Liz Kelly: Oh, I don't know. I kind of liked her recent "Hung Up" song, despite the goofy video.


Midtown D.C.: I love "LOST,, and enjoyed last night's show. Having said that, if the story becomes a "fate vs. free will" what side are you on? Then count me out.

Don't get me wrong, I love time/space theories as much as the other college grad. But I also don't want to relive my discussion group in PHIL 110, where absolutely nothing is resolved.

Liz Kelly: Fair enough.
I'm on the free will side, btw.


Madonna on "Wayne's World": You can find it on YouTube. It's from the "Justify My Love" Era, which I guess is Bondage Madonna, or Garter Belt Madonna (although that may cover several Madonnas -- early 80s to mid 90s).

Liz Kelly: Ooh, thank you.
And producer Rocci is salivating all over his keyboard thinkin about "Justify My Love" Madonna.


"Lost" Figments: The whole thing is a figment of someone's imagination? Aw, come on, didn't "Dallas" and "Newhart" already do that -- we don't need another version.

Liz Kelly: Newhart? I musta missed that episode.


Speaking of A-HA: I just saw a recent performance on London Live .... man that "Take On Me" song was a loooonnngggg time ago.

Liz Kelly: Sure was. But the video still holds up.


Lost, D.C. I think that last night's episode may be pointing to the fact that the island and "reality" are occurring at the same time. A sort of parallel dimension?

Also, remember when the Other (or someone) had taped the BoSox winning the 2004 World Series? How could that fit in here?

Liz Kelly: Yep, which is exactly the premise of "Donnie Darko" -- so if there are any Lost fans out there who haven't seen Darko yet, I suggest renting and then going back and reading the Salon Darko explainer I linked in today's blog post.


Arlington, Va.: "Okay, I'm probably reaching."

Oh yeah, because with all the 90 billion parallels and links on "Lost" out there, THAT was the one that went over the top. ... /sarcasm

No question, just wanted to say I LOVE this blog and your column.

Liz Kelly: Thanks and thanks for putting things in perspective.


Finally ... "Lost": Last night's episode was definitely confusing but I liked it. So towards the end when Desmond told Charlie about "course correcting" theory, is it safe to assume that Desmond would now just let things happen and his character would just be killed or saved?

Liz Kelly: That's what it sounded like, yes. But knowing Lost, that will be how Des felt last night but he won't be able to resist trying to save Claire or Charlie in the future. Seriously, if Des totally buys into "course correcting" he may as well take that bottle of McCutcheon's and one of the Heroin Madonna's (hey, how's that for a tie in?) and float away.


"Lost": I don't watch "Lost" (I know, I know, boo me), but I will say that whatever marketing genius decided that the banner ads they bought on the Web yesterday should blast music needs a smack in the face -- and I'm happy to do the smackin'. Rarely do marketing efforts so turn me off a product, but bleh.

Separate question for the peeps: Is it worth it for me to rent the earlier seasons on DVD and become a devotee? Would my head blow apart like in "Scanners" if I watched them all back to back?

Liz Kelly: Yes, it is worth it. That's how I got into the show.


Fairborn, Ohio: Mmmmm, Logan Echolls. Pre-Madison-hookup in Aspen, of course.

See? You should really watch "Veronica Mars."

I have to admit, though, I've found Logan less hot since finding out that the dude who plays him is a Scientologist. Yeesh.

Liz Kelly: I hear ya.


Washington, D.C.: Do you cover just out-of-town celebrities? DCRTV.org has some fascinating stuff today about the outrageous bathroom demands made by sports celeb talker Tony Kornheiser as part of his return-to-local-radio package.

Liz Kelly: I saw that report and I'm a little skeptical. I know David Burd and I can't imagine him hanging around to "preparing a bagel banquet" for anyone, not even the great Tony K., so I tend to doubt the entire report. Still, if any radio insiders out there have some intel, pass it along. But I think whole thing sounds like sour grapes.
By the way, if you haven't listened to David's morning show -- which he does along with former post.commer Jessica Doyle -- it's really good. It's not quite NPR but not a morning zoo either. It's smart, funny, interesting and -- Mondays at 8:20 a.m. -- features a decent Celebritology report.


Dayton, Ohio: Oh Liz, I can't tell you how thrilled I was by last night's "Lost" episode. An entire episode with no Jack, no Sawyer, no Kate! No extended "running from a guy with a gun" scenes. Hallelujah. We're finally getting back into the island's mysticism a little bit, which I was worried the writers had forgotten about. In last week's interview show with the writers, one of them said that, at its core, the show is about the people on the island, not the island itself. NO, NO, NO. If it were just about the people, why not have them trapped together in a department store or something? It's about the island!

Oh, and do you watch "Veronica Mars"? You really, absolutely should, and so should everyone reading this chat. My excitement about that show has gotten me through the "Lost" slump.

Liz Kelly: I know -- I need to put "Veronica Mars" on my Netflix list. I keep hearing it is fabulous. But seriously -- it's hard to find time in my schedule for another show. Every 30 minutes of TV is one less crossword, ya know?
As for Lost being about the island's mysticism vs. the people -- I want the storyline to somehow converge. I want to know how the mysticism and oddities and unexplained phenomenons square with the Others, their fertility experiments and their seeming contact with the outside world.
And, dude, was it believable at all that Hurley would go along with Charlie's lame attempt to extract information from Desmond? Seemed like just the waste of time that Hurley would normally forego.


Best Madonna look: "Ray of Light" -- when she first came out with the long, kind of curly blonde hair, when her daughter was very small. It's less that I'm into the pre-Raphaelite thing and more that as a woman about to be 35, I look at those pics and think, hey, it really is possible to get better as we get older. Plus, she was into yoga but didn't seem as stringy-looking as she does now.

Liz Kelly: Ya, that was an okay Madonna. I'll call her Patchouli Madonna. She would be the first to go in a cage match between all of the Madonnas.


40/50 style: Nah, Gwen Stefani has that market locked up.

Liz Kelly: Right you are. I'm a big fan of her clothing line.


Vienna, Va.: They're fudging a bit on that picture -- 'both' Desmond and Penny have a copy. Desmond had his in the hatch in season two, left it behind when he fled in episode three.

Liz Kelly: Hmmmm... good point. Penny only paid 5 quid for one. Where's the second come from?


Liz Kelly: Okay, that's it. Thanks for coming out again. Barring the death of another starlet at a casino, tomorrow's Friday list will be the long-awaited Stars We Hate to Love.



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