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J. Freedom du Lac Staff Writer
Tuesday, December 18, 2007; 2:00 PM

Washington Post music critic J. Freedom du Lac is online every Tuesday at 2 p.m. ET to talk about the latest on the music scene: alternative, country, alt-country, pop, hyphy, harp-rock, reggae, reggaeton, R and B and whatever it is that Britney Spears does.

The transcript follows.


J. Freedom du Lac: Let's open by observing a moment of silence for Dan Fogelberg, who made it safe for the Plain White Ts to show themselves in public. (Though maybe we should be complaining about that instead of doing the moment-of-silence thing.)


J. Freedom du Lac: (Seriously, we're observing this moment.)


North Pole: J Freedom - It's been a few years now that you've hooked me up by posting this for the assembled Freedom Rock devotees. Thanks as always and again if you can do it this year too.

It's the 8th Annual Joti Rockwell and the Ambalamps Network Television Holiday Extravaganza (simulcast in color where available)! 100% of donations go to DC Central Kitchen. Saturday, 12/22, 8-10pm at Wonderland in Columbia Heights ($8 donation).

A musical revue of holiday favorites old and new, the Extravaganza has everything from old-schoolers like "Holly Jolly Christmas" and "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree," to new-school Christmas songs like Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis," "Last Christmas" by Wham!, and "Father Christmas" by the Kinks. Throw in Peanuts, Grinch, a go-go version of "Little Drummer Boy," and an earth-shaking, call and response funk version of "Dance of The Sugarplum Fairy," and you'll have a good idea what to expect. Santa will be making his annual appearance, so don't forget your cameras and wish lists!

Every year for the past 7 years, the show has raised money for local food organizations like DC Central Kitchen. To this point we have raised almost $5,000! Thanks again, J Free.

J. Freedom du Lac: My one good deed of the year is now done.


Richmond, Va.: Hey, J. Free -- what is your favorite Christmas record? One of my friends made me a mix CD this year, and I can't get enough of Ben Folds' "Bizarre Christmas Incident." That song doesn't get played on 24/7 Xmas radio.

J. Freedom du Lac: My new favorite? "Santa's Got a Big Olde Bag: Yuletide Times Eclectic and Inexplicable," compiled/curated by our very own Chris Klimek. He gave me a copy last night, at the Aimee Mann show. (You know, the one Michael Chertoff also attended. Who knew he was a Nelly McKay fan?!)

The album is a wild, wild ride: It opens with audio from "Die Hard" (you know, where the limo driver is listening to "Christmas in Hollis"), then goes to the Bellrays/"Santa's Got a Big Old Bag," then Sufjan's "Ding Dong! Death! (May Be Your Santa Claus)," then Marah's "New York Is A Christmas Kind of Town" and (this is ripe) Arnold Schwarzenegger doing a workout video over "Warming Up" by Gladys and the Pips! LOL. And on and on it goes. Great stuff. You should sign up for Klimek's CD-of-the-Year club.


The New Wu: I've had a week to digest it. I likes. It's way mellow and I understand Raekwon's beef, but it's a solid piece of hip hop. Ghost's new CD is good too but it feels like he keeps making the same CD over and over again. Your thoughts?

J. Freedom du Lac: Ghost seems to be running in place on his own album, though he elevated his game on the Wu-Tang album. Which is actually nice to hear. I think the "8 Diagrams" is good, not great. I sort of like where RZA is going in terms of production, but maybe not in the context of a Wu-Tang album. More explosive energy and sonic tension, please.


???: Which is the bigger crime against humanity: "Kokomo" or the Fat Boys/Beach Boys version of "Wipe Out"?

J. Freedom du Lac: Clearly, it's "Kokomo." Because that one was credited to the Beach Boys -- and will forever be known as the band's most commercially successful single. Whereas "Wipe Out" was what it was: A rap-rock novelty. (And please, save all of your jokes about Brian's fat period. I'm in a seasonally good mood today. Don't ruin it.)


Dan Fogelberg Tribute: You know how sometimes oldsters complain that music today is nothing but crap. Why is it that they don't remember Dan Fogelberg ?

J. Freedom du Lac: Selective memory.

This is truly fantastic, from Fogelberg's Wikipedia entry:

"In a fifth season episode of The King of Queens titled 'Kirbed Enthusiasm,' Deacon beseeches Doug to help him get his son Kirby interested in football and toughen him up since he believes his wife Kelly is causing their son to be too soft and sensitive. While the other kids are practicing on the field, he complains to Doug, Kirby is in the car 'listening to Dan Fogelberg!'"



Whole Lotta Love: Loved reading the article about what's his name going to London and witnessing the Led Zeppelin tour. What did you contribute to the article?

J. Freedom du Lac: I loaned my editor to the author. That counts for something, right?


RE: My one good deed of the year is now done. : You were cutting it a little close, there, with the year almost over and all. Phew!

J. Freedom du Lac: I actually have a second good deed up my sleeve. I'm going to try to help a great Canadian-based indie act on the Merge Records roster sell some albums by placing 'em high up in my Top 10. (But it ain't Arcade Fire.)


Odenton, Md.: JFDL, if you were a Dan Fogelberg song, what Dan Fogelberg song would you be?

J. Freedom du Lac: Are you calling me a sissy?

I honestly don't think I'm capable of answering that question. Because there's not a single Dan Fogelberg song that I'd want to be. Not a one. I'd rather be a Dashboard Confessional song. (Even though I wouldn't.)


Chicago, Ill.: Re: Dan fogelberg

Many years ago, a local soft-rock radio station here tried a TV commercial campaign in which a group of 'punks' insulted the artists this station played. The best line of the commercial was when one of the punks sneered "Fogelberrrrrg."

J. Freedom du Lac: Terrific.

This is the Everything I Know I Learned From Wikipedia edition of Freedom Rock, in which I now cut-and-paste the following:

In No Cure for Cancer, comedian Denis Leary suggests suing Fogelberg and James Taylor for turning him soft in the '70s, based on the legal precedent of the lawsuit filed by the parents of the two young men who killed themselves after listening to Judas Priest.


Seattle, Wash.: Is it true that CD and DVD sales are still mostly music that boomers stuck in their teen and young adult years listen to?

Or have we at last moved past rap?

J. Freedom du Lac: Not necessarily. There's also that category of not-exactly-boomer women who have been buying Josh Groban's Christmas album by the minivan-full. Believe it or not, that thing is going to wind up as one of the year's best-selling titles -- if not THE best-selling album of 2007. He's at 2.1 million and counting, with only Daughtry (2.3 million) and Hannah Montana 2 (2.5 million) ahead of him.


Dan Fogelberg RIP:"We'lll fly..through the falls and summers

With looove on our wings "

That is an awesone lyric, and I don't care what all you meanies say....

J. Freedom du Lac: One pro-Fogelberg vote.


Anonymous: Is Anthrax pulling a Judas Priest in selecting a singer from the pages of MySpace?

I also just saw that Amy Winehouse just got arrested. That put should put her on the level to pose nude now.

J. Freedom du Lac: It's all the rage. Journey's new singer came from a band that did a bunch of Journey covers. I'm just waiting for Producer David to get the call from Pavement.

Amy Winehouse. I've heard that name before. Remind me again where. Oh, right -- I just wrote about her in my Top 10!


Thanks for remembering Fogelberg!: One of the first records I remember owning was "The Leader of the Band" single and it probably remains one of my Top 25 songs today.

For some reason, about two years ago I got inspired to see if Fogelberg was touring...that was when I found out about the cancer. But I also got to read his bio and how that song and others came about. Pretty weird how the songs (and I am talking about any song from any artist you love) stay with you, even years after you hear them...

J. Freedom du Lac: Another vote for The Sultan of Soft Rock.

In other death news, Atlantic Records producer Joel Dorn - the man who helped usher Roberta Flack to fame - died this week. (His resume was loaded, actually, as he worked with everybody from Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Les McCann to Bette Midler and the Allman Brothers.)


Hall of Fame: It looks like Jann Wenner, his underwear model boyfriend, and the rest of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 400 experts have more than made up for having to vote in Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five last year. Not one black artist and completely ignoring Chic, Donna Summer, or even the Beastie Boys or that Manchester R&B group, the Smiths. Have we now entered that period of rock music where they'll be voting in James Taylor and the Dave Clark Five because it's a long time before Pearl Jam is eligible. The Grammys are more credible. Urine in wine, indeed. By the way, Patti Smith live and electric is much better than the idea of her. I'd skip the acoustic and the new covers album, though

J. Freedom du Lac: I like the title of Producer David's blog post on the Rock Hall's class of 2008: "PR Pitches We Never Finished Reading." Wasn't too far from the truth, really.

Does anybody have a link to Gilda Radner's Patti Smith skit on SNL from way back when? If so, please post it here.


Met my old lover in the grocery store...: I liked Fogelberg. I like any songs that tell a story about the usual in a memorable way. "Same Old Lang Syne" makes me tear up everytime single because it seems like a totally plausible situation. I also like Journey (the version Steven Perry).

I just wanted to say that because on the internet no one knows who you are.

J. Freedom du Lac: Nothing wrong with him lyrically, really. It's the EZ-listening presentation that I don't dig.


Aimee!: Will we get a full review or at least a blog posting? I thought the show was a lot of fun despite her vocal problems. I thought she was a real trooper to perform anyway.

J. Freedom du Lac: We're not reviewing it this year, since we reviewed it last year. Though I think Klimek is writing it up, perhaps for his own blog, or maybe DCist. Forgot to ask, actually. I just know that he was taking notes ... in a Christmas card! It was rather good of Aimee to work through her vocal problems, though, wasn't it? I wonder if she'll change the keys for more songs tonight. That seemed to help last night.

Highlight of the show: The Hanukkah Fairy's Christmas rap. Side-splittingly funny." Christmas Rap" (YouTube video)


Rashan Roland Kirk: Did you ever see him play two saxophones at once - definitely a WOW.

And I think I like his version of Goodbye Pork Pie hat even a little better than Mingus.

J. Freedom du Lac: Never did see him live. He died when I was, like, 6 or something.


Springfield, Va.: Speaking of Jann Wenner, I can't think of a single person who has done more to make rock music as boring and unlistenable as he, other than maybe Coldplay.

J. Freedom du Lac: I think it was telling that he sat for most of Springsteen's show -- but stood during Patti's spotlighted song-as-bathroom break.


Reston, Va.:'Longer' was the first real song I learned to play on the piano. Everything leading up to that was classical or nursery rhyme. I was so cool that I actually got to play it in my 4th grade talent show and won! I'll always be grateful to Dan Fogelberg for contributing to my parent's wall of fame.

J. Freedom du Lac: We're not going to start posting a bunch of overly-sentimental mush here, are we? Though that would be a fitting send-off for Dan Fogelberg.


New York, N.Y.: At the intersection of your beat and your town, a rhetorical "question": Lastings Milledge's label, souljahboyrecords, has far worse stuff out now than the infamous "Bend 'Ya Knees." If you go to the artist's site you'll hear a song called "P**** N*****" that is almost beyond words. How is this going to play in D.C.?

J. Freedom du Lac: Innnnnteresting. He's probably psyched that the Nats acquired Elijah Dukes, since Dukes is an expert at attracting attention for all the wrong reasons.


Tombstones: A moment of respect for Ike Turner.

He was definelty one of the pioneers of rock and roll. A lot of great musicians went through his band. Did you ever meet Mr. Turner?

J. Freedom du Lac: Respect? For the music, sure. For the man? Naaaaah.

I did meet him, back in 1997. The Stinging Guitar; Ike Turner Helped Shape Rock but His Private Life Drowned Out the Music


Is there anybody out there?: Do Richard Harrington and Mike Joyce still write for the Post? If they do, what is the chance of them being a guest of yours on this chit chat. Harrington always had great insight and analytical views on the passion of rock. Joyce sometimes was just a cement head.

J. Freedom du Lac: But of course. Richard Harrington is king of all music-media in Weekend, though we sometimes get to publish his work in Style and Sunday Style and Arts, too. Joyce is regularly in Style and Weekend, as well. Go to and you'll find a bunch of their work there. As for hosting a Web chat -- you'd have to ask them very, very nicely. Though even then, I'm not sure they'd want to put up with You People.


Non-Dan Fogelberg question: Gogol Bordello: Best rock album of the year, or cacophony of noise abated only by the sweet release of death?

J. Freedom du Lac: Somewhere in between. The best RAWK album of the year, by the way, is by the Black Lips. And it was recorded in Mexico. Live.


RE: I actually have a second good deed up my sleeve: Caribou, eh?

J. Freedom du Lac: Good guess, eh.


R.I.P.: Good career move or bad career move for Dan Fogelberg to die? I say good career move.

J. Freedom du Lac: Now, now - aren't we crass...


Washington, D.C.: Ever since you started writing incessantly about Bruce Springsteen, this chat has been taken over by old people re-living their past. BORING!

J. Freedom du Lac: It really is. That's why I'm taking the next two weeks off from Chatland. It's literally getting old.


re: "A moment of respect for Ike Turner.": Ike Turner didn't even know how to spell r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

J. Freedom du Lac: How different would things have been if he'd just owned up to his (alleged) transgressions and apologized? He went down fighting.


Seattle, Wash.: Hannah Montana ... I'd much rather hear electronica re-mixes of Sarah McLachlan, or Ladytron's stuff ...

So, do you think Michael Jackson will ever come out with a new song, or the Beastie Boys? Or might the writers' strike get us some new lyrics in the music biz?

J. Freedom du Lac: I'm afraid I might lose my hearing at the Hannah Montana show next month. All that squealing. Oi.

I'm sure we'll be hearing from Michael Jackson soon. And given that he's updated look, I'm guessing it'll sound like state-of-the art pop -- the state being 2000, instead of his formerly favorite era of 1991-1992.


Mike Joyce: I didn't know the Post employed the ex-Smiths drummer! Where are the anti-Morrissey rants?

J. Freedom du Lac: That caterwauling woman who opened for Ted Leo at the 9:30 club cornered the market on them.


Richmond, Va.: my favorite christmas song is the duet with Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing Little drummer Boy

J. Freedom du Lac: That one will live forever, won't it? Paul Farhi wrote about it last year. (I think it's in Paul's contract that he has to do at least one holiday-music story per year!) Link below.


Patti Smith in DC: I remember seeing that Gilda Radner bit on SNL and although she totally nailed most people's idea of what Patti Smith must be like in concert, the reality was very different. I saw her at McDonough Arena during her "Easter" tour and I was struck by how ingratiating and sweet she was. Killer singing - and an amazing version of - wait, you'll laugh, as I did when I first realized what it was, then I was awed - "You Light Up My Life."

J. Freedom du Lac: Well, now.

I'll be curious to see how the set comes together for the 12/28 show here.


RE: based on the legal precedent of the Judas Priest if you play Sweet Baby James backwards, you hear, "Be mellllllooowwww. Weaaaaar a sweaterrrrrrrr...."?

J. Freedom du Lac: Very funny.


Arlington, Va.: since he's the most unpredictable man in show business, any word on how evan dando is behaving (himself) on the lemonheads tour coming to black cat tomorrow? i've seen him out of his mind, silent, friendly, and playing all his songs crushed together into one long set without stopping even for applause. then there's the show where he walked out to the alley and crushed a boom box someone had left, which was playing 'it's a shame about ray'. and the time the club announcer in new york had to say, over the p.a. system, 'attention to the wait staff: please do not deliver any more drinks to the performers on stage.' he's my favorite, but you just never know which person(ality) is going to show up. any hints or predictions?

J. Freedom du Lac: I haven't read any reports from the tour. Been too busy trying to figure out whether I like [14 names redacted] best for the 10th slot on my Top 10.


Ike: Did you see the New York Post headline on his obit:

Ike 'beats' Tina to death

Sick. But funny.

J. Freedom du Lac: Yes, indeed. (And the poster is not making this up. See below.) IKE 'BEATS' TINA TO DEATH


Anonymous: your recent articles on Bruce Springsteen have caused this 40 something to revlive my past like no other articles on music I've read. I can remember seeing Bruce on the River Tour. We borrowed my mother's car and headed to the San Diego Sports Arena. Man, Free, you should have seen us

J. Freedom du Lac: Just wait until we break into a month of all-Wham, all-the-time coverage.


Springfield, Va.: I, for one, can't wait for the great boomer die-off. Here are some (music) things I'm looking forward to never hearing/hearing about again:


-Grand Funk Railroad

-Dylan plugging in

-Why Sgt. Pepper's is the best album ever made (despite the reality of it being schlocky and not aging very well)

-Jimmy Buffet

-That thing they do where, as a response to someone talking about rap, they throw their arm in front of themselves and say "YO!" and then smirk like they just made the most hilarious joke of all time

J. Freedom du Lac: I'm with you, for the most part. But not on Woodstock - since that makes me think of The Band, which, of course, is the greatest. They're receiving a lifetime achievement Grammy next year, by the way (and Levon's album is nominated). I hope they put together some sort of performance, even if it won't be the same without Rick Danko.

(By the way, "Pet Sounds" is better. It still holds up.)


James Taylor and Dan Fogelberg: Interesting how these two get linked together, given that JT could be quite a wild man when he was battling his personal demons back in the '70s. Fogelberg, on the other hand, once is rumored to have gotten crazy and stole a pen from the St. Paul Marriott in the late '80s.

J. Freedom du Lac: Was Fogelberg okay with his status as a sort of pop-music/pop-culture punching bag? Does anybody know if he talked about this in interviews? I have no feel whatsoever for what kind of sense of humor he had (or didn't have).


Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: Is Spoons' Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga the coolest album of the year?

J. Freedom du Lac: It was, until they started playing Spoon on the radio.

I think "Dewey Cox" is cooler.


Black Lips: On the Black Lips record, I couldn't hear the chicken. What's up with that?

J. Freedom du Lac: You need better headphones.


Anonymous: Are you disappointed that your chats are apparently populated by aging hipsters and baby boomers?

J. Freedom du Lac: No. But I am disappointed that nobody wants to talk about Patti LaBelle today.


All Wham all the time: I for one would be all over a Wham! month. Back in the fourth grade, my best friend's mother was from England. She spent a summer there and came back with Wham!'s first LP. I still remember sitting up in my bedroom, playing the record the only way we could, on my Fisher-Price record player. (We weren't even allowed NEAR my dad's hi-fi).

Anyhow, many years later for my high school graduation, I got extended LPs of George Michael's Kissing a Fool, Father Figure, and other songs from Faith. I STILL love them.

J. Freedom du Lac: My father wouldn't let me go to a Wham! concert with my middle-school friends. I can never thank him enough for that, since it would have been my first concert that my parents didn't drag me to. (Of course, he also wouldn't let me see Prince on the Purple Rain tour.) Amusingly enough, he did let me see go to the Oakland Arena for FreshFest, the first national rap tour. Rap was safer than Wham!, I guess.


Washington, D.C.: Speaking of The Band, I hope Dirt Farmer is a consideration for your Top 10.

J. Freedom du Lac: It's under consideration, yes.


There's a bunch of meanies here today:"Ike 'beats' Tina to death"

"can't wait for the great boomer die-off"

"Good career move or bad career move for Dan Fogelberg to die? I say good career move."

J. Freedom du Lac: It's everybody's last chance before Christmas. They have to get it all out while they can. (Though you're all welcome to rant and riff somewhat inappropriately over on the Post Rock blog, where the comments box is always open.)


This "Dewey Cox" person: played a number to open last night's football game. I liked it and thought it was really stupid all at once.

J. Freedom du Lac: Great quote from Judd Apatow about the movie's music:

"There was a lot of debate about how funny the songs should be. We wanted the songs to be good and to feel like he had all these hit records. But we wanted them to be also weird and wrong. It was a trick - writing a good bad song."


Here are some things I'm looking forward to never hearing/hearing about again:: For me it would be how boomers claimed to be the greatest pivotal generation to save the world--and then they turned out to be the most acquisition-oriented, shallow, consumer-driven, gas guzzling generation of them all. Give them a little buying power and all their values went down the drain.

J. Freedom du Lac: Yes, but Josh Groban isn't totally their fault. So they don't shoulder ALL of the blame. (I'm just trying to be fair here.)


Wham!: I used to have a keyboard that played "Wake me up before you go go." Man, those were the days...

J. Freedom du Lac: Huh.


re: "He [Ike] went down fighting. ": hah, he went down begging Tina Turner for her crumbs.

J. Freedom du Lac: Not totally. The man won a Grammy last year, and he could still bring it live. Though apparently only about 100 people showed when he played at the Birchmere a few years back. People just couldn't get past the stench of the wife-beating accusations.


Re: Patti LaBelle: Disappointed? Really? Sorry, J. Free, I read (and enjoy) almost you write for the WashPost, and participate (rather intelligently, if I do say so myself) in this here chat on a reg'lar basis, but I can't for the life of me understand how you would expect a list of unintelligible non-sequitors to elicit chat fodder from us, your loyal denizens. Sorry.

J. Freedom du Lac: Dear Santa,

All we want for Christmas is for everybody to understand our humor. (Such as it is.)

We've been more Prime Minister Pete Nice than Naughty by Nature, so hook us up.

- JFd and Producer D


re: "Ike 'beats' Tina to death" : all kidding aside, how does the post think Tina felt reading that?

some things just should NOT be joked about

J. Freedom du Lac: Honestly, I don't think the New York Post cared what Tina thought about that. They were too busy congratulating themselves for coming up with a zinger that was sure to get people talking. (Exhibit A: This Very Chat.)


Spinal Tap: has a song in an Am Ex commercial. "Gimme Some Money." Can't believe they sold out.

J. Freedom du Lac: Strangely enough, I saw Harry Shearer last week on a Mojo-network show about eating and drinking ("After Hours With Daniel"). He'd brought back his Derek Smalls facial hair, too. Classic look. I'm pretty sure he also said that he once ate cougar.


Ooooh, Pete Nice!: I think I may still have a Third Bass cassette in the garage somewhere, along with my poker-playing dogs tapestry and my Mr. T Chia Head.

J. Freedom du Lac: They were responsible for the greatest Vanilla Ice diss ever. How can you not love them?


"the man won a grammy": But does that really mean anything (anymore? ever?)

J. Freedom du Lac: In some of the specialty categories, it means a great deal, yes, as the awards are voted on by people in your genre.


RE: We're not going to start posting a bunch of overly-sentimental mush here, are we? : So I guess you don't want to hear about how Dan Fogelberg taught me how to make a shiv in prison. The man saved my life!

J. Freedom du Lac: You know, if the TV writers ever come back, you might be able to find work in that field.


Faulkner PL, N.C.: Free-

What's the deal with Guitar Hero? I watched some dude's GH "performance" of Radiohead's "Airbag" on YouTube and just don't get it. And the seriousness of the comments was unbelieveable. One commenter said that a three-second piece of the video was the greatest moment in rock history. And I think he was serious. All because some idiot hit the red button at exactly the same time that Jonny Greenwood did a hammer-on on a REAL guitar? Help!

J. Freedom du Lac: Two Guys, One Guitar. It's all the rage online.


embarassing CDs: anonymously I can admit that I LIKE the Hanson Xmas CD, those kids could rock out the old yule tide classics!

I wasn't a fan, was decades too old, but I bought that xmas cd. They may have been so young as to be a gimmick, but they had (and still have) talent

J. Freedom du Lac: Since this is the last chat of the year, we're going into power-posting mode. In which I post your post, and add even less than I usually do to the conversation.

We start in 3...


RE: Spinal Tap Ad: Actually, it's a RE-RECORDING of the Spinal Tap version. I'm not sure if that's meta or not, but it sure is strange.

J. Freedom du Lac:2....


spinal tap 'selling out': lol, great thnx

J. Freedom du Lac:1...


Ike won a Grammy last year: so did Peter Frampton

J. Freedom du Lac: Touche.


Washington, D.C.: Gotta defend Third Bass. Saw them at the old 9:30 Club my freshman year of college right after Pop Goes The Weasel came out. Not exactly musical brilliance, but fun nonetheless.

J. Freedom du Lac: Nothing to defend; I like them.


23112: The Patti LaBelle story is nothing without actual audio. And I have to say that Fogelberg instilled a strong romantic streak in me during my formative years. That worked out pretty well.

J. Freedom du Lac: Powerpost.


Happy?: I'm on my own

Why did it end this way

On my own

This wasn't how it was supposed to be

On my own

I wish that we could do it all again

J. Freedom du Lac: Powerpost.


Wait a minute!: That young whipper-snapper doesn't know what he's talking about dissing Grand Funk. C'mon, J. Free -- how can you not appreciate Mark Farner's wild, shirtless lyrics, the bong-rattling bass of Mel Schacher, and the competent drum work of Don Brewer. (to quote the great Homer J. Simpson)

Now get off my lawn before I turn the hose on you.

J. Freedom du Lac: Powerpost.


Confused, DC: So Gilda Radner did an impersonation of the lead singer from Scandal ("i a-am the warrior") who later married John McEnroe? Wow, talk about esoteric.

J. Freedom du Lac: Funny powerpost.


Anonymous: Andrew Rigley was totally underrated...

J. Freedom du Lac: Not really.


RE: Man, Free, you should have seen us: Oh, like you're the only one who drove to a concert in their mom's car. We're all so jealous.

J. Freedom du Lac: Yes.


Destination Mensa: But Patti Smith is a POET. So she's so much better than your favorite band who just has a SINGER.

J. Freedom du Lac: Not all bands have singers. Some are without poetry AND vocal talent.


Baltimore, Md.: Do you prefer your Fogelberg bearded or clean-shaven? I can't decide.

J. Freedom du Lac: Soul patch.


Chatland: What do you want Santa to bring you?

I would like Santa to bring me all the bootlegs of all those music that you write/chat about.

J. Freedom du Lac: A full-time helper to sort and catalogue my CDs for me. (Until there are no more CDs to sort.)


Fogelberg: Wikipedia reports that his first band was called the Clan.

Who knew of his future influence on Wu-Tang?

J. Freedom du Lac: Funny powerpost.


Reston, Va.: Fourth and Final try - why does Bruce Springsteen deserve Special Mention on this Topic?

J. Freedom du Lac: Because people keep mentioning him. Don't mention him, and we won't talk about him.


not-exactly-boomer women who have been buying Josh Groban's Christmas album : My mom and her friend both bought it, and they don't even know who he is.

J. Freedom du Lac: That's just reckless.


Anonymous: Does Gene Weingarten look down at you because you have a blog now?

J. Freedom du Lac: It didn't start with the blog, my friend...


O, no!: I'd like to call your attention to this article from the Guardian. You can all rest easy now, knowing that Ashlee Simpson is not going to break up Fall Out Boy. You're welcome.

J. Freedom du Lac: Thank you.


Hey!: That's MR. Aging Hipster to you, Anonymous.

J. Freedom du Lac: Yes.

And that's happy holidays and happy new year to all of you. Thanks for coming by, as always. It's been fun -- and mostly Springsteen-free!

The chat will return Jan. 8, assuming I survive Hannah Montana the night before.

Until then, you can find Producer David and I guzzling egg nog on the Post Rock blog.



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