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Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly Staff
Friday, May 23, 2008 2:00 PM

Has "Lost" got you a mite confused and ready to hurl at the next mention of smoke monsters? Or do you have the fate of the Oceanic 6 and the Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet love square all figured out? Who got Scooby Dooed this week? Are you a new viewer, adrift on an unfamiliar isle or an old hand ready to bare knuckle some quantum physics? In either case, we're here for you and armed with more mediocre puns and pop culture references than a hunky con man than you can shake a stick at and ready to explain exactly what it is that Cheech Marin and Bai Ling have to do with any of the above. "Lost" bloggers Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney will attempt to get to the bottom of these matters every Friday. Liz and Jen, both obsessive "Lost" fans, have been writing their weekly dueling analysis of the show since 2006.

A transcript follows.

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Liz Kelly: To all 12 of you still at the office, thanks for joining us. No show this week, but still plenty to keep our brains spinning for the next hour ahead of the season finale. If you didn't already check it out, Jen and I shared a few predictions this morning in Celebritology.

Jen Chaney: One thing we didn't touch on, but will throw out as food for thought: What will the Frozen Donkey Wheel in the finale be?

Now, if you're saying, "Frozen Donkey Wheel? Jen is now officially on crack," allow me to explain. LindeCuse have said there will be some sort of twist in the finale akin to last season's "snake in the mailbox." The codename for said twist is Frozen Donkey Wheel. What could it be?

Is it sort of like a Klondike bar, but with a donkey on it instead of a (aha!) polar bear? We welcome your theories.


U Street, Washington, D.C.: Last night, there was no "Lost" to watch. I actually went to happy hour and hung out with friends. I'm slowly reentering my world before "Lost"... it's a little overwhelming. Any tips for me reentry into society?

Liz Kelly: Not really, but reality is coming -- whether we like it or not. Once next week's two-hour finale airs we'll be "Lost"-less until January '09.

I just glanced over this handy guide to summer '08 TV from AOL. Maybe you can transfer your fixation to "The Mole" (debuts June 2 at 8 p.m.) or the second season of "The Two Coreys" (June 22 at 10 p.m.). No?


Snowmass Village, Colo.: I heard a lot of rumblings in the Lost Blogosphere about Sun and her father's company, specifically that her meager Oceanic settlement would hardly amount to a controlling interest in a (presumably) multi-billion dollar Korean conglomerate. Has anyone thought that maybe Hurley gave her some scratch, since he obviously wants nothing to do with his cursed winnings? Just a thought.

Liz Kelly: I think we talked about this last week and agreed that perhaps we had previously over-estimated the size (and financial value) of Paik industries. Either that, or, as you say -- Sun had some help from Hurley and the other survivors.


Boulder, Colo.: Hi ladies & Happy 3-Day Weekend to you. It seems that the "Lost" Book Club hasn't done anything since January. I'm new and don't know if there is a reason why. Can we start it up again to give us something to do this summer? Pretty please?

Liz Kelly: I know this will probably come as some surprise because Jen and I normally plot out this stuff weeks and weeks in advance, but we actually haven't talked about firing up the book club again.

Jen, whaddya think?

Jen Chaney: To answer your question, Boulder, we only did it last year during hiatus. Once the show returned, we refocused our attention on episode analysis, coming up with ludicrous theories and, of course, the "Lost" Madness launch.

Liz, I think we should fire it up again later this summer, if you're game and the readers are game.

Liz Kelly: I'm game -- we have a lot of books we didn't get to and probably a few new ones to add to the syllabus. The big question is: Is our boss game?


Penn Quarter: I can't help thinking that Desmond is another of the folks who can't die until the island is done with him. He survived blowing up the first hatch, even if his clothes didn't.

I wonder if Jin dies in the freighter explosion and Desmond washes up on the island, dazed but alive.

Liz Kelly: I was wondering the same thing, but as I asked Jen last night -- if LindeCuse went to the trouble of describing the characters who can't die yet (Ben, Charles Widmore, Michael and Jack) in their podcast, why wouldn't they include Des in that list?

Jen Chaney: Well, it's possible that the same rules apply to Des as well. Maybe not mentioning him was a simple oversight on LindeCuse's part.

I think the reason they focused on those four is that two of them (Michael and Jack) tried to commit suicide and were prevented from doing so. And Ben and Widmore noted that they are unable to kill each other based on "the rules." So they were explaining the connection between those four events. If you listen to the podcast, it will make more sense, I think.


Arlington, Va.: Do you two think that the story the Oceanic 6 have been recounting could be the survival story of the helicopter crash. In Kate's trial and last week they referred to 8 people being present initially and then losing two before being rescued.

Jen Chaney: I think that is a distinct possibility. As one of you wise readers said before, if two additional bodies were found (say, Jin and Lapidus) that would explain why our Losties' story had to mention a pair of corpses.

Liz Kelly: Right -- and as any good liar knows -- it is best to base your fiction on a similar, truthful event and just change a few details. That way, you really give off a truth vibe and aren't constantly grasping for details... and the O6 would all recount similar memories of the event.


Annandale, Va.:

Re: Sun's purchase of Paik.

I don't think the Oceanic settlement was meager. I seem to remember Sayid saying it made him quite rich just before he blew away that dude of the golf course. Also, Sun's settlement would be twice what anyone else got (one share for her, one for Jin).

Jen Chaney: True.

Also, to touch on something mentioned last week, I don't think all of the money is coming out of Oceanic's purse. I suspect other forces -- perhaps Widmore -- may have pitched in some cash for these settlements.

Charles Widmore is super-generous like that.

Liz Kelly: Which would make it all the more ironic -- if Sun used money that originated from Widmore's coffers to gain the majority stake in Paik industries, thereby confounding her father and, ultimately, Charles Widmore.


Anonymous: Lost is promoting that the replay of part 1 (before the season finale) next Thursday will hold extra footage that we didn't see last week. Any guesses on what this footage would be...

Liz Kelly: Gee, I hope it's another 30 seconds of Kate massaging her bare shoulder. That was just so integral to everything the first time.

Jen Chaney:17 minutes. That's how long it took for Liz to make a disparaging Kate comment. Impressive restraint on your part, Liz.

I am not sure what it will be but I predict you'll watch it and say, "That's IT?" Seems like a gimmick. If it were that important, they wouldn't have cut it.

Now that I've said that, watch -- Those 30 seconds will explain who Jacob is and provide his mailing address.


Arlington, Va.: I hope we can fire up the book club again too. The summer time is for reading on the beach and if we can stay connected to LOST until its return, the time will go by that much faster.

Jen Chaney: So true, my friend. So true.


Columbia, S.C.: Last chat someone asked why Jack got sick on the island (which would seem impossible). It isn't. Remember when Rose went to Australia to see the healer, and he told her that only certain places work for certain people? However, they haven't really developed this line. Ben's spine and many pregnant women also disagree with this premise.

Liz Kelly: Right. And when Ben's spine speaks, I listen.

Jen Chaney: I would also note that some people have gotten sick and recovered. Shannon had terrible asthma but got better (only to be shot by Ana Lucia). Sawyer also fell ill in season two and recuperated.

So it's not out of the realm. I think the issue applies more to people who arrive on the island already diseased.


Talahassee, Fla.:

Of this, I'm sure:

1. Michael is in the coffin.

2. Claire is a ghost.

3. Jin blows up, real good.

4. Jack passes out from his seeping wound and is placed on the last helicopter out of Saigon against his will.


Liz Kelly: Wait -- Saigon? This better not mean Bai Ling is the shadowy passenger #7 on the Coast Guard flight.

Jen Chaney: I'm with you on the first three, though -- as I said in the blog post -- still iffy on #1.

But I don't think Jack will pass out. Why? Because he feels too guilty later about aiding the escape from the island. I think he plays an active role in all of the decision-making -- getting out, how to get out, who gets saved and, ultimately, to lie like Benjamin Linus about what happened.


Wmsburg: When did Jen graduate from W&M? Do I know you?

Jen Chaney: Wait ... is this Jacob?

You might know me. I graduated in 1994.


Not Shlomo: Re: Daniel Dae-Kim, I see he's in the cast of A&E's remake of "The Andromeda Strain." Either he's moon lighting or his character Jin is not coming back so he's got a new gig.

If he is no longer on "Lost" I hope he doesn't end up in the B-Actor Sci-Fi grist mill.

Liz Kelly: Well, I think he's not coming back.

But even if he were, I still wouldn't be surprised to see him pop up elsewhere. Matthew Fox, for instance, just appeared in "Speed Racer" and "Vantage Point." Naveen Andrews had small parts in "Planet Terror" and "The Brave One." Even Jorge Garcia filmed a movie with Heather Graham last year.

Okay, total aside. While searching through IMDB just now to see what other projects the "Losties" were involved in, I came across this Josh Holloway gem from 2004: " Good Girls Don't... (AKA My Roommate is a Big Fat Slut." Apparently it aired on cable in Australia.


Jen Chaney: Funny that you mention ... I flipped by "The Devil Wears Prada" last night and I was like, "Hey! There's Charlotte!" Rebecca Mader had a bit part in that one.

These guys get around.


London, U.K.: Hey there. Here's an issue that no one else in the Lost blog/podcast community has really addressed. In the episode "Confirmed Dead," and in last week's "No Place Like Home," we see that the "official" story is that Oceanic 815 crashed south of the island of Java, Indonesia, which is where the supposedly planted plane was found. Also the Oceanic 6 were "rescued" from that area. How does this make sense, given that the plane was headed from Sydney to LA? That would make it about 4,000 miles off course in the opposite direction! Why would the "cover-up" take place in such an illogical location? Thanks!

Liz Kelly: Before the plane went down, I think the pilot say something about them being drastically off-course. But, still, that wouldn't compel Widmore to plant a phony fuselage in the same location -- according to Lostpedia, the wreckage remains were perpendicular to the path the plane should have been taking.

Of course, all of this assumes that Widmore did in fact plant the wreckage and that it's not, in a sense, authentic. How could that be? Well, if the plane experienced some kind of mid-air time warp and somehow splintered into two dimensions, that would account for two planes -- both of them wildly off course and both winding up in unlikely places.

Liz Kelly: Wait -- hold up -- LindeCuse just addressed this very debate in Doc Jensen's new posting over at EW. Suffice to say there is a reason, but we won't be let in on the secret -- yet. Here's what Carlton Cuse said:

"Damon and I don't want to say much more. More info on all this will be forthcoming, but not until next season."

Good, because the time they spent explaining that in the finale can be well used by some advertisers.

Jen Chaney: Yes, and this two planes in two places idea -- or as one person so beautifully called it earlier this season, the HO-HO theory -- is one we have been exploring for a while. Hearkens back to the idea of everyone having a double, the book "Bad Twin," that crazy Stephen King book about Jack Sawyer.

So I think it's got legs.


Mt. Pleasant, Washington, D.C.: Whatever happened to Naomi's body? Sayid made a big deal of bringing it back to the freighter, but that was the last we saw of her. Is she on ice? Buried at sea? Will she become Ghost Naomi at some point? Somehow I feel we're not through with her.

Liz Kelly: Hmm, I don't get that same feeling. Sayid made a big deal of her body because, at the time, she dredged up memories of his brief fling with -- and eventual murder of -- Elsa. I'm guessing she is fish food.

Jen Chaney: Me, too. And didn't Zoe Bell jump off the boat in chains because she was mourning Naomi's death?

I too think she's a goner. But I commend your questioning spirit.


Extra Footage in next week's Lost: It's probably just to replace the two minutes that "Grey's Anatomy" was taking out of the Lost timeslot. It might be an extra scene at most. I'm hoping it's banter between Rose and Bernard.

Liz Kelly: I'm hoping it is extra footage of Josh Holloway and Henry Ian Cusick trading wardrobe tips.

Jen Chaney: I'm hoping it's an outtake from "The Odd Couple" spin-off I'd like to do with Hurley and Sawyer.

"Can two sarcastic men live together without driving each other crazy?"

Ba-da-ba-da-ba-da ... ba-ba-DA-ba-ba-DA-DA...


Talahassee, Fla.: To me, it seems completely contrary to Jack's character that he would be actively involved in deciding who gets off the island and at the same time chooses himself to be one of the lucky few. I think Jack's addiction-inducing guilt is more general: "I promised them I would get them off the island, but now I'm rescued and they're still there."

Liz Kelly: Right -- I see what you're getting at, but that only makes me suspect Jack's controlling nature all the more. He must have thought there was something that had to be done off island that only he could do.

Tho, one thing we're not addressing is Richard Alpert and his sudden emergence at the end of last week's show to nab Sawyer and Kate. I think we need to consider him as a prime mover going into next week's show.

Jen Chaney: Agreed on Alpert.

The other thing about Jack is that, in addition to fulfilling his promise to help, he also seems to want to get back himself. Not sure why, but he does. Which, again, puts him at a diametrically opposed end of the spectrum from Locke.


Luvlinsey: Is there a site that explains some of the previously answered questions? like why/how the food drops took place and why they stopped? I'm still so confused about the purpose of Dharma and Hanso and all that!

Liz Kelly: Please to visit the encyclopedic, exhaustive and elucidating


Anonymous: Yay Lost Book Club! I just started watching Lost in December 2007, so I wasn't obsessed enough, or really able to understand the book club. But now I'm ready to go!

p.s. I bet the total plot twist will be that...Locke is Jacob!!

Liz Kelly: Hmmm... I think the best solution of the Jacob puzzle would be if Tall Ghost Walt were in fact Jacob.

Jen Chaney: There is a theory circulating the InterWebBlogosphere that suggests Abbadon is actually an older version of Walt. Which is intriguing to me, too.

I think Jacob is J.J. Abrams. And he'll bring Tom Cruise with him into the final "Lost" episode.

Liz Kelly: Jen, don't scare me like that.


Interview with your favorite actress: Thought I'd share this link for an interview with Evangeline Lilly on MSN...

Cant wait for season finale!!!

Liz Kelly: Thanks for the link. I see she wasted no time in totally dissing Hawaiians. When asked what bugs her most about the island:

When you're a busy person who's trying to efficiently run your life but everything around you is run inefficiently, that starts to eventually wear you down.

What a haole.

Jen Chaney: Oh, now, now. She'll never come on and do an online chat if we call her names!


Catonsville: Jack may feel "survivors' guilt" that he got away. He's that kind of sweet guy.

Jen Chaney: Amen, Catonsville. I think the fact that he got himself out would only compound his guilt.


Fairfax, Va.: I think the Orchid has some sort of time machine/time warp in it, and Ben is not signaling to Jacob, he's signaling to himself from another time that's come back to help. That is, Widmore violated the rules of their game by going to the "secondary protocol." I find it hard to believe our boy Ben wouldn't have his own "secondary protocol." I'm still not convinced that Jacob is a real entity (as opposed to a figment of imagination).

Liz Kelly: Jen mentioned a similar theory last week -- that Ben was signaling to himself. But, I don't know... the producers do still need to account for Jacob, as I mentioned in this morning's blog posting.

Jen Chaney: We also discussed the possibility that he was signaling to Alpert.

I don't know if it makes sense, but I still like the idea of two Bens running around. Can you imagine two of those guys telling Juliet: "Because you're mine! ... Take all the time that you need"?

Liz Kelly: Two Bens? How "Matrix: Reloaded."

Jen, actually, non sequitur, but a reader in my celeb chat yesterday asked about J.J. Abrams new show, "Fringe." It debuts this fall and is rumored to be similarly enthralling. Any intel?

Jen Chaney: I know it has to do with an FBI agent, which sounds a little "X Files"-ish to me. And if imdb speaks truth, Lance Reddick (aka Abbadon) is in it.


Williamsburg: Class of '93. So it's possible. Your name is familiar. The Lost Hour, brought to you by Facebook.

Jen Chaney: And the William & Mary Alumni Center.

I used to do radio at W&M, so perhaps you listened to "Cheesin' Through the '80s"?

Welcome, fellow member of the Tribe.


Washington, D.C.: Hey Folks,

Love the chats and the insight you've provided into the best series on television. I'm writing to respond to what seems to be a prevailing opinion amongst Losties. It's in regards to the infamous Nicki and Paolo episode. I think that episode is one of the best in the whole series. And I don't understand why so many people hate it. Perhaps it's because it came in the midst of a number of shows that did not really advance the plot line or move the ball forward. But standing alone, it was a great episode. And did you catch Miles' reaction when he walked along the beach and hit the spot where Nicki and Paolo were buried? Genius.

Jen Chaney: Here is the thing about the Nikki/Paulo episode -- it is a great episode of "Alfred Hitchcock" or "The Twilight Zone." But it is sort of disjoined from the rest of the "Lost" universe, and seemed designed primarily to get rid of two characters the writers decided were ill-advised based on fan backlash.

So I don't think it's as good as the best of "Lost," but still better than much of the slop that gets by on a lot of TV networks.

Liz Kelly: I think any warm fuzzies about that episode are the natural elation at those two actually being killed off. It was a huge admission to the fans that they -- the writers -- had goofed.


Silver Spring, Md.: I would like to offer a motion that HBO release another season, or a spin-off, of "Tell Me You Love Me," but focus exclusively on Sonya Walger's character and her attempts to get pregnant, by her new husband, played by -- Henry Ian Cusick. (If you insist, I guess we could have an episode or two with that slutty young thing and Ian Somerhalder.)


Liz Kelly: Don't encourage her.

Jen Chaney: Somerhalder? Second!


Penn Quarter: I believe that the Elsa involvement and death came after Sayid returned as one of the Oceanic 6.

They did have similiar bracelets and were both probably working for Widmore at some level.

I think in some ways Sayid saw Naomi as a soldier who should not be left behind.

Liz Kelly: Ah, we just had this same debate backstage and what we have concluded is that Sayid was, in a way, recalling Elsa when he took care of Naomi's body. He was having some kind of precognition of the experience. Remember, time ain't so linear on this show.


Mystery Tales link: Someone sent me this, which should prove valuable...its a group of people analyzing the Mystery Tales from the Locke episodes for Lost connections

Jen--I graduated from W&M in 2004...Tribe Pride. Are you going to Sam Sadler's send off in D.C. on the 28th?

Jen Chaney: I can't make it to the send-off. But enjoy.

This link looks cool -- we shall investigate. Thanks for passing it on!


Lexington, Ky.: I'm reading your Celebritology write-up from this morning now, and am confused about this: "Yes, we know, there's that four-toed statue and the pirate ship and all (and, trust me, we wanna know as bad as you)"

Is that a throw-back to previous seasons? Because I'm um, lost, in remembering said statue and pirate ship...

Liz Kelly: Yep, you also might want to investigate Lostpedia. Or, better yet, check out the gallery EW posted last week featuring the island's remaining mysteries. There's a link in last week's chat.


Seattle, Wa.: I'm submitting this early to avoid spoilers, cuz I typically watch the episodes on the weekends (kudos to ABC for the free content!). Do you know if Ben/The Others have an internship program? I'd be interested in studying at his feet; I have enemies that must be made to suffer.

Liz Kelly: Yes, you just need to be handy with a collapsible baton and comfortable wearing vests.

Jen Chaney: Oh, it's a coveted internship. You get to learn how to unlock his secret door, paint numbers on rabbits, concoct insane lies to advance his Machiavellian schemes.

It will look AWESOME on your resume.


Donkey Wheel: My totally clueless prediction is a reveal that Sun has more power/control than anyone in the future. She's connected to Paik, who is connected to Widmore. And now she has a direct connection to Widmore (either with or against him) as well as a load of money. I predict a reveal of a key role for her going forward (when the story inevitably will include a lot more of "we have to get back" discussions).

Liz Kelly: Interesting -- who will Sun ally herself with if the choices are Ben and Charles Widmore?

Jen Chaney: I agree with that prediction.

Since I continue to stand by the notion that Ben uses horrible means to get to an understandable end, I say she will eventually side with Ben.

I reserve the right to say this is a. false and b. that I never claimed such a thing in the first place.


Silver Spring, Md.: Double the Ben = Double the ham.


Jen Chaney: Said it before, will say it again: Nothing is better at a romantic dinner than a big, 'ol ham, fresh from the oven.


Alexandria, Va.: Bernard to Jin in a previous episode this season: "We're the good guys." Ben says the same thing. There's gotta be a connection. Do you have theories? (P.S. I don't trust Bernard. Has to do with a fear of dentists, I think.)

Liz Kelly: Okay, this is totally crazy and unfounded, but I don't like Bernard either.

There, I said it.

I have no rational reason for this dislike. It's just a vibe. Rose, on the other hand? Love her.

Jen Chaney: How can you hate Bernard? He's the lovable Rambo wannabe! He adores his wife! He tried to spell Help in the sand!

Liz Kelly: I dunno, Jen. There's just something about him. Maybe it's the dentist thing, as this reader suggests.


Anonymous: So when Locke met Christian in the cabin, did he know that was Jack and/or Claire's father? I'm guessing he didn't, because there is no way he would have ever seen Christian while he was alive. So did he believe he was a random emissary from Jacob? And that zombie-Claire was just chillin' with this guy in a dark cabin?

Jen Chaney: Good question. That was my assumption. He does not know Christian is Jack's father, or that he is Claire's father.


Must Kn,OW: What was Kate doing for Sawyer that she couldn't tell Jack about?

Liz Kelly: I think our assumption was that Kate's errand must have something to do with Sawyer's kid, Clementine, who we met sometime last season via flashback. Perhaps he asked Kate to secure and deliver some secret cache of funds he was saving for a rainy day and deliver them to her.

No matter what, I don't think we should assume that was Sawyer on the other end of the phone.

Jen Chaney: Well, we still haven't met Clementine. At least not that we know of. But she was mentioned by former Sawyer lover Cassidy.

I think Kate was talking to Cassidy, especially since the two crossed paths before.


Zurich, Switzerland:"Lost" is definitely one of the best TV shows on anywhere in the world right now and the writers are certainly expert at creating and sustaining the suspense through all the mysteries they introduce. But I can't help feel that they've just raised the stakes too high for themselves and that any explanation will feel anti-climactic and contrived. What do you think? Do you trust the writers to really be that good? Will the master storyline be as brilliant as we are expecting it to be? For example, I just can't imagine that whatever sci-fi explanation for Widmore "changing the rules" will be satisfactory for me.

Liz Kelly: LindeCuse expressed this same concern to Doc Jensen in his piece today. They realize they've whipped the show -- and us -- up into a frenzy and made us expect constantly increasing stakes.

That said, I have faith in them. I think if anyone can keep these plates spinning and bring them all back down to the ground without breaking any, it is LindeCuse and the writing team they've assembled.

I think most of you would agree this is one of the best, most nuanced shows on TV ever. The fact that anyone can manage to keep such a cerebral show on prime time network TV for four seasons goes a long way with me. So I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Jen Chaney: I too give the benefit.

I think there is so much more to the show than just the mythology and the literary references, as much as I love all that. I think it works, fundamentally, because we do care about these characters (yes, even Kate).

I'll have to see if I still feel this way when the whole show wraps up, but I also think, as I have said before, that it captures a certain feeling in post-9/11 America. Not only because it focuses on a plane crash and occasionally refers to Iraq, but because the characters don't seem to have a solid sense of where they stand in the world. And to me, neither do a lot of Americans. It's a tremendous time of uncertainty for this country.

I suspect the show will close on some sort of hopeful note that resolves most, if not all, of the mysteries. And since that will happen in 2010, that will mark the end of an enormously difficult decade in our history. Coincidence? Maybe. But something to consider, especially if you plan to write a thesis on "Lost." And you should, since that will help you get accepted in the Benjamin Linus Internship Program.


Appendix: Something that occurred to me watching the rerun the other night, that I don't think was brought up here before -- perhaps Jack's loss of appendix is going to matter later on... and when they get rescued, wouldn't doctors be checking him over and wondering what that scar was?

Liz Kelly: Hmmm, that's an interesting observation. Though, I suppose it's always possible that the island could have miraculously healed his scar.


Ben's Intern: But then he'd have to kill you.

Jen Chaney: Eh, it's a hazard of the job. It's also unpaid.


Alexandria, Va.: Mr. Eko was my favorite character up to that point and I was ticked when he was offed. Do you think there's any chance they'll bring him back for any kind of wrap up (either flashback or time travelly flash forward) episodes?

Didn't LindeCuse also promise us more closure with the Libby character?

And remember Ana Lucia's cop friend asking Hurley about her?

Guess I'm asking if any of the "dead" people might have another shot for some screen time. (Like Jen's Boone.)

Liz Kelly: I don't think LindeCuse promised us more closure for Libby -- they just promised that we'd see Cynthia Watros again. And we did, when Michael wakes up in the hospital after his suicide attempt, he hallucinated that his nurse was Libby.

As for resurrected characters, maybe we'll learn something in July at this year's Comic-Con, where LindeCuse normally make a big show-related announcement. In fact, Jen and I are hoping be in the room for that announcement.

Jen Chaney: Yes, we'll be the dorks in the front row with our mouths agape, hanging on every word.


DC: How about Sun already had a lot of shares as the daughter of the founder (trust fund, wedding gift, etc.) Previously she was a very docile daughter so I can see dad parking a significant amount of shares with her that he still controlled. Then the additional money could buy up enough to put her in the majority. Maybe the value of their stock has gone down a good deal recently.

Liz Kelly: Good point, D.C. If Korean tax law is anything like U.S. tax law, it would make sense to spread the wealth among family members. It would also keep the company's assets safe in case Mr. Paik had been sued for, say, killing and roughing up tons of people.


TIVO-Less in Dupont: In anticipation of next week's finale, there has been a lot of talk about who might "die" (something about a boat full of explosives, military guerrillas, and some freaked out Others). My question/comment I guess is, why would the show choose some of its most popular (ahem, Desmond) to kill off with 2 seasons left to go? It would seem like those random Losties brought to the freighter, or even Michael would be more satisfying, if only to do away with their weak plot tie-ins.

Liz Kelly: Well, remember, the show's creators have their endgame in sight now. They don't really need to keep characters hanging around solely because of considerations like fan popularity. Every character can, and will, be used as LindeCuse sees fit in order to serve the story.

So, although it may be sad to see Desmond go -- and we don't know that he is -- I'd rather see him exit the show where it makes sense, rather than keep him around just to satisfy our sappy fixation with him and Penny. And I include myself in that category.

And there's nothing I hate more than promises of a death on a show only to have some minor character killed off. If you're going to grab us by the... throat... really go for it.


Liz Kelly: Alrighty, that's it for this week's chat. See you back here next week to dissect that finale. Enjoy the long weekend!

Jen Chaney: Yes, thanks for so many questions on the day before a holiday.

Start preparing your brain for the finale and we'll reconvene here next week.


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