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Redskins Postgame

Cindy Boren
Washington Post NFL Editor
Friday, December 7, 2007; 2:30 PM

Post NFL Editor Cindy Boren will be online Friday, Dec. 7, at 2:30 p.m. ET to discuss Thursday's Redskins/Bears game and all the latest Redskins news.

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Cindy Boren: Welcome to Football Friday. That game last night leaves us a lot to discuss on a wet, gray D.C. day. For the first time in about a month, we aren't dissecting a loss, which is a nice changeup. I'm keeping an eye on Joe Gibbs' scheduled 3 p.m. presser and will update you as soon as I can.


Los Angeles, Calif.: Hi Cindy,

How well did you think Campbell was playing last night before he got hurt? I thought he seemed a little uncomfortable in the pocket...a bit jumpy. Did it appear to you that Collins was getting better chances throwing downfield than was Campbell (receivers getting open more)? Had Campbell become too concerned about interceptions that he was not going deeper?Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

Cindy Boren: Hey, LA! Wish we had your weather today. I thought Campbell looked a little uncomfortable and struggled with the same issues we've discussed in the past. What was really interesting was the pretty start contrast when Collins came in. He's at ease in that offense and knows every single page of that 700-page playbook by heart. Boy, did it show. And, even better, the Collins-to-Yoder combo leads us to dub this era of Redskins football "Toddball."


Falls Church, Va.: Collins's timing and poise was not surprising to me. I've been calling for him to start all season. Jason is clearly this team's future, but if we want to win now, we need to do it on the back of Collins. He looked like Trent Green last night in how comfortable he looked.

Cindy Boren: It really was a vivid contrast. It'll be interesting to see how TC does over the next three games. Not sure I'd have been calling for him to start, tho. I don't think he's Trent Green.


Waynesboro, Pa.: Since we have problems scoring in the red zone, why don't we consider using Anthony Mix on fade routes? He is 6'5" and should be a large target for any of our quarterbacks. He should be able to out jump most cornerbacks that we face.

Cindy Boren: I thought that was the idea behind signing Mix...He's a big guy and has a history with Campbell, to boot. Maybe they just haven't had a chance to get him into the mix, so to speak, given the sporadic practices of the last 12 days, since Sean Taylor died. (It still feels really weird to type those words, by the way.)


Alexandria, Va.: Any comments re play-calling last night?

Cindy Boren: That it got a lot better when Toddball broke out...the offense was -- almost -- fun to watch at last.


Richmond, Va.: To follow up to L.A., are Campbell's problems due to his lack of familiarity with the Saunder's offense? I mean, from what I saw of Collins, his passes looked more crisp, better placed and timed, and he seemed to hit his receivers in stride, whereas receivers are having to adjust to Campbell. I know everyone is saying that Campbell is still learning, but it's been 20 games and one solid camp. Collins came in with what one would think is a solid case of rust and IMPRESSED to say the least.

Cindy Boren: He just hasn't settled in, has he? It's partly as Jason La Canfora reported Thursday, that they aren't doing things like late-game drills. That didn't matter when Brunell was QB because of his experience; it shows with Campbell. For whatever reason, there hasn't been the moment when everything clicks into place between him and Saunders. In fact, Saunders said it best last night: "It's like anything else. When you have a lot of confidence and know what they can do, you have a tendency to do things a little differently."


Silver Spring, Md.: So what's the bottom line on Campbell? Is he out for the season? Also, is this Gibb's last year?

Cindy Boren: What am I, Nostradamus??? I'll give it a go: My gut is that Campbell will be out for the season, given that there are three regular-season games left. I think he'd be ready in about a month. But this is speculation based on the early reports that the tendon is not ruptured. We don't have the MRI results yet. I do not think this is Gibbs' last year. Not at all.


Silver Spring, Md.: Let's say Campbell is out for 3-4 weeks and we end up running the table with Collins at QB. Who do you start in the playoffs?

Cindy Boren: Wow. Turns out I AM Nostradamus. Just call me Clair Voyant. La Canfora is hearing that, they just read the MRI and it looks like a four-week injury. So that does indeed complicate things, does it not??? If -- big if -- Collins leads the team into the playoffs and they're in a rhythm, don't you have to stick with him? I would. But, again, I keep getting passed over for NFL head-coaching jobs. Sigh.


Washington, D.C.: Though Collins had a terrific game, I have to say, I think my grandma could have put more zip on the ball. Talk about some floaters!

Cindy Boren: Your grandma has a cannon for an arm? I'll reserve judgment on those passes until I see them on a little warmer day, maybe in the sunshine.


Alexandria, Va.:'Toddball's' a great name. So why, other than TC's familiarity with the offense, was it suddenly so much better?

Cindy Boren: Um, he was well-rested? Maybe there was a little feeling among the guys that it was time to rally around someone and step up, thinking, "I can't believe now we've lost our QB."


If -- big if -- Collins leads the team into the playoffs and they're in a rhythm, don't you have to stick with him?: Yes, we need to start planning for the Superbowl now.

Cindy Boren: Good luck with that!


Falls Church, Va.: If Toddball runs the table and gets us into the playoff, he HAS to remain at QB even after Campbell's healthy. He will have earned that opportunity by running the table and put the team into the playoff, so he deserves the chance, perhaps even his last chance, to actually lead a team and play in a playoff game.

Cindy Boren: Probably his ONLY chance! Why would a coach disrupt the chemistry of what would be a four-game run into the playoffs? Unless the QB was Favre or Brady or Roethlisberger.


JC vs. TC: Can we factor in that the Bears spent this shortened week prepping to go against a agile young QB with some elusiveness and a cannon arm? They weren't game-planning to go against Collins, so when he came in it was natural that he would throw the already battered Bears D into a loop.

He played well, but could you expect him to play that well against a team that spends an entire week gameplanning to play to his abilities, not Jason's?

Cindy Boren: That's a valid point. We'll find out against the Giants, won't we?


Fairfax, Va.: Cindy,

Can you be Nostradamus again? What do you think the Redskins record would be with Todd Collins starting all season? I see at least two more wins!

Cindy Boren: Next time, I'll borrow Kornheiser's turban. Two more wins? Possibly, but I think they'd probably be right about where they are. I don't think Collins would have been any kind of long-term answer. I think he's the right guy who's prepared himself to be ready at the right moment.


Todd's cute...:...but he's no Tom Brady!

Cindy Boren: Let's focus instead on the fact that Todd is supersmart, shall we? And, of course, so is Mr. Brady.


Greencastle, IN: What do you predict to be more painful: the rest of the 'Skins season or sitting through "Alvin and the Chipmunks" at the multiplex?

Cindy Boren: I've got to go with "Alvin." The last three games for the Skins, suddenly, promise to be different and interesting. Presser with Gibbs about to begin: I'll update Campbell info if I can stop looking at La Canfora's "Milk Crate" sweatshirt.


Great Falls, Va.: TC doesn't need to be the "long term answer." TC is the near term answer. This team had high expectations this year, including superbowl. This is not a team rebuilt for a Super Bowl three years from now!

Cindy Boren: Exactly! He's the answer for the next 12 quarters...maybe 16 if they can get the wild card.


Gilbert, Ariz.: All Knowing Cindy,

What's up with the running game? I thought getting Sellers back would be at least some help.

Cindy Boren: I don't think Portis is hitting the hole the way he used to. The one-two, big guy-smaller guy punch that other teams (Indy and Chicago in the last Supe) have used so well, just hasn't panned out.

Here's Gibbs on Campbell: He displaced his kneecap; the MRI showed no chips or microfractures. "I'm guessing there'll be no surgery. It's just a matter of that thing getting healed up. We're thankful it was no worse than it was." His source, of course, was Bubba Tyer.


Unless the QB was Favre or Brady or Roethlisberger.: Pretty heady company for Ben, who's the same age as Campbell with one more year in the league and who plays at a whole other level. Kind of makes you wonder if Jason's being touted a bit too highly as a clear franchise QB.

Cindy Boren: I wanted to see if you were paying attention.


This team had high expectations this year, including Super Bowl.: Ha, ha, ha, ha. Oh, I'm laughing. The Redskins and their fans expect to go to the Superbowl EVERY year.

Cindy Boren: Hey, it's the NFC and almost anybody can go.


Jacksonville, Fla.: Cindy, love these chats, keep up the good work! On the serious tip, when will we see a woman doing play by play in the broadcast booth?

Cindy Boren: Thanks, Jax! I think I'd be happier seeing a woman doing color commentary or analysis in the booth. Chicks understand the Cover 2.


Washington, D.C.: If you're going to factor in the case that the Bears were preparing for JC instead of TC, then why not also factor in that the Skins were preparing for Grossman and not Griese, but still won.

Cindy Boren: Grossman and Griese! Egad, what a tandem (written with apologies to a dear fan who is a Bears fan -- and isn't named Wilbon).


Washington, D.C.: The short passes that Todd threw to both Portis and Betts, reminded me of a poor man's, but very effective, Trent Green to Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson. That last past to Betts for the TD just blew me away. Todd was like the silent killer last night.

Cindy Boren: A very poor man, but yeah, a little. Now I'm depressed thinking about how good the Chiefs used to be. Sigh.


Washington, D.C.: It was reported that Smoot had cramps and it was reported that he was throwing up blood. One, those have to be some pretty bad cramps. Two, is Smoot okay?

Cindy Boren: Gibbs just talked about this. Said Smoot was vomiting, went to the locker room, saw what was happening in the game and sneaked by the trainers back onto the field. He didn't mention blood today. He says Smoot is okay; said Portis also was yacking. We need to find out exactly what the deal is with this.


New York, N.Y.: Cindy,

Can you recall a worse year for a professional franchise in sports history?

A superstar and a former well respected teammate both passed away in Sean Taylor andKevin Mitchell. An offensive guard Jansen was lost for the entire season, another Thomas was gone for 90 percent of it. A starting cornerback was lost for the season with another Smoot playing through injury. A starting pro-bowl linebacker in Washington missed several games due to injury. Both starting wide receivers have lost significant time due to injury and a backup (Lloyd) even though very ineffective was lost for the year. Now our Quarterback has been lost for the rest of the season.

Has any franchise faced anything remotely close to this?

Cindy Boren: If I said that it was the worst string of injuries ever, someone would come up with a worse scenario. Still, it really does have to rate pretty highly, both on the number of losses and the variety of them. The loss of Taylor alone puts it way, way up there. It has just been a staggering year for them.


Bowie, Md.: Collins didn't fire the ball last night from a cannon because the offense didn't require it. The offense is based on timing, position, and execution.

Cindy Boren: Yes. That's the Al Saunders playbook.


Hey, it's the NFC and almost anybody can go. : Well, okay. I have to remind myself that the first time this Patriots dynasty won the Super Bowl I had to been to Vegas before the season started. I could have bet 31-1 on the Pats, and we all just laughed our butts off. The Pats? Oh, c'mon, we kept saying. Should have placed that bet.

Cindy Boren: See? (Although I must tell you that if you're relying on me to be the voice of positivity, you're all in deep doo.)


Washington, D.C.: Collins worked behind the same OL that JC worked behind, and JC was getting beaten and eaten alive. Collins though, made timely throws and kept the defense off balance. I think the Skins are trying to hammer a square peg in a round hole by making JC work Al's offense. Collins clearly looks more comfortable and produced big time last night.

Cindy Boren: Key word: timely.


Maybe they just haven't had a chance to get him into the mix, so to speak,: Groan...

Cindy Boren: Sorry. I'm a little sleep-deprived. And depraved.


Rockville, Md.: If Todd Collins keeps up the superb performance for the rest of the season, is there any chance he would get the nod as the starting quarterback for the 2008 season?

Cindy Boren: I don't see that happening....unless he were to win a Super Bowl....I can type no further; that isn't going to happen.


Long Time Skin's Fan (Bethesda): There are so many comments being made that Cower (spelling) would come to D.C. to coach the Skin's. Is this a possibility and if so, wouldn't there be the issue of G-Williams and A-Saunders. How could it work, if it were to work?

Thanks and love the chats!

Cindy Boren: First, I think Bill Cowher will go to Carolina, if anywhere. Second, I think Gibbs will return. But IFIFIFIF Cowher came here, Williams and Saunders would be gone. Cowher would bring in his people.

As I've said before, Cowher wouldn't be the answer, IMHO, if Gibbs were to leave. I'd go with the next rising young coach would work his tail off, and get a bunch of really hungry players, not necessarily superstars.


Washington, D.C.: Sicne we won last night, how are our chances for a play-off spot?

Cindy Boren: Ah, the question of the day, from multiple chatters. I still see this team at 7-8 going into that finale. I see them beating the Gints (Eli? Please. What a crapshoot genetics is. And, besides, the Skins do pretty well after a bye week and this is like a mini-bye week.) and losing in Minny. I can't quite see the Dallas result yet. Tune in next week.


The Redskins and their fans expect to go to the Super Bowl EVERY year: Yes, that's correct. We often don't get our way, but we feel that this is the town most deserving. Next time I am in Bawlamere, I'll explain.

Cindy Boren: Ooooh! Smack talk erupts! Yesssss! Sadly, we must close on this note. Join me here a week from Monday, unless you march on HQ and insist that I return next Monday. (That would be great; I'd serve cookies -- and Kool-Aid.) It's always great fun chatting with you!


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