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Liz Kelly
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Thursday, April 12, 2007; 2:00 PM

When stars shave their heads, couch-jump, commit a fashion faux pas and commit random acts of tomfoolery, washingtonpost.com Celebritology blogger Liz Kelly shares the buzz, offers perspective and provides crucial links to juicy alternate news sources and, of course, takes your reaction in her daily blog.

Now join Liz each Thursday at 2 p.m. ET to gab about the latest celebrity pairings (and splittings), rising stars (and falling ones), "Lost," and get the scoop on the latest gossip making waves across the Web.

A transcript follows.

Before she started blogging about celebrities, Liz ran washingtonpost.com's Live Online section, where she enjoyed talking to really interesting people -- including some Post reporters -- on the phone. She produces both Carolyn Hax's advice discussion and Gene Weingarten's Chatological Humor*, which is currently on hiatus.


Liz Kelly: Last night's episode of "Lost" was so juicy, I think we may need to appropriate the last 20 minutes of the discussion to continue discussing everything that happened. If you happen to be a former "Lost" fan who tuned out during this season's earlier weaker offerings, you might want to consider coming back for the last five episodes of the year -- after reading up on what you missed, of course.

Considering this week's big reveal, I think we should dedicate today's chat to Anna Nicole's baby's daddy: Larry Birkhead. I'll accept well-wishes and parenting advice on his behalf during the live hour, so if you've got an opinion don't keep it to yourself. Cannons can't do any good if they ain't loosed. (Preemptive apologies to any Patrick O'Brien fans who can't wait to contradict that zinger -- actually, it wasn't even a zinger. It kind of zanged when I wanted it to zing. A zanger? You can see why I've been isolated from my co-workers, right?)

Speaking of co-workers, Gene made a tentative return to live chatting on Monday and by tentative I mean he received almost 1,000 questions about his Post Mag cover story on Joshua Bell. Thank you to everyone who contributed to that total, which will henceforth be used by himself to justify Machiavellian polls, voluminous daily updates and other varied online acrobatics designed to drive me utterly insane. I will never hear the end of it.

I also need to come clean about an error on my part and one that may damage my credibility as a top-notch Celebritologist. Until this week when Fergie sent Alanis Morissette a "butt cake" to show her appreciation for an online video spoof, I thought "Humps" (aka "lovely lady lumps") were assets situated north of the Mason-Dixon Line. I'll try to be more astute when it comes to anatomical slang.

Speaking of slang -- Snoop Dogg says it's different when rappers use the word "hos" because they're not talking about the Rutgers girls basketball team, but "Bs trying to get Ns for their money," if you get my drift. What say you? Does Snoop have a point? Or should we all just listen to Kirsten Dunst, who says weed makes the world a better place?

Let's get it started in here...


Fashion dilemma : Hi Liz,

I know of your utter distain for pleated pants and I think I share your view. And even though you're probably not in the fashion section, one question.

I think I need to buy a new suit. Should I go with flat front suit pants? Maybe it is the particular pants or the wearer, but some people's flat front suit pants look weird. But I don't really like pleated either. If it makes a difference, I'm on the younger and thinner side of the spectrum.

Liz Kelly: Oh my gosh. Yes, flat front pants are a must. Especially if you you're on the thinner side of the spectrum -- you can even probably get away with a stovepipe pant/three-button look. Something like this sleek Theory ensemble. I'm not endorsing product or store here, just the example. Though stay away from the Beatles' mop-top 'do unless you really think you can pull it off.


Fairfax, Va.: Liz, what's this I'm hearing about a former "American Idol" contestant and a sex tape? Is this someone at all memorable? And am I strange, as a woman, for feeling that this is not the most desirable way to achieve fame?

Liz Kelly: Yes, it's true. Season 2 contender Olivia Mojica is the latest in a string (Antonella Barba, Alaina Alexander, Ruben Studdard -- okay, I'm kidding about Ruben) of "Idol" contestants who surfaced in the buff on the Web. I wouldn't fault yourself for not remembering her -- she didn't make it past the top 24 and obviously hasn't done any singing lately.

A 40-minute sex tape -- described by some as "the nastiest tape I've ever seen" -- will soon be circulating around the Web.

I guess it takes all kinds.


Arlington, Va.: Gene who?

Liz Kelly: Ho ho.


Louisville, Ky.: Most actors' salaries are reported on a per-episode basis. Do they still get paid if they do not appear in that episode? I am thinking specifically of the actors on "Lost" and other shows like that where people can go a month without showing up.

Liz Kelly: Good question and one I'm not sure I can answer solo, so I asked Rick Porter -- a reporter for Zap2it.com. Here's what he had to say:

"I've heard conflicting things about that. The head of ABC said in an interview gaggle I was part of that 'Lost' actors are paid for 'number of episodes produced,' which I assume means they get their money regardless. Other times, though, I've heard actors only get paid if they're onscreen."

So sounds like it may vary from production to production, contract to contract.

Thanks friend Rick.


Falls Church, Va.: Do you think now that we know the paternity of Anna Nicole Smith's child that all of this will go away?

Her death was tragic -- as is the death of any mother of a young child. But with all the things going on in the world, it was killing me that Larry Birkhead's paternity was at the top of all the news feeds for hours on end.

Liz Kelly: It may eventually, but not yet. I don't think we've heard the last of Virgie Arthur (Anna's mom) or Howard K. Stern. There's another hearing set for tomorrow though I'm sure it will largely be procedural and deal with the handover of Dannielynn from Stern to Birkhead.

There is also the matter of Dannielynn's potential half-billion inheritence still to be settled.


Rockville, Md.: If weed indeed makes the world a better place, would not Snoop be an exemplary citizen?

Liz Kelly: I dunno. Snoop may be one of the world's biggest tokers, but he's also got a nasty habit of carrying guns -- which kind of cancels out the peaceful vibe.


Washington, D.C.: But don't you find that men wearing flat-front pants frequently display the assets a little too prominently? Yes, well-fitted flat-fronts are the way to go, but I would prefer that someone who doesn't have any sense of prudishness opt for pleats. I've seen too many (young, fit, nice-looking) men wearing their dress pants too tight. Since many guys are unlikely to spend hours shopping for that perfect fit, or to get their trousers tailored, I'm not very vocal about the superiority of flat-fronts. They're only for the sartorially and anatomically aware.

Liz Kelly: Well, of course it's a pre-requisite that one's clothing must fit. I would argue that the same distaste is applicable to any too-tight article of clothing -- and on either sex.


D.C. Expat in Minneapolis: Liz -

Any chance your Friday list could be dedicated to your favorite Vonnegut novel or story? There are so many to choose from and he was a sharp social critic ...

Liz Kelly: Good idea. Anyone else have any thoughts?


Washington, D.C.: Fergie's face scares me. Does anyone else find her, uh, masculine? Like maybe her name used to be Stan Ferguson?

Liz Kelly: As Otto would say, "You used to be a dude, right?"


Snoop Dogg: As much as I appreciate Snoop's opinion, it's a funny thing about racism and misogyny. See, Snoop, if you think a woman is nasty and just out for your money, ya say "nasty woman you're only out for my money." You don't imply that there's some inherent connection between ghetto-dwelling, or being a woman (aka ho), or being black, and feeling that way. I say this as a woman who once dated a man who always used to have all these crazy moments when he would accuse me with these kinds of names. It becomes a fallback for not being able to quite identify what you don't like about a person, I think.

But since Don Imus got a kick out of insulting black women based upon their appearance, I must mention that I get a hearty chuckle out of seeing his photo in the news ... HA.

Liz Kelly: Ya, could he look more like a skeleton? And he's only 67.

Now that I've got that out of my system, I think you're on to something. Name-calling is the last resort of the lazy mind -- whether you're Don Imus, Snoop Dogg or Larry the Cable Guy.

By the way, continuing on last week's theme of chat eats, I just totally devoured an apple with peanut butter.


Baltimore, Md.: Liz! I love you! Can you help a girl out?! As a new but devoted reader, I know that you run Gene's chats and I absolutely loved his article on Joshua Bell. In reading Gene's Web chat and others this week, people kept saying it was as great as his article on the Great Zucchini. I tried searching the wp.com archives for it and I cannot find it. Is there any way you can link to it? Thanks!

washingtonpost.com: Live Online Chat and Post Magazine Article: Post Magazine: Gene Weingarten (Post, Live Online, April 9)

Liz Kelly: When all else fails, Google: The Peekaboo Paradox


Washington, D.C.: Too much work for Gene? Get an assistant producer. Your lackey could take over the polls and daily updates, and you could stick to live chats. We all love Washingtonpost.com's pithy little smackdowns.

Part of yesterday's gossip chat was devoted to deciding which Pulitzer Gene would qualify for. Once he wins, you can easily justify getting yourself a flunkie.

Liz Kelly: Assistant producer. AHAHAHAha. AHAHAHHA. Stop, you're making me cry.

Anyone out there know how many dedicated (meaning their primary job) Live Online producers there are?


Fairfax, Va.: Are Gyllenspoon really a couple, or is this just leading up to their movie being released?

Liz Kelly: According to the tabs they are and, hey, I can't blame Reese for getting herself a little Donnie Darko. At least he's away from that stoner Dunst.


Fergie: I still marvel that she's managed to snag the hotness that is Josh Duhamel.

Liz Kelly: And that he's actually older than her... by three years. There's no way.


Washington, D.C.: Since we're talking about pleated pants, I thought this chat might be the right place for this PSA: When purchasing a new jacket/coat/skirt, PLEASE remember to cut the strings that hold together the vent/slit. I promise that those little strings aren't part of the design. Don't know why, but I've seen this a lot lately, on both men and women. Odd.

Liz Kelly: Thank you. This is important work we're doing here and I just get a little choked up seeing how you all look out for each other.


Arlington, Va.: Wait, Otto has a birthdate? He's um, fictional, right?

Liz Kelly: Bite your tongue.


Anyone out there know how many dedicated (meaning their primary job) Live Online producers there are? : No. Spill.

(Or as Veronica Mars once put it, "Do I have to tip you over, or are you going to spill on your own?")

Liz Kelly: Three. Three dedicated producers largely produce the upwards of 60 discussions produced each week. They get some help from a contractor and some kind producers around the newsroom, but those three chat producers kick humps, as they say.


Celebrity Car Wash: I understood the concept in relation to Brittany Murphy. There's a clear change in her appearance. I had no idea that Katie Holmes had a similar treatment. But then again, I've never really followed her career. At what point did she look different than she does now?

Liz Kelly: You're referring to "Hollywood Car Wash."

I'm not so sure Katie's physical appearance was all that different. But I think we can all agree that she's much more polished now than ever before, though that could also be age and time served in that environment.

Still, I think some of the other aspects -- ie dating a big star with a secret -- are the parallels that have everyone talking.


Little vent/slit strings: I wholeheartedly concur. And I'd add that the labels on coat sleeves that say "100 percent wool" or whatever should be removed as well. Oy.

Liz Kelly: And, of course, the dreaded pants size sticker which is usually sneakily located on the back of the pant leg.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Liz! I wanted to start off by mentioning how much I loved Gene's article about Joshua Bell. I figured he probably reads your chats, so I wanted to throw it out there.

What do you think about Justin calling Britney? Think they'll get together again?

Liz Kelly: Thanks because I don't think Gene had much feedback on that story. This will help him to sleep a bit better tonight.

I don't think Justin calling Britney is an early sign of any reconciliation between the two. Justin has moved onward (and upward), whereas Britney has not. Still, just because he's capable of thanking his lucky stars for dodging that bullet doesn't mean he doesn't feel some regret that someone he once loved so much has fallen on hard times. And, really, what better place to weigh in on a former loved one's recovery than at a press day for "Shrek the Third?"


State of Guilt: Hi Liz,

I am a devoted celeb watcher, but do you ever feel guilty about your celebritology? For example, I love the celebrity baby blog and check it every day. They almost always have a picture of Jennifer Garner with her adorable daughter Violet, usually playing in a park or taking a stroll. I love seeing the pictures because that kid is so adorable, but then I feel kind of guilty, because it's not like Jennifer and Violet are at a movie premiere or fancy restaurant --they're playing in a park in Vancouver, for heaven's sake. They must have photographers in their face every day taking their picture, which must be frustrating. I mean, should we be so interested in celebs and their kids?

Then to add to my guilt, I check the Perez Hilton Web site multiple times a day, even though I think he's a total ass and don't agree with his forced outings of celebs like Lance Bass. But yet, I cannot keep away from his site.

What's a devoted celebritologist to do? (Other than actually doing work during the day, of course).

Liz Kelly: Honestly, no. If I start getting skeeved out by something that I'm linking to, my inclination is to drop that link. As I've said before, this is washingtonpost.com, not PerezHilton and our marching orders are a bit different. I try to err on the side of taste, credibility and thoughtfulness. Not that I'm always successful. I can't speak for Perez or other sites that make a living off of goading stars into humiliating pix or videos.

As for Jen and Violet -- does it kind of suck that some photog is ruining their afternoon in the park? Yes. Is it really having a huge detrimental effect on this woman (who knew what she was in for when she started down the road to stardom?) and child? No.

I wouldn't beat yourself up for paying attention to Perez. Think of it as research. You must know your enemy better than you know yourself.


If you happen to be a former "Lost" fan who tuned out during this season's earlier weaker offerings, you might want to consider coming back for the last five episodes of the year -- after reading up on what you missed, of course. : that's me, I gave up early this season. At this stage, so much has passed that I'm just gonna wait for the DVDs and watch them at my own pace ... if at all

Liz Kelly: That'll work, too. Though, annoyingly, the DVDs usually don't come out until about two weeks before the next season kicks off.


Rhode Island: Liz,

I've never seen "A.I." or "Lost." When you say Fergie, I think you mean Prince Andrew's ex.

I never miss your chats, though.

I don't belong here, do I?

Liz Kelly: Rhode Island, you do belong here. Take a deep breath and let the Celebritology wash over you.

I like to think there's something for everyone here. Tell me, who are your cultural touchstones?


Gossip Nationalism: Liz, do you have any insight into which country does gossip the best? England? I'm woefully ignorant about the subject, but I sometimes have fun reading Bollywood gossip blogs. Speaking of which, seems like every so often in your chat a reader will admit they have no idea who we're talking about. So why is it fun to read celeb gossip even when we don't know exactly who these people are?

P.S. Re: your snack. Regular peanut butter or chunky? And do you eat the natural stir-in-the-oil p.b.? That's totally my favorite. I should remember to keep it in the fridge at work for emergencies like this chat!

Liz Kelly: I think the default answer is England. They set the standard for tabloid journalism. And obits for that matter. I think, though, that the Internet has served as a catalyst, though, for a global gossip-place and with the rise of sites like TMZ.com and the trusty RSS feed, we can now gorge ourselves on an international smorgasbord of scuttlebutt -- whether logging in from D.C. or Delhi.

So tell me about the Bollywood gossip mags. I'm intrigued. E-mail me at celebritology@washingtonpost.com if you're interested in doing a mini-guide to them for the blog.


Snoop may be one of the world's biggest tokers, but he's also got a nasty habit of carrying guns -- which kind of cancels out the peaceful vibe. : and saying some pretty nasty things about women (not actually the term he uses)

Liz Kelly: On the rizzle.


McLean, Va.: Liz, did your pets make it okay through the pet food poisoning recall?

Liz Kelly: They did, thank you.

Both Page the dog and Arthur the cat are thriving.


Grindhouse: Fergie wasn't too bad in that movie, as cameos go.

Liz Kelly: Haven't seen it yet, dang it. Though I understand that low box office returns may result in the double feature being split into two separate showings.

Did anyone else catch Rose McGowan guesthosting on "The View" this morning? That was weird.


Washington, D.C.: When you mentioned Fergie I thought you were talking about Sarah Ferguson -- I guess I am too old for this ...

Liz Kelly: Well, seriously, you think she could've at least opted for a brand name that wasn't already tied to the Duchess of York. Where is the originality? Oh, ha, we're talking about a Black-Eyed Pea. Nevermind.


Re: Justin Calling Britney: I find Justin's congratulating Britney on her completing rehab odd considering his constant discussion in interviews about his own drug use ... Just sayin'.

Liz Kelly: Well, he seems to be able to hold his own, if you know what I'm saying. When was the last time you saw a JT crotch shot?


Violet Affleck: I'm sorry, I know it's mean, but that kid is in the Goofy-Looking Babies Hall of Fame. She's not quite in the Sean Preston Federline ballpark (oh that poor kid), but she ain't far.

Liz Kelly: I didn't say it. Just passing along as food for thought.


Washington, D.C.: You know why I fear for little Dannielynn? Because at the press conference Birkhead couldn't stop bouncing!

Like a two-year-old.

Liz Kelly: Dude, the guy was happy. Imagine how pumped he must've been. He's known from day one that he was this kid's father. I'd give him a break. No matter his shortcomings, I still think he's a safer bet than Howard K. Stern.


Liz Kelly: OK. Lost time.

Spoilers ahead....


20008: I don't see the dueling "Lost" banter between you and Jen on the WP Web site yet, which is too bad as last night's "Lost" was one of the best in a while. Seems as though "Lost" got it right with answering questions, giving good backstory AND putting a twist on the end with the "is Juliet a mole" question? Maybe Ben thinks she is, but maybe she's really trying to up her odds of getting off the island (as Jack "sensed") by playing everyone the fool and saving herself only to get back to her sister. Questions abound of course: Why did Ben get cancer? How did he save her sister? Why can't women on that island reproduce? Some sort of natural selection process that is trying to eliminate life on that island? Why? Hmmm ...

washingtonpost.com: Celebritology (washingtonpost.com, April 12)

Liz Kelly: My speculation about why Ben got cancer? Because he's not who he thinks he is. He's been telling us he was born on this island, but what if he wasn't. What if he's just as human (and thereby disease prone) as the rest of us?

How did he cure Juliet's sister? As one commenter pointed out in the blog, how do we know he did? She may not have gone into remission. The only evidence we have of that is some medical files produced by Ben. Ben, who says he doesn't lie, but is helping Juliet to lie to Jack and lied to Jack himself. Maybe he doesn't know what "lie" means, much like I didn't know what "humps" were.

Why can't the women on the island reproduce? I don't know, but living in the proximity of a large magnet (the original hatch's gravitational pull) may have something to do with it.


Baltimore Md.: Pleats or plain, and the definition of a celebrity: As a 59-year-old man who, uh, is not as trim as he was in college in the 60s, I will wear either pleats or plain, depending on how the rest of the pants fit (length, billowiness of leg, etc.). What really makes me ill are the guys one sees on the Metro who are really not as trim as they once were who insist on buying their pants a full size too small, then buttoning the waist around hip level, so that massive amounts of spare tire and gut spill over their belt. Who in the world can do this and deceive themselves into thinking they haven't picked up any weight in the past 10 years.

Okay ... that rant is over. Now, as you are a certified celebritologist, how come the definition of what a celebrity is has been so devalued? Fifty years ago, a celebrity sighting was Hemingway, Dietrich and Gary Cooper skiing together in Sun Valley. Today, a celebrity sighting involves seeing someone who was on "American Idol" two years ago ... and didn't win. Why is this?

Liz Kelly: Well, there's a bigger news hole now for celebrity news. Hence our desire to see it filled with nose-picking shots of third-raters. There's still a distinction between your bonafide star (ala Angelina and Brad) and the filler (ala Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler). I'm sure the studios did their best to get their less famous crop sighted out and about back in the day, too. Maybe they just didn't make the news reel, pops.

Thank you for the admonition about pants cinched below the gut. I hate to say it, but this goes for the ladies, too. Trust me -- I know whereof I speak.


Alexandria, Va.: "Lost" was great last night. I pray they do an in-depth look into Benry Gale this season. I need to know more about him.

Liz Kelly: Yes, that would be a good show.

He was fabulous last night. I loved the scene in his kitchen when Juliet was screaming at him. For the first time, Ben looked like he had lost control and -- for the briefest moment -- didn't know what to do.

Michael Emerson has brought so much to that character.


Violet Affleck: I kind of agree on this one. Something about having Jennifer Garner's eyes AND Ben Affleck's chin makes her not so ... well ... cute. Maybe things will change as she get older.

Speaking of babies -- I think Shiloh, by far, kicks all other celebrity babies' butts. What a cutie.

Liz Kelly: Yet, look how cute Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's girls were and, well, nevermind -- this is going nowhere good.


Why focus on the women?: Maybe it's the menz that can't reproduce. Don't rule that out.

Liz Kelly: Fair enough.


Toronto, Ontario: On last night's episode of "Lost," Ben mentions the book "Carrie" by name, referring to it as a really scary story. Of all the books floating around on "Lost," this is the first one to be referenced by name (as far as I can remember), so there must be some significance to that, as well as Ben having the reaction he did to it. Your thoughts?

Liz Kelly: Hmmm, I'd have to go back and do some careful re-watching to make sure this was the first book mentioned by name. Actually, it wasn't -- didn't Benry mention "Of Mice and Men" specifically in the rabbit-shaking episode?

Here's an excellent list of all the books referenced on "Lost" thus far and how.


Instead of peanut butter: My late dad LOVED almond butter (from Trader Joe's). I get warm memories of him whenever I have some on an ABJ.

Liz Kelly: That is good stuff. I'm a Whole Foods natural peanut butter girl, myself.


McLean, Va. ("LOST" Comment): Liz -- your "Lost" analyses are usually so good, but you disappointed me with your reaction to Juliet's heels/skirt attire. You completely missed the point (and, based on the comments to your blog, so did a lot of other people)! She was shown dressed this way to emphasize that she did not really know where she was going! Remember, she arrived for her first day at work at a fancy, guarded corporate HQ-type place, where she was met by men in suits and ties, etc., and did not know she was about to be shipped off to some island.

Other than that, you and Jen did a great job as usual in poring over the best episode since the "Desmond flashback" one.

Liz Kelly: No, she didn't know where she was going, but she did know that she was going to have to get on a plane to get there. She knew she would not be based in Portland and had only completed the first leg of her journey when she said goodbye to her sister.

Am I wrong here? Didn't we learn in Juliet's last flashback (at the beginning of this spring arc) that she would be headed to an island?


"Lost" hours: I believe there are actually 6 or 7 hours more of "Lost" this season. I think what the announcer meant is that there are 5 more episodes until the season finale, which I believe is 2 hours itself.

Liz Kelly: Thank you. Yay, more "Lost."


College Park, Md.: "Lost" was actually good last night! It was -almost- back up there with season 2. What did you think?

Liz Kelly: I liked it ok.


Downtown, D.C.: So, one of the best "LOST" episodes, ever.

Question: This show has become mostly about motivation. Who is doing whatever for what reason ... and then we find out that we were wrong about that motivation.

Is there one instance you can point to where we are not lead astray by an Other or Other-like character? And then lead another way? My point is that I'd love one person that we could get a bearing on and feel comfortable with as we are with Syiad and Jack. I hope its Juliet.

Liz Kelly: I think you're going to be disappointed if you pin your hopes on Juliet. I'm not saying she's all bad, but she's willing to do anything to get off this island and will step on who she has to -- Lostie or Other -- to achieve that end.

Let's see, an other that hasn't led us astray? How bout Alex, Ben/Rousseau's Karl-loving daughter? She seems to be pretty sincere and not towing the family line. Speaking of Karl. Where did he run off to, I wonder. Living with Rousseau perhaps?


Champion, Pa.: Liz, just wondering. Are you still a producer or are you a celebritologist only these days? Or are you a celebritologist who will produce only the great man's chats?

Liz Kelly: I still produce Gene and Carolyn Hax's chats. Oh, and Gwen Ifill's monthly discussion. The producing I do for love of the shows these days. The rest of my workday is now spent obsessing over the celebrity beat.


Re: She may not have gone into remission: Don't you mean she may not have a recurrence of cancer?

Liz Kelly: Yes, meaning there was no new remission because there was no new cancer. Thank you. I probably typed faster than I thought.


Port of Spain, Trinidad: Dear Liz,

Please forgive me for jumping in here during "Lost" chat, but I have to ask you what you know about Prince William (as in future King of England) and his girlfriend. Are they in fact engaged? And what do you think their wedding will be like if it happens. Thanks!

Liz Kelly: We've had no official word of an engagement yet between William and longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton. A month or so back there was a rumor going around that parliament had been informed of an impending engagement, but thus far nothing has materialized. I wouldn't be surprized if any announcement is weighed carefully against brother Harry's deployment to Iraq which, I believe, starts in May.


"Gyllenspoon": Are you serious? Not the couple, but the name. Gross. But he is hottness and she deserves it.

Liz Kelly: Ya, eww, that sounds like something that should accompany a petri dish.


Washington, D.C.: Liz, it's halfway through April. Where's Gene? (Not to steal your thunder on your own chat, but I'm tired of checking the schedule every week.)

Liz Kelly: Tuesday, April 24th. I'll get a page built early next week for it and post in the blog.


Baby grown up good: How cute is Frances Bean? She is adorable looking! borderline hot!

Liz Kelly: Yes, she's adorable.


"Lost" ending: I was a little surprised at the ending last night, that they would provide that much detail. I thought they would rather keep us guessing about what Juliet and Ben's plans are, at least for a while. Of course all is not always what it seems, but suddenly it seems like they are in a rush to let us in on it all, finally.

Liz Kelly: I liked that. I was thinking last night about other long-running storylines that were successful and the only one I could come up with was the "Master and Commander" series of novels by Patrick O'Brian. He kept things interesting by actually tying up story lines within one book or over the course of a few, not stretching them out over the 20 books. He trusted himself to come up with new plot twists that would be just as interesting as those he brought to a close.

Could this work for "Lost?"


Vienna, Va.: I'm getting the impression that Juliet is pretty much out for Juliet. At this point.

She will do whatever she has to do to get off the island. She's both the anti-Kate (in appearance) and the anti-Locke (in that she wants off and he doesn't want to leave).

Liz Kelly: It would be kind of interesting to play with an episode where we see those who have been left behind by those on the island. Where does Juliet's sister think she is? Is Jack's mother totally freaking -- thinking she's lost her husband and now her son, too? It'd be interesting to see how Oceanic spun the disappearance of the plane and how this has all played out in the news... unless, as some suspect, the island is some kind of wrinkle in time and only like a day has passed for the rest of the world.


He's been telling us he was born on this island, but what if he wasn't: Even if he wasn't, the island would theoretically cure his cancer, like Rose's. I liked the idea that someone posed in the comments this morning about karmic balance. Ben isn't healthy because he's manipulative and power-hungry. Great episode!

Liz Kelly: But didn't Ben himself once say that there are several spots like this around the world and not all work for all people?


Fairfax, Va.: Do we care that Leeza Gibbons got voted off Dancing With the Stars? I sort of fel sorry for her. She seems like she's not busy enough anymore and I rarely see her on TV. She was pretty big once, right?

Liz Kelly: Let me see.... no, I don't care.


Juliet's makeup issues: I recommend Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

Liz Kelly: Thank you!


Re: Pleats: Ahh, you know people know how I feel about pleats. DO NOT get a suit with pleats, because though I tell people who happen to wear pleats as I'm telling them how awful pleats are (and that their jacket makes it sorta okay because they're covered up), pleats make a man look puffy and awful. Look on the metro who wears pleats, EVERYMAN on the Metro. Go to a tailor and have the pleats removed. A pocket pucker is much better than a pleat.

That said, you'll look like a Banana-bot, but Banana Republic has some decent men's suits sans pleats.

Liz Kelly: Tnx.


The "Lost" Nazi: Liz, there's so much more [of] "Lost" to discuss, and people are distracting you with Prince William and pleated pants! Stay focused!

Liz Kelly: That's it. No "Lost" for you!

I'm out of here.

Until next week, that is.

Or, actually tomorrow morning in the blog.


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