Celebritology Live: We Talk Patrick Swayze & Charlotte Allen on the Interwebs

Liz Kelly
washingtonpost.com Celebritology Blogger
Thursday, March 6, 2008; 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Okay, this is possibly the last you'll here of "Lost" in this venue. Because, starting tomorrow at 2 p.m. ET, "Lost" will now have its own dedicated hour of chatting on a weekly basis. So, for those who clamored for more "Lost" -- consider yourselves appeased. Those who railed against "Lost" chatting here, consider yourselves appeased. Those who still aren't happy. Well, tuff. This will, a'course, be replacing the live "Lost"-watching chat forum thingy that we had been hosting on Thursday nights. We're pretty sure the whole experience will be better as a Friday day-side chat. And, yes, Friday's main blog post will still be about "Lost" while new episodes are airing. So, that's that.

Moving on -- the Patrick Swayze news is sad, no matter how you cut it. My pop died of pancreatic cancer in 2000. I'm not angling for sympathy here, just saw firsthand how evil pancreatic cancer can be. It usually doesn't surface until in its later stages. What that means for Patrick, I don't know. But I wish him well.

After Monday's "Baby Bump" posting, I giggled when I saw both Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears described as sporting one this week. Are they preg? I doubt it. But gotta love the timing.

What else? I had meant to be all crafty and make a map for us to pinpoint the latest tumbleweave sightings by the time today's show started, but no. (For those not familiar w/ "tumbleweaves," please see last week's transcript) Maybe someone out there would like to volunteer to create and maintain it? I'm wondering if there's a higher concentration of tumbleweaves in one state/city/neighborhood.

Oh, and ghastliest story in a while -- the rumor that Amy Winehouse's face rash thing was actually caused by her stubbing out a ciggy on her cheek. Eww.

On a non-celeb note, I'm sure I'm not the only one who did a mental "hunh???" after reading Charlotte Allen's piece in Sunday Outlook about dumb women (she means all of us). If so, you might want to check out this online rebuttal from two of Weingarten's proteges.

Let's get started...


Liz Kelly: Augh!!! HEAR. I meant "hear" (not "here").


Washington, D.C.: So I'm happy to be here in Celebritology land, where, unlike those who choose the op-eds for the Outlook section of the Post (re: the Charlotte Allen piece), people understand that both sexes can be complex enough to have a Ph.D in biology and feel sad about Patrick Swayze. Even if he hasn't had much of career lately, Dirty Dancing was great film and one of the few where the serious, plain-Jane lead didn't have to do a tricked-out transformation to streetwalker at the end to get the leading man.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Well said.

Most of Swayze's movies are cheesy. I don't think he ever denied that. In fact, he pretty much kidded himself about it when he appeared on "SNL" several years back. I still shudder (in a good-ish way) when I recall the Chippendale audition skit he and Chris Farley did on that show.

In between the cheese, though, there are some really great performances. As I wrote in this morning's blog post, he's great as part of the ensemble cast of "The Outsiders" -- one of my very favorite movies. He also turned in a creepily well done turn in "Donnie Darko" as a self-help guru with an ugly secret. And, the man can dance. No question.


Washington, D.C.: Why do you insist on calling it the "Interwebs"?

Liz Kelly: Because I am trying to annoy you.


Pregnancy and hair: Not to turn this into a pregnancy forum, but I have a comment on last week's thread about hair getting thicker during pregnancy then falling out after the baby comes -- there's a Celebritology tie-in, I promise...

Someone commented that it's the prenatal vitamins that cause thicker hair, and reasoned that once you're pregnant no more vitamins, so no more thick hair. There's a little more to it than that.

When you're pregnant your body hangs on to everything thanks to hormones--hair stops falling out so it gets thicker, and the bowels slow down to get max nutrients (hence that beloved pregnancy constipation/hemorrhoids). I've heard of hair and nails growing faster, but I personally didn't notice with either pregnancy.

A few months after the baby is born, the hormones slam back to the other extreme and let all that lovely hair go. It doesn't fall out in chemo-like clumps, though. It's just the standard in-the-hairbrush, down-the-shower-drain thing to an extreme. After a few months of that it stops falling out so much and new hair starts coming, most noticeably around the hairline.

And now the Celebritology tie-in: in Katie Holmes's wedding photos she had these dorky micro-bangs, more noticeable because of her dark hair. People commented about her weird haircut/styling, but the recently pregnant knew.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for a fuller explanation.

And I'm really proud that we've broken the bodily function seal. That means this is a real, grown up chat. Soon we'll be flinging virtual panties and gathering offline. Okay, maybe not.

Speaking of cults of personality, Weingarten fans now have yet ANOTHER place in which to consummate their sick love for that man.


Arlington, Va.: My pop died of pancreatic cancer in '02, and it sure is a horrid way to go. Best of luck to Mr. Swayze, for sure.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for writing.


Charlotte Allen: Speaking of (and the rebutal by Gene's proteges was great), did everyone read her chat yesterday afternoon? All I can say is ... Wow. That is all.

washingtonpost.com: Charlotte Allen on Outlook Article, Reaction (Discussons, March 5)

Liz Kelly: Ah no, I haven't yet had a chance to read that transcript. I know what I'm doing at 3 o'clock.

Umm, I mean 4 o'clock. Cuz at 3, I'll be in the Ben Karlin chat audience.


D.C. all the way: Ummmm, when is Halle Berry going to have her baby? It seems as if J.Lo got pregnant after Halle, or maybe hers was under wraps longer.

Liz Kelly: And all this time you thought she was human, eh?

Liz Kelly: Seriously, word is that she's due like RIGHT NOW. So it could be any moment.

Here's to hoping she follow's in J.Lo's footsteps and gives her kid a normal name. J.Lo and M.Ant get a nice golf clap for settling on Max and Emme.


Washington, D.C.: Thanks for the link for the rebuttal... I was floored by the article for many reasons (unsupported arguments, poorly written, the fact that I'm not dim in general, nor are my friends, etc.)

Liz Kelly: Right. Charlotte Allen may well want to move or change her name. Or, perhaps more to the point, her gender.

I really like how she railed against the female love of "Grey's Anatomy" yet she somehow seemed utterly conversant with all the little nuances of that show. Or, she seemed to be. I don't watch, so I can't confirm or deny these reports of hot doctor sex on hospital beds.


Richmond, Va.: Replacing the Yaplet on Thursday nights! Now I have nothing to look forward to.

What a crummy week.

Liz Kelly: Not true. Now you can give the actual broadcast your undivided attention and save your reactions for tomorrow's blog post and chat.


washingtonpost.com: Ben Karlin Discussion: Books -- 'Things I've Learned From Women Who've Dumped Me'


Midwest: He can sing too.... He dang "She's Like the Wind" from Dirty Dancing. Multi-Talented!

And I must admit I still get chills to day from "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" Then he takes her up and dances..... Just perfect. To bad my husband HATES the movie. I have to watch it when he's not home. Not that I object.....

Liz Kelly: I have the "Dirty Dancing" talking key chain and the "Nobody puts baby in the corner" button is almost worn out. Cuz, really, it's the ultimate act of love. "Nobody puts baby in the corner" is like the ultimate chivalrous statement.

We dumb broads really go for that sort of thing.


Care to Comment?:

Here are a couple of interesting posts regarding your "line in the sand" declaration today. Seems to me that it gets pretty indefensible to pry into people's lives, no matter which way you cut it.

So far there have been two items regarding Swayze on Celebritology and on the home page of the post, on the bar with upcoming chats, there is a picture of Swayze with a comment to join the Celebritology chat to discuss him -- how is that backing away from the issue?

And I am with some of the other commenters, so people tormented mentally are fair game? Or perhaps we talk about how ugly Christina Ricci is -- that's cool?

Posted by: Ummm... - March 6, 2008 02:01 PM

Look, I certainly hope Swayze recovers. And his privacy should of course be respected.

However, the sanctimony about sensationalizing his news is a little... too late? Insincere? Implausible? I mean, really, this is the site that published very creepy photos of you-know-who being carted off in an ambulance. Not once, but repeatedly. The grab-your-pearls, "Well I never!" attitude is just laughable, considering the GLEE that showed up here when Brit had a nervous breakdown (and subsequent hospitalization).

Sorry, no congratulations on class from this corner.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for writing. Yes, I agree that "prying" into peoples lives is indefensible. Do I consider a catty critique of Christina Ricci's latest 'do or what Britney Spears chooses to do in public the same as reporting unauthorized items about Patrick Swayze's health? No.

I get where you're coming from. Honest I do. I try really hard not to be a jerk. I may not always succeed, but I do get the fact that the line I walk is often a tightrope and that sometimes a situation can cross from the realm of laughable to pitiable in the blink of an eye. We've seen that happen with Britney too many times to count.

But sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying. That is the spirit in which I try to inform what makes it (and doesn't make it) to Celebritology. And, at the end of the day, I'm still pretty confident -- as are my bosses -- that we're striking the right balance.

You may not agree. That's your prerogative.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Liz. Love the daily posts and the chats (and loved the Lost yaplet thingy last week which I remember for the first time). Since you seem to know all there at the post.com, can you point out where The Gene Pool is? I looked this morning but could not locate it. Anyway, is it me or is there less juicy celebritology news recently? Perhaps it just seems that the normal train wrecks (Brit, LiLo, etc.) are keeping it quiet for the time being. I need something, however. It's Lent, and I gave up chocolate, and I need a fix!

Liz Kelly: It's been on the home page all day. Look for the illustration of the mustachioed guy who looks like he's on the can (he's actually in a lifeguard's chair).

Here's the direct link, tho.


Baby bumps: I think some of these women like Lohan just look like they have bump because they are so skinny if they eat anything for lunch it's going to show.

I'm jealous of Angelina Jolie's bump. She looks good. I'm almost 5 months and nobody has noticed yet. I've got more of a "baby blob," and just look like I've been hitting the juice too hard. Sigh.

Liz Kelly: Right. Angelina looks fine.

And if you're not showing at five months, I'd consider that your great good luck.


Bethesda, Md.: Re: Charlotte Allen

All the uptight ladies and girly-men who are offended and appalled by that piece need to lighten up, big time. The most important trait needed for a good sense of humor is the ability to laugh at yourself.

Liz Kelly: Right. But do you really think that's what Ms. Allen was doing?


Re Charlotte Allen: I second that "wow." But she is what she is. What really hacks me off is that the Post chose to run the piece. And then to claim, feebly and (given her MO) falsely, that it was intended to be "ironic." Yeah, right.

Then again, I'm a woman and a feminist, and therefore both (1) dumb and (2) and humorless. Maybe I should redirect all that money I spend on my dead-tree subscription to fashion magazines and trashy novels, right, Mr. Pomfret?

Oops, wrong chat. So, um, I see K-Fed has gotten fat, and yay "Lost."

Liz Kelly: Yes, I think the Outlook section took some heat on this one. See, no one else realized they were now The Onion.

It was a gamble and someone really made the wrong call. At least in my opinion. But I know the Outlook staff is a good one, so they'll make it right somehow. Hence the posting of the online rebuttal. I'm sure we'll see a host of letters in Outlook this Sunday, as well.

Don't forget to save some of that money for a weave.


State School: I also read Charlotte Allen's piece and was amused that she said (I paraphrase)"I went to Stanford. So there" in response to a question. Is that how they teach you to wrap up an argument at Stanford? Do they also teach holding your breath until you turn blue? I fear that my State U. education is severely lacking.

I actually used to work at Stanford and I'll bet many former and current students/faculty are in full-on cringe.

Liz Kelly: Let us not forget that Ted Danson also went to Stanford. So there.


Chevy Chase: Okay, I read the Charlotte Allen chat and I'm confused. Was it supposed to be satire/ humor? If so, it wasn't any good. Or was it supposed to be serious?

Also, I note that she dodged a question about who she is and what is her background.

Liz Kelly: Maybe she's the (anti)feminist equivalent of Ann Coulter, who some think is a performance artist of Andy Kaufman-esque dedication, merely playing the role of a right wing bulldog.

Charlotte Allen will likely be able to parlay this kerfuffle into a book deal or small punditry run if she plays her cards right.


Looks like he's on the can...: I'm glad you brought that up. I figured out it was a lifeguard chair but for a while there I thought, "What the hey?"

Liz Kelly: Thank you. That's four of us now that feel the same way.


Liz Kelly: Not that Gene would mind that assumption.


U Street, Washington, D.C.: Dear Liz,

I'm in my early 20's and I remember in middle school my mom made me watch Dirty Dancing. I was not impressed. Indeed there are many in my generation who enjoy that Baby-dancing-abortion movie. My response to mommy dearest was "seriously?" Despite my feelings about this movie, I'm still saddened to hear about Swayze. "She's Like the Wind" was a sort of anthom/theme song for my friends in college. We bring the 80s back any way we can. holla!

P.S. I'm psyched for the Friday LOST chat. I'll be at a meeting during it, but I'll submit a question early just for yoU!

Liz Kelly: Well, thanks for writing U Street... your agenda shines through loud and clear. Holla!

For those of us 30-somethings, "Dirty Dancing" will always hold a special place in our hearts. Maybe you just had to be there?

My other favorite line (uttered by Jennifer Grey): "I carried a watermelon."


Methinks: Wow. "snatch-your-pearls, well I never!" That's some good writing there Care To Comment. (Seriously, I'm going to steal it.)

I also think your answer was right on target, Liz. The job you do is a touchy one, and I don't think your audience (which, if I may say so, seems to be well educated and pretty articulate) would let you know...DOES let you know, when they think you've crossed the 'line'.

Okay...I'm mad at Angelina for making the movie "Wanted" because I do think there's a connection to the levels of violence in the world and the depiction of violence in movies. (And yes, I watched Red Dawn...a lot) But she's made a cause out of speaking out against war and violence and atrocities. Then she makes a film about training an assassin? C'mon, Angie...I want to think better of you than that. I'm sure people will say I'm a Pollyanna, but surely I'm not the only one. (Wait, did I steal that from John Lennon...)

Liz Kelly: Thanks Methinks. I appreciate it. The blog is as much your (collective) baby as it is mine. It's our shared baby bump -- awwwwww.

I need to noodle that Angie comment for a bit. I see your point, but not sure I agree. Anyone else want to add anything on that note?


Atlanta, Ga.: I loved Swayze in the best "so bad it's good" movie of all time: Roadhouse.

Liz Kelly: Right -- which also featured guitarist Jeff Healey, who passed away this week.


Ann Coulter?: Lemme see: Ann Coulter's initials are AC. Charlotte Allen's are CA. Do I detect a little joke here, since no one seems to know who Charlotte Allen really is?

Liz Kelly: And if her middle name was "Beatrice" her initials would be "CBA" -- which is "ABC" backwards. And "Lost" airs on ABC.

Dismissed as coincidence.


Wow: You still don't get it. Britney Spears did not "choose" to get photographed in an ambulance. You however did choose to make that "public."

Liz Kelly: I think we're going to have to agree to disagree.

And, fwiw, I do think the ambulance picture dances pretty close to the line -- but we're talking about a woman who lives almost every aspect of her life in full view of the paparazzi glare. Willingly. Once you turn that spotlight on, it's hard to turn it off.


RE: P.S. I'm psyched for the Friday LOST chat. I'll be at a meeting during it, but I'll submit a question early just for yoU!: The Lost lovers are STILL trying to make this chat about Lost. Don't say the word "Lost" again!

Liz Kelly: I'm sorry, did you say "Lost"?


Stanford: Just to tie everything together today, Jennifer Grey's father-in-law teaches at Stanford.

Liz Kelly: I'm getting chills.

Chelsea Clinton also attended Stanford and, following Charlotte Allen's piece being published, her mom won the Texas and Ohio primaries. How high does this thing go?!


Richmond, Va.: Let's also give a shout out to North and South. Patrick was really good in that (though it was the Northern dude I crushed on). My friend and I used to one up each other with the cheesiest lines from the movie. My favorite, said by Kirstie Alley to Patrick:

I refuse to sit down at a table with a man who chooses to keep his fellow human beings in bondage!

Liz Kelly: Yes, "North and South" -- almost as good as the Don Johnson TV version of "A Long, Hot Summer."

Which all raises a question -- what has happened to the miniseries? Is it just not a viable vehicle anymore?


Re Girly Men and Charlotte Allen: I'm a guy, a feminist, and a life-long athlete including championships in pretty much every sport that is played on a regular basis here in the states and eight years of competitive lacrosse. So, I think Bethesda might want to rethink the gross generalization of people who were less than impressed by Allen's writing. It was badly researched, faulty in its premise, and by her own description not ironic. The fact that we can debate this makes a strong case that whatever her point, she didn't relay it well. The ghost of Mark Twain and Dorothy Parker need not fear a challenge from Ms. Allen, she isn't even fit to enter the arena of humor writing. At least not based on that piece which reminds me of the Benjamin Disraeli quote which I now direct to Bethesda "How brave of you to enter a battle of wits unarmed."

Liz Kelly: Hear hear!


Falls Church, Va.: I kinda agree about Angie doing violent movies. It would be like you doing a movie about your standard run of the mill rule-breaking cattle rancher. Follow?

Liz Kelly: Yes, I get it. Though I think the better comparison would be me doing some kind of seductive movie about eating red meat and hot dogs.

I am just still having a hard time connecting Angelina Jolie movies (and Hollywood big budget violence in general) to world-wide violence. I can't imagine "Tokyo Drift" had much of an influence on Darfur, for example.


Fairfax, Va.: Jeri Ryan (Star Trek Voyager, Shark) just had a baby, too. Not going to lie, even as a Trekkie (I can admit this only anonymously on the interwebs!), she was the only reason I stuck it out through that awful, awful show.

Liz Kelly: Right. Seven of Eleven or something, yes?


Regarding stanford: You did know that Stanford U. was founded by Leland Stanford when his son was REJECTED everywhere else, right? Hmmmmm..

Liz Kelly: Hmmm... if it had been a daughter (you know, a dumb girl) that would've been perfect.


Virginia: I just realized I'm a 30-something. Help!

Should I start channeling Molly Ringwald and wearing leg warmers (surprisingly back in style for the elementary school set)?

Liz Kelly: Take a deep breath. It's okay. I heard the other day that 50 is the new 30. So that makes us teens.


Mens Wear Dept, Tysons Corner, Va.: Liz, when are you going to pick up on In Treatment? It's engrossing.

Liz Kelly: When "Lost" is done. I've just got too much going on.

Ooh, speaking of which -- did everyone catch the gossip about "Millionaire Matchmaker" and the questionable resumes of some of her stable?


byool, IN: What I want to know is, "What do Angelina, Britney, Patrick Swayze and Larry King think of Marion Cotillard's theories of 9/11 and the moon landings?"

That will make for a nice, light, fun-filled Celebritology column.

Liz Kelly: Don't blame Marion Cotillard. She's a woman and doesn't get what she said.


Unfunny?: Since when does humor writing require research.

Liz Kelly: When one is unable to command the necessary facts off the top of one's head.

And I know Weingarten and, trust me, funny is something to be worked at and honed.


Bethesda, Md.: re. Charlotte Allen

It was clearly a humor piece, delivered with a "straight face," that was also certainly not that well constructed. It almost read like a lousy editor had gone through and taken out a couple hundred words before printing it.

I looked at it the same way I do when a black comedian makes fun of us white guys. We're always stuffy, uptight dorks with no butts who can't dance. Stereotyping? Of course, but it makes me laugh anyway.

People, you can choose -- be offended and miserable, or not take yourself so seriously and have a good time with it.

Liz Kelly: Sorry. I didn't find it humorous at all. And, full disclosure, I am a huge Howard Stern fan, so I can get with some zings and stereotypes directed at women.

She just came off sounding shrill and nagging. Another stereotype.


"Interwebs": to annoy me: It's working!

Seriously, I'm a big fan Liz, but that affectation of yours is long past its sell-by date.

Liz Kelly: Take a deep breath. I'll use "Internets" from now on.


Re: in middle school my mom made me watch Dirty Dancing: My mom would have never wanted me to a watch a movie with the word "Dirty" in the title! I didn't get to see much when I was younger. Then, when we bought our very first VCR, SHE picked "Trading Places" as the first movie we would watch together as a family. Because she thought Eddie Murphy was so sweet and funny. I think she'd only seen him on daytime talk shows or something, because she was SHOCKED at the language. Just SHOCKED!

I got a huge kick out of it, and thoroughly enjoyed that movie. We did get to watch the whole thing, but mom was pretty silent during the showing. An occasional gasp, that's about it. I'm pretty sure she wanted to laugh really bad, but was doing her best to hide it.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for sharing.


Alexandria, Va.: Let's change the subject and talk about why Diddy thinks he can act (great guest article, BTW) or Marion Cotillard thinks she's a structural engineer.

Is H'wood just a moron-magnet?

Liz Kelly: Yes, big round of applause for guest blogger Tanya Ballard, who wrote this week's piece about Diddy and his acting debut. Maybe Mr. Rocci can link?

Speaking of Mr. Rocci, he won an all-company award for excellence today. This is the level of expertise behind the scenes here at Celebritology Central.


Falls Church, Va: Liz, I have a whole new appreciation now for what you go through moderating a Gene chat. There is TOO much in the Gene Pool. I am afraid that I will mostly stay away.

Liz Kelly: Thank you. Though some may prefer that unfiltered, un-distilled free-for-all format. It is kind of neat. For the rest of us, there's the chat.


Methinks: Me again...just so there's no mistake. I don't think Angie's movies created genocide in the Sudan, war in Iraq, unrest in Pakistan...

I don't believe there's a direct causation there, but the desensitization to violence means people are more inclined to use violence as a means to settle differences. Believe me, I know war will always be with us but it doesn't have to be the default position.

I also don't think the rank and file Pakistani or Sudanese citizen watch Angelina Jolie movies, but their leaders? The fat cat potentates running some of these countries. They def. know who she is. Anyway, I think she's a better actress than those action movies give her credit for. As I said, I want to think better of her. I do admire her.

Liz Kelly: Well thought argument. Methinks I'm beginning to get your point.


Washington, D.C.: Re: the tumbleweaves...I live up in Adams Morgan and Friday-Sunday morning the sidewalks are littered with them. I feel so bad for the sidewalks sweepers.

Liz Kelly: Okay, this needs to be an article.


Alexandria, Va.: Re Millionaire Matchmaker. "Stable" is the right word. Isn't one of the women a porn "star" of some sort under a different name?

Liz Kelly: Right -- TMZ.com had a piece this morning about the two women from the season finale.

Apparently Cidney, the family-oriented journalism masters student who got the first-date proposal, has posed for Playboy. And Marissa (?), the Ukrainian travel agent with a 12-year-old son, was a paid escort. Oofa.


Baltimore, Md.: Liz, you're competing with the Project Runway chat! So is Christian Siriano a bona fide celebrity now? And isn't "Christian Siriano" a great name for a fashion designer?

Liz Kelly: It is and he's fabulous. He's totally annoying, but I love love what he does and he's got it.

And there's no competition here -- it's easy enough to follow more than one chat per hour.


RE: The most important trait needed for a good sense of humor is the ability to laugh at yourself. : Can't we laugh at ourselves without putting ourselves down? You know, Ms. Allen was including herself in the group of dumb women, so I think she doesn't like herself very much. It's one thing to laugh at your own foibles. Quite another to label yourself "mentally deficient" based on your gender.

Liz Kelly: Right. Very well put.


Hee: You said "parlay." I find that word amusing. Then again, I'm just a dumb broad.

Liz Kelly: I've been reading too much Robert Louis Stevenson lately. I'm likely to start dropping "savvy" into my answers, too.


washingtonpost.com: Easing Diddy's Transition to the Left Coast (Celebritology, March 5)


Mens Wear Dept, Tysons Corner, Va.: Liz, I am very sorry to hear about Arthur's death. I hope that Andy works out well. I recall four years ago going to the Alexandria shelter to donate food no longer needed because of the death of our cat, going into the adoption section for "just a couple of minutes" and an hour later, finding myself and my girlfriend filling out adoption papers for sweet, gentle Amazon, a tuxedo cat. Four years later, Lily is the Head Brat in Charge of our household, and is just as sweet (and just as huge at 17.5 pounds) as she was that day in the shelter. I hope that Andy has a long, happy life.

Liz Kelly: Thanks mens wear. Figures your cat would be a "tuxedo."


I'll use "Internets" from now on. : But how will we know which of the Internets you're talking about?

Liz Kelly: Good point. Back to the drawing board.


Re: The Gene Pool: Does Gene get paid more for having to "moderate" the discussion group? If not, has he complained that he has to do more work?

Liz Kelly: Gene complain? Surely you jest.


Pennsylvania: I grew up in the mid-1980s. Loved The Breakfast Club. But I've never seen Dirty Dancing. Worth my Netflix points? Also never seen Sixteen Candles, or Pretty in Pink, or a bunch of other '80 movies; only recently saw Risky Business and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Apparently the '80s teen movies are still enormously popular with today's teens, or so my teen friends tell me.

Liz Kelly: If you ask me, yes, they're wroth watching. Just don't expect too too much and make sure to give them some leeway for being two decades stale.

I'd say "Breakfast Club" is the best out of the ones you mention, followed by "Sixteen Candles," "PIP" and "Ferris Beuller." "Risky Business" is too Cruise-y for me.


Largo, Md.: I'm 23 and I loved Dirty Dancing. So there.

(Full disclosure: no one made me watch it; I caught it on the now-defunct WB one day when I was about 13.)

Liz Kelly: Well there you go.


Anonymous: Liz, I've been reading RLS as well! My brother visited his home in the South Pacific while I was reading some of the short stories it was very cool to see the inspiration for the work.

Liz Kelly: Oh cool -- I'm really enjoying him. Mr. Liz recommended "Treasure Island" a few weeks back. I devoured that and am now in the midst of "Kidnapped."


Tumbleweaves: Maybe Adams Morgan poster should collect said tumbleweaves and sell at a discount? Or try and reunite them with their owners? Or start a tumbleweave museum, with date, place and time found? So many tumbleweaves, so many business opportunities.

Liz Kelly: The possibilities are literally endless.

On that note, I'm signing off. See you -- well, the "Losties" contingent -- back here tomorrow at 2 p.m. ET.


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