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Thursday, September 27, 2007; 2:00 PM

When stars shave their heads, couch-jump, commit a fashion faux pas and or random acts of tomfoolery, washingtonpost.com Celebritology blogger Liz Kelly shares the buzz, offers perspective and provides crucial links to juicy alternate news sources and, of course, takes your reaction in her daily blog.

Join Liz on Thursday, Sept. 27 at 2 p.m. ET, to gab about the latest celebrity pairings (and splittings), rising stars (and falling ones), and get the scoop on the latest gossip making waves across the Web.

Before she started blogging about celebrities, Liz ran washingtonpost.com's Discussions section, where she enjoyed talking to really interesting people -- including some Post reporters -- on the phone. She still produces both Carolyn Hax's advice discussion and Gene Weingarten's Chatological Humor.

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Liz Kelly: Let's just jump right in. I'm running a bit late today because of a midday appointment, but there are plenty of questions to get us started. As ever, I welcome suggests for tomorrow's Friday List. Send em in.

My pal Francine took me to a Krav Maga class on Tuesday night. Krav Maga -- for those, like me, who don't know -- is self-defense training used by the Israeli army. It was hard, but really fun. Beats the heck out of aerobics. I was fine the next morning and congratulating myself for being somewhat in shape. Today, though, I woke up and could barely move. That Krav Maga is some kind of punishing workout. I can't wait to go back.

But enough about my decrepit body. Let's get started and, you know, talk about celebrities' decrepit bodies.

Liz Kelly: Also, I again apologize for missing yesterday's eye-opening "Lost" Book Club discussion about "Watchmen." If you missed it, too, you can go back and read the tranny here.


McLean, Va.: Liz, I remember reading a while back that Hugh Hefner's no. 1 girlfriend, Holly, was preggers. My guilty pleasure is "The Girls Next Door," so I of course was very interested. But I haven't heard anything since. Is she or isn't she?

Liz Kelly: I don't think Holly was actually pregnant. I think she expressed a desire to have kids with Hef, to which he replied: HAHAHAHAHA.


TMZ TV: Does anyone else feel bad when they watch this? I mean, Christina Aguilera shopping for light fixtures? It just makes me sad. She wants a new lamp. And 45 people with cameras are following her.

Liz Kelly: Ya, I have to admit that TMZ on TV has managed to evoke the exact same reaction in me as the Web site: revulsion mixed with a little curiosity splashed with a smattering of guilt. It's all so shameless and inane and up-to-the-minute all at once. It's bascially a broadcast venue for the videos we've been watching all along on the Web. Now they just have yet another distro channel.

I guess it's attraction depends on how many Britney Spears bathroom footage or shots outside of L.A. nightclubs we can stomach.


Washington, D.C.: Liz,

I was "friends" with a TV actor on MySpace. I'd send him e-mails a couple times a month or so and sent him cds and DVDs over the last two years. He responded to everything very positively with emails or packages of photos from the set -- great stuff. He just sent an form e-mail saying he was too busy to continue his myspace page and now if we want to ask him questions, we have to do it via his blog -- essentially cutting off personal discussions. I feel really strange about this because I never thought of myself as a "fan," but I really valued being able to ask him questions about how the show was filmed, etc., without making them all public. I really miss that communication a lot and something that didn't exist before the Internet (weekly communication with a favorite actor) was taken away. What do you think of the celebrity myspace page? Does it do more harm than good in the long run?

Liz Kelly: This is a tough question and one that speaks to the odd dynamic created by the Internet. The Web, and social networking, have bred a sense of immediacy even when none exists. So although I, or you, may feel a bond with someone like a celebrity -- who we've never met and are not likely to meet -- because of a link on a myspace page, it's really more akin to belonging to a fan club.

Of course, some stars are more open to this kind of fanbase-building/ego-boosting attention than others. On one of the spectrum we have folks like Harrison Ford who we're not likely to see show up in People StarWatch, let alone on in our facebook network. On the other end, though, we have folks like the star you describe -- who I can only imagine to be Wil Wheaton or Zach Braff -- who seem to court a level of intimacy that gives us the warm fuzzies but, ultimately, may end up giving them the heebie-jeebies. I'm sure your myspace buddy's intentions were good, but he's probably found that having a close virtual relationship with every single one of his fans is an untenable construct. So, like Rosie O'Donnell, he's channeling your energy into a blog where he can continue to talk to folks without having to talk to them personally.

If you ask me... and you did... I'm not so sure the celebrity myspace page is good. Or bad. Or anything. It's just another one of those things. In most cases, being friended by a star with 40,000 other friends is probably equivalent to scoring a signed poster. It's neat, but don't mistake it for an actual budding friendship.

I'm sure if your questions are valid you can continue to have them answered via your guy's blog.

And, I understand your question and appreciate it, but I think some could construe your reaction as borderline stalking. Of course, you know this celeb owes you no more than to be entertaining, so I'm not worried.


Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: So, what did you think about "Private Practice"? One minute I was NOT into it at all, and the next I was BAWLING. (Moon Zappa's performance was incredible -- if she doesn't get nominated for an Emmy I will be shocked. Too bad she wasn't hired for a recurring character.) Overall, I don't think I'll be running home to couch on Weds nights...until Lost comes back, that is.

Liz Kelly: I must confess I did not watch. Anyone else care to comment?

I also missed the "Bionic Woman" premiere last night. Did I miss anything good or should I write that one off?


CTU, LA: So how much of the next season of '24' has already been filmed? How screwed is Fox?

Liz Kelly: Well, let me ask you... is there such a thing as bad publicity? Luckily Keif didn't get in an accident. No one was hurt. But will this bring his "24" kingdom down around his ears?

Or, were we already tired of "24" anyway?


Boston, Mass.: Who is the biggest celebrity at The Post: Bob Woodward, Michael Wilbon or Tony Kornheiser? Which reporter/columnist could give Brad Pitt a run on the looks side (or Jolie for that matter)?

Liz Kelly: How could you possibly address that question to me and leave out Gene Weingarten?

Who is the biggest celeb -- well Woodward is certainly one of the most legendary, Wilbon and Kornheisesr are arguably the most visible and Weingarten, some could argue, is one of the most prolific (and gearing up to roll in the dough now that he and Dave Barry have sold their script to Lorne Michaels). But there are tons of stars in The Post's galaxy. Pulitzer Prize-winners like David Broder, Stephen Hunter, Dana Priest, Robin Givhan. Columnists with edge to spare -- Gene Robinson comes to mind. And let us not forget Adrian Higgins, who rocks The Post's gardening coverage.

Who could hold his own with Brad in the looks department? You don't really want me to answer that, do you?


Liz Kelly: Hmmm, pretty slow today so far. If I don't get more questions I might have to start holding forth about the merits of flat-front pants.


Alexandria, Va.: Liz,

I am loving Gossip Girls on the CW! Have you seen it? I think it's right up your alley!

Liz Kelly: Not yet, but I keep hearing good things about it. I'll have to give it a try.

You know what show I've really gotten into is David Duchovny's Showtime dramady "Californication." It really is pretty raw, so not for the kids, but very funny. And David Duchovny? Hot. Just FYI.


Bionic Woman: It was slow in the beginning but once Katee Sackhoff started kicking butt I adored it. She's awesome in every way.

I think it suffered from piolities aka too much exposition trying to explain background in too short of a time.

I'm willing to give it a chance.

As for Private Practice I HATED the preview in Grey's last seasons so I'm not looking forward to suffering through a premiere when I watch it online today...

Liz Kelly: Initial episodes are always so hard, though. They have to jam all the mythology in so we get a sense of the world into which we've been dropped. I like to give shows at least two chances to grab me.

In fact, that happened with HBO's Rome. Hated the first episode, loved the second and all that came after.


Okay you need qustions: does George Clooney only date girls half his age now? Say it isn't so, he seems so nice and sincern and genuine and real otherwise...

Liz Kelly: Yes. Ever since that pig died he's changed.

Kidding. Since George is only dating one girl half his age now, we can hardly call it a trend. And who's to say that his feelings for this younger dame aren't as sincere and genuine and real as the rest of him?

Thanks for the Q. You just shaved at least two minutes off my FF-pants exposition.


Glebe Road: Not a super juicy question, but one about your process for posting snippets to the blog. How do you decide fabulous stories what to include? What is the criteria for putting the bits under Headlines vs. Rumor Mill? Inquiring minds want to know!

Liz Kelly: Not too complicated. I go through about 100 or so sites each morning (and evening) (and most of the day) to see what is being buzzed about.

There are ranges of what makes it to the Morning Mix, though. Despite outward appearances, that is only a small portion of what's available. Hopefully it's the good portion -- the high calorie stuff that somehow doesn't leave you feeling guilty after consumption.

Back to the ranges, though.

-- There are "duh" stories that are obviously big news to celeb news devotees. Keifer Sutherland getting popped for a DUI falls into this category. As does most Britney Spears news these days.

-- The next category are stories that are being buzzed about all over the place. If a story is likely to generate watercooler buzz, I want you to find it in Celebritology first. Depending on how much I trust the source, the quotes and the news, though, that story could wind up in either "Headlines" (stuff we know to be true) or "Rumor Mill" (stuff that might be true, but we're not comfortable reporting it as such). Other "Rumor Mill" includes might be stuff we know is definitely not real. We'll report it as such, but let you know that the very fact that it was out there generated buzz. An example of this would be the false story earlier this week about 14-year-old Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) being pregnant. A rotten hoax, but best to know it was false than hear someone else pass on bogus news.

-- The next category, one that is increasingly filling up the bottom of the "Headlines" area, is crime blotter stuff. Small incremental stuff -- Pamela Bach's court dates, Snoop Dogg's latest charges... that kind of stuff. Seems to be more and more every day. Maybe it should be its own category.

-- Beyond that, I look for things I, and I hope you, find entertaining. Good, bad and ugly pix, YouTube videos, and pretty much anything that I think will keep the blog interesting.

Needless to say, there's not been a shortage of material.


Falls Church, Va.: Liz,

This is a GOG question, but I missed their chat and I respect your opinions. I have a friend coming into town in mid October. She used to live here. She wants to do some touristy stuff on a Saturday afternoon. What would you plan? Thanks!

Liz Kelly: Well, there's the news Edward Hopper exhibit at the National Gallery. I'm hoping to get down there soon to check it out. Mr. Liz and I are also big fans of the recently re-opened National Portrait Gallery and Museum of American Art down near the Verizon Center.

And, if you feel like a mini-road trip, try Baltimore's American Visionary Art museum. All are google-able.


Flat Front, Ga.: Why is the flat front vs. pleated pant subject even debated any more? I don't know a single man (or married either) who looks good in pleated pants.

Liz Kelly: Well, it's important that I put this considered opinion out there.


Columbia, S.C.: As a woman, I'm surprised you like Californication, which has the most ridiculously written female characters in television history. That show is wish-fulfillment for 40-year-old dudes.

Liz Kelly: True. But it's funny. The writing is really done well. Granted , most of the good lines are delivered by Duchovny. But I don't think this show makes women look any more one-dimensional than, say, "Sex and the City" did men.


Since George is only dating one girl half his age now, we can hardly call it a trend. : Well, she's not ME, so I DO have a problem with it! lol

Liz Kelly: Fair enough.


Washington, D.C.: Whats up with Evan Rachel Wood? I thought she really brought down my opinion of Across the Universe and I just read the Post article about her tattoo from Marilyn Manson. Is anyone actually interested? His video with them having sex while it rained blood was horrible.

Liz Kelly: She's kind of a goofball, eh? Well, she's only 20 so I guess she's allowed.


Sorry Liz: When I actually have something to say you never post it...and now I have nothing to say and you need me!

Life's funny isn't it? Mwwwaaahahahahaha!!

Liz Kelly: It is. This is great stuff. Keep it coming.


15th and L St, NW: I'm writing you early today because...just kidding, I know your readers hate that! All this stuff about Britney makes me think about when I was in high school, and I wanted to break up with my boyfriend but was too chicken, so instead I just acted like a complete jerk until he broke up with me. Can this type of immature behavior explain Britney's actions? Is she trying to break-up with her children/mom/career? If all this is not an act, then I just don't know what to think!

Liz Kelly: I don't think Brit has it in her right now to plan that sort of multi-layered scheme. I think what you see is what you get with Brit right now. She's hit bottom and keeps skipping along there like a rock on a smooth pond surface.

The question is, what is it going to take to stabilize this girl and get her the help she needs? I mean, my god, the woman is completely bat guano at this point. She's inviting photogs into bathrooms, walking around with ratty weaves, etc. What more could she do to cry I NEED HELP? I guess, though, $800,000 a month income (or that's what Kev says she pulls in) goes a long way to stave off facing reality.


LOST Discussion: Man Liz, that was an awesome discussion. We missed you but Jen and Jeff Jensen were great. We had some awesome questions! Can I just say once again how much I'm enjoying the book club?

(ends fawning)...

washingtonpost.com: "Lost" Book Club

Liz Kelly: Yay. I'm glad you're enjoying it. So am I. We might have to continue it in some form even once the season starts.


Clooney Dates: George should date two woman half his age.

Liz Kelly: As long as he doesn't go to the next level and date four women a quarter of his age. That would be bad.


Celeb Web site monitoring: Are you hiring? I love to search celeb gossip pages, and would love a job doing just that. I'd be a great assistant.

Liz Kelly: Well, I can't say I wouldn't love having an intern. My warmest thanks and the occasional substitute blog post would be the only reward, tho.


Arlington, Va.: Liz, while the majority of shows I watch are pretty mainstream, I find that the ones I get the most attached to, i.e. Freak and Geeks, 30 Rock, are the low-rated shows with tiny, but devoted fanbases, that end up facing premature cancellation. Obviously, I think the shows that I like are the best. However it's clear that most of America does not agree.

Going by the line from When Harry Met Sally regarding the fact that "everyone thinks they have good taste, but they can't all possibly have good taste," do I actually have bad taste? Does this mean that According to Jim and Wife Swap are actually the quality shows?! Help.

Liz Kelly: No. You have great taste. It's just not mainstream enough to sustain the kind of eyeballs advertisers require, I guess. This is why I love cable shows. There's more creative freedom there and less ratings pressure. One of my favorite shows, "My So Called Life," was cancelled after only one season.


Spector and O.J.: Too bad those guys didn't pal around together.

Liz Kelly: Well, it's never too late.


Alexandria, Va.: With the new TV season starting, it feels so weird to be watching new shows again and hard to fit them back into my day-to-day activities. I feel like such a pawn to the TV people! How am I supposed to get over this? I am feeling especially resentful towards the LOST folks. How about you?

Liz Kelly: I'm not feeling too resentful. Mr. Liz and I use the hell out of our DVR. It keeps us sane. Seriously. Try it out. It's freeing.

As for "Lost," I'm still hoping they don't move the show to Mondays at 8 p.m. ET come January (as rumored).


Fairfax, Va.: Okay, I adore The Soup -- it lets me know what is going on in the world of horrible reality TV without having to watch the shows. However, it has also brought a show called "Fashionista Diaries" to my attention and now I want to know more! Where and when does this air?

Liz Kelly: That sounds like a Style Network show. Let's see...

Hunh. Color me surprised. It's actually on SoapNet. Two full episodes are available online at the above link. This does look good. Thanks for the tip.


George's New Girl: A waitress and "Fear Factor" contestant? Really?

Of course I don't see him dating a Nobel prize winner, but he seems like a smart guy to me. What do they talk about...?

Oh wait. Nevermind.

Liz Kelly: Wait a minute. Why are we assuming that a "waitress" and "Fear Factor" contestant can't have the requisite number of brain cells for carrying on a coherent conversation?


I'm surprised you like Californication, which has the most ridiculously written female characters in television history. That show is wish-fulfillment for 40-year-old dudes.: I agree.

The same can be said of "Entourage," but somehow they get away with it. "Cali..." does not.

Liz Kelly: See, I think it does if you recognize going in that the whole thing is completely misogynistic.


DWTS: So who do you think will win this season's "Dancing With The Stars"? My money's on Helio Castroneves, and I can hardly wait to see him samba!

Liz Kelly: I dunno. I think the Cheetah Girl chick is looking pretty good out there. She can really dance. And, actually, Mel B's not slacking either.

On the other end of the spectrum, Marie Osmond and Jane Seymour need to be eliminated post-haste. Especially that Marie.


DVR: Okay, will you pay for it? How much are those things, anyway?

Liz Kelly: Well, my cable company here in Arlington provides a DVR-enabled box for an additional $9 a month -- or something like that. Not too dear if you're already paying a cable bill anyway.


If Spector and O.J.: opened a nightclub with Robert Blake, what would they call it?

Liz Kelly: Wall of Juice?


Dreamboat Centr, AL: Exhibit A of George Clooney's sex appeal:

George Clooney

Liz Kelly: That was a dirty, low-down stinking trick, you. I demand reparations.


I love to search celeb gossip pages, and would love a job doing just that. I'd be a great assistant. : Um, we're all searching celeb gossip pages and assisting her already. We're all interns here. The reward is getting a post in.

Liz Kelly: Yep, there's that, too. You guys rock. I could never do half of what I do without you.


Anonymous: Hey! You forgot Rox & Amy. Those of us who are NPR nerds love listening to Roxanne on "Wait Wait." Celebrity, after all, is relative....(to some extent). My "would kill to meet" may be your "who's that?"

Liz Kelly: Good point. Roxanne is fab on "Wait, Wait."


Best Show Ever...: ...that everyone seemed to love at watch but still got canceled:

Sports Night.

Liz Kelly: Yes! "Sports Night" rocked. And I'm not the biggest sports fan.


Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.: Hey Liz, As a proud member of the Celebritology Facebook group, I have an important question that only that only the chatters can answer! So it's not quite celeb-related, but cut a girl a break! I just got a manicure, and inevitably I chip a nail in a day or so. I'm not a careful person and a manicure is a treat, so I need to buy the nail polish to fix these imperfections. The problem? I went to a salon and was told "we don't sell the polish" and the nail place I visited didn't have my color (dark purple in the OPI fall collection). Can the chatters give some advice where to buy the new OPI nail polish fall colors? Thank you fellow Celebritologists!

Liz Kelly: A quick visit to the OPI site reveals about a dozen salons/suppliers in D.C. that carry OPI. Maybe call ahead and find out if they have your color and are willing to sell it?


Krav Maga: Have they taught you how to kill people with a knish yet ?

Liz Kelly: No. Maybe that's in one of the advanced classes.


Reaper: Okay, did you get a chance to see the new CW show, Reaper? I know, I know, it is on the same time as that insipid "House." Tom Shales gave it a good review so I watched it and REALLY enjoyed it. And, Ray Wise as the devil -- brilliant! For you Twin Peaks fans, Ray Wise played Leland Palmer (who was possessed by the evil spirit "Bob").

Liz Kelly: I did not, but I also heard it was good. What's the deal... a couple sold their unborn child's soul to the devil?


Washington D.C.: LINDSAYYYY.. are you out there.. where are you... I miss you... and your newsmaking antics..

Liz Kelly: Channeling Lindsay: I am still in rehab where I am in the odd position of actually having a leg up (not like that!) on newbie Richie Sambora.


Girl Crush: I love Heidi Klum. Okay? And I'm a girl.

After three kids -- three! -- how does she look so fabulous?

Liz Kelly: Good genes? Good eating? Lots of exercise? A great outlook on life? Probably some combination of all of the above.

Did everyone see the photo of Milla Jovovich in the Mix this a.m.? Thanks to a diet of Krispy Kreme donuts her weight has ballooned to 193 pounds during her pregnancy. That's a lot considering she probably weighed 120 or under going into it.

Of course, being Milla, she's still stunning.


If you want something to watch: Try Heros, it came back on Monday and has totally rocked. Some of the characters still irk me but it did rock.

Liz Kelly: Cool thanks.


Bionic Woman: Definitely watch Bionic Woman. I never got in to Alias, Buffy or Dark Angel but am totally into Bionic Woman. Go figure. It's great anyhow.

Private Practice needs more time to be good but it's starting off "okay." Which character was played by Moon Zappa?

Liz Kelly: Cool. Thanks.


Anonymous: What was your take on Rosie O'D canceling all her book appearances? I thought her excuse was lame.

Liz Kelly: I agree, lame, but I suppose that's her choice. I can't imagine it's going to help book sales. So while it may make her happier not to put herself out there, I'm sure her publisher is groaning thinking about the backlog of books that may never sell now.


Richmond, Va.: I love to eat in general (I'm 180 lbs, don't tell anyone) and I'm definitely a fan of bagels and Krispy Kreme donuts, but this horrifies me:

"For breakfast, she was eating three bagels smeared with butter, peanut butter, and jelly; for lunch, a box of Krispy Kreme donuts."

How is that possible?

Liz Kelly: Ya. That's incredible. It's as if she hadn't eaten for most of her life and suddenly, free to eat as she chose, caught up. I like a Krispy Kreme as much as the next girl, but the sugar in even one or two starts to give me the jitters.


Virginia: Do you ever frequent the Oh No They Didn't Web community on Livejournal? It might be worth checking out....

Liz Kelly: Sometimes. I have an RSS feed, but could probably check it more.


MacGuyver: If Knight Rider gets remade, they should remake MacGuyver

In this high-tech world there could be so many cool plot lines.

Liz Kelly: You know, that's not the worst idea I've ever heard. McGuyver 2010. I'm feeling it.


Nightclub: I was thinking of something more along the lines of a hip-hop dance club called Beat 'n' the Rap.

Liz Kelly: Nice.


RE photo of Clooney: Are those front pleats on his bermuda shorts?

Liz Kelly: I didn't look long enough to notice. My eyes started stinging.


Washington, D.C.: Where is Britney's mom during all of this mess? I know Brit's grown but I keep think her mom should show up and do something. Or is she and it's just not being aired?

Liz Kelly: As far as I know, Britney has pretty much cut mom out of her life. I think K-Fed sees more of Brit's mom these days since both are supposedly concerned about Britney's handling of the kids.


Brit going all "bat guano": Wasn't "Bat Guano" the name of Slim Pickens character who rode on the bomb in the movie Dr Strangelove? There's an image....Brit with her America's Next Top Model hoochie weave straddling an explosive device. YEE-HAW!

Liz Kelly: Yeee haw, indeed.


Milla in that brown satin dress....: looks like a giant chocolate eclair. Yikes, that was a bad choice of outfits!

Liz Kelly: Oh c'mon. She's preg. She doesn't look that bad.


Pleated Pants: Liz, I was recently in Blacksburg visiting (GO HOKIES!) and my friend and I went to the mall in Christiansburg to get him a "business casual" outfit. I'm sad to say that we found ONE pair of pants that were flat-fronted. The rest had the dreaded pleats. Why do manufacturers insist on the unsightly buldge?

Liz Kelly: Awww, you were in the good old Montgomery County Mall? Is it still across the highway from Wal-Mart? Does it still suck out loud? Oh wait, it must if all you could find was one pair of flat fronts. I'm guessing America's expanding everything makes pleats a more attractive option, though certain individuals might claim it is the disproportionately large thighs indiginous to the New River Valley.

Maybe try going up to Roanoke next time?


Washington, D.C.: My dentist saw Terry O'Quinn (Lost's John Locke) on a flight from Hawaii last month. She said he looked exactly like he does on TV. I wonder if that means he's walking around sweaty and dirty all the time....

Liz Kelly: Well, that'd be okay.


OJ/Blake/Specter bar name...: "The Last Call"

Liz Kelly: Or maybe "Double Indemnity?"


Men in pleated pants: I've been begging my husband to stop with the pleated pants. We went shopping and he tried on some flat fronts. He is very thin and the flat fronts made him look like a famine victim. I've not mentioned it since. Pleated pants for him.

Liz Kelly: Eye of the beholder, I guess...


OPI: You can get it at ULTA in Springfield or Silver Spring. I LOVE that store!

Liz Kelly: There you go. OPI galore.


Washington, D.C.: So, I was reading through the one of your postings again and just noticed there will be an X Files part deux. I'm not sure of how I feel about this. The show was great but it feels like it was so very long ago.

Liz Kelly: Yes. But if franchises like "Star Trek" can keep the fires stoked for decades, why not Mulder and Scully?


Arlington, Va.: I feel like I just saw someone bring this up recently in a discussion, but I have wondered about it for a while myself. Sometimes when I'm reading an interview or quote from an American celebrity on a Web site for a British paper or magazine, they'll have words like "mum" or "row" in the quote. Now I would imagine that perhaps Madonna or Gwyneth Paltrow might throw in some of their wannabe Euro speak, but most of the time, it seems clear that the words were subsituted.

I was just wondering if this is common practice and completely acceptable? I realize that usually it doesn't change the meaning of the quote at all, but it still just seems weird. Is it just to appease the rabid British celebrity gossip hounds or are they still bitter about the fact that American English exists?

Liz Kelly: Bear with me, Arlington. I'm trying to get a specific explanation for you from the British publication that seems to make this a regular practice.


Annandale Dude: The Post's biggest celeb for me is Fritz.

He is my adult beverage drinking hero.

Liz Kelly: Ya, that boy has some kind of tolerance. And, just fyi, rocks a pair of flat front pants like nobody's business.


Cardiff, Calif.: My goal isn't to bash Angelina Jolie here, but it seems to me she actively courts the media and is constantly "opening up" about something or other. Reading about the trauma her son Maddox has obviously incurred due to photogs always snapping his picture, shouldn't she consider retreating from the public eye to protect her children? I mean, it's fine for HER to be in the media, but sounds like not so much for her kids.

Liz Kelly: Good point. There was a story (linked in the Morning Mix) about parents at Maddox's new NY school snapping pics of Brad or Jen when they drop off/pick up Maddox at school. I'm sure that would be a bit daunting for a kid. Should Angie and Brad step back and let a nanny or driver do the to/fro school commute?


Mantua, Ohio: Is it me, or does Dakota Fanning give off a distinct heebee jeebie vibe?

Liz Kelly: Hmm. Not to me. She's still young and, especially now, is at that awkward age between childhood and womanhood. Maybe, though, you saw "Hounddog" and were justifiably freaked.


Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: I'm late! I'm sorry. I've been busy. I actually just wanted to say that folks sometimes give you a hard time about what you post (myself included, refer to: Wyman, Jane) but that doesn't mean we don't love you.

So, how about last week's Date Lab, eh? Am I the only one who still gets pumped on it? Do you think people are hoping for a successful date and are getting wary of the jerks?

Liz Kelly: Thanks Dupont for the kind words. I have had nothing but fun with the Jane Wyman back-and-forth we've had over the past week or so. I can't help it if some folks out there don't recognize a true star when they see one.

Seriously, though, I need feedback to keep the blog vital. If you guys don't tell me when something falls flat, well, I'll be disappointed.

As for Datelab -- I hate it. I love it. I have to read it every week. That doctor from last Sunday's column. What a d**che.


OJ/Blake/Spector: Have to go on "Celebrity (Double) Jeopardy"!!!

Liz Kelly: Hmm...


Stop the Presses!: Jen? Brad's back with Jen!

Liz Kelly: Oops. Did I type Jen above where I meant to type Angie. My bad.


D.C. all the way: For the Friday list maybe you could make it a free for all. Since we kinda jacked the last list with the British beauties.

Liz Kelly: True. Or I could make it a Friday List brainstorming session.


Mens Wear Dept, Tysons Corner: Has anyone noticed that Liz' Celebrity Fantasy Man, is not always a fashion plate when it comes to pants?

For example, his Jack Aubrey character's pants look suspiciously unplain:


And there's this image of Crowe on the ranch, were it appears that he forgot to wear his Depends:

Crowe Again

Liz Kelly: I'll end on this note because that pic of Russell as Jack Aubrey just stopped me dead in my tracks.

See you back here next week and, of course, every day in the blog.


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