Celebritology Live: George Clooney Single: Clay Aiken a Dad-to-be

Liz Kelly
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Thursday, May 29, 2008; 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Afternoon.

In the "I Never Expected That" category, Clay Aiken is apparently going to be a father. Please take the time to read Us mag's take on this. Very interesting little item.

Also, my favorite tidbit from today's Morning Mix was the fact that Matthew McConaughey has a brother named "Rooster." I mean, why don't we just go one step further there? Also -- David Sedaris fans might be interested to know that Sedaris also has a brother who goes by "Rooster" and one of his stories about The Rooster's relationship with their dad is one of the funniest things you'll ever read. I'm linking to it now here, but trusting that you'll hold off on reading it until after the discussion: You Can't Kill the Rooster (David Sedaris, 1998)

Liz Kelly: Okay, let's get started (and I promise to keep the "Lost" finale hype to a minimum)...


Bill Murray divorce - Yeowza!: In general, I think divorces are sad and should be left as private affairs -- but this Mrs. Bill Murray filling is a whopper.

Any gossip rumblings re: the abuse, drugs, and/or affairs? Will more come out or is this just a hardball legal tactic?

Liz Kelly: Wow. That's huge. And here I thought "Meatballs" was a big enough blight on one's record.

Needless to say, we should all keep an eye on this one.

But revelations like this -- true or not -- really do illustrate how hard it can be to be a fan sometimes. See, I (heart) Bill Murray. Have since childhood when the afore-mentioned "Meatballs" was still funny to me and was so in his corner as he's re-invented himself as a hip indie actor in the past decade. I don't want to have to take him down off the pedestal, dang it.

As Gza and Rza would say: What's the deal, Bill Murray? (save this clip for after the discussion.)


Necropolis, Md.: So, Ms. Liz, how much do you think People paid Jenna Bush for the wedding photos? Enough to cover the cost of the festivities?

Liz Kelly: Now now, shouldn't we just be happy that Jenna is out there making a buck for herself and not relying on the family money?

And have I mentioned that I loved her hair at the wedding?


Cleveland Park - Clooney Breakup: Liz -

The new issue of Harper's Bazaar is running a full spread and article on "George Clooney's Girlfriend". Do you think this is just bad luck.timing for her (a la the celeb brides in Instyle whose marriages crash after publication)? Or a well timed parting gift from Clooney via his publicity team?

Liz Kelly: Ya know, I was talking about this very thing with a co-worker here a little while ago and it seems that Clooney pulled the rug out from under poor Sarah just as soon as she started feeling comfortable in her status as "George Clooney's Girlfriend." There's the Harper's profile, the appearances on red carpets and -- a few weeks back -- Larson opened up about their nights at home, spent watching "Rock of Love." I'm guessing this came as a bit of a surprise to her.

I wonder, when Sarah looks back on all this, will eating a scorpion or being dumped by George Clooney be her worst memory.


Lost advice: Help, I need a judge's opinion on this...

I have to work until 10:15 tomorrow night, at somewhere with no television. Normally I just turn on the last 45 minutes of Lost when I get home and watch the first 15 later, but tonight I'll have missed most of the show by the time I get home. I don't have TiVo and ye olde recording device on my ghetto system isn't working.

Judge's ruling, should I:

(a) watch the last 45 minutes of it when I get home and be all confused as to the frozen donkey wheel action that went on for the first hour and fifteen?

(b) go to bed early, don't watch the show while it's still on, wake up at the ass crack of dawn to catch up online tomorrow to see the whole 2-hour saga before having to go out in public?

Liz Kelly: I hate to make anyone wake up earlier than absolutely necessary, but if I were you I'd either get a new VCR stat or, yes, wake up and watch online in the a.m. There's just too much of a risk that someone will spoil it for you.

And I would try to resist the temptation to watch the last 45 minutes when you get home tonight. You'll enjoy it much more if you watch as nature -- or LindeCuse -- intended.


Richmond, Va.: I think if anyone had any doubt left about Clay's sexuality, the fact that he fathered a child by artificially inseminating his best friend Jaymes pretty much sent the last shred to Planet Unicorn.


Liz Kelly: Right, well, there is that.


NYC: I'm completely shocked by the Bill Murray news. When, and for what, did he receive an Oscar nomination?

Liz Kelly: For his stunning performance in "Lost in Translation."

And no, I won't be posting any pix of his co-star in that film, Miss Scarlett Johannson.


Los Angeles, CA: The Great Fringed Scarf Controversy: can we just say a Haxian "Wow."

Sign of the apocalypse when rampant paranoia is perpetuated through mainstream media.

Liz Kelly: Right. I'm sure Michelle Malkin is bursting with pride for her ability to influence Dunkin' Donuts.


Lohan and Richards: Hi, loved your column yesterday about these two new reality shows. Of course I had to check them out myself.

Denise Richards, while a bit idiotic was not so terrible I thought, she obviously loves her family which was sweet. Although I agree the pig thing was gross!

Lohan on the other hand, I think that I threw up in my mouth a little bit. That woman is the devil incarnate, no wonder her kids are so screwed up, it all makes so much more sense now!

Liz Kelly: Sure, Denise loves her family, but the woman is kooky, loco. She has 11 dogs, three pigs and a handful of cats. Every other word out of her mouth had to be bleeped and, hello, she has a personal spray-on tan technician. I just want her to go away.

Along with Dina. All of them deserve to be tied under a heat lamp and left there.


Penn Quarter/DC: Hi Liz!

Quick question for you before I must return to work, work, work...did Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo split? If so, is this really not such a big deal to not receive more press? Thanks, have a good weekend!

Liz Kelly: Hey there, I haven't seen anything about a split -- if you have a link, please send it on...


Bawlmer, Hon: So The Clooney is single again, to the joy of women (and some men, I'm sure) everywhere. Why is his dating status so damned fascinating? (I ask this as someone who finds it fascinating too.) Is it the amount of fame he possesses (buddies with Brad and Angie! pranks co-stars!)? Is it that he hasn't followed the traditional patterns of find-a-nice-girl, get-married, divorce-publicly-and-angrily-in-three-years that seem so common among celebs? Is it that he seems to date women that seem, well, pretty normal, giving the rest of us a hope that we're only one fateful cocktail party away from jetsetting in Cannes?

Liz Kelly: Yes, all of that. And I can't speak for anyone else's interest, but he just seems like the kind of guy who would settle down. He values family, he's a loyal friend, he kept a pet pig for 18 years. There's just something dissonant about his inability to find someone to share it all with.

Maybe Denise Richards? There's the whole pig thing.


Capitol Hill, DC: So Kirstin Dunst says she went to rehab because she was depressed. And the rehab center says they don't treat depression-only (you need some substance abuse to be admitted). Here's what I'm thinking, Dunst went to rehab because she was depressed because she didn't have a drug problem. Right? This is obviously the only interpretation.

Liz Kelly: That would be my guess, yes. But I'm not going to jump on the girl for wanting to keep a little of her pain private. Don't get me wrong, I'm no Dunst lover -- but she'll fess up when she's ready.


Clay Aiken/Carrot Top: Separated at Birth?: That photo of Clay Aiken with the US Weekly item looks a lot like Carrot Top. That might be even more strange than artificially inseminating your much older best friend/producer that you live with sometimes.....

Liz Kelly: Yes, the pic is horrible. He looks like a cross between Carrot Top and Stephen Cojocaru.


Rooster!: Yes! I actually -just- read Me Talk Pretty One Day and "You Can't Kill The Rooster" made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself. Definitely the funniest essay in a very, very funny book.

Liz Kelly: Yay! Ya, I think I read it, then gave it to Mr. Liz to read and sat there watching his face while he did so. If you navigate around the link I shared above, you can buy Rooster t-shirts, BBQ sauce and find out about The Rooster's hardwood flooring company.


Midwest: I didn't watch either the Lohan or the Denise Richards reality shows...but I wanted to. My husband was home, and so I was spared of my own instincts because I would have been too embarrassed to admit them to the spouse who has seen me as a respectable member of society for the last 15 years. So here's my question: why are we interested in these people. I know they are awful human beings even without watching the show and confirming this fact! Why would I be inclined to waste my time? (FWIW, your synopsis pretty much cured me: I got my fix AND got to feel as if I'd take the high road.)

Liz Kelly: Why are we interested? Same reason you're interested in Celebritology. It's the Circus Maximus. We delight in pictures of Andy Garcia's hairy torso and Amy Winehouse's descent into lower and lower realms of drug addled-ness.

Though, for what it's worth, neither of the shows I profiled Monday were even interesting enough to make me want to watch again. Denise and Dina may be dizzy and calculating (respectively), but they are just. not. interesting.


DC: Wow, saw the "Living Lohan" show last night. I finally feel sorry for the Lohan dad. My only question, though, is why doesn't Dina's upper lip move (or most of her face for that matter). No doubt she has some injectibles in the lips and face but does that paralyze the lip? And god, those extensions look cheap.

Liz Kelly: You feel sorry for Michael Lohan? The man who was imprisoned for beating his brother-in-law with a shoe? Not me.

The one I feel sorry for is 11-year-old Cody, who seemed to be the only normal, sane person on the show. Even Grandma Lohan struck me as fame-seeking. Evil old thing.

But yes, Dina's upper lip is totally frozen. Either Botox or a stroke, I'd say.


U Street: Hey Liz, Will you be watching the 8 p.m. LOST repeat tonight? I feel like I should refresh my memory of the episode, but I don't want to have TV-burnout at 10 p.m.! Also, I think the ghost-whisperer psychic is in the coffin.

Liz Kelly: I think instead, I'll re-read the analysis Jen and I did of that show and doublecheck last Friday's list of questions we want answered in tonight's 2-hour show.

All findable right here at "Lost" Central.


Anonymous: The Bill Murray thing seems way off base -- I recall meeting him when he was filming, "The Razor's Edge" and he was as shy as they come. He had his young son with him and was very much the doting Dad. I think we should wait to pass judgement on this until both sides are heard.

Liz Kelly: Of course. Though I think we can all agree that a person -- especially an actor -- is capable of having distinct public and private personas.

I mean, who woulda figured Bing Crosby or Joan Crawford as child abusers. I know I had to reach way back for those examples, but I think you see what I'm getting at.


"I'm no Dunst lover": Why not?

Liz Kelly: Just cuz.


Virginia: One of the protesters of Ray's scarf made what might seem like a good point about how people would have a problem if celebrities were wearing pointed hoods and calling it fashion. Except that the pointed hoods were worn by the KKK for specific symbolic reasons. The scarves you seen worn by Arabs are not, as far as I know, symbolic. They are simply a practical article of clothing for that region of the world. If I wear a fur-lined parka, am I deliberately associating myself with Eskimos?

Liz Kelly: Well, all I can say is that it's a good thing you're not trying to sell doughnuts in that parka. Imagine the fallout.


Aiken to breed: Why is everyone assuming that the use of artificial insemination implies Aiken is gay? Did nobody note that his baby mama is in her 40s? Perhaps this has something to do with it...?

Liz Kelly: Right, of course. And, either way, we're just happy for Clay -- right?


Me Talk Pretty One Day: Even better - get it on talking book. Listening to Sedaris read it is great. I was laughing out loud on the subway and getting stared at.

Liz Kelly: Agreed -- I saw David read "Rooster" and a couple of other pieces at Georgetown a few years back when he came through on the New Yorker College Tour.

Boy did that make me feel old.


Anonymous: Are you upset or relieved about being left out of Scott McClellan's book ?

Liz Kelly: I was hoping he'd mention that the launch of Celebritology back in 2006 coincided with his epiphany about his misguided ways and complicity in the Bush administration's run up to war. But, alas, we'll just have to toil on in obscurity.


Denise Richards: She says she wanted to this reality show because people have the wrong impression of her. I always felt sorry for her having to deal with crazy Charlie Sheen. So I did, in fact, have the wrong impression. Because what I'm finding out is she's just as crazy as him. Maybe not mean like he is, but just as crazy.

Liz Kelly: Right. Exactly. As I said in the piece yesterday, I almost started sympathizing with Charlie.


Reston: re: Clooney

Don't mean to be shallow here, but it is quite possible that when you're desired by so many women you find yourself wanting to be with so many women. That doesn't really fit in our mate-for-life society.

Perhaps he finds settling down prohibits him from having sex with lots of gorgeous women. That's a difficult thing to turn down.

Liz Kelly: Ahh. Okay, thanks Mystery Method devotee. Now go polish your big black boots.


Re: Jenna's wedding photos: Pretty sure all the photos People had were previously released by the White House -- so I don't think People paid for them...

Liz Kelly: Well, let's not be hasty -- that money could go a little way towards easing the oil crisis.


Anonymous: I think Lindsay should start using the catchphrase "You don't mess with the Lohan."

Liz Kelly: I think we should all start using that catchphrase.


Anonymous: Oh please, what kind of man can't take a shoe beating?

Liz Kelly: Well, it really depends on the shoe. Remember the scene in "Single White Female" where Jennifer Jason Lee kills Steven Weber with a stiletto? Owee.


Future employment?: With all the positions open at The Washington Post thanks to the buyout, have you given any thought to moving to a reporting or editorial position?

Liz Kelly: I'm pretty happy with where I am. I'm not sure even the buyouts created a slot for someone who gets to work from home and bill the company for watching "Lost" and "Living Lohan."


Lud?: Lance Armstrong and Kate Hudson acronym. Guaranteed good for at least 15 minutes.

Liz Kelly: As Weingarten would say, noted.


"The one I feel sorry for...: is 11-year-old Cody, who seemed to be the only normal, sane person on the show."

For now, at least.

Liz Kelly: Right. Maybe there's some kind of Lohan gene that doesn't activate until the kids reach their thirteenth year.


Mens Wear Dept, Tysons Corner: Liz, here's a poll for you and people of similar taste:

Rank order the hotness of the following celebrities. In others words, in the order you fantasize about them.

A. George Clooney

B. Daniel Craig

C. Russel Crowe

D. Scarlet Johansson

Liz Kelly: Okay, well, if limited to the list you provided:

And, tho a beauty, ScarJo isn't really my type.


Wentz Jr.: Oh gee. Ashlee's pregnant. I think that may be the worst-kept secret in celebrity land. In the last month, anyway. What would you say was THE worst-kept star secret in recent memory, Liz?

Liz Kelly: My mind keeps coming back to pregnancies that we knew about before official word came down: Nicole Kidman's and, of course, the news that Angelina Jolie was expecting twins. Poor Jack Black was blasted for outing her, but honey, we knew already anyway!

Another category that is rife with worst-kept secrets is marriages. Just last week, we were speculating about Madonna's marital bliss. Apparently she and Guy Ritchie spend much time apart and some say their body language at Cannes is very telling.

And this week everyone is jumping to get the scoop on Lindsay Lohan and gal pal Samantha Ronson -- are they or aren't they?


Washington, DC:

If Denise Richards really loves her kids, she wouldn't be engaging in a public pooh flinging contest with the loser Charlie Sheen. When will people like her learn that the best thing for the kids (and her own sanity, reputation, bank account) is to ignore the poison coming out of the opposing camp. (Oh, and don't put your kids on a reality show).

Liz Kelly: Right -- there was a great piece echoing this very sentiment on Huffington Post the other day. Let me see if I can find it...

Liz Kelly: Here it is.


Stunt(ed) casting: Doesn't it seem even more remarkable after viewing her tv show, that Denise Richards was cast as a nuclear scientist in the Bond movie The World is Not Enough?

Liz Kelly: Right -- well, James Bond movies are fiction, remember.


Violet: I LOVE the Rooster story. It hits home because my fiance's brother is exactly like Paul Sedaris. It gets to the point where fiance actually telephones him and asks "how's the Rooster?" Future Bro-in-law responds "aw m&#$-- f#$-@#, the Rooster's a'ight!" He thought the f-it bucket idea was pure genius.

It really disappoints my friends who see fiance's disdain for pleated pants and the expert way in which he does my laundry, and ask "does he have a brother?" We look at each other and sigh, and say "Well... yes, but..."

And, uh. OMG, Clay.

Liz Kelly: I think we all have a Rooster somewhere in our extended families.


Alexandria, Va: So, Ms. Liz, how much do you think People paid Jenna Bush for the wedding photos? Enough to cover the cost of the festivities?


Not a Bush fan, but this kind of petty sniping just irks me. Especially when Jenna at least seems to be trying to do something meaningful with her life. Why the double standard with Chelsea Clinton, who's just raking in the big bucks working for a Manhattan hedge fund run by friends of her parents?

Liz Kelly: Well, I don't think the questioner was trying to be petty or snipe, but asking a legitimate question. People magazine is known for paying for the access they get with big name stars. So, not so out of the question that pix of the first daughter could be similarly purchased. But I think we established pretty quickly that the pix were probably White House releases and not paid for.

And fwiw, Chelsea didn't get much of a pass earlier this spring when she repeatedly had to answer questions about her father's infidelity.


New Jersey: Any truth to the rumor that there is a presidential address tonight that will bump or otherwise affect "Lost"? (yeah yeah, and whatever else is on at 9)

Liz Kelly: Bite your tongue.

Liz Kelly: I mean, the local ABC affiliate even stopped short of posting tornado warnings during "Lost" a few weeks ago, instead preempting commercials.


Northbrook, Ill.: What do you think of Usher's outburst on TRL the other day?

Liz Kelly: Well, the man was defending his marriage against recent rumors that he and Tameka were headed for a split.

That said, it struck me as a little over-emotional and over-calculated. Way to create some buzz, Ush.


Pittsburgh: While in Europe earlier this month I saw a TV commercial for Nespresso starring George Clooney. I'm baffled as to the real reason such a big star is willing to do commercials abroad but not at home, as the ad was clever and witty, unlikely to harm his "brand" in the US if it were run here. Is it a matter of money? As in, do they pay him a fortune? And in Euros (sob)?

Liz Kelly: Overseas ads bring in big money for celebs who are comfortable playing with their image far away from their U.S. fan bases. There's a site out there that catalogs these. Maybe someone can send in the link?


George Clooney: Probably a lot cheaper to be serial dater than a serial marrier (keeping legions of attorneys busy with pre-nups). Also avoids the possibility of rancid divorce filings appearing on the Smoking Gun web site. (Though his divorce from Talia Balsam appears to have been amicable and he speaks well of her.)

Liz Kelly: Right.

Also avoids the possibility of real intimacy, some would say.


my poll results: A. George Clooney

D. Scarlet Johansson

B. Daniel Craig

C. Russel Crowe

Liz Kelly: Thank you.


Washington: So how far along the pregnancy is Jamie Lynn Spears. Need to set a date for the shower.

Liz Kelly: Well, she did have a shower about a month ago down in Lousiana. Britney flew in for the event.

But to answer your question, according to this site, Jamie Lynn is due in July.


Washington: How did Denise Richards become famous? Seriously. I don't ever remember seeing her in any film or TV show. Is this one of those famous by association deals?

Liz Kelly: Denise has been all over TV since 1990 and has appeared in a smattering of box office heavy-hitters: "Starship Troopers," "Wild Things" and the afore-mentioned Bond flick "The World Is Not Enough."


Ashlee, Nicole, and Kirsten: Liz,

I am a devoted celebritologist, but it annoys me when celebs like Ashlee Simpson, Nicole Kidman, etc get yelled at for not announcing their pregnancies. Not that I like Ashlee, (or Nicole since she became super botoxed) but I can't blame them for not announcing pregnancies in the first trimester when there is a greater chance of miscarrying. It just seems like a private thing, and they should be left be, instead of hounded during this time.

Also, many depressive people self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, that could explain what's up with Kirsten Dunst.

Liz Kelly: Hey, hold up kitty cat -- no one here yelled at any of these women for not announcing their pregnancies. And I agree that they have a right to hold the news until they are ready and willing to share it with the world. That doesn't mean we won't speculate about them, though, before the big reveal.


Anonymous: Liz,

A few chats back you answered someone's questions about troubles with their cat and I know this isn't the place for it but maybe someone could advise me ? My cat likes to curl up in my underwear when I'm using the facilities and they are down around my ankles. This is cute but somewhat troubling and am curious if others have encountered this sort of behaviour ?

Liz Kelly: Oh my.

Well, Andy doesn't do that -- but, ummm.... hmmm -- have you tried closing the bathroom door and leaving the kitty on the other side?


my poll results:: clooney



craig (just to change things up a bit)



Liz Kelly: Wait -- something seems wrong here. There aren't five George Clooneys.


luvlinsey: team Dina!

Liz Kelly: Thanks for checking in, luvlinsey


Washington, D.C.: Any news on the Lance Armstrong - Kate Hudson link?

Liz Kelly: Nothing major. Apparently Kate and Lance were in Monaco over the weekend being fabulous.

This morning I did see a couple of "Owen Wilson drinking and distraught" stories, but I passed them up -- they were poorly sourced and, hey, the guy has a right to be a little down. We all get a free pass to be a little self destructive (to a certain point and, no, wsahingtonpost.com does not endorse self-destruction of any kind) when a relationship ends.

Actually, if anyone deserved each other, I think Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong might just be that pair.


McLean, Va: DID Chelsea ever answer any of the Lewinsky questions? I thought she refused to answer any personal questions.

Liz Kelly: I believe she told the questioners in no uncertain terms that her thoughts on that subject were none of their business. And right she was.

But they still asked -- so any notion that Chelsea Clinton walks the earth untroubled by criticism or small-minded a**clowns should be recalibrated.


I heart Bill Murray: I haven't read anything about the divorce thing yet except the headlines, but I'm completely shocked.

I just watched "Tootsie" last week, where Bill Murray has a nice supporting role as Dustin Hoffman's roommate.

Team Bill!

Liz Kelly: Like the earlier poster said, let's wait and see where this goes before choosing sides.


Liz Kelly: Now that I think of it, wasn't there a story a few months back about Bill Murray driving a golf cart through Oslo -- a little crocked and eventually stopped by police?


There aren't five George Clooneys: George Cloney.

Liz Kelly: Hee.


Kitty Cat: No no no, I wasn't annoyed at you or the chatters Liz. I would never be annoyed at celebritologists! My anger was towards people like TMZ and Perez. I have to stop reading those sites. Why do I care so much? I don't know. Speculating is fun. You rock.

Liz Kelly: Okay, whew! Thanks for clarifying.

You rock, too!


McLean, Va: I think that was Kirsten Dunst writing in with the cat in the undies question.

Liz Kelly: Figures.


My cat likes to curl up in my underwear when I'm using the facilities and they are down around my ankles.: That actually isn't cute. Stop pushing your panties all the way down to your ankles. Problem solved.

Liz Kelly: Here's another solution.


What has Denise Richards Been In?:

Her greatest role was in "Seinfeld," where she played the teenage daughter of NBC exec Russell Dalrymple. George was busted sneaking a peek at her cleavage and they almost lost their pilot.

Liz Kelly: Nice.


Downtown: If the artificial insemination were just because of fertility issues, it would never have been publicized (just like J.Lo's twins are totally not related to fertility treatment!). You only announce AI (heh... fitting) was involved if you want to make it clear you're not knockin' boots.

Liz Kelly: Right - well, maybe Clay just wants us to know that he and Jaymes are friends who have decided they like each other well enough to raise a kid together.


Arlington, VA: I was going to post this in the blog comments the other day but didn't want to set off another BKD. But it must be said so here goes: Miley Cyrus is a terrible actor.

Since I have several nieces who adore Miley/Hannah, I've attempted to watch the show several times. (For some reason, it's the same episode every time I turn it on.) I can barely last 2 minutes before I have to change the channel. It's truly bad. And I've seen my share of kids shows (targeted to various ages) so I do have a frame of reference. And really, the girl just can't act her way out of a paper bag.

So I am baffled by her success. I thought maybe some TV bigwig had done research that found that little girls really like bad acting and therefore Miley is secretly a brilliant actress who fakes a lack of talent, but given some of the other shows I've seen I don't think that's the case.

Compared to Miley, LiLo is the reincarnation of Ethel Barrymore.

Liz Kelly: Feel better now?


Is this what you're looking for?: www.japander.com

Liz Kelly: That's it. Many thanks. Certainly enough footage here to kill off 60 more minutes of the work day.

See you here next week and "Losties" tomorrow at 2 for a deconstruction of the season finale.


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