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Liz Kelly
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Thursday, March 8, 2007; 2:00 PM

When stars shave their heads, couch-jump, commit a fashion faux pas and commit random acts of tomfoolery, washingtonpost.com Celebritology blogger Liz Kelly shares the buzz, offers perspective and provides crucial links to juicy alternate news sources and, of course, takes your reaction in her daily blog.

Now join Liz each Thursday at 2 p.m. ET to gab about the latest celebrity pairings (and splittings), rising stars (and falling ones), "Lost," and get the scoop on the latest gossip making waves across the Web.

A transcript follows.

Before she started blogging about celebrities, Liz ran washingtonpost.com's Live Online section, where she enjoyed talking to really interesting people -- including some Post reporters -- on the phone. She produces both Carolyn Hax's advice discussion and Gene Weingarten's Chatological Humor*, which is currently on hiatus.


Liz Kelly: Sorry about missing last week's chat. I was unavoidably detained on a beach in Puerto Rico conducting important research into the effects of sun and sand on my ability to nap. I need to do a little more field study before announcing my results, but that'll have to wait until our own Mid-Atlantic beaches warm up this summer.
I'm not convinced I missed too much in the world of celebrity news, though. Britney is still in rehab (yay), though all eyes are on the newly-freed Lindsay Lohan who has already been spotted making the scene in Hollywood and reportedly showing up late for work again.
This morning's a.m. mix inspired a lot of commentary about Rosie O'Donnell, who recently admitted she's been treated for depression since the 199x Columbine school massacre. In addition to taking medication, Rosie says she also hangs upside down every morning -- like a bat or a dead fish. In any case, she's getting no sympathy from Celebritology readers, who see this as another ploy for attention from Rosie, who has mouthed off most recently about "American Idol" -- calling the show "racist" and "weightist." What say you?
We'll discuss "Lost" in the last 15 minutes. I'm kind of bummed about the current state of the show and I recognize the feeling -- it's like being trapped in a doomed relationship where you've invested too much time and emotion to just walk away, but you find your eye wandering to other dudes, or, in this case, hour-long sci-fi-ish dramas.
Speaking of which, I'm sure I'm not the only one here rarin' for tomorrow's opening of "300."
I'm undecided about tomorrow's Friday list topic. Though I have a couple of ideas, neither is really speaking to me. Anyone out there have a brainstorm? I'm open to inspiration and will give credit where due.
Today, I'm testing what effect '80s-era hip-hop has on my ability to participate in the chat. So far, it's inspired this opening line: I wanna rock right now...


Re male stars' fashion faux pas: I was pleased to see you call for some equal-time to balance out the phenomenon of glossy mags and blogs being hypercritical of female celebrities' fashion choices. However, I think this often has to do with how well these women look in the clothes based on their size, or how much makeup they are or aren't wearing, or how their hair looks, not on how ridiculous the clothes are to begin with. This just isn't an issue for guys. What I'm trying to say is that I think the focus on star bodies is remarkably unhealthy for young women and would rather see it be toned down, not upping the ante on the other side.

Thanks much!

Liz Kelly: No argument here. Thanks for weighing in.
Ya, it was difficult writing yesterday's piece about moobs and the different standards to which we all seem to hold our male and female stars. The criteria for what makes a man a fashion victim or undesirable in the looks department seem to be much more flexible and I readily admit I'm guilty of holding my fellow womens to that more rigorous (or should we say "unrealistic"?) standard.
Why is a little paunch on a guy acceptable when the minute we see a bump on Nicole Kidman we assume she's either pregnant or cracking out on frappuccinos? Why does a guy have to go all the way to Nick-Nolte-mug-shot to get a negative reaction?


Falls Church, Va.: What's the over/under on when Ann Coulter lets the N word slip? I think before November 2008.

Liz Kelly: Maybe if we ignore her, she'll go away.


Biggest Nerd: I have a confession. I was madly in love with Wesley Crusher. I find geeks irresistible. I was horrified to discover that everyone hated him. Of course, by then I was older and had switched my allegiance to Data.

Liz Kelly: You might be interested in Wil Wheaton's blog, then. I understand it's quite a smash in big nerd circles.


Liz Kelly: And the fact that I used the word "rarin" above means I've been producing Carolyn Hax's show for far too long.


Alexandria, Va.: A celebrity passing of note to Britcom fans: John Inman, Mr. Humphries on "Are You Being Served?," died today in London. Methinks he might now be telling St. Peter, "I'm free!"

Liz Kelly: Thanks for reminding me. Here's a link to the Telegraph's obit, which begins with this fabulous graf:
"John Inman, the actor who has died aged 71, became a household name for his performance in the television sitcom Are You Being Served? As Mr. Humphries, the wildly camp senior sales assistant in menswear at the fading department store Grace Brothers, his catch-phrase cry "I'm free!" became lodged in the popular lexicon."
A fabulous show and I'm re-adding to my Netflix queue now.


Eastern Snore: Lovely Liz -- What's your prediction on the coming media frenzy over Posh 'N' Becks relocating to the U.S.? Will the inevitable tabloid and media frenzy and overexposure actually stimulate major interest in the Botoxed Brits, or will they just bore us all to death in fifteen minutes? The Spice Girls are so last decade, and soccer isn't a major sport in the U.S.

Liz Kelly: There will be a frenzy and it will be well fed by PoshHam, who already plan to document their move in a reality series. Also, let's not forget that Posh and Katie Holmes are bosom buddies, so we'll doubtless get pix of the two indulging in more girly time pursuits like shopping, attending fashion shows and doing stuff with their various offspring.
I wouldn't count over-exposure, though, because the two haven't proved incredibly interesting so far. Maybe if Posh is spotted shaving her head or Becks hooks up with Heidi Fleiss they'll move into the Spears/Lohan/Hilton category of coverage.
I'm hoping Posh packs on a few pounds courtesy of the SAD (Standard American Diet) because I'm afraid she's going to pierce someone with her razor of a face.


The 300: I can't let myself get too excited about it -- the wretched accident that was 'Troy' still lingers.

Liz Kelly: Dude -- this is in a totally different league from "Troy." The focus is on the stylization, not the pretty boys (and girls). Stephen Hunter seems undecided, calling the movie "a guilty unpleasantness." Mayhaps not enough guns.


Port of Spain, Trinidad: Dear Liz,

I was reading this morning about a possible movie about the Valerie Plame/Scooter Libby thingy, and they are talking Nicole Kidman or Diane Lane for Val, and Richard Gere for her husband, Joseph Wilson.

What do you think about those above possibilities, and who do you think should play VP Cheney (possibly Rosie?)

Liz Kelly: Okay, this question is really tempting, but at the risk of losing my job by conjuring up comparisons to Jabba the Hut or lamenting the fact that Divine is dead and therefore unable to take on the role, I'll pass.
I'd like to hear your casting choices, tho...


Arlington, Va.: But I'm not internationally known. However, I do rock the microphone. I went to my cousin's wedding last fall. She is ten years older than me. As soon as the DJ starting playing her husband's favorite songs, I realized two things: My cousin rocks for marrying someone my age and you can never go wrong with "The Humpty Dance". Here's your chance.

Liz Kelly: C'mon and do the Humpty Hump. Thank you for reminding me to add some Digital Underground to my iTunes library.
I'm chagrined to say that I know all the words to "It Takes Two" and that, for me, Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick totally eclipsed Chris Rock when they opened for him at Constitution Hall a couple of years back.


Washington, D.C.: Welcome back from your well-earned vacation!

Have you gotten a response from the Fug Girls about yesterday's list?

Liz Kelly: Not yet, but I was a little tardy in sending it off. As in, I just sent a little while ago. I just wanted to make sure everyone was done commenting.


Separated at Birth ... or after arrest?: Nick Nolte and Lisa Nowak?

Lisa Nowak

Liz Kelly: Wow, good call.


Hax is a celebrity ...: so fair game, right? What's she really like? What's one thing about her that we don't know but should? C'mon Liz, spill!

Liz Kelly: She's sweet as molasses and smart as a whip.
Ready with a shoulder for all or a well-timed quip.
She's as cool as you think she is and would never be as corny as to answer a chat question in rhyme.
One thing you don't know about her: I put her off her lunch the other day by sending her a forwarded e-mail cartoon.


Falls Church, Va.: "Why is a little paunch on a guy acceptable when the minute we see a bump on Nicole Kidman we assume she's either pregnant or cracking out on frappuccinos? Why does a guy have to go all the way to Nick-Nolte-mug-shot to get a negative reaction?"

Because we live in a male-dominated society and they set the terms a long time ago. Because an unattractive woman can't be taken seriously. Because so many are still only going after their MRS degrees. Because because women cherish humor over looks. Because men are visual.

Liz Kelly: Ya, there's that.
But we're not still really that backward, are we? Maybe we are. Despite the women's movement and growing parity in the workplace, family roles, etc., women are still eye candy, I guess. Maybe we're stuck on that notion the same way we seem to be stuck on jets as the primary means of mass travel.
(I make this analogy because I'm not a big fan of flying and had to do it last week and, as ever, my thoughts drifted to wondering why we haven't yet developed a new means of mass long-distance travel in the past 50 years).
Any aeronautical engineers out there?


Re: "300": Stephen Hunter doesn't like anything. If you're into it, just go and have fun.

Liz Kelly: Not true! I'm sure he likes his Pulitzer Prize.


Pittsburgh, Pa.: Speaking of Katie Holmes, or the robot who resembles her -- she is actually in Louisiana filming a movie. Great news except for the fact that Tom Cruise informed the director/producer that he will be on set with her every day, even though he has nothing to do with the movie. I hear that he approved the film for her after being assured that she would not be involved in any romantic scenes.

The more I hear about their "relationship" the more creeped out I get. I also understand that when they appeared at the post-Oscars Vanity Fair party, she stayed glued to him all night and if anyone asked her anything, she would look at him before she answered. She also refused to be photographed without him next to her, until he finally stepped away and asked the photographers to take a photo of her by herself.

Liz Kelly: Scary stuff. Maybe he just had her at hello.


John Inman again: A more interesting graf from that Inman obit:

"In an interview in 1999 he even "outed" himself as a heterosexual with a woman lover of 28 years standing. When asked why they did not marry, he replied: "I have considered it, but you see I'm already married to a business they call show." Yet he admitted that playing Mr. Humphries had answered "something deep down inside that had to come out," and on December 23, 2005, he entered a civil partnership with his partner of 33 years, Ron Lynch."

What the heck does that mean?

Liz Kelly: Can anyone offer some clarity here?


As Cheney?: Don't we already have Darrell Hammond?

Liz Kelly: Enh. He does everyone, though. We need to get a little more creative -- break out of the SNL stable.


Rarin':: OH. MY. GOD. I have been reading both you and Carolyn Hax for God knows how long and I had absolutely NO idea that the "Liz" who produces her chats is YOU.

Is this really true?

Liz Kelly: It's for true.


Falls Church, Va.: Its almost April. When is Gene coming back?

Love your columns, blogs and chats!

Liz Kelly: The man said April. April it will be.


Fugly men: I think the main reason men aren't showcased as much as women is because they don't do anything to stand out. They either look generically sharp or generically fugly. How many quips can the Fug girls make about messy hair and bloodshot eyes before it gets tedious? Fashion faux pas are what puts the meat on the bones of that site, and it's just a fact of life that not as many men doing crazy things with their style.

Liz Kelly: Righto.
Still, there there are some men that take fashion risks. Notably, Johnny Depp and Elton John. Also shouldn't men who seem to get stuck in some kind of bad fashion place -- like Donald Trump -- be taken more to task for their choices.
Or, actually, wouldn't baldness and the various methods malecelebs use to hide their baldness, make a good companion site to fug? John Travolta's been sporting one thick rug lately.


The Producers: Whatever happened to Glamorous Producer Lisa, whom you succeeded at the Hax post? We love you, but she was fun too in her day and we wondered where she's gone.

Liz Kelly: Glamorous producer Lisa moved on to ABC News, where she helped helm their coverage of the 2004 presidential election, and now works at a think tank because she's so dang smart.
She's also one of my closest friends and if she's out there perhaps she can stand up and identify herself.


Random ...: I saw on the "Criminal Minds" credits on IMDB that there is a Lisa DeMoraes credited as some sort of behind the scenes for eight episodes. One in the same from Post fame? I love that show. Best show on TV.

Liz Kelly: No!


Speaking of eye candy. ..: In your picture at the top of the chat it would appear you've given up the ghost on staying a redheaded Colleen. What's up?

Liz Kelly: Ha. Well, I'm kind of a chameleon. I get bored with my hair easily and often, so it often looks completely different every quarter of the year.
I'm currently on a pretty severe bob look inspired by cuts sported by Japanese rock stars and harajuku girls.


Pining for Brit news ...: I'm still distressed at the lack of Britney news this week. While you were lounging on the beach, were you able to determine whether the bizarre "I am the anti-Christ" and attempted hangings are real or rumor? I'm dying to know.

Oh, and can you believe it about K-Fed charging for his b-day party coverage? I'd pay NOT to attend. Unless John Waters was there.

Liz Kelly: Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the Britney anti-Christ story. Me, I find it a little hard to swallow. After all, the facility she's in probably takes some pretty big steps to secure the privacy of their patients and, I dunno, it just doesn't sound like Brit. She'd be more likely to break out and go clubbing again, don't you think?
As for K-Fed... unfortunately, I can easily believe the story about him charging for his b-day party access, though I'm disappointed because I was beginning to view him as an alright guy after all.


Dick Cheney Actor: Jonathan Winters

Liz Kelly: Oooh. Nice.


Speaking of Travolta:: Is it Botox or a facelift or both? His face doesn't move! It's like a mask! Creepy.

Liz Kelly: Yes. Same with Bob Dole, who has been trotted out recently to co-helm an investigatory panel into Walter Reed. He looks like a goblin. I don't think he's able to blink.


Hm: So do you produce your own chats?

Liz Kelly: Nope, I'm produced by the amazing Rocci de Pesce, aka the Fischman.


Friday's List Suggestion: How about '70s/'80s/'90s flash in the pan star you'd most like to see on a Where Are They Now special ...

Liz Kelly: It's a possibility.


Casting: George C. Scott would have been great, even though he's a little too tall. How about Ann Coulter as stunt casting? I'd pay to see that!

Liz Kelly: Nah, George C. Scott is too cool.
Maybe Mr. Burns from the Simpsons?


I'm an engineer: What do you want -- buses that go 600 mph? Personal flying cars? Jetpacks?

The reason we use jumbo jets is because they move the most stuff at a reasonable cost, we have the infrastructure to support them and they do it fast.

Liz Kelly: But the technology is dated. Is there nothing else being experimented with?


Pittsburgh, Pa.: I am hearing that Johnny Depp's daughter is very ill in a hospital in the U.K. If true, that's awful! Anyone know why she's so ill?

Liz Kelly: I haven't seen any details yet on exactly what's ailing Johnny's daughter. I only know she's been in the hospital for a week and both her parents have been at her side constantly and, to his credit, Johnny reportedly has not asked for any special treatment because of his celebrity status.


Inman obit: Translation of somewhat obscure Telegraph obit language: he was probably at least bi but ended up marrying his boyfriend toward the end.

Love me some Telegraph obits -- even if you have no clue who the people were, they're fascinating reading.

Liz Kelly: Same. They are a great site to bookmark.


Port of Spain, Trinidad: We need someone who can sneer to play Dick Cheney, though. So maybe Alec Baldwin. And don't forget his lovely wife, played by Dolly Parton.

Liz Kelly: Oh my. Really, Dolly as Lynn Cheney? I see someone more like Joan Allen.


Washington, D.C.: To hopefully answer the John Inman question. I think it means that he was a friend of Dorothy's before coming clean.

"300" simply has to rock. Gerard Butler the abs, the abs and the abs. Oh yeah, and the director took great pains to remain true to the book, which was really good.

What happened to the idea you had about TV shows that you watch but wouldn't want anyone to know you watch list? For Friday.

Great having you back.

Liz Kelly: Oooh, yes. That might just be tomorrow's list.
Thank you for reminding me. It's good that someone has a functioning brain this week.


Hey engineers!: Aren't you overlooking the obvious? Somebody needs to invent a transporter, a la Star Trek.

Liz Kelly: Well, I didn't want to say it, but, umm, ya...


Bethesda, Md.: Does it bother you that people keep asking about Gene?

For some reason that I can't explain I think it's really annoying. I just want to scream, "PEOPLE! He isn't your best friend! He's taking a break! He'll be back in April! Move on!" Am I alone here?

Liz Kelly: It doesn't bother me and I know it flatters his fragile ego.


The 'nap.: To all you genophiles. Stop asking liz about gene. Deal with it. He's gone until April. Liz is intelligent, humorous, and talented with her own merits. She is not just Gene's keeper. That is all. Have a pleasant weekend.

Liz Kelly: Is that Achenbach?


The Robot Katie Holmes: Are we sure this girl had a personality before Tom? Maybe this is just her.

Liz Kelly: Ya, it isn't as if she was an Angelina Jolie-ish personality who was effectively stifled by marriage to Tom. And as for her acting career, besides Dawson's, she was still really at the beginning of her arc -- which may follow more of a Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks' wife) trajectory now.


Casting Call: Jack Black

Christopher Walken in a fat suit

Michael Madsen

Liz Kelly: I like the Walken idea.


Cheney: When in doubt, Rip Torn.

Liz Kelly: OOOH. Okay, this wins.
Mr. Liz and I have recently been rewatching the Larry Sanders show and Rip Torn is a genius. I am astounded that he is not considered more of a national treasure.
BTW, remember him in "Beastmaster?"


McLean, Va.: The list of TV Nerds reminded me of the show "Square Pegs." How ironic that the actress who so convincingly played the frizzy-haired nerd girl with glasses and frumpy clothes in that show went on to become the star of "Sex and the City" and a major fashion/beauty icon.

Not fair ...

Liz Kelly: I kind of like that story and find it utterly fair.


Joan Allen as Lynne Cheney?: No way. Joan Allen is too warm.

Liz Kelly: Do we know that Lynn Cheney isn't warm? She's pretty much kept out of the spotlight.


Liz Kelly: What about Ricky Gervais in a fat suit as Cheney?


Energize: Since jumbo jet technology is so dated, perhaps it's time to tell Wil Wheaton to get that transporter up and running.

Liz Kelly: Nice synergy.


Is "300": animation or real people on film?

Liz Kelly: Real people combined with CG animation, I believe. Anyone out there more connected than I care to expand or correct me? All I know is that it looks cool as-- well, it looks cool and I am so there tomorrow night.


"Lost" Time Yet?: Ooh, can we talk "Lost" yet? Please?

Liz Kelly: Two minutes and counting till Lost time.


If not transporters ...: Then can we have those jet pack things they used to show me on Walt Disney when I was a kid. If they were a thing for the future then, isn't this the future now? Where are they?

Liz Kelly: Gone the way of the electric car?


Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.: You are afraid of air travel and you got on one of those tiny planes to Vieques? Bravo! I LOVE flying, but even I had a few qualms about getting on a flight that needed to know my weight first! (and I'm skinny!)

Liz Kelly: I actually liked the Cessna. No, I make no sense. I know this.


RE: You sure about Lisa?: I mean, how many Lisa DeMoraes' are out there? Plus, we know she loves the perviness of the show.

"Other Crew"

Lisa De Moraes .... assistant editor (8 episodes, 2005-2006)

Also has many other Misc. crew credits including West Wing, Six Feet Under, Star Trek: Voyager,

Liz Kelly: Listen, Lisa D has been asked this question a jillion times on her own show (Fridays at 1 p.m.). It's not her, trust me.


Engineer again: Dated how? Maybe the interiors of the planes are boring, but jet engines are the best things going for high-altitude high-speed thrust. G.E. spent billions working on unducted fan engines -- similar performance, much better fuel efficiency and noise profile -- and could never get them to work.

Liz Kelly: It's like the equivalent of continuing to drive a 1962 Cadillac, though, isn't it? What if we'd stopped developing basic car technology in the '60s.


Liz Kelly: Lost Time.
Consider yourself warned.
Okay, here we go.


Laurel, Md.: Lost question for 77:


Since Mikhail tried to deceive Sayid, Kate and Locke, that he was a Dharma guy, can we really believe anything else he said, (i.e., clues) about the war, etc.? What is the time/story line between the Hostiles and Dharma? Were Ben and Co. really there first and attacked Dharma because it is "their" island? Or was Dharma there first and Ben, Nathan, et al attacked Dharma?

Liz Kelly: I believe nothing Mikhail says -- not just because he was proven a liar, but because he placed no value on dental hygiene and wore two-lensed glasses over his eye-patch when, obviously, the perfect complement to an eye patch would be a monocle in the opposing eye. Duh.
Seriously, though -- we don't know the timeline or story behind this Hostiles vs. Dharma battle because we really don't know yet who the Hostiles are. Are they the Others? The Losties? Some additional party hiding out on the island?
I would guess, tho, that Ben et al were there before the Dharma folks because at one point Ben made reference to being born on the island (unless he meant born again) and the Dharma folks all seem to have been transported to the island as adults.


Sparta, Miss.: Liz:

Is it just me, or is the "Lost" island becoming extremely hostile to characters of color?

Since late last season: Michelle Rodriguez was shot by Michael; Michael and Walt sailed off on a slow boat to China; Mr. (Fr.?) Eko was tormented by polar bears and killed by a giant fist made of smoke; Rose has disappeared off the face of the earth; and now Ms. Klugh is killed two minutes into her return. And no, flashbacks of Cheech in a bad wig do not make up for any of this.

If the trend continues, this show will soon be whiter than "Friends."

Liz Kelly: Sparta this is a great point and one well worth putting to the creators of "Lost." I'll see what I can do in that department.
The only character of color still marginally involved with the plot seems to be Sayid and, until last night, he was largely MIA, too.
Also, Bai Ling doesn't count because she's from another planet.


Anonymous: I found a review of "300" that said "it fills a much-needed gap between gay porn and recruitment film". Hee!

Liz Kelly: I'm intrigued.


Arlington, Va.: 1. Brian Dennehy as Dick Cheney

2. Mens' dress: They always wear jackets at formal events. These really can't vary much and always hide minor body flaws. The opportunity to snark just isn't there.

3. Gene is funny sometimes, but not usually. The people who write in to the chat are NEVER funny. Sorry if that's unkind.

Liz Kelly: 1. Good, good.
2. Right you are. Mens' fashion is stuck in the same holding pattern as air travel.
3. I disagree. I find both Gene and his chat denizens pretty damn funny. I have been known to spit iced tea all over my keyboard and monitor while producing his show.


Rita Wilson?: Are you saying Rita Wilson is a Stepford Wife a la Katie Holmes? Hanks doesn't strike me as the Cruise type. And besides, Hanks converted to Rita's religion (Greek Orthodox), not vice versa. Unless you're thinking Hanks is a Stepford Husband ... Nah.

Liz Kelly: I'm saying that Hanks and Wilson met while filming "Volunteers" and Hanks was already on the path to superstardom while Rita Wilson didn't seem to have that certain something that would transform her into a Julia Roberts or Meryl Streep... or even a, gasp, Sandra Bullock.
Same with K. Holmes. She's an ok actress and decent enough for what she does, but she wasn't headed for the bigtime either. So she is now a Hollywood wife who happens to have a resume. Just like Rita.
Hmm... speaking of Hanks: Peter Scolari. Where is he now?


The biggest unanswered question on "Lost": Why hasn't Hugo lost any weight?

Liz Kelly: Seriously. I posed that same question in today's "Lost" analysis. Along with the question of how Sun's hair is suddenly so long. They've only been on this island a few months according to the timeline and suddenly she's Rapunzel.


As Cheney: Randy Quaid?

Liz Kelly: Too smiley.


Valerie Plame: Virginia Madsen.

Liz Kelly: Hmmm, that could work. Or Sharon Stone?


Copenhagen, Denmark: Dear Liz Kelly,

I am a big fan of "Lost" but I am not really up to date with any gossip. I sometimes wonder about these actors that appear in a really popular series, then perhaps in one movie, and then you never see them again. Are they like, getting 15 minutes (or months probably) of fame and then it´s back to regular life? The "Lost" actors, what can you tell me about them? Is it one long beach party in Hawaii? What about Josh Holloway, surely he has become the No.1 star among the many actors of "Lost." Does he make for interesting gossip off-screen? (give us some of it then, please)


Liz Kelly: Well, the Losties lead a pretty quiet life out in Hawaii these days (where the series is filmed). Since Michelle Rodriquez (Ana Lucia) and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko) have been voted off the island, we haven't had any arrests and the most-photographed cast members seem to be real-life lovebirds Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan, though Evangeline recently said she doesn't like living in the public spotlight and pines for her privacy. Rich talk from an actress who starred in telephone loveline ads before landing her "Lost" gig.
Josh Holloway (Sawyer) is married to his longtime girlfriend and seems to do a good job of maintaining his anonymity off-screen. Maybe he should share some pointers with Evangeline.


the 'nap: Not Achenbach. Just a midwestern civil servant taking a break from work trying to catch up on today's guz. Thank your for your tireless efforts.

Liz Kelly: I aim to please. Carry on.


"Lost" DNA: Do you think Eclaire is Jack's sister?

Liz Kelly: Ya. I'm guessing that's where we're headed next week.
After Bai Ling and Cheech Marin I'm just waiting for Richard Simmons or Richard Dawson to turn up in a cameo.


Bored at work: One good thing about last nite's "Lost"?

More Naveen Andrews! It's a shame he isn't the "leader" so we could see more of him.

Liz Kelly: Seriously. He's some good watching. See "The English Patient" for more good Naveen watching.


Formerly Glam Lisa, now just Academic: Liz rules -- that's all I'm sayin'. And she lets me keep a hand in and get my Lohan fix, which is all I could ever ask in a friend.

Liz Kelly: This is from Lisa herself, who taught me everything I know about this here online chatting stuff.


Men makes the rules: Look at shows like "King of Queens," "George Lopez," etc. These guys have way overachieved. You never see a so-so woman with a guy of all hotness on TV. Well, except maybe Calista with Rob Lowe.

Liz Kelly: Ya know, those shows totally turn me off because of the shlumpy male stars. Seriously, remember when we had pretty boys on TV? Pierce Brosnan as Remington Steele, for instance? And we're not above appreciating a hot guy on TV now, hence McDreamy/Steamy.


Reston, Va.: Dick Cheney:

Michael Chiklis or Don Cheadle, your choice.

Liz Kelly: HA


"Lost" Flashbacks: I loved the Flashbacks the first few seasons because it was a terrific way to do character development without taking away from the "stranded on strange island" theory. But these last few flashbacks of people who have had so many already are getting ridiculous (I mean come on, Bai Ling?). Any chance the creators of "Lost" will do away with flashbacks except for the "new" characters that need more development (a la Juliet, Desmond, Ben, Rousseau ... not Nikki and Paolo).

Liz Kelly: Here's to hoping. We've got more than 10 episodes left in this spring season.


Peter Scolari: He was on the Bob Newhart series set in a Vermont B and B, but seems to have dropped off the face of the show biz world. Think I read somewhere that he was doing dinner theater. He'd make a great Felix Hunger, dontcha think?

Liz Kelly: He also turned up in the Hanks-produced "That Thing You Do" -- but I haven't seen him since.


Engineer redux: But we have updated the technology.

New air traffic control systems, fly by wire, auto-landing capability, all-weather flying, improved communications, inflight entertainment systems. As compared to cars that have electric locks, ABS, cruise control, and fuel injectors as their significant new technologies.

You have no grounds to complain...

Liz Kelly: Is that some kind of air travel joke? "Grounds to complain?"


"The English Patient"?: Put me in the Elaine Benes camp on how I feel about that flick. I'll take him in his Bollywood flicks over that piece of boring tripe any day.

Liz Kelly: Dude -- English Patient rocks. Or maybe I just watch for the Naveen and Ralph.
Did I mention that I totally love Mr. Liz?


Somewhere in MI: Hiya Liz --

The Entertainment Tonight-Howard K Stern pact-made-in-hell has gone from fairly-odd to outright-tasteless.

I can understand the grab for ratings and syndication dollars (etc.), but really, E.T. is overdoing it with the breathlessly hysterical, non-stop Anna Nicole Smith coverage.

Can't we let the poor woman rest in peace, and get back to the celebritological tidbits that emit like radiation from Hollywood's hard-working publicists?

Liz Kelly: Agreed. It's almost impossible to watch an episode of "ET" without yet another sappy report about Anna Nicole and Howard K. Well, it's pretty impossible to watch "ET" anyway, but this just makes it harder.
I'm over it and just patiently waiting for the ME's report at this point on the definitive cause of death. According to various Internet reports, a new Anna Nicole sex tape has already surfaced which some clever commenter somewhere lauded as the kick-off of her post-death career (ala Tupac).


Pittsburgh, Pa.: When you are the producer an online chat, what does that entail? Just curious.

Liz Kelly: Lots of hard work -- from booking shows to handling the talent to running interference between the audience and the guest. Not to mention shaping the course of the discussion and attempting to secure promotion for each show. It's a hard job -- a lot like producing a daily TV or radio talk show.


Alexandria, Va.: I heard that Beckham was hurt recently. Was/is it bad enough to mess up his soccer playing ability?

Liz Kelly: He's apparently on ice for six weeks. I'm hoping he uses the time to buy some new clothes.


Nice, France: Can the cat Nadia and the Dog from "Lost" get together and defeat the Fog?

Liz Kelly: Oui, bien sur.


Cheney: The guy who played the lonely Maytag repairman (the 2nd one)

Gordon Jump, formerly of WKRP.

Liz Kelly: Perfect.
And we'll end on that note. See you in tomorrow's Friday list thread, Hax's discussion and here next Thursday at 2 p.m.



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