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Cindy Boren
Washington Post NFL Editor
Monday, November 26, 2007 2:30 PM

Post NFL Editor Cindy Boren was online Monday, Nov. 26, at 2:30 p.m. ET to discuss Sunday's Redskins/Bucs game and all the latest Redskins news, including police reports that Sean Taylor was shot at his Florida home early Monday morning and hospitalized in critical condition.

A transcript follows.


Cindy Boren: Hello, folks. We have plenty to discuss. I'll share what I know about Sean Taylor and discuss yesterday's game, if you'd like, although that obviously is trivialized by today's news. I hope you'll understand if you don't hear from me for a few minutes here or there. I'm taking updates from reporters in the field in Miami and Ashburn.


Anonymous: I don't wanna be a downer but seriously why was Sean Taylor not at the game in Tampa?

If your out for this long, the team just says go home and get well?!

Cindy Boren: Good question. Typically, inactive players do not travel with the team to games. They're rehabbing and getting treatment; standing around at a game doesn't really help them heal. Now, whether the team would have preferred that he be in Ashburn, as opposed to Miami, is another matter.


Arlington, Va.: The premise of Mike Wise's article today drives me nuts -- that if the Skins had kicked the field goal at the end of the third quarter, they would've only been down 3 at the end of the game. Why do so many sports people (Wise included) not realize that if you change one play at any point in a game, everything that happens after that point won't be the same as what actually happened? The Skins would have kicked off, TB could have returned the kick for a TD, a key player could've gotten injured during the runback, TB may have played on offense with much more urgency in the 4th if they were down 3 instead of 6, TB would've played the last drive much differently on D if they were only down 3 . . . Wise and many others need to learn this or they'll just continue to look foolish. (Please pass this comment along to Mr. Wise.) Hold 'Em, Or Fold 'Em ( Post, Nov. 26)

Cindy Boren: That's a good point, but I think you got that whole altering-time idea from watching "Heroes." I have to say I think they should have kicked the field goal. At that point, the game seemed on the verge of becoming a kickfest and I'd have taken the three on that there drive.


Arlington, Va.: There have been reports that Taylor is in a coma, possibly induced. Are there any updates on that?

Cindy Boren: That is the report at present. A medical coma, I am told, is a controlled situation. One reason to do it would be to limit blood flow to the brain. That would maximize the supply to the rest of the body, which you'd think would be imperative given the massive, quick loss of blood.


Comment: Hi Cindy,

I thought the Skins had run out of gift wrapping paper but then they somehow found more paper with the sixth turnover. I think this team could play a college division III team and somehow make it close.

Surprising that the veterans like Moss and Portis were in the clouds in the first quarter and really cost them the game.

And if you see Gregg Williams, see if he can have his guys practice knocking the ball out of the offensive player's hands. Every team but the Redskins are able to get a few of these during the year. The Skins ZERO.

Cindy Boren: The team eschews takeaways, for whatever reason.


Scottsdale, Ariz.: Why is Wilbon always in Arizona?

Cindy Boren: He loves cacti and it doesn't grow here.


Norfolk, Va.: Are there anymore reports stating what took place to lead up to the shooting in Miami?

Cindy Boren: The lawyer who represented Sean Taylor during the ATV incident is doing a lot of talking and, frankly, some of what he is saying is contradictory. We're figuring it out and the nature of the internet is that you're now with us on this journey.


Washington, D.C.: I just heard on WTOP that Taylor's lawyer said "his condition has improved and he is going to make it."

Cindy Boren: We believe that to be incorrect. They attributed it to a Miami Herald story that does not say that.


Hill Valley, Calif.:"That's a good point, but I think you got that whole altering-time idea from watching 'Heroes.'"

"Back to the Future" made a similar point, I think you'll find.

Cindy Boren: And it made that point at least three times.


Washignton, D.C.: So is our season effectively over? With the Giants and Cowboys on the slate, and the Eagles almost beting NE last night, I despair of having much to look forward to!

Your thoughts?

Cindy Boren: As you know, I had figured the team would be 8-7 going into the finale. Now, though....with no prospect of a Taylor return....I think it's more likely they're 7-8 if not worse. The NFC is less wide-open than it was.


Washington, D.C.: Cindy, there have also been reports that there have been several robbery attempts at his home recently? Have you heard anything about that?

Cindy Boren: That's one of the rumors out there now.


Washington, D.C.: I hope Sean and his family recover from this horrible situation...

I just read the Wilbon Chat House transcript and lost respect for him. I usually like his reporting and columns but he seemed very indifferent.

I hate when reporters take their personal feelings about certain players and color everything they write about them based on those feelings.

I'm no idiot, I know that's what columnists are supposed to do. But when someone is fighting for their life, some compassion would be appropriate and appreciated.

Cindy Boren: I'm going to have to sign off now. Please keep an eye on Redskins Insider and We'll keep you updated throughout the night.

In fact, Jason La Canfora just posted the latest from Richard Sharpstein on the blog now.

Oh, and I'll share your comments with Wilbon.

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