Friday, Nov. 2 at Noon ET

College Football

Eric Prisbell and Adam Kilgore
Washington Post Staff Writers
Friday, November 2, 2007; 12:00 PM

Eric Prisbell and Adam Kilgore cover college sports for the Washington Post and were online Friday, Nov. 2 at Noon ET to take your questions about the college football season.

A transcript of the chat follows.


Eric Prisbell: Hello, everyone. I'm back after a week-long trek through the NW, hitting Portland, Eugene, Pullman and --- my favorite -- Moscow, Idaho. I did not get a chance to return the boat load of emails, so I want to thank everyone who chimed in with places to visit in Oregon. As for Pullman, you all were way off. Cool place. Lots to talk about. Heisman race clearing up. a couple huge games tomorrow. Kilgore should be in classic form today, I sure am. So let's make this the most informative and entertaining chat of the season.

Adam Kilgore: You're looking ... LIVE! at the lobby Starbucks of the Atlanta Renaissance. Prisbell is correct, I could not be more fired up for this chat -- I've been listening to Lou Holtz's book on tape and lifting weights for the past 24 hours (with a small break to cover that Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech game last night. I swear Rennie, it wasn't me who stole the jerseys.). I can smell the Varsity from here, but it will have to wait for this epic chat. Lessshh go.


Kent and Washington St., Blacksburg: After last night, has Glennon earned his job back? GT's defense is good and it rattled him several times early. I think Glennon/Stinespring figured out how to manage the pressure brought by Tenura's defense. But next up is FSU, and their D is even faster and more talented than GT. Andrews and Amato will have something up their sleeve. Taylor or Glennon, or a combination of both for the 10th?

Adam Kilgore: Frank Beamer suggested last night the quarterback position is currently a week-to-week decision. If Beamer and Co. feel the best way to attack their opponent's defense is with a mobile quarterback, Taylor will start. IF they feel they need a quarterback who can stand in the pocket and pick apart a defense, Glennon will start. As for Florida State, Beamer hasn't decided which way to go, or at least he hadn't last night. But it means that Glennon, who threw for 295 yards and played probably the best game of his life, may be benched for the next game. Weird.

It's not out of the question that we could see both, for the reasons outlined above -- if Florida State's defense changes up and does something that dictates the other quarterback playing midgame, then we'd probably see a switch. Beamer said last week he would discuss the possibility of playing both.


Rayne, La.: The LSU-'Bama game is the sports media making more out of this game then they should. Since I am a LSU Tiger fan it should be a good game and a close one, but, when you get down to the brass tacts of it, 'Bama is still a work in progress were LSU is a fine, well-oiled machine. In a close game, LSU has too much firepower.

Eric Prisbell: LSU should have too much, but two things:

Don't underestimate Saban. Don't underestimate the parity of the SEC, which is too strong for its own good. It's only fitting this season that the best conference does not have a national title team because everyone beats up on one another!

Should be an emotionally-charged game. LSU wins by 7.

Adam Kilgore: Rayne, I usually agree when it comes to media-driven storylines being contrived and overrated. This one, though, I believe has credence. Nick Saban is in the collective head of LSU's fan base, in the head of Les Miles and in the head of the players. And it's in that order, sort of like a trickle down effect. The fans are on edge and fearing Miles isn't as good as the coach that jilted them, which puts Miles on edge, which puts the players on edge. Jere Longman put it best in a New York Times article Wednesday when he wrote this:

"This dislike of Saban masks a more complicated feeling - dread that he will pull off a win for Alabama with his relentlessly blitzing defense; destroy L.S.U.'s championship dreams; and leave the Tigers' fans with the queasy notion that Miles does not measure up to the man he replaced."

The last idea is the most interesting. I like Alabama to spring the upset and Miles to make a ridiculous decision that makes the LSU fans turn on him and makes his departure to Michigan at season's end a slam-dunk decision. 'Bama 24, LSU 21.


Denver: OSU, ASU, Kansas, BC all run the table. Yes, probably impossible, but 3 out of 4 may happen. Who goes to the championship game? Seems like OSU has easiest schedule, followed by BC, Kansas then ASU. Kansas and BC have to play a conference championship so that helps them with schedule strength. Will OSU get in simply because of tradition? Or does last year's Florida loss actually hurt them?

Adam Kilgore: This is a cool question. As you noted, Denver, this is highly improbable. But if it happened, the Sun Devils and Buckeyes would play, I think. Ohio State is No. 1 right now and have comfortable leads in both polls, enough of a cushion that it seems impossible any team could pass the Buckeyes if they keep winning. Although Arizona State is No. 4 in the BCS right now, a win over Oregon tomorrow would probably shoot them to No. 2 in the polls and No. 1 in the computers. If any team can Ohio State for No. 1, it would be Arizona State, but BC and Kansas wouldn't be able to catch either if they both keep winning.

I'm really, really holding out hope for Arizona State-Kansas in the title game. Pure mayhem.

Eric Prisbell: I would love to see ASU in New Orleans. That would be a great story. Kansas would too.

It's not going to happen.

I'm still thinking Ohio State-LSU.

OSU is in great position right now.

Oregon-OSU is a game I'd like to see in New Orleans.

The ACC is not great. BC has a far easier road than ASU.


Alexandria, Va.: How about them Mississippi State Bulldogs? What do think about Croom for "coach of the year" if they go bowling. He has not had the easiest of tasks and is starting to have some real success.

Eric Prisbell: In a normal year, he might get some consideration if they go bowling. But this is not a normal year. Look at Kansas. Look at ASU. Look at Oregon. Look at Boston College. Those schools were unranked preseason and are now competing for the national title.

Adam Kilgore: It might be nice for Frank Beamer to receive some consideration, based on what he and Virginia Tech had to handle at the beginning of the season in the wake of the shooting tragedy. Croom has been great, and I'm happy he's finally having success. But Jeff Jagodzinski at Boston College is probably in the lead right now. If Dennis Erickson and Arizona State beats Oregon tomorrow, he'll be the front-runner.

And Colleen Belotti has a hammerlock on Coach's Ex-wife of the Year.


Washington, D.C.: We're you guys around when Belotti's wife attacked the Oregonian columnist Canzano? And what do you think of him publishing the account in his blog?

Eric Prisbell: I was in the press box at the time covering the game. And I got a ride down to the game with Canzano (I've been friends with him since we worked in Fresno together 5-7 years ago). I was on the other side of the press box and was not aware of what took place until John told me about it as I was packing up. Then I read his blog. Then everyone read the blog. I understand that reasonable people can disagree on this, but I have no problem with John detailing the scene in the blog because, after all, she came into his work environment to confront him. Everyone who has ever written something controversial has had confrontations with people upset over the stories. But this seemed to rise to another level. Just my opinion.

Adam Kilgore: I'm with Prisbell on this. I can see where the people who say John Canzano was making himself the story are coming from, but I disagree. Really, he wasn't making himself the story; Colleen Bellotti made him the story herself when, as Prisbell said, she confronted him in his work environment. Mike Bellotti, I would imagine, is one of Oregon's highest-paid state employees, if not the highest. On that basis, how he conducts his personal life when it spills into his work is fair game and certainly of public interest.

_______________________ Sad, surreal scene: The nanny and the coach's wife launch an attack (

Eric Prisbell: Here is the link the John Canzano's blog about the "sad, surreal" press box scene.


Herndon, Va.: I hope Mr. P was able to take leftovers from Portland to eat in Pullman. As an ancient NU fan, it's hard for me to ask this, but who wins the Big 12 North - Kansas or Mizzou? AND, any rumors yet as to whom Osborne is looking for to replace Callahan?

Eric Prisbell: Not so fast, my friend. Pullman/Moscow is underrated. Seriously. It's a little different, and you won't find a mall. I had a very nice person with Prosser, Wash., roots take me on a mini-tour of the area. If ever in Moscow, Idaho, hit the Country Club, which looks like a bomb shelter. A bit of advice: Don't mention the name Dennis Erickson and don't ask why the building does not have a front door.

As for the Big 12 North, I go Kansas because of the defense. I'm a believer now.

As for Neb., how about Turner Gill, now at Buffalo?

Eric Prisbell: Make that the Corner Club. I'm still screwing up the name of the place four days later.


South Bend, Ind.: Does the winning streak over Navy come to end this weekend?

Eric Prisbell: Navy has struggled, but ND does not have an offense. Something has to give. I say Fighting Irish in a close one. But I'm not sure ND can win the final four of the regular season. Watch out for Duke.

Adam Kilgore: If not now, then when? This is one of the most fascinating games of the weekend. This is just another reason why nothing beats college football -- in what other sport could a game between teams with records of 1-7 and 4-4 hold such intrigue? That comes, of course, from Notre Dame's record 43-game winning streak over Navy. It's too bad, really, last year's Navy team couldn't play this year's Notre Dame team -- the Mids would be a favorite, probably. As it is, they're a field-goal underdog. I'm calling for the upset -- Notre Dame can't score on anyone, and Navy scores on everyone. 31-27, Mids.


Coach of the Year: If Beamer should get consideration, than the Army and Navy coaches should also. Far more soldiers have died in the war, than students/professors did at Va Tech.

Adam Kilgore: Point well-taken. But I don't think we need to get into the business of keeping score on tragedies.


Beacon, N.Y.: Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga.... WOOT WOOT! The Arizona State Bandwagon is passing you guys by! Only one more week to get on it, and room is filling up quick! They looked as good as any team has looked all year against Cal for the last three quarters and all of the "experts" are picking Oregon to squash them. Why does nobody take this team seriously, especially when they have played a similar schedule to BC and OSU?

Eric Prisbell: I take them seriously after watching the end of the Cal game while I was in Eugene. ASU has had some impressive comebacks at home this year.

If there is room on the bandwagon, I want shotgun next to Erickson in the front seat. I think he'll make for good conversation. The ASU-Oregon game should be a fun one.

Oregon will win unless the Ducks get an early lead.

Adam Kilgore:"Oregon will win unless the Ducks get an early lead."

With sound strategy like that, it's a miracle the Post was able to pry Prisbell away from all the college football powerhouses clamoring to hire him as head coach.

I've been on the ASU bandwagon for a while now. If I had an AP ballot, the Sun Devils would have been in the top five for about a month. I'm going to steal a point from Prisbell here: I want ASU to go to the title game so Dennis Erickson can be unleashed on the French Quarter.


Arlington, Va.: Why does Va. Tech keep playing on Thursday?

Adam Kilgore: The Hokies are done this season on Thursday, but they'll be good for two Thursday-nighters a season. Frank Beamer has always enjoyed the spotlight the games give his team -- he feels that those games helped build his program to what it is now. And Virginia Tech has enough national cache that it benefits ESPN as well. Plus, the ACC has a contract with ESPN for getting so many games on Thursday night.

The Hokies, if you're interested, are now 14-3 under Beamer in Thursday night games. All three losses, oddly, are to Boston College.


Washington, D.C.: Re: Bellotti's wife and Canzano.

What if he had written about it in his newspaper column? Would your opinion change? I think it's an interesting question into journalism ethics.

Eric Prisbell: I have been involved in several heated confrontations that I never wrote about. One reason I never wrote about it was because I did not want to change the nature of the relationship I had with the person. If the relationship was delicate, I did not want to ruin it, for example.

This one seemed different. Again, I did not see this confrontation, but she came into his work environment. Of course, any time you write about a confrontation, it changes the dynamics of that relationship. So I am sure the relationship between writer and coach/wife will be different now. It may help mend it. Or it could make it worse. But it will change it.

Adam Kilgore: Prisbell has a good take. It probably would have changed my opinion, only because of the timing. Oregon had just beaten USC for the program's biggest win since the Ducks beat Colorado in the Fiesta Bowl in Joey Harrington's senior year. If Canzano used his forum after that game to write about the confrontation instead of putting such a significant win into perspective, it would have been irresponsible. I think he handled just as he should have -- deal with the game in the paper and the hijinks in the blog.


Washington, D.C.: Come on guys -- Top 3 bars in D.C. to watch the Saturday games?

Eric Prisbell: Honestly, I have no idea, but I appreciate input from everyone else. I have not been in DC on a football Saturday to watch games. And sometimes I feel I am more familiar with the scene in other obscure cities than I am with the scene in DC, which is unfortunate.

Adam Kilgore: Yep, wrong guys to ask. I don't even live D.C. anymore, and when I did, I spent every Saturday in a press box.

For the NFL, I like going to Cleveland Park Bar & Grill, a really short walk from the Cleveland Park Metro stop. The service is brutal, but there's tons of TVs, a decent beer selection, and the pizza, french fries and wings are excellent.


Herndon, Va.: GURUS: Since I-AA Delaware beat Navy at Annapolis 59 to 52, and JMU has to play this week at Delaware after losing a one-pointer to Richmond -- what are the Duke's chances? (Come on, you can discuss I-AA occasionally -- especially since A-State, victor over Michigan, has already lost two games to I-AA opponents.)

Eric Prisbell: From afar, it looks like the I-AA games are as unpredictable as the games in I-A this season. I'd say JMU has as good of a chance as Navy did, but it didn't work out so well for Navy. This season is hard to predict, but I'll check with I-AA bracket guru Pat Stevens before giving a final prediction.

Adam Kilgore: Delaware seems like the surest thing in I-AA right now, and the Dukes are a bit down. Daily Press columnist and JMU alum David Teel was despondent in the N.C. State press box last week upon learning the Dukes had lost to Richmond last week.


Arlington, Va.: Did you see Chris Fowler's column this week? Over 1,000 words tying himself in knots trying to justify ranking BC at #6.

Eric Prisbell: Didn't see it. I respect Fowler's opinion, and this is all subjective. I do think a team like LSU is more dangerous than BC. But I'd still have BC at 2.

I've written 1,000 word stories that tie myself in knots. Hopefully I won't write one this weekend. That's the goal.

Adam Kilgore: Fowler is certainly a solid source, but I really disagree with him, too. Those who say Boston College hasn't beaten anyone are overlooking Wake Forest, which has quietly won six straight now. BC has handled its business better than anyone. I don't see how anyone can have BC No. 6 and Ohio State No. 1. BC has played a similar schedule and had similar results. Virginia Tech is better than Penn State, each team's best win.

Fowler also argues that BC should be punished because of how close it was to losing at Virginia Tech. Well, it didn't lose, and it should be rewarded as such. Fowler knows as much as anyone about college football, but he's off-base here, in my opinion.


Washington, D.C.: Top Shelf on Indiana Avenue is a great place to watch the games.

Good food, cheap beer and plenty of TVs. Doesn't get much better than that.

Also, not too many college sports fans claim it as "their" bar, so that makes it more fun.

Eric Prisbell: Thank you. Will remember that next time I get lost in DC on a Saturday afternoon.

Adam Kilgore: Good stuff. The beer at CPBG, my earlier suggestion, is a bit pricey, but that's the cost of doing business in Washington. That might be the greatest thing about living in Blacksburg. After living in D.C., I cannot begin to describe the feeling of ordering two beers, slapping down a five and getting change back.


New York, N.Y.: The Terps have the son of the drummer of Ratt at QB. Firstly, how could we possibly lose two games in a row with such a prodigy at the helm?

Secondly, do the Terps get rid of the their defensive coordinator Cosh after this year? The defense under Blackney was visibly better than the last two years and it seems like the players don't know their assignment.

Eric Prisbell: Fair point about the defense.

As for Turner, you nailed it. The son of the drummer of Ratt is indeed a prodigy. Kilgore has astute thoughts on whether Turner even should be forced to practice, etc. Why Turner's name is not mentioned among Dixon and Ryan for Heisman is beyond me.

Adam Kilgore: I doubt that Maryland's defensive players never know their assignments. Fair point, though. Marc Carig could provide a little more insight.

About Turner, yeah, what gives? I think he's being reigned in too much. You don't handle the progeny of the original Ratt drummer with kid gloves, you know? Time to start winging it. His dad wrote "Round and Round," for crying out loud. That demands five-wide every play.


Silver Spring, Md.: Eric/Adam,

I wrote this week saying why not Kansas vs. Boston College in the BCS Title game? Disrespecting the accomplishments of these teams because they lack the tradition of Ohio State, LSU, Oklahoma, etc., is unfortunate. If these teams remain unbeaten, do you think they should play for the title? I do and hopefully they will play my Buckeyes.

Eric Prisbell: I agree, Silver Spring. I think two undefeated teams should play if there are only two undefeated teams. But the system does not always work out like that and it is unfortunate. South Florida had a chance to turn the system on its head, but now that story has ended. BC-OSU could be interesting, but we're a long way from being there.

Adam Kilgore: If Kansas and BC are the only two undefeated teams besides Hawaii at the end of the year, it would be a travesty if they did not play. It's about players, not uniforms. (Unless you're Sean Glennon. Then, it's about wearing the other team's uniform and playing the game of your life.)


Silver Spring, Md.: The No. 1 bar in the D.C. area for college football is Crystal City Sports Pub. The new third-floor addition is spectacular.

Adam Kilgore: Noted.

Eric Prisbell: We're there.


Boston: A BCS equation question: does Virginia Tech's big win over GTech last night marginally help BC's BCS ranking? Do you want teams that you beat to win all the rest of their games during a season to make your win look good or does the BCS computer only look at how good that team was at the moment you played them?

Lastly, does Matt Ryan have good enough receivers to put up the numbers to win the Heisman? For instance, will they be able to get open this Saturday against a good Seminole secondary?

Eric Prisbell: Yes, the better VT does, the better the win looks for BC. USF beat Auburn. Auburn beat Florida, which was good for USF. You want and need your opponents to do well.

I didn't think Ryan's receivers did him any favors in the VT game and it worked out.

Adam Kilgore: It probably helps more in the voters' eyes than the computers. The voters will look at beating a 10-2 on the road and reward BC. But the Eagles also played Georgia Tech this season, so it won't exactly sky-rocket their schedule strength. Virginia Tech beating Virginia would be the best-case for BC, because BC doesn't play Virginia.

BC's receivers aren't so bad. Kevin Challenger is more than adequate. And offensive coordinator Steve Logan's offensive system can really hide wide receiver deficiency; he knows how to get guys open.


Arlington, Va.: Big 12 question here: which Texas Longhorn team is going to show up in Stillwater -- the team that got creamed by K-State, or the one that squeaked by Nebraska by 3? And which OSU team is showing up -- the team that creamed Nebraska or the team that squeaked by K-State by 2? This certainly has been a fun season so far!

Eric Prisbell: in short, the better Texas team will show up. The better OSU team will show up because the Cowboys are coached by a man who is 40.

Adam Kilgore: This question is GARBAGE! And the moderator who let it through is GARBAGE!

No, only joshing. Squeaking by Nebraska by three is nothing to pound your chest about. Texas has been one of the more overrated teams this season, in my mind. Oklahoma State has been difficult to gauge, but it seems to be playing its best right now. I'd say OK State by a touchdown.


Baltimore, Md.: Do you think UVA's loss to NC State was a fluke or had they been overrated going into that game? What do you expect to happen in Saturday's game against Wake Forest?

Eric Prisbell: UVA had played so many close games, the Cavs were bound to get caught. But I did not think they would trip up against State.

Adam Kilgore: I was not surprised Virginia lost that game. I don't think Virginia was overrated, but State was probably underrated. The Wolfpack is playing really well right now, which is probably Tom O'Brien's influence starting to take hold. Daniel Evans, the quarterback, has a really strong arm and there's plenty of athletes in the defensive front seven. As Prisbell said, all the close were bound to catch up with Virginia at some point. But if Jameel Sewell had been healthy at the end, it certainly could have been a different story.

Predicting Virginia's games is a fool's errand, but I'll bite -- Wake Forest's speed makes the difference and the Cavaliers lose another close one. That's an utter guess, though. I have no clue. It'll probably be close at the end, and then who knows?


Rockville, Md.: Where would the ACC be right now had it never expanded?

Eric Prisbell: You could look at it a number of ways. But without BC, the conference would not matter much on a national scale this year. In hoops, I prefer the double round robin schedule, as do many.

Adam Kilgore: Interesting question. On the surface, you could say it would be brutal because Boston College and Virginia Tech are probably the best teams. But maybe if the ACC still had nine teams, Florida State would still be a powerhouse. So much changed and happened with the expansion, it's difficult to determine if any of those factors played much of a role in Florida State's decline.


Ex-Annapolis:31-27? So you think Notre Dame will run back four kickoffs/punts/turnovers for TD's? (I assumed one failed PAT in the 4th Qtr.)

Eric Prisbell: I don't think ND will run back four kickoffs.

Adam Kilgore: If Pittsburgh can put 44 on the Mids, even Notre Dame can score three TDs and two field goals. Then again, maybe not.

As a bonus, here's an enlightening and unbelievably harsh article on Charlie Weis:


Washington, D.C.: Last question, what do you think of Canzano's article on Belotti's son getting 2 DUI's, which got Belotti's wife all fired up? Was that fair game?

Eric Prisbell: Yes, I think it is newsworthy when a player, who is also the coach's son, gets 2 DUIs.

Adam Kilgore: It was also noteworthy because of the way the team and the school handled it, trying to sweep it under the rug.


Richmond, Va.: Now THAT was a Top 5 team we saw last night in Atlanta, dealing out that kind of whupping. I think BC loses to FSU, Clemson and Miami. If they do somehow hold off Wake Forest, they're going to be very sorry. Nobody comes back from four touchdowns down in the final two minutes, and this time the Hokies aren't playing any prevent defense.

Adam Kilgore: Oh, snap! Have some of that, BC!

If Virginia Tech played the Eagles in the title game, I think it would be a really good game, and the Hokies would win a close one. The Hokies need to get by Virginia in Charlottesville first, though.


York, Pa.: Folks have been saying the Big Ten isn't very good this year, but the Big 12 sure doesn't look any better. Oklahoma has a good spot in the rankings because they have beaten up on inferior competition. And look at the mess that is the SEC, where everybody loses to anybody. Isn't this really about a parity in the sport that didn't even exist 10 years ago? UConn, South Florida?!?

Contract extension notwithstanding, how dumb would Notre Dame be NOT to fire Charlie Weis?

Eric Prisbell: York: Yes, in short, parity does appear to be at an all time high. Look at all the teams making moves in the polls after being unranked in the preseason.

Weis will be back, but I don't think it's a sure bet that ND will win the next four.

Adam Kilgore: See that Slate article above.


Boston: Curious what the response is to BC's unbeaten streak and poll standings out of the Northeast. We're so wrapped up in the Pats and Sox up here, they have gotten positive, but not overwhelming coverage.

While underwhelmed by their playing against some mediocre opponents, I'm pretty impressed they've held on this long...

Eric Prisbell: I'm impressed as well. And I'm not surprised at the lack of attention in Boston because of the Sox and the upcoming Super Bowl 41.5 or whatever it is being called today.

Kansas is still under the radar too, I think.

Adam Kilgore: I almost get the feeling that Boston College has received more national coverage than local coverage. On the Thursday when BC played Tech, USA Today wrote its sports section centerpiece article on Matt Ryan. The Boston Globe had one story, buried beneath an entire section on the Red Sox, previewing the game. I think all the people rooting for BC to lose and put their team in position to win the title are more interested in the Eagles than folks in New England at the moment.


Baltimore: How much more obvious could it be that Florida State will destroy BC tomorrow? Ignore FSU's record. Wiping out Boston College tells the nation that the 'Noles can be a Top Five team when they feel like it. That's a much better gig -- you don't have to work as hard, you stay fresher for the pros, then you turn it on and blow away the uppity types like BC.

Eric Prisbell: I've never heard it put that way, but that's a great mantra for erratic teams:

"We're a top five team when we feel like it!"

As Al Groh would say in response: "You are what you are."

And as I would say: "FSU is not a top five team. BC wins."

Adam Kilgore: Remember last year, when Wake Forest was leading the ACC and went to down to Tallahassee and everyone thought, OK, this is where it ends for those plucky underdogs? The result was a 30-0 Wake Forest victory. I see a similar situation unfolding tomorrow night. Florida State is an undisciplined, stupid football team with two erratic and underachieving quarterbacks. Boston College is the polar opposite of all those things.


Admitted Michigan hater!: Has Lloyd Carr saved his job? Seems like the final game against OSU is shaping up to save their season.

Eric Prisbell: Winning the Big Ten would qualify as saving the season. Michigan is turning into one of the better turn-around stories of the year. I don't think Carr will be fired at this point. But I could still see him choosing to step down after the season. Many people thought this would be his final season before this season even began.

Adam Kilgore: I'm with Prisbell -- Carr will knock Ohio State out of the national championship game, win the Rose Bowl against the Pac-10s second-best team (because the best team will be playing for the title) and then ride off into the sunset.


Tampa, Fla.: Look, Florida State is going to annihilate that fraudulent Boston College team, okay? Supposedly a Nor'easter is plowing through there, and we all see how BC does in rain. Plus with Lee out, Weatherford for once doesn't have to look over his shoulder. Between all that, FSU's speed on defense, and the 6 inches each FSU receiver has on the BC corners, I smell a 48-13 wipe out.

Eric Prisbell: South Florida has tumbled so fast that football fans in Tampa are turning their attention to FSU again. Sad state of affairs.

If this were 1990, maybe a 48-13 wipeout would be in order. It's not. FSU is no longer among the elite. A safe bet that it won't be 48-13 and I don't see BC tripping up in this one.

Adam Kilgore: The notion that Xavier Lee's injury will somehow turn Drew Weathered into a serviceable quarterback is patently absurd. Florida State's uniforms are tremendous. Its team is no good. FSU's receivers have six inches on EVERY corner they play, and how's that worked out so far? Boston College is a superior team, so its going to win. Pretty simple.


Storrs, Conn.: I meant a beatdown in Morgantown...but still, 10-2 should mean a BCS bowl, right?

Eric Prisbell: UConn fans getting a little cocky, and hoops season has just started.


ReverendMike in Boston: How did Matt Ryan become the world's greatest quarterback? Was there some mythical gnome that bestowed special powers on Him?

Eric Prisbell: gnome?? I think it was more a banshee, which I am partial toward.

Seriously, you don't have to be the world's greatest QB to win the Heisman. But he has the Heisman Moment so far. Dennis Dixon and Ryan are my front-runners. Who else should be in the mix?

Adam Kilgore: If Dennis Dixon has a good game tomorrow, depending on what Ryan does, he may move into the lead for the Heisman. For now, it's between those two. Dixon's has the stats, but Ryan has the exposure and the Moment.

With Ryan, it's really a perfect match of quarterback and coordinator. Logan has allowed him to open up the offense and throw more, and his excellent decision-making and strong arm have made it work to perfection.


Olney, Md.: Adam, if you hit the Varsity, stay away from the deep-fried peach turnovers. Blecch.

Who do you guys think is in the Big East driver's seat now? CW says WVU, but that Louisville match-up could be a trap game for the 'eers. And, they still have to travel to Cincinnati before the UConn juggernaut rolls into Mo'town.

Eric Prisbell: West Virginia is my pick, just as the Mountaineers were before the season.

Adam Kilgore: Connecticut is legitimate. I was really impressed with that team when I saw it against Virginia. But West Virginia has it rolling right now, quietly sneaking back into the national title discussion. They 'Eers are still the favorite.


HOW 'BOUT THEM DAWGS???: UGA didn't beat UF in the whole four years my husband and I were there (including our senior year when we won our first SEC title under Richt), so Saturday night was a great one for us! Just wondering how y'all feel about the "coach ordered" celebration...

Eric Prisbell: Hello, Mrs. Schlabach. hope you and your husband enjoyed the game.

I enjoyed it from the standpoint of trying to fire up your team, rules be damned.

But I think it is dangerous when players think the whole team can run out there and go crazy. a brawl could break out. there needs to be a rule like the NBA has. when you leave the sideline to take part in a fight or celebration you could -- could -- be suspended for a game.

Adam Kilgore: I thought it was cool. Georgia fans will remember that game for the rest of their lives because of that celebration. What else can you ask for? Mark Richt's apology was ludicrous, though. It was a calculated move and he had to know what the response was going to be. If he truly didn't think it was a good idea, he never would have done it in the first place.

Watch out for Troy this weekend. Dangerous crowd.


Union Station, D.C.: Is it me or are a lot of folks ignoring the BCS ranking for now? To me, there's no way OSU or BC are better than Oregon and LSU. Is it that people don't think OSU or BC can finish undefeated?

Eric Prisbell: That's a fair point. The two best teams are probably OSU and LSU, I think. Oregon is making a push. If the Ducks don't lose again, they will have racked up some pretty impressive wins.

Adam Kilgore: I agree that Oregon and LSU are the best teams. But Ohio State and BC have earned their spot.


Adam Kilgore: OK everyone, thanks as always for all the great questions. Enjoy the games this weekend.


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