Celebritology Live: Pageant Hair, Bratz, Brangelina's Twins

Liz Kelly
washingtonpost.com Celebritology Blogger
Thursday, May 15, 2008; 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Afternoon. Welcome to our little chat. Have you heard? Angelina Jolie is having twins -- which will raise the Brangelina brood's bottom line up to six kids. Excessive? Nay. Mia Farrow raised 14 kids (although she wasn't able to keep them all clear of erstwhile dad Woody Allen's romantic overtures). The scuttle I'm hearing is that both twins are girls, meaning Brad, Pax and Maddox will be totally outnumbered at home.

I also wanted to tack a little something on to yesterday's post (and ensuing discussion) about Beyonce's House of Dereon Kids line. Most of us agreed the ads are in bad taste and 60 percent said they thought the ads oversexualized young girls. I had asked child and adolescent development specialist Dr. Robyn Silverman, who has her own fab blog here for her thoughts on the ads. Because of some badly timed meetings for both of us, her comment didn't make it to the piece. But it should have, so I'm sharing it here:

Let's just say it -- bejeweled red high heels and feather boas are more appropriate for street walkers than Sesame Street viewers. On the one hand, these ads send powerful messages and children are impressionable. On the other hand, if parents actually choose to dress their daughters in this manner, that is much more of a problem. We live in a society where clothes (or lack there of) "make the man" or in this case, "the girl." In the wake of the Miley Cyrus debacle, my best advice to parents is to be vigilant about the media that's coming through their door and say and unequivocal "no" when their eight-year-old daughter comes out of her room dressed like "Pussy Cat Girls Present Girlicious" asking to go to the mall. Beyonce may make the clothes but you make the decision.

She also wrote an incredibly detailed look at the ways sexualization is creeping into kid marketing, so might be worth a trip (after the chat!) for any parents out there.


So Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are over, Jen Aniston and John Mayer (how bizarre) are heating up and rumors of a Gyllenspoon engagement are picking up steam. And, because someone was nice enough to ask for an updated picture of Andy the cat last week, here he is just moments ago. And because I'm also the proud mama of Page the dog, here's a pic of her sleeping in the car last weekend. Awwwwww....

Okay, let's get started.


Fairfax, Va.: Liz,

My friends and I play this game where we list out top five famous guys that we would marry. Mind you these top five aren't good lookin' as in Brad Pitt hot or anything. But they compensate in some other trait (sense of humor,intelligence) My number one potential mate is Keith Olbermann (sure he isn't hot) but he compensates in a sense of humor. SO do I have a shot? Is he married? or should I keep looking?.

Liz Kelly: Well I don't normally track Keith Olberman, but just for you, here's the scoop. Olberman, according to IMDB.com, never married and has no children. Does that make him more of an Anderson Cooper or a George Clooney? Not sure.

But you aren't the only one to have been charmed by Olberman's boyish charm. In 2004, he was voted sexiest male newscaster by Playgirl magazine.

Oh, and also according to IMDB, Mike Tyson is Olberman's cousin by marriage. That must make for interesting family reunions.


Creative Captioning: Did you ever pick winners for the recent-ish Tim McGraw Creative Captioning?

Liz Kelly: I did. I published them last week at some point. But here they are again:

1. I'm too sexy for my scent. -- Em

2. Country singer Tim McGraw reaches for another sample of the chief raw ingredient in his namesake cologne. -- byoolin

3. McGraw Cologne: Who says cowboys can't be metrosexuals? -- bahston

4. Just one drop behind the ear will render even the toughest music critic completely immobile for up to 24 hours. -- td

5. "Does the bottle make my but look big?" -- EricS

And, a bonus caption:

Yo fatty, carm down and try this here McGraw. -- jes


Cleveland, Ohio: Two questions about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon:

1. What's their morphed celeb name (e.g., TomKat)?

2. Did he sign a prenup?

Liz Kelly: 1. Barf.

2. We don't know, but there are stories out there claiming she did and others saying she didn't. One had a questionable quote from Carey saying "Anyone who thinks we didn't have a prenup is smoking something!!!"

There is some question as to whether the two are legally married, though. After all, Eddie Murphy went through a similar island ceremony with Tracey Edmonds only to have that end before it could be legalized in the U.S. So until TMZ puts up a PDF of the license, I'm remaining skeptical.


Silver Spring, Md.: Keith Olbermann has a girl friend. He's mentioned her once or twice on his show and in interviews.

So that makes him more of a Clooney and not a Cooper.

Liz Kelly: There we go. Thanks for setting us straight.

Liz Kelly: Umm, no pun intended.


Arlington, Va.: Awww...cute pics! Your car appears to be in slightly better shape than Gene's. Way to go!

Liz Kelly: Right -- I wouldn't ride in Gene's car unless someone offered me some kind of incentive -- say $1,000 bucks or a Neiman Marcus shopping spree.


h3: Yay, pet pictures! That's what Celebritology needs more of. I think you should declare a cute overload day on Celebritology.

(Sample cute overload awesomeness:

Straight Pimpin'

Although you could go more mainstream, with cats and dogs instead of nudibranchs.)

Liz Kelly: Awww, ding dang -- that is one bad little dude. Bad, yet cute.


Marina Del Rey, Calif.: I don't know that this really qualifies as a celebrity encounter since she is like a Z lister...I work as a receptionist and Brooke Hogan waltzed in with her boy toy 2 weeks ago and asked for help finding the leasing office in an apartment complex next to my office. She seemed nice, and large. Not fat. Just huge. I pretended like I didn't recognize her. I know, I am so cool. Haha.

Liz Kelly: This is a sentence I hope will never be used to describe me:

"She seemed nice, and large."

So, not to pry or anything, but what kind of apartment complex are we talking here? Luxury condos or, like, the Oakwood?


McLean, Va.: Are you getting pulled into the Three Stooges' (Tom-Gene-Dave) "Potomac Hunt"?

Liz Kelly: Yes, I will be there working to help the stooges bring their dream of a D.C.-based hunt to fruition. It's going to be pretty cool, I have to admit.

If anyone out there is still interested in participating, the more the merrier: Post Hunt


Mariah and Nick's morphed name: Careyon sounds pretty good, it's just a shame it can't be spelled like its homonym, carrion.

Liz Kelly: Yes. Though it immediately drew Kansas's "Carry On My Wayward Son" from some dark recess of my mind. Now I'm gonna have to live with that for the rest of the afternoon.



Alexandria, Va.: Liz, sweetie, love you lots, but please leave the fashion commentary to Robin Givhan. Sarah Jessica Parker's hat at the London SATC premiere was the best thing I've seen at such affairs since Bjork's Oscar night swan dress. Fashion is supposed to be FUN.

And yes, I am a male that wears pleated pants.

Liz Kelly: You had me worried until you got to that last sentence and totally blew any shred of credibility.


I hate Kelly Ripa...: Liz Kelly, your hatred of Diane Keaton has inspired me to make a confession...I. Hate. Kelly. Ripa. I have never seen Regis and Kelly or that silly sitcom or soap she was on, but when I see one of her million commercials I want to gag. I will never purchase Tide products because of her.

Thank you for allowing me to get this off my chest.

Liz Kelly: Sure thing. Glad we could help.

One of post.com's other bloggers, who shall remain nameless, this morning professed to me a secret admiration for Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I can't look at this person -- okay, it's a man -- the same way anymore. I mean, Elisabeth Hasselbeck?!

Liz Kelly: And if you don't want to watch that whole clip, it includes Elisabeth's assertion that New Kids on the Block are her Beatles.


Liz Kelly: Be right back, watching a quick video...


Dressing girls badly: Speaking of which, did you see the bit about the girl taken away from her prom in handcuffs? Her "dress" was not decent enough for a streetwalker in the worst part of town. Questions: how did she think this dress was a good idea? How did her parents/relatives/guardians let her out of the house in the thing? Why didn't her friends explain as kindly as possible that the dress was beyond skanky, and she looked terrible in it? Finally, if these terrible dresses are becoming more common, why don't school authorities keep some backups on hand, like restaurants keep ties and jackets for inappropriately dressed men? It would be awesome to see some girl dragging through her prom in the gym teacher's 20 year old dress.

Liz Kelly: Just watched this video to get a peek at the dress and hear the wearer's defense of it.

I'm pretty liberal when it comes to clothes -- especially for teens, who I think should be given room to experiment -- but this is a little skimpy, even for experimentation. But I also think handcuffing her was a little bit overzealous.


Jessica/Tony Breakup: Do we know who dumped whom? The Us article seems to lean toward Jessica still being stuck on John Mayer, but I wonder if Tony was tired of the "jinxing" talk after he went to Mexico with her and then proceeded to lose in the playoffs...didn't he get ripped apart in the media for that trip?

Liz Kelly: We don't know who did the dumping. But if this morning's Mix story about Jessica being carted drunk out of an L.A. restaurant is any indication, it sounds like she might have been the one on the receiving end.


Speaking of TMZ: I confess to watching the half hour show on Fox. I am constantly amazed by the celebs who continue to visit the same spots (Mr. Changs, The Ivy) day in and day out, knowing the paparazzi will be there in force, then complain when a camera is stuck in their face.

Liz Kelly: I also must confess that I can't watch it. Maybe because I spend most of my waking hours following this stuff online... I just want to watch something innocuous in my down time. You know, like "Cops" or "Intervention."


washingtonpost.com: Carry On -- Kansas (YouTube)

washingtonpost.com: Carry On -- Kansas (YouTube)

Liz Kelly: Thanks Rocci!


Plattsburgh, N.Y.: Does Nick Cannon actually have the kind of money that Mariah has? To put it bluntly, did he buy the ring or did she?

Liz Kelly: I don't think Nick has that kind of cash laying around. My bets are all on Mariah being the sugar mama here.


Hartford, Conn.: Was Sarah Jessica Parker, through her bizarre costume at the London premiere of SOTC, trying to prove Maxim right?

Or is she trying to help the heterosexual male viewing audience, reasoning that they will only go to see this movie is they are assured of being properly rewarded afterward?

Liz Kelly: Someone wrote somewhere -- not sure if it was in the comments or somewhere else on the Web -- that SJP actually wore textbook Carrie Bradshaw and I think that's probably the most likely answer. The character she portrayed on "SATC" was known for, among other things, taking fashion risks -- not always to her advantage. I can't think of anything more fitting for her to have worn to the premiere.

Liz Kelly: Actually, I can. A pink tutu.


McLean, Va.: I'd love to see Elizabeth Hasselbeck dress her kids in Beyonce's hooker line of children's clothing.

Liz Kelly: And then Elisabeth could wear that skimpy prom dress and Bill O'Reilly could step in and start foaming at the mouth. It's all about synergy.


Carey Cann, On: Obviously, "Cannarey." Although Barf works too.

Liz Kelly: CI kind of like Cannarey.


Hating Kelly Ripa: Is like not eating liver and onions. Most people don't like liver and onions, most people don't like Kelly Ripa. She's like a knockoff Kathy Lee. Just as irritating, fake and shallow, but even worse somehow.

Have you seen her oven commercials? She is supposedly cooking up a storm for her friends and family, but then you see her body and realize she hasn't eaten since 1986.

Liz Kelly: Right. There was a print ad in a recent magazine that asked us to believe that Ripa cooks dinner for her kids every night. Right. I'm sure she's rushing home from the studio to throw the Hamburger Helper together.


Clooney and Cooper: Is there something not being said about Anderson Cooper? Is he batting for his own team, so to speak?

Liz Kelly: Dude, where have you been and what else have you missed?


Falls Church, Va.: This Just In:

Shania Twain and her husband, producer Robert "Mutt" Lange, have split, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Liz Kelly: Hot diggity. Thanks Falls Church. Maybe this will free Mutt up to restore Britney Spears's career to its former glory.


Marina Del Rey, Calif.: They are nice...but not special for Marina Del Rey. I myself live in a craphole in Marina Del Rey so am not one to talk... Tierra del Ray Apartments

Liz Kelly: But I see you can walk across the street to shop or eat. That may come in handy if Nick comes for a visit. Seeing as how he won't be driving anywhere.


Arlington, Va.: Cat butt! Cat butt!

Liz Kelly: Thank you.


McLean, Va.: Can I ask a personal question? Do you have leather seats in your car?

I'm a veg and have never had leather seats, but am getting ready to get a new car and am torn. I hate cloth -- I almost wish they still made vinyl.

Liz Kelly: I do have leather. There are some things that are just unavoidable sometimes -- based on availability or economics or practicality.

Another example: We have a leather couch. It was the only way we could get around having a couch trashed by dog hair and other pet-related crud that tends to work its way into fabric. We haven't, as yet, been able to find a leather alternative that looks and wears well.


Virginia: I have a five-year-old daughter who is very tall for her age, so she's had to wear clothes that are a bit mature for several seasons now. Mostly I don't have a problem but I do say NO to the attitude t-shirts. My child will not walk around advertising that Boys Suck or she's a Diva.

I've also told her NO many times on the Bratz dolls and related knockoffs. I've tried explaining why, but it's hard. She's decided I don't like the lips. We'll pass a doll and she'll say, "Do you like this one? She doesn't have big lips!" Eeep.

Liz Kelly: Good for you. I'm not even a fan of those t-shirts for adults. If I see another hip chickie wearing a "Little Miss Sunshine" t-shirt I may just snap.

I don't get the success of the Bratz at all. I mean, who is buying their kids toys that not only look like little streetwalkers, but are also, by definition, encouraging their little girls to be bratty?


Mens Wear Dept, Tysons Corner: That's not a prom dress. That's a vintage costume from the original Star Trek. It reminds me of what Kirk's belle d'episode would wear.

Kirk would be a plain front kind of guy.

The Priceline Negotiator is definitely pleats.

Liz Kelly: Well, the Priceline negotiator also outweighs Kirk by a few stone.


More KO info: If he is still dating the same woman from a year or so ago, she is very much younger than him (mid 20s I believe).

He also dated (or at least persued) women's hoop player Rebecca Lobo years ago, before she married a different sportswriter.

Liz Kelly: Thank you, thank you.


Need Pants: I understand the whole no-pleats thing, but what about cuffs?

Liz Kelly: Actually, we've talked cuffs before. I'm firmly in the no cuffs camp.


Pleated Pants Journalism Boom: Hi Liz,

Submitting early due to an inconveniently scheduled work meeting. Just wanted to make sure you saw the story on pleated pants (and how out of touch they are) in yesterday's Politico. You've started a journalistic trend!!

washingtonpost.com: GQ: Washington style is no style (Politico, May 14)

Liz Kelly: Thanks for passing this along. Should be required reading for the Celebritology faithful.


ARL: My comments to the blog got eaten, but I think the real problem with the Beyonce line is the DENIM SUIT! No one wears those!

Also, a celeb story, sort of, I thought Jenna Bush had a really nice and classy wedding. She impressed me and looked so pretty

Also, Andy is flipping adorable.

Liz Kelly: Agreed, Jenna put on a classy event as weddings go. I thought her hair looked fab -- very natural. I hate seeing brides who for one day of their life let someone turn their head into some kind of hairy sculpture.


Leather Bar: Obviously Andy is good about keeping his claws sheathed, or you'd be fretting about your leather furniture.

Liz Kelly: Well, now that you mention it -- he has had his way with the back of one chair.


John Mayer Blind Item: Liz --

Gawker posted a good pair of blind items this morning basically insinuating J. Mayer is gay, and Jessicia Simpson is into edgy sex acts:

Who Wears Many Superstar Beards?

What's your take on blind items in general: where theres smoke there's fire or unsubstanited myth?

Liz Kelly: Oooh, these are good. I'm extremely wary of the sourcing on both, but if I had to guess which one had a better chance of being true, I'd go with the first.

There are blind items and blind items. I tend to pay more attention to the ones in the New York Post and Daily News than anywhere else. Plenty have turned out to be false, so I don't make a habit out of linking to them from Celebritology.


Boulder, Colo.: I think we're all missing the point here regarding the House of Dereon clothes...THEY ARE FUGLY. Go to their Web site and look at the atrocious clothes they are selling. Tina Knowles is a designer in her own mind.

Liz Kelly: True story.


Bratz: Who's is buying their kids the Bratz crap? My co-worker. She even gave her kid a Bratz-themed birthday party.

Liz Kelly: That's just wrong.

Just don't make the mistake of reminding her of it when little Bratty Sue gets all mouthy and starts hanging out at Dream.


Arlington, Va.: Thanks for posting the pix of your pets. We had to put our 18-year kitty to sleep two months ago so the pix are comforting.

After some summer travel, we plan to adopt in August -- is it a total hassle to adopt from the Animal Welfare groups? I've heard some stories that have indicated that this is so.

And to keep this celebrity-focused -- are there any Hollywood types that act as spokepersons for animal adoption (not neutering which is Bob Barker's thing or children collecting like Madonna, Brangelina and Mia Farrow)?

Liz Kelly: Our experience -- with Arlington's Animal Welfare League -- was really easy. We scanned kitties on their Web site, paid a visit to the shelter and had one-on-one attention from a staff member, spent some time with Andy, filled out an app, went through a brief interview and then brought Andy home.


House of Dereon: She should have called it House of Derriere.

Liz Kelly: For reals.


Arlington, Va.: Hi, Liz!

I was watching an ad for the new Sex in the City movie the other day and was struck by the fact that something seemed very odd with Sarah Jessica Parker's face. Is she botoxed to the gills? Had plastic surgery? Her face has a very artificial look now that it didn't have when the TV show was on before... What's the skinny? I'm not sure I can watch the movie because of it!

Liz Kelly: I can't say I had the same reaction. Her face looked to me, as usual, lovely and radiant. This pic is pretty close up and she doesn't look misshapen to me. It is also static, though, and perhaps her plastic look is only discernible in situations where she's meant to move her facial muscles?


I hate seeing brides who for one day of their life let someone turn their head into some kind of hairy sculpture.: Uhh, Liz, I thought that you shared Gene's attitude about weddings. As I recall, you and Mister Liz did the deed very quietly.

Obviously Jenna Bush and Henry Hager didn't have to pick up the tab for their Texas two-step. Both sets of parents are wealthy. I'm wondering whether lobbyists picked up part or all of the tab. I wouldn't be surprised if so.

Liz Kelly: Right -- but unlike Gene, I'm not going to fault someone for wanting that kind of wedding for themselves. Just don't ask me to be a bridesmaid.


Dr. Robyn, Boston: Speaking of Bratz, as we discussed yesterday, the dolls have seen huge success worldwide -- bratty attitude, big lips, and street walking accessories included.

When the APA report came out saying that sexualization of girls in media (Bratz toys, thongs for little wee ones...details in my blog) were umm, bad for girls development, this argument ensued:

"Although these dolls may present no more sexualization of girls or women than is seen in MTV videos, it is worrisome when dolls designed specifically for 4- to 8-year-olds are associated with an objectified adult sexuality," the report says.

Isaac Larian, CEO of Bratz doll manufacturer MGA Entertainment, based in Van Nuys, Calif., says he "adamantly disagrees" with the report's assessment of the dolls. The company has sold more than 125 million worldwide in the seven years the dolls have been on the market, he says.

Of course, saying in a nutshell, that the number of sales surely shows that the dolls must be GREAT for children's development. As if they're connected.

OK off my soap box (not Tide of course).

Liz Kelly: Dr. Robyn, you're here with us!

Thanks for weighing in.


Do you watch American Idol?: If so, who do you like for next week: yummy, sweetheart David Cook, or he of the breath control problems, dead eyes and crazy father, David Archuleta?

Can you tell who I like?

Liz Kelly: Sorry, I'm a "Lost" girl. No "Idol" for me. Lisa de Moraes is your woman.


Wedding hair: Sorry Liz, I have to disagree with you. There is something ridiculous about putting on a formal and very expensive gown, then letting hair straggle down all over it. I'm not advocating a tortured up-do, but after all the effort to dress the body, the hair could have been dressed also.

Liz Kelly: But Jenna's dress is pretty simple. There's no law that says a white beaded dress requires 50 gallons of Aquanet affixed to head to balance it out.


Is there something not being said about Anderson Cooper?: I think a lot of women at least have missed this. My mom and her friend are always talking about how hot he is. When I broke the news, they didn't believe me.

Liz Kelly: Well, but no matter what his personal choices, if the guy is hot, he's hot, right?

He's not really my type, but Rupert Everett. Wa wa wee wah!


Liz Kelly: Okay, so not only do I not watch "Idol," but I obviously don't read my own paper's coverage of it either. Rocci the producer, who is a know-it-all, says Teresa Wiltz is actually handling most of this year's "Idol" coverage.


SanDiego, Cali:

Benji Madden/LaLohan? Terribly juicy if true...and sad, too.

Liz Kelly: Oh yes -- this was in the Morning Mix. Apparently Lilo spent the better part of an evening hitting on Joel at some club while Nicole was home with baby Harlowe. Apparently the news was delivered to Nicole via a text message from Paris Hilton.

And since Joel avers he doesn't drink or drug, I can't imagine what the attraction is for him in hanging out for hours on end in the midst of a boozy dance club. Shouldn't he be home changing diapers or plotting Good Charlotte's next mall tour?


15th and L: I read a few months back that Angelina was getting IV treatment to become pregnant again. Now she's having twins. Can I jump to conclusions already?

Liz Kelly: Yes, you may. I can't say that I've ever heard of twins running in the Jolie or Pitt family trees.


Mens Wear Dept, Tysons Corner: What if the cuffs are handcuffs?

Liz Kelly: Handcuffs are only appropriate if worn with a gold-toned prom dress.


Lisa is the 'Idol' queen: Teresa is the duchess. Lisa has done most of the coverage but handed it off to Teresa when she was on vacation or busy covering the up-fronts. Even when Teresa is covering, it still appears in Lisa's blog ("deMoraes on TV"). So you're both right!

My money's on David C., by the way. He has wider appeal than David A.

Liz Kelly: Thanks.


Simple dress: Umm, a simple dress is cotton or linen, no beading. By the time you upgrade to silk, several pounds of bead, and lace, you are in a formal gown. Formal gown needs formal hair. To me she looked as odd as if she had put on a formal kimono and pulled her hair into a ponytail.

Liz Kelly: Well, says you. When we're trying to dictate what hairstyle is appropriate based on fabric selection, well, that's when my eyes start glazing over.


Alexandria, Va.: Geigh? Is that the new Britspeak for it?

Liz Kelly: I dunno, but me likey.


Anonymous: Jenna's hairdo was also appropriate for the Texas heat and humidity. She looked great!

Liz Kelly: Thank you.


Halle Berry: I've heard very little news of her daughter and she's a couple of months old now, right? Is it time yet for the blaring headlines, "What's wrong with Halle's baby?" or did I miss the People/Us well-compensated spread? I don't even remember what they named her. But I see dad in the Macy's commercials all the time.

Liz Kelly: You're right -- we haven't heard much about little Nahla Ariela Aubry in the two months since her birth. But that's a good thing, right? I'm glad that Halle's managed to restrain herself from turning a profit on baby pix and I just don't think pix of Halle's offspring are as sought after as pix of Suri or the Brangie pack.


Sarah Jessica Parker: She's like that SNL skit where the girl changes from hideous to beautiful depending on the light at the bar. One moment I think she's gorgeous, the next glimpse I think she looks like a man in drag.

Liz Kelly: Wait -- was that an "SNL" skit or a "Seinfeld." I'm thinking it was a "Seinfeld."


byool, IN: In defense of Kelly Ripa (and I hereby promise to never utter that phrase again), she showed that she had a pretty good sense of humor about herself when she was on SNL a couple of seasons back. She did a great phony commercial for a breakfast cereal that contained "just a hint" of cocaine to help her get through her busy busy day.

Liz Kelly: Wait -- she joked about cocaine? Then she must be okay!


Cat rescue/adoption: There's a great site in old town (King Street Cats Rescue and Adoption). They have wonderful kitties who need homes (and deserve a shout out).

My friend is a volunteer and recently took home a wonderful cat named Buster.

From a faithful reader, please check it out!

Liz Kelly: Thanks -- you still out there cat lover?


Arlington, Va.: Liz Kelly: Well, but no matter what his personal choices, if the guy is hot, he's hot, right?

Ahem. It is NOT a choice.

Liz Kelly: RIGHT! "Choice" was the wrong word to use. But the sentiment stands.


Baltimore, Md.: For the tall five-year-old's Mom: LL Bean and Land's End. Okay, not the most exciting or stylish, but safe (and sturdy, if that matters) and some of the kids' stuff is pretty cute.

(So, uh, to tie this comment to the chat, sort of: pleats on guys are bad, unless they're in kilts.)

Liz Kelly: Old Navy seems to have some cute kids stuff. Mildly trendy, but still kiddy looking. It should be noted that, as the mother of a dog and a cat, I have no idea what I'm talking about.


Well, but no matter what his personal choices, if the guy is hot, he's hot, right? : Oh, for sure! I just wanted to burst their bubble a little, since they're very conservative women and have some issues with that particular choice. I don't find him particularly hot, myself. He looks kind of like an elf to me. A hard-working, nice and not-so-hot elf.

Liz Kelly: Right -- he does look like an elf. Astute observation.


Jenna's Hair: At first I thought her hair wasn't so great but then I remembered they were outside in Texas with a storm brewing in the distance -- no matter how many cans of Aqua Net you use, your hair is going to look limp the second you walk out the door.

Liz Kelly: I think maybe there are just two kinds of people in the world (or in today's chat): Those who like Dolly Parton-sized hair helmets and those who don't.


washingtonpost.com: King Street Cats


Jake and Reese: I have seen reports that these two are getting married. Is this really for real? Because there are also many reports that Jake is more, you know, Cooper than Clooney.

Liz Kelly: I've seen the same reports, but I know nothing more than you. And I've heard those same whispers about Jakey, too. We should ask Weingarten to find out. He is a close friend of one of Jake's uncles.


Jolie-Pitt Twins: Um, as an IVF mom of twins, let me say this:

Identical twins don't run in anyone's family. They are a genetic anomoly.

Fraternal twins can run in families, but only on the mom's side (since the two eggs would be released before dad's swimmers ever enter the picture.)

And... IVF treatment seems unlikely for someone who had Shiloh scarcely 15 months before conceiving twins -- and Shiloh obviously came about without medical assistance.

More likely is the rumor that AJ was on Clomid to regulate her ovulation... she was SO thin (hinders ovulation), and Clomid does increase the chances of twins...

Liz Kelly: Okay, again someone comes at me with cold, hard science and pops a zillion holes in my Cliff Claven-esque reasoning.


He looks kind of like an elf to me.: Don't elves have beards?

Or is that dwarves?

And why are they both "ves" plural nouns?

Liz Kelly: Dwarves have beards and you probably don't want to date one. Elves have pointy ears and can sometimes be hot (see Bloom, Orlando in the "LOTR" trilogy).


Sasquatch: I'm going to see Lewis Black tonight. Is there anything you'd like me to ask him?

Liz Kelly: Maybe where he comes down on the whole "Jenna Bush: Pageant Hair or Not" debate?


Hot Men: The women who can't find gay men attractive are probably the same ones who can't be attracted to dead men. Somebody tell me that James Dean wasn't hot!

Liz Kelly: Hold up -- let's be clear here. We're not talking about zombie crushes, but finding the image of a departed star attractive.


House of Loud Music: Just a warning about that House of Dereon (or whatever) link. Music automatically plays when the page loads. Not something my coworkers in cubland needed to hear (although the office cutie did stop by to inquire about it).

Liz Kelly: Good point. Yet another reason to avoid House of Derriere.


Gnomes have beards!: Dwarves are real people, like "Mini Me." Politically correct term: little people.

Liz Kelly: Waitaminute -- I could swear the term "dwarf" was used in "Lord of the Rings" to describe some of the fellowship members.


Anonymous: Who's "we" Liz Kelly?

You manage Gene's chats...ask him!

Liz Kelly: Oh, right.

I would, but he's all preoccupied with planning Sunday's Hunt.


Boulder, Colo.: My family is from the South: "The Higher the Hair, the Closer to God."

Liz Kelly: And on this uplifting note we close today's show. Thanks for joining in. See you back here next week and, as usual, tomorrow morning in the blog.

p.s. Jenna looked fab.


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