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The OT: Redskins Postgame Live Chat

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007; 12:00 AM

What will the Redskins do with the fourth overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft? Post staff writer Paul Tenorio takes your questions and offers analysis of the team's decision.

Submit your questions and comments before or during today's discussion.

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Paul Tenorio: Guys, thanks for joining me here in primetime as the speculation has ended and we now know the Redskins first round pick is former Oklahoma tackle Trent Williams.

I will be answering questions but also may have to jump in and out for conference calls and press conferences as we go here...

For fans that have been waiting for offensive line help, though, tonight has to be pretty sweet...


McLean, Va.: Why do In have a bad feeling about this? It seems like they took potential over the proven body of work in Okung. I would almost have rather seen them take Berry. I hope I'm wrong.

Paul Tenorio: Well...I mean, how bad can you really feel right now? You really would've preferred Berry? After watching the Redskins offensive line last season I think there was no doubt where the area's biggest need was: offensive line.

I find it hard to believe you really would've been happy with Berry as the pick here.

Look, Trent Williams really impressed people with his workouts in this draft process. He is considered to have athleticism off the charts for a big guy (6-5, 314) and many people believed Williams fit better in Shanahan's scheme than Okung.


washingtonpost.com: Paul will be back momentarily.


Adams Morgan: So. Will he be starting the first game you think?

Cindy Boren: Hey there! Cindy here, weighing in while Paul does some work. I can't edit til he finishes. So, what a concept, eh? an offensive tackle! Yes, he can start the first game. A rookie OT can start in the NFL and I think this guy will.


Durham, NC: Is Williams really better than Okung? What do you think?

Paul Tenorio: Guys, sorry about the delay there. As I predicted we got Williams on a conference call and I had to listen in and jot some stuff down.

As to whether Williams or Okung is better, it's really nothing but a guessing game. Many people felt Okung was the top offensive tackle in the draft and others had Williams graded higher. We have heard from scouts that Williams projected better in Shanahan's schemes.

The fact of the matter is only time will tell whether the Redskins picked the wrong offensive tackle.


Hilton Head Island, SC: I love the pick! Okung not as quick as Williams. Plus Williams will fit better in the Zone blocking scheme. Berry would have been nice to have, but not as big of a need as OL. Also, Berry tackles like Laron Landry (head down) and his hitting ability won't work as well on big NFL players. Were the rumors started about Berry just to get other teams interested in our pick???

Cindy Boren: Keep your mitts off Berry. He's with my Cheeves now. I like Williams better than Okung, too. Day 1 of the draft is crazy day...don't believe anything anyone tells you (unless they're affliated with the Washington Post). It's all jibba and what isn't is jabba. Who knows why the Berry talk was thrown in there. Subterfuge? Legitimate?


McLean: Thanks for doing the chat tonight! My preference was Okung. His workout was better in some respects putting up 38 reps of 225 as opposed to 23 by Williams, and his drills and 40 wern't slow. I'm just more impressed by the amount of starts and overall domination in college by Okung. I think Berry was a combination of best player on the board and my visions of another Sean Taylor.

Cindy Boren: Sorry, I'm not Paul. Still Cindy...I liked Williams a little better. I watch a lot of Big 12 fubball. I'm thrilled with Berry for the Cheeves and, yeah, I see him as another Sean Taylor. But you can't have him. Frankly, that wasn't what the Redskins needed most. Maybe they get the next Taylor next year -- after there's a new CBA -- in free agency.


Warrenton, VA: Does this mean Daniel Snyder's role has finally been reduced to writing checks, like a proper owner? Pretty please?

Paul Tenorio: I think it's been made very clear that Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen are running the show here. For what it's worth, Trent Williams said that he didn't even meet with Snyder when he was here on his visit.


San Francisco: Will we get a 2nd for Haynesworth? If so, what position would we be trying to obtain? Another lineman?

Paul Tenorio: The Redskins deny trying to shop Haynesworth, but other sources say they have made it known he is available. Whether they are able to get a second (or more?) for him is another question altogether.

They will listen to offers, but I'm not sure they are going to hear enough to actually move him. About an hour before the draft it was believed the Redskins had not received a second-round offer for the defensive tackle. Looks like he may wind up staying in Washington this season...


Anonymous: Don't you think its a terrible idea to put the draft on prime time. Who watches this thing straight through? I'm gonna be flipping between "Survivor," "The Office" NBA playoffs, I mean, "Real Housewives of NYC." Come on the list goes on.

We have seen enough of Mel Kiper Jr. for a lifetime this week.

Paul Tenorio: It's all about ad dollars I would imagine, and making the NFL front-and-center during baseball season, NBA and NHL playoffs, etc..

All I know is it increases the coffee intake tonight for those of us out here at Redskins Park. I was just asked how long the local Starbucks stays open tonight.


Chapel Hill, NC: Yea buddy! We may finally be on the road to respectability...

Paul Tenorio: It was one pick, he has never played a snap in the NFL...

Then again, it's an offensive lineman and the Redskins faithful have been waiting for a pick like this for a long time (since Chris Samuels in 2000, I believe). So take tonight, enjoy it, and remember there is a looong season ahead and a lot of work for the Redskins to do to improve from the four-win season that was 2009.


Dumfries, VA: I like the choice in Williams. Any thoughts as to what positions they are looking for going forward? DB? LB?

Paul Tenorio: As many needs as the Redskins may have on their roster, they only have three more picks over the next two-plus days (I'm counting the rest of tonight because...well, it's the Redskins you never know).

They look as though they might want to upgrade at safety -- specifically perhaps free safety as LaRon Landry rotates down to strong. They could also use depth at linebacker and might look to upgrade at wide receiver. And of course, offensive line remains an area where they could use young depth.


Plano, TX: Why did the Redskins pass up Russell Okung and Eric Berry for Trent Williams? And how are they going to accumulate some picks? Will they truly be able to ship Haynesworth for adequate compensation?

Paul Tenorio: They passed him up because they felt he was the best option to help their team. Both of those other guys was available, and if they were rated higher and the Redskins wanted them they could have taken them.

Thanks for joining me tonight. Before I go I'll leave you with one highlight from the Trent Williams conference call.

Stay tuned to washingtonpost.com and Redskins Insider as we continue to update the story regarding Williams with more quotes, as well as with any other news we hear.

"You're getting a fierce competitor," Williams said. "I've got the desire to win. I don't take losing for an answer and I want to be the best. And they're going to get a great teammate."



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