Celebritology Live: Britney Hospitalized; The Return of 'Lost'

Liz Kelly
washingtonpost.com Celebritology Blogger
Thursday, January 31, 2008; 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Afternoon. We've got a lot to cover today. Britney's in the hospital, the question of a compromising Heath Ledger video, my lack of understanding of the genius that is Marie Osmond and, finally, "Lost."

And, when I say finally, I mean it. In the interest of not turning off non-watchers, we're going to return to saving the last 15 mins or so of the chat for "Lost" talk. I promise if the discussion is still kicking, we'll keep on going past 3 p.m.

But, before we return to Hollywood land, a "Lost" related PSA: Join Jen Chaney and myself tonight at 8 p.m. ET in our inaugural experimental "Lost" yaplet chat. It's like a circa 1995 interwebs open chat room -- think IRC or AOL -- but with no pesky age/sex/location checks (we HOPE). The link will be available on the homepage tonight sometime before 8, or here at the "Lost" Central page.

Okay, let's get started...


Reading, Pa.: Liz :

Don't you think it's time people prayed for Britney instead of preying upon her? I hope all the haters out there stop and think how they would feel if someone in their family had a serious mental illness and it was given as much mocking media coverage as this young mother has gotten.

Liz Kelly: Everyone I've talked to is agreed that Brit needs help and that the hospital is the right place for her now.

I know this may not be a popular opinion, but I don't know that straight up reporting on her status is so much the problem as the constant crush of paparazzi chronicling her every misstep. I know the two are hard to separate as one feeds the other, but there is a difference.

Case in point -- this morning I felt well justified in linking to the news that Brit had been admitted to a hospital. At the same time I chose not to include links to several recent videos of her acting disjointed and displaying obvious signs of mental illness. There is a line. It's a fine, ever-shifting line, but it does exist.


Alexandria, Va.: Hi Liz,

Love your blog. Love your chat.

I'm hanging out with a pal tonight to watch LOST. Any suggestions for a LOST-themed menu? I'm in charge of dessert.

Liz Kelly: YES! In fact, post.com food blogger Kim O'Donnel suggested this menu just last week.

Okay, no more "Lost" till 2:45 ET.


I Don't Get It: In last week's chat, you said:

"I linked to a story about (Michelle Williams) with one shot of her leaving Europe but steered clear of posting any myself. To shove a camera in her face (and the face of her two-year-old) at such a moment is cheap and low.

I felt the same way last week when we were shown pix of a forlorn looking Gwyneth Paltrow leaving a New York hospital. My god -- she could've just had a huge health scare, lost a pregnancy, whatever -- she was clearly not in a position to deal with cameras."

Please explain this, because clearly you don't apply your own personal standards when the topic is Britney Spears. If you 'hate' the celebrity, then it's okay? You posted, on your blog, pictures of her in an ambulance, taken by a paparazzi who was hanging from a tree to get the shot, with her kids in the middle of the fray. Those photographers were literally banging on the door of the ambulance like animals, and you bought right into it. What, I ask you, is the difference? If the celebrity is in the middle of a nervous breakdown, then it's okay? Again, I urge you to stop supporting those vultures that are literally killing her and quit posting all pictures of Britney.

Liz Kelly: Like I said -- the line is constantly moving. I posted that pic of Brit because it was literally EVERYWHERE -- even on CNN. And because Brit, though she may have been in the middle of a breakdown, was actually smiling and seemed bemused by the circus around her at the time.

Also, I believe that pic was determined to be from a news chopper, not a pap hanging from a tree. Not that it matters.


Inside scoop: If, despite your denials on Tuesday, you still are intrigued by Jake Gyllenhaal, you should know that his uncle is executive editor at the Miami Herald. Perhaps your buddy Gene could use what contacts he has left to help you out.

Liz Kelly: Oh, Gene has taunted me with that connection before. Thankfully Jake no longer tempts me. A little too much Lance Armstrong there now.


Oakton, Va.: Is it too late to get Sean Young to host the Oscars?

Liz Kelly: God I hope not. She is fabulous. Ideally, she'd host wearing her cobbled together Catwoman costume.

I wish I'd been on hands at the DGAs to see Julian Schnabel yelling "Have another one, honey" at Young as she heckled him. It just doesn't get better than that.


New York: I've lived in Los Angeles and in New York, and it's become apparent to me that the local judicial systems make accomodations in order to retain celebrity residences. How close do you think we are to open revolt among common folk at the double standards of justice?

Liz Kelly: Well, I can't say exactly, but I did see my neighbors sharpening pitchforks last night.


Bravo Mountain, Mont.: Liz,

Have you watched Make Me a Super Model? -- I know some people who like it or loathe it. I guess I'm one of the layter because it seems like it exploits the models and the audience too much. Why hasn't that toothless wonder the FCC had something to say about all the nakedness and sexual overtones on that amateur hour ?

Liz Kelly: Nope. I limit my amount of reality TV watching and right now I'm using up all my chits watching "Rock of Love's" second season. So bad, yet so good.


Arlington, Va.: I often recognize celebrity voices on commercials. Has this happened more since the strike as a way to make money and pay the bills?

Liz Kelly: I dunno. Maybe you're just noticing it more now? Celebs have a long, profitable history in doing stateside commercial voiceover work -- think James Earl Jones for Verizon or Martin Sheen for virtually anything.


Arlington, Va.: I thought of posting this to the daily politics chat, but somehow I felt THIS chat to be the more appropriate forum.

You know those claymation Celebrity Deathmatch shows? Here's the ultimate episode: Rush Limbaugh vs. Michael Moore. Political beliefs aside, who do you think would win?

Liz Kelly: I'd like to see the new Oprah bronze statue take on both Rush and Michael. That thing would totally be at home in "Clash of the Titans." Release the cracken!


Washington, D.C.: E!News reported that JLo is giving birth today? Any news about that?

Liz Kelly: Well, several outlets have been reporting J.Lo as giving birth for the past week or so. Maybe E! is merely the latest to jump the gun. Or maybe they're on to something. I tend to believe baby news when I see it on People.com.

Speaking of which...


Hollywood Preggers: People Mag should rename their Web site, people.com, to preggyhollywoodladies.com.

What happened to the real Hollywood news? After seeing Gwen Stefani pictured last week sans makeup and a billowy sweater, my first thought was, yes, she is pregnant. I also think that celebrities like to dress like that, knowing that they are pregnant, to get theirselves in the news.

Give me some really Hollywood Dirt!


Liz Kelly: Don't harsh on People -- there are a heck of a lot of pregnant celebs out there right now. We're in the midst of a serious beautiful people baby boom.

Angelina, Gwen, Ethan Hawke's girlfriend -- not to mention the ones who are already well along or delivered -- Halle Berry, Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera.

Real Hollywood dirt, tho... how bout this:


To I Don't Get It: Gwynnie could've left the hospital by a back exit, in a car with one-way windows, if she genuinely hadn't wanted media attention. Walking out of the hospital is just asking for it.

Liz Kelly: Yes, there's that. And, taken to the extreme, the same argument has been used to justify Britney coverage over and over again: She craves the attention, therefore she's fair game, right...?


Brooklyn, N.Y.: Ledger says he'd smoked 5 joints a day for 20 years? So he'd been a pot head since he was 8-years-old at the latest? I seriously doubt that.

And even if that were true, so what? It didn't impede his success, did it?

Also, if there is a point to showing that video or its existence, can you explain it to me?


Liz Kelly: Well, the video purports to show him snorting something off a table. Doesn't sound like pot to me. Unless there's yet another new fad I've missed out on again.

But to your second and third question -- his success may not have appeared to be impeded, but there seems to be a growing notion that his drug use came between he and girlfriend Michelle Williams and, by extension, his toddler daughter. So though he may not have been getting out of cars and showing off his hoo-ha, he still may have been struggling.

Is there a point to showing the video now? To the general public? I don't see one.


Cardiff, Calif.: Playing the devil's advocate here. There are other celebs who struggle with/have had lifelong struggles with major issues, including depression, mental illness, etc. Yet their every move is not chronicled in the media because they did not contact the media whenever they go anywhere and not only invite them to trail their every move, but feed on the attention they get. Britney Spears has serious problems but she is also feeding/encouraging/enabling the media frenzy around her. She seeks it out!

I have no idea if she realizes this, but if she really wanted help, she would leave L.A. altogether and go hide somewhere where she could have real privacy and heal herself. Plus, her problems are going to be a lot worse when she's bankrupt and the way she's going, that won't be long.

Liz Kelly: And to play devil's advocate to your devil's advocate, which may make me more of a Care Bear advocate --

Sure, Britney courts the paparazzi. Some say she even calls to alert them to her moves ahead of time. But if she's mentally ill, doesn't that cancel out the argument? I mean, is someone who hasn't slept for five days capable about making image-affecting decisions?


I'm confused: I thought Sean Young was the murdered football player. But the context is waaaay off. I could google, but I'd prefer a lightly-snarky Liz explaination.


Liz Kelly: Sean Young: Once promising actress who you may remember from "Stripes" (the MP who looked like Deborah Winger) or "Bladerunner," but was effectively blacklisted after wreaking havoc on more than one movie set, allegedly stalking the equally cracked James Woods and showing up on a Tim Burton set in a homemade Catwoman outfit to try to secure the role in his Batman movie.

I would love 15 minutes on the phone with her.


Britney Haters?: I'm not a hater. I'm just driving down the highway with the only scenery being a ginormous multi-car pile up on fire. I can't help but look.

Liz Kelly: Ya, that may be the final word on our Britney fascination.

We're only human.


I hate to go here, but...: Yes, a Britney question. The one detail that got my attention during the latest Britney fracas was the number of police that were needed to escort her to the hospital. If I was a taxpayer -- or worse, her neighbor -- I would be livid. How much is that city paying in extra police security to help this trainwreck? Will they be sending a bill to Spears' manager anytime soon?

Liz Kelly: Yes, Brit apparently required several cop cars, a motorcycle escort and two police helicopters to escort her ambulance to the hospital. Talk about overkill. I can't wait to hear the LAPD justify this one.


Man crushes: The Early Show did a feature on this phenomenon today. Cited as examples were Tom Brady and Barack Obama. I don't find Brady that attractive, but do guys think he's hot because he's a quarterback?

Liz Kelly: Guys? What say you...?


23112: Has there actually been a released statement about Ledger's cause of death? I haven't heard one yet.

Liz Kelly: No, not yet. The medical examiner was not able to make a ruling in the 24 hours after Heath died and said he'd need 10 more days for test results. Since Heath's body has since been released to his family, I'm guessing they've got a good idea. I'd expect to hear something soon.


Atlanta, Ga.: Hi Liz Kelly,

Good thing you said "Oprah Winfrey statue" as opposed to the word which must not be written.

As to the Heath Ledger video...what were the folks at ET thinking when they "bought" the video? Surely the execs were planning to air it. Now what are they trying to do? Spin it so it looks like they're protecting Ledger's legacy? And what is the response from the celebrities who have the symbiotic, love-hate relationship with ET, Insider, et. al.

I'm not a Lostie but I can totally dig how excited you must be for tonight. Enjoy.

Liz Kelly: I find it hard to believe they'd shell out $200K just to keep the thing out of circulation.

The Daily News this morning reported "'ET' backed off under pressure from film insiders and shelved the tape - for which it reportedly had paid $200,000 - at least for now."

I guess that "for now" is the key phrase, eh?


Washington, D.C.: Did anyone watch that "Edens at the End of the Earth" special on WETA last night? The only reason I'm asking is because I think Jeremy Irons was the narrator, but I can't be sure. I watched it anyway because even if he wasn't Jeremy Irons he sounded like Jeremy Irons and 'sigh,' what a voice.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Jeremy Irons was blessed by the voice gods.


Cardiff, Calif.: What is with celebs and clothing lines? Seems like so many of them come out with lines of clothing. They don't need the money or the job, so what's the draw? To say I'm wearing a pair of flat-front pants designed by Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban? Just seems ridiculous.

Liz Kelly: Money.

This is a lucrative play for celebs who, in many cases, are minimally involved with the lines bearing their names.

The exception would be folks like Gwen Stefani, who is in fact very hands on with her own fabulous L.A.M.B. line.


Wondering: Is there anyone in Britney Spears' life who is not trying to use her, take advantage of her, or make a buck off of her? Is there anyone competent and clearheaded enough who could be legitimately be granted medical power of attorney to oversee her care?

Liz Kelly: Golly, good question. Right now the battle for control of Brit seems to be between her parents and her pal Sam Lufti. Brit might have granted Lufti some sort of legal status to make medical decisions for her.

So, I'd have to say no.


Hollywoodland, USA: There seems to have been some fascination with how mushy Brangelina were at the SAGs. "What that means" re. their relationship seems irrelevant given that both of these people are ACTORS. They can act however they want to get whatever media coverage they seek.

Liz Kelly: Well that's hardly fair. What's the point in questioning the veracity of their feelings for each other. I think the coverage was probably a reaction to the Brangelina of last year -- the Angelina who icily stared down Ryan Seacrest on the Globes red carpet and seemed disinterested in attending any of the awards shows. It should be remembered that her mother had died not long before, though.

It's been a while since we've seen a seemingly content Angelina. So it's being remarked upon. Such is life here in Celebritology world.


Chicago Ill.: My opinion on the paparazzi-Britney thing was fixed in stone last year some time when I was waiting in the checkout line at the supermarket. Every magazine had Britney on the cover, with her kids, and all I could see were these frightened young children whose names and faces were being splayed out for all the world to consume as entertainment. That, to me, crosses whatever moving line we all think there is. At that point, even if Britney wants the attention, the media has a responsibility not to give it to her because her innocent kids are being harmed. (A benign analogy is to streakers at sports events. A less benign analogy is to the Duke accuser, who even when her cover was finally blown was not made front and center and, in any event, her kids were left out of it.) Thanks.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for sharing. Of course her kids should be left out of the spotlight. Thankfully that's exactly where they are right now.


Mental illness and quality of decision-making: If B.S. (love it!) is suffering from some sort of mental illness, her exhibitionism and attention-seeking may be symptoms of the illness. It takes a degree of clarity that, by definition, is lacking in serious mental illness to "realize you really need help" and know what the best course of action to take is. Which is why, as a friend or relative of someone with mental illness, it is heartbreaking/frustrating/maddening/sad-sad-sad to try to help them...they don't understand how/why to help themselves.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Thanks for raising that point. Exhibitionism and that level of self-absorption are total red flags for mental health pros. A friend once likened similar behavior in someone we knew as her "Courtney Love phase." And so it goes with Brit. Let's hope she gets the help she needs.


Washington, D.C.: She's not what I would characterize as a big star, but I believe Margot Kidder once had a fairly public mental breakdown. She seems to have at least gotten her life back on track (though, again, not to become a big star).

You know, in the 18th and 19th century the well-to-do would pay to go on tours of insane asylums and see what all the amusing lunatics would do next. That's kind of how I think about Britney these days -- it makes me feel tainted, almost.

Liz Kelly: I remember that Margot Kidder news. Something about wandering down a busy street with a gun? Or am I thinking of Martin Lawrence?

Interesting historial context. That was also the era where the well-to-do experiencing their own breakdowns would retire to the Mediterranean or a posh resort to recover far from prying eyes.


Methin, KS: Liz Kelly,

Have you ever posted something in the a.m. and thought, "There's gonna be a ton of responses to -this-" and then it turns out the conversation goes in an entirely different direction. I would think that your job requires that you have a sense of what the readers will want to talk about.

I guess what I'm really wanting to know is: "What's it like to be Liz Kelly?"

Liz Kelly: Yes, methinks, that happens often. The prime example of this is Joel Achenbach's Achenblog, where the conversations that follow his posts often end up in a completely unexpected place and have nothing to do with his original post.

For me, though, it tends to go a bit more like yesterday's Marie Osmond post. I am utterly surprised to find there's a community of Marie-lovers out there lining up to defend their "all American" sweetheart. Who knew?

Also, there was the pony thing.


Anonymous: FYI - I think I have non-sexual man crush on Clive Owen.

Liz Kelly: That's it. Unburden yourself.


Jeremy Irons: I third the love of Mr. Irons's voice. According to a PBS press release he does narrate "Eden at the End of the World." I wish I had seen it!

Liz Kelly: Thanks!


10029: Somehow a Spanish language edition of People was delivered to my house and it's filled with celebs like Barbara Bermudo, Ninel Conde, and Lucia Mendez -- sort of freaks me out that there's a whole alternative universe of celebrities most people have never heard of...

Liz Kelly: Visit your local Indian grocery and have a peek at some of the Bollywood tabloids. It is extremely eye-opening. And entertaining. Also, you can pick up some really yummy food while you're there.


Sam Lutfi.: It's L-U-T-F-I.

Liz Kelly: Right. Lutfi. Thanks.


Is there anyone in Britney Spears' life who is not trying to use her, take advantage of her, or make a buck off of her? : Her kids! They're too young to know better. And that older brother we never hear about...

By the way -- creepy -- Dad's name is Jamie. Mom's name is Lynne. Youngest daughter is Jamie Lynne? Did they not have access to a baby names book?

Liz Kelly: Give them time.


Liz Kelly: Fair warning: Five minutes till we switch gears and talk "Lost."


Baltimore, Md.: Sean Young: Why in the world would she heckle Julian Schnabel at the Directors Guild awards show? Did she get turned down for the lead in the Diving Bell and the Butterfly?

Liz Kelly: HA! I think she'd had enough of him and his speech and, quite frankly, she was half in the bag at that point.

This is why it was so heartbreaking that the Globes -- another atmosphere where the spirits flow freely -- were canceled this year. Think of the potential "situations" that were missed.


Voices!: Liev Schreiber wins, no question. I'd listen to him read the phone book.

Liz Kelly: Enh. I dunno.

Though I will ask: Has everyone seen the movie "Walking and Talking?" Liev plays a small role in it as an ex of the main character, played by Catherine Keener. It rocks.


Washington, D.C.: For the past few months I've hardly watched any TV at all -- there's no point, right? So it's been a nice opportunity to catch up with movies I've been meaning to watch, old TV shows, things like, that are out on DVD.

Anybody else doing the same thing? For example, I watched the entire "Upstairs, Downstairs" series. Delightful!

Liz Kelly: Mr. Liz and I have been re-watching "Twin Peaks." We're now midway through the second season.


Arlington: Perhaps this has already been discussed, but just wanted to congratulate you on the Washingtonian piece in this month's magazine. Loved it, loved your blogs, and love your chats! And I can't wait for Lost either, because I love your Lost recaps. Keep it up!

washingtonpost.com: Post Watch: Want Real Gossip? Got to Go Online (washingtonian.com)

Liz Kelly: Thank you, though as Weingarten said, that is truly one of the worst pix of me ever taken. Alas, it's too late to take it back.


Washington, D.C.: Margot Kidder had severe bipolar disorder. She was found in a neighbor's yard, crouched and incoherent after going through their garbage can. Medication has helped her immensely. Yes, it was Martin Lawrence with the gun. I think he was also running back and forth on a heavily traveled road.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for clarifying that for me. And was it Robert Downey Jr. who entered some random house, flopped into a child's bed and fell asleep?


Rock of Love: What do you think so far? I think some of the contestants are very aware of the cameras and what actions will get them more on-air time. Last week, when "Destiney" was in the confessional about the non-VIP "girls" dressing in lingerie too, all I could think was how bad of an actor she was. I also marvel at how I cannot stop watching this show.

Also, this may be a Hax question, but why does Celebrity Rehab make me want to drink? I mean besides swooning over Dr. Drew in his tight-fitting t's?

Liz Kelly: I think this season isn't quite as good as the original because the bloom has worn off. I think the girls are skankier. I think Brett is desperate for money. And yet I keep watching. I blame my public school education.

As for your Dr. Drew infatuation, I have nothing to say.


Atlanta, Ga.: My hubby and I are addicted to the BBC drama "Foyle's War" now that "my shows" are off the air. It's been a good re-bonding experience for us.

Liz Kelly: Cool.


the Angelina who icily stared down Ryan Seacrest on the Globes red carpet : I thought that was just BEFORE Angelina's mother died, when the media still didn't realize her mom was terminally ill, so harshed on Angelina for taking a backseat to Brad on the red carpet. At least Angelina made the effort to get all gussied up for the event and to attend on Brad's behalf, when she may not have really felt like it.

Liz Kelly: Right -- it was in that timeframe. I can't remember if it was precisely before or after, but I do know her mom's health was a factor.


Anonymous: I'm the Clive Ownen confessor and I think Tom Brady is very attractive, but don't have a man crush on him.

Man crushes are not mainly driven by looks, but by coolness. I suppose Pat fans think he's cool, but I think he's arrogant.

Think Steve McQueen or Peter Sellers. Yes they have looks, but they have that undeniable coolness about them. As does Clive.

It's not that we want these men. We just want to BE these men.

Liz Kelly: Ahhh. Okay, kind of how I want to be Gwen Stefani. Got it.


Chevy Chase: Are there any celebrities who came from the D.C. area? Excluding Shirley MacLaine.

Liz Kelly: Lessee -- are you also excluding Shirley's brother, Warren Beatty?

How about Sandra Bullock, Katie Couric, Jared Leto, Dave Chappelle, Willard Scott, Jennifer Garner (well, from W.Va.) to name just a few. I'm sure the chatters can add to the list...


Alexandria, Va.: I read somewhere that K Fed took the two children shopping a few days ago,(someone saw them and emailed Perez Hilton), and there were ZERO photogs anywhere. No press, no anyone. They were just walking around the mall like unfamous people. I have to say it: thank heavens he has custody.

Liz Kelly: Ya, who knew? Someday the wheel of karma should probably repay him for his classy handling of the kids.


Liz Kelly: Okay, "Lost" time...


Chicago, Ill.: Random observation a friend pointed out: if you look closely at the end of all the TV previews for Lost, you'll notice that in the final shot of all the castaways, there is a reflection of a skyline in the water -- any idea what that's all about?

Liz Kelly: Right -- in fact, here's a clear image of that skyline in a promo poster.

Speculation about it ranges from it being a bit of foreshadowing -- that there will be a lot of off-island activity -- to it being a hint about the Losties inhabiting a parallel world. Hopefully tonight's show will give us some clarification.


between he and girlfriend Michelle Williams: No Lizzie, between HIM and girlfriend Michelle Williams. Prepositions take the objective case.

Liz Kelly: Geez, sorry. Did I mention that I were an English majer?


Reston, Va.: Did you watch the replay of last season's Lost finale? The plot summary captions on the bottom were awful! I know the writers are on strike, but did they have to hire fourth graders to fill in?

Liz Kelly: I only watched a few minutes of the pop-up version. They seemed helpful for anyone who may be just coming to the show, but struck me as kind of over-simplistic.

I remember turning the channel when the caption under Tom read "Once played football with Jack, but is not a nice guy!" Or something like that.


Celebs from D.C.: Goldie Hawn, from Takoma Park.

Liz Kelly: Thank ew.


Boston, Mass.: Can't wait for the Lost premiere tonite. To me, it's like the Super Bowl of scripted television. (Writers -- Come Back!) For other Lost watchers, even non-addicts, I am recommending the eight minute recap of the last three seasons on abc.com's Lost site. First, it recalls events that we've all long forgotten and second, the narration is hysterical. Seeing the three seasons in eight minutes highights how over the top and ridiculous the show is, and yet I cannot wait for the next installment.

Liz Kelly: Yep, it's definitely more useful than last night's re-airing of the finale. Also, you can, ahem, check out this handy cheat sheet going into tonight's show.

Question: Any folks out there contemplating watching "Lost" tonight for the first time? Anyone returning to "Lost" after dropping off during season 3?


Washington, D.C.: Last night on the rerun of the season finale of Lost, I learned that the doctor who was to perform surgery on the lady in the car crash had the same last name as Bernard! Who knew!?!

Liz Kelly: Ah, finally some mystique to surround Bernard.


D.C. Celebs: Edward Norton!

Liz Kelly: Another...


RE: man crushes: Tom Brady, not all that. Looks like he thinks he is and/or is trying to be. Obama just has big hears. Beckham is worthy of a man crush... (from a gay Arlingtonian)

Liz Kelly: Beckham is worthy of univeral crushing, I'd say.


Don't Forget: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) went to West Springfield High School and his mom still has a shop nearby.

Liz Kelly: Right -- I have a whole barrel full of Dave Grohl back-in-the-day legendary stories from high school.

This, of course, means we have to mention Henry Rollins, Ian MacKaye and Dischord Records.


Alexandria, Va.: During the promo for tonight's premiere, I saw a brief flash of a new Dharma seal with a 6-headed sea snake thing, followed briefly by the #6. Has this station been seen before and I missed it or is it brand new?

Liz Kelly: That sounds like The Hydra -- we've seen it before. It's where Jack, Kate and Sawyer were held when initially captured by the Others.


Mancrush (from a Man) Answer: Tom Brady? No.

Barack? No.

The only mancrush I have is Daniel Craig. He rocked as Bond.

Liz Kelly: Yes, though my mother recently watched "Layer Cake" and said he didn't do it for her in that role.


Liz Kelly: I just received a question asking me if I'd heard about two specific spoilers. I'm not going to post it as I don't want to ruin anyone's enjoyment of tonight's show.

But yes and yes, I have heard both of those things.

There's also a link from today's main blog post to a page with more spoilers.


Natives: Lewis Black!

Liz Kelly: I didn't know. Cool.


Pennsylvania: Re the washingtonian.com article, I agree the pic is not the best...kinda washed out. I'm sorry. But the pose is cute and so is your blouse. Nice article...congrats!

Liz Kelly: Thanks. Gene said I looked like I'd just come in from a rain storm.


LOST in Chantilly, Va.: I really despised last night's treatment of Lost. I could've done without the (Chantilly is named after a town in France.) interruptions every so often. We just switched to satellite and thought (It's also a lace...)

That this was some closed-captioning. My wife and I tried for a while to turn it off but we gave (...and a cream used in making pastry.) up after we realized it was fruitless. I really, really, really hope this isn't the future of television. We're already couch potatoes, do we really need to have this stuff spoon-fed to us as well?!

Liz Kelly: I'm sure ABC is paying close attention to the reax to last night's (...and a Northern Virginia suburb...) close captioning.


Washington, D.C.: What's the name of the guy who always looks like he has eyeliner on on(Lost)? I can't remember the timeline, he was a part of the group opposing the DHARMA initiative? Then Ben killed all his DHARMA people, and joined up with eyeliner guy?

Liz Kelly: Richard Alpert. I'm not sure if he's back or not, but he easily could've been another one of the unanswered questions we need addressed this season. He seems to have predated the Others occupation of the island.


Severna Park, Md.: Care to speculate on the fate of Daniel Dae Kim's character after his drunk driving arrest?

Liz Kelly: I would be very careful if I were Daniel. He's thisclose to Ana Lucia and Mr. Eko territory.


Locals: Mary Chapin Carpenter, Emmy Lou Harris.

Liz Kelly: And Patsy Cline is from Winchester, right?


Union Station, D.C.: More D.C. celebs...

The Madden twins and Billy in Good Charlotte

Stewart Copeland, though he was only born here

Chuck Brown, minor one I know

Would Cal Ripken count? Have de Grace is in Maryland.

Liz Kelly: I can't believe Rocci the producer let this through without correcting the spelling of his hometown Havre de Grace.

You're slipping, man!


Lost Egg: The only thing new I found out last night was the reveal that the name of the funeral parlor that Jack goes to see the mystery coffin inhabitant was an anagram for "Flash Forward"

Liz Kelly: Now that's interesting, but another one of those things that is neat, but probably totally irrelevent.


Oklahoma City, Okla.: I read your lost questions and in regards to the future flashback in last year's finale. I too had the question, is this really the future? I listened to the last official podcast which did explain that, the flash forward is the real future, and there are no alternate futures.

Liz Kelly: Good to know. Thanks for listening closely. I missed that clarification.


washingtonpost.com: It was originally spelled Have De Grace and the capital "D' caught me eye and yes, I did miss the "Have" misspell. Please fergive me, Oh Lost worshiper. Don't send me to a desert island.


Lostieland: The Richard Alpert character also does not age. What's up with that?

Liz Kelly: Yet another island mystery. And what is his relation to Jacob? Or the pirate ship?


Lostland: What's with the cow in the preview?

Liz Kelly: Couldn't tell ya, but I'm sure we'll find out tonight.

Speaking of which, if you're up for a little virtual company join Jen Chaney and I at 8 p.m. ET for a live real-time open forum chat. None of this pesky moderating.

For the rest of you, bear with the "Lost" madness -- after this week, it'll only overtake the blog on Friday afternoons.



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