Monday, Oct. 22, 2 p.m. ET

Redskins Post-Game

Cindy Boren
Post NFL Editor
Monday, October 22, 2007; 2:00 PM

Post NFL Editor Cindy Boren was online Monday, Oct. 22, at 2 p.m. ET to discuss Sunday's Redskins/Cardinals game and all the latest Redskins news.

A transcript follows.


Cindy Boren: Greetings, chatters! I'm a longtime blogger on Jason La Canfora's Redskins Insider and a first-time chatter. Wouldn't you know that, my first time out, I go up against part of the Wilbonator's chat? Gack. What are these peeps thinking? Anyway I edit all things NFL- and Redskins-related, so fire away with questions. We can make this as free-wheeling and wide-ranging as you'd like -- Dumbledore? Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook? Michael Vick? Ellen DeGeneres? The Red Sox? The Rockies? -- but it's hard for me to look past the big game the Redskins have this weekend in New England. Anyone catching a whiff of Eau de Upset?


PDX, OR: Cindy, what's it like dealing with all the outsized personalities on the WashPo sports pages? It's probably a lot of fun at times, but it seems like you've got your hands full with that collection of talented knuckleheads.

Cindy Boren: Hey there! Thanks for the question. You're absolutely right on all counts. It is an enormous honor and privilege to work with all these talented people, but it is a challenge, too. You definitely have to come to work jazzed every single day -- thank God for caffeine! There's just no better job on earth. Even on those rare occasions when the talent is taking a backseat to the knuckleheadedness.


Metro Center: The games are getting close, but the Redskins still need a reliable kicker. I know Suisham hasn't had many opportunities, but his accuracy from beyond 40 yards isn't very consistent. Do you know if the Redskins plan to hold any kicker auditions like last year? Would Vanderjagt be an option or is he sitting at home getting liquored up because of his past?

Cindy Boren: Metro, I could not agree with you more. Since hitting three against Miami, he has missed from 48 (Detroit), 39 (NY) and 41 ('Zona). This is an enormously troubling development. The Patriots' defense isn't that great, but I'm not sure of the Redskins' offense, either. They're gonna need points in New England, anyway they can get 'em.


Silver Spring, Md.: What I don't get is why they don't move JC around in the pocket more with all of the offensive line issues. I would prefer to see him rolling out of the picket on some bootlegs and letting him create more with his legs. I wonder if the coaching staff is just not willing to trust JC's playmaking abilities, he seems to do really well on the move.

Also since we can't run the ball in traditional ways not pass to our running backs or find other ways to get the ball to them. A short pass is as good as a hand off, especially with the back in space.

Cindy Boren: Hi-ho, Silver Spring. I could not agree with you more. They have a QB who's, what, 6-4, 5 and 230ish. Lord knows he's solidly built (remember the way he got bent like a pretzel in preseason?). Why don't you let him free-wheel a bit? It'd certainly keep defenses honest and, maybe, build a cushion that wouldn't evaporate early in the fourth quarter.


Boston: Is there a plausible game plan the Redskins can use to stop the Pats offense this week? Stuff the run? Who needs to run... Double covering Moss? Nope... Single cover Stallworth? Nope... Single cover Welker? Nope... Blitz Brady? Nope...

Cindy Boren: Boston, congrats on the big win by the Sawx last night. Well...on paper, the Redskins have the secondary to match up against Welker, Stallworth and Moss. Of course, paper isn't worth bubkes and I'm not talking about the Chicago Bears' great linebacker. If I'm a coach, my plan is to try to control the ball on offense....which is no easy task with the offensive line looking like a Revolutionary War fife-and-drum squad. There is some thought that the Patriots' defense is its Achilles', that Belichick runs up the score to camouflage that. Of course, the offense has been an Achilles' for the Redskins...and we've discussed the problems with field-goal kicking. Still, that's the way I'd go. Pound the Pats with Sellers and Betts. Finesse 'em with Portis and some passes. And set JC free in the open field.


Westminster, Md.: Is the passing-game problem that they don't trust Campbell enough to let him wing it, or that the receivers can't get open? If it's the receivers, why don't they give Caldwell and McCardell more of a chance? Are Moss/ARE just not getting it done, or are they not calling plays for them?

Cindy Boren: Westminster, for the most part, I don't think the receivers are the problem. Sure, they've dropped a few they should have caught, but have you noticed how many of Campbell's passes just take off and sail over the guys' heads? I'm mystified by that. Seems like something that could be worked out.

(P.S. Sorry about the question marks in my earlier post; the cut and paste thing failed me big time. No wonder Kornheiser hates the Internets.)


20001: Not necessarily a Redskins game specific question, but more of a FED/EX field comment.

WORSE GAMEDAY EXPERIENCE anywhere in sports!

I go once a year and it is just SO CROWDED!!!

Just had to vent since I was there yesterday.

Cindy Boren: 20001, you were a great Kubrick film. I'm interested in hearing more about the gameday experience. I've heard a lot of negative comments this year...much more so than in the past. I'd like to know more.


Redcoat, Va.: Hi Cyn, good to see you here. The WashPo gets a pretty bad rap from a lot of 'Skins fans because of it's so-called "anti-Redskins bias." I think that's hogwash, but what say you on this matter?

Cindy Boren: Redcoat! Welcome! Glad to see you all over the Redskins Insider and joining me here. Honestly, we really aren't biased for or against the team. We have the same mission as the rest of The Post: to provide fair, balanced coverage. Sometimes, the team and its fans don't like that. But we really do try every single day to be fair.

We also strive to give fans a platform. They're the peeps who pay the bills and they have no voice.


Washington, D.C.: We are deer, standing in awe of the rapidly approaching headlights known as the N.E. Patriots. Should we throw in the towel now, and try to prevent our team from incurring further injuries by limiting the action of our key players? Or should we fight to the bitter end, against all odds, risking the already fragile health of our guys?

Cindy Boren: Washington, I salute you....The team can't just not show up for the game! Although I confess it would be kinda funny to turn on the TV Sunday and hear the sound of crickets in Foxborough. Fight, fight for old D.C.! To the bitter end! Against all odds! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Wait. Sorry, I channeled Bluto. How well they fare here will do a lot to determine just who they are. We all look at 4-2 and say, "hmmmm, they could be 6-0; they could be 2-4" and we don't know what to make of them. We'll know about 8 p.m. Sunday.


Megskin, D.C.: Is your heart just as shattered as mine to find out Dumbledore is gay? Sigh. Why are the good ones always taken?

Oh, is this a Redskins chat? Oops!

Cindy Boren: Megskin! What a delight to see you here! I confess I said as much to a friend as I was reading the last book this summer. Hooray for Dumbledore!


Sausalito, Calif.: Are you a born-and-bred 'Skins fan, or have you become a fan over time?

Cindy Boren: Sausalito! I'm actually not a Redskins fan. I grew up in the Midwest, rooted as a kid for AFL/AFC teams (particularly the inappropriately nicknamed Chiefs of KC) and the utterly fabulous Cardinals of MLB. (The football Cardinals, which is what I still call them, existed for me only for about four hours yesterday.) You can't really have a rooting interest in this job, which is one of its few drawbacks. It is fun to try to front-run and find the team that's about to be hot. I will say that participating on the Redskins' blog has been a great experience for me as an an editor. I've met great people who deserve a winner.


Oklahoma City, Okla.: Hi Cindy,

If Sean Taylor wins defensive player of the year, will he have to talk to the media then? Thanks!

Cindy Boren: Oklahoma, OK! Sorry to burst into a Broadway showtune there....Good one, Oklahoma! Sean Taylor is having a terrific season and, no, he won't "have" to talk to the media if he wins DPOTY. But you'd think his agent would encourage him to do so. The thing that fans and fubball aficionados luv about watching Taylor play is that he has only one setting: 11. He doesn't really care about the media, although I believe he enjoys speaking with female reporters. Perhaps one of the Jasons or Mike Wise will don a dress and see if he'll talk to us then!


Homer: This week is a perfect upset scenario for the Skins. The Pats are riding high at 7-0, perhaps looking ahead to their showdown with the Colts. They are playing a non conference opponent who is licking it's wounds from a bad loss and a bad win back to back.

I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

Cindy Boren: I want to think that, Homer. I really do. My brain keeps reminding me that there's always one weekend when the unexplicable unfolds at about four or five NFL stadiums. And besides, maybe the Patriots are gonna be thinking about the game in Indy on Nov. 4. Could this be the weekend, then, to catch that whiff of Eau de Upset? Hmmm....maybe if I put on Mr. Tony's turban, I'd know for sure. My gut tells me it isn't, though.


Potomac Falls, Va.: Hi Cindy,

I have a question regarding Dan Snyder. In you opinion, how do you think the Skins' fans feel about him? I know he is willing to spend to help the team win but I just can't seem to like this guy unlike the great Jack Kent Cooke. Snyder just seems too arrogant and aloof to the public and the fan base. Is this too off-base?

Cindy Boren: This is a great question, Potomac. My sense is that fans feel gouged by him. Note the posts here about the $8 beers and parking costs and such. I can't honestly tell you what he's like because he hasn't really talked much to us in the three years since I've added Redskins to my NFL lollapalooza. I don't think anyone doubts that he burns to win just as much as the rest of Redskins Nation, but there is a disconnect with fans. I wish he were more accessible, to the media and fans, so we could see if you're right or way off-base.


Giving up?: YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. You don't play just to play, YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME

Cindy Boren: Thank you, Herman Edwards.


Skinzville, USA: Cindy,

You crack me up. Question though, have two coaches with 6 SB rings between them ever faced off?

Cindy Boren: about Noll v. Landry?


Dupont Circle: I'm a believer in a win is a win, no matter how you get it, but yesterday sure felt like a loss. What is it with this team and the second half of games?

Cindy Boren: Dupont, a very smart lifelong Redskins fan said to me yesterday, "I'd rather be lucky than good!" Well, sooner or later, you've gotta be good, too. The months of December and January, specifically, are a good time for that. I would say that yesterday didn't feel like a win; it felt more like a non-loss. But the team is 4-2 in a conference that's there for the taking -- no wonder Joe Gibbs wasn't ranting postgame. Now's the time to start getting good.


Herndon, Va.: Ms. Boren, in between answering questions about the Redskins' lack of offense, how about a brief description of what you do as "NFL editor." Tell us the truth, just how hard is it to manage The Post's NFL writers?

Cindy Boren: Eek! This chat flew by! I'm aging in dog years! One or two last Qs....I like this one, since it's my first chat. Basically the NFL editor works with the writers assigned to cover the league, Mark Maske and Les Carpenter, on the stories we feel are important as well as on covering the key games. The thing about the NFL that has changed is how it is now an 11-month league. Really, they take only late June through the third week of July off. And, in that time frame, the fan base is so hungry that you literally must feed it 24-7. It's a great, fun thing to do and I'm lucky to have writers who love it as much as I do. Basically, all I have to do is call Mark or Les and they're off to the races. Same goes for Jason Reid and Jason La Canfora on the Redskins, Camille Powell on the Ravens and, of course, Wilbon and Wise.


Cindy Boren: All righty, then, I think it's time to move along. Nothing more to see here! Hope to rendezvous with you all here again next Monday.


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