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Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007; 12:00 PM

Reliable Source columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, May 23, at Noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, what you think about their recent columns or who you want to see them writing about in future ones.

In today's today's Reliable Source: Local gal Tessa Horst gets the final rose and the big proposal on "The Bachelor"; her beloved didn't seem to have a clue her granddad is a billionaire! Fred Thompson plays Ulysses S. Grant, in case you didn't think he looks presidential enough. And an Obama aide gets punched in the face by a New York Jet.

In recent days: The Bush twins are back!; Backstreet Boy Nick Carter finally gets to work helping the dolphins; and Boyd Tinsley celebrates fellow hemp enthusiast Thomas Jefferson. Also: We chase an art napper through the night on our very first ransom drop. And finally: Who's talking -- Rahm Emanuel or Tony Soprano? Take our quiz.

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A transcript follows.

A transcript follows.


Amy Argetsinger: Good morning everyone. Lots of good questions today -- but we could always use more.


Georgetown, D.C.: Somebody important was in the Barnes & Noble in Georgetown today -- I saw his/her security detail outside -- dressed in khakis and navy jackets with a traingle shaped pin in orange and black. Any idea who it was in the area?

Amy Argetsinger: Uh, no. And I actually did some research on this but couldn't see any sign of any notable doing a reading or signing there. You should have done some asking around for us while you were there!

Khakis and navy jackets -- that actually doesn't sound like a security detail so much as a fraternity-rush crowd at a steeplechase.


Monica! Monica!: So what's the scoop on Washington's newest Monica? I could stare at Monica Goodling all day. I hear she gives good ... testimony. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Amy Argetsinger: She's the lady of the hour, huh? And you can see her testifying live right now from our homepage... Seems kind of earnest, though.


Capitol Hill, D.C.: I have been watching CNN all morning wondering: who will play Monica Goodling in the movie (or TV movie)? Any ideas? Live Video: Monica Goodling Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee (, May 23)

Amy Argetsinger: Roxanne says Chloe Sevigny.... anyone else?


Amy Argetsinger: And Korin says that Teri Polo ("Meet the Parents") would play her.


Col. Doe: What army did Randy Jackson join? That thing he wore last night made him look like one of those colonels who used to lead right-wing military juntas against democratically elected Marxist governments in Africa.

Amy Argetsinger: Silly -- obviously he joined Sgt. Pepper's army.


Washington: Is it true that Tom Cruise had blocks on the pedals of his bike so that his legs could reach?

Roxanne Roberts: Why so mean? What did Tom ever do to you? (Aside from the ticket price for "Eyes Wide Shut"?)


Laurel, Md.: According to the IMDB, in 2001 Fred Dalton Thompson played the voice of Andrew Jackson in "Rachel and Andrew Jackson: A Love Story."

Roxanne Roberts: Does that give the other wannabes equal time on radio debates?


Eastern Market: I was confused reading your paper this week. In last week's chat, you were talking about Bill Richardson's very funny campaign ads that have been running over the past few weeks. But then I read yesterday that he just declared his candidacy. Were these ads running before he decided to run for president?

Amy Argetsinger: I was confused too! But you know, it suggests a good strategy. Richardson should try announcing his candidacy every three weeks or so.


Washington: How short is Eliot Yamin? Blake?

Amy Argetsinger: Dubuious Internet sources suggest they're both in the range of 5-6, 5-7.


Laurel, Md.: You said Giada is shorter than expected. She's way taller than Rachel Ray though. Even still, Giada is not known for her being tall -- she's known for two things large, one being her head and another being something that can't be mentioned here but that she displays prominently on her cooking show. I think Nigella Lawson will give her a run for her money though.

Amy Argetsinger: Welcome to the chat, Food Network fetishists. Are you talking about.... her chicken cutlets? No reason we can't discuss here.

Roxanne Roberts: People! We're grown-ups here. We're talking breasts! Big breasts! Giada, bless her heart, is adorable but a distant second to the bountiful boobaliciousness of Nigella. That woman is like a ripe peach about to burst from her skin.


Woodbridge, Va.: Valerie Bertinelli cracks me up. She's what, 45, or so, and still cute as the dickens.

Amy Argetsinger: Isn't she adorable? She's just bursting with charisma and likeability. I met her at the Bloomberg party after the White House Correspondent's Dinner, and in a surge of Veuve Cliquot-induced sisterly good vibes I told her I predict she'll have her own talk show in six months, and she graciously acted like she knew what I was talking about. I still think it's true.


Potomac, Md.: So to contrast with her being shorter than we would think, was Giada's head larger than we thought? Honestly, I'm not sure that it's possible...

Roxanne Roberts: It's huge! And she has the widest smile of any human being I've ever seen. Good for a chef, I'd imagine.


Fairfax, Va.: I wanted wanted to say that Andy and Tessa made a great couple! I just wanted to wish them the best. He made a right choice. Also, is it really true that Tessa Horst's grandfather is the richest man in Hong Kong? Where did the source come from? And who is her grandfather if that is the true.

Roxanne Roberts: Congrats to both of them, and I hope it lasts. (Always the romantic!) Don't know if Tessa's grandad is the richest man in Hong Kong, but he's right up there. Can't reveal our source (the family is very hush-hush about it) or his name but it's indeed true.


New York, N.Y.: I went to UVA at the time the DMB went from local Tuesday night band to Gods of those clad in plaid. Boyd used to hang out in our apartment on random occasions when he climbed through our fire escape. The man does enjoy his doob and I don't think I ever saw him sober. Funny note: he used to bring with him a nice little glass pipe with his initials carved on it. It had been given to him by John Popper - who had the pipe monogrammed after Blues Traveler.

Amy Argetsinger: Good times. And I remember seeing him play the fiddle at Macado's, back before the Dave Matthews Band ever existed. Have I mentioned that a friend of mine dated him for, like, six weeks, before he became famous. I do wish I could tell you more... .


Washington, D.C.: Glad to see the twins back in the Style section. It has been much too long. I thought one or both of them were vegetarians. Am I thinking of Chelsea?

Amy Argetsinger: We're delighted to see the twins back in town. Chelsea reportedly became a vegetarian in her teens but no idea if it lasted or if it was just a phase.


New York, N.Y.: Playing Monica Goodling: Either Janel Moloney or Emily Procter both of West Wing fame. If you could combine the two it would be perfect. Emily usually comes across as too smart to play Goodling. Janel is better for the deer-in-the-headlights look. But Procter's got the accent.

Amy Argetsinger: Good suggestions.


Washington, D.C.: I can't believe Dan Rather was in the WCL cafeteria yesterday! The only celebrities we got during my time there were Supreme Court justices.

Amy Argetsinger: So jaded. Most law students around the country would be thrilled to have a boring old Supreme Court justice in their cafeteria.


Syracuse: Which future First Lady would be the most fun to cover? (No fair saying Bill, that's cheating). Michelle Obama? Elizabeth Edwards? Cindy McCain? Judith Stish Ross Nathan Giuliani?

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, easily Dennis Kucinich's wife, that hot young redhead who stands about a head taller than him.

Roxanne Roberts: I pick Judy Giuliani. She likes the spotlight as much as Rudy which would lead to all sorts of trouble. Rudi adores her, the stepkids can't stand her...she's a goldmine of material for us.


Re: chicken cutlets: My dad and brother call those "Giada's recipes." I'd be grossed out if I didn't think it was so funny. If you can get past the whole Giada persona thing, her cooking show is pretty good.

Roxanne Roberts: But CAN you get past the whole persona thing?


Food network: Nigella started the trend. Rachel continued it, apparently with racy pictures and Giada defined it. What is it? Well, Culinary Porn of course.

Roxanne Roberts: Porn? Only they go topless. Then again, this is cable....


Washington D.C.: I have a really unimpressive voice but am going to a karaoke bar -- any suggestions?

Amy Argetsinger: It's all about confidence, originality, and knowing both your vocal range and the song's melody. "Sugar Magnolia" is harder than it looks -- covers too many octaves -- while "You Shook Me All Night Long" might leave you unable to talk the next day. "Jesse's Girl" is probably safer. Don't sing "Stop in the Name of Love" or "Let's Get It On" -- totally unoriginal. Try "Mr. Brightsides" by The Killers -- it knocks people out, and yet really only covers about the same four notes. Lots of advice for you -- I am also available for coaching, at reasonable hourly rates.


Washington: With "The Sopranos" leaving the air in a couple weeks, is there a chance HBO could start a reality TV show called "The Emanuels"? Judging by language alone, this would blow away anything David Chase could write.

Roxanne Roberts: How about a spin-off? "Mr. Soprano Goes to Washington." I like it.

Amy Argetsinger: If you haven't yet, go back and read our Sunday column on Rahm.


Washington, D.C.: The Twins were also at Smith Point on Friday night. Apparently, Jenna was really getting down like a crazy lady on the dance floor. Those 'Horns really know how to party, huh?

Roxanne Roberts: EXCUSE ME----this is, what, WEDNESDAY? You're telling us now? We read e-mails on weekends! And who's got the pictures on the cell phone! You call yourselves gossips?

Amy Argetsinger:


Washington: I looooooooooooooved the whole ransom piece on the missing Tim Tate sculpture! And because of those articles I discovered the work of this talented artist, and he's now in my collection! Artsy High Jinks (Post, May 17)

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for writing in, Tim! You're the best!


Georgetown, D.C.: FYI The same security detail (or high school wrestling team with earphones) was outside Dean and Deluca around 9 a.m.

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmmmm, okay.


Playing Monica Goodling: Andy Dick in drag?

Amy Argetsinger: You're so mean.


Georgetown, D.C.: I know you don't do sports -- but the hot question today around town is whether Green and Hibbert are going to stay at Georgetown. Any buzz on your phone lines or e-mail about this? Hoyas' Decisions Expected Today (Post, May 23)

Amy Argetsinger: Huh, I don't really know. I should call Roy's mom again -- talked to her during NCAA tournament, and she could not have been nicer. Both Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert are from here, you know.


Washington, D.C. 20016: Ladies,

Having sited Dan Rather at AU, I found him to be quite fit and distinguished for 75 years old. He was cordial and not pretentious about his status. Just a regular guy with no prima donna or ego action. It was a pleasure and all in the cafeteria respected his lunchtime without interrupting him. In bidding farewell, he thanked his tablemates (students and the faculty member being interviewed) graciously.

Thanks for the articles and the chats. You rock.

Amy Argetsinger: Thank you. And thank you for allowing us to rock.


RE: First Ladies: But what about Fred Thompson's trophy wife?

Roxanne Roberts: She's busy being a mom to a small child and keeps a low profile---but could do that young Jackie thing if he gets to the White House.


Georgetown: They weren't frat boys - one was a woman who was talking into her sleeve and they all had the special earpieces.

Amy Argetsinger: Still -- khakis and blue blazers. You with me on how this is not the usual security-detail garb?


Rachel Ray: Our local TV station promotes Rachel Ray's show by saying she's "sexy." Really? Rachel Ray is sexy? I see nothing sexy about Rachel Ray (and I'm a guy). Am I missing something?

Roxanne Roberts: I'm with you. She's cute enough, but that voice! Fingernails on chalkboard is sexier.


Cornfields of the Midwest: What are your thoughts on World Bank Wolfie's lady friend? I personally think that if it takes an abuse of power to get a girl that is clearly out of your league, more power to you.

Amy Argetsinger: Kind of romantic, really. You think she's out of his league? I mean, no offense but... they seem to be pretty well in each other's leagues.


Washington, D.C.: So that was Tessa's sister's house in DC? WHOA. Huge! What does she do?

Roxanne Roberts: Actually, we're not sure who owns the house. Like we said, the family keeps a low profile, which is why we were surprising Tessa even agreed to go on the show.


Germantown, Md.: Hi girls! Were Tom and Katie (excuse me, um, Kate) spotted anywhere else besides Georgetown and biking along the C&O Canal this weekend? that's the most exciting local celebrity sighting I've heard in quite awhile!

Amy Argetsinger: We didn't hear of any other sightings, and frankly we're kind of alarmed that no one sent us the photos of their waterfront visit. Am guessing that perhaps the crowd was made up of out-of-towners who simply didn't know any better. They also dined at Old Angler's Inn.


I have a really unimpressive voice but am going to a karaoke bar -- any suggestions?: choose groups songs and get your pals up there with you

Amy Argetsinger: Nah, that's for cowards.


Smooth as cornsilk: Can the World Bank pick a better president than Jim Leach? How can we get on that bandwagon?

Amy Argetsinger: Nice guy. Used to be my congressman back during my Iowa days.


D.C.: Has Carol Joynt started dating again since her husband died?

Roxanne Roberts: Carol keeps pretty busy running Nathan's and raising her son. If there's anyone special, we haven't heard.


Valerie Bertinelli cracks me up. She's what, 45, or so, and still cute as the dickens.: Yeah, but stop with the babydoll voice. I hate to hear women talk like that. Be a W-o-M-A-N

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, and she's 47.


Barney Frank: I'd vote for Bobby Flay. His man boobs are the best on television, with Simon a close second.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for sharing.


movie in town?: There are some big truck with lots of cable inside, set up by 12th & E. Any idea if there's a new movie filming nearby?

Amy Argetsinger: No idea -- there are a lot of things that look like movie shoots that aren't. Steve Carrell is supposed to be back here to film "Get Smart" but that's not until next month.


Monica Goodling role: How about Sarah Paulson, late of "Studio 60 on Sunset Strip"? She already has experience playing a right-wing Christian blonde hottie.

Amy Argetsinger: And she's available, too, now that "Studio 54 on the Santa Monica Freeway" or whatever it was called, got cancelled.


Midland, Tex.: What is your opinion on Jenifer Aniston and Brad Pitt?

Roxanne Roberts: This is a leftover question from two years ago? I predict those crazy kids will go the distance, and his new flick, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" will be HUGE.


Baltimore: Re Mrs. Thompson and the "young Jackie thing." I think that only works pictorially if the president looks like Jack Kennedy -- tousled, thatchy Irish hair, killer ironic smile, etc. Fred Thompson, who may be a perfectly nice man, looks like a basset hound that hasn't slept for a week.

Amy Argetsinger: You see today's column? You don't think he has that presidential look -- i.e., Ulysses S. Grant?


New York City: According to Page 6, Wolfie and his gal pal with the raise are kaput.

Amy Argetsinger: Maybe. Maybe not. Page Six's source of information here is the blogger who keeps claiming that Laura Bush has moved into the Mayflower because George is having an affair with Condi, so... make up your own mind.

I mean, really -- the Mayflower? That still cracks me up.

Roxanne Roberts: That being said, telling the world your beloved is so bitchy you alone can deal with her....well, that might put a damper on the romance. Or maybe it was the socks with holes.


Reston, Va.: Karaoke: There is nothing more pathetic than watching someone do karaoke who can actually sing. You can just picture their broken dreams. Karaoke is for crappy singers only. Then it's funny, not sad.

Amy Argetsinger: I remember watching a girl with a fantastic voice belt out Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me." But the hilarious thing was, she could only do the chorus -- no one knows how the melody is supposed to go in the verses. So it was this crazy audience experience of cheering for her during the choruses and just cringing for her thorugh the rest.


Northwest, D.C.: Monica Goodling = Lisa Kudrow

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, I'd see that. Anyone watch her in "The Comeback"? She was fantastic.


Washington, D.C.: Tom Shales teasingly referred to Brett Ratner as one of the creepier big shots in Hollywood. Truly, this is saying a lot. But, pray tell, what makes the man so creepy?

Amy Argetsinger: He just is. He's a 38-year-old guy who hangs out with Lindsay Lohan. Creepy.


next ex-Giuliani: If Giuliani is elected president and follows his own pattern of divorcing his spouse (or she follows her pattern)...omg, can you imagine a president in divorce court? I imagine that the two would probably stick it out until the end of his term/second term, but MAN, all the teeth grinding and cathartic shopping trips and forced niceness during state you think one of them would take up permanent residence in the Lincoln bedroom? Man, now you ladies got me all excited....

Roxanne Roberts: Okay, you're getting a little ahead of yourself....but you're starting to think like a gossip columnist.


Pleasant Prairie, Wisc.: Does Charlie Rose have a girlfriend?

Roxanne Roberts: He's been dating Amanda Burden, New York City's director of the department of city planning, forever. The good news: They're both in love with him.

_______________________ a surge of Veuve Cliquot-induced sisterly good vibes...: What a great turn of phrase.

AND something I plan on achieving real soon.

Sigh. Champagne rocks.

Amy Argetsinger: And you know what? If you only drink champagne over the course of a night, you don't get a hangover.


Pittsburgh: I watched Ann Curry "interview" Angelina Jolie on the "Today Show" this morning. First of all, she can't interview her way out of a paper bag, and second, she spends five minutes talking about how terrible it must have been for Jolie to lose her mother, then she gets all sappy apologetic when Jolie starts to cry.

Jolie must like her to conduct interviews because she knows Curry will be sympathetic and "aren't you just wonderful" with her, but jeez, Curry is beyond awful.

Oh, and while Angie looked wonderful, she needs to eat. Maybe she can plan to do some of that when she takes a year off from acting.

Amy Argetsinger: Sorry I missed it...


W and Condi?: I thought she was was with the foreign minister of Canada. Or is that old news?

Roxanne Roberts: Never news. But he is cute.


The Emanuels: Yes, the Emanuels are endlessly fascinating, but we already had Josh Liman on "West Wing" (based in large part on Rahm, though cleaned up, languagewise, for network TV) and still have Ari Gold on "Entourage" (based on Ari E., and definitely not cleaned up). How much more do we need?

Amy Argetsinger: Okay, okay, we are very impressed by your show-offy knowledge of Emanuel influences in popular culture. Thanks for sharing, Rainman.


Poor Lane: So does Lane Garrison take on his "Prison Break" character in real life? I wonder if he'd be a megastar in jail since all of them must've watched it. But then again, didn't he snitch in the show? Uh-oh. I bet he runs away to a foreign country before he has to go inside since he "knows" what it's like.

Amy Argetsinger: Why can't they put him and Paris Hilton in the same cellblock and make a reality series about it?


Washington, D.C.: I noticed a Scientology tent on the Mall around 14th and Constitution over the weekend. Were they required to there since Tom Cruise was in town?

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmm.... coincidence?


Re: First Ladies: Could we have a president whose children don't speak to him? Rudy's don't. His daughter Caroline uses her mother's name, just like Patti Davis did. But this sounds substantially more messed up than the Reagans ever were. Caroline didn't tell her dad when she was accepted to Harvard -- that's harsh.

More fun for you if Rudy is elected!

Roxanne Roberts: How soon we forget: The Reagan family was almost Gothic in the off-stage fueding ---plenty of furious "I'm not speaking to him/her" episodes.

Amy Argetsinger: We agree completely. Check out this roundup we did a couple weeks ago of the presidential candidates with the most gossip-column-worthy kids.

_______________________ Kids R Us: White House Life After Jenna and Barbara (Post, April 15)

Amy Argetsinger: here it is


Annandale, Va: Amy,

You know that Pure Prairie League will be at Birchmere on Saturday? I'm sure that "Amy" will be one of the highlights.

Amy Argetsinger: I think I hear that song just about enough already. But thanks.


This just in: Hugh Laurie got knighted. He's great and all, but really, what's with the actors getting high state honors? Are they just the only ones we hear about? Or is no one else doing anything noteworthy?

Amy Argetsinger: Actually, Queen Elizabeth hands out scads and scads of these O.B.E.s every year, but we only sit up and pay attention when it's a household name, like an actor or a musician.

Anyway: Congratuations Hugh Laurie! Anyone else remember when he used to play Bertie Wooster in the Jeeves and Wooster shows with Stephen Fry? He was all British back then.


Jolie : Jolie really does not interview well anyway. When I worked for the media and she came by for an televised interview she was a basket case off the set, and could barely hold it together. Just staring off into space. She seemed nice enough though.

Amy Argetsinger: She can pull it together when she wants to. The couple of times I've seen her she's like a beacon of intimidating poise.


Brooklyn, N.Y.:"He's a 38-year-old guy who hangs out with Lindsay Lohan. Creepy."

I'm sure there's more to it than that. I'm 34 and I'd "hang" with her if I could. Certainly that's rather low on the Creep-o-meter for Hollywood, don't you think?

I'm thinking there must be something else - more along the lines of Phil Spector creepiness.

Roxanne Roberts: We'll corner Shales the next time he comes in and get the dirt. Yeah, I'll take a director who sleeps with starlets over a wacked-out gun freak any day of the week.


New York City: Please tell me something weirder than Terra Jole, a.k.a. Britney Spears's mini-me

Amy Argetsinger: You know, I didn't even know about this until you told me and I Googled her. Guess they should take my license away.


Re: Romney: Why are Mormons so often gorgeous-looking? Is it something they do in those temples? The holy undergarments?

Amy Argetsinger: It's all that clean, healthy living. Possibly we'd all look like that if we didn't drink.


I [Heart] Bertie Wooster: Sigh. He's dreamy.

Amy Argetsinger: Okay.


Roxanne Roberts: Another hour when you could have been outside on this fabulous spring day! Have a swell Memorial Day weekend, and keep those cell phones or computers ( handy for sighting of the Bush twins, Wolfie and his old (or new) love and anyone else we might fancy. See ya next week.


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