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Thursday, November 15, 2007; 2:00 PM

When stars shave their heads, couch-jump, commit a fashion faux pas and or random acts of tomfoolery, washingtonpost.com Celebritology blogger Liz Kelly shares the buzz, offers perspective and provides crucial links to juicy alternate news sources and, of course, takes your reaction in her daily blog.

Join Liz every Thursday at 2 p.m. ET to gab about the latest celebrity pairings (and splittings), rising stars (and falling ones), and get the scoop on the latest gossip making waves across the Web.

Before she started blogging about celebrities, Liz ran washingtonpost.com's Discussions section, where she enjoyed talking to really interesting people -- including some Post reporters -- on the phone. She still produces both Carolyn Hax's advice discussion and Gene Weingarten's Chatological Humor.

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Liz Kelly: Afternoon from my little corner of Virginia where the sun is finally breaking through the rain clouds. This will be the last chat before Thanksgiving. As much as I love you guys, I plan to be either eating or semi-conscious next week at this time.

One bit of business before we start: The December 'Lost' Book Club selection is..... undecided and totally up to you. December is reader's choice month, so send your suggestions to me here or e-mail them to celebritology@washingtonpost.com. Oh, and don't forget, on Wed., Nov. 28 we'll be discussing Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time." (Which I promise to have read by that point.)

Now, without further ado, let's get started...


Kanye West Mom Story: Are you surprised that this story has just taken off? Husband and I don't have cable and live in a somewhat rural area and I have heard about this story probably five or six times. I find that so odd. I feel bad for him and the rest of his family but why all the airplay??

Liz Kelly: Well, I'm not sure I can speak to the larger cultural forces at play here, but speaking personally:

I'm interested because dying as a result of plastic surgery seems like such a needless way to lose one's life. So, I'm curious. How did it happen? Was the actual surgery botched? Did Kanye's mom not come clean about her physical readiness for a major operation? Or was there some infection or other complicating factor following the surgery?

I don't think we'd be hearing as much about the death of Donda West if she'd had a heart attack. The circumstances are unusual and so we prick up our ears.


Rosslyn, Va.: Last week one of The Onion's main pop culture writers admitted that she has never seen the original "Star Wars" movies and felt absolutely no compulsion to remedy this failure because she pretty much knows the important parts from parodies.

To me, this is up there with a music critic who's never listened to a Beatles album.

As a pop culture savant and journalist, do you have an opinion on this kind of attitude?

Liz Kelly: I'm trusting you on this one because I didn't read the story myself, but that attitude strikes me as, well, idiotic.

First of all, it isn't as if the movies are difficult to procure.

Secondly, the movies are ridiculously entertaining and any self-respecting lover of pop culture can't fail to succumb to the subtle charms of Lucas in his prime.

Thirdly, the second trilogy has so little in common with the spirit of the first three films that to not be familiar with the early work is to not understand how truly bad the later movies are.

Fourth, what kind of journalist doesn't seek to absorb information like a sponge? To take in as much external stimuli as possible?

Can someone find me the original link where this admission is made?


Haircut: Liz! I'm getting my hair cut later this afternoon and I want to change it up. I have long wavy/curly thick hair. I hear you change your hairstyle pretty often. Any suggestions??

Liz Kelly: Well, first of all, don't hold me responsible for a bad cut, but I'm a big fan of trusting my stylist to know what to do. I give her a general sense -- short, long, bangs, etc. -- then let her decide how best to implement it.

Also be sure to let your stylist know if you need to maintain a somewhat conservative 'do because of work or if you have a little more leeway and can play around a bit with your look.

I'll be expecting before and after pix.


Cooperville: Matt Damon as Sexiest Man of the Year? Puh-lease. He's chunky peanut butter on Wonderbread.

Give me Anderson any day. That man is the marmalade on my English muffin. Yum.

Liz Kelly: I dunno. Matt has a certain something. And remember, chunky peanut butter has more substance than your over-processed creamy spread. You may as well give in and go for the Goober.


Sexiest Man Alive: How about some of the actors on "Ugly Betty"? Several would've made great candidates: Eric Mabius (plays Daniel Meade), Alan Dale (his father Bradford), and Tony Plana (Betty's dad). Heck, even Rebecca Romijn (as tranny Meade son-turned-daughter Alex/Alexis) would've been an inspired choice!

Liz Kelly: Who else? I nominate Ryan Gosling. And Patrick Fugit. And, of course, Mr. Liz.

Speaking of Mr. Liz -- he's in this kickin' video circa 1997, but I ain't sayin' which guy.


So as a high profile vegetarian...: what are you eating on Thanksgiving?

Liz Kelly: Lentil pumpkin soup and a fabulous rice dish that incorporates lots of veggies, raisins and almonds. Both are Indian recipes I learned from my pal Pritha Mehta, a local Indian cooking teacher.

We'll be dining with our meat-eating families, tho, so we'll be able to help ourselves to mashed taters, cranberry sauce, stuffing (that was cooked outside the bird) and some of the other more traditional stuff.

We once tried a Tofurkey. And, well, we won't be doing that again.


Kanye West's Mom: I agree with you Liz. It's the fact that it was, quite honestly, unnecessary surgery. "Dying to be Beautiful" and all of that. But it's also that everyone who's a hip-hop fan knows how close Kanye and his mom were. I think there would be a similar reaction if it were Dina Lohan or Lynn Spears. They're both in the public eye because of their children and Dr. West was the same way. It's a shame really because she was a beautiful and phenomenal woman.

Liz Kelly: Exactly -- I did leave out the fact that Kanye and his mother were extremely close and Kanye gave his mother much credit for his success.

It really is sad to think that someone so accomplished and, as you said, beautiful, felt it necessary to undergo such serious elective surgery in the quest for beauty.


Whew, Rihanna!: That is a side of her fashion personality I didn't want to see. What is wrong with being cute and sweet these days? That can be sexy, too. In fact, I've seen photos of Rihanna in many a sexy outfit, but I've always thought she looked classy.

So many of these young stars want to change their wholesome images, and it comes across as a bit strange and sad.

Liz Kelly: Who ever picked out that outfit for her needs to find a new career. It's just wrong in so many ways. And, you're right, Rihanna is usually given to understated, glam looks. So how this snuck onto her frame, I'm not sure. Maybe she was drunk.

Seriously, I'm guessing this outfit was worn while singing her newish single "Good Girl Gone Bad" to, you know, underscore the "gone bad" bit. Just badly executed. She could've done this much more creatively and subversively.


What kind of journalist doesn't seek to absorb information like a sponge? : Liz, based on your previous comment, is this the ideal journalist?

SpongeBob SquarePants

Liz Kelly: Actually, he bears a striking resemblance to...

nevermind. I like my job.


New York, N.Y.: Liz, I just wanted to point out that Mary-Kate Olson looks MUCH more like the crazy frog from the crazy frog ringtone commercials than the black-footed ferret.

Crazy Frog

although the crazy frog seems to be, ahem, a boy.

Liz Kelly: Hmmm, the frog pic isn't coming up for me. Can you find another image?

Liz Kelly: Though I'm willing to take your word for it that MK resembles a frog.


15th and L, Washington, D.C.: Liz, we've chatted every week for a long time. Even indirectly with Gene. I think it's time to move our relationship to the next level...will you marry me?

Liz Kelly: I bet you say that to all the chat hosts.


Sexiest Man Alive II: How about Damian Lewis, although with his normal British accent. I hate to admit, I'm not feeling his new show and if it gets canceled, I won't be sad about it.

Liz Kelly: Enh. I'm not blown away by Damian.


The latest Kid Rock news -: "Waffle House Brawl" would be a great name for a band.

Liz Kelly: Hmm, it might be more of an album.

My favorite band name was up-thunk by my pal Lisa: Chapeau Fou.

Our first album would be titled "Que'est que c'est, Chapeau Fou?"


Justice redux: Is there anyone anywhere in this great nation who really wants to see another O.J. Simpson trial inflicted upon our collective consciousness, aside from the obvious karmic implications?

Liz Kelly: If the memorabilia is mine, I shouldn't do time.

Or something like that.

Actually, that's a great question and one that might bear a little poll-taking next week. Obviously, whether or not we want it we will be subjected to this trial. Here's hoping the judge doesn't allow TV cameras in the courtroom.


Ryan Gosling ...: Watched "Half Nelson" with my roommate last weekend, and us young 20- somethings couldn't stop exclaiming how darn sexy he was, even as he was a creepy, crack abusing teacher... now that's when you know someone's sexy, when you find yourself saying, "I know his character is a crack addict, but I'd totally go for him."

Liz Kelly: Ya, there's just something so attractive about the seedy ones.


Shar Jackson: I'm always surprised at all the contempt directed towards Shar. She has been acting since she was a teenager, had a career before/during/after being with Kevin Federline, and has two good children Kevin never tried to take away due to atrocious parenting. And as pointed out in blog comments, she was on "My So-Called Life"! Why is everyone so down on her? What has she done that's so bad?

Liz Kelly: I understood the hating when it was rumored that she was pregnant with yet another K-spawn earlier this year (she wasn't), but aside from that I'm not able to muster much feeling for her in either direction -- distaste or praise. She's just, you know, there.

Though, yes, compared to Brit she does come off as a level-headed child-rearing expert.


DWTS: Is the supposed romance between Cheetah Girl Sabrina and her "Dancing with the Stars" partner Mark Balas for real, or just a publicity stunt to help sell tickets on tour? Who do you think will win the coveted disco ball trophy this year?

Liz Kelly: Honestly I haven't been following DWTS too closely this time around. I leave that to the excellent TV watchers over at Channel This.

No matter who wins, I think Marie Osmond is the one drawing viewers at this point. First she passes out on stage, then her father passes away and she keeps dancing, now her son's in rehab -- what won't this woman do to win?


First of all, it isn't as if the movies are difficult to procure. : Eh, no critic sees every movie or hears every CD. She's seen all she's interested in and all she needs to know. It's not like she wrote a review OF THAT movie.

Liz Kelly: True, but we're talking about Star Wars here. Not only is seeing these films critical to understanding the later movies, but so many pop culture references flow from that primary source material...

Am I alone in my exasperation?


washingtonpost.com: Crazy Frog


Chicken: What did you think of Ellen DeGeneres cancelling the NYC show tapings? Her publicist's explanation struck me as particularly lame..."the show is fluid..." Yeah, right. I bet it takes no time at all to pack up that show and move it to the west coast. I've lost a good deal of respect for Ellen through this strike.

Liz Kelly: Well, Ellen has not been making the best decisions for the past few months. First Iggy-gate, now her decision to keep her show rolling despite the writer's strike. I think she'd do well to take a few weeks off and re-invent her PR team.


Los Angeles, Calif.: For the person proposing marriage: you may wish to know that radio personality Stephanie Miller in L.A. collects marriage proposals. If you enjoy proposing marriage, I suspect she would enjoy hearing from you.

Although, I sent her a marriage proposal -- not because it's something I do but because I know she collects them -- and she never acknowledged it. Now, that's a blow to our nonexistant relationship.

Liz Kelly: Now why would someone collect marriage proposals?


If not Damian Lewis how about Kevin McKidd: I love LIFE!

But speaking of new shows that might be canceled and how thier leading men are better suited for the People cover..(whew)

How about ex-Roman, now time traveler Kevin McKidd....

Liz Kelly: Oh, you are spot on. He is very easy on the eyes. I think he and Daniel Craig could pass as brothers in some kind of hottie-fest movie.

Rocci the producer says Damon is not a cutting edge choice for People. He may be onto something there, but doesn't People's choice need to play in Peoria? Benicio Del Toro, smokin' tho he is, may not appeal to Sally Soccer Mom.


Mike in Michigan: Hi Liz:

What's the deal with Jerry Seinfeld?

Liz Kelly: Well, he's this comic who once had the biggest hit show in the country who retired before (arguably) the show began the inevitable slide into inanity and now makes animated movies about bees, yada yada yada. But I think he only makes the movies so he can mount PR offensives the likes of which we've not seen before.

Jerry himself recently told EW that he's not worried about over-exposure.

On a tangential note, did anyone watch Sunday's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" finale? So. Durn. Good.


SMA: I'd like to see a Brit or foreign actor next year. And I'd love the cover to have a audio feature that has him speaking in his native tongue or with his accent. Picture it: (Sicily, 1950, jk!) Daniel Craig, piercing bue eyes, pick up the mag, turn the page to see if he's featured with his shirt off and you hear his voice, mmmmm. Would be the first People magazine I actually buy.

Liz Kelly: Okay, I'm starting to feel a little dirty here.


Now why would someone collect marriage proposals?: That's a question you'll have to ask Liz Taylor or Mickey Rooney. I would have added Norman Mailer to the list, but he's a bit hard to reach these days.

Liz Kelly: Well, they actually collected spouses.


Mens Wear Dept, Tysons Corner: "We once tried a Tofurkey. And, well, we won't be doing that again."

What did you do with the garbage can full of used oil?

Liz Kelly: You know what's good is the Celebration Field Roast, made by the Field Roast Grain Meat Co. They sell it at My Organic Market. Very yummy, but a wee bit on the salty side.


SMA: Say what you will about Matt Damon, he's one of the few choices for Sexiest Man Alive that you can imagine being married to long-term.

Liz Kelly: Which is, of course, what I look for in someone I fantasize about.



Rihanna's Fashion Boutique: What won't Marie Osmond do to win DWTS? Could you imagine her dancing in Rihanna's dominatrix outfit?

Liz Kelly: Well, remember when Pat Boone went punk. Lemme see if I can find a pic.


Liz Kelly: Pat Boone Scares Me


No Star Wars!?!?!?!: Here's the thing...Star Wars is such a huge part of our cultural fabric that to be in a position of mocking society, culture, etc., a la The Onion, then to never have seen Star Wars is, in my view, grounds for dimissal.

Well, it's incredibly lame at the very least.

Liz Kelly: I'm with you.

Is it possible that the writer in question was pulling our leg, hoping for our knee jerk reaction?


Cardiff, Calif.: "Marie Osmond is the one drawing viewers at this point" -- would that have anything to do with her atrocious plastic surgery, which has basically made her unrecognizable as the cute, perky woman she once was?

Liz Kelly: She's still cute and perky in a Stepford wife kind of way.


Benicio Del Toro...: ...is Russell Crowe in drag.

Liz Kelly: What does this even mean?


Am I alone in my exasperation?: Yes. So there's one movie out of hundreds she hasn't seen. Every person might include a differenct "must see," so she could never make everyone happy.

hey, 'I' haven't seen Matrix (fell asleep) and it's become somewhat iconic. So it's one movie (okay, 3 if you count sequels). There's an infinite combo of movies, books, CDs, YouTubes possible and we've all seen a different equation.

Liz Kelly: Okay, but I would argue that "Star Wars" is a standard, a requirement, a baseline by which to judge other movies and pop cultural phenomenons. If she hadn't seen "Mad Max" or "Blade Runner" (or even "The Matrix") fine. Her loss, but I don't think it would inspire the same negative reaction.

I mean, how can you enjoy certain South Parks, Simpsons, Space Balls and all the other inside jokes stemming from "Star Wars?" How could you possibly laugh along when someone does the Yoda voice when you don't really "get" Yoda? How could you join in a scoffing session directed at the Ewoks when you have no idea how much they ruined "Jedi."

I promise I'm not a huge nerd. I'm just another American kid, dang it.


Los Angeles, Calif.: Re Star Wars and the pop culture writer, you are NOT alone in your exasperation. This makes no sense to me -- Star Wars was an explosive event on the pop culture map. In some ways, it continues to be influential. To sniffily dismiss it and claim to be an authority on pop culture is ... well, lame to say the least.

Liz Kelly: Okay, thank you. I feel better now. I was about to get all Han Solo in a pissy mood on y'all, if you catch my drift.


SMA: I submit Vincent D'Onofrio. Even now, chunkefied. Love, love, love him.

Liz Kelly: I would have agreed with you if I hadn't seen him suspend himself by hooks in his back in "The Cell." Just too creepy. My 73-year-old mother, though, calls him "an attractive man."


SMA: Vigo Mortensen. Especially all dirtied up like when he played Aragorn. Nummy.

Liz Kelly: As gene would say, noted.


SMA with an accent: How about Indy driver Helio Castroneves, from Dancing with the Stars?

Liz Kelly: Enh. Maybe it's the costumes, but he's a little cheesed out for my taste.


Johnny Depp: SMA Emeritus. Will you go see him as the singing butcher in Sweeney Todd? Advance buzz on this is good even though it hardly seems like jolly holiday fare.

Liz Kelly: Absolutely. I saw a trailer for "Sweeney Todd" this past weekend and got hit with a huge dose of "Edward Scissorhands" deja vu -- Johnny Depp with pale face, big messy hair and a blade at the end of his hand.

Plus, I love Tim Burton movies.


Am I alone in my exasperation? : You are not alone, Liz! The problem here, in my view, is that she thinks she doesn't need to see it because she's seen parodies...

Liz Kelly: Yes. That's incredibly short-sighted. Really, it's the equivalent to saying I needn't read "Emma" because I've seen "Clueless." Love "Clueless," but Jane Austen it ain't.


DUI Hollywood: Both Rebecca DeMornay and Austin Nichols arrested for DUI?

I guess being in David Milch's incomprehensible mess, "John From Cincinnati," really will drive you to drink (and drive).

Liz Kelly: Yep. As I wrote last week, this is the year of the celeb DUI. We should take bets on how many more we'll have by Dec. 31.


Movies: Never seen any of the Star Trek, Star Wars, Godfather, or for that matter, most of the movies ever produced even if they are part of pop culture and American history (so to speak). They go over my 90-minute rule (my attention span...Titanic was a killer). But then again, I'm not a reporter.

Liz Kelly: I have to respect anyone who sets standards for movie watching, but don't punish "Star Wars" because of "Titanic's" extended sappiness.


Germantown, Md.: That was great theater when Han put Leia in her place. She was always throwing her royal attitude in everybody's face. When he call her sweatheart, and told her to relax, that was gold.

Liz Kelly: True story.


Chicago, Ill.: Hi Liz,

Do you think Barry Manilow looks like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz?

Liz Kelly: MMmmmmmmm..... no.

He looks more like that frog pic linked to earlier.


Star Wars is such a huge part of our cultural fabric that to be in a position of mocking society, culture, etc., a la The Onion, then to never have seen Star Wars is, in my view, grounds for dimissal. : Gross exagerration, really. First of all, SW is an OLD movie. It's nostalgic from your childhood, but NOT representative of our current culture at all. What meaning does it still have besides some chick holding honeybuns up to her ears? Who cares if you get that joke or not? It was never very funny and the movie is very dated.

Liz Kelly: Okay, this might have the makings of a blog post/poll.

Would you say the same of other iconic films -- "Citizen Kane," say?


SMA: No contest. Daniel. Day. Lewis.

Liz Kelly: In "Last of the Mohicans?" Sure.


Vegetarian oops: One Thanksgiving I accidentally served meat to a vegetarian. It was a primarily rice-and-veg dish, so it appeared to be veg-safe, but about halfway through dinner I remembered I'd flavored it with a little bit of pancetta (bacon). I looked over at the vegetarian guest, and too late! She'd already eaten a ton of it, so I kept mum. Did I do the right thing? (In my defense, I didn't know her well, so I didn't find out she was vegetarian we sat down to eat. So I didn't have a vegetarian's needs in mind while I was cooking.)

If this happened to you -- if you were served something with meat BY ACCIDENT -- what would you do?

Liz Kelly: Well, I'd want to know. If it was truly an accident I'd be gracious, but I'd definitely want to know so I could be wary of any possible side effects from having something that's been cut out my diet for so long.

Then I would like totally take a zucchini and beat you soundly about the head with it.


Speaking of SMA...: Is it wrong for a mid-30's happily married woman and mom to hang a Daniel Craig poster in my home office, just as I used to hang Tiger Beat poster inserts in my room as a kid? We're not talking nudie-girlie poster (which I would object to if Mr. me hung up)...just a freeze frame from Casino Royale? You know the one...

Liz Kelly: Oh yes, I know the one. The banana sling, yes?

I guess that's fine. My dad used to keep a picture of a busty Budweiser model on his desk and my mom didn't mind.


DUIs: What I don't understand is why these celebs can't afford DRIVERS. If you're Britney, why wouldn't you just hire a driver so you don't constantly run red lights or have to text while you drive?

Liz Kelly: They can afford drivers and, in many cases, employ drivers. But reason is usually the first casualty of tipsiness.

As Homer Simpson once said: "Alcohol. The cause and solution of so many of our problems."


LA Corner Tavern: Liz, Have you thought about publishing a Celebrity DUI wall calendar or appointment book? I think that many Celebritology followers would like it.

Liz Kelly: Someone suggested that in the blog last week. Seems a little exploitative to me, but what do I know?


Leave the gun, take the canoli: Maybe 'Godfather' is a 'guy movie,' but I think that is as equally heinous as not seeing 'Star Wars.'

Liz Kelly: Agreed.


CYE Finale: Awesome episode! So deliciously uncomfortable!

Liz Kelly: Seriously. And the last two minutes were sheer genius. When Vivica started cussing out Susie I peed my pants.


SMA: No contest. Daniel. Day. Lewis.: He's not current.

He's sexy, but sorta outdated...


needs to be the latest news, not an old 45-year-old (and I'm 46, so I can say that)

Liz Kelly: Dang. You're tough.

So young blood or nothing for you, eh?


Call my agent! : Here's an idea! A reality show about screenwriters on strike!

It would be like TMZ, only interesting.

Liz Kelly: Ya know, that's not the worst idea that's ever been floated here.


D'Onofrio's disqualification: shall not be attributed to his being suspended from hooks in "The Cell", but rather to his co-starring in a movie with Jennifer. Freakin'. Lopez. Why, Vincent. WHY.

Liz Kelly: Dude, George Clooney has co-starred in a movie with Jello. And he's been SMA twice.


Veggie oops: As a vegetarian for religious reasons, I wouldn't want to know. If you told me it's veg, and it's not, it's on your head, not mine.

Now if I was veg because I was allergic, then OK. But Liz, I doubt you're going to have any serious reaction from just a little bit of pancetta flavoring, just based on not having it in your diet for a long time.

Liz Kelly: I dunno. I just feel like I'd want to know. I can't really explain why other than just having an obsession about wanting to know what I'm putting in my body.


Chat comparisons: Has doing this chat made you more impressed or less impressed with Gene's prodigious chatting skills?

Liz Kelly: Oh more. Way more. Gene puts so much time into his chat. Seriously, the live hour is just the tip of the iceberg. He spends at least 10 hours a week on chat prep, debriefing and poll-building.

He's a little OCD.


Pop culture: Can't you just wait until all these kids are old enough to be sniffily dimissed by the younger generation?

Liz Kelly: Yes. One day one of these kids will be put in the position of defending the relevance of "Saw 4" and only then will he truly understand.


RE: Star Wars and the Onion: Okay, I'll say it again, since Liz you didn't post my first comment: THE ONION IS FAKE NEWS AND OPINIONS, PEOPLE!

The author is probably president of the star wars fanclub in her state, and like everyone is so pissily saying, what kind of pop critic hasn't seen Star Wars? THE FAKE KIND THAT WRITE FOR FAKE NEWSPAPERS!

You guys are probably the same people that wrote Gene angry e-mails for spelling 'definitely' wrong in his column this week. You just don't get the joke.

Liz Kelly: Like I said, the whole article may have been a spoof considering its provenance.


Current, hot and older: Hugh Laurie. Although personally I can't get the image of him in Prince George makeup from Blackadder out of my mind, but in his current form he's smokin'.

Liz Kelly: Okay...


Q re: Sweeney Todd: Is the movie version musical? Love the plot, hate the music.

Liz Kelly: I believe it does incorporate some songs, yes.


Then I would like totally take a zucchini and beat you soundly about the head with it.: But would it be The Great Zucchini ?

Liz Kelly: Sadly, no.


Celebritology vs. The Reliable Source: Hi Liz,

I'm a big fan of both chats and your related online stuff, but wonder how the fandom chores have been divided? You both seem to be the same realm, and wonder how you decided who does what. And honestly, it surprises me that The Post would pay all three of you to do it, though obviously you're also employed as Chatwoman for Gene and Carolyn. Care to elaborate?

Liz Kelly: Well, we have a little overlap, but The Sourcettes beat tends to encompass D.C. gossip and stars who enter into that orbit while I am on the starlet/pop culture beat. There is a little overlap, but not much. No different from different columnists -- say David Broder, Gene Robinson and E.J. Dionne -- all choosing to write about healthcare. It's diversity of opinion and we are opinion writers.


Don't you think: Vince Vaughn has jumped the shark being Santa's brother in an Xmas movie...?

Liz Kelly: Totally and that will be the topic of one of next week's main posts.


Los Angeles, Calif.: I remember reading Pat Boone's children stating he would hit them until they were 17 years old. You have every right to be scared of him.

Liz Kelly: Luckily I'm over 17.


Sweeny Todd: The entire thing is sung. There is no spoken word.

Liz Kelly: But there were spoken words in the trailer..


Washington D.C.: In one of your earlier responses, you said that Shonda West was "accomplished". Please explain. Thank you.

Liz Kelly: Donda West chaired the English department at a Chicago university (I can't remember which one right now) and was, I believe, a published author.


Manilow: He looks more like a puppet than an animal.

I'd say he's a dead ringer for Lady Elaine Fairchild from "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood."

Liz Kelly: Oh man. That's dead on.


Debriefing: Liz, you were joking when you referred to Gene "debriefing", right?

Liz Kelly: Ha. HAHAHA. I didn't mean it that way.


Master Yoda: "Daniel. Day. Lewis.: He's not current."

Young blood you want?

Available, K-Fed is.

Liz Kelly: And on this note we'll wrap up today's chat. See you here in two weeks, but the blog will be going strong -- except for next Thursday and Friday.

Don't forget to send in your ideas for the December 'Lost' Book Club selection.



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