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NFL Playoffs

Cindy Boren
Washington Post NFL Editor
Thursday, January 31, 2008; 1:30 PM

Post NFL Editor Cindy Boren will be online Monday, Sept. 15 at 2:30 p.m. ET to take your questions about the results of the Redskins-Saints game.

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Cindy Boren: Welcome to the Super Bowl Redskins-coachapalooza chat! Got questions? I've got something resembling answers. I continue to stick by pity pick of the Giants to win, although I'm dismayed that so many people are picking them now, too. Let's hit the send button, pigskin peeps.


PDX, OR: Hey there, Cindy,

Can you break down The Post's team in Phoenix? Who is there, who'll be covering what on game day, who gets the best seats in the press box?


Cindy Boren: Hey, PDX! The Post's team in Phoenix is Mark Maske, Les Carpenter and Dan Steinberg. Les will be writing a column for Monday, Mark will write the game story and Dan-o will do the A1 piece, as well as his Razing Arizona feature. They'll all do quick sidebars, too. And ... burying the lede here ... Mr. Tony will be blogging. Mr. Tony, the one blogger in America whose fingers never move. Yep, he'll be here until he gets sleepy.


Crankypants, USA: Lemme reiterate: I am NOT watching this game. Now leave me alone.

Cindy Boren: Okay, Crankypants. As I said last week, you're going to be a real drag around the water cooler Monday. You could be a contrarian instead of a crankypants and just watch the commercials.


Ashland, Va.: What did former Redskins' linebacker Antonio Pierce say that was so dissing the Redskins?

Cindy Boren: Nothing that he hasn't said before, only this time he had 2,597 microphones in his face. Here's the quote, courtesy of Dan Steinberg:

"It's tough. When I was there, we went through three head coaches, four defensive coordinators, four linebackers coaches," said Pierce. "Four of everything. And that's not good. Too much turnover. You never get the continuity you need as a team. You never feel like you know anybody in the organization because there's always a new coach, a new system, new terminology. So it's not something to look forward to. When everybody was talking about our head coach here, that's one of the main reasons I didn't want him to go. I don't want to deal with a new coach, someone coming in with a new regime, a new system and new way to work out. I'm OK with Coach Coughlin. I'm good."


NOVA: Cindy... to keep in the media day theme... will you marry me?

Cindy Boren: your name Tom Brady?


Washington, D.C.: Cindy, why weren't you at media day asking Tom Brady to marry you?

Cindy Boren: I was holding out for him to propose on my chat.


Rapid City, S.D.: Cindy, what happened to Wilbon? The only mention we way out here had seen was the question to Mark Maske in his "chat" this week? Mark didn't provide any details as to why Michael is hospitalized.


David There was a mention in Wednesday's Reliable Source.

Cindy Boren: Let's take a moment to address this. Mike had a cardiac event in the middle of the night Monday. He woke up with chest pains, went to the hospital and underwent a balloon procedure to restore an artery to its Autobahn-like status. He is recovering nicely at home, but won't be able to write this week, which is always disappointing because he's so great at the big, non-cardiac events. He scared us all because he's just one of the very best people on Planet Earth, but he's going to be just fine. It's probably good that this happened. Now, he'll be monitored. He'll speak soon for himself, but he won't mind my saying thanks to everyone for their notes, calls and concerns.


Alexandria (via The Empire State): What on Earth was Plaxico Burress thinking when he made his prediction????

Giants 28, Pats 24

Take it to the bank!

Cindy Boren: I was annoyed that he did it so tepidly! Sing it, bay-bee! Just because it didn't work for Anthony Smith doesn't mean it won't work for you. I agree with Brady that there's no way the Pats score 17. I don't think 24 is likely, either. It would be cool if it came down to a field goal and Gostkowski missed....Honestly, truly, I think the Pats will come out and show that they're just really superior. I mean, who would pick against them with their pride and history on the line -- and two weeks to prepare? Me, that's who. I stand by my pity pick.


Baltimore: Cindy,

Any Super Bowl ads that you're looking forward to or any favorites from games past? I'm partial to Terry Tate, the Office Linebacker myself.

Cindy Boren: The Tatester is very solid, but I'm hoping the Dude dude returns. I'm also partial to critters -- chimps and Clydesdales in particular.


Harpers Ferry, W.V.: I've wondered this for years and can't come up with a good reason for it. Why is the Super Bowl played on Sunday and not Saturday, when we would be given a day to recover before having to wake up and go to work?

Cindy Boren: Because Sunday is football day. And Oscars day. Nobody watches TV on Saturday nights. Just call in sick.


Alexandria, Va.: Hi Cindy,

Tom Brady or David Beckham?

Cindy Boren: Ah, a delicious dilemma. It's close, but I'll say Brady because Becks has a kind of, um, high-pitched voice. Remember the "Seinfeld" episode in which Elaine had the friend who sounded like a woman?


Work: During this whole process has Pete Caroll ever been contacted?

He does always get the best players, but he seems to be a players' coach and wouldn't mind Clinton's antics and I think he would be the best fit, why no talk of him (and his sexyness)?

Cindy Boren: They did indeed speak to Mr. Carroll. That could always heat up again, I suppose. I keep remembering the Pete Carroll of the NY Jets -- I had to watch those games in NYC. He was horrid; what if that guy came back to the pros and not the USC guy?


Germantown, Md.: Cindy-

Please help solve a debate in our house, do we stick with the half time show on Fox or move over to the kitty bowl on Animal Planet? What will you be watching at half time? I thought it was the Puppy Bowl?

Cindy Boren: This would be a total no-brainer if it were indeed a Kitty Bowl (or even a kitty box...). But it is indeed a Puppy Bowl (I have a press release and everything!) -- Puppy Bowl IV in High-Def. I'll be blogging with Kornheiser and sticking with Fox, because of 1) Jimmy Johnson and 2) Tom Petty, who should be pretty good. I'll Tivo Puppy Bowl.


Alexandria, Va.: As a 30-year transplanted inside the Beltway fan of the NY Football Giants (and life-long Cowgirl hater), I'm wondering if we don't have the support of most true 'Skins fans in Sunday's game? I mean, HEY, we beat Dallas in the playoffs!

Cindy Boren: How about it, Skins fans? Do you support the Giants? (I'm going to guess the answer is no....)


Columbia, Md.: May I just chime in on the Redskins coaching search and say that I for one am glad that Gregg Williams is not going to be the head coach of the Redskins. I thought he was awfully overrated, both as a defensive coordinator, and in his time as a head coach. Since there was actually some thought that former coach Marty might have been considered for the job, was there any thought of bringing Marvin Lewis back from Cincinnati to be the coach of the Redskins?

Cindy Boren: I've heard nothing about Marvin Lewis. Gregg Williams is a brilliant defensive mind, but he was a mess in Buffalo. While I believe in second chances, I said way back in October, I think it was, that, if Gibbs were to quit, I wouldn't go with Williams. I'd look for the Jeff Fisher of 1994 or the Jack Del Rio of 2001 -- the untested, supersmart (sorry; habit) young coordinator who is going to work 27 hours a day. I stand by that.


D.C.: Is there any possibility that the Redskins have a secret deal in place with one of the assistants for the Giants or the Pats? They seem very confident that they'll be able to bring in a new HC who wants to work with the assistants who are already under contract.

Cindy Boren: Damn you, DC! You KNOW I love a good conspiracy theory with a second spitter on the gravelly road. There could well be a gentlemen's agreement in place...


Silver Spring, M.: Cindy, what's your take on Fassel and Mariucci as head coaches for the 'Skins? Which is the lesser of two evils? Why wasn't Mariucci's name mentioned when other teams were looking for head coaches? And why do The Danny and his cousin Vinny continue to think they know how to build a winning team? Thanks.

Cindy Boren: Fassel or Mariucci? Oatmeal or cream of wheat? Fassel at least got to a Super Bowl...and yet he had to be fired by his friend in Baltimore. Mariucci was very successful in San Fran, but was a disaster in Detroit. Everyone excuses that by saying, well, it's Detroit. But it concerns me.

As for why he hasn't been courted before, I think he was quite content to toil for the NFL Network as he continued to be paid ($11 million) for no work by the Detroit Lions. That deal is expiring. Maybe he missed coaching. As for Snyder and Cerrato, they have a good start on players. Let's see what the offseason brings. They get one more pass.


Germantown, Md.: The half time show for the Puppy Bowl is the Kitty Bowl. Does this change your answer?

Cindy Boren: Oh! It is??? THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. I'm calling in sick.


Washington, D.C.: Bill Belichick has always maintained that Paul Brown was the greatest football coach ever. Who's your pick as best ever?

Cindy Boren: Steve Spurrier. Sorry, hope that didn't hurt too much. I think you'd have to say Paul Brown. In the modern era, I take Bill Walsh.


Washington, D.C.: Cindy, if you were guy, whom would you choose -- Giselle or Jessica?

Cindy Boren: Giselle -- even though I've never heard her utter a word and I have no idea if she likes football or has any discernible interests or talents. Sure, I'm rolling the dice, but if she's good enough for Leo ...


Glacca Morra: There's "only" two weeks between the last playoff game and the SB, so I was wondering to what extent coaches exploit scheming, film work, etc., by fellow coaches. For example, the Giants could possibly get a wealth of information from Tony Dungy and crew or Mangini-us. Certainly, Payton might have some insights to offer little bro Eli. Is it your sense that this kind of interaction occurs...or do the teams just concentrate on their own efforts and work based on the attitude, "hey we got here on our own and it's too late to change things too much," plus these two teams have already played once?

Cindy Boren: Peyton Manning said he did speak with his brother about the Patriots. But, really, wouldn't you rather he didn't? Eli is on a roll; noted philosopher Crash Davis says you have to respect the streak. And there usually is little collusion among NFL coaches. Besides, wouldn't it be unfair if everyone sent Coughlin a gameplan and ganged up on the Patriots? If New England wins, they should change the Pro Bowl to Stars vs. Pats -- see if they can beat them. Or the winner of the Puppy-Kitty Bowl.


Baltimore: Re Antonio Pierce: I would hardly describe his comments as "dissing" the Redskins. Football is a tremendously complicated game. When you have a constant turnover of coaches and coordinators, each with his own schemes and playbooks, it has to be an exhausting process to go through. And that is precisely what the 'Skins have had since Joe Gibbs first left town.

Cindy Boren: Give that Antonio Pierce is often at Redskins Park on off-days, I'd say that he wasn't dissing them.


Boston: How can we get so worked up about these guarantees to win? This happens a dozen times a season, the whole thing is just dead now. Of course he thinks his team is going to win or he wouldn't be playing. I think the only interesting thing is the score prediction, that would be the least number of points the Patriots have put up all season. I think the 24-hour news cycle on the Super Bowl just can't be sustained for two whole weeks, everyone knows it's mostly junk and is watching basketball and golf for a week.

Cindy Boren: Particularly tepid ones! If Plaxico had said, "We're going to crush them and then I'm going to go out with Giselle and I'm going to burn a couch at Disney World," that would have been entertaining and fun. Super Bowl week is just borrrrring.


Cindy Boren: Time for me to drop back and punt to the next chatter. Thanks for stopping by; I hope to see you all on Tony's Super Bowl blog. We'll be starting around 5:30.


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