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Thursday, October 18, 2007; 2:00 PM

When stars shave their heads, couch-jump, commit a fashion faux pas and or random acts of tomfoolery, washingtonpost.com Celebritology blogger Liz Kelly shares the buzz, offers perspective and provides crucial links to juicy alternate news sources and, of course, takes your reaction in her daily blog.

Join Liz on Thursday, Oct. 18 at 2 p.m. ET, to gab about the latest celebrity pairings (and splittings), rising stars (and falling ones), and get the scoop on the latest gossip making waves across the Web.

Before she started blogging about celebrities, Liz ran washingtonpost.com's Discussions section, where she enjoyed talking to really interesting people -- including some Post reporters -- on the phone. She still produces both Carolyn Hax's advice discussion and Gene Weingarten's Chatological Humor.

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Liz Kelly: Breaking news: Britney has lost all visitation rights with her kids, effective immediately. And, for those otherwise interested, she still has custody of her little purse pup. A blog item should be up momentarily.

Lots to talk about today, so let's get started.


New York, N.Y.: I used to like Ellen DeGeneres but now I am disgusted by her. This whole adopted dog story is boring enough (and yet it is covered by all the blogs/papers), but I can't believe she is dragging this out on her show. Worse is all these freaks who have sent death threats to the agency. You would think this is Elian Gonzalez and not a dog. Isn't this all a bit too much?

Ellen -- please stop crying! You are being annoying!

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest Liz

Liz Kelly: I have to say I'm a little shocked at how much attention Ellen and Iggy are getting. Not to mention the death threats. Would that the American people were so moved by the war, child healthcare or our country's infrastructure. It's a little embarassing when you stack this public outcry up against the stats about the number of Americans who don't even vote.

The dog will be fine. This will be worked out. He's not being dangled from a balcony or handed over to Michael Vick. And, honestly, Ellen could've settled this quietly, out of the public limelight. Instead we had to be subjected to the ridiculous spectacle of her crying on national TV. Enough already.

(And I call myself a Celebritologist? For shame.)


Those were the days: Both Joey Bishop and Deborah Kerr gone? Our stars and starlets should look to them and their lives for some good guidance of how to have longevity, respect and poise while still having fun. I also throw this out there so no one is unhappy with you bringing it up, Liz! BTW -- I am in my 20s and know who both were and what they did.

Liz Kelly: Well, these things tend to happen in threes. Who will round out the trifecta?

Liz Kelly: And, agreed, it is sad to see the stars of yesteryear slowly fade into oblivion. But let's not completely sugarcoat their lives.

After all, Joey was a member of the Rat Pack -- a gang of guys notorious for knowing how to have a good time, if you get my meaning. Hardly Boy Scouts.


Jes: Liz, really great posts this week. Were you at all surprised by the virulence and quantity of responses to any of them (cough, Oprah, cough)

Liz Kelly: Thanks Jes. It makes up for last week, which Mr. Liz described as "kind of a lame week of lists." At least he tells it like it is.

I was actually glad to see the response to the Oprah piece -- whether the commenters agreed with me or not. Oprah is one of those people that we either love or hate. There is no waffling. We all have an instant, primal reaction to the woman. Mine is obviously not of the positive variety these days. If you don't agree with me, fine. I can concede that she does good work and is incredibly generous. She also strikes me as incredibly condescending. I guess the two aren't mutually exclusive qualities.


SMACK: Hey Liz, are you doing a caption competition this week? byoolin and I will feel so unfulfilled on Monday to not have again been criminally denied the title of Offical Celebrity Captionologist, and all the associated trappings.

Don't cave in to the haters!

Liz Kelly: Yes, the caption contest will run tomorrow. I had to get that Ellen piece out today. It was one of those posts that just couldn't wait. The caption contest, on the other hand, isn't quite as time sensitive.


Venus: The graceful and lovely Deborah Kerr has died. Most people think of her in "From Here To Eternity" but there was so much more to her. Such as "Tea and Sympathy" with John Kerr and "The Grass Is Greener" with Cary Grant and Robert Mitchum. Not to mention Kerr and Grant again in "An Affair To Remember."

This news makes today's so-called stars come across as even more stomach-turning than usual.

Liz Kelly: You might like this: From YouTube, one fan's tribute to Deborah Kerr.

An incredible career. From "The King and I" to "From Here to Eternity" to a role in the Peter Sellers Bond spoof "Casino Royale."


Colbert: What is the deal about him running for president? Is this supposed to be a joke? Or is he really running? What is his point?

Liz Kelly: Coincidentally, this announcement coincides with the release of his new book, "I Am America (And So Can You!)." Hmm.

I guess he's kinda running. He hopes to get his name on the ballot in his home state (or is it?) of South Carolina. According to a story yesterday by The Post's own Howard Kurtz, Colbert plans to file papers to run in both parties' primaries in the state. Why he doesn't devote his personal fortune to an independent run -- a la Ross Perot -- I don't know. Seems he'd have a better chance.

It'll be interesting to see, though, the results if he does end up on the primary ballots. Will he draw a large percentage of the vote? Will the traditionally apathetic college-age audience that loves Colbert turn out to support him? If they do, and in large enough numbers, I think that will send a huge message about the stagnation of the American political system. Not that it'll ultimately change things, but it could show that we at least have a pulse.

My big question is will post.com seek him for a live discussion to include in the candidates series of chats -- which is continuing right now in another auditorium with the other candidate from South Carolina.


13 & L NW: According to the GoG's there was a fire emergency in the post building. I know you're probably not there, but what's going on??

Liz Kelly: Hey there, 13 & L. There was a fire alarm in the post.com building in Arlington. Probably just a drill. But apparently everyone was required to shlep outside.

I'm working from home as per usual, so no fire drill for me. Which also means no post fire drill ice cream.


Charlotte, N.C.: I almost decided to skip your chat today, assuming it would be filled with people saying "give that little dog to the nice kids already." As someone who's been in animal rescue for years, I know the frustration rescues feel. We don't arbitrarily create rules to hurt people's feelings. I'm with a large breed group and we WILL NOT adopt to homes with small children. No one will intend to hurt anyone, but a 100+ pound dog is dangerous with small kids to fall over. Similarly, some lovely, wonderful people without kids have been turned down for all sorts of reasons. Their energy level and the dog's were at odds; the dog is an escape artist and they have a short fence; their current dog or cat doesn't have the right chemistry with the adoptee. Whatever. The whole point of rescue groups is to put a dog in a forever home, not see an already abandoned, neglected, or abused dog shuttled around, possibly to a less appropriate home.

All that said, the real point I wanted to bring to your chat today-and this is how I'll make it celebrity related-is that threats and repercussions are not limited to those who dare oppose the famous or wealthy. I couldn't count the times I've been screamed at, cussed at, or threatened because our group, politely, tactfully, and with genuine care for the people involved, said no. Many people, of course, are wonderful and continue to work with us until we find just the right fit for them. Others pull an Ellen. Please, people, most of us are overwhelmed and spending more of our own money than we have to place these animals. Cut us, and them, a break. Oh, and Ellen? You and your toadies can go... well, you know.

Liz Kelly: I have to agree with you, Charlotte. Ellen signed those papers. She should abide by the terms to which she agreed. I know her heart's in the right place, but I don't think her hissy fits are helping the situation at all.


Brit Brit Kids: Just when you think the Britney news will slow down... What is being speculated as the reason for the new order from the judge? Is it a power play b/c of her publicized (and rather ignorant) comments of him? Or did eff up some other way? Yes, I realize that those possibilities are endless.

Liz Kelly: According to the E! story, the commissioner is waiting for proof that Brit has complied with the court orders required of her -- namely proof that she's initiated some form of parental counseling.

I would conjecture that Brit hasn't yet started the process and the judge is playing hardball.

She seems to have enough time to shop and tool around town in pink wigs, so one would think she could devote a portion of her week to improving her parenting skills.


Arlington, Va.: I'm sure you have been flooded with Iggy posts, but as a volunteer for a rescue shelter, let me offer my tuppence.

Because we see so many abused animals, rescue agencies have a jaundiced eye regarding those who want to adopt. This is why there are contracts, home inspections and interviews. While these may seem draconian, they serve a purpose, not the least of which is to allow those who aren't really serious about a dog to self-select out of the process.

That said, an intelligent agency worker knows when to back off, or to be flexible. For example, a family with a mentally retarded child might, technically, pose a risk for a dog. However, it would be cruel to not weigh this risk against the potential life-changing value of a pet in such a child's life.

And, of course, there is always the risk that being too restrictive will push a person to simply buy from a breeder, thus undercutting the whole idea of pet adoption.

Finally, there is the dirty little secret that some of these animals are damaged goods. When placing a potentially disruptive or intolerant animal, it is prudent to give the potential owner a little slack.

All of which is just to point out that the situation isn't always so black and white. The situation with Iggy seems to be a case where this was forgotten.

Liz Kelly: This is the most sensible posting I've seen to date re: Iggygate.


Washington, D.C.: Liz! I hope your tattoo looks fabulous! Can't wait to see it!

Liz Kelly: Thanks. I'm going to hold off showing it for a few weeks. Yesterday we managed to finish the outline and much of the shading -- all black. We won't add any color until a couple of weeks from now. I'd rather wait until that portion is done before the big reveal.


Talking SMACK in byool, IN: Don't worry, Liz. Whenever you - shall we say - "overlook" my suggestions, I award myself the the title of (un)Offical Celebrity Captionologist, and I am kicking butt.

Three down: Teresa Brewer.

Liz Kelly: There you go. Don't let me stand in the way of your fame and celery.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Liz,

I'm with you in the Not-A-Member-of-The-Oprah-Church-and-fan-club. I knew I was over her when I watched a 20/20 (or something like that) interview about her visit with poor children in Africa and she sported diamond studs the size of eyeballs the whole time she cried about the poor kids.

I think she's lost touch with the common man & woman but what do I know...

Liz Kelly: Agreed. I think Oprah lives in a rarified world where receiving $20K worth of shoes from a friend of equal stature is a normal gesture. And she's surrounded by people who reinforce her opinion that she is the center of the universe. So while she may be utterly well-intentioned (which I think she is), she needs a serious dose of reality.

She needs to like be stranded on a desert island with a basketball as her only companion and do some serious soul searching.


Just Wondering: Hey Liz,

How did the tatooing go? Are you able to type with that arm? How bad does getting a tatoo hurt?

A Tattoo Virgin

Liz Kelly: It's fine. It's sore, but not too much.

All went well. I was in the chair for five hours, but -- as I said above -- we're still not done.


I think I have Sta, PH: So, I understand that Britney's visitation rights have been suspended because she didn't properly register her address with the drug testing center (rumor, I dunno). Anyhow, what exactly has she done that suggests her mere presence endangers her children, even if supervised?

I'm not saying she's not a bad mother and out of control, but the tactics of K-Fed's lawyers just seem vicious. Is this really better for the kids?

Wow. Work is too slow today, obviously. I'm tearing up for Sean Preston and...uh, the other one...what's his name?

Liz Kelly: Well, I think one would agree that we've pretty much established that Brit abused substances when she had custody of the kids. Was it alcohol or something harder? We don't know. But I think that alone is enough for a judge to take a long look at whether or not this person is capable of caring for a children and keeping them safe from harm.

I don't know that K-Fed's lawyers have been vicious. They're not savaging her in the press. They are merely working to keep the kids away from Spears, which is their job. If they are keeping tabs to make sure she's complying with court orders, then shame on her for playing into their hands.


Silver Spring, Md.: Fun fact: I work at National Geographic, right near the Post main building, and we had an evacuation drill this morning. Wonder if they schedule them by geographic proximity?

Liz Kelly: Hmm. Well post.com is in Arlington, so that may just be a coincidence.

Turns out it was just a drill. Everyone is back at work now.


Uwan, Tibet: It seems a bit, I dunno, unspiritual to give the Dalai Lama a big lump of precious metal. Maybe a nice scroll would have been a better choice. What will he do with that gold medal, anyway?

Liz Kelly: Melt it down and reform into a Buddha statue?


North McLean, Va.: Liz, more tattoos? Now you'll never be allowed to adopt a puppy.

Liz Kelly: North McLean?

What's next? GPS coordinates?


Brit and Iggy: Don't you think a lot of the kerfuffle has to do with the fact that Ellen gave a scenery-chewing performance on TV over Iggy and we've not seen any over-the-top gnashing of teeth, beating of breast, or high-pitching keening over the fate of the young Federline boys? Which is sad. Brit missed her chance, which was to cling to the boys as the sheriff pried them from her loving arms, and then chase the car down street, tears streaming, crying out, "Don't take my babies!" I mean any semi-talented writer could've scripted it out for her and that growing portion of America that needs its emotional cues to have the subtly of a steamroller, could have read the signs to unleash their violent and inflamed passions. But maybe I'm just a cynic?

Liz Kelly: True. I think Ellen's unexpected public fit definitely pushed Iggygate further into the spotlight. But death threats against the organization? I mean, come on. As I said above, this organization may be rigid, but they do have the best interests of the dogs they place at heart, right?


PG County : Have you seen the commerical with Serena Williams where she just does the Voice Over but you only see a body jumping and dancing around from the neck down? Other than not being able to afford her "image" why do you think they don't won't to show her face?

Liz Kelly: Is that the ad for her new clothing line? Aneres?


Liz Kelly: Oh my. I'm watching the Anares runway slideshow. Some hideous stuff here. Tartan sleeveless two-piece get up with black lace midriff thinamajig. Is she designing for Scottish hookers?


Fairfax, Va.: Dear Liz,

Are you going to show us pictures of your fabulous new tattoo?? Inquiring minds want to know...

Liz Kelly: In a few weeks Fairfax. It's not done yet!


Joey Bishop: He did stay married to the same woman his whole life, and had a career that was not impeded by his man fun. I think that's the crucial line - can you have fun and misbehave in a way that does not alienate your fans or cause you to lose roles and gigs. After all, in the end, celebrity is a profession. And Britney, Lindsay, etc. are not helping their careers with their shenanigans. The Rat Pack was smart enough to make it (mostly) endearing.

Liz Kelly: Yes, there is something endearing about Dino's shnockered good natured singing. "Ain't That a Kick in the Head" is a favorite of mine.


Aneres? : Barf. Liz, your clothing line could be Zil.

Liz Kelly: I prefer Htebazile. It has a certain je ne said quoi.


Alex, VA: Every time I see that Serena Williams clothing commercial, I think it's Wesley Snipes from To Wong Foo...

Liz Kelly: You are bad.

I like that about you.


ijustcan'thelpmyself: So Brit lost the kids because of saying bad things about the judge outside of the courthouse? I guess that's mildly plausible. I'm thinking it was something else though. She probably did something outrageous in Parent Training, on the first overnight visit or failed a drug test. What think you?

Liz Kelly: No, I doubt that remark cost her the kids. But it is a very telling remark -- she's painting herself as the victim of the big bad cruel judge.

For anyone who missed it, this was Brit's assessment of the commissioner overseeing the custody case:

"He is so mean. Just an old fart. He told me I was being catty with him, but he was being catty with me and paid me no respect at all."


Washington: Tattoos are, in principle, unpleasant for me -- mostly because I am terrified of needles. However, I was considering having my social security # tattooed on the bottom on my foot. You know, just in case something happens to me and I don't have any ID. I've been told that this is morbid. What do you all think?

Liz Kelly: Well, tattoos are a personal thing so I won't judge. I will say that sounds like an incredibly painful place to be stuck with needles.


Oh, Liz!: John Edwards is from NORTH Carolina!

Liz Kelly: There's a reason I write about celebrities. Well, several. This is one of them.

Rephrase: "The other candidate from the Carolinas.


Omaha, NE: Liz, what is the back story on your tat? Is it a big deal just because it's going to literally be big (as in size)? I think I came in half way on this thread (during a Gene chat) and am just wondering what makes it Super Awesome Wow so everyone keeps talking about it. (None of this is in sarcasm, I am a fan of tattoos and am looking forward to seeing the pics).

Liz Kelly: It's not super awesome wow. I think Gene's making a big deal about it because he's not a tattoo person so he's fascinated by someone who is.


Dino: I gather that Dean Martin didn't drink nearly as much as people thought he did, and reliable sources have revealed in recent years that it was mostly just shtick. Otherwise he wouldn't have lived to his late 70s and been so successful for so long.

Liz Kelly: Fair enough. I'm willing to believe that. Though I will also add that my grandfather drank a bottle of Canadian Club a day and lived to 73.


Chicago, Ill.: If I may disagree a bit on Iggygate -- the shelter should have cut Ellen and the kids some slack and just left the dog where it was. It's a freaking dog for crying out loud, not some faberge egg. Look, I recently adopted a dog from a very prominent shelter here in Chicago, and there was no home inspection, no follow up visit, in fact not even so much as a "how's it going?" (But we have been invited to the annual fundraiser gala, of course.) I have no idea whether the fine print in our adoption papers says anything about giving the dog to a third party, nor do I care. My dog would be better off going someplace I'd chosen than going back to that shelter again, for that I am sure.

Liz Kelly: Would you be disposed to cooperate with Ellen after she called you out on the most public of forums? Also, is it even fair for Ellen to use her show to plead her case?


Colbert: Smothers Brothers sidekick Pat Paulsen ran for President many times, starting in 1968. Colbert is hardly original in that respect, albeit in others.

Liz Kelly: And Screaming Lord Sutch ran for British parliament several times on the Monster Raving Looney ticket. History is littered with novelty candidates.

Colbert, though, has an incredibly large following.


Capitol Hill: John Edwards was born in South Carolina. He moved to North Carolina with his parents when he was quite young. You know your stuff Liz, don't let them playa hate.

Liz Kelly: And where was "Dawson's Creek" filmed? That'll help me remember.


Washington, D.C.: Seems like some serious Oprah hating going on here. She's probably got more reality going on in one finger than any of you haters.

Liz Kelly: Or more bling. Whatever.


I heart U, not Oprah:: Didn't read the piece yet, but I'm with you all the way. I find her terribly condescending. And her new-agey, hocusy-pocusy schtick irritates because I know people are buying it. She does too--but she should know better than to tout her views as definitively as she does. (And I bet if you don't agree with her, she doesn't like you. But would pretend she did.)

Liz Kelly: And, as some commenters pointed out in Tuesday's thread, to promote books like "The Secret." Not exactly scientific stuff.


Tattoo? : I must have missed something in the blog. It's a portrait of Russell Crowe, isn't it?

Nobody ever sees my tattoo. I got it when I was having my pre-29 birthday crisis. My family has never seen it because they make snide remarks about tattoos a lot. I think my in-laws would cry if they saw it. Not because of the subject matter, just the fact that I have a tattoo. Maybe I should have a big reveal myself and see what happens. And then I can be like, oh, that old thing? I got that when I was 15 and hooked on meth.

Liz Kelly: Ya know. I've had tattoos since I was 19, but didn't show my mom and my brothers until a couple of years ago when we were on vacation in Italy. I knew there was no way I could go two weeks without baring my arms.

They totally surprised me. I got ribbed, sure, and my mom made sure to tell me about the latest tattoo removal technology, but they didn't judge me. And when I showed my mom the new tat last night she blanched at the size, but said it was "pretty." Mom rocks.


Cherrydale, Arlington, VA: Tell PG County that ALL the HP ads refrain from showing the celebs face.

Tell Alex that it's an HP ad not technically an ANERES ad.

Tell HP they must need a new ad firm.

And don't tell me I'm cranky - I know - it's the hypothyroid meds!

Liz Kelly: Okay, I'm putting this out there so Cherrydale doesn't turn on me next.


WP, NY: Really, Colbert has a large following? I find him annoying. And I am a flaming liberal. Liking him and being willing to vote for him are hopefully two different things...

Liz Kelly: Yep, huge. Bigger than that of Barack Obama, I would guess. But, again, I'm getting out of my metier, so I'll leave it at that.


Dawson's Creek: Wilmington, N.C.

Liz Kelly: Thanks man.

By the way, I have to take a second to thank Arts & Living editrix Maura McCarthy for lending me her "Freaks & Geeks" DVD set. I mentioned here last week that I'd never seen it and she came to my rescue the very next day. Mr. Liz and I are four episodes in and totally hooked.


true confession: I'm no Oprah fan but if I could find a way to get into her "My Favorite Things" show, I'd do it.

Liz Kelly: Because you'd get a pile of her favorite things, yes?


Fo, MA: Just where is rock-bottom for Britney? Each time I think she hits it, it goes lower. Losing custody to K-Fed? Is there something lower than that?

Liz Kelly: I don't think we've seen rock bottom for her yet. And won't as long as she's got an estimated $700K a month in income. She can afford to be as loopy as she wants as long as she can keep her topsy-turvy little world intact.


Sober friend(less): Any comment on the reports that Owen Wilson, that dear desperate boy, has been spotted drinking heavily at LA watering holes recently?

Liz Kelly: I included the item about Wilson in the Morning Mix rumor mill this a.m. It was only reported in a few places -- and none of them credible sources -- so I'm hoping against hope that it is untrue. The last thing he needs is to start self-medicating again.

But it's entirely possible and wouldn't be the first time a sick person didn't get well immediately. If true, let's hope it's another step towards ultimate recovery. He was fabulous in "The Darjeeling Limited." I'd hate to see him throw that talent and promise away.


Washington, D.C.: The people that watch Colbert (and the Daily Show) are not the stereotypical "non-voting college age kids." That's as wrong as Bill O'Reilly's stoned slacker comment. A lot of his fans are active partisans, but they find the MSM coverage to be lacking. Also, I wish Colbert could get into a debate with the other Republican candidates. With his faux right-wing persona and legitimate deeply-held religious beliefs, he could definitely win some fans, if not votes, haha.

Liz Kelly: Let's hope you get your wish, D.C.

So are you a slacker stoner?


SS tat: I would think tattooing one's Social Security number on the bottom of a foot would be a bad idea....anyone at the beach or wherever you might have your shoes off would know your private info.

Liz Kelly: Thank you for being the voice of reason. You might really regret this and be forced to shred your foot.


Joey Bishop Show: Not that you young people would remember, but Joey Bishop once had a late-night talk show, and a very young Regis Philbin was his sidekick. There was some serious disagreement one night and Regis literally walked off the show for good. It was what passed for reality TV then.

Liz Kelly: Memories. Like the corners of my mind.


Burt Reynolds: Did you see where Burt Reynolds is taking part in some reality show where he builds a TransAm -- like the one in "Smokey and the Bandit?" I think it's on DIY network. Just saw a commercial for it last night.

Liz Kelly: Oh cool. No, I didn't see that.

Love "Smokey and the Bandit." Some of Jackie Gleason's best work.


Oprah, Part Deux:: Not that I ever loved her, but that whole "Hermes is racist because they wouldn't unlock the doors for me to shop on whim" pissed me off. Please. Someone treated her like an "average" citizen and look what they got.

Liz Kelly: Well, we have her side of what happened and their side and I don't think we're likely to find out what actually transpired so, in that case, I withhold judgment.


Bethesda, Md.: You can watch serena ad for HP here...

Liz Kelly: Ahhh, thank you Bethesda.


Washington, D.C.:

Bill Maher certainly does have some humdingers in his movie resume, but the guy also has a degree from Cornell (Ivy League School) and he's obviously pretty bright. Whether you agree with his opinions or not, they are well thought out.

Liz Kelly: Oh, agreed. I wasn't suggesting that he's ill-suited to his current gig. In fact, I am a regular, loyal watcher (even if he did have that yenta Joy Behar on last week's show). Just having a little fun with some of his past work.


Oprah: If you really want to find out how self-absorbed Oprah is on her show, watch it with foreign subtitles, then you'll realize how much she makes it more about herself than her guests.

Liz Kelly: I'd rather not. Seriously. The less Oprah in my life, the better.


D.C. cab with meter: Hey Liz, You've encouraged me to start watching "Lost." Except ... now what? I need to get caught up, but I'm not one of those netflix people? Can I find past episodes online? What do I do? Thanks!

Liz Kelly: I know season three is online -- not sure if the earlier seasons are. You could just break down and spring for the box sets. That way you'd have them and could lend them out when you inevitably start your "Lost" evangelizing.


John Goodman: ...is announcing he just came out of rehab. Do you know for what addiction he was being treated, and how serious it was? Do you think his case is legit, as opposed to all the folks who make a high-profile production of going into rehab when it conveniently helps their image?

Liz Kelly: Nope. No details have yet been released as to what sent him to treatment in the first place. Good for him for keeping it out of the spotlight.


Tattoos: The Nazis tattooed millions of innocent victims (you still occasionally see an old person with the numbers on their arm). To some of us of a certain generation, no tattoo can ever be a good tattoo, just because of what tattooing represented historically. And five hours in a chair, followed by soreness, followed by more sessions? This isn't dentistry, Liz. It's not for your health.

Liz Kelly: I appreciate your writing in, but I think this carries things a bit too far. Tattoos were a common form of body adornment long before the madness of World War II. Does a Maori tribesman's tattoo inspire the same distaste.

As for the rest of your comment -- we all have our own values and mine tell me that five hours in a chair and a little (and I mean very little) soreness is well worth the beautiful art my tattooist is inscribing on my arm.


Lost episodes are : available on iTunes.

Liz Kelly: Thanks!

And I'm out of here. See you here next week and in the blog tomorrow for the Caption Contest and (hopefully) a Friday List to boot.


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