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Thursday, March 15, 2007 2:00 PM

When stars shave their heads, couch-jump, commit a fashion faux pas and commit random acts of tomfoolery, washingtonpost.com Celebritology blogger Liz Kelly shares the buzz, offers perspective and provides crucial links to juicy alternate news sources and, of course, takes your reaction in her daily blog.

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Before she started blogging about celebrities, Liz ran washingtonpost.com's Live Online section, where she enjoyed talking to really interesting people -- including some Post reporters -- on the phone. She still produces both Carolyn Hax's advice discussion and Gene Weingarten's Chatological Humor*, which is currently on hiatus.


Liz Kelly: While we've been taking long lunches to enjoy the unseasonably warm temps, a fine gossip week has been quietly unfolding. Britney Spears has a rehab romance going, Lindsay Lohan may have run over a photographer, Tori Spelling gave birth to a family-approved baby and Oprah's spiffy new South African girls school has taken some heat for being a little too strict. Not to mention the fact that, if we feel so inclined, there is a now a place where we can satiate our craving to bet on whether or not Heather Mills's leg will fly off during one of her "Dancing With the Stars" performances. As Martha Stewart would say, these are all good things.
Yesterday, we had a really interesting exchange in the blog about Angelina Jolie's adoption of a three-year-old Vietnamese boy. At the end of the day, looks like the consensus was good on Angie for doing what she can to help a kid, but I'm open to continuing the discussion on this one.
As mentioned above, "Dancing With the Stars" kicks off (hehe) next week and I plan to tune in for at least Monday night's premiere. If only to get a long delayed dose of Ian (that's eye-an) Ziering, who was one of my favorite parts of "90210." His nickname back then (at least among my "90210" drinking buddies) was "Hasselhoff" and his male pattern baldness, semi-mullet and misogynistic tendencies added a much-needed counterbalance to the cool factor of Dylan and Brandon.
Back to "Dancing With the Stars," though -- how sad is it that Vincent Pastore bowed out because the dancing turned out to be too much exercise for him. What a [insert name of his "Sopranos" character here].
Howard Kurtz reported yesterday on TMZ.com's plans to stake a claim to inside-the-beltway gossip. Although the misdeeds of lobbyists and aspiring Jessica Cutler's aren't really my thing, what do you think -- is there room for another tabloidy D.C.-centric news product?
I had planned on listening to my guilty pleasures playlist while chatting today (many thanks to everyone who contributed such outrageous cheese because, without you, how else would I have blown so much money on embarrassing iTunes purchases?), but I can't seem to get the Detroit Cobras and Amy Winehouse out of my system right now.
And because there seems to be a critical mass of comments about last night's "Lost," we'll save the last 20 minutes (instead of the usual 15) for a discussion of the show.
Let's do this...


Arlington, Va.: The news of Angelina Jolie's latest adoption got me to thinking. It's great that every adoption she makes puts a spotlight on the plight of so many children around the world who need a decent life, especially as she can have biological children. But wouldn't it be fantastic if she would set up a fund with some of her spare millions that would allow ordinary people do the same by defraying the enormous cost of overseas adoptions? Especially for infertile couples who may have already spend quite a bit on fertility treatments?

Liz Kelly: Yep, it sure would. And this is where being a Celebritologist enters tough territory. Sure, Angelina Jolie's got lots of money -- like many other stars -- and she could do lots of philanthropic things with her money. I can think of at least 10 worthy charities where the money would be crucial and used to make differences in the lives of many people right now.
But, then, it's her money and like the rest of us who work for a living, she is ultimately the only one who can decide how to use it and I would argue that she's used both her money and her celebrity better than most of her peers. Compare, f'rinstance, her establishment of humanitarian efforts in the countries from which she's adopted compared to, oh, say Madonna's endowment of a Kabbalah center in Malawi (the country from which she's adopting little David Banda).
Still, I think you're on the right track in hoping Angie will perhaps turn her attention to helping reform the adoption process. As I'm just finding out, it is a confusing maze of increasingly ridiculous hoops through which adoptive parents are asked to jump. (Not that the hoops are all bad -- both U.S. officials and foreign countries need to ensure that adoptive parents are stable, loving and have good intentions.)
Still, the process probably isn't so easy to regularize considering that you're dealing with a diverse array of countries around the globe. We can't even coordinate the various branches of our own government, so imagine trying to wrangle several.


Mike Meyers: Can we cast the other parts?

Lessee, if Myers is Keith Moon, how about:

Daniel Craig as Roger Daltrey

Rupert Everett as Pete Townsend

Edward Norton as John Entwhistle

Liz Kelly: Ya know, I think Daniel Craig would make a fabulous Roger Daltrey. That is, if Mark Wahlberg is already attached to another project.
Rupert Everett, eh? V. funny.
One omission, though. I think Ricky Gervais needs to be involved in all projects we cast from this point forward. Maybe he could play some random hanger on?

Liz Kelly: Oh, this is in re to the fact that Mike Myers -- who has a shagadelic Brit accent, baby -- has apparently signed on to play Keith Moon in a Who biopic.


U Street NW, Washington, D.C.: Liz -- Posh Beckham is such a hot robot! Now that she's a U.S. resident, she should take up a pet cause and testify before Congress. That's the only way we'll get her to come to D.C. She'll bring bipartisan support with her robotic hotness!

Liz Kelly: You're on your own with the robotic hotness quotient. She looks like nothing so much as a rat in human form to me.
As for pet causes, first she has to make a little bank from her reality show. Speaking of which, word on the street this week was that Tom Cruise has told Katie Holmes she may not appear on the reality show.


Rockville, Md.: What's your take on this whole Britney Spears' rehab romance buzz?

Liz Kelly: If it's true, I guess it fits into her M.O. right now, which is self-destructive/craving attention.
There's a reason many recovery programs warn against becoming involved in a new relationship in the first six months to year of recovery.


Liz Kelly: Cuz, you know, Posh and Katie are bestest friends.


Fairfax, Va.: All this talk about Angelina and adopting a fourth kid, what about Brad? What do you think he has to say about this, if anything?

Liz Kelly: Ya, Brad has been conspicuously absent while this adoption has been unfolding. Maybe because Vietnam doesn't allow unmarried couples to adopt?


Pittsburgh, Pa.: As an adoptive mother myself, I applaud Ms. Jolie's desire to provide a loving home for a child who would otherwise not have one. However, I hope when she adopts again (and she has assured us she will), that she consider adopting a child from here in the U.S. There are so many children in foster care here who need good adoptive homes, particularly African American children. Maybe she should consider that when she thinks about a sibling for Zahara. Adoptive parents think nothing of spending thousands of dollars and flying halfway around the world to adopt a child, while ignoring the children available for adoption in their own state.

My rant for the day.

Liz Kelly: As some parents in the process I've talked to have pointed out, it is increasingly difficult to adopt domestically and we all have to go to sleep with our own consciences each night and I would guess that someone who adopts a child -- whether in or out of country -- sleeps pretty well.


Pittsburgh, Pa.: "but I can't seem to get the Detroit Cobras and Amy Winehouse out of my system right now"

Amy Winehouse -- I'm with you on that -- just LOVE her new album -- I listen to it every day at work. What a voice. Now if she could just stop drinking long enough to put on a coherent tour in the U.S.

Liz Kelly: I know. She's the very definition of a tortured artist.


Silver Spring, Md.: Say it ain't so. Comedian Sinbad dead! Died of a heart attack today.

Liz Kelly: I think not... all I was able to find was word of an Internet hoax declaring him dead.


Washington, D.C.: This is probably unfair, but does anyone else get the sense that Angelina is turning into a baby-hoarder? Like those old ladies you hear about on the news with 800 cats.

Liz Kelly: Well, she hasn't reached the Mia Farrow level of collecting yet and, aside from a skeevy ex-husband, she did alright raising her brood.


Oprah's School: I don't get it ... why can't these kids talk to/visit with their parents whenever they want to? I went to a strict boarding school for high school as well. We weren't allowed cell phones, but were able to purchase phone cards to talk to our family and friends. We could talk as much as we wanted, as long as it was during the designated hour (10-11 p.m.). We could also visit with our parents during any weekend with approval. I understand Oprah says it's about keeping the kids "safe", but how is limited their time with parents healthy at all?

Liz Kelly: Oprah's people claim the rules on visitation are standard for South African boarding schools. Anyone out there have more intel?


Just wondering: Do you and Mr. Liz have any children? I'm guessing not -- otherwise we'd be devoting more ink to such topics as which of the Wiggles is the hottest.

The answer, by the way, is Murray, who is kind of the Paul of the group. Jeff is Ringo. I haven't decided who is John and who is George. Perhaps I need to get out of the house more.

Liz Kelly: Nope, no kids at this point, though I do have a super-precocious seven-year-old niece who has already graduated from the Wiggles to "That's So Raven" and the very barfy "Suite Life with Zack and Cody."
Mr. Liz and I do have a dog and a cat. And a group of goldfish in an outdoor pond that we call the Wu-Tang clan. And our ODB is still alive.
But thank you for the insight.


Arlington, Va.: Ugh, with the whole Angelina thing. Good on her. She's actually helping kids. She's not running over paparazzi with her best friend's mother's uncle's BMW, she's not snorting coke in the back of some sleezy L.A. restaurant and she's not a member of some crazy cult, oops, I mean religion where she's not allowed to make noise during childbirth or appear on her robot friend's reality show. Angelina seems okay by my standards.

Liz Kelly: That's the same conclusion I arrived at a few days ago after thinking this through. Seriously, Angelina's not one of my favorite actors (Gia was a'ight, but she really doesn't have the best resume in the biz if you stop and look at it) and I think she tends to come off as cold and condescending in public (witness her steely refusal to even address Ryan Seacrest at the Golden Globes).
Still, I can't argue with her parenting. She seems to have taken naturally to being a mom and despite the scandal surrounding the initial coupling up with Brad Pitt, the two seem to be a good match. At least it looks that way from my perch here in Virginia.


Alexandria, Va.: Sorry to be cranky, but if we're reduced to talking about the Wiggles, can we just move straight to the "Lost" discussion now?

Liz Kelly: We're not talking about the Wiggles. I deflected.


Washington, D.C.: Any thoughts on the site Television Without Pity being taken over by the folks who own Bravo TV? Seems like it'll take all the fun out of the snide commentary if a network is sponsoring the site ...

Liz Kelly: Remains to be seen. I'd imagine they are promising to leave the site intact and keep the same folks running it while Bravo can just beef up the back end and use all that space to advertise their shows. But the proof will be in the pudding. Will it be snide pudding or vanilla pudding? And remember, if you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding.
I should be hit upside the head for this answer.


I am sure this has been said before: but I'd like to see Angie adopt some older kids. and why is it so hard to adopt domestically?

Liz Kelly: She is adopting an older kid -- the child she just adopted in Vietnam is almost four.


Washington, D.C>: I've been going around in circles trying to find last week's chat. Each time I chase down a link, it takes me back to the Live Online home page. Can you provide a working link? Thanks.

washingtonpost.com: Celebritology Live (washingtonpost.com, March 8)

Liz Kelly: Thanks Mr. Fisch.


Frederick, Md.: I know that in the world of celebrities, Weingarten doesn't carry the import of the latest adoptions and meltdowns. But in "post.com world," Gene pretty much tops the list. Could you please give us an update on exactly when Gene plans on resuming his chat? It's mid-March and he said April. I'd like to set up my Weingarten countdown clock. Also, will you be back in the producer's chair?

Liz Kelly: I'm reliably informed that himself will return to regular chatting mid- to late-April, tho he will be doing an April 9th chat on a Post Mag cover which he describes as "super secret."


Washington, D.C.: You have koi fish? How do you keep them from being eaten by the neighborhood cats?

Liz Kelly: Technically, they are goldfish. Koi need a pond much deeper than what we've got. But the biggest one is about eight inches long and really fat. We also have a bullfrog who is the bizzomb.


Washington, D.C.; : How long can Becks and Posh stay together? They've already outlived pretty much everyone's expectations.

I get the feeling they're so dim they don't even know their supposed to have affairs.

He could do much better.

Liz Kelly: Well, honey, I'm sure they could both do much better, but they could also do worse. After all, he's an aging soccer star with a penchant for wearing cheesy clothes and she's a former Spice Girl, which is about on par with being Tiffany or Debbi Gibson. In fact, I'd argue that their status as a couple keeps them both much more interesting than either one would currently be alone.
I mean, Scary Spice is even pregnant with (possibly) Eddie Murphy's baby and we don't really care. And what other English soccer stars do Minnesotans know by name?


Angelina Jolie's money: She does do a lot of worthy things with it -- she's given millions to the U.N. High Commission on Refugees.

I realize that people all have opinions on this, but good Lord, what does she have to do, give a pound of flesh? Geez -- it's her money and it's her life.

Liz Kelly: I hear ya.


Washington, D.C.: I feel great shame in the fact that I not only know all of the words to the Thong Song, I can storyboard the video as well. I place the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of a coworker who has an alias in our iTunes share folder. I guess he/she feels great shame as well.

Liz Kelly: See, we're all about sharing here. Thank you brother/sister for sharing. We absolve you.


Lohandia: What's the story about Lovely Lohan running over a photographer. Are we supposed to feel bad for the guy? I don't.

Liz Kelly: I had a link to the video of the alleged incident in the blog this morning. Looks to me kind of like the photog jumped in front of the car then proceeded to act like he'd been hit. A non-event, I'd say.
The interesting part is that La Lohan, freshly out of rehab, was out partying at 3 a.m. and -- according to some reports -- seemed to have a little bit of a buzz going.


Washington, D.C.: Maybe I'm way off here but I think TMZ will go into overload with all of the stuff that goes down in D.C. Hollywood's got it's nuts but I think D.C. hands down has more than enough behind the scenes mess.

By the way I saw a video of that paparazzi that got hit by LiLo. My 2-year-old cousin can take a better fall. He should really study Chevy Chase before trying it out.

Liz Kelly: See, I'm not the only one that thought the pap fall was a faker.
Interesting re: TMZ. I'm curious to see if there really is an appetite for 24/7 coverage of non-beautiful people.


Angie again: I was thinking kids older than 6.

Liz Kelly: I hear you, but 3 and 4 is actually considered an older child in the adoption community. Correct me if I'm wrong, but kids over the age of two have an exponentially harder time getting adopted.


Weingarten: C'mon everybody, get a life. We all love his chat but as Steven Stills famously said, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with"

Liz Kelly: Speaking of Steven Stills, did anyone else catch Monday's Rock Hall of Fame induction ceremony? It was broadcast live for the first (and hopefully last) time. Stills looked, well... he's seen better days.
I was only able to watch a few minutes of the whole thing because Paul Shaeffer, who forces me to instantly change the channel, was part of the constantly on-stage band.


Spice Girls -- For What Its Worth: I read on the Anglophenia blog that the Spice Girls are going on tour again soon ...

Liz Kelly: Ooooh. I"m so there.


Washington, D.C.: I know you are getting lots of comments like this, but Angie is actually doing some serious human rights work around the world that often goes unnoticed by the tabs. Also, as a couple, they at least appear to be doing more for NOLA than the entire U.S. government. Just because they still have expensive clothes and big houses does not mean they are not also giving lots of money to meaningful causes.

Liz Kelly: Just putting this out there.


New York, N.Y.: Am I going to have to be the one to say it? Fine. Hasn't it occurred to anyone that these adoptions by rich celebs are a lot easier on their figure and looks than giving birth?

These are the same people who shoot poison into their skin to kill the wrinkles.

Liz Kelly: Well, that'd be an interesting theory if Angie hadn't just given birth to a baby.


Bethesda, Md.: Sorry, but Weingarten doesn't belong at the top of the Post chat list. I'd put Liz, Desson, Dana P, Carolyn, Amy/Roxanne, Lisa, Michael, the Travel guys, Adrian, and Josh Freedom way above him.

Liz Kelly: I love Adrian Higgins. Seize any opportunity you can to chat with him or listen to him on the radio, in post.com videos, etc.
Gush over.


Ricky Gervais: I'd see him as maybe Elton John.

Liz Kelly: But would Elton be a part of the Who story?


McLean, Va.: Re the Beckhams, I thought he DID get caught stepping out her. There were all sorts of tabloid stories several years ago, but things seem to have quieted down.

Liz Kelly: Ya, a couple years back a former assistant claimed to have had a four-month affair with Becks. He denied it.


Gene's Super-Secret article: Do you know what Gene's mystery topic is? Is it about, say, fighting global terrorism, or is it about fighting VPL? Does it really need to be a secret, or is Gene in his usual delusional state?

The "Usual Delusionals" would be a good name for a rock band.

Liz Kelly: Erring on the cautious side, I would assume he's delusional, as per usual.
I miss him, though. My life is far too even-keeled without him around.


Top Post chat directors: and I forgot Warren.

Liz Kelly: Thanks


New York City: Hey Liz, do you know any people out in L.A.? I do. Not to condone this, but EVERYONE drinks and drives out there. It's appalling, but it's a way of life.

The only shocking thing is that people like Mel Gibson and Lohan drive when they can afford drivers or cabs. If I were rich I'd never drive a car.

Liz Kelly: I do know people in L.A. and I don't know that I'd agree with this characterization.


Elton and The Who: Pinball Wizard!

Liz Kelly: Oh my god. I am an idiot. I knew that.
I am going to turn in my classic rock club membership card now.
I have seen that movie about a zillion times... the first time in Naples, Italy as a child. I was flipping channels and it was the only thing on TV at 2 p.m. that wasn't porn and was in English.


Mike Myers: He just doesn't fit Keith Moon, in my mind. There is a physical resemblance, but Moon had violent, self-destructive vibe that Myers doesn't project. I love Keith Moon, by the way.

Carry the bloody baggage out!

Liz Kelly: I love Keith Moon, too. But then self-destruction is such an attractive thing in a guy.
I think Myers can pull it off.
Anyone seen the trailers for this new Adam Sandler movie? Two observations: He looks like he's doing a fine job of transitioning into a serious role and, I'm sorry, but he looks like Bob Dylan.


Liz Kelly: Ack! It's "Lost" time. Here we go...
Spoilers Ahead.


Rock On: Stills doesn't look that bad considering that Crosby looks more and more like Captain Kangaroo each day.

David Crosby Picture (Rolling Stone)

Liz Kelly: True dat.


Arlington, Va.: On "LOST" ...

Thank the lord Jake and Claire never hooked up! That would have been uber scandalous!

Liz Kelly: See...


15th and L, Washington, D.C.: How did we know (before) that Jack and Claire were related? When the "big reveal" happened, I felt like I already knew this, but couldn't think back as to when I found out ... I don't know if it was from reading speculation/discussion on the Internet or if it was mentioned on the show itself.

Liz Kelly: We had a pretty big clue that they were related last season when Jack's dad turned up drunk at some random suburban home in Australia and demanded to see some blond waif who seemed to be lurking just inside the door.


Washington, D.C.: Why do you think Locke is so secretive about his former paralysis? If I had been in a wheelchair and didn't need it anymore I'd be doing jumping jacks and yelling about it to the world! I guess we'll find out next week!

Liz Kelly: I don't know that he's been secretive particularly about his time in a wheelchair as much as he's just a secretive guy over all. Even in Locke's flashbacks we can see the struggle he has to share his feelings and issues with his father with his love interest (whose name escapes me but is played by Katey Sagal).
At the beginning of the show, yes, he may have been secretive. But he was one of the first Losties to know there was something supernatural going on on the island and I might've held my piece, too, not wanting to make a target of myself for being the freak who got on the plane in a wheelchair and suddenly didn't need it.
By the way, can someone please send out an APB for Rose and Barnard?


Arlington, Va.: They had porn when you were a child?

Liz Kelly: In Italy they sure did.


K Street: Calling Posh Spice a "hot robot" is right on! Or maybe a Hot Android? She's definitely not human, Liz.

Liz Kelly: True. But is she hot?
Wait a minute -- is she one of those chicks that looks hideous to other women, but attractive to men?
Quick, let me know. We can do this and discuss Lost.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but kids over the age of two have an exponentially harder time getting adopted: ANY kid beyond infancy is very difficult to place.

Liz Kelly: Thanks


Jacob, Jacob, Jacob:: Jacob is an important Bibical figure, but one of the interesting "Lost"-related factoids is that he has a son named Benjamin.

Liz Kelly: Oooh, curiouser and curiouser. My fellow "Lost" analyzer Jen will love this factoid. Thanks.


Bethesda, Md.: I think you were being unnecessarily harsh on what was a pretty well-written episode. I think that Javier Grillo-Marxuach was the writer that gave the show the human vitality it had in the first two seasons -- I think you're lamenting his lack of involvement, but this episode did include:

1. Many answers, such as the Claire Sister question, the List question, the question of how much the Others know about the Losties, the Otherville location and security.

2. More mysteries such as Locke's behavior, Claire's aunt's behavior, Dr. Christian's position in this whole mystery, and furthering of the Desmond storyline, and if one of Jack's tattoos was from Thailand, did Claire maybe do the other one?

3. Lots of outdoor beach action and the idea that the birds could help them.

4. The amazing Matthew Fox football scene at the end of the episode that was very smoothly written to surprise us. His facial reactions were pricelessly confusing and everyone who saw it is going to want to tune in next week.

5. Claire's Breakfast Club-like transition from goth to happy blonde. How perfectly John Hughes.

I don't know what you're looking for if the last three episodes disappointed. Jorge Garcia is back and dudier than ever. The show is far away from the convoluted mess of the first four episodes of this season. Give them some credit.

Liz Kelly: This just goes to show that we each of us get something different out of the shows. I look for answers to pre-existing questions (and I don't mean gimmes like Claire being Jack's sister) and you look for "lots of outdoor beach action."
To each her own.


Locke's Girlfriend: Helen

Liz Kelly: Thank you!


Washington, D.C.: I have followed "LOST" from the beginning, but only recently started reading about it online for all the smaller things I miss. I feel kind of dumb because everyone seemed to already know Claire and Jack were related ... something which completely slipped by me. Can you tell me what hints were given about this before last night's episode?

Liz Kelly: Dude, there is no reason at all to feel dumb about not knowing every single detail about all the characters on the show. You are what is known as a normal, healthy person who probably does neat things like go outside the house, read books and hold conversations with people about varied topics including art and politics. Whereas I am a freak who freeze-frames "Lost" to see what Sawyer's reading, spends way too much time reading fan blogs and -- and this is the most embarassing to admit -- take notes while watching each week.
That said, if you want to catch up on some of the subtler details, you can read more about this year's fall and spring season here in the blog archive and maybe bone up on each character at the Lostpedia.


Kensington, Md.: I met Angelina Jolie at a UNHCR reception. She is the real deal -- she is really that beautiful in person, really that nice, and really that compassionate. What she has done for that agency has helped hundreds of thousands of lives of women and children.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for sharing this, Kensington. It can't be easy to live one's life in the public eye and she's managed to do it pretty well so far, despite a few PR setbacks here and there.


Port-of-Spain, Trinidad: Hi Liz!

Just to point out something you probably already know: Ewan Mcgregor (obviously one of my faves) and his wife adopted a little girl from Mongolia. Neither she nor their other two daughters are allowed to be photographed or ever appear on television. He is also a UNICEF ambassador. Maybe they see and hear more about them in the U.K., but the family seems good at keeping a low profile.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for sharing, Trinidad. I didn't realize this, but will definitely find out more.
Not that I needed another reason to like Ewan McGregor, but this'll do nicely.


New York, N.Y.: Just a little correction -- Mia Farrow was never married to Woody Allen, but she was married to Frank Sinatra.

Thanks Liz, love the chats!

Liz Kelly: True, thanks for the correction.


Washington, D.C.: I looooooved that episode, I think it had the character development we've all been looking for ... the plot development, and how great was the ending!? My heart just melted and it took me back to the old days of "Lost"! Well done! Hope next week is as good!

Liz Kelly: Yet another fan of last night's episode. Maybe my TV showed a different version?


Alexandria, Va.: I've never thought Victoria Beckham was particularly good-looking. Now that she's so skeletal, she absolutely does look every bit as ratlike as you said.

And another thing, Posh she ain't. But I guess Common Spice doesn't have the same ring to it.

(Two cents from a woman. We'll have to see what the men think.)

Liz Kelly: Thank you!


Washington, D.C.: That's DEBORAH Gibson to you, Ms. Liz. And I understand she appears in Broadway shows these days, thus the updated moniker. (Snicker.)

Liz Kelly: Ya, I've heard she's all growed up now and a serious artist.


Sleeping at night: Someone adopts internationally, they're questioned about not adopting domestically. People who adopt then probably hear from someone else saying "but what about the environment, don't we need to save the planet for future generations?" Someone else will say the most important issue is child abuse. Someone else that the arts deserve the money. Others actively campaign for animals. The bottom line, people, is that there are more needs than there are people willing to address them. We each need to do what resonates personally with us. That's how you sleep at night.

Liz Kelly: Very nicely said, thank you for sharing. We all have to do what we can and hope it's enough. It never is, but we're none of us superhuman.


Liz Kelly: Well, except for Tom Cruise, who is superthetan.


Washington, D.C.: Am I the only one so over the whole Britney Spears thing? There are only so many times you can feel sorry for a person and only so many excuses that can be used.

On a side note: Who is this Gene person people keeping going on about? And none of the Wiggles are attractive. I'm hoping none of the kids in my life get hooked on them. I had a hard time stomaching Barney.

Liz Kelly: Gene has nothing to do with either Britney or the Wiggles, so maybe you'll like him.


Lost Q: How come Sawyer isn't along on this expedition to rescue Jack? I thought he, Kate and Jack were a team. Was he left at the beach camp to liven things up?

Liz Kelly: Well, remember he and Kate had a falling out about whether or not to go back and rescue Jack. Kate promised Jack they would forget about him. Sawyer wanted to honor that. Kate, being Kate, did not. So she set off with Sayid, Locke and Danielle.


Posh: Nasty to chicks, hot to dumb men. Definitely.

Liz Kelly: And to which category do you belong?


Washington, D.C.: Hey, a little more respect for Bob Keeshan aka Captain Kangaroo. He had a full head of hair up until death. Remember those bangs? Crosby hadn't had bangs since he was 12.

Liz Kelly: Captain Kangaroo scared me. As did Mr. Greenjeans. 70s-era PBS programming was an enigma.


16 and V, D.C.: Did you see Garrison Keillor's homophobic salon.com article? What is going on THERE?

He was one of my favorite storytellers but not anymore.

(I know he's like a d-list celebrity but still it was pretty shocking.)

washingtonpost.com: Stating the obvious (salon.com, March 14)

Liz Kelly: I did hear about that. I don't quite think he's reached Peter Pace territory, but I think it was Us Weekly who said Keillor's contact with gay life is apparently limited to a DVD of the "Birdcage."
Hoo, that's funny.


Paula/Simon: Just finished reading the Post's article about Paula and Simon's playful relationship.

To which I say: I had NO idea she could use a big word like antagonistic! I am oddly impressed.

Liz Kelly: Paula/Simon
Paul Simon.
Dismissed as coincidence.


Penn Qtr., Washington, D.C.: Posh Spice is the Pam Anderson for the new millennium: Plastic, phony, and -- yes -- HOT!

Liz Kelly: Really? But she's not even pin-up curvy like Pam. I'm confounded.


Baltimore, Md.: My South African girlfriend says that there is no reason that they shouldn't be allowed to speak to their parents, in her experience. She also pointed out that during the prime-time special, the little girl who missed the ceremony and didn't know she'd been accepted was already wearing the uniform of a very posh private school, and had a British-educated accent, not a provincial one.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for the inside info.


Washington, D.C.: I'll bet Frank Sinatra did some skeevy things in his days. No correction needed.

Liz Kelly: But he was such a smooth skeever.


Washington, D.C.: Why has Rosie been silent as of late about "A.I.", especially with Simon recently making a comment about Ryan needing to come out of the closet, and about poor, delicate, sweet Sanjaya and his hair styles!

Liz Kelly: I don't know, but are you seriously distressed because Rosie O'Donnell isn't weighing in on yet another issue largely unrelated to her?


Port-of-Spain, Trinidad: Liz, you didn't like Mr. Rogers?

I never did until I had a kid. Boy did that show keep that crazy kid quiet! And he also sent my son a personally signed Xmas card every year.

Liz Kelly: No. I did not like Mr. Rogers. I seem to have been born with an innate sense of who may or may not be a serial killer and even at four I could pick him out as a potential friend of Hannibal Lecter.
I did like Romper Room, though. That Good Do-Bee, what a guy.


BIG QUESTION: Liz, What do u think happened to Jack's dad body? Do you think Jack has a picture of his father that he will eventually show to Claire somehow

Liz Kelly: I'm sure Jack's dad's body will somehow resurface (much like Mr. Eko's brother) in a future episode.


Washington, D.C.: Turn the question around. Who is a guy who guys can't understand why women like him.

Jennifer Anniston's ex comes to mind. The forgettable guy from Dodge Ball.

Liz Kelly: Hmmm, interesting. You mean the casually hot Vince Vaughn?


Washington, D.C.: I'm having a hard time figuring out your beat here. Obviously you cover celebrity gossip. But you also discuss TV? Or just one show -- "Lost"?

Liz Kelly: Celebrity gossip and "Lost" is a pet project. I'm an avid watcher and can't seem to keep it to myself.


Paul Simon: The singer or senator?

Liz Kelly: The plot thickens.
And on that note, I must run. I have a golden retriever and a Bernese Mountain dog currently crossing their legs waiting for Aunt Liz to let them out.
See you for tomorrow's supersecret (I'm taking a lesson from Weingarten) Friday List.


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