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Thursday, May 17, 2007; 1:00 PM

Every Thursday at 1 p.m. ET,'s City Guide experts share their best bets for local flavor, great dates and family fun. Got plans? Great. Need plans? Just ask. We have the skinny on the bars and clubs, concerts, kitchens, theaters and special events that keep life interesting. We're going out gurus, and we're at your service.

Of course, we're happy to answer questions about local entertainment, but we need to hear from you, too. Introduce us to the coolest DJ or the fastest bartender you've encountered. Sound off on the week's best concert or the city's best burger. Tell us about the best place to amuse little kids or a big art fan. Together we can plan fun ways to spend weekdays, weekends, dates and holidays. The pleasure is ours, and yours.

Each week a different guru will act as host or hostess, but the entire staff is at your service. If you're looking for more ideas, see the City Guide or read transcripts of past Got Plans? discussions.

The transcript follows.

____________________ What's up, D.C.? Welcome to Got Plans? We've got Janet, Erin, David, Rhome, the recently returned Jen and me (Julia) here to answer your questions. Let's get it on and poppin.


Subway Series: Hey Gurus-

Any suggestions on a cool place in the District where two displaced New Yorkers can watch the Mets and Yankees do battle this weekend? Thanks!

Go Mets!!!

Julia: Check out Foggy Bottom's 51st State. The New York-friendly sports bar will definitely be showing the series.


Washington, D.C.: My Mom is coming to visit next weekend - would like to take her to some good sushi (well, sashimi really). I know that Sushi-Ko is good, but do you have any ideas of someplace else that is more "downtown" DC or in Arlington? THANKS!

Erin: I know the pressure of taking a parent for great sushi. My discerning father (who is known to inhale great sushi) was most impressed with Makoto during his sushi tour. That's a bit out of the way for you, but my downtown D.C. choice would be Kaz Sushi Bistro. I think you'd be best off there or at Sushi-Ko.


Bethesda, Md.: Hi GOGs! Love your weekly chats! I was wondering if there are any "beach" areas in the DC/Maryland area that some friends of mine can go for a picnic/BBQ this weekend that you'd recommend. If not, just any nice park areas near some recreational activities? Like paddle boats or athletic fields? We're all new to the area so we don't know where to start! Thanks so much!

Jen: Have you considered Lake Needwood? It's in Montgomery County, so right in your hood, and it has paddle boats, trails and all kinds of stuff. If memory serves, it may have a volleyball court but don't quite me on that. In any event, it's a very nice park -- part of Rock Creek, located in Rockville -- and a perfect spot for picnicking.


Washington, D.C.: I have reservations at Viridian for Sunday brunch with out of town guests. Good call or should I find some other place? The reviews seem so hit or miss on that place.

Erin: Reviews are definitely more hit than miss nowadays. On my last brunch visit, service was a bit slow, but the big windows give it plenty of light and you can sit outside if weather allows. The menu offers granola, French toast and quiche among other things. Hook has a brunch in Georgetown that could be worth looking into or Tabard Inn is always a favorite.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Gurus! I am in need of a dinner spot!

I get into Union Station at 9 p.m. on a Wednesday and am looking to meet one of my oldest friends for a late dinner that night. He is in town for one night only... Any restaurant suggestions in that area? Price is no object, but nothing too fancy. I will have been on a train for a few hours at that point. THANKS!

Erin: Take a look Bistro Bis and Johnny's Half Shell. Depending on your definition of fancy, I'd take a look at Charlie Palmer Steak. It is more upscale than the others, but the food is stellar if money is no object.


Janet: Try Celadon. That's not too far from your desired geographic location. If you really want to pamper yourself, you could check out the Four Seasons, the Mandarin Oriental or the Ritz-Carlton -- they all have spas which offer pedicures.


Janet: Look for the story in the Sunday Source this weekend. They offer six recommendations for area barbershops.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Gurus - If you were picking someone up from the airport late Friday night and not getting back into DC until 2:00am or so, wanted to eat dinner somewhere at that hour, but also wanted to avoid the Adams Morgan strip (and thus the Diner), where would you go?

Erin: David suggests your pantry, but here are a few more thoughts. Is it cheating to suggest Open City, which is a sister to the Diner? Afterwords is open 24-hours on weekends. In Georgetown, Bistro Francais is open until 4 a.m. If you're coming from Dulles, you should consider stopping in Annandale for all-night Korean at Yechon.


Washington, D.C.: Hello GOGs, two questions, if I may. 1: Any rock music recommendations for the next couple of days? 2: It's time to shed the beard, can you point me to a barber good with a straight razor? Thanks!

David: I'm pretty excited about this band Black Moth Super Rainbow that will be at DC9 on Saturday night. You can take a listen on the May Mixtape -- not exactly RAWK, but pretty interesting, woozy stuff. A couple of local bands have CD release shows on Saturday, Let's French at the Black Cat (kinda dancey indie rock) and No Second Troy at Iota (pop/rock, kinda like the Fray). I should have reviews of both of those records on the blog later today/early tomorrow. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are at State Theatre on Saturday night, you can take a listen to them on the mixtape as well. So Saturday's a pretty busy night. As for the beard ... I just bought a new electric razor at CVS. That's the most assistance I can be there, sorry.


Washington, D.C.: Hey Gurus -- I have tickets to the Hirshorn After Hours event on Friday. I noticed it wasn't on the Nightlife Agenda. Did you guys go last time, and if so, how was it? I another equally engaging option that night and don't want to waste my time if it isn't worth it...any help would be great!

Julia: It was a prime contender for this week's NL agenda, so don't read too much into the fact that it didn't make the cut! I wrote about the event here, so we definitely think it's worthy.
I went last time and I thought the vibe was awesome. I rolled up closer to about 11 p.m. and people were really partying. Not like I'm-gonna-puke-on-your-shoes-if-don't-let-me-into-Tom-Toms partying, but buzzing all the same. It was definitely a better vibe than I've seen in some D.C. bars lately; I think people were just genuinely psyched to be getting down in an art museum.
I most looking forward to the outdoor dancing on Friday night. For me, a dancefloor was pretty much the only thing missing last time.


Downtown Washington, D.C.: Hi -- My fiance and I aren't working next week. What would you all do if you had a week of free time in the area?

Jen: Run errands and sleep.
That's the honest truth, my friend. That's not a very Got Plans-y answer, but as a now-working mom, I can't imagine ever having free time again. (Maybe I should start my own chat -- "Got No Time and No Energy to Make Plans?" I suspect readers would be few, or at the very least, horribly depressing.)
That said, I would explore the museums around town to see if an exhibit piques your interest. (Guru Julia is the expert on that front.) If the weather continues with its pleasant trend, go for a walk or bike ride on the C&O Canal. Have a long lunch at Zaytinya or Indebleu and laugh at all the people who have to rush back to the office. Honestly, there are a million things you could do. Open your mind, look through the City Guide and start making your plans.


Arlington, Va.: I have decided to play hooky for the day tomorrow. I am planning the day around seeing the Washington Monument (haven't been inside since I was too young to remember). Any "must-dos" in the area that aren't monument related (I have seen the WWII, Lincoln, Etc.) Also suggestions for places to have lunch would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Julia: Since the weather's supposed to be nice, I'd just take some time to stroll around the Tidal Basin. It would be a pretty long hike (like around 3 miles), but perhaps you could jump over to East Potomac Park for a round of mini golf and a chance to say goodbye to the Awakening sculpture, which is about to leave us for the P.G. County shores.
If you're looking for an indoor option, swing by the Hirshhorn to check out the new Wolfgang Tillmans photography show. You can catch a sneak peek in this photo gallery we put together last week.
As for lunch, I might swing by Harry's for a delicious, big and CHEAP burger, but if you want to step it up a notch, Central Michel Richard is a great downtown option.


MD Beach Parks: The poster looking for a "beach" park in MD may also want to consider Fort Smallwood Park in Pasadena. It's at the end of Route 100 at the Bay. It's not the most glamorous place but it's nice and clean and it is right on the Bay. I've had a couple of successful picnics there.

Jen: Good idea. Thanks for the recommendation.


Janet: My colleagues like Bang Salon & Spa.
I'm a fan of Paul Bosserman in Georgetown, but it's pricey.


Janet: Sorry, Silver Spring,

There's no way I or anyone else can guarantee a fungus-free pedicure. If you're so germ-averse and have your own tools, the best place may be your own bathroom.

Julia: We're not unsympathetic to your dilemma, Silver Spring. There's just always a risk with a pedi -- even if you go really upscale. A friend of a friend got a really bad fungus at a fancy salon in New York -- you just never know what you're gonna get.


Chinatown/Penn Quarter: Hey Gurus. I'm hoping you can help me out. I work with 6 other people, and we're all in young-mid 20s. My birthday is next week, so I'm in charge of picking a place for my birthday lunch. I'd like something fun and hip in this area that will be under $15/person. I was thinking of Matchbox or maybe Rasika (that might be too expensive, though). Any other thoughts?

Erin: Happy birthday. For lunch, your choices are great. I love Rasika, but am happy to add a few more suggestions. Central is a fun see-and-be-seen spot with fabulous burgers. Brasserie Beck is spanking new and serves an all-day menu of mussels, salads and Belgian fare. The restaurant has a few nice alcoves for parties that size. Zaytinya and Oyamel are good to keep in mind as well.


Janet: If I were you, I'd go to Boone & Sons. They have locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. The staff is knowledgeable and very courteous. They tend to give a good break on prices, too.


Capitol Hill, D.C.: My boyfriend and I have been into wine for awhile now and we're getting better with our merlots, pinots and sauvignons but there has been something missing...CHEESE! We're just beginning to discover some of the different tastes and want to learn more.

This is where you guys come in. Rather than waste the money buying a bunch of kinds that we might not like, I'd like to find somewhere we can go to try some samples, find out what wines they go best with and maybe buy some to take home we've made a decision. Any ideas?

Erin: That sounds very fun. To get your feet wet, should definitely visit Cowgirl Creamery. They're very generous with samples and have a small selection of wines that pair well with cheese. In Arlington, the Curious Grape often does wine pairings with complimentary cheese pairings. Cheesetique is another personal favorite and Arrowine does a good job. Whole Foods is a very good fall-back for cheese, though you won't get to personalize your sampling.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Gurus and welcome back Jen! I want the scoop on whether or not the new "Shrek" is worth seeing. I need some kind of fun comedy to watch, but I have not been thrilled with the previews of "Shrek."

Just a side note, I watched "Pan's Labryinth" yesterday for the first time and loved it. I was in awe over the little girl. For anyone that didn't catch it in the theaters I highly recommend it.


Jen: If you have kids, they will probably love "Shrek the Third." Personally, I was disappointed. There are some funny moments here and there, but the overall story didn't work for me. And the Justin Timberlake character, Arthur, didn't have much personality. The kids won't care, though.
If you're looking for a solid comedy, I recommend "Waitress" instead, which is really engaging and well-acted. Or hold off for a couple of weeks and see "Knocked Up," which is a bit flawed but still extremely funny.


Janet: I've heard good things about Nemacolin in Pennsylvania (about three hours or less away). There's a bed and breakfast in St. Michael's called Five Gables Inn that has a spa attached, and also the Inn at Perry's Cabin is opening a spa in June.


Cleveland Park, Washington, D.C. Hi Gurus! Love your chats!

I'm wondering: can you recommend a romantic spot for a lesbian couple to celebrate their one year anniversary? I assume that most nice restaurants would be "fine" with two women celebrating a romantic occasion, or, if in the Dupont area, "accustomed" to two women, but I'm hoping for more than "fine" -- I really want to be able wine and dine my girlfriend. Are there any nice gay-owned or gay-friendly restaurants that are suitable for a romantic anniversary meal? Maybe other readers out there have suggestions? Thanks!!

PS-she doesn't eat seafood.

Erin: Happy anniversary. It seems like everyone has something to celebrate nowadays. First, I think that you should choose a special restaurant that you've been wanting to try without any worry, but I am happy to offer suggestions. Two fabulous gay-owned restaurants do come to mind.
I am sure that Hank's Oyster Bar raises a red flag right off the bat for its name, but the restaurant serves a special "Meat and Two" each night that includes amazing short ribs, a hanger steak and brisket. If you call ahead, I'm certain that you can work something out. Up in Brightwood Park, Colorado Kitchen is not exactly a special occasion spot, but the food is homey American fare that I've enjoyed on every visit.
Does anybody else have suggestions?


Washington, D.C.: Does anyone know where to find a pinata shaped like a cat? D.C. preferred, but willing to travel to the suburbs. Thanks!

Julia: There are pinatas to be had at the Dollar Star at 3129 Mount Pleasant St. NW: dog, clown, bull...but no cat. Bruce Variety has a ton of pinatas too, but, alas, no cats. (If you're looking for "unicorns, smiley faces, treasure chests, cowboy boots, hot peppers and a pinwheel-looking thing," though, go there.)
And that about taps out my cat-pinata knowledge. Anyone else out there know where to find a cat-shaped one?


Dupontish: Looking for some lounge advice from the omniscient gurus. Got a group of girls getting together for drinks tomorrow (Fri.) night around 9 p.m. We want to go somewhere fun/hip but not crazy-crowded. The idea is to be able to actually hear each other so we can catch up; not looking to check out guys or go dancing. (In fact, the group will be a mix of straight and gay friends and couples.) I was thinking maybe Chi Cha or Helix. Other ideas? Would Science Club, ESL, Jin, Steve's, or Russia House be appropriate, in your expert opinion? Thanks in advance!

Rhome: Chi-Cha gets crowded on weekends but 9pm should be early enough to snag a table or group of couches. Head for the side room to find space for a larger group and to be far enough from the live music for conversation. Helix Lounge is still closed for renovations. Science Club is great for conversation. Multiple floors with booths and table space. Jin has bad acoustics once it gets populated. Also consider Gazuza, Metropolitain, the back room at Aroma and Domku


NE D.C.: I'm going to the KRS-One show friday at the black cat. I've never been to that venue before, what should I expect? Also, I see in your city guide that there are a lot of places to grab a drink before (and after) seeing the Blastmaster. Do any of the stand out for this scene? Thanks

David: Don't expect anything too unexpected. Sometimes hip-hop shows at the indie-rock-centric Black Cat have a tendency to be under attended, but on a Friday night hopefully people will come out to support the legend. No dress code, or anything like that. Bar downstairs, two bars upstairs, plenty of places to get drinks.
As for post-show drink spots, Selam and Cafe Nema are short walks and should fit the bill.


Silver Spring, Md.: Hi guys! I am recently obsessed with Bibimbap! I love it. Where can I get it around me? The whole nine yards with the hot stone bowl would be great, too. Thanks!

Erin: Woomi in Wheaton might be the best option nearby. Ha Dong is also supposed to be good. Generally, it's worth the trip out to Annandale for the best Korean food.


Tillman: The Tillman photo gallery link doesn't appear to work... it just gets stuck on the review page!

Julia: My bad! Hopefully this one will.


Rockville, Md.: Just wanted to say thanks to Erin for the recommendation of Cafe du Parc last week as a lunch-with-Mom spot. It was a bit more expensive than I expected ($17-$20 entrees) but we got smart and shared an entree of yummy pork and the "salade du parc" which is my kind of salad (roasted potatoes, chunks of bacon, and cheese!). Good recommendation and great location!

Erin: Thanks so much for writing in. I hope I didn't break your budget with the recommendation, but I'm glad to have helped. I think lunch is a considerably better bargain than dinner, but prices definitely aren't cheap there. Hope you had fun with your mom.


Washington, DC: Is there an Ethiopian restaurant in the city that would make a good first date backdrop? Meskerem seems kind of hit or miss depending on which floor you're seated on. If not Ethiopian, do you have a #1 first date spot with a tasty vegan option? Thanks.

Rhome: When the weather is nice like it has been this week (as long as the showers aren't serious this afternoon) Dukem's outside seating is great for dates. I'm partial to people watching and U Street provides a lot of conversation fodder.


Metro Center, D.C.: Hey guys,

Have you heard of the sort of new (I think it opened in January) Jack's Restaurant and Bar in Dupont? I've heard some good things about a happy hour and patio. Worth the trip out there after work?

Erin: Jack's took over the short-lived Le Pigalle on 17th Street. The patio is spacious and never as crowded as neighboring Fox and Hounds, but I think there's a reason. I haven't been wowed by it. If you're a fan of whiskey, the Jack Daniels-based cocktails are surely worth a happy hour drop-in, though.


20009: "That's the honest truth, my friend. That's not a very Got Plans-y answer, but as a now-working mom,"

All moms work, Jen. Some outside the home, some not. Just sayin.

Jen: Having just spent the past three months focusing on taking care of a baby, believe me, you don't have to tell me that.


Arlington, Va.: Hey GOGs! Any suggestions for a mid-priced dinner around Dupont on Friday night with two 50-something aunts? They don't like spicy, but I'm adventurous and we don't want to go anywhere too tame. We're headed for Friday night services afterwards, so nothing where we'd have to wait too long. Thanks!

Erin: Bistrot du Coin is one of my favorite places in Dupont. Urbana could be worth trying and has great ambiance, though I'm still mixed on the food. Up the street, Pesce is one of my all-time favorite fish spots and Al Tiramisu is a special spot for Italian next door. Banana Leaves is a low-key choice if your aunts are cool with Asian food.


Alexandria and D.C.: Hi, Gurus! This is my first question, and I was hoping you could help me out. Every Saturday, two friends and I (we're 16) go out all day all over D.C. and the Northern Virginia area, bouncing from museums to restaurants (a new one each time) to parks to festivals, all via metro and bus. However, at the end of the night, when we're all tired out, we can never find a good hangout for teenagers. We want something with food, music, maybe dancing, but that will allow us to make our 1 am curfew if we only travel by metro and bus. Do you have any suggestions? (It seems the only places we can find like that are 18+ or 21+ bars.)

Rhome: Jammin' Java?


Silver Spring: My husband and I just got a dog and I'd like to take the new pup out. Are most outdoor places in DC pet-friendly? What about the parks, like Rock Creek? Any other dog sites to suggest? Thanks!

Rhome: I have friends who take their furry pals to Congressional Cemetery. When I lived on Capitol Hill there always a lot of dogs playing in Lincoln Park.


Washington, D.C.: I assume that the lack of Borf-related posts means that you've decided not to answer any of them. So, I suspect I'm typing in vain. If not...

Shame on you and the Post for glorifying this criminal and giving him the exposure he craves -- not to mention an air of legitimacy. Here are the facts: This spoiled brat became notorious for vandalizing public and private property (including some people's homes). The Post then publishes a article whose tone was inappropriately admiring. Later, after his arrest and conviction, the folks decide to give his "art show" front page exposure.

Nice. How would you feel if he damaged your home?

Julia: Actually, you're the first Borf-related question we've received today and I'll be happy to address your comments.
Your points and others have been made in the comment thread on my post from Monday. I think they're valid ones and I'm glad this discussion is taking place on the site. My reason for writing about the show is that the Borf-art-show-fliers are all over town, so I thought other people who had seen them would be interested in knowing what it was all about. As you can tell from my write-up, there wasn't much to see.
I disagree with your characterization that I glorified anyone in the actual text of my post. I also wasn't glorifying outdoor graffiti; I was reporting on an indoor art show. Prior bad acts notwithstanding, these people have rented the house in which they are exhibiting and, as far as I saw on Monday, they aren't defacing the outside of walls in doing so.
The general theme of the feedback I've recieved is that the mere act of writing about these people encourages them to do what they do -- both inside and outside. That point is well-taken.


Alexandria, Va.: Re: Subway series

On the Guru's recommendation, I've been to the 51st State to catch Yankees games, and the most NY you will see is the bartender sporting a jersey. Everyone else is the place was rooting against us. I know the Yanks are a love/hate team, but we just want a place to call our own and if all we have is the teeny 51st state, I'll pass. Wish I had another recommendation, but I just wanted to save you the disappointment that I had!

Julia: The guy who wrote in was a Mets fan, but as a New Yorker, I'm sure he'll appreciate your comments.


Washington, D.C.: In response to seeker of cat pinata, try Party City. I bought a Curious George pinata there last year. Not a chic store, but it's worth a try.

Julia: Yeah, I got some great Super Bowl decorations there, so they definitely know their stuff.


Washington, D.C.: Is the Cafe Atlantico's mini-bar worth an experience? I've read about the concept and the possible inventiveness of the cuisine piques my curiosity. I'm just on the fence about whether the experience is worth the price.

Erin: That's a very subjective question (especially considering the recent increase in price). I went in November and had a superlative experience. The dozens of dishes are mind-blowingly creative in taking your perceptions of food and just hurling them out the window. The staff arrives early each day to prepare the many many aspects of each meal. That said, it doesn't have the poshness of a fine dining restaurant. You're in bar seats interacting and engaging with the chefs, so diners cannot expect to have much privacy. All of that aside, it's probably my most memorable dining experience.
Take a look at our photo gallery -- narrated by Tom Sietsema -- for an inside peak.


Arlington, Va.: I'm back from Montego Bay, Jamaica, and I'm already craving for some beef patties. Do you know of any eateries that offer beef patties and other Caribbean fare that rivals the real thing? I'll travel anywhere in DC, VA, MD to try it.

Erin: Have you tried Negril? I haven't been to Jamaica, but I always love the roti and patties here. Islander on U Street is another good destination.


Arlington, Va.: Isnt time you all did a comparison test of bars with life naked women dancing for tips? You all know you cant tip with 1 dollar bills anymore right. 5 dollar bills or preferably tens these days!

David: Yes, this is an excellent idea. We'll get Janet on this one right away and she'll file a full report. Thanks for the tip.


Vidalia Happy Hour: Hi GOGs,

I'm considering wandering over to try Vidalia's wine happy hour.

First, could you kindly remind me of when they actually run this program?

Second, do they include their full wine list or do they select a few to try each day? I ask this b/c I have been to Vidalia before - and while I very much enjoyed the wine (let's say I got lucky with the wine pick), I was extremely disappointed with the food (given that dessert and wine and service were the exceptions). I know that Vidalia always seems to get high marks or praise from reviewers, so I'll chalk it up to a bad night, even though the flaws were profound.

Thanks much

Erin: The wine happy hour runs from 5-7 p.m. and it does not offer the full list. Each day has a different theme. Tonight's "Be the Sommelier" where you can sample new wines that may make the restaurant's wine list. Tuesday flights are another good night. The restaurant has free small bites of things like onion dip, charcuterie and pepper jelly. You should definitely give Vidalia another shot. After all, chef Cooper did just nab a James Beard Award.


Washington, D.C.: For cheese I love Cheestique in Del Ray. I'm always amazed by how patient they are as customers (including me) try tons of samples before making final decisions. And they don't laugh when I say things like "well I like blue cheese but don't want blue cheese but something like that."

Erin: I'm glad that you are a fan. They have some pretty amazing choices there and good accompanying meats, crackers and oil.


Greek Festival Announcement: I was wondering if you guys could post this announcement for the Greek Festival this weekend. There will be delicious greek dinner and desserts being served from noon until 9 pm on Friday - Sunday. Friday and Saturday night will include live music and dancing. The festival is being held at 36th Street and Mass Ave., NW in DC. It will be a great time. Here is the link as well. Thanks

Julia: We definitely can. I think the link you're looking for is this one. (Click on the PDF in the middle of the page for more info).
I've been to this a bunch of times: it's great activity for families and has mouth-wateringly good food.


re: pinata: If no cat pinata, I'd take a smiley face pinata. Paint it all black, then use colored paint for the eyes, nose, and whiskers. For the ears, fold copies of a sheet of Washington Post newspaper into triangles and paste it on.

Julia: Hear that, pinata seeker? This crafty reader's got you covered.


Washington, D.C.: "I disagree with your characterization that I glorified anyone in the actual text of my post. I also wasn't glorifying outdoor graffiti; I was reporting on an indoor art show."

So the "actual text" didn't contain any glorifying language. So what? Your statement that you were simply reporting doesn't exactly cut it, either. Like it or not, your role isn't one of a traditional reporter. In many ways, you're an advocate of the D.C. scene (art, music, food, bars, etc.) as much as a chronicler of it. By covering an event, you're saying that it has as much legitimacy as any other -- which Borf does not.

Oh, and those flyers weren't up all over the place. I live and work in D.C. and didn't see a single flyer.

Julia: I appreciate where you're coming from. In many ways, I did and still do see this exhibit as legitimate as any other. I didn't write about a massive, illegal tag-the-White-House event, I wrote about an indoor art event that is being organized by notorious graffiti artists who are allowed to be exhibiting in this space. Since they are so notorious -- and I saw a bunch of fliers -- I figured other people would be curious, too.
Anyway, just my opinion and it looks like we're destined to agree to disagree, but I really do appreciate all your comments -- particularly about how the act of writing about something gives it legitimacy.


Greek Festival: Is the Greek festival a good choice for 2 adults without kids? I'm not looking for romantic, but don't want to be at Chuck E Cheese either.

Julia: I went with 4 adult females last year and we had a blast. The souvlaki was calling.


Borf debate: I live and work in DC and the fliers are EVERYWHERE!

I don't think you can claim that coverage of an event by a reporter equals endorsement. It's simply getting the word out, educating the public.

Julia: Thanks, dude. I do appreciate it. My inbox has taken a beating:)

_______________________ And that's a wrap for us today, kiddos. We'll catch up with you again next week.


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