Monday, Dec. 17, 2:30 p.m. ET

Redskins Postgame

Cindy Boren
Washington Post NFL Editor
Monday, December 17, 2007; 2:30 PM

Post NFL Editor Cindy Boren was online Monday, Dec. 17, at 2:30 p.m. ET to discuss Sunday's Redskins/Giants game and all the latest Redskins news.

A transcript follows.


Cindy Boren: Greetings! There's plenty to discuss today: Another win, more Toddball, a couple of key injuries, the rest of the schedule and -- ow, my hair hurts -- playoff possibilities. And, of course, recipes. Let's go.


Rockville, Md.: Cindy,

Please explain why Redskins fans should care about tonight's game? Regardless of what the Vikings do, the Redskins need to beat them next week, right?

Cindy Boren: Because the Vikings seem like nice boys? Okay, here's what I think: it's because a Vikings win would mean that the Redskins have no margin for error should they lose in the Dome Sunday night (thanks so very much, NBC, for these 8:15 games; I'm ordering you a special fruitbasket).


Toronto: Hi Cindy. The secondary seems to be holding up pretty good considering what they have been through. Do you think we should give Reed Doughty a starting job next year?

Cindy Boren: Reed Doughty is one of those guys you root for because of the incredible courage his family has shown in dealing with his son's illness. This is an NFL player who really needs the job and the health insurance. Maybe I'm becoming a softie (I'm putting my snark on a milk carton! Gack! Where did it go???) but it would be nice to see him get the chance next fall.


Will from Rockville: Would the Redskins have won if Jason Campbell played last night?

Cindy Boren: Oooooohhhhh.....controversiay question! No, he stinks (snark has been found). Just kidding. I believe that, yes, they would have won. As you all know, in a stunningly Nostradamus-like prediction, I have foreseen since the schedule came out in the spring that the Skins would be 7-8 going into the last game. I said last week that I saw them beating the Gints and losing in Minny, no matter who the QB is (exception: Randle El). Still haven't decided about the finale yet, crystal ball still cloudy.


Alexandria, Va.: Beyond all the obvious points made in the coverage, to what degree was the 'Skins victory due to bad offensive decisions by Coughlin, e.g. 51 pass attempts?

Cindy Boren: When you have a QB like Eli Manning, you live by the pass. When you have a QB like Eli Manning, you die a hideous, painful, ugly, frustrating death by the pass.


Dulles, Va.: Is it also wrong to point out that your guarantee of a 'Skins win over the Giants was finally fulfilled?

Cindy Boren: It is never ever wrong to point that out. Ever. :)


Washington, D.C.: I don't understand why Todd Collins has not been the quarterback from the start of the season. Please explain the rational of using inexperience vs. experience.

Cindy Boren: You know I'm enjoying Toddball, but he really isn't the long-term answer (one Hall of Fame QB replied to a frolleague [friend/colleague] who asked simply, "Todd Collins?": ""). There are valid reasons he didn't start for a decade. The smart way to go is Jason Campbell. But the Toddster is the right man at the right time in the right place. For the rest of this season.


Waldorf, Md.: Hi Cindy,

Love the work that you do!

Did Clinton Portis justify his salary by running the way he did last night and what's your gut feeling about him being on the team next year?

Keep up the great work!

Cindy Boren: Waldorf! You people make a dandy salad. Thanks for the luv. Now THAT was Clinton Portis last night. He certainly didn't look a step slow and put the hurt on Tuck with a block -- without separating his shoulder. If this Clinton Portis steps up in the next two games, why wouldn't you want him? Let's decide, though, in early January.


Todd Collins For MVP!: He completed 8 passes. Ocho. Stop anointing him the second coming of Doug Williams.

Cindy Boren: Oh, dear me, no. He is not the second coming of Doug Williams, not at all. He is the right guy for right now. He's smart, he gets the playbook and he's rested. He's a bright story in a season of sorrow. Now, we'll see Sunday what he can do against the Vikings.


Philadelphia: Cindy, as you may know, Nostradamus was known to be close but not exact a lot of the time. I am happy to report that you, like him, are close but not exact. The 'Skins will be 8-7 heading into the last week. It is a remarkable accomplishment on your part. Feel no shame.

Cindy Boren: What, you're more Nostradamus-y than I? We could have a smackfest, but, honestly, you could be right. (But I don't think so.) If Nostradamus was so smart, why didn't he predict the NFL?


Campbell vs. Collins: I think Collins has done so well in his two games because he knows the offense so well and has been much more accurate than Campbell. Do you think some of those close losses might have been wins if the qb had not messed up at the end (see Tampa loss and Dallas loss)?

Cindy Boren: No, you cannot look back. You'll drive yourself crazy (although if this frees up more time for chatting and blogging with us, yippee!). You can only look forward.


Railroad: Where did Yoder come from? He's a fantastic Redskin. How old is he? Can we expect big things?

Cindy Boren: Yoder played for Tampa Bay and Jacksonville. He's from Indiana (New Palestine High) and came to the NFL from Vanderbilt, that noted football factory. He will turn 30 on March 18, is married with two children and has a degree in chemistry, which, as we all know, is the key to success in the NFL.


Silver Spring, Md.: What do you make of the Cowboys? I was cheering for them to secure home field so they might lay down a little against us in week 17, but now I think another loss or bad game might send them into a spin. They don't seem experienced/mentally tough enough for true postseason success.

Cindy Boren: I work with a guy who is a HUGE Cowboys fan and he has contended all season long that they're overrated. I've decided he might be right and that they'll lose home-field to the Packers and will get killed in Green Bay. Romo seems to have lost his focus (Jessica Simpson will do that to you); he looked goofy and gob-smacked all during the game yesterday.


Baltimore: Cindy,

Thank you so much for taking my question, any word on Rocky Mcintosh? Also, do you see Brandon Llyod tearing it up for another team after we cut him like Patten is now for New Orleans? Thanks!

Cindy Boren: No word yet on McIntosh, who is having an MRI today. We also think that Todd "Chat Favorite" Yoder is having an MRI today, too. I'll update you here if it happens while I'm typing; if not, keep hitting refresh on the Redskins Insider. I believe it is a rule of the cosmos that any player who leaves the Redskins tears it up somewhere else. As with every rule, this one has its exception: Adam Archuleta.


Mr. Right (Now)!: You are so right Cindy. Collins is what the 'Skins need right now, a quarterback that knows all the reads that is not giving the ball away. There is no way he is the answer over Campbell, but right now he is more likely to help the team win a few close games.

How much longer before you think Campbell is there? Is he more Peyton Manning or Eli Manning?

Cindy Boren: I don't think Campbell will ever be either of the Mannings. Which is really, really good because I've had it with Eli. I think JC will develop into a different sort of QB, more of a McNabb. We need to see evidence of this evolution by maybe October of next season.


Manassas, Va.: Despite a few flubs, Redskin players have continued to declare their love and loyalty to Gibbs. Are these players simply looking out for their own best interests, or is there genuine respect and affection for Gibbs? If so, what is it about him that inspires such loyalty?

Cindy Boren: A little known fact is that he brings them delicious, home-baked cookies every Tuesday. I think the respect/affection that the majority of the players feel for him is indeed geniune. And it's very definitely fueled by the fact that he has their backs. He really doesn't throw them under the bus. Sure, some are critical, but it's very quiet criticism.


Dumb question...: Hi Cindy,

Do you really like the 8:15 games? I hate 'em -- can't ever watch the whole game and get up at 5:30 to go to work the next day!

Toddball appears to be working. But the Vikes have film, too, so they may be on to him. Is it that we really played so well, or the Giants played so badly?


Cindy Boren: The 8:15 games are brutal. It's tough to get a moment with players because you're trying to file for one deadline as soon as the game ends and, if the game has gone badly, they may be gone by the time you get to the locker room. You interview as many people as you can and then have about 40 minutes to rewrite and send your copy. All sports should be played at 1 p.m. Eastern time.


Arlington, Va.: Do you expect that Todd Collins will record a "Christmas Redskins Rap Song," on one of the local radio stations?

Cindy Boren: Oh, from your lips to Santa's ears, Arlington.


Washington, D.C.: Re: Westbrook downing the ball at the 1. How much do you think that was influenced by the fact that he could (should) have done that when the Redskins let him score at the end of their last game?

Cindy Boren: No doubt about it!


RE: I think JC will develop into a different sort of QB, more of a McNabb.: Maybe Campbell will start a new trend and be the first Campbell. And then the new QBs will be called the next Campbell.

Cindy Boren: And then they will name a soup company after him. This has unlimited potential.


Washington, D.C.: After reading The Post article over the weekend, it sounds like Saunders's days could be numbered. Does this mean we can look forward to a season of being a completely predictable, 1980's style offense, running on every first and second down, then passing on third and long? Fantastic.

Cindy Boren: I'm getting an overwhelming feeling of deja vu...Didn't we just do this about two years ago? No one wants to see that again.


All sports should be played at 1 p.m. Eastern time.: Hear, hear!

Why ever did they go to 8:15 on Sunday night? Is it traditionally a dead spot in the weekly programming line-up?

Cindy Boren: NBC wanted back into the NFL. NBC wanted to compete with "Desperate Housewives" and whatever follows "60 Minutes."


Washington, DC: Love the blog! Thanks Ultimator!

Question: is Rocky's knee an injury or a re-injury? Didn't he have a knee scoped and scraped last spring?

Cindy Boren: Mwah! Thanks! I believe it is an injury, not a re-injury. The scoping took place in early June 2006.


Embarrased to ask but...: I should know this, as a long time football fan. What's it mean when the QB raises one leg before the snap?

Cindy Boren: No problem, Embarrassed. We're here for you. It usually is the signal for the receiver to go in motion. In the shotgun, it signals the center when to snap the ball (with a silent count). If the QB lifts his leg twice, it could mean both. Rarely, it means that he has to go to the bathroom.


Toddball Central: Cindy,

My posse and I really enjoy the humor you inject into these chats. Perhaps we will march down to the Donald (Graham's) office and demand that the chats take place more often.

Wasn't one of the reasons Gibbs came back was to help his son Coy break into coaching? As Coy is no longer part of the staff, what would keep elder Gibbs coaching past his current contract?

Cindy Boren: Excellent! I think Gibbs certainly will be back next year and perhaps beyond. I think he's enjoying building the team, perhaps not coaching it quite so much. And I think he'll want to be part of the revamping that will occur because of the loss of Sean Taylor.


Cindy Boren: It's time for me to run now; thanks for the fun. Keep an eye on Redskins Insider for updates and join me here next Monday. To paraphrase my hero, Crash Davis, we're going to be dealing with a lot of stuff.


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