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J. Freedom du Lac
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007; 2:00 PM

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____________________ NEW BLOG: Post Rock

_______________________ Bruce Springsteen, Working His Powerful Magic

_______________________ Alicia Keys, Still Warming Up

_______________________ Playing It Supercool, Jay-Z Sizzles Onstage


J. Freedom du Lac: The blog is live ... Alicia Keys is officially on blast ... The Boss is brilliant ... and Def Jam boss, Jay-Z, isn't so bad himself.

Let's do this.


Waynesboro County Line: So does this mean you're retracting your crack about this being the Bruce Springsteen Midlife Crisis Tour? You owe the boss and his fans an apology! Sunday's show was one of the best of his I've ever seen (sound was fine on the floor, btw), and Monday's was just behind it. Tramps like us, baby!

J. Freedom du Lac: Your memory is slipping in your old age, my friend. It wasn't *me* calling this the Midlife Crisis Tour. It was a colleague at TWP. And I quote (from the Oct. 9 chat transcript):

"Yes, and the sets sure seem to be heavy on amped-up guitar songs, too. Noting this trend -- as well as Bruce's apparent urge to blast the audience's eardrums with that quintuple-guitar attack -- one of my colleagues at TWP has taken to calling this Springsteen's Midlife Crisis Tour."

He loved the Sunday show, by the way, so yes, it's quite possible that he's going to retract that crack.


Bethesda, Md.: I was reading your homage to Bruce and was surprised to see his show ran only 2:15. Is the Boss slowing down as he closes in on 60?

J. Freedom du Lac: He's not slowing down - he's just running 10Ks now instead of marathons. But yeah, don't expect any more of those 3 1/2-hour shows with multiple encores.


Washington, D.C.: Refund! Bruce was amazing as always (how does he do it?) but wow was the sound system terrible. I felt like somebody really terrific was having a concert next door, and I was listening through a wall. I figured maybe it's just because I was up near the rafters and that maybe it was a fluke on Monday, but you write the sound was muddy all over and on Sunday, too. This is inexcusable. I've been to much worse concerts at Verizon with much better sound. Who's responsible? How about a public apology and first dibs on Bruce the next time he comes around?

J. Freedom du Lac: Interesting -- where I was sitting (section 112, the row behind Jann Wenner), the sound was vastly superior on Monday to Sunday. In fact, I thought the mix was pretty great. I've heard and read similar reports from folks who were sitting elsewhere in the arena. But I'm also aware that some people thought the sound was horrible. Tough to get the mix dialed in for the whole arena, I guess.

A general question here, but are there ANY arenas with good acoustics?


South by Southwest: Is it too early to ask about SXSW? I am planning a trip down there in March as a spectator but am not sure if I even need to buy a ticket since I've heard that there are a million bands to check out outside of the festival. Is this true? Can I still have a good time trolling the clubs without investing $400 in a ticket? Thanks!

J. Freedom du Lac: This is a hard question for me to answer since I've never actually attended SXSW without a badge. I think you can buy a wristband that gets you into the venues (but not the panels, etc), though those are limited. And I think certain badges would be able to jump ahead of you in line. I suppose it all depends on what kinds of acts you want to see. If you're hoping to catch all the buzz bands, you might have a difficult time getting into those shows. If you're hoping to do some random sampling of bands flying beneath the radar, then it just might work.

See you at The Salt Lick.


Washington, D.C.: In the last six weeks, I have seen Springsteen in Jersey, Philadelphia, Chicago, and DC. The DC crowd was dead compared to any of those other cities. Took away from the experience.

J. Freedom du Lac: And yet, to me, the Sunday night crowd was great for D.C. Wonder if I've lowered my standards after spending a couple of years in this city of buttoned-up zombies.


Washington, D.C.: I hate Linda Perry. I hate that "What's Up?" song. And everything else about her. I am not wrong.

J. Freedom du Lac: Well, you're mostly right. But I can't totally hate on her. After all, she co-wrote "Voice Inside My Head" with Dan Wilson and the Dixie Chicks for last year's great DxCx album, "Taking the Long Way." And I like some of the stuff she's done with Pink. But...


Who are you: Have you seen the Who's DVD "Amazing Journey"?

Are you going to name drop anymore today!?

J. Freedom du Lac: I have not. But I did have something funny happen to me last week. My phone kept ringing, and the number kept showing up as "Verizon 101" on caller ID. I didn't answer because I feared it might be Arizona Bay calling to talk Tool or something. Well, after the person called roughly nine times in 20 minutes, I figured I should answer just to get 'em off my back. I pick up. British voice on the other end. "It's Elton! You been out to lunch or something?"

Um, well ....yes, Sir!

He was calling to talk about Brian Wilson, of course.


Vienna, Va.: A Patti song?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Not exactly the same as covering Who'll Stop the Rain.

Boy was that a great opportunity to run to the bathroom (as I was joined by hundreds of others).

Not my favorite performance by a long shot, and I have 33 years of Bruce concerts to compare it to.

J. Freedom du Lac: I did notice that a lot of people headed to the concourse during that song. Perfect for a bathroom break - or a beer run, apparently.

By the by, I think I got the song title incorrect on the blog this morning. It's not "Town Called Heartbreak." It's "Buzzkill."


Arlington, Va.: So, did Producer David enjoy The Wiggles? How 'bout (I assume) the children's screams of delight?

J. Freedom du Lac: He had such a great time that he's at a loss for words, apparently. He's supposed to be whipping up a blog post on the show. Tomorrow, I think. Hey, David, City Paper's Black Plastic Bag blog only beat you to the punch by like five days. Way to go! I felt like a creep being there by myself but nobody gave me any dirty looks, except for this one toddler but I think he may have been pooping. More on Thursday on Post Rock.


Washington, D.C.: I must say I have enjoyed the blog you all have recently set up. But I fear that now that the Boss has left town, you'll have to write about other musical acts, thus signifying that you've already reached the pinnacle in these first few days and that it's all down hill from here. At least, until the Boss comes back to town!

J. Freedom du Lac: Yeah, I fear that as well. My next post is about the Spice Girls. Well, them and lingere.

And we have something on the Wiggles coming tomorrow. (See above.)

It's all downhill from here!


Charm City: Re: The Sound at Springsteen. I suppose an arena that size is simply going to be full of dead spots. My seats on Sunday night happened to be lousy (the rafters, to the left side of the stage), but the sound was very good. It made me glad I had revised my long-held anti-arena show policy. Plus, the band played "Kitty's Back." Wonderful.

J. Freedom du Lac: Wasn't "Kitty's Back" great? Scott Galupo had a nice riff on that one in today's Washington Times.


???:"Post Rock"? 1,000 audience suggestions and THAT's the name you chose?

J. Freedom du Lac: Could've been worse! PostFork, for instance.


Not, ME: Post Rock? Like God is an Astronaut, Do Make Say Think, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Mogwai?

J. Freedom du Lac: Yes. Tomorrow, we'll be doing a post on our 10 favorite Slint songs.


Washington, D.C.: Bruce was fantastic as always - I was there last night. But I really missed him doing his intros of the band. Last tour he did the "preacher" schtick during Tenth Avenue Freeze Out and intro'd each band member. I missed that last night and sorry he dropped it.

J. Freedom du Lac: Didn't he introduce them at the very end of the show? You know, just before he went into his pants-dropping, Viagra-popping, etc. E Street Band riff?


Rockville, Md.: Are you going to the Spottiswoode and His Enemies 10th Anniversary Show at Iota on Saturday? I saw them the last time they were there and they were amazing. Anyone know anything about the opener, Spouse? Haven't heard of them.

J. Freedom du Lac: No.


Brothers in the Hood: What was the crowd ratio at the Rams Head, male to female and Caucasian to non-Caucasian?

J. Freedom du Lac: Roughly 68:32 -- and 45:55. But who's counting?


I read the news today, oh boy: Quite a statement to make at the end of your article about Alicia Keys being overrated. Dylan must be on to something or was he searching for a lyric?

J. Freedom du Lac: Truth be told, he was just trying to tweak an old Memphis Minnie lyric. Then again, he did tell Rolling Stone last year that "there's nothing about that girl I don't like." She, by the way, is totally a girl in her summer clothes where Dylan is concerned.


Sec. 103, Monday night: I thought the sound was extraordinarily mediocre, at best. Lots of distortion, very little clarity in the vocals (fortunately, I know all the words already!). In other words, it was about what I'm used to at Verizon Center.

J. Freedom du Lac: One does not go to the Verizon Center expecting Birchmere-like acoustics.


Arlington, Va.: Looking into your Crystal Ball....WHEN IS THE BOSS COMING BACK? And please...let it be in a place with a better sound/acoustic system than the Verizon Center!?

J. Freedom du Lac: Like Carter Barron? Did you know that Springsteen actually opened for Chicago there? CHICAGO!


Boss sound: I was in a suite on the same yard line as the soundboard and thought it sounded overloud and distorted as well as muddy on most songs. The Prince show at the phone booth, oth, had great sound.

J. Freedom du Lac: Of course, given Bruce's feelings about luxury suites, it's quite possible that he ordered the mix to sound awful in the air up there.

Prince does have a way of making most arenas sound great, doesn't he? I hope his sound (wo)man is well-compensated.


Alicia Keys: Non-Bruce related comment here. I'm disappointed to hear that Alicia Keys new album isn't good. She seems to be spreading herself thin (acting gigs?!?) with mediocre results. I saw her on GMA (I think) this morning, and her voice sounded as good as ever. I think she sounds much better when she loses the orchestras, choirs, etc. and just sings with her piano. Do you think she'll get better with age, or does she just not have it as a lyricist?

J. Freedom du Lac: I'm not sure the album suffered because of her day job in Hollywood. A more likely suspect would be some suit at her record label. Perhaps even Clive himself. The album is all over the place, as she's trying to be too many things to too many people. This isn't a Statement album; it's a messy series of sentences - non sequiturs - that don't make sense when strung together. Where's the vision?

She definitely has some talent. I mean, some of her singles over the years have been great. It's just that the songs on the albums tend to be really average. Could be that she just needs to get with the right collaborators -- and also to get the suits off her back.


Washington, D.C.: Any thoughts from the peanut gallery on the Bright Eyes concert Sunday night? Pretty good show, although the DAR acoustics are pretty sucktastic. The band had a varied set list, although most of the songs were actually from I'm Wide Awake It's Morning rather than Cassadaga. The Felice Brothers were a great opening act -- totally weird and awesome set. Nik Freitas, the first opener, was a literal one-man band. Interesting sidenote -- Bright Eyes started playing at 9:30 and Oberst made some comment that the group had been at the Bruce! concert.

J. Freedom du Lac: If he went to the Springsteen show and hit the stage at DAR at 9:30, then he only caught the first quarter or third of the show. But anything's possible.


Alexandria, Va.: In May 2006 you stated that the Springsteen show of that month was the best concert you have attended in the last five years. Now that he's baaaack, what is the best you have been to now?

J. Freedom du Lac: May 2006 still ranks at the top of the list.


Gaithersburg, Md.: Although the sound was subpar, the show was great. I do want to thank Bruce for letting his wife sing a song. My legs and hands needed the 4-minute rest.

J. Freedom du Lac: I love it! I also wish I'd written this paragraph. Very good.


Fairfax, Va.: I enjoyed the blog post on the new "Bosses," though I highly doubt we'll ever see a musician quite like the real Boss ever again. The problem with comparing the Indie rockers (Killers aren't indie rock, are they?), though, is that from the stuff I've heard isn't exactly something you could pump into a stadium. Sure, Springsteen did less in your face albums like Nebraska, Tunnel of Love, Ghost of Tom Joad, and Devils & Dust. But he still had Born to Run, Darkness, and Born in the USA. Capturing that incredible dichotomy isn't something those indie rockers or many other artists for that matter do as well as the Boss himself.

J. Freedom du Lac: Those Wagnerian songs by the Arcade Fire could shake a stadium, I think. In fact, I'd pay to see that.


Bethesda, Md.: One of the best shows I've seen in a really long time was Josh Ritter at the 9:30 club last month. What's your take on him? He's out of Idaho. His show blew me away.

J. Freedom du Lac: Love him, though the new album doesn't measure up to "The Animal Years." I thought the 9:30 show had some great moments -- not least his cover of "The River." But he also talked too much. And some of the songs fell apart.


Silver Spring, Md.: Hmm, I like the name "Post Rock". Have you given any thought to a catchall name for the regular reader and commenters? How about the "Post Punks"?

J. Freedom du Lac: I like that.

The Ripostes has some serious potential, too.


Wiggles: I hope they played the long version of "Fruit Salad," with the instrumental intro. If not, kind of a rip-off.

J. Freedom du Lac: I couldn't name a Wiggles song if this chat depended on it, though I do recall getting a text message from Producer David that said something about some song with "English" and/or "Country" and/or "Garden" in the title - and how it should have been a Kinks song. Or something.


Bored to Tears: I didn't know that today's discussion was going to be a Bruce love fest.

How about them Eagles on the CMA's?

Where is Amy Winehouse when you need her?

J. Freedom du Lac: Bruce is like catnip to Washpost readers.

I was kinda bored by their CMA performance. Of course, I was pretty much bored by the CMAs in general this year. Loved Brad Paisley's use of the Brentwood High marching band, though. Classic.

What was up with Kenny Chesney's outfit, by the way? It's like he'd just come from his day job as a law clerk.


Arlington, Va.: Comment on Springsteen's concert on Sunday -I've been a long-time fan of Springsteen's music and Sunday's concert was the first live performance I've experienced. It was awesome. It was an incredible experience for generations of people. Parents and grandparents were there with their children and grandchildren, singing and clapping. A person sitting next to me had been trying to explain to her son the feelings and emotions of Springsteen and his music and all I could say was, as a first timer, it felt like the entire Verizon Center was one huge heart, beating as one. Amazing!

J. Freedom du Lac: Bruuuuuuuuuuce.


Potomac Falls, Va.: Hi,

Great review regarding the Springsteen concert on Sunday night. This was my fifth Bruce concert and the performance was simply incredible. It is amazing how tight the band is after all these years together. No doubt the best live performer ever in rock & roll (with U2 a close 2nd).

Any update regarding how Monday's show was versus Sunday's?

J. Freedom du Lac: Posted something on the blog this morning about Monday's show.

If I had to give the show a letter grade, I'd say: Sunday-minus.


Arena acoustics: Yes, I can think of one. The Baltimore Arena has always sounded good when I've been there. Maybe I've just lucked into good sound techs, but I think having a real roof rather than just tin and matresses helps alot.

I've heard good sound at the V-center to. It probably has alot to do with how things are set up and the precise layout of the building, in addition to competant sound folks.

J. Freedom du Lac: I've only seen one show there -- System of a Down. And come to think of it, it actually did sound pretty good. If you're into that sort of Zappa-leading-Metallica thing, anyway.


Washington, D.C.: New "Bosses" - Saddened to see that Marah wasn't mentioned. They're first two records, especially "Kids In Philly," are both shining examples of a band building on what Bruce laid the foundation for.

J. Freedom du Lac: This is re Producer D's very funny blog post yesterday on Springsteen pretenders. Marah totally could have been included. We both spaced on them when PD was coming up with the list of contenders.


Manassas, Va.: Good sound in an arena can be done, and I've heard it done at the Verizon Center a number of times. Bruce gets it wrong more often than he gets it right. Monday was better then Sunday, but both should have been great, no matter where you were. Bruce needs to hook up with Paul McCartney's sound guy.

J. Freedom du Lac: But more often than not, the sound at the phone booth is bad, right? Either it's a hard room to mix, or most soundfolk don't know what they're doing. I'm going to vote for the former.


Chattanooga, Tenn.: I like your new Springsteen blog.

J. Freedom du Lac: Thanks. But what do you think of our new Springsteen chat?


Houston, Texas: I don't believe your treatment of the new Alicia Keys CD was 'too hard'. Respect from the listening public should 'earned' and not fed to us by their production handlers. I have to include Norah Jones in this same category. A 20 something girl trying to sound like Peggy Lee or Billie Holiday is ridiculous. They both are pretty though.

As for Dylan, the guy is unbelievable, a rare talent...once every 50 years somebody like that comes along. He's up there with Gerswhin, Hank W. Sr., Beatles, and Burt Bacharach, my favorite. I like your viewpoint.

J. Freedom du Lac: Thank you. I felt it was my moral obligation to speak truth to Clive.

You're welcome around here anytime.


Celeb sightings at Bruce show?: Besides Jann Wenner (really?) and John Kerry, any other celebrity sightings? The Reliable Source spotted Tim Russert and Andrea Mitchell. When I saw Bruce and the band in DC in 1999 (sadly, I couldn't make these shows, living 3 hours away now), who should be in the audience but Emmylou Harris...

J. Freedom du Lac: I saw Post sports czar Emilio Garcia-Ruiz at last night's show. Does that count?

Love Emmylou. Did you see where Jonathan Demme is interested in making a documentary about her?


Alexandria, Va.: I wish Prince had a TV show where he went around making people's lives better, like Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Or a cartoon where he teaches kids life lessons like Mr. T

J. Freedom du Lac: He's too busy suing his fans.


Washington, D.C.: Wow, after two spectacular nights of Bruce live, is today the ultimate let down? How does one get through the slump? I guess wait for the tour to roll through again in 2008.

J. Freedom du Lac: No, tomorrow is the ultimate let down. Because today, you can keep on talking about Bruce on This Very Web site. We're here to help, at least for now. As for getting through the slump -- I dunno. Watch the "Project Runway" season opener? Go hear a new band, like Georgie James (this Friday at Black Cat)? Catch a flight to Pittsburgh for tomorrow's Springsteen show?


Next week: And I'm sure next weeks chat will be "What did you do with your week after you saw Bruce with the crappy sound?"

Get out the cheese whiz.

J. Freedom du Lac: You might be onto something. (See above.)


Bring back the Police chat!: I don't feel strongly about Bruce or the Police, but I at least enjoyed the Police superfans because the very thought of Sting makes me laugh. The vests! The hair! The jaguar commercial! Trudie! For anyone else who is bored at work, here they are on Oprah.

J. Freedom du Lac: What do you say we do a Neil Young free-for-all next week? Actually, it's going to be more like an Archers of Loaf free-for-all since Producer David is going to be hosting the chat while I'm o-u-t. But yeah.

Oh, and thanks for the link.


Arlington, Va.: Is Bruce coming back to DC in the spring?

J. Freedom du Lac: I hope so -- we need more blog traffic.


Silver Spring, Md.: I don't go to a lot of arena shows but went Sunday night. What's the etiquette on standing? I was way up there, near the ceiling. There was a standing area, but the guy in front of me wouldn't sit down for the whole show. I understand standing for Promised Land, Badlands, BTR, but not for Devil's Arcade. I asked him to sit for just one song (he blocked my view of both Bruce and the video board) and he slurred (drunk): "I paid a lot for these seats and I'll stand if I want."

J. Freedom du Lac: I'm with the guy who wouldn't sit. Unless you have some sort of physical ailment that keeps you from standing for the entire show (including, but not limited to, simply being old), you're kinda hosed if you're behind me and I don't feel like sitting. In fact, I'm pretty sure I stood for all but one song last night -- and I didn't even pay a lot for my seats. It's a rock concert, remember - not a court hearing.


the blog: Seriously, dude.

Five entries, all about Bruce.

No love for Brit-Brit?

J. Freedom du Lac: Actually, no. No love at all for her.

Like I said, though, there's a Spice Girls post coming soon. Seriously.


J-ville, N.Y.: J-Free,

A while back I posted a request for you to hit the archives and post some of your top album picks for the mid-90s. Many thanks for looking these up, it's is much appreciated, and I always suspected we were blood-brothers separated at birth, you weren't the only one that had to crank-up P.J. Harvey's To Bring you My Love that night.

So as an aging loser, I've been combing yours and other's 'best of' lists for the last couple years to become slightly more current, thus far, stuff I really like: Arcade Fire, Band of Horses, that Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins album, Solomon Burke. My question is, am I missing something with TV on the Radio? I just am not getting into this album (Return to Cookie Mountain)

J. Freedom du Lac: TV on the Radio - a fine candidate for our forthcoming blog feature whose working title is "Please Explain To Me ... "

I think they're better and more interesting live than on CD, but a little goes a long way for me.


Miami, Fla.: The new Radiohead album sounds like Thom Yorke warbling nonsense while the band plays lounge music, yet most reviews seem to think it's great. What gives?

Thank God Bruuuuce is still out there making good rock music. Too bad the genre's being kept alive by a 58 year-old.

J. Freedom du Lac: Most reviews -- but not ours.

We At The Washington Post don't love this album. Radiohead's 'Rainbows': Is Free Release A Potential Pot of Gold?


Falls Church, Va.: My neighbors freshman year of college (circa 2002-2003) thought it was HILARIOUS to put Wiggles songs on their answering machine for the whole year. Keep in mind that one of them was a total emo kid (Weezer posters everywhere) and the other one was a punk who in protesting the war in Iraq prompted my clearly deep thinking roommate to ask "why he hates America."

I believe Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes was their preferred song though, not Fruit Salad.

J. Freedom du Lac: I'm shocked that so many people have something to say about the Wiggles.


RE: The Wiggles: You know what I can't wait to see on the tube in 2016? "VH1's Behind the Music - The Wiggles". They'll talk about how they were full of self-loathing for selling out their punk roots to make a fortune singing about Hot Potatoes and Five Little Joeys, how Jeff really would nod off before they yelled "Wake Up Jeff!" because he was on smack, how Anthony was enraged for years because he had to be the Red'll be must see TV.

J. Freedom du Lac: Funny.


Silver Spring, Md.: Some of Bruce's fans call Patti's song: "A Town Called Bathroom Break." I was glad to be at Sunday's show and miss it. What stunk was that in 430, the sound was so bad that you couldn't hear the piano on the beautiful "I'll Work For Your Love."

J. Freedom du Lac: Why didn't she just get the opening slot? Would've been a much better approach from a fan's perspective.


No love for Brit-Brit?: She really belongs in the gossip chats, not here.

J. Freedom du Lac: We cover gossip here. Or, I guess, Gossip. Looking forward to Beth Ditto's first release under Rick Rubin's guidance. That could be something special.


river city: sitting/standing. I'm an old fogey who always hated standers blocking my view even when I wasn't so old. Solution? For smaller venues: WHEN you have a choice, sit directly in front of the soundboard--the soundman needs a clear view of the stage and will maintian it. I've been at shows where the annoucncer says "don't block the sound guy's view," and i"m sitting right in front of him so I have a clear view WHILE I lazily sit on my butt.

J. Freedom du Lac: Not a bad approach. And being close to the soundboard, you're more likely to hear the best mix in the house.


RE: I hate Linda Perry. I hate that "What's Up?" song. And everything else about her. I am not wrong.: How could you wrong about what your opinion is? I guess you could say you hate someone, and then discover that you actually do not hate them. But, when you said you hate Linda Perry, we believed you.

J. Freedom du Lac: This is making my head hurt. Kinda like "Town Called Heartbreak."


Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: Have you been reading NPR's new music blogs? One of them is being written by Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney fame.

J. Freedom du Lac: Yes. That's sort of difficult to compete with. Thanks for making us feel lousy.

Also newish to the blogosphere, by the way, is Graham Binder's Wolf Trap blog:


Off-Key(s): First of all, can we NOT have another ALL Springsteen chat? Last week's chat had me checking the URL on my browser....

Anyway, read the review of the Alicia Keys new album, and must admit that I was extremely grateful that someone has stepped up and called out the label and industry for over-inflating her lyricism and "impact". That being said, what do you think that Keys needs to do in order to differentiate herself? I think that she has the voice of an "old soul", but sings like a college English major--in waiting.

J. Freedom du Lac: She needs to write better songs. Or, better yet, get with some super-talented songwriters. You know what could be great? A collaboration with John Legend. But let him do the heavy lyrical lifting, please.

I swear, by the way, that I'm not sitting on the you're-wrong-about-Alicia posts. There haven't been any today.


.......: Hey, can we talk about something other than duplicate accounts of the S'steen concert?

What do you think about the dichotomy of Jay-Z, a man that seems often at odds with his own identity based on his music. Which album is most reflective of the Jay-Z of today; Kingdom Come or American Gangster?

J. Freedom du Lac: Clearly, he has multiple personalities -- one for the corporate world, and two for the artistic world. Didn't care much for the one that surfaced on "Kingdom Come," but the one he resurrected for "American Gangster" is pretty thrilling. It's like a role he's playing, though, rather than a reality, even if there is some fact mixed into his fiction.


Washington, D.C.: You're wrong about Alicia. She's totally hot.

J. Freedom du Lac: Which is probably what Dylan was getting at. Or trying to, anyway.


I'm with Bored to Tears: Can this week mark the end of the BS chatting? Cause it's kinda, well, BS. There's a whole world of music out there. Let's chat about that!

And next time, why don't all the Post Punks agree to meet somewhere post-concert to talk about the show? Yeesh.

J. Freedom du Lac: Yeah, let's. I'm geting bored here, too.

Thanks for stopping by, folks. And please do check out our blog if you haven't already. The more time you spend there, the less time Producer David has to live his life. Let's all make him miserable, k?


re: NPR blog: Should it be read in a tuneless yowling wail?

J. Freedom du Lac: Very funny.


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