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Theresa DiMasi
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"Desperate Housewife" Eva Longoria plans to marry boyfriend Tony Parker on what is quickly becoming the most popular wedding date of the year, July 7, 2007, and a handful of other bold-name brides are planning weddings in the coming months. Many of them, including Salma Hayek and Jaime Pressley, will walk the aisle in maternity wear while several others have surprised the press with post-wedding announcements. Recently wed stars include Amy Winehouse, Claire Forlani, Lisa Ling and Brittany Murphy. Who else is planning a wedding in the coming months? What are the latest trends in celebrity wedding style? editor in chief Theresa DiMasi will be online Wednesday, June 20, at 2 p.m. ET to discuss this summer's crop of celebrity brides, celebrity wedding style and this summer's hot wedding date: 7/7/07.

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____________________ Theresa, welcome back to We're talking celebrity weddings and trends today. We know Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are planning to tie the knot on what has become one of the most popular wedding dates this year -- 7.7.07. Who else can we expect to walk down the aisle this summer and what's all this fuss about 7.7.07 anyway?

Theresa DiMasi: Hello,

It's a pleasure to be back. Yes, the wedding of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker is indeed the big celebrity wedding of the summer, at least until now...

Other celebrities that are engaged and possibly getting married this summer are Salma Hayek, Katherine Heigl, Ellen Pompeo, Kate Walsh, Jamie Pressley, Beth Ostrovsky, and Isla Fisher.

7/7/07 is a lucky day. many couples want their day to be perfect and what better way to start their life together than having a little luck on their side. Also, according to our readers, it is an easy day for the groom to remember come anniversary time.


Washington, D.C.: I thought Katie Holmes' dress was gorgeous and have been looking for one just like it. Can you tell me who designed it, and I guess more importantly, which designers have been knocking it off? (I want the look but don't know if I could afford the price tag!) TomKat's Wedding portrait

Theresa DiMasi: Katie's dress was indeed gorgeous. She wore an off the shoulder ivory lace Armani. I would recommend going to our dress gallery and searching through our many dresses to find similar cuts and styles, such as off the shoulder gowns. ABS is famously known for doing red carpet knockoffs so it is definitely a place to start looking.


Washington, D.C.: What theme are you expecting at Eva Longoria's wedding with her and Tony Parker coming from two different cultures?

Theresa DiMasi: We know the wedding is taking place in France, outside of Paris at the Chateau de Chantilly. Tony grew up in France so i would expect some touches of both cultures in the wedding day festivities. Eva is stylish and daring in her choice of red carpet attire so I'm guessing that the theme and style of her wedding will reflect her personal tastes.


New York, N.Y.: Are you seeing any interesting trends develop at celebrity weddings? What's the next big thing to trickle down to us average folk?

Theresa DiMasi: Yes, celebrities are having two weddings and many are having more than one dress. Elizabeth Hurley and Gwen Stefani are two examples. We're seeing brides are treating their wedding day like a red carpet event--getting indulgent spa treatments like eyelash extensions, teeth whitening and more.


Arlington, Va.: I've been planning my wedding for about a year and am looking for funky, fun but romantic centerpiece ideas for the tables. Is there anything that celebrities (or anyone else for that matter) have done lately that's really good and perhaps, unusual?

Theresa DiMasi: More and more brides are going for an organic look with centerpiece that incorporate fruits and even vegetables. Tall vases filled with lemon, lime and orange slices are fresh and colorful for summer weddings and vases filled with crisp green apples are a great way to play up an autumnal look for a fall wedding. You can even embellish a more traditional-looking floral centerpiece with accents such as berries, twine--even artichokes! Other popular choices are vases filled with vibrant-colored glass pebbles, topped off with equally vibrant blooms.


07/07/07: Theresa,

What is prompting the interest in this date? I would get an interest in 02/02/02 for instance because of the whole "two of us" concept but who cares about three sevens? I don't get the significance. Furthermore, as someone who married on a day in November -- it is a day that only really ends up mattering to you and him and the family and friends that send you cards each year.

Theresa DiMasi:7/7/07 is a Saturday in July, a very popular month to get married. It is also over a holiday weekend. Many couples just happened to choose this date for these reasons. The number 8 is a very popular number in Chinese culture so we're expecting 8/8/08 to be as popular a wedding date.


Alexandria, Va: I loved, loved, loved Gwen Stefani's wedding gown. The splash of color was brilliant. I'd love to have something similar but with a blue splash/fade at the bottom and a very low cut back. (I figure the veil will act as a barrier during the ceremony and then sexy disco mama comes out for the reception.) Have you seen similar designs anywhere else or have suggestions. Oh, and $1,000 or less please (preferably, $600 or less). Tall order, but thanks! Gwen's wedding gown

Theresa DiMasi: Gwen Stefani wore a lovely John Galliano dress. Color is definitely a trend these days, with soft pinks and blues being the most popular. You might want to look at the collections from David's Bridal or Demetrios. Another way to incorporate color is a beautiful sash or belt--also very popular these days.


Arlington, Va.: Hi! I am getting married this September and I was wondering what little things we can incorporate into our wedding/reception to make it seem as glamorous as celebrity weddings? Obviously we do not have their bank account though but I'm sure little details can make it beautiful -- I'm not the most creative bride but I'm trying!

Thanks a lot!

Theresa DiMasi: First of all, congratulations. And you are absolutely right. Little touches make the difference. For your dress you can choose something more va-va-voom like a slinky fishtail or with a corset. Wear your hair long and wavy. Keep the flowers exotic and simple -- not complicated bouquets or centerpieces. A single flower or color. Guests placecard holders can also be the favor they take home. Rule of thumb: if you are on a limited budget, decide what's important to you and splurge on that. For example, use an iPod mix in place of a band if you want to splurge on the food.


Washington, D.C.: Where is the best place to host a destination wedding if I want to marry in celebrity style?

Theresa DiMasi: Take your cue from Eva Longoria, Katie Holmes, Madonna and Gwen Stefani and get married in a castle in Europe. The romance is built right in.


Arlington, Va.: Besides Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, do you anticipate any big celeb weddings in the near future? Seems like sort of a slow summer for celebrity marriages. Maybe Brangelina will shock us all?

Theresa DiMasi: It is all speculation because celebrities in general like to keep their lives private but I would not be surprised to hear of more engagments--Vanessa Minnillo, Nicole Ritchie...


Washington, D.C.: Theresa, I'll be in a wedding next week and have medium length wavy hair. I'm at a total loss as to how to style it so it looks a little glammed up for the wedding but not so glam that I turn into a helmet head or look completely unlike myself.

What to do!?!

Theresa DiMasi: You are looking for a glamorous style. I recommend something swept to the side, with a beautiful crystal or retro-inspired clip (or even a feather). Take a look at our hairstyles gallery for inspiration.


Silver Spring, Md.: Like any other wedding, celeb weddings are all about the bride, right? Are there any new and exciting groom traditions or trends I should be aware of?

Theresa DiMasi: The new exciting trend we're seeing is in grooms choosing unique and public ways to propose. Grooms are going all out. For example, Nick Cannon proposed to girlfriend and Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks in Times Square on the Jumbotron.


Washington, D.C.: So I read where Rod Stewart's new wife Penny Lancaster wore a mini-dress as her wedding gown. How trashy is that?

Theresa DiMasi: For some brides wearing a short dress is an expression of their personal style. Many wear a more modest gown for the ceremony and choose a fun, party dress for the reception.


Washington, D.C.: Do you not think its strange that Eva Longoria is going all out of the way for a second wedding? What is the deal with having multiple lavish ceremonies (first, second, and third weddings ala Jennifer Lopez) now days.

Theresa DiMasi: Just because things didn't work out the first time it doesn't mean you can't go all out for a second wedding. Eva eloped the first time and probably wants to do something more traditional this time. Tony is also young, it is his first marriage, so they both probably want to have a classic wedding.


Richmond, Va.: Wow. You have the coolest job ever. But do you ever get tired of living and breathing weddings 24/7?

Oh ya, a celebrity wedding question -- whose was the most extravagant celeb wedding ever?

Theresa DiMasi: Thank you. I am lucky to have the coolest job ever. And no, I never get tired of talking about weddings! It's fun and it's the happiest time in a person's life.

The most extravagent wedding? In the early 50s many celeb weddings were designed by the big movie studios, but many consider Lady Diana marrying Prince Charles as the most extravagent wedding. The wedding of the century.


Clifton, Va.: Does Salma Hayek have a definite wedding date or do you know if she's planning on marrying before or after the baby is born?

Also, do you know of any sites that maintain an upcoming celebrity wedding calendar? I would love that.

Theresa DiMasi: Salma is due this summer and there are rumors she is planning a December wedding. It would give her time to adjust after the baby is born. This is about the same amount of time we saw Katie Holmes take, between the birth of Suri and her wedding in Italy. However, nothing is confirmed.


New York, N.Y.: Have you attended any celebrity weddings?

Theresa DiMasi: Not yet.


New York, N.Y.: I just got engaged and everyone is pressuring me about where I am going to register. I don't even know what to register for since my fiance and I feel like we already have a ton of stuff. What are some cool things we should definitely put on our list?

Theresa DiMasi: Two great choices: setting up a travel registry so your guests can contribute toward your honeymoon. Or how about having guests donate to your favorite charity.


Laurel, Md.: I love color, but I am having trouble deciding on a color theme for April 2008 wedding. I thought I was going to do pink and brown before I even got engaged, but I am so over that combo now. What do you suggest that will look cool for that time of year?

Theresa DiMasi: For an April wedding, play up the sping-is-in-the-air mood with refreshing, fun color combos like teal and ivory or a palette of soft greens. The key is complementing a more vibrant hue with a flattering neutral such as a taupe or ivory. The result is elegant yet modern.


Topanga, Calif.: OK, I am not engaged -- yet! Keeping my fingers crossed! But, how do I make sure my boyfriend gets me the ring I really want? I am so not materialistic, but it's jewelry I plan on wearing for the rest of my life, so I'd better love it! He's such a great guy and I don't want to drive him crazy. I really need a subtle, classy way to let him know the kind of ring that will make me happy.

Theresa DiMasi: First of all, 75% of women have direct input into their engagement ring so don't feel bad! You can drop subtle hints like "I like Platinum." Or "If I were to get engaged soon, I'd choose a princess-cut diamond ring." It's in everybody's interest that you like the ring.


Washington, D.C.: What aspects of the wedding do you recommend you splurge on and the others where you can skimp?

Theresa DiMasi: It's a matter of choice. We're seeing music as one area where couples can save money. They opt for an iPod mix instead of a band. Also, less people are doing favors. There are lots of budget-cutting tips. For example, using flowers in season, or sticking to one color. Our budget tools helps you manage your costs. My recommendation for a splurge is videography. It's a great way to share your day with famiy and friends and a great keepsake.


Silver Spring, Md.: What are your top 5 All-time celebrity weddings?

Theresa DiMasi: Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Lady Di and Prince Charles

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu

Carolyn Bessette and John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban


Upper Marlboro, Md.: What do you wear to a formal black tie wedding in November in Boston?

Theresa DiMasi: If you are the bride sleeves, jacket or a warm wrap is always a good choice. If you are the guest you can choose a floor-length gown or even a cocktail dress as long as fabric and color work. Stay away from summery fabrics such as linen.


Dundalk, Md.: Why did Liev Schreiber say he and Naomi Watts were married if they weren't? Is he some kind of doofus?

Theresa DiMasi: Celebrities closely guard their personal information. Could be that he was joking. Perhaps he was really excited about his upcoming nuptials or he wanted to throw people off the trail.


I really need a subtle, classy way to let him know the kind of ring that will make me happy.: Why not talk to him about marriage and when you reach agreement say "great, let's go ring shopping!"

Theresa DiMasi: I think it depends on your boyfriend. Some guys are ok with hearing suggestions loud and clear. Others will pick up on subtle hints. I would think about your boyfriend's style and choose a way that works for him.


Green with Envy: What did you think about Kelis' green wedding dress when she married Nas? I thought it was fab!

Theresa DiMasi: It totally fit her personality.


Theresa DiMasi: Thank you all for having me. Good luck on your wedding planning and celeb watching. Check out for all your wedding planning needs. Talk soon--



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