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Ayesha Thomas of Gaithersburg and daughter Abeba Baptiste, 10, pick out clothes for the coming days on Sunday nights, when everything seems harder. Sunday nights mean Monday mornings are just around the corner.
Ayesha Thomas of Gaithersburg and daughter Abeba Baptiste, 10, pick out clothes for the coming days on Sunday nights, when everything seems harder. Sunday nights mean Monday mornings are just around the corner. (Mark Finkenstaedt Ftwp - Mark Finkenstaedt)
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The Washington Post Weekend Section
Friday, October 12, 2007; 12:00 PM

The staff of Weekend, the Washington Post's weekly entertainment guide, covers what's happening in the Washington area. We'll field your questions on everything in the section to weekend getaways and kids' activities. We write about all kinds of fun things to do and we're happy to talk to you about it.

They were online Friday, Oct. 12, at 11 a.m. ET.

Ever get the Sunday night blues? Well, this week we look at ways to beat 'em. Also, Richard Harrington talks to the one and only Queen Latifah and also chats with Joaquin Phoenix. And there's more -- we offer a guide to pumpkin patches within a scenic drive of the D.C. area.

A transcript follows.

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Weekend Now Discussion Transcripts


Curt Fields: It's that time again when we all gather to gab about fun things to do in the D.C. area.

Want help making plans? We'll offer our ideas.

Got a comment about the Weekend section? Fire away.

Our cover story this week was on beating the "Sunday blues." Do you get'em? If so, got any tips for fending them off? (We'll link to the story soon.)

Let's get started...


Bethesda, Md.: Big Dilemma, my boyfriend and all of his friends have gone to the "Bodies" show in Virginia and they keep on talking about it. I know this is the last weekend to see it and I really want to -- for me it will be like wanting to peek at a bad accident on the side of the road. Will I have nightmares forever if I go see it?

Jenny Abella: I was the same way before I went to see it -- I thought I'd be completely grossed out. It is a little creepy at first, but then you quickly realize it's actually fascinating, seeing what makes us all tick in a way that TV and photos and video can't show you.

_______________________ The Sunday Slump ( Weekend, Oct. 12)


Ballston, Va.: Does Queen Latifah have any plans to return to hip-hop? The Empowered Queen Latifah ( Weekend, Oct. 12)

Richard Harrington: It's been ten years and Latifah has been pretty busy but she told me she's been working slowly on her next hip-hop project, wants to make sure it comes correct. Look for something well into next year at the earliest. She did perform "U.N.I..Y." for the first time in many years on an A&E "Private Sessions" show in late September, so that may still be floating around in rerun heaven....


Arlington, Va.: What are your favorite pumpkin patches?

Jenny Abella: I'm not into pumpkin picking, but I do love corn mazes. I've only been to one in the area -- last year -- and I had such a blast that I'm planning on going again: Thurmont's Lawyer's Winterbrook Farm, which has a huge maze to wander through. This year it's a pirate theme.

Plus, they have a Pumpkin Cannon. You have not lived until you've launched a pumpkin into the air in hopes of hitting a tractor yards away. We'll have a link shortly to other farms in the area. Anyone else have a fave they want to plug?


College Park, Md.: What do you think about Maroon 5?

Richard Harrington: Personally, I have a hard time listening to what is actually decent soul-influenced/inspired rock without thinking about what a jerk lead singer Adam Levine is, as one of the biggest dogs in show business. After a while, that stuff colors your perceptions and you have to work to seperate the art from the artist making it.

Curt Fields: And now suddenly I'm hearing Clinton's bow-wow-wow-yippi-yo-yippi yay, Atomic Doooooog in my head. Thanks Richard! (Fortunately it's one of my all-time faves)


Beat the blues: I catch up on my week's TV shows on Sunday nights (thank goodness for TiVo)!

Jenny Abella: Bless the inventors of the DVR, right? Actually Sundays are a big night in general for TV since people are a captive audience on the eve of the workweek; there's a mix of shows, from football and "Family Guy" to "Dexter" and "Brothers & Sisters" (my personal Sunday vice).

Who else has a way to beat the Sunday blues? Share with the class, please.


A couple of blocks away: Hey Curt, your Michael Moore DVD line made me laugh out loud!

Curt Fields: Thanks. I try.


Fairfax, Va.: Any good movies out this weekend?

Jenny Abella: Hmm. Desson Thomson says "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" is overdone, and Ann Hornaday says "We Own the Night" falls short. But George Clooney's "Michael Clayton" expands to more theaters this weekend, and it's gotten rave reviews across the board. And the documentary "Angels in the Dust" is riveting, so says our critic Neely Tucker.


Washington, D.C.: Is "We Own the Night" good? Looks very much in the style of "The Departed"....

Richard Harrington:"We Own the Night" does have that conflicted characters element--brothers rather than opposed undercovers--and there's a mob element, Russian instead of Irish--and both share Mark Wahlberg. But it feels more like a throwback to '70s and early '80s films like "Serpico" and "Prince of the City"--a Sidney Lumet style police proceedural with rough edges and little relief. There are a few plot holes but it's solid without being spectacular....and Joaquin Phoenix, subject of our In Focus feature, is , as always, intriguing....


The burbs: Coming in to meet up with visiting friends. Cleveland Park or thereabouts is the location. Any suggestions for a Saturday afternoon dining spot?

Jenny Abella: The CP is my neck of the woods. I like Spices (Asian), Alero (Mexican) and Yanni's (Greek). If the weather's nice, those last two have outdoor seating. Indique (Indian) and Sorriso (Italian) are nice as well. Or you can head down to Woodley Park to Open City Diner, which is pretty good too.

_______________________ Joaquin Phoenix, Hollywood's Reluctant Starl ( Weekend, Oct. 12)


Who else has a way to beat the Sunday blues?: We order chinese take out so I don't have to cook or dress up, just hang around, watch TV and get my lo mien fix. The place near me has this soup that's Wontons IN egg drop soup, the best of both soups. yum, now I'm hungry.

Jenny Abella: That soup? Sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing your tasty cure for the blues. Who's got another?

Curt Fields: But where would one go to get that soup? The suddenly hungry crowd wants to know!

_______________________ Pick Your Pumpkin: Maryland ( Weekend, Oct. 12)


Washington, D.C.: So with all this talk of Sunday Blues -- I have this Sunday completely free -- do you have any inexpensive and fun ideas to help me forget about Monday for a bit longer? Something in the D.C. area and Metro/bus accessible would be ideal!


Tracy Grant: Gonna be a beautiful weekend -- fall is finally here! The solar decathlon is really cool and free for the wandering of the national mall. Not free but I'm sure worth checking out is the Annie Leibovitz exhibit at the Corcoran. The National Building Museum has a doubleheader with its architecture of africa exhibit and the festival of the building arts on Saturday. If you're in the downtown area, swing by National Geo's explorer's hall for the crittercam exhibit, although the squeamish (or mouse lovers) should avoid the video of the cat on the prowl in DuPont Circle.


Friendship Heights, Washington, D.C.: Thanks for giving the Queen her due! I love me some Latifah!

Richard Harrington: Hey, Latifah rules! Seriously, when you look at the focus of her life, the accomplishments and the range of her career, the inspiration she's provided to so many people, she's quite remarkable.


Arlington, Va.: A group of my friends and I would like to go to a farm this Sunday afternoon, but after looking at the Post's fall guide, I'm unsure of which would fit the bill. We would like a place where we could get pumpkins, eat delicious apple cider donuts and maybe go through a corn maize. The key is that although we have a car, we would like to not travel too far. Is this possible?

Tracy Grant: First off, check out the listings online at There are half a dozen places in Fairfax that would make an afternoon outing very doable. Mount Vernon is expensive, because you have to pay the admission but beautiful this time of year. For apples and cider along with your pumpkins and plenty for the kids to do Cox Farms is your place, not far from Centreville. Have fun!


Falls Church, Va.: How crowded do you think the Corcoran will be on Sunday? I've never been, and since my sister is in town visiting for the weekend, I thought perhaps we'd go there. Do I have to buy tickets to the Liebovitz exhibit in advance, or can we get them at the gallery when we arrive? Thanks!

Jenny Abella: Opening weekends of shows are traditionally pretty packed, so I'd get tickets in advance and get there as early as possible. While you're there, don't forget to check out the "Ansel Adams" exhibit, which is included in the admission. And come back next week and tell us and the rest of the chatters if you like the shows!


Fairfax County, Va.: Where's the rest of the Weekend section? It feels thin and superficial. Are you trying to be USA Today?

Tracy Grant: Sorry you think so. Of course that may be because we've been missing some of our writers recently. We're back at full staff next week. I'd love to know what you've been missing!


Washington, D.C.: As to the Bodies exhibition, the fact that all of the bodies are Chinese is very disturbing to some -- especially those sensitive to the history of racist museum enthogrpahic displays

Jenny Abella: A very good point. Thanks for writing in.


Downtown D.C.: The boyfriend and I are off to the Eastern Shore this weekend, staying in Easton. Both of us like wineries, hiking, and the outdoors. Neither of us want to spend the weekend shopping. So how should we amuse ourselves?

Also, is there a good restaurant in Easton where we could show up in jeans and not get dirty looks?

Finally, we're thinking of stopping in Annapolis on the way out for lunch. Anywhere in particular worth trying?

Thank you!

Christina Talcott: I'd recommend spending some time in the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge, just a short drive from Easton, for a nice long stroll. Back in Easton, there is an Oktoberfest tomorrow and a Harvest Hoedown on Sunday, plus a farmers market and other events; check out for a complete list. As for restaurants where you can be in jeans, I don't have any specific recs, but there are a number of pubs and delis there that are more casual but still serve fresh seafood. It's a very compact town, so walking around for an hour or so will give you a chance to pop your head in restaurants to get a feel for the ambiance. As for Annapolis, a few of The Post reviewers' faves are Jimmy Cantler's Riverside Inn, 49 West Cafe and Rockfish, or for an early dinner try Lewnes for steaks. I like the sandwiches and atmosphere at Chick and Ruth's Delly, which has been around more than 40 years. (Check out a full list of Annapolis and Easton restos on the City Guide.)


Sunday Blues: I make some sort of Crock-Pot stew on Sunday mornings, invite a friend or two over for dinner, and veg out in front of a DVD. It's low-key, makes my apartment smell nice, and I usually have leftovers for lunch that week.

Curt Fields: Thanks.

What time should we show up?


Meeting a friend: An old college pal is in town on business next week. He's got availability after about 5 on a weekday and is staying at the Madison. Any suggestions for where we should meet for drinks and easy dining? I don't know that area as well as some parts of the city.

Tracy Grant: Georgia Brown's just down 15th Street from the Madison is a great spot, with half-priced appetizers from 4-7 weekdays. There's also a new spot around the corner from the Madison, called Mio, on Vermont Avenue. Nice bar, beautiful open space with cool funky wood carvings hanging from the ceiling. That would tend to be a quieter place I would think depending on what atmosphere you were going for.

Curt Fields: Other options are 15 ria, Helix and Bar Rouge. All have a good drinks menu and are cool spots to hang out and catch up.


Alexandria, Va.: If you were my personal concierge for tomorrow, what would you plan for me?

The only requirement is that I appear in Old Town City Hall to pick up my city sticker before noon.

Jenny Abella: In Market Square tomorrow from 12:30 to 4 is Dogtoberfest with dog-oriented vendors, contests, kids' activities. Might be good for some dog/people-watching after you get your sticker.

If you're not in the mood to stroll Old Town, head to the Metro and you can head to the Solar Decathlon on the Mall, horse show at Verizon Center and Mexicofest, a family festival at the Natural History Museum.

Or get in your car and commune with nature at the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge, where a festival celebrates the birthday of the refuge system with live animals, tours of habitats and more.


Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C.: Downloaded Radiohead yet? And if so, what did you pay?

Or do Post music critics get downloads sent to them for free?

Richard Harrington: Style had a review yesterday. Personally not the biggest Radiohead fan, so no rush to download. FYI there were no free downloads for press, radio or any media. On the other hand, one could be one of the pay-nothing-because-that's-what-you-want-to-pay folks. And that would be wrong!


17th St. High Heel Race: When is it happening this year?

Curt Fields: I believe that it's traditionally held on the Tuesday before Halloween.


Sunday Blues: At least for a few weeks -- make Halloween costumes! I know ... but really, it's fun and involves glitter! (and this year, I was insane and agreed to make a tutu)

Jenny Abella: That's definitely a way to distract yourself from getting the blues. Thanks. Let us know how the costume works out. :-)


Silver Spring, Md.: Richard, did you get any sense of how Joaquin was affected by his brother's sudden death so many years ago? Could that have something to do with his attitude towards the limelight?

Richard Harrington: That was a long time ago and of course he was affected by both River's death and the media's constant playing of Joaquin's emergency phone call. But he was a child actor himself, took a four-five year break before returning in the mid 90s/Struck me as very serious about acting, not loving of the media. and that's OK/


Curt Fields: That does it for this week.

Sorry if we weren't able to get to your question. Between people taking vacations and being out sick we had fewer staffers on deck than usual. But we should be back at full strength next week. Hope you'll come back and join us then.



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