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The Redskins

Jason La Canfora
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Thursday, October 11, 2007; 1:00 PM

Washington Post staff writer Jason La Canfora was online Thursday, Oct. 11 at 1 p.m. ET to take your questions about the Redskins.

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Jason La Canfora: Hello there, sorry for the late start. Technical issues.

Okay, big win last week big game this week. Looking forward to my first trip to Green Bay.

Let's get it started.


Silver Spring, Md.: BLOG FIGHT!

I think Jason should team up with Cindy Boren and take on Steinberg and Jamie Mottram in a cage match! Winners gets a guest post on the loser's blog/bog!

Jason La Canfora: Just having a little fun and calling it like I see it.

Cindy and I could tear them to shreds if need be, however.


Herndon, Va.: What is with the piped in crowd noise at FedEx? I heard it a lot during the Giants game, and a couple of times last week. Is that legal now?

Jason La Canfora: Getting a lot of e-mails on this lately and the NFL is looking into it. When you have the biggest stadium in the NFL, that's beyond lame to be cheating like that, but I find it hard to believe that all the people e-mailing about this are lying.

Wouldn't surprise me in the least if it's true and if they get fined for it I will definitely write about it.


Bethesda, Md.: Everyone says Mike Sellers is the most underrated Redskin and I agree he is underrated, but can we get some love for Prioleau? He quietly seems to be a very important part of that defense.

Jason La Canfora: Pierson does a lot of great stuff, too, but is a situational guy. Mike is on the field a ton of the time between offense and special teams, is a vocal and emotional leader and really sets the tone of physicality on offense. Runs the ball, catches the ball, lead blocks, blows people up on teams.

He's the man.


Toronto: We have one of the best safety tandems in the league. How long is Sean Taylor signed for? I hope we can keep this tandem for a while.

Great job!

P.S. Join the Army -- Suicidal Tendencies

Jason La Canfora: He has two more years left on his deal beyond this season (2010 voids out).

My stinking iPod wont turn on -- so if I seem a little distracted -- but I love Suicidal.


Rickybobbyville, Md.: Jasno,

Brandon Lloyd said that the only reason he got into the game last week was because his teammates called up to the booth and demanded it. Is that true?

Speaking of Lloyd, how in the world will they be able to afford $6 million in dead money on Lloyd, $5 million in dead money in Springs, x amount of dead money on Brunell, etc? They are already committed to about $136 million for only 43 players, and the cap is expected to be around $116 million. Has cap hell finally arrived after this season? Is that what it will take for Snyder to finally learn his lesson and start building through the draft??

Jason La Canfora: Wooooh, slow down my man. Lloyd will end up counting $1.8 in 2008, Brunell is only like his original proration of $1.5 in 2008 if a June cut, Springs likewise would be $2.5.

These guys will also convert a ton of base salaries to signing bonuses -- same as always -- and lower a bunch of cap numbers. One thing they do is play cash over cap and they have to keep doing it to keep the team together. Give them credit -- they often don't spend wisely but they are willing to spend big to get talent.


not guy in the PDX: What are your plans for the big trip to the very un-frozen tundra? Soak it all in? Snag a piece of turf? Beer sample platter?

Jason La Canfora: Nate my man, good to hear from you.

I plan to sneak into Lambeau Sat. night with two cases of beer and 10 brats wearing only a Speedo and spend the night sleeping on the field under the stars the way man was intended to ...

Nah, I'll be at some bar in Green Bay going nuts pounding 'em watching my Sox, then get to the stadium early, check out some tailgating, walk in early and see as much of the stadium as possible.


Arlington, Va.: Have the Redskins been approached by teams losing their quarterbacks for Mark Brunell? Would Gibbs give him up for a draft pick or wide receiver?

Jason La Canfora: Does not appear to be much interest in him and the trade deadline is Monday.


Capitol Hill, D.C.: It seems like every time the 'Skins ask James Thrash to do something he delivers.

Why isn't this guy a bigger part of the offense more frequently?

Jason La Canfora: He is the ultimate team guy and a real inspiration to a lot of people at Redskins Park. Every year Coach Joe says at the end of the season that they should have thrown to James more ... then they go out and spent a ton on other WRs. But in reality given, James's age and speed, he is a perfect fit as a 4/5 WR and a real stud on special teams and he always finds a way to make a few huge plays every season even in a reduced role.


Washington, D.C.: JLC, the last time the 'Skins really laid the wood to somebody (52-17 over the Niners in '05), they went out and lost four of their next five. On the heels of the Detroit game, are we in for another letdown? The schedule certainly does nothing to help protect against this; this is a pretty tough road ahead.

Jason La Canfora: They have 5of the next 7 on the road, lot of tough games ahead ... but against the NFC anything is possible. No real heavy weights over here to me.

I wish I had the answers for you boss. If I did I'd bet the homestead, take the entire blog out to Vegas for a proper blowout, quit the job and live off the winnings. Instead, I'll be grinding away in the media room at Redskins Park, so shows what I know.


Ashburn, Va.: JFL,

Shouldn't the 'Skins extend Suisham before he leaves us?

The guy is money and the first kicker we've had in a long time who didn't break his leg stepping out of the shower...

Jason La Canfora: He's had a few misses lately -- included in each of the last two home games if I recall. No reason to rush on that one. He likes it here and these guys spend bucks, so if he has a strong season they could easily get him extended before the start of free agency in March.


Lee: Mr. Jasno,

Did the Mighty Mite re-do Portis's contract, or is he still a huge cap hit next year?

Jason La Canfora: That contract has been renegotiated like three times and probably will be again after the season.

He is due to make $5 million base in 2008, but like always they'll probably convert a lot of that to bonus, guarantee it up front, and thereby slash his cap figure with the lower base salary.


Bucktown Skins Fan: Do you know the origin behind Seller's "Gravy Boat" nickname?

Has Rocco started two-a-days yet?

Jason La Canfora: I don't, and I'm not sure I want to know ... but I'll look into it anyway.

As for Rocco, yeah, he's going hard in mid-morning and late afternoon, throwing back two jars of baby food during each feeding to go with his healthy ration of, shall we say, his liquid diet. He slipped to the 75th percentile in weight at his 6 month check up, and I am determined to have him back in the 95th by 9 months.

Perhaps a daily helping from the gravy boat will help the cause, come to think of it.


Warsaw, Va.: You're killing me here, the blog needs to know. Who has the no trade clause in their contract?

Jason La Canfora: Vinny Cerrato ....

Just kidding. You'll have to wait, bro. Letting the tension build.


College Park, Md.: How do you see the offensive line coming together through the rest of the season? For a makeshift group they've done well so far.

Jason La Canfora: Still a little early to make any strong statements. Not sure how Fabini will work out over the long haul, although Randy Thomas seems to be doing pretty well in his recovery.

This iPod is killing me. Won't turn on at all. If I have to reload all these songs again on a new one I am going to go postal on another printer.

As I sang to my wife the other night after finally getting the new printer installed: "I fight technology, but technology always wins."


Jakeweed in Miami, Fla.: Red Sox??? What gives? I thought you were a B-More homey?

Jason La Canfora: B-more to the core, bro, but a Sox fan going back to 1984. Just sorta happened. Sorry.

Plenty of Johnny U, Natty Boh and old Colts memorabilia in my basement though, promise.


Washington, D.C.: LaVar made a comment a couple of weeks ago guaranteeing the departures of Chris Samuels and Clinton Portis after this season. What does he know that you don't?

Jason La Canfora: Nothing in this case.

They both have big, big cap numbers, but they will go cash over cap for guys they really want to keep. Clinton's health will be a big one, and as I've said before, I would not be surprised at all but 1-2 of the class of 2004 is gone by next season (Brunell, Griff, Marcus, Springs, Daniels, Portis, etc).

But I don't see Samuels going anywhere unless he had some kind of career-threatening injury.


Kevin NJ: No trade...Ladell Betts?

Jason La Canfora: No dice ... Kevin NJ


Philly: I have been to games last year and this year and have not heard the piped in noise at all and we sit by those speakers. Is there any legitimacy to the claim?

Jason La Canfora: Like I said, got a bunch of e-mails from people in various parts of the stadium saying they have heard it. Behind the end zone, etc. It's always tough to prove, but it is against the rules.


B. Favre: Is it too early to start discussing whether I will return next season?

On a related topic, am I actually good or do I just throw the ball 50 yards straight up in the air and hope my receiver catches it?

Jason La Canfora: I think you'll be back and it's never too early to talk about you retiring. Heck, you've made a cottage industry out of it.

And, you are good, but when you flip out and start doing the chuck and duck it gets ugly fast. That weak quasi-shuffle pass to Urlacher was crazy, dude.


John From Cincinnati: Jason Campbell:

Who's he gonna be?


Trent Green

Steve McNair

Jason La Canfora: I'd pick McNair from that bunch. Very steady, athletic, a born winner and leader. Not as prolific as BBM, but an elite QB who simply makes big plays in the clutch for a long, long time.


Chris Lindsay -- iPod City: Jason,

Try holding the "Menu" and the "Enter" button(button in the middle of the iPod) until a black Apple trademark appears. Then hit menu again and see if that helps.

Jason La Canfora: Thanks, bro, Been trying all kinds of combinations of holding stuff down but nothing working .... okay, now after doing this have an apple symbol up on the iPod. Progress!!!



Bend, Ore.: Was Golston's inactivity on Sunday simply a factor of Detroit being a poor-running team or is this another step down after his demotion from starter. I mean you haven't heard anything about his "packages" not being called, have you?

Jason La Canfora: It's got everything to do with Detroit's overall speed and disinterest in running the ball.

Would not be surprised to see Ked watching again Sunday given Green Bay's pass-run ratio (68 percent, most in NFL) but see Ked filling a big role in the NFC East games and down the stretch. Very good kid, just not super athletic and not going to get much of a pass rush. He definitely still has a role as a valuable back up.


Silver Spring, Md.: Jasno, bro, spill the beans. Who were the two journalists that almost threw hands after the game last Sunday?

Jason La Canfora: This whole thing is beyond silly. First of all, it's awful lame for our bogger to throw it out there like that. Secondly, he didn't even see what happened and it was no big deal, trust me.

No one ever came close to throwing blows and this kind of thing happens all the time in this industry with so many competing media entities at work in the same locker room.

If it was newsworthy at all or out of the norm, that's one thing.

Then again, if you are going to bog about it and try to stir the pot, then you might as well say who did it, because people reading would have no idea what happened, because obviously they are not in the locker room.


It was no big deal and trust me, nothing to see here. I had nothing to do with it but both people involved later spoke to me about it and again, tempest in a tea pot. This wasn't even handbags at 10 paces.

Another reason for RI to man up in the bog war, eh?


Brooklyn, N.Y.: Hey Bro,

Doesn't the organization get significant credibility for trading up for a potential franchise QB?....that makes up for about 5 mistakes they've made....Give my owner some love for once.

Jason La Canfora: Letting him rot for a year and a half was strange, but that looks like the making of a franchise-altering trade perhaps. They have needed stability at this position for what, like 15 years, and I truly think this kid is going to be very good, like I've been saying for a long time.

"In The End" - Suicide Machines

It's back baby. Viva the iPod!


Vincent Chase: Is Joe Gibbs still cracking the whip like last week after his media blow out. And stop knocking the show, baby,

Jason La Canfora: We'll find out on Friday, Vinny. That's usually the most terse, tense day of the media week.

If I'm a 'Skins fan I'm hoping he reaches out and wrings my neck or something. If it ain't broke ...


The Real 81: How many dropped passes must I have before people stop listening to anything I have to say?

Don't you wish I was in D.C. so you could write about me, JLC?

Jason La Canfora: You're a clown a lot of the time, but when you're on, you're on. Personally, I loved the letter. Great stuff. I am all for that.

Now, the dropped passes, bro? Can't' have that against the Pats.


Falls Church, Va.: I second the motion for a Blog Fight, with winner getting a guest entry on the loser's blog/bog.

But how do you go about doing a blog/bog fight...

Jason La Canfora: Good question.

I am game for whatever, though.

"Say Hello To Angels" - Interpol


WDC: With Carlos Rogers catching his first interception and going to the house, unlike the year he had 6 or seven drops and him missing out on the Pro Bowl, are we looking at a Pro Bowl season for him? Really, the guy seems so scared to make a play on the ball it's almost laughable.

Jason La Canfora: Hold your horses bro. Long way to go before talk Pro Bowl.

However, that was the first Pick 6 for a 'Skins DB since Ohalete in 2002. Weird, eh? That's a long, long time. With all these pass-happy teams they face should be chances for more to come.


Silver Spring, Md.: A sound bite from Randle El indicated that the coaches told him to say he is questionable (during the bite he sounded like he was snickering about being questionable). Does that mean he is out for Sunday? If so, who takes his spot?

Jason La Canfora: Not looking real good for him right now. They could shift Thrash there or have Thrash/McCardell split time there.


Upper Mayberry: You didn't take Steinberg's piece on The Receiver too personally did you?

Jason La Canfora: Hey, we've all got opinions. I am way down with freedom of speech, open forums, etc.

The only part that I objected to is his flimsy idea that opinions on Lloyd break down in "Old Media vs. New Media"

Pluheeze. Weak.

Do your homework, that's all I'm saying.


Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: Jason,

With the depleted receiver corps, any chance we must see Reche Caldwell this week or anytime soon?

Jason La Canfora: He was in a fair amount last week, bro, and will likely be up again Sunday. Didn't catch any balls, but heck, some people get $10 million guaranteed and go weeks without doing that.


Section 433, Fed Ex Field: There's no question that they are piping in crowd noise...Noticed it at the Giants game. The first time I noticed it was at the Eagles game last year. Sorry to disappoint everyone but they do it.

Jason La Canfora: Like I said, have received like 15 e-mails after the past few games from people saying this. I have no idea if it's true or not, but that's what the e-mails have said.

"Frizzle Fry" - Primus


Manassas, Va.: "Jesus Christ Pose" -- Soundgarden

Given Green Bay has the same general attack as Detroit (spread it out, pass all over the place, ignore the run) is there any reason for Gregg Williams to change his philosophy from last week's game? Pressing and rushing just 4 worked like a charm, and Fav-rah is well known for his propensity to throw pickles when he gets frustrated...

Jason La Canfora: Not sure if they will play exclusively Cover-2 this week as they did last week -- maybe a return to a lil more Cover-3 -- but as for the rest of the game plan, I think it'll be similar.

GB has a better line though and will make more adjustments to protect Favre than Martz does, though, so it might take more blitzing in general. In fact, I'd be surprised not to see at least 3-4 more blitzes.


Washington, D.C.: What is your relationship like with Gibbs? We know how Snyder feels about you, does Joe feel the same? Do they act this way to all beat writers or just The Post?

Jason La Canfora: I have no idea what Snyder thinks of me, since he doesn't speak. I could take a pretty good guess, though. And, frankly, when you cover a team that has lost this much that's how it should be. I'm not here to please the front office.

As for Joe, I have a very good working relationship with him, though of course we don't always see eye to eye.


Baltimore: Jason,

I noticed during the game that Betts wasn't involved as much as usual; I thought he may have been hurt. I'd much rather see Portis getting the bulk of the carries because I think he is better, but the coaching staff does love Betts, and they should; he's a selfless, tough, nice change of pace back. Any reason for the reduced role against Detroit?

Jason La Canfora: B-more, gotta love it.

As for Betts:

8 carries vs. Det

7 vs. NYG

6 vs. Philly

So since week 1, when they were feeling their way with Clinton, it's been pretty stable.

Actually, his 10 touches Sunday were his most since Week 1


Springfield: We're really banged up, Campbell's due for a bad game, Favre always has big games against us, and the Packers are seriously ticked off about losing to Chicago. This ain't a formula for a W. Yet, Peter King is predicting we'll win. What does he know that I don't?

Jason La Canfora: A lot of people think Green Bay is very overrated, and the Pack can't run the ball at all, which is not good. Most NFC games are basically a toss up, so I can see people making a solid case either way in this game.

"Kennel District" - Pavement


Washington, D.C.: Today's article states that Keenan McCardell received his second Super Bowl ring with Tampa Bay 2002-2003, Are you saying he received his first from the Redskins? Reason I ask is because I read an article in last weeks paper that says because McCardell was on injured reserve in 1991 and did not play for the season that he did not receive a Super Bowl ring from the Redskins that year.

Jason La Canfora: Yep, he got a ring in 1991 despite the injury. Pretty classy, eh? Nice move.


Rockville, Md.: Jason,

If you were starting a new team, who would you rather have as your QB? Campbell, Romo or Eli?

Jason La Canfora: Gimme JC.

Rock solid and steady and I see him having fewer ups and downs over the long haul. Romo might have more numbers, but I also think he likes the limelight more than JC and has more of that gunslinger in him (for better and worse).

Eli's been better this season and will be solid, but look how long it's taken him already.

JC after 11 starts vs. him at that point is no contest.


BA: Bethany Beach, Del.: I know I'm jumping the gun here a little bit, but how do you see the Oct. 28 matchup against the Pats faring? Don't you see our secondary giving Brady some fits? With a strong pass rush that Sunday, I really feel, if we play defense like we did against the Lions, we can pull the upset in Foxboro. Thoughts?

Jason La Canfora: I think they have very little chance of generating anything close to that pass rush with just a 4-man rush against the Pats. Pats best O line in NFL -- Detroit probably worst.

Different schemes, much better personnel in New England.

No one has really even touched Brady this season and Kitna been sacked like 27 times.

That's going to be one helluva chore for the 'Skins D.

Let's be real: If they hold the Pats to 21 points they have more than done their job. Up here, on the road in a game like that, you gotta score.

"Sunshine" - Handsome Boy Modeling School


Pittsburgh: JLC,

I was reading last week's chat and came across the people who think Cowher might coach there next year.

Something to consider: Cowher's best friend and mentor is Marty Schottenheimer. I can't imagine, given the experience Marty had there, that Cowher would have much, if any, interest in the Washington job.

Jason La Canfora: Marty and Snyder have actually become closer since he left. If Dan was willing to give up personnel and let Cowher staff the front office as he saw fit -- and that's a huge if -- I don't see it being impossible to consider.

Of course, if they roll to the playoffs and Gibbs comes back like he says he intends to, then it's a moot point.


JC in Germantown: Who, in your opinion, has been the most valuable free agent we've acquired in the Gibbs 2.0 era?

Was Al Saunders brought in as the eventual successor?

Jason La Canfora: Off the top of my head, Cornelius.


Columbia, Md.: Shawn Springs has barely appeared on screen during the last few games, has his role been reduced lately or is it that they don't throw to him and he is just doing a great job?

Jason La Canfora: Very few passes thrown on him.

Did a lot of underneath work in the nickel against Detroit and was not always out wide.

He remains very vital to what they are trying to do this season.


New Orleans: Do you have any indication that Gibbs and Saunders will continue to utilize Mike Sellers as they did against the Lions?

Jason La Canfora: Over the course of the season I think Mike will continue to be used in this kind of role. Now, in any given week that can change -- and he'll be needed to really help in protection some weeks, but he's going to get his carries and runs.

"Lived In Bars" - Cat Power


Jason La Canfora: Well guys, practice just ended so I gotta run. Sorry for what I could not get to and thanks for the iPod help.

As always e-mail me at for anything I didn't cover and check out the blog.

Have a great weekend.



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