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Thursday, June 14, 2007; 2:00 PM

When stars shave their heads, couch-jump, commit a fashion faux pas and commit random acts of tomfoolery, washingtonpost.com Celebritology blogger Liz Kelly shares the buzz, offers perspective and provides crucial links to juicy alternate news sources and, of course, takes your reaction in her daily blog.

Now join Liz each Thursday at 2 p.m. ET to gab about the latest celebrity pairings (and splittings), rising stars (and falling ones), "Lost," and get the scoop on the latest gossip making waves across the Web.

A transcript follows.

Before she started blogging about celebrities, Liz ran washingtonpost.com's Live Online section, where she enjoyed talking to really interesting people -- including some Post reporters -- on the phone. She produces both Carolyn Hax's advice discussion and Gene Weingarten's Chatological Humor.


Liz Kelly: Here I am, back after a week off and continuing a long tradition for vacationing media types, massive news of course broke on my beat during my absence. I'm referring to last week's overblown Paris Hilton in-and-out-and-in jail fire drill and I must confess that on more than one occasion, I actually turned off MSNBC to go ride a bike or drink wine at sunset on the beach and do other stuff for which I should be incredibly ashamed. Not.
Anyway, there's plenty of Paris to go around and the story has already consumed a large portion of the blog this week. I'm sick of her and am hoping to make my tomorrow's Post Radio appearance (8:20 a.m., ahem) a Paris-free zone for the first time in weeks. Can't she take a cue from Lindsay Lohan and just disappear for a month?
I need to thank last week's Celebritology substitute bloggers for keeping things going during a busy week. Not only was Celebritology the go-to place for breaking Paris news, but Jen, Frank, Nancy, Mike and Tanya also wrote a week's worth of good main posts -- from soft rock to movie title mash-ups -- that had me admiring them from afar.
If you find yourself in need of more distraction once today's discussion is over, you might want to spend some time on the Onion A.V. Club's First Annual Absolute Best Issue, which includes some real gems (like Crispin Glover's bizarro appearance on David Letterman back in 1987). Thank you to Celebritology stalwart Frank Thomason for the link.
Speaking of links, I haven't checked it out yet, but this is way cool. Esquire has apparently published a new Stephen King novella in it's entirety in their July issue. "The Gingerbread Girl" covers 23 pages of the issue and is apparently "the story of Emily, who flees to the secluded Vermillion Key off of Florida's coast after the death of her infant child. Her new neighbor also enjoys the privacy of the key, but the women he brings with him never return home." Cool. Here's to the return of good fiction in mainstream mags. Big thanks to reader Genilson Brandao for bringing this one to our attention.
But wait, there's more: I spewed coffee on my monitor (just a little) this morning while watching Pulp Muppets. It's by turns funny and creepy, kind of like the original movie. I love that the Bruce Willis has been transformed into Beeker.
And, last but not least, here's a link from sister blog Channel 08 -- apparently this spoof music video from a busty chick with a crush on Barack Obama is making the rounds of the wonkier sites. S'alright.
Okay, let's get it on...


Liz Kelly: I left out the Pulp Muppets link. The horror! Here it is.


Oh, Angie: Have you heard the rumor that Angelina Jolie shut certain news outlets out of her press junket for A Mighty Heart, and/or made the ones who WERE allowed sign an extensive contract?

It's not on the mainstream news sites, but I'm seeing it on the gossip sites. Is this a normal celeb practice, or is it Angie being Angie again?

Liz Kelly: I did hear something about that this morning. We don't know the whole story, but Fox News is claiming that they were banned from attending the "Mighty Heart" premiere and that other reporters were asked to sign a contract before interviewing Angie.
Here's the text of the release as posted on the Fox News Web site: Reporters were asked to agree to "not ask Ms. Jolie any questions regarding her personal relationships. In the event Interviewer does ask Ms. Jolie any questions regarding her personal relationships, Ms. Jolie will have the right to immediately terminate the interview and leave." The agreement also required that "the interview may only be used to promote the Picture. In no event may Interviewer or Media Outlet be entitled to run all or any portion of the interview in connection with any other story. ... The interview will not be used in a manner that is disparaging, demeaning, or derogatory to Ms. Jolie."


Arlington, Va.: I was distraught to see Posh's NBC reality stint cut to only one hour. What's the point? What can they possibly show in only one hour to make it worth watching?

Liz Kelly: Really? See, it's reduction to an hour moved it into the watchable category for me. We will be getting only the creme-de-la-creme of the footage they've been accruing. We won't be forced to sit through boring episodes detailing pets, contractors and all of the other pap that goes into stretching out most celeb-reality homelife shows. Seriously, if I have to watch the equivalent of a Danny Bonaduce therapy session or Ozzy Osbourne scooping up dog poop one more time I'll scream. I just want to see the good stuff.


Seattle, Wash.: Well, I could ask a question about Paris Hilton and all, but what I need to know is, when will Sanjaya start his new reality show?

Liz Kelly: First Sanjaya has to get through the "Idol" summer tour -- kicking off July 6 in Florida (I'm already looking into press credential for the Sept. 9 D.C. show). Things don't wrap up until September, by which time I'm sure we'll be fully apprised of Sanjaya's next move.


Washington, D.C.: Can you explain the Jimmy Kimmel-Sarah Silverman pairing? I guess I can see it from his perspective; she's funny, talented, attractive (though not the babe she'd have us believe). But what's in it for her? Kimmel is a fat, ugly, no talent schmoe. Is she just using him because he has his own show? (And how in the name of creation did he ever get his own show?!?!?)

Liz Kelly: Okay, I may be opening myself up to all kinds of hate here -- and it wouldn't be the first time -- but is Sarah Silverman actually all that funny? Yes, she's cute and can act, but every time I read an interview with this woman I want to punch her. She tries too hard, like she did in this recent EW interview." Oooh, she said "vagina." Genius. _______________________Portland, Ore.: Hi Liz, I've just recently discovered your blog and chat. I've been a long time fan of Hax and a secret Celeb Gossip junkie for years. I was going through the archives and wondered: Did you still want people's daily gossip sources? I e-mailed a couple to you recently, in particular my favorite: Pinkisthenewblog and forgot to add another interesting one for you. Television Without Pity Not gossip, but snarky, intelligent, andhilariouslyy detailed recaps of many of my (and it sounds like your) favorite shows.

Thanks for giving my 'gossip/celebrity' fix such an official sounding name.

Liz Kelly: Yes, thank you! I did get your e-mail and agree on all counts with the sites that you included. In fact, one of the categories coming up in next week's Celebritology Honors voting will be "Favorite Celeb Obsessed Web Site." Maybe one of your faves will surface as a nominee. Definitely keep the candidates coming, though -- it seems like every week someone finds a new way to come at this content.


Bracing Myself: Will prison do for Paris what it did for Martha? The long, creepy tradition of putting women in their place should tell us that she will emerge stronger than ever, now that she's been properly punished for being so powerful.

Liz Kelly: Sure, Martha emerged stronger and dressed in a much-talked-about prison-made shawl, but things have pretty much quieted down for her at this point.
Still, Paris did talk to Barbara Walters earlier this week via phone and shared her new jail-inspired outlook on life. Apparently she is done acting dumb (we'll see, dumbo) and hopes to get into philanthropic work. She's so humbled that she wants to open a series of "Paris Hilton Houses" on the model of Ronald McDonald Houses.


Lost News: So I know its off the air, but it's sort of good news that Lindeloff and Cruse came out and said they would not "pull a Sopranos." I didn't know what they were talking about (sorry, no cable!) and had to look it up.

Once I did I was so glad that they said that would not happen with LOST.


Liz Kelly: Agreed. Here's a link to the story where Lindeloff and Cuse talk about their plans for the final 48 episodes of the show.
Good decision on their part. I think "Lost" fans would hunt them down and go all Sayid on them if they tried to leave us hanging like that?




Liz Kelly: Apologies for the goofed up html above. Turns out I'm not good at everything.


Chevy Chase, D.C.: I'm pretty sure that Pearson's missing pants are flat front, Liz. It just shows to go you.

Liz Kelly: Show us what? That they are sought after? Worth millions?


Woodbridge, Va.: Is it okay to actually feel sorry for Paris Hilton now? First time nonviolent offenders in Los Angeles typically only serve 10 percent of their sentence and Paris is well beyond that. Shouldn't we be more concerned about celebs who have walked free like O.J., Robert Blake, Michael Jackson.

Liz Kelly: I can only speak for myself. I don't feel bad for Paris Hilton. According to the heiress, she's already served about 20 percent more time than most offenders in the same situation. But we need to step back and really think about this.
She's a celebrity -- not only a celebrity, a HUGE celebrity -- and if she had only served a few hours or been allowed to complete her sentence at home there would have been cries of unfairness and preferential treatment. In fact, we heard those cries last week when she was sent home for a day.
And for better or worse, O.J., Robert Blake and M.J. all submitted to the legal process. Did they hire expensive lawyers? Yes. That is their right. Did they violate their probation? No. That is the difference here. Paris is not in jail for her initial arrest. She's in jail because she considered herself above the law and drove on a suspended license. TWICE!


Hilton House?: Instead of opening a bunch of places for poor kids to play, why doesn't she start a foundation to educate teens and young adults about the dangers of drinking and driving? She is in jail because she drove drunk and then continued driving with a suspended license! My mother's best friend in college was killed when her boyfriend got drunk and crashed his car into a minivan, killing everyone involved. If she wants to stop being "dumb," this would be a good place to start.

Liz Kelly: You won't get any arguments here.


Scooter Libby: Any chance we can follow the Scooter Libby jailhouse saga? I'm thinking it's going to have a good jailhouse story line, "Scooter, this is your new friend Vinny." At least as good as Paris goes to mental ward.

Liz Kelly: Dude, let's leave Scooter to the Sourcettes. We've got all the jailhouse drama we can take.


Emotion, AL: Liz,

What about my personal fav WashPost celebrity? (besides you of course). Why is there no chat with Hax tomorrow? I need her! As a consolation can you tell me (and link to if possible) if Carolyn ever did a wedding theme'd chat? I seem to remember talk of one but google is giving me nothing.

Thanks Liz! And K-Fed should be fixed!

Liz Kelly: Hax is indeed on tomorrow. Will get her page up immediately following this show.


Rumors: Catherine Keener divorces Dermot Mulroney, her husband of 17 years, shortly after he appears in "Georgia Rules" for "irreconcilable differences" ... affair with LiLo?

Liz Kelly: Geesh, let's hope not. As a longtime Catherine Keener fan, I was sorry to hear that she's going through such a hard time. But, like any good "Walking and Talking" fan, I see it as an opportunity for her to finally get back together with Kevin Corrigan.


D.C. all the way: Whatever happened to that album Halle Berry was going to make? Was that just a wild rumor? Hope so.

Also, whatever happened to Brittany Murphy and her career?

Liz Kelly: The Halle Berry album was, thankfully, chalked up to an Internet hoax.
Brittany Murphy still has a career, with five movies currently in production... including "Sin City 2." But, in the end, was her career ever red hot to begin with? She was in "Clueless" and some barfy movie with Ashton Kutcher and "8 Mile" and "Riding in Cars With Boys," but she didn't carry any of the above.


Katie's hair: Whadaya think about Ms. Holmes-Curise's new do? I think it's way cute, but the similarity to Posh kind of disturbed me, mostly because Posh disturbs me. There is something alien and zombie-like about her. Amazing clothes do not compensate for the chin down, alien-eye stare she pulls in front of the camera. I cannot remember ever seeing a single photograph where she was smiling or looking happy or even relaxed. Ugh, creepy. Anyway, Katie's hair -- comments?

Liz Kelly: I liked her long locks, but far be it from me to critique anyone else for changing hairdos. I do it often enough. She's had the long locks for a while and the style really looked good on her. And, of course, we have to remember that she's "Kate" now, not "Katie" and maybe Kate has short hair.


Undisclosed Courthouse Location, D.C.: Earlier poster is SOOO totally wrong. Judge Pearson's pants were pleated. Now we know the true identity of Bluto.

Liz Kelly: Breaking news, right here.


Chevy Chase, D.C.: Sarah Silverman was on celebrity poker a couple years ago and in a petulant fit laid stomach down on the card table. The announcer said that the "river" (next to last card) would be dealt in small of her back. Sarah said, "If I had a nickel for everytime I have heard that."

THAT'S Funny!

Liz Kelly: Enh.


Washington, D.C.: Are you skeptical about Paris Hilton's change? I think she will look striking in a nun's habit. If O.J. can devote his life to finding the real killer(s), after not even being convicted, why couldn't actual jail time put Paris on the road to good deeds?

Liz Kelly: Of course I'm skeptical, but that's when I stop to think about it.
Some other blogs are positing that this is all a last ditch effort designed to save Paris's cash cow: endorsement deals. And who can blame her? She was already dropped by Endeavor Talent Agency earlier this week.


Washington, D.C.: What about K-Fed! Does he not know about birth control devices?!

Liz Kelly: Well, we're still not sure Shar is actually pregnant. Reps for both Shar and K-Fed deny the story, though Star Magazine says they are stalling for time while they figure out what to do.


Submitting a second time: I sent this in to Reliable Source, but I didn't really get an answer. Re: Jen-Brad-Angelina et al, Vince Vaughn was in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the movie that spawned Brangelina (a name that totally doesn't work, by the way, the "a" sound is all off). Anyway, that nasty triangle had SO many conspiracy theories (i.e., when did they get together, did Angelina get pregnant on purpose?) I was surprised that nobody talked about Vince Vaughn being in the right place at the right time to scoop up a broken-hearted Jen: "I saw them flirting on set and it just wasn't right, you poor thing, let me give you a hug." Do you remember any speculation along these lines? I know it's history, but I really really want to know if the tabs just completely missed this angle! Thank you and have a pleasant Thursday.

Liz Kelly: Well, that is kind of ancient history at this point, but who can blame Jen for falling into the arms of her co-star while her marriage was imploding with an assist from Angelina Jolie? Sure, there was speculation at the time, but unlike the very public courtship of Brad and Angelina (anyone else remember that 40-page W photo spread?), Jen and Vince really did try to keep their romance under wraps at first.
Confound you, now you've got me defending Jennifer Aniston.


Washington, D.C.: Remind which one is Dermot Mulroney again? I know Dylan McDermott was the guy in "The Practice," and Dermot was in "My Best Friend's Wedding." But when I think back to that movie, I picture the guy from "The Practice"!

And sometimes I get Kyle McLachlan mixed in there too. Was Charlotte York's husband the dude who married Cameron Diaz?

So confused.

Liz Kelly: Oh man. Okay.
Dylan McDermott was on the practice and has (had?) a wife named Shiva.
Dermot Mulroney is etched into my mind as an aspiring country crooner in one of River Phoenix's last movies, "The Thing Called Love" and as soon-to-be-ex Catherine Keener's co-star in "Lovely & Amazing."
Kyle McLachlan has been a gen X heart throb since his first turns in "Dune," "Blue Velvet" and "Twin Peaks."
I'm not sure how Cameron Diaz fits in.


Clueless and Brittany Murphy: I appreciated the movie "Clueless" even though I was 22 when it came out in theaters. Flash forward to probably 1999 and the very in-your-face pictures of subject and Ashton Kutcher basically having intimate relations with their clothes on in every single picture of them while they dated. I still remember one in which she is on his back --piggyback if you will. I had no idea who she was by that point since her career fizzled for a while.

Liz Kelly: Clueless rocked, though Brittany's part in it was negligible.
Although I did admire her part at the time. By the end of the movie, she was true to herself as a somewhat average looking chick who preferred skate boards to emery boards. Too bad the actress behind the character seems to be the exact opposite.


Alexandria, Va.: I also can't stand Sarah Silverman. The look of her nostrils aside, I don't like how she pushes the envelope so far until she rips it open and tears up the contents. On her Comedy Central show, she had an episode where he joked that when people achieve the ability to live on the moon that there will finally be a place to put people infected with HIV/AIDS. She's too ignorant in my opinion to be more than off-beat eye candy for those guys who "find her hot."

Liz Kelly: Thanks for agreeing. I love off-beat. I live in the off beat, but she's just annoying.


Talent agency: Endeavor Talent Agency? Is that for people that are TRYING to be talented?

Liz Kelly: I assume that's the reference. I doubt it's named for the space shuttle.


Philadelphia, Pa.: You are credited with coining the term "vanilla but a little kinky." How did it come about that you created that phrase?

Liz Kelly: I believe you have me confused with the other Liz Kelly. The one who annoying comes up in Google searches, the author of (I kid you not) "Smart Man Hunting."


Port of Spain, Trinidad: Liz, Re: Sara Silverman

At the dentist's I picked up an old "GQ" that had pictures of her in a black teddy, stockings, etc., and a trench coat, flashing boy scouts and sticking out her tongue.

What in god's name was the significance (or funny) of that? Or is it a guy thing?

Liz Kelly: Dude, I'm not the target demographic. You tell me.


Silverman: is grating, tired, and undoubtedly paid SOMEONE in the media millions to ensure that her mustache is never, ever mentioned in print.

Liz Kelly: I feel so vindicated.


"Brangelina": Was that poster just testing you or something? What the heck was that? Didn't that all happen almost three years ago at this point? Geez.

Also, small side note. Angelina wouldn't have had a prayer if the Pitt's marriage was solid to begin with. Trust me, I speak from experience here.

Anyway, talk about old news. Wow.

Liz Kelly: Maybe he's still stuck on the Aniston-Pitt break up.


Keeping it straight: Dermot Mulroney -- My Best Friend' Wedding, The Wedding Date (terrible movie with Debra Messing), Rachel's post-maternity leave Nemesis on Friends.

Dylan McDermott -- The Practice, Shelby's (Julia Roberts) husband in Steel Magnolias

Kyle I-can't-spell-his-last-name -- Charlott's husband on SATC, Bree's new husband on Desperate Housewives.

Liz Kelly: Thanks!


How Cameron Diaz fits in ...: She was engaged to Dylan McDermott in "My Best Friend's Wedding." Duh.

42 yr. old straight male here. Isn't Celebritology wonderful?

Liz Kelly: Ahhhh, righto. I was too busy being dazzled by Rupert Everett, who stole the movie.


Dylan McDermott: Remember when people were talking about how he was dating Julia Roberts? Now people don't remember who he is. In fact, do people remember who Julia Roberts is?

Liz Kelly: Yes, she's that pregnant actress whose niece is starring in the new "Nancy Drew" movie. See, I'm not called "Celebritologist" for nothing.


Today in Sports ... Hit for a Cycle: Hey Liz,

So I saw this on my page-a-day calender and thought I'd tell you -- mostly because I first learned what it was when everyone was mocking you in Gene's chat

Today's sports: In 1876 Philadelphia's George Hall became the first Major League Baseball player to "hit for the cycle" a single, double, triple and home run in the same game.

Also -- Today's Birthdays: Alois Alzheimer (1864-1815), physician, Ernesto "Che" Guevara (1928-1967) (revolutionary), Donald Trump, Boy George, Steffi Graf (you share a birthday with Graf and Guevara!)

AND MY SISTER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Trish. (had to stick that in there)

Liz Kelly: Thanks for sharing and happy birthday, Trish.


Port of Spain, Trinidad: Dear Liz,

Thinking about summer vacation today! So I have a summer-themed question for you. Pretend that George Clooney has invited you to his Italian villa for two weeks. What (besides Mr. Liz?) would you pack?

Liz Kelly: Several books by Andrea Camilleri, who writes about the irascible yet sexy Sicilian Inspector Montalbano, my vegan Italian cookbook, some good walking shoes and -- for any candid shots of other houseguests -- my digital camera.


Washington, D.C.: Re: Sarah Silverman -- I completely agree with your earlier post that she's just NOT that funny, if at all! When she hosted recently (the MTV awards, I think), I cringed -- cute, but humorless.

Liz Kelly: Wow. I am just astounded. I can't wait to tell Weingarten.


Washington, D.C.: On Sarah Silverman, I've got to say she's kinda funny but mostly a potty mouth.

Of the remaining celebtarts which one do you think will top the Paris heads to prison story? My friends and I think someone like Kristin Dunst will come from nowhere with a zinger scandal.

Liz Kelly: I dunno. Kirsten Dunst, pothead that she seems to be, does a pretty good job of staying out of the tabloids. I'm pulling for Ashlee Simpson -- who has been pretty quiet since her morph into Ashlee 2.0. It's high time she turns up in some scandal rag with John Mayer.


Peoria, Ill.: I like how celebrities state they wish they could date average people for a change. Yeah, right, Jennifer Aniston, don't forget to return my call. I don't think I'll wait up too long waiting for you to call back.

Liz Kelly: True. And there are some celebs who manage to live somewhat like average folks. Why right here in Virginia, we've got Robert Duvall and Jessica Lange and you don't see their pix splashed all over the cover of the Roanoke Times.


Richmond, Va.: The only difference needed to be made between Dermot, Dylan, and Kyle is that Dylan McDermott is the one that's good looking in a rakish way, and the other two look so smarmy that you want to punch them in the face.

Liz Kelly: This is the definitive explanation, except I would cast Kyle as the good looking rake and Dylan and Dermot as the recipients of any beat down.


New York: Also I think Sarah Silverman is not funny. If she was not dating Jimmy Kimmel she would not be on any press.

Liz Kelly: Really? Because I know men who find her hilarious. I suspect it is only that she's hot.


Fortaleza, Brazil: While much of the media has been obsessed with trivial things such as the Paris Hilton case, Fox News the other day moved on, and had an interview with a woman who has just completed a film about the life of -- Anna Nicole Smith! I can get Fox News via satellite but fear the Smith film may not make it to local cinemas. Can you bring down a copy for my wife and me to watch? I do not think she has heard of Anna Nicole.

Liz Kelly: Sure thing! Just waiting for your Fedex with the plane ticket and Ritz reservation to arrive.


Sarah Silverman: I loved Sarah Silverman and I quoted a great shocking joke that Gene Weingarten printed in his discussion. The line was "sure we Jews killed Jesus ... and I'd do it again." Yet I lost respect for her when someone write in and said she stole that line from Lenny Bruce. May anyone verify that? Does she really steal jokes or not?

Liz Kelly: There I can't help you. Perhaps someone could research this and report back for next week's chat? Let's take Silverman down!


Re: Silverman: She's so busy pushing the envelope that she forgets to be funny. A little of her goes a long way.

Liz Kelly: True. There are some comedians I never tire of, though. Jim Gaffigan is one. And John Leguizamo. And Dave Chappelle.


Prince Georges County: As I jam to John Mayer and no I am not ashamed. I have to wonder if he and Jessica are still together. Although, by the end of the day their status might change.

What's the fallout with Nick and Vanessa from those picks she had with LiLo?

Liz Kelly: I think Jessica and John are finally truly apart. Perhaps now Jessica can set her comeback plan into motion and stop acting like a dopey groupie.
And Nick is apparently standing by Vanessa after pix of her playing with knives with LL surfaced last week. Kids! What will they do next?


Speaking of Che: Personality Parade said Benecio del Toro will be doing Che with a Cuban accent. Che was from Argentina, and spent only about 8 of his 40-odd years actually in Cuba. Surely Ben knows this, no?

Liz Kelly: I would hope so. Maybe Personality Parade misunderstood him.
Me, I'm giving Benicio the benefit of the doubt because he's damn hot. Seriously, I'm now distracted.
Ya know I recently re-watched the Kevin Spacey classic "Swimming With Sharks" and had totally forgotten that Benicio has a small, yet important role in it.


Washington, D.C.: That new ABC crap trap on Wednesday about some Traveler guy, has got to be the craptastic of crap.

Just had to get that out

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Crapitty crap crap.


Minneapolis, Minn.: I LOVE Sara Silverman. She tries too hard at times, but I think she is very funny. If it matters, I'm a 32-year-old female.

Liz Kelly: Thank you. You are the one Sarah Silverman fan here representing today.


Richmond, Va.: Straight men think all women are hot.

Liz Kelly: Ohhhh, okay. Now I get the fascination with Rosie O'Donnell.


Middle America: Mike Huckabee stated "one of the things that's frustrating is there's more attention on Britney Spears getting out of the car without underwear than who's going to be the next president." My question: does anyone know want kind of underwear Britney is now wearing?

Liz Kelly: What kind of underwear is Barack Obama wearing? That's the question.


Chicago, Ill.: re: Brangelina ... old news

Hi Liz,

Welcome Back. This is for everyone who is dumping on Jennifer today. Three years ago when this was news everyone was feeling sorry for her and the way she had been treated. Now no one is defending her. Isn't that just like us? Old news or new news the bottom line is that Angie stole Brad from Jennifer.

Liz Kelly: Apparently the wounds over that break up have not yet healed for all of us.


Madison, Wisc.: Uh, am I missing something? Why should there be "fall out" because of the Vanessa and Lindsay knife pictures? It looked like they were just goofing around. When my boyfriend and I are cooking together, we often pretend to stab each other. It's funny.

Or is it?

Liz Kelly: Okay, we'll end on this chilling note today. Come to the blog tomorrow morning for a Friday List, subject TBA, and back here next week for another edition of Celebritology Live.


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