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College Basketball

Eric Prisbell and Adam Kilgore
Washington Post Staff Writers
Friday, March 14, 2008; 12:00 PM

On the verge of Selection Sunday, Eric Prisbell and Adam Kilgore will be online Friday, March 14 at noon ET to take your questions about college basketball.

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Eric Prisbell: Hello everyone. Live from courtside getting ready for FSU and UNC. We can rehash Maryland's latest meltdown and look at the crazy bubble picture. Does anyone want to get into this tournament?

And please join me Sunday night for a special Selection Sunday live online chat during or right after the picks are made. There is bound to be plenty of controversy. Let's start.

Adam Kilgore: You're looking ... LIVE! courtside at Bobcats Arena in Charlotte. Sneaky Florida State might just crash the tournament with an upset. Leonard Hamilton is still coaching the Seminoles, so don't look for that to happen. Shouldn't be a problem to come up with topics for today. How bad is Maryland going to tank the NIT? Can Virginia Tech get in with one win after all the carnage yesterday? When's the last time Patrick Stevens slept? Onward.


Crompond, N.Y.: Thanks for all the terrific coverage of men's basketball. My question: what are VCU's chances of an at-large bid now that UMass, Baylor, Oregon, Villanova have lost in the first round of their conference tournaments?

Eric Prisbell: It was a very good night for VCU, South Alabama and Illinois State. I have those three among my final four in as of this minute, but it is fluid and the separation among all the teams on the bubble is very small.

VCU still has no top 50 wins.

I have Nova in, Baylor still in, UMass out. I like Arizona State the best among the middling Pac-10 teams of Oregon, ASU and Zona. ASU has quality wins to offset a poor non-conference schedule.

Also, when you ask yourself who you don't want to play, among bubble teams, I think ASU would be on the short list.

Ohio State can get in with a win over Michigan State this afternoon.

Watch the Temple-Charlotte game tonight. Sleepers.

Adam Kilgore: That Mississippi loss really helped, too. VCU right now is kind of like Ohio State in football this year in the BCS. They lost first, it seemed bleak as bleak can be, and then a bunch of carnage shot them back into the picture. With a few bubble teams -- Virginia Tech, Florida State, etc. -- going down today, VCU will be looking pretty good. Which you wouldn't have said 24 hours ago. Someone's gotta get in, right?


Bethesda, Md.: Obviously, it's time to fire Gary Williams, and work is being done to make that happen. Since when does Al Skinner outcoach, well, anyone? That was a joke team, losers of their last twelve, and Maryland choked away a double-digit second-half lead. Against a team that wears down and quits against everyone (else). Williams has been living the "I got tenure" life since the NCAA championship, but there's no tenure in college basketball. It's time to fire him and bring in someone like Keno Davis. Someone who actually, you know, COACHES.

Adam Kilgore: Finally, someone with a little perspective around here!

I don't agree with any of this. There's no other word for the way Maryland's season ended than pathetic. Wanting to fire Gary Williams, however, is insane, as is suggesting he doesn't COACH. There are plenty of things you can fault Williams for, but not having passion is not one of them.

Eric Prisbell: I think it's easier to attack Gary's recruiting than his coaching. There are fans who feel strongly both ways.


Washington, D.C.: Where do you think Georgetown would be seeded if they won the Big East Tournament? Most current projections have them the 2 in the East, against the highest overall seed. Is there room to move up the S-curve?

Eric Prisbell: I think a No. 1 is a long shot because there are several teams still with strong hopes of a No. 1, like Memphis, Tenn., UCLA, Kansas, UNC, etc. Also, G-town won't get a chance to beat Louisville in the Big East final. A No. 2 seed playing in Birmingham or Tampa is not so bad. Sure, they could be in the East, with a date perhaps against UNC in the Elite Eight. Committee looks to avoid rematches in the first two rounds. After that, all bets are off, pretty much.

Adam Kilgore: If the Hoyas win it all, a two for sure. In either Tampa or Birmingham. Also, I've been saying this all week -- I like Pittsburgh to win that tournament. Now that the Panthers are healthy, they are very dangerous.

Also, FSU-UNC just tipped. 2-0 Heels. If you wagered on the 'Noles, I've got some bad news: Leonard Hamilton is still their coach.


Silver Spring, Md.: so, if Villanova fans are going to claim that the Hoyas were merely 'lucky' by sinking all those threes on their way to the rout, can they then be made to admit that their championship in '85 was only luck because of their shooting percentage? Some consistency would be nice.

Adam Kilgore: Ladies and gentlemen, today's we have a winner in the "Longest Grudge Held By a Chatter" contest. I'm not sure the shooting percentage was total luck, either. They weren't exactly playing H-O-R-S-E.

Eric Prisbell: That's a great post. I love watching replays of that 1985 game, the closest performance that resembled perfection in a national title setting.


Storrs, Conn.: Sigh.

Thought maybe we had something this year.

Eric Prisbell: Still might. I wouldn't read too much into conference tournaments. The committee only puts so much weight into it.

Adam Kilgore: And Calhoun has never been a coach who puts much emphasis on the tournament, if I recall. I think he's said a few times he'd rather be fresh for the NCAAs. There's still a lot of talent there. Preparing for Thabeet on short rest is very difficult, which makes UConn a really tough out on the first weekend.


Great Falls, Va.: Question about NCAA seedings and placement -- I understand that the committee gives preference to top seeds for locations as close to home as possible. Is that only for the number ones, or do the twos get consideration? Asking as a Hoya graduate and fan. I understand that they are also a host school for the first round, so does that play into it as well? The bracket projections I see that have them as a two seed also have them travelling at least a thousand miles for the first games. At least Raleigh is only a few hundred miles. What am I missing?

Adam Kilgore: Here's the thing: Georgetown can't play at Verizon, because that's its home court. Raleigh is out because the Pods will be 1-16 8-9 and 2-15 7-10. The 1 will be Carolina, and the 2 will be Duke. So Georgetwon has no spot there. The Hoyas will probably be Birmingham or Tampa. If you're planning on going to the game, you probably want to root for Tampa.

Eric Prisbell: Since UNC and Duke likely will be in Raleigh, the Hoyas will not. The committee really tries -- and i mean really tries -- to place the top four seeds in each region close to home. I would be very surprised if G-town does not wind up in Birmingham or Tampa. G-town could wind up in Birmingham along with a top-seed like Tennessee, perhaps in different bracket regions, if that makes any sense.


Fort Belvoir, Va.: Where will you be going for the Tournament? Will you be covering specific teams or locations?

Eric Prisbell: I have no idea where I will be next week. I could be anywhere, but I would prefer to stay in DC next week because of a variety of factors. Then, I prefer to head out to Phoenix to cover the UCLA Invitational. Then, San Antonio. Then, sleep.

Adam Kilgore: I will be with Virginia Tech if the Hokies sneak in. If not, I might be in D.C. I might be with American. Our fearless leader, Matt Rennie, has been sick this week, making our plans are slightly more fluid than typical. (So stop faking it already, boss.)

I know I'll be in Detroit for the regionals, unless Virginia Tech goes crazy. I think I like Detroit more than any writer on staff.

7-6 FSU at the first media timeout.


Washington, D.C.: What will it take for St. Joe's to get in? Do they have to win the A10 title? Is beating Xavier enough? Would a "good loss" to Xavier do it?

Eric Prisbell: Beating Xavier would be enough. I think, because the bubble teams went belly up last night, a good game against Xavier probably should be enough. I have the Hawks in right now, but it is debatable. Basically, don't do what Illinois State did against Drake in the Valley final.

Adam Kilgore: I agree, I think St. Joe's is in for right now. A blowout to Xavier would be bad, but the Hawks ought to be safe. They were pretty much the only bubble to win yesterday, unless you count outsiders like Florida State, Charlotte and Temple.


Oakton, Va.: Can we start off with a comment from you on the future of Gary Williams so we don't have to be pestered with any more questions from the Terps fans?

Eric Prisbell: Fans can look at it from two ways:

First, here is a guy who consistently fails to sign top-notch recruits locally, has failed to graduate players, and has missed the NCAAs three of the past four seasons. That's not good.

On the other hand, Maryland is the fifth-most successful program this decade --- Adam and I figured it out --- with a national title and another Final Four appearance. There has not been a suggestion about an NCAA violation or allegation. I travel the AAU circuit and here plenty about many coaches and programs. I have not heard anything about Gary. Gary has failed in recent years to cultivate strong relationships with many of the AAU power brokers, in my view, and I think that has hurt him in recruiting. Losing Dickerson and especially Patsos hurt.

All that said, if there is a better guy out there to coach Maryland next year, name him. He's under contract until at least 2012, and I think if anyone has earned the right to remain, so long as he remains clean of violations, it would be Gary.

Adam Kilgore: This is a great take from someone who knows the better than anybody, so I'll cede to my man Prisbell. We're sitting right next to each other, by the way. This is a chat first.

11-6 FSU five minutes in. Hansbrough on the bench with one foul. Wait, Ellington just hit a three. 11-9.


Arlington, Va.: What do you think the Terps were missing this year? A point guard? Consistent outside shooting? Commitment to a defense strategy?

Eric Prisbell: I thought Maryland played solid defense for most of the season. I would say consistent performances from Gist and Vasquez. I was really surprised that Gist relied so much on the outside shot after he made a couple early in the second half last night. The guy can and should be effective down low. Vasquez's erratic season has been well chronicled. Turnovers were a big problem all year. And if they had gotten more production off the bench, the team would have been okay. All that said, the situation was there for Maryland to make the NCAAs, even with the Clemson loss. Bubble teams have been losing left and right. Had Maryland beaten Virginia and BC and gotten to 20 wins, i think they would have been okay.

Adam Kilgore: I was asking a couple players about this in the locker room last night, and they had trouble coming up with an answer. The way their season fell apart, at the moment, is probably as baffling to them as it is to you. The best answer probably came from Bambale Osby: "When the game gets on the line,. I think people's minds just speed up. We're still just a young team. This is a high level of basketball. It's a high pressure situation. I just don't think we did a good job of handling it."

Here's what Greivis Vasquez said: "When you lose like that, it's toughness and being focused. We just couldn't get it done. Again. It's not nobody's fault. It's our fault. We just didn't play hard."

FSU now down 16-14 after anm Alex Stepheson three-point play. Hansbrough back in. Prisbell says the Noles "came to play." Strong words.


Great Falls, Va.:"And the 2 will be Duke." Is that because of the higher ranking? Raleigh might as well be home court, it's closer than Tysons to D.C. And I wish I could go to Tampa, but no. Just watching from home.

Adam Kilgore: Partly because of the higher ranking, partly because Duke is closer to Raleigh, of course, than Georgetown is.

Eric Prisbell: The more i think about this, let me say that if G-town is ahead of Duke on the S-curve, and we will have to wait and see on that, then there is a chance they will send the Hoyas to Raleigh and Duke would go to Birmingham. It may depend on what Duke does in this tournament here.


Arlington, Va.: After following exactly no basketball for the entire season, what one piece of advice do you have if I want to be successful in a pool?

Eric Prisbell: Great question. It really does not matter how much basketball you follow. I have put hours upon hours of thought into bracket picking throughout the year. Usually, I do very well, but it frustrates me to no end when I miss on a couple teams. The bottom line is this: The most talented teams usually win the national title. The team with the most future pros. The exception was UConn in 2006, a team that did not seem to be having much fun on the court.

Go with the pros: That's why I like UCLA, Kansas, UNC. USC could be a real sleeper. K-State is a wild card. Louisville a trendy pick.

St. Mary's, Drake, Butler, Davidson potential sleepers to reach the Sweet 16.

Careful on picking Big Ten teams.

Think about the G-town pick long and hard.

When in doubt, go with Pac-10 teams.

Don't pick Memphis to win it. Free throws.

Adam Kilgore: For upsets, watch the super-trendy teams. I love Davidson, but so does everyone else. Old Dominion was a popular choice last year, for example. For whatever reason, that's usually bad news.

Also, don't try to be hero. You feel great when you pick a five seed to go to the Final Four, but it rarely happens. Save the upsets for early in the tournament, go chalk late.

And I'm not jumping off the Memphis bandwagon yet. I've been driving that sucker all season, can't bail when we get to the party.


Triangle, Va.: I think Gary Williams is still a pretty solid coach, but his recruiting philosophy is now outdated. In some ways, he's become Bud Millikan (Gary's college coach) in his final years, unable to adapt. I like Keno Davis (whose father, Dr. Tom Davis, gave Gary his first college coaching job at Lafayette), but I want to see a few more years of what he can do at Drake before I'm 100 percent sold on him. Also, what kind of seed will George Mason get, and is there a good chance it could stay close to home? Will the NCAA be reluctant to put the Patriots at Verizon for fear of them knocking off the big boys with a home court advantage again?

Eric Prisbell:13 or 14 for Mason.

I can't see Mason in DC because it would give Mason an advantage over a higher seeded team. Mason could go anywhere.

Adam Kilgore: Thanks for the thoughts on Gary. I'm not sure it's time to start weighing possible coaching replacements for Gary Williams.

I think Mason is a pretty solid 13.


Arlington, Va.: Can I put in a request for you to not answer any of the dozens of "Fire Gary Williams" posts you're likely to get. Get real people. He won a national championship and has managed to get Maryland into the NCAA almost every year since. Where was the hoops program before Gary arrived? I think they were playing a lot of NIT games. Maryland is not Duke or UNC. They are not going to win a championship every 4 or 5 years. There are more than 300 NCAA D-1 teams and Maryland has been among the best. Be happy with what you have.

Eric Prisbell: Maryland is the fifth-most successful program this decade. maryland is not the fifth-best college basketball program right now.

Adam Kilgore: Here's another (more realistic, in our opinion) perspective.

20-18 UNC 10 minutes in.


Seattle: Random observation but what do you call a 'bubble team' who is so far on the bubble that they have to win their conference to get into the tournament (and earn an automatic bid anyway)? Is there a name for them, besides Alabama?

Eric Prisbell: Double bubble.

NIT lock.


A lot of choices.

One think you can't call a team like that is good.

Adam Kilgore: This year, you call them garbage, because it sure doesn't take too much to make the discussion this year.

20-20 now. Noles just made a Len-tastic turnover with a full court pass. 8:37 left in the first.


Cape Neddick, Maine: Several of the teams I follow have been knocked out of the NCAA Tourney so I'm wondering if they automatically get asked to the NIT or do you have to have certain credentials for that too?

Eric Prisbell: You can't have a losing record to be invited to the NIT. There are people doing NIT bracketology as we write.

Adam Kilgore: I'm pretty sure this chatter is my mother. (I grew up in Cape Neddick, Maine.) Either way, she's recovering from an appendicitis, so get well soon, Mom! I love you!

You have to have at least a .500 record to make the NIT, so Virginia, at 15-15, is eligible. The NIT has gone away from just taking name teams/players to bump attendence and more toward seeding like the NCAA tournament, so Sean Singletary's star power won't help their. AD Craig Littlepage was unsure last night about UVA's chances of making it.


Falls Church, Va.: I can't go on with this chat anymore. As a UVa fan, this season has just been one long, ugly disaster, and I know that next they're going to squeak into the NIT and get blown out in the first round by Kalamazoo Nurse's College or some such. It kills me to come here and see fans of other teams chirping about how far their teams are going to go in the NCAA tournament. Just hearing your names depresses me. My only consolation is Maryland's collapse -- no couches burning in the streets of College Park tonight!

Eric Prisbell: And UVA beat Maryland. And you got to watch Sean Singletary all season. Not bad.

Adam Kilgore: One happy fan!

I can understand his disappointment. It's still hard to believe how their season dissolved so thoroughly so quickly. You've got to feel bad for the Great Sean Singletary coming back to have THAT season. I tried to cover some of the reasons for the surprising year in a story last week.


Winston-Salem, NC: Any word on whether that highly touted recruit class that Skip Prosser had amassed is still committed to Wake given this disaster of a season?

Eric Prisbell: I believe it will show and be as good as advertised. Wake should rise considerably next season.

Adam Kilgore: The last I read, everyone is still coming. I've been hearing that James Johnson will leave, but those are just unconfirmed rumors. If he comes back, Wake Forest will be one of the top ACC teams, righ there with Duke and UNC. Ishmael Smith really impressed me this season, and I can't believe I'm writing that. Jeff Teague is the real x-factor. He was the best player on the court for some stretches when Wake played Virginia Tech a couple weeks ago.


Waldorf, Md.: How much does the committee consider "close losses"? Blowouts? I know there is talk of a team like Kentucky having a close loss at Tennessee a few weeks ago but is a loss a loss?

Adam Kilgore: They do consider things like that as part of the "eye-ball test." They don't act like number-crunching computers. For example, the committee will take into account Villanova's dubious close calls at the end of games. And they may even take into account VCU's solid showing last season -- the Rams have proven they can win in the tournament with these same players. It's only human nature to consider that, which I think is a good thing. You want the most dangerous teams in the tounrament.

UNC 30, FSU 22. Heels going on a run. Wait, three by Ralph Mims. 30-25. We're finally getting a little energy here at Bobcats Arena. Wait, a short J by Jason Rich. 30-27. Hansbrough answers from the top of the key, 32-27. Pyscho T has eight, Rich has 11.

Eric Prisbell: Sure, it's who you played, where you played, and how you did. As humans, they take into account all of those factors that numbers cannot measure. They also ask, Who would you not want to play? They pick the 34 "best" at-large teams, not necessarily the most deserving at-large teams.


Falls Church, Va.: Is a Virginia Tech win over Miami today enough to get them into the NCAAs with other bubble teams losing? Or will they need to beat Miami and then presumably UNC?

Adam Kilgore: This is an interesting question. I e-mailed Jerry Palm his thoughts, still waiting for a reply. All the carnage yesterday definitely made it more likely. It could still go either way. I counted 12 possible competitors for the last few spots that lost. As Daily Press columnist and noted Bard of the ACC David Teel said yesterday, "DUDE, does ANYone want to make the NCAA tournaMENT?!?"

If I had to give a definitive answer, I would say Tech still needs to beat UNC. But there's a chance beating Miami will be enough. That wasn't the case 24 hours ago.

Eric Prisbell: I think you could make a good case for VT with a win over Miami. Hokies need it because they don't have a top 50 win. Two wins and they are definitely in.


New York, N.Y.: Can I post a criticism? I'll say at the outset that I am a Hoya and root unabashedly for them. My question is, why such an ACC perspective? This chat has two hosts and yet both seem to be blogging live from the ACC championship, while the best team in team in town (The Hoyas) are in the Big East championship. That is not to mention the other conferences (CAA, A-10) represented by the other local teams (Mason, GW). Why not let one of their beat writers into this chat? (I rarely see Camille Powell in here) Heck the only local team in the ACC is already bounced from the tournament. No offense, but if I wanted to talk general hoops questions I'd go to ESPN they have broader national coverage after all. I come to in the hopes of seeing a local perspective for the team I love. Theoretically, the reporters from the Post should have more insight into the local teams because they cover them every day. I would think that would be true of any of the local teams, Hoyas, Terps, colonials, etc. Yet this chat is always national. It's frustrating that the local paper gives short shrift to so many of the local teams on its online discussions when there is likely a huge audience for people who would want to chat about their alma maters

Eric Prisbell: That's a fair point. But I would hold my knowledge of the national scene up against most. And many of the questions we get are about a large number of teams from across the country for some reason. I'll answer whatever questions people offer. Thanks for the comment, that's a fair point.

Adam Kilgore: Appreciate your thoughts. We only answer the questions we get and, for the reasons you pointed out, we tend to prefer the local questions. I'm no Eric Prisbell, but I also hope I can provide an insightful perspective on national issues and maybe some ideas and opinions you don't get from

Also, it's only chance we're both at the ACC. Camille Powell was on the chat last week; we have a rotation, and Prisbell does it every week. If you're looking for more up-to-date Hoyas coverage online, check out Dan Steinberg's D.C. Sports Blog. He's been covering Georgetown all week with his usual flair.


Arlington, Va.: Speaking of Sean Singletary, is he still on NBA scouts' radar? Has UVA's poor season hurt his draft stock?

Eric Prisbell: I would not be shocked if he made a roster as a reserve point guard. He handled himself well while being on a bad team.

Adam Kilgore: He'll be picked. My guess would be in the 45-50 range. There's a lot of good point guards for him to compete with -- Eric Gordon, Derrick Rose, O.J. Mayo, Ty Lawson. His defense hurts his cause, but he improved in that area this year. His history of injuries will hurt. His character and desire will help him. He may be the fastest player in the country aside form Lawson and Rose. That helps.


Chicago: Can AU beat Colgate with Bryce Simon hurt?

I just wanted to see at least one Patriot League question in this forum. Go Eagles.

Eric Prisbell: I think Simon's absence will be a factor. Colgate has won six in a row, but American swept the season series.

Adam Kilgore: Excellent question, about time. If Garrison Carr gets loose playing the Bender crowd, the Eagles can overcome Simon's injury. Let's hope so, it would be a great story.


Falls Church, Va.: American University? In the NCAA Tournament? Uh, no. You'll be traveling with the Hokies next week, or staying home at the Verizon Center.

Eric Prisbell: The American game today is the place to be. Wish i were there. great story unfolding. The game could go either way.

Adam Kilgore: Bender is definitely the place to be. Keep the American questions coming.

It's 35-28 FSU at the half.


Anchorage, Alaska: The ex-CUSA teams haven't shined at the Big East tournament since entering the BE. How come?

Go Pitt Panthers. Nanook

Adam Kilgore: I would say the programs pretty much remained what they were. South Florida has never been on the same level as Georgetown, Syracus, Pittsburhg, etc, regardless of conference. And it won't any time soon. Marquette and Louisville have been near the top, but they're historically good programs. I would say the Big East hasn't had much of an effect on the teams. But those teams have had an effect on the league, giving the Big East teams bloated conference records. We'll see the impact of that Sunday.


Washington, D.C.: Have they awarded National Player of the Year yet? When will they do that?

Eric Prisbell: The hand out those awards over the next few weeks, if not sooner. Debate is Beasley or Tyler. I would go with Beasley to be player of the year because, well, he is the best player in the country.

Adam Kilgore: The Sporting News gave its award to Hansbrough. The others will start trickling out soon. Unlike football and the Heisman, there's no definitve POY award. Usually, like last year with Durant, there's something of a consensus.


Baltimore: The Committee is going to shaft Maryland on Sunday, if you believe the leaks. What more are the Terps supposed to do? They beat Carolina. They swept Wake. As for the Florida teams, they beat North Florida and FSU, and only lost to Miami. Their losses were to NCAA teams like American and College Basketball Invitational teams like Ohio. What more were the Terps supposed to do?

Eric Prisbell: You're right. I think Maryland has a very solid NIT resume and should not get overlooked. If the Terps wind up in the dreaded CBI, the whole thing is a sham!!!

Adam Kilgore:"What more were the Terps to do?"

-Not blow an 11-point lead at home against Virginia Tech.

-Not blow a 20-point lead at home against Clemson.

-Not lose to Virginia by 15 points.

-Not blow a 15-point lead to a Boston College team that had lost 12 of 13.

-Finish better than .500 in the ACC.

Otherwise, great season, guys.


Fairfax, Va.: So now I'm supposed to believe someone like Drake or Gonzaga could reach the Final Four, and that teams like South Alabama and Davidson will be a tough out. Or that American has a real chance against fill-in-the-blank. Wrong, wrong and wrong. When these kind of joke teams win, it's because the real teams were trying to make a buck (since the NCAA won't pay what's fair), and the game got away from them.

That's how Mason made it to the Final Four two years ago. Sorry, to burst your bubble, but really, GEORGE MASON? In the FINAL FOUR? Uh, no. It doesn't pass the smell test.

Eric Prisbell: I have no idea what you are talking about whatsoever.

I don't think Drake, Zags, South Alabama -- even with Ronnie Arrow -- will make the Final Four. Usually, the most talented teams reach the Final Four.

If anyone should be upset about 2006, it is Washington, which got screwed by officials against UConn more than I have ever seen in that regional semifinal. I found that stunning.

Adam Kilgore: Are you suggesting the games are fixed? I'm also very confused.


Iowa: Drake is the true Cinderella team this year -- playing with actual student-athletes no less. Any thoughts on whether they will be successful in the NCAA tournament (after a 37-year drought)?

Eric Prisbell: Drake could be, but not too much of an underdog if you consider seeding. I love the way Drake plays because I'm a huge fan of the three-point line. Butler also has a chance to reach the Sweet 16. And I REALLY like Davidson, which I hope gets a 9 or 10, if lucky.

Adam Kilgore: Drake ought to win a game or two, but its awfully reliant on three-pointers. It might be tricky when a team like that, used to shooting in small gyms, goes to a larger arena. It can be a problem adjusting to the depth perception and such for some shooters. Something to consider.


Eric Prisbell: Take care everyone. See ya next week, live from a site.

Adam Kilgore: Thanks for all the great questoions. Enjoy the rest of the conference tournaments, good luck in your bracket pools and make sure you minimize when the boss walks by today.


Adam Kilgore: Oh, and the second half just tipped. Deon Thompson misses a turnaround jumper on UNC's first possession, FSU responds with an Uche Echefu illegal screen. 35-28.


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