Friday, March 7 , 2 p.m. ET

The 'Lost' Hour

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly Staff
Friday, March 7, 2008; 2:00 PM

Has "Lost" got you a mite confused and ready to hurl at the next mention of smoke monsters? Or do you have the fate of the Oceanic 6 and the Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet love square all figured out? Who got Scooby Doo'd this week? Are you a new viewer, adrift on an unfamiliar isle or an old hand ready to bare knuckle some quantum physics? In either case, we're here for you and armed with more mediocre puns and pop culture references than a hunky con man than you can shake a stick at and ready to explain exactly what it is that Cheech Marin and Bai Ling have to do with any of the above.

That's right, starting March 7, at 2 p.m. ET "Lost" bloggers Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney will attempt to get to the bottom of these matters every Friday. Liz and Jen, both obsessive "Lost" fans, have been writing their weekly dueling analysis of the show since 2006.

A transcript for the March 7 discussion follows.

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Liz Kelly: Hello and welcome to the inaugural "Lost" hour. Our motto? You won't get it (the hour) back.

Okay, so Jen and I poured our little hearts into this morning's post-show analysis-- now we're here to read what you've got to say.

Jen Chaney: And don't feel limited to discussion of last night's episode. Questions about Desmond's time traveling or mamma Kate and baby Aaron are certainly welcome as well.

You're also welcome to share feedback about "Lost" Madness, which already seems to have gotten everyone's dander up. So jump ball ... and let's go.


Crisfield, Md.: I felt that Ben was slightly out of character in last night's episode. How can such a confident, manipulative person be reduced to a love-struck school boy around Juliet?

Jen Chaney: Actually, that makes sense. If he sees Juliet as a surrogate for his mother, it would cause him to regress and exhibit childish behavior. Hence, the desire to impress and the terrible-twos-ishness of "You're mine."

Liz Kelly: I thought Ben's kooky mood swings were well-played and totally made sense. As Jen says, Juliet -- and her resemblance to the mom he never knew -- may be the one thing capable of throwing him off his game. We should tuck that fact away in a safe place. It may be his Achilles heel and, eventually, his undoing.

The one thing that made it hard to swallow was the fact that this is obviously a new thread being woven into the "Lost" fabric and we've never seen evidence of Ben's fatal attraction for Juliet in any of the past shows.


Chapel Hill, N.C.: You pitted Sawyer against Hurley in the bracketts? No! If you lose my Sawyer in the early rounds I will be so angry!

Jen Chaney: The bracket has been up for less than four hours and already I have gotten much flack for this. It was impossible to seed these in the same way they do the NCAA Tournament. Why? Because that involves subjectivity, complex RPI numbers and also, math. And Chaney don't play math.

A few years back, MSNBC did a a similar bracket on movie comedies and they took the same approach I did here. That meant some incredibly tough choices in the first round. "Caddyshack" vs. "Blues Brothers"? How can one choose? The Hurley/Sawyer choice is a heartbreaker, too. I want everyone to have to make tough choices, because that's what March Madness is about, right? Hope-crushing buzzer beaters.

Also, let's not forget this is all in good fun. We all know Hurley and Sawyer both rule and the brackets don't change that.

For those of you who have yet to experience the Madness, go here.

Liz Kelly: I'm blissfully unaware of bracket etiquette, but I think Jen's done a fabulous job. As long as Sayid wins, it's all good and no one gets hurt.


New York, N.Y.: I just finished reading the dueling analyses, and just wanted to give you a heads up to aid in the laziness about the anagrams. If you go to you can type in any random combination of letters and it spits out all the possible anagrams. Sadly, I am too lazy for even that, so instead I just pass along the link.

Liz Kelly: Thanks New York -- as I understand from nosing around at a few other blogs today, not much of interest is coming back for the name "Harper Stanhope."

Though I did learn that one anagram for my full name (Elizabeth Kelly) is "Bleakly Heel Zit."

And, it's true. Zits are indeed bleak.

Jen Chaney: I have used those anagram helpers, too. But they give me a headache.

Maybe Harper's name is just ... shocking ... a random last name the writers came up with? Surely that must happen sometimes on this show.


Greenbelt, Md.: Liz! You're not producing Carolyn's chats anymore? I'm so sad. Boo to all the Losties who demanded Liz talk to them about this TV show! I dislike change.

Liz Kelly: Nope. My cottage industry is kind of getting carried away, so I needed to cut back on production duties. She's in fabulous hands, though, with the accomplished Elizabeth Terry manning the controls.


Silver Spring, Md.: What the heck kind of brackets are these? You've got too many of your top seeds in the same bracket. Hurley against Sawyer in the first round? Jin vs. Sun?

Jeezo Pete.

Jen Chaney: See previous answer. I didn't say it was going to be easy. One round is hardcore.

I notice no one is complaining about Rose vs. Bernard or Aaron vs. Vincent. Come on, people, that's baby vs. dog! That's a battle for the ages.


Fairfax, Va.: Multiple references to Anna Lucia lately. Is she the one somehow alive on the boat helping Ben?

Liz Kelly: Not unless Michelle Rodriguez (the actor who played Ana Lucia) has changed her name or is uncredited. No. As discussed in this morning's analysis, Ben's boat helper is probably Michael -- though there's an outside chance that it is actually some kind of alternate dimension Locke.

Jen Chaney: From a practical standpoint, there is no way they would bring Rodriguez back on the show. They know the fans don't love her.

I do like the idea of it not being Michael because we all have already figured it out. Maybe it'll be a switcheroo and it will be ... Walt!

Or better yet ... Boone!

Liz Kelly: Wishful thinking, Chaney. I'm only amazed you haven't already started making your case to build consensus for Boone in "Lost" Madness.

Jen Chaney: I have started. Subliminally.

Boone is the sleeper contender in this contest. Don't kid yourselves.

Boone, and Cindy the flight attendant.


NYC: Not that I know what this might mean...but Stanhope is an anagram for Hanso Pet.

Jen Chaney: Well, that's interesting. That observation reminds me of the Porno for Pyros song. Again, though, I'm struggling to come up with the relevance. Liz, over to you...

Liz Kelly: Maybe a Hanso Pet is like some kind of chemical-weapons enabled Chia Pet?


Bethesda, Md.: WHY CAN'T I SUBMIT QUESTIONS! Electromagnetic interference?

Liz Kelly: Before we get carried away with conspiracy theories ( is so paranoid!), make sure you don't have any open-ended parentheses in your question. Our chat software hates them.


Anagram fun: My name came up as "Talk to my hate." Maybe I should go back to my maiden name.

Liz Kelly: Okay, that's scary and coincidental. Cuz I talk to my hate all the time.


Kate wouldn't do that!: No way would she turn her back on Charlotte while she inspected the bag full of gas masks. Claire might. I might. But Kate the ex-con on the run knows better. Come on writers! That was stupid.

Jen Chaney: Point duly noted.

I don't think Liz would turn her back either. And if she were Charlotte, she would have clocked Kate before the conversation even started.

Liz Kelly: Right. I would fly at Kate on site like the evil harpie that I am.

Speaking of Claire, I was pretty impressed with her standing up to Locke last night. I think her demand that she be allowed access to Miles was more calculation than we've ever seen from her. Could this be the dawning of a new Claire-a?

Jen Chaney: Yeah, we didn't talk about that this morning. Why does she care to talk to Miles? Is roomie Kate rubbing off on her?

And more importantly, if Kate and Claire are a Laverne and Shirley of sorts, does that make bunkmates Hurley and Sawyer ... Lenny and Squiggy??

Liz Kelly: Would that make Vincent Boo-Boo Kitty and Jack the Big Ragu?

Jen Chaney: Yes. And Ben is Edna Babbish.


Washington, D.C.: Wait, didn't we see evidence of Ben and Juliet way back when Jack was operating on Ben's tumor?

Jen Chaney: We did. She was clearly angry with him and willing to take the risk of helping Jack. So now we understand all of the reasons why her animosity rose to the levels that it did.

I do wonder why she thought Ben would just let her and Jack get on that sub together, though. (The sub that Locke blew up, that is.)

Liz Kelly: We may have seen Juliet's animosity, but did we see Ben's slavish devotion to her?

Jen Chaney: No, that's true. We didn't.


Baltimore: I'm surprised this chat didn't begin sooner! Thanks Liz and Jen for all the time you guys take to think this stuff out -- although, I'm sure it's fun for you, too. You really show how much of a deeper meaning there is to the show.

I have a somewhat broad question that is surely something to ponder over the long-term.

In your analysis, I loved the way you described Jack's internal conflict between feelings for Kate and Juliet and compared it to to Kate's conflict between Jack and Sawyer. It makes me think (and hope) Jack and Kate will end up together. How central do you think this love triangle, or quadrilateral, I guess, is to the story of "Lost"? Specifically, I mean how central do you think the Jack/Kate relationship is, since that is the common thread in both love triangles.

Liz Kelly: It really is fun. Glad you enjoy it, too, because Jen and I would probably be spending this much time on it even if it was just she and I in a room with a DVR and the past three seasons on DVD.

Good question re: the Jack-Sawyer-Kate-Juliet love quadrangle and, since it was Jen's eloquent observation this morning, I'll let her field it. I will say, though, that watching last week's episode again I was really struck by the contrast between the Desmond/Penny relationship and our more familiar quadrangle. Desmond and Penny actually gave me chills at the end of last week's show, whereas Kate and Jack and the constant flip-flopping of affections usually only elicits groans from me at this point.

Jen Chaney: Well, I think the difference is that Des and Penny are truly each other's constants. Their love is real and based in a reality they both once shared.

As for our love square, my feeling is that Jack has feelings for both of them. He's drawn to Juliet because he sees her as a someone good and who he shares a certain connection with, and to Kate because she has a bad streak and, as always, Jack wants to save people. Actually, in both cases, he's trying to save the other person.

I do think the Jack/Kate one is the central relationship, purely for narrative reasons. Theirs' was the first relationship we saw develop back in the pilot. I believe, in the end, somehow "Lost" will all circle back to where it began.

All of that said, Sawyer's character has gotten so much richer because he really seems to care for Kate. So, unlike Liz, I am not tired of watching all of this play out.

Liz Kelly: It's just that it involves Kate, you understand.


What about...: The polar bear versus Ezra James Sharkington (the official LindenCuse name for the Dharma Shark).

THAT'S a battle for the ages!

Jen Chaney: The shark! Forgot all about him.

Maybe he'll be featured in the 2009 version of "Lost" Madness.


Kate: What is it about Kate that you don't like?

Liz Kelly: Hmm, we've been through this in the past. But her character is ultimately unlikeable and she's played both Sawyer and Jack for fools time and again.

Beyond that, it's just a gut feeling.

Jen Chaney: I don't know, I feel bad for Kate. She's had a hard-knock life. Granted, a lot of is her fault, what with the bank robberies and the arson and the murder and all...


Are there no ideas: On who Mr. Widmore beat up? Was he an Other that we've seen before or was he some other Other that Ben was referring to?

Jen Chaney: I did not recognize the guy. And I looked closely at the screen shot, too.

I was trying to figure out where the video was shot. It almost looked like one of the Dharma stations.

Liz Kelly: I didn't place him, either. He looked like some generic soap opera extra. Which he probably was.


Midlothian, Va.: So Jen, are you a little over your Ben crush, too? After last night's ep, with his whole "YOU'RE MINE!" routine, I found him less lovable. I did chuckle when he said "take all the time you need," though.

Jen Chaney: I have a crush on Michael Emerson's acting ability, not so much Ben.

What I have said -- and will maintain, despite all obvious evidence to the contrary -- is that I think Ben's ultimate goal may be one that is understandable and possibly even noble. His means of achieving it are questionable, but I suspect what he is trying to do really is for the good of those currently on the island.

Almost every line he uttered last night was heavenly, including the one you mention. He is a master.

Liz Kelly: No way, Jen. I'm sorry. He enjoyed Goodwin's death too much for that to have been the by-product of a noble aim. He may intend good, but only for himself and his own survival. We still, after all this time, don't know what drives him -- at least beyond hatred.

No, Ben is a twisted little soul and I'm betting against his being an unlikely savior.

Jen Chaney: Killing Goodwin is part of the questionable means I referred to. Look, the dude is clearly twisted. I didn't say he wasn't.

But even twisted people can sometimes have moments of clarity.

Some day, if it turns out I am right, I expect apologies and 10 bucks from each of you.

Scratch that, make it $3.2 million.

Liz Kelly: Yes, we're going to have to make this interesting. I suggest a tattoo-based bet.


Reston, Va.: The last two years, I've been trying to "will" Charlie to death. I hated that stupid Hobbit's character.

Now, with that mission complete, I need a new character to "will" to death. I'm having trouble deciding between Jack and Kate. Suggestions? Or am I overlooking someone?

Jen Chaney: Wait, is this McPatchy writing in again?

Don't try to will Matthew Fox to death. He's so cute.

Liz Kelly: I think Kate would make a fabulous target for your sick intentions. In fact, it seems the crew of the show shares your (and my) distaste for her. Last week, Jen found this story which claims that one crew member hates actress Evangeline Lilly so much, he or she put sand in her tea.

Jen Chaney: If that story is true, that is way, way mean. Letting her drink it until she chokes ... yikes.


Washington, D.C.: I still don't fully trust Juliet. Do you?

Liz Kelly: I had the same thought last night when she refused to tell Jack why she needed to get to the Tempest, but asked him to just help. That smacked of her thinking he couldn't handle the truth. What else, I wonder, is she holding back.

Another point I wanted to re-touch on from this morning's analysis is the appearance of Harper, which was presaged by the whispery voices that usually mean something supernatural is afoot. Jen speculated that it may have actually been a ghost or otherworldly manifestation of Harper.

But to drill down, I think we need to take Juliet's reaction into account. She wasn't at all surprised to see Harper. Which means she couldn't have assumed Harper to be dead (which she'd need to be for the whole ghost thing to happen). She also wasn't surprised to find her near the beach and the Losties. If she had, wouldn't she have been full of questions for Harper like "Where is everyone else? How did you get here? Who is running things with Ben locked up? Am I being charged for my last missed therapy session?"

I guess that leaves the only possibles as:

1. It was Harper and Juliet knows they're being watched.

2. It was the island using a likeness of Harper to accomplish an end.

That's all.

Jen Chaney: I need to watch that scene again to confirm Juliet's lack of surprise. That's a good point, Liz.

I do think Juliet is generally trust-worthy, but like all Losties, has some skeletons in her closet. Then again, I also think Ben might have a kind soul in there somewhere so my trust radar may be horribly off-kilter.

Know who was really trust-worthy? Boone.

Liz Kelly: Right. That got him really far, too. He and his Nellie Olsen of a sister.


Silver Spring, Md.: I was disappointed in last night's show, in part because I am not a Juliet fan, in part because it seemed quite strained, and in large part because last week's was one of the best ever. I recall Doc Jensen had a theory a couple seasons ago that the central story of "Lost" is about Desmond and Penelope. Would that it were so.

Liz Kelly: I think that may be true, but they've got an entire season to fill and so we are subjected to a little filler from time to time. But this season's filler is like grade A quality stuff compared to last season's Nikki/Paolo crapola. I can deal with a little melodrama, as long as we're staying true to the story.

Jen Chaney: Agreed.

I also note there have been no ping-pong tournaments this season. We danced dangerously close with last night's horseshoe showdown, but still, not the same.


Courthouse 11th floor: I hate that the killer-gas-release-countdown went down to 1 second. Come on Lost, you're better than that. What is this, "The A-Team"?

Liz Kelly: Doc Jensen had the same reaction in today's post-show recap over at EW. He was non-plussed with the entire episode, saying it had its moments but was largely a rudderless ship. It was a little formulaic.

Jen Chaney: Maybe so. After last week's, you had to expect a comedown.

Next week's is supposed to be a corker, so maybe we just needed a little breather.

It did give us the Widmore info. And that's something.

Liz Kelly: Right. And introduce a new station and the fact that Ben is basically Chemical Ali.


Boston: : has anyone ever served up so much ham on a date? And there was too much meat on the plate as well. Seriously, Michael Emerson was more hammy --and funny---in last nites' episode than creepy. Although as a suitor he's pretty creepy.

Liz Kelly: Yes, the fact that they were eating ham was not accidental and provided a much-needed moment of levity. After all, they can't all be Sawyer quips.

I liked Juliet's line in that scene: "I hope you like bread."

Jen Chaney: Of course, Ben loves bread.

Man, now I'm hungry for ham.


Lost in D.C.: My brother has this awesome theory that Ben is constantly time traveling like Desmond did in last week's episode, but Ben can control how it happens and what time he goes to, so he can place his consciousness in the right time and place to orchestrate all his plans. What do you think? And what would Ben's constant be?

Jen Chaney: That's an interesting theory. And also, a little alarming.

Ben's constant ... maybe those dolls that his childhood friend Annie gave him? Or just the delicious taste of sweet, sweet power?

Liz Kelly: Or maybe he's figured out a way around needing a constant.

Maybe BEN is his own man on the boat.

I like this theory. Your brother may be on to something.


D.C.: Hey, where did we accept the idea that Juliet reminds Ben of mommy -- I say it's Anna who he's channeling through Juliet.

Liz Kelly: That's as may be. We've never seen the adult Annie (if she made it that far), but the childhood Annie had straight brown hair and freckles. Not exactly a prototype for Juliet.

Jen Chaney: And as pointed out in the blog post, Juliet looks a heck of a lot like Ben's mom.


Previously on LOST and Ben in love?: Ok first of all Previously on LOST is great..I'm loving them right now.

As for Ben being in love with Juliet -- I don't think he is. I think that his comment of how she is "his" is more about power and her fulfilling some need he has in his big grand machinations.

To the others, and Juliet herself it looks like its a jilted lover reaction, but I think much like Ben himself its more complicated. On one level he probably does have a thing for Juliet (Something that I think has been subtly alluded to earlier in how much anger he has towards Juliet. The whole book club thing etc.)

Anyway, I thought Emerson's moment was when he showed Goodwins (gross) dead body to Juliet -- "You're Mine" then "Take all the time you need."

Jen Chaney: I think we should book Previously on Lost for a season finale party. How awesome would that be? What other band can rhyme Scooby Dooing with Xanaduing?

Your Ben analysis is right-on. I think it is about power. Sure, there's an attraction but his reactions are so out of whack that it's clear something else is going on here.

Not to get all psych-majory on you, but look back at his childhood: His mother died while delivering him, and Ben's father told the child it was his fault his mother died. So you have someone growing up who believes he did something horrible that was out of his control. And his response is to try to control everything, and everyone, around him. Even if it means committing genocide.


Lost, island: I've been looking forward to this chat, and it's finally come, but after an episode that I thought had no meat to it. It was the first one not to have me puzzling for days.

I'm frustrated they didn't reveal anything substantial about Juliet we didn't already know. We knew Ben had a thing for her, we knew she had a relationship with Goodwin, just not that he was married. I still don't quite understand what motivates her character, except a desire to get off the island and see her sister.

With a shortened season, why waste an episode that has nothing new to tell us?

Liz Kelly: Remember, the season isn't as abbreviated as first thought. We'll get 13 total episodes instead of eight. So there's time for some big time revelations.

I'm wondering -- if last week's episode hadn't been so textbook perfect would we be grumbling about this week's?

Jen Chaney: I'll answer that: No.

Stop being complainers. Compare last night's episode to pretty much everything on TV except "The Wire" and you can see it's 800 times better.

Liz Kelly: I'm with Jen. Though it would've been a nudge more bearable if we'd had at least a glimpse of what was going on over at the freighter.


20008: You guys do such a great job on the dueling analysis -- what time do you get to sleep on Thursday nights? Or are you early morning analyzers? Very impressive at the turnaround at any hour.

Jen Chaney: I won't lie. Thursday nights are a little rough for me, because Thursday/Friday mornings are very busy re: my regular job -- handling our movie content.

During this "Lost" season, I have routinely gone to bed at 1 or later on Thursday, and gotten up around 6:30 or 7 the next morning. But covering "Lost" is such a pleasure that I certainly am not complaining about it.

To answer your question, we do the analysis in the a.m. But I think we both start processing the night before.

Liz Kelly: Right. I have dreams about this show and keep a notepad on the nightstand for late night epiphanies. I think we're pretty much non-stop from 9 p.m. Thursday night until (now) 3 p.m. Friday.

But as Jen says, it's hardly breaking rocks in the hot sun.


My doctor looks just like Ben: Should I be worried?

Liz Kelly: Only if he books your appointments in a vet's office.

Jen Chaney: Or if his medical license identifies him as Henry Gale.


Boston: Y'know Liz and Jen, it's stressful being an Other. Last night's episode had some of the best lines ever -- "Maybe you and your gun can go too." and "If 5000 people went to see a piece of mold, how many people will come to see you?"

Jen Chaney: Yes, some very good lines.

This is why I think Ben was not being totally straight with Locke. He's totally playing into what gets John going: This notion of miracles and the fact that Locke is a walking one.

Liz Kelly: Ya, poor Locke has lost a lot of hand this season. He was an up and comer and seemingly unflappable character until he decided to out-Ben Ben.

Now there is an example of a guy doing some not so great things (grenade in Miles's mouth, anyone?) for what he thinks is an ultimately noble reason.


Baltimore: Re: Des/Penny chills, I agree. Their phone conversation was so moving and really did show how they were MFEO (made for each other, of course). It made me think that THAT relationship is the most central to the "Lost" story. And I think the growing focus on Penny's dad bolsters that idea.

Liz Kelly: Here's hoping, because it's an exceedingly well-written, well-acted story line.


Harper Stanhope: Lostpedia has the explanation for what that name is a reference to:

The name of Harper Stanhope could be a reference to the book "Empty Cradle" by Karen Harper. In it, a woman wanting a baby heads to a fertility clinic in New Mexico run by a Dr. Stanhope, a feminist embryologist who is stealing the eggs of her patients and using them in experiments with drugs that can cause birth defects.

Liz Kelly: Thank you, Lostpedia.


Kansas City: Speaking of coming full circle and the whole time traveling craziness what do you think of Adam and Eve turning out to be Jack and Kate? (Cue "Lost" sound)

Jen Chaney: This theory has been floated before, along with the idea that the two skeletons we see in season one are Adam/Eve or Jack/Kate as well.

It's a fun idea, but not sure I see the show heading in that direction.

Liz Kelly: Right. I've also heard speculation that Desmond and Penny are Adam and Eve. (Which would mean that Penny somehow makes her way to the island at some point).


College Park, Md.: When Locke opened the safe in the wall, I was kind of hoping that it was the "magic box" that we heard about once and haven't since.

Jen Chaney: I was hoping it was the glowing suitcase from "Pulp Fiction."

Liz Kelly: I was hoping for Geraldo Rivera's head on a platter.


Confused in NW: Who is the guy in the grainy video who maybe wants to gas everybody? I'm sure I've seen him before. Is he Desmond's girlfriend (Penny)'s father?

Liz Kelly: Yep, Charles Widmore. Your can learn more about him over at Lostpedia.

Jen Chaney: You have seen him. Just last week in "The Constant," as a matter of fact.


Dallas: With this reference to "The Tempest" in tonight's episode, maybe we should consider the 1950's sci-fi reinterpretation, "The Forbidden Planet," which may also explain "smoky." Astronauts from our time happen on this planet where a wise scientist and his daughter have harnessed the energy of the planet and are living in relative comfort. but anyone who ventures outside the compound meets with death from strange forces/monsters. It turns out that in harnessing the planet's energy, the scientist's "id" becomes expressed through the monsters outside the planet. So, in "Lost," we have an island with strange powers, harnessed somehow through the Hatch, but with violence erupting through the black smoke. And there are perimeter fences to keep this at bay.

Maybe Ben is the scientist, and has the adopted daughter Alex...The Tempest is the power station...

This theory is due to my husband and his lunchtime legal buddies at a technology outsourcing company in Dallas.

Liz Kelly: I like it. I'll have to add "Forbidden Planet" to my Netflix list.

Jen Chaney: This is a comparison I have heard before, and a good one.

Uh-oh, do we have to do "Lost" Movie Club and "Lost" Book Club? And if so, who, exactly, will raise my kid?


Los Angeles: I don't hear much about Jack's father Christian. Could he be the guy on the boat? How's he alive in the hospital at the end of Season 3?

Jen Chaney: Well, we know he is alive in some form on the island. He was seen in "The Beginning of the End" in Jacob's cabin. And a mobisode -- check back to our analysis of that episode for a link -- shows Christian directing Vincent to go wake up Jack because "he has work to do."

I don't think he's the guy on the boat, though. I really do think it's going to be Michael, which has unfortunately been beyond spoiled by now.

Liz Kelly: Ya, so much for trusting that one to a slow burn. Talk about burn out. The only way they can salvage that one is if Michael has somehow morphed into a half-man, half-goat Pan figure.


Dinner rolls: I think it was "I hope you like dinner rolls" not "I hope you like bread." Precision, precision.

Jen Chaney: Bread, dinner rolls. In the end, it all proves the same thing: Ben has no game as a dinner host.

It's that kind of behavior that gets a person kicked out of book club.


Heavy Metal: Question about the preview for next week's episode...who's the chick wearing chains jumping off the ship? for a split second I thought Libby was back...

Liz Kelly: In fact, actress Cynthia Watros -- who plays Libby -- is listed as a guest star on next week's show. So, perhaps it was her you saw. Remember, island time vs. boat time seems to be a very different matter, so it's entirely possible that Libby could be on that boat.

Jen Chaney: I'll have to look at the preview again. My DVR cut it off last night and when I tried to rewind live TV, it refused to venture back before "Eli Stone."

Zoe Bell, aka Regina, is also a contender for chick-with-chains, I would think.


Birmingham, Ala.: It was kind of rough to pit Cindy against Jack -- I always liked their little interaction on the plane in the pilot episode and was sad that he never got to meet her again.

But speaking of her (and Zach and the other girl) whatever happened to the adopted Others -- do you think we'll see them this season? Before the show ends?

Jen Chaney: I hope before the show ends. There's still some 'splaining to do regarding all those kids who were kidnapped. Why did The Others want them? And where are they?

Zack and Emma seem to be well taken care of, at least.

And thank you for giving Cindy her due. I'm tired of people underestimating Cindy. It's just, well, it's enough already.

Liz Kelly: What is this, some kind of ego-boosting exercise? Cindy'll get what she gets and like it.

Considering the hard look the show's creative team gave to themselves after last season's Nikki/Paolo fiasco, one would hope that they are slowly going through a list of things that need some elucidation. One of them being -- where are the rest of the Others who were with Ben at the end of last season? Another being -- where are those kids? A third being -- what's the deal with the four-toed statue?


Washington, D.C.: So Juliet's former love Goodwin just DIED (she thinks within the last 10 weeks, let's say), but she has already moved on and developed strong feelings for Jack? I know the island may operate in slow-time compared to off-isle, but come on! And yes, I realize this is one of the less-significant implausible things happening on the island.

Liz Kelly: I don't think it so implausible that Juliet -- a human in a life or death situation who is facing the possibility of possibly never leaving this island -- would seek comfort. For all she knows, Ben will implode the island tomorrow. She's making hay while the sun shines. Carpe diem and whatnot.


Manassas, Va.: Do you think that the island, manifested as Jacob, could be trying to protect itself from the outside world, using Ben as its protector? Or, could the island be trying to free itself from Ben?

Last night set up a more traditional scenario, with one set of people trying to get something from the other set. All the other weird things can sort of be explained as defense mechanisms against intruders, can't they?

I'm disappointed that Kate, Jack, and Juliet did not realize that Faraday and Charlotte were simply trying to disable the last defense, at the expense of everyone else if need be (the masks and suits for them, in case Dan failed).

Liz Kelly: I really like that theory and that's one that I think Jen and I should probably spend some time considering.

Ben likes to think he's in control and maybe he is. But maybe the island (or Jacob) is actually the real power and merely letting Ben play out his own little game on the end of a long leash. I think your instinct about the island having a life force, or a soul, is a good one. This place seems to be preternaturally alive and reactive.

Jen Chaney: I agree. This is a very good theory. I think we all agree that the island is an entity in itself, hence Hurley's use of the word "it" when arguing with Jack during their game of Horse.


Help me remember: How did Ben escape his imprisonment in the Hatch lockup all those episodes ago? Did Locke let him out then too?

Liz Kelly: Michael released him.


Charlotte: ABC showed promos for a new show at 8 p.m. in two weeks. Does that mean we lose the closed caption version now showing. I will miss the previous week's recap episode just before the new one.

Jen Chaney: I suspect we will once "Miss Guided" starts.

I will miss them, too.


The Udders: Per the usual frustration of not asking blatant questions, but why has there been no mention of the Others who went to, I believe, the temple?

Jen Chaney: They'll come back into play. But yes, that is frustrating. And where the heck are Rose and Bernard?

They have disappeared.

Liz Kelly: Speaking of disappearing, I see it is now 3 p.m. and time to wrap up. Thanks to everyone for joining us on our maiden voyage.

See you back here next week.

Jen Chaney: Indeed it has been a pleasure.

And in the meantime, complete your "Lost" Madness bracket and come back Tuesday for round two.



Liz Kelly: Jen, one more thing. Your wish is granted.

Jen Chaney: I know we wrapped up, but just had to share this last thing.

I can totally buy my ringer T now. Best Friday ever!

'Til next week all.


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