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Thursday, June 5, 2008; 1:00 PM

Every Thursday at 1 p.m. ET,'s City Guide experts share their best bets for local flavor, great dates and family fun. Got plans? Great. Need plans? Just ask. We have the skinny on the bars and clubs, concerts, kitchens, theaters and special events that keep life interesting. We're going out gurus, and we're at your service.

Of course, we're happy to answer questions about local entertainment, but we need to hear from you, too. Introduce us to the coolest DJ or the fastest bartender you've encountered. Sound off on the week's best concert or the city's best burger. Tell us about the best place to amuse little kids or a big art fan. Together we can plan fun ways to spend weekdays, weekends, dates and holidays. The pleasure is ours, and yours.

Each week a different guru will act as host or hostess, but the entire staff is at your service. If you're looking for more ideas, see the City Guide or read transcripts of past Got Plans? discussions.

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____________________ We have a very, very hot weekend ahead of us -- and I definitely mean that in a temperature-type way, not a Paris Hilton-type way -- so we will certainly be answering questions about how best to spend your time, both inside and out. The usual Guru crew is standing by, so let's get chatting.


Arlington, Va.: I am fairly new to the area and have yet to find a Chicago Cubs bar. With the way they are doing so far this year, it is getting very important to find somewhere to watch games with other fans. Any ideas?

Fritz: Billy Goat Tavern (west of Union Station) gets Cubs fans in. The beer is cold and there's outdoor seating, too.


Food and Music: Hi GOGS. I am going to Strathmore for the first time -- what do you recommend nearby for a cocktail or a glass of wine and a light dinner? The Blacks have a couple places nearby, or Oakville Wine Bar? Timpano's?

Jen: Timpano's is a little chain-ish, and it's located farther up Rockville Pike, so I would consider your other options first.

Black Market and Addie's are closest; a little on the pricey side, but the food is quite good at both. Just be prepared to wait a bit, especially at the small Black Market, if you're going at a busy time.

Oakville Wine Bar isn't a bad option, either; I actually like the cozy little bar in there, and I bet you could get a salad or something while you sit there, too.


Washington, D.C.: I think I remember that you covered this in last year's chats, but I can't find the answer... I have recently discovered the Dark and Stormy (I know, I know-- I'm a little slow) and I would like to make them at home. Suggestions on where to buy ginger beer?

Thank you!

Fritz: World Market in Friendship Heights has a great selection of sodas.

But if you want to go out and taste some, I prefer the creations from the Islander on U Street and Ceiba downtown.


Washington, D.C.: I'm looking for a sushi restaurant in the D.C. area that has the "conveyor belt"/color-coded-dish price system for serving, similar to dim sum-style eateries. Do you know of any?

Julia: Sushi Go Round, near the Verizon Center, has it -- as does Wasabi. Neither has the best sushi in town, but I'd pick Wasabi for a better experience.


Washington, D.C.: I saw Everclear is playing at Crystal City Rocks on Sunday. Any idea when they go on?

David: It looks like 4:30 or so. As always, you might want to get there a bit early just to be safe, but it's unlikely to be too much earlier than that.

Everclear is really playing some non-traditional shows this summer. Crystal City Rocks, a Marine Corps base in Hawaii, Central Wisconsin State Fair...


D.C.: GOGs, any word on The Deck next to the Savoy in Glover Park? I've heard rumors it will not return this year?

Fritz: The Deck was done last summer, thanks to folks in those new condos at Wisconsin and Calvert who moved in AND THEN discovered there was a bar in their backyard! A bar that had been there for years! The nerve!

Your outdoor options in Glover Park are pretty much limited to Breadsoda and the small patio at Bourbon, but help is on the way.


Virginia: Has anyone done Party on the Patio at the Strathmore? Is it worth it for a drink and a snack or is it better to go to a local joint instead?

Anne: I haven't tried it, but that sure would be a wonderful space for dining. Who can tell us how the cooking is at Strathmore? If I'm going there, I like to stop at Vegetable Garden; others I know dig Addie's.


Woodley Park, D.C.: Hi Gurus,

Is there anywhere you would recommend in the greater Dupont area (including Adams Morgan, Farragut, etc.) where I could get a really good mojito?

Fritz: Cafe Citron, when they're not super busy (i.e. Sun-Wed, not Thu-Fri happy hour) makes a pretty good one. Ceiba, too. And Urbana, at the Hotel Palomar.

Any other favorite mojito spots in that neighborhood?


Alexandria, Va.: I have a friend who has a fairly pricey engagement ring from a marriage that flamed out recently, and she's wondering where she can go to get fair market value for it, or anything close. The jewelers she's taken it to aren't offering her anything like what it appraised for. Any suggestions short of eBay?

Janet: I don't know where your friend has taken the ring so far, but I do know that Chas. Schwartz in Mazza Gallerie and at the Willard Hotel buys jewelry. I don't know whether they'll buy it for the appraised value. Would be worth showing it to them, though.


Washington, D.C.: Gurus,

What is the crowd like at Breadsoda (in terms of age, racial mix). Like Marvin or Aroma?


Fritz: It's an okay mix of age and race -- late 20s all the way through 40s. Very much a neighborhood spot right now, and a cool place to chill for a while -- especially if you can get one of the tables on the lower patio and a nice, refreshing Gaffel Kolsch beer.


Washington, D.C.: Do you know of a restaurant in D.C. that serves a desert called Baked Alaska? It came up on a date recently and I'd like to take my new guy for one as a surprise. Thanks!

Julia: Oceanaire has the dessert on its menu, but I know that place can be kind of pricey for a date with a "new guy." Perhaps you could have dessert at the bar?

Has anyone seen any baked Alaska around lately?


Ginger Beer at Giant: I actually find ginger beer at my Giant. But don't look in the soft drink section -- find where they have all of the Goya products and you'll find it there.

Fritz: True. I just think that the ginger beer is what really makes a Dark and Stormy, so I like to use the good stuff -- D&G Jamaican, Dr. Brown's Extra Dry.


Engagement ring: Unfortunately, you will NEVER get your money back on diamonds. The best your friend can do is shop around for the best offer, but it will be way below appraisal. I know someone who was in that situation and actually did quite well on CraigsList!

Janet: For the chatter who wants to sell her diamond engagement ring, here's a tip.


Temple Hills, Md: Hey guys, So I went down to our brand spanking new National Harbor in Fort Washington last saturday to check it out. I arrived to find wall-to-wall sexy people lined up to get in the club on the 18th floor. I was told Santana Moss was having a birthday celebration there. I guess my question is "Will it be that packed this weekend as well?"

Fritz: I wish I would have made it out to that... sounded like a good time, unless you were Jason "Cranky Old Man" Campbell, who wanted to be home and in bed early. (Then again, it's nice to have a star athlete who doesn't want to go out and get in trouble.)

Anyway, Posh -- the fancy National Harbor club-with-a-view -- seems to be lacking any kind of buzz outside of Santana's birthday, so I don't think it would be too hard to get in. There's a $20 cover in effect.


Arlington, Va.: I am planning a bridal shower for my sister in August. Suggestions for a restaurant or hotel with a private room for about 25 for a Saturday lunch? Preferably in the District or Alexandria. Help! I am drawing a total blank and know this needs to get organized like...yesterday.

Julia: Hi there! Off the top of my head, here are a few suggestions we looked into for our rehearsal dinner: Ardeo, Chef Geoff's, Olives, Bistro D'Oc, DC Coast and the Tabard Inn. Olives or the Tabard strike me as good bets for a ladies luncheon. Tom Sietsema has given the tip of his hat to Equinox amd Rasika in the past.

Hopefully this'll get you started!


Washington, D.C.: As a new D.C. resident, I realized fairly quickly that this town skews towards young people. I know there are plenty of fellow late 20s to late-30somethings here, I just don't know where they're hiding! If you could let me and my other single girlfriends in on where this age group hangs out (bars, restaurants, areas), we would be forever indebted to you.

Rhome: Um... hotel bars. Jazz spots. DEFINITELY art-related events. Professional group-related events. If you're new here, you should be getting your professional networking on. To be more specific, I'd have to know what you and your single girlfriends are into musically, scene-wise, men-wise, activity-wise. The age range you seek is far from a monolithic group. Try kicking it at Mie-N-Yu, The Park at 14th, Poste or Skye Lounge and report back on how that goes.


Annapolis?: Heading to Annapolis around lunchtime Saturday and spending the evening there. Any must dos/sees/drinks/eats you could recommend?

Janet: Stroll around town -- the shops on Maryland Avenue are more unusual than those on Main Street. Visit the Naval Academy, if you've never been. And eat at O'Learys if you like seafood; Lewne's if you're into steak and red meat.


Washington, D.C.: I'm heading out to the Tom Petty & Steve Winwood show on Sunday at Nissan Pavilion. We're hoping to get there as soon as the lots open to tailgate, but their Web site seems to discourage that. I'm going to bring plenty of red cups, but are they really that strict?

David: It's true the Web site says no alcohol consumption or grilling in the parking lot. It's not always strictly enforced, though. Sometimes they don't want to deal with all the madness (Jimmy Buffett) but often they won't be such sticklers about it. Don't draw extra attention to yourself, don't give beer to teenagers and you might be okay, but it really depends on what kind of mood the security enforcement people are in that day.


First Date, Washington, D.C.: Hi Gurus!

I need some help. I am in charge of finding a place for drinks and then another place for dinner for a first date with someone who just moved to D.C. and doesn't know much about it. Where are some good trendy (but can still wear nice jeans) place for drinks and dinner (for two people in their mid-20s) that will show a great first impression of D.C.!

Many thanks!

Julia: Marvin or Zaytinya would be my top two picks. Marvin if you want to show D.C.'s funky side; Zaytinya if you want to keep it classy.

Personally, I'd stick to Marvin. It's on U Street, so that gives you a bunch of more affordable drink options nearby. Tabaq, Ulah Bistro, Pilar and Stetson's come to mind. You could always finish the night with a thick shake at Ben's Chili Bowl.


Arlington, Va.: Hey Gurus! I'm hosting a bachelorette party in D.C an.d I was wondering if there are any hotels in the area that have a good pool scene preferably with a bar. I know that the Embassy Row Hilton used to have happy hours at their rooftop pool, but I didn't see anything on their Web site about an official bar or drink service there. Thanks for your help!

Fritz: I just wrote about a pair of them. Embassy Row's no longer doing it, but Euronet, which ran one of the events there, has moved on the the Washington Plaza Hotel on Thomas Circle. Very cool event with an international crowd, decent drinks (female friends love the frozen pina coladas), an outdoor DJ and dancing. (It's canceled tonight because of the threat of storms.)

Then there's Code Orange at the Omni Shoreham, where you can actually go swimming, and sip lovely frozen cocktails while you relax in a deck chair. It's the closest thing to a vacation without leaving D.C.


DarkandStor, My: I love these!

But alas, ginger beer is hit or miss-- so be careful and try a few differnt types.

I personally prefer Stewart's for it's very gingery -- up your nose in a wasabi kinda way -- to kick up a nice rum.

Others have just disappointed!(Very flat and just mildy gingery- I'm looking at you Goya!)

Stewart's can be found at most Giants and Safeways, but has anybody else found that it must only be a seasonal product??

I can't find it ANYWHERE between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Fritz: Word. I like Blenheim ginger beer, too, but it's harder to find.


Columbia Heights: This may be more of question for the travel chat, but I missed that chat and it's sort of going-out related: I'm 35 years old and have never been on a roller coaster (was afraid of them as a kid and as an adult I don't get to amusement parks much). So, have decided that it's time to remedy this. Do you know of any smaller, possibly historic amusement parks within about a 2-hour drive from D.C.? I know about Six Flags and Kings Dominion but might be an easier sell to the husband if it was smaller and/or historic. Also, had the thought that they might have tamer roller coasters, maybe the old wooden kind ¿ I'm ready to conquer my childhood fear but don't think I can handle the extra-scary modern ones yet. Thanks!

Anne: Jen gave me this question because she knows that a) watching "Lost" is making me afraid of the dark, b) I love talking about Central Pennsylvania, which has several independent amuseument parks or c) I many years ago remedied my fear of coasters at King's Dominion. Anyway, more power to you for taking the plunge, so to speak. Knoebel's in Pennsylvania sounds like the kind of history feel you're looking for, but it's more of a 3+ hour drive. I think you'll be fine at any park -- my suggestion would be to start with the tamest coaster you find, even if it's a kiddie one to build confidence, and build from there. Better yet, go on a water ride this weekend and you'll be so glad to get soaked and cool off that you won't even notice what's happening to your stomach.


Washington, D.C.: Hey Gurus, I know you've gotten this question a million times before but I can't find it! I need a great tailor to alter a bridesmaid dress, ideally Metro-accessible. Thanks for your help!

Janet: I have no firsthand knowledge of this, but one or two chatters have recommended Christopher Kim on 2000 M St. NW.


Mojito Seeker: In Adams Morgan, hands down the best mojitos are at Meze. They have about 10 versions with real fruit! The raspberry mojito has an uncanny ability to pull at my heart-strings!

Fritz: For fruity mojitos, my tops are Halo and Skye Lounge. Love that Halo two-for-one deal (5-9 pm)


Dark and Stormy: Fritz,

What is your go-to rum for use in a Dark and Stormy?

Fritz: Since I'm a traditionalist, Gosling's. Always have that in my liquor cabinet.


Nissan: When I went to see Roger Waters at Nissan last fall, police officers on bicycles harassed my friends and me relentlessly because we had beer in the parking lot. It was just a bunch of friends and family members -- all way over 21 -- sitting around in lawn chairs, but we had to pour out our beers, got them taken away, one of my friends got pushed to the ground, words were exchanged. And at the end of the show, they stood there next to us for two hours until the traffic allowed us to leave the parking lot. It was probably the worst experience I've ever had with law enforcement, worse than getting arrested or getting a DUI.

David: A discouraging tale for those hoping to tailgate at Nissan. Also, dude, don't drink and drive.


Petworth: Hey Gurus - I meant to comment on this on the blog the other day, but ran out of time. Then I get here and what's the first posting in the chat but a request for another out-of-town baseball bar!

So. I would just like to remind bars, bartenders, bar managers, and anyone else who this might apply to: D.C. HAS A BASEBALL TEAM AND THIS TEAM HAS FANS. I am very grateful to Bedrock and to Aroma for having turned on Nationals games (upon request). I am very disappointed in the Tombs for not turning on Nats games in favor of Orioles games in the past, and will not go there when the Nats are playing.

Yeah, there are some transplants here, and I suppose some bars will always cater to them, but there are locals too. There are more of us, and we're here to stay. Let me watch my Nats, and I'll happily buy beer (and food) at your bar. (And I tip well too.)

Fritz: Word. I actually heard from a friend that the Greene Turtle by the Verizon Center was an "Orioles bar," since the chain has so many Maryland locations.

But support your local team, people. Jeez.


Washington, D.C.: Why is there a big NY Yankees banner hanging on the facade of Sign of the Whale, are the Nats not good enough for them?

Fritz: Apparently not.


Fritz, you snob!: What do you think you're more likely to get in the Caribbean? Goya!

Fritz: And people all across America eat McDonald's, too. Doesn't mean I have to.

Actually, the great thing about the Islander is that the chef makes her own ginger beer. It's a sweet, tangy, wonderful thing.


Ballston: Hello, gurus! Which restaurant at Georgetown Harbor do you think has the best food? I'd like to take a visiting friend for lunch or dinner and snag an outdoor table, but the food matters to us! Thanks.

Julia: Tough call. I suppose I'd say that if the food matters to you, don't go to Georgetown Harbor. I guess, Agraria's my favorite of the bunch.

Other outdoor Georgetown dining options include Milano, Billy Martin's and Cafe La Ruche. If you want something waterside, Indigo Landing's another choice. I'm not wild about the new menu, but I think I like it better than Georgetown.


Re: Coasters: I wouldn't rule out the more modern coasters for a tentative first-timer. Frankly, the old wooden ones are hardly tame. They might not loop, but they're generally REALLY rickety and jerky - which is glorious for me, but I know others who aren't fans. I'd suggest a modern one that doesn't do many, or any loops would be a smoother, better bet for the first time.

David: If you can ride the Grizzly Bear at KD without hurting your back or knees or hip, please let me in on the secret. That thing shakes you around VIOLENTLY.


Reston, Va.: GOGs - HELP!!! I'm in the suburbs and have been asked by our Financial Auditors (who are here from Atlanta and are youngish) to take them to D.C. for some after work fun tonight (Thursday). Can you please direct me to a couple of awesome spots to hang out after work? I suspect we plan to be downtown by 6:00 p.m. Your awesome and knowledgeable help is most appreciated! Thanks for saving me tons of embarrassment.

Fritz: What do they want to do? You've got everything from crowded happy hours at Science Club or Cafe Citron to the IMF/World Bank/international scene (with patio) at Skye Lounge to the all-night mayhem that is discounted beer at Lucky Bar or the Pour House (best for 25-and-under). Later, there's the buzzed-about punk-funk of British band These New Puritans at DC9, the Prince-esque grooves of J*DaVeY at Bohemian Caverns or the hot lounge scenes at Tattoo and Josephine...


Anonymous: What -is- a Dark and Stormy?

Fritz: Dark Bahamian rum topped with ginger beer, and probably my favorite summer drink, though a trip to Bethany Beach over Memorial Day weekend had me sipping Malibu and fruit juice out of a ceramic parrot...


Washington, D.C.: Fritz - isn't it annoying to be called a "snob" for actually having a preference? Happens to me all the time.

Fritz: Thick skin helps, my friend -- that and the knowledge that you're right.


Chevy Chase, Md.: Is the Dupont-Kalomara Museum walk worth checking out? I know some of the places charge admission fees, how much should I figure on spending?

Julia: There are more museums offering free admission this year than they have in years' past -- though, I would be surprised if you were encouraged to donate at, say, the Wilson museum. I wouldn't expect shelling out more than $5 or $10 total, though.

Do I think the walk is worth it? Yeah. It's a great excuse to check out museums that aren't generally at the forefront of the Washington museum scene. The volunteers are all really friendly and tell you lots of things you didn't know about the collections. I learned more about Wilson two years ago during the D-K walk than I ever had before. It's also a great chance to check out the Phillips's fabulous Jacob Lawrence exhibit for free. That's worth it in my book.


Nats: So, is there any bar in the city (or suburbs) that actually caters to Nats fans? As one who often can't find a game at a bar (even Buffalo Billiards has changed the game on me), is there anywhere outside of Nationals Field that will play the Nats and not be persuaded to change for the Red Sox/Yankees/Cubs/Royals??? I mean seriously!

Fritz: Not really, in the same way there's not really a "Redskins bar" in D.C., because anyone can watch. But I've never seen a Nats game switched off at Cleveland Park Bar & Grill -- they even had our boys on TVs on the rooftop deck.


Roller coasters: For wooden coasters and historic feel, you can't beat Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh. Farther than a 2-hour drive, but would fit the bill!

David: Ah, yes, many a summer day in my youth were spent at Kennywood. The Racer, Thunderbolt and the Jackrabbit (with its famous double dip), all classics. Are all three still in operation? It's been a while...


Has anyone seen any baked Alaska around lately?: Naw, global warming isn't THAT bad yet.

Ba-doom! Thanks folks, I'll be here all week, try the veal!

Julia: Oooh. That one was pretty bad.


Arlington, Va.: Where's a good spot for singles over 40?

Rhome: I've heard Angles, Cashion's, Ned Devine's.


_______________________ Whoops -- typing too fast and thinking about "Taste of the Bahamas" next week at the Bahamian Embassy, I said that Dark and Stormys are made with rum from the Bahamas. That should be Bermuda. I'll go stick myself with a cocktail sword for penance.


Enid Blyton: All this talk of ginger beer is making me reminisce about childhood reading - the Famous Five and their lashings of ginger beer, or Richmal Compton's "Just William."

Is that too obscure a reference?

Fritz: Only if you start talking about the Bobbsey Twins or some such.


Richmond, Va.: Help, I need a place for brunch in Alexandria or Arlington for Sunday. Somewhere that can accommodate a crowd of 10 with good service.

Julia: Actually, Indigo Landing, which I mentioned not-so-enthusiastically above could be a great option for you. I sampled the $25 brunch a month and half ago or so and I thought it was a great deal. For $25 you get to order an entree, visit a buffet of salads and pastries and top it off with goodies from the dessert bar. Every time I've been in, the servers have been great. The waterside setting can't be beat, either. I miss the low-country cuisine of the former establishment, but for brunch, Indigo is really nice.


NYC Bus: I heard a rumor that there's a new and cheaper bus service to NYC. Any details?

Julia: Talking about the Bolt Bus? Some of the Travel Log readers have had some bad luck, but a good friend of mine loves it. She's used it a bunch of times since it launched with no problems.


Screen on the Green: What's with the Screen on the Green schedule? Such a dude-fest!

Jen: I guess I see your point, although "The Apartment" isn't what I would call a dude fest.

I don't know, I think it's a stronger line-up than they've had in a good, long while.

For those who haven't seen it yet, go here.


Zaytinya....: Zaytinya gets a lot of business thrown their way in the Washington Post chats. And I think they have great food, but...their tables are looking a little dated/banged up. I know they are making revenue, maybe it's time to spruce up some of the furniture?

Have any of the GoGs noticed that at all?

Julia: Funny, what an unlikely Got Plans observation! I actually hadn't noticed this. I've got a date there in the near future so I'll be sure to check it out.


Chinatown, D.C.: I'm submitting early because I don't want to forget....please help!

I'm leaving town in a month--sad I know!--and I would love to have a going away party so I can see lots of my friends once more all at the same time. I only lived here a year so I'm not terribly familiar with the bars and I'm overwhelmed trying to think of a place to try to set up a private party so everyone can gather together and have a good time.

Do you have any suggestions for bars that do private parties that wouldn't be too expensive (a very laidback place would be good to accommodate everyone) and that might have availability this month? Also it would be great if the place were near Metro so my friends from all over wouldn't have trouble finding it.

Thank you so much! I can't wait to say farewell to D.C. in the best way going out and having a good time.

Fritz: I know a number of people who've used Aroma before. You can get the back room there for yourselves for free -- and bring in your own food -- until 9 p.m., and they don't kick you out after that -- you can hang as long as you want.

You don't say how many people are coming, but might also look into just taking over, say, the large courtyard at Poste, which has room for hundreds, and just mixing and mingling after staking out a table or two. Other ideas: The second floor of Stoney's, the upstairs of Marty's on Barracks Row, the upstairs (or basement) of the Big Hunt.


Relaxville: My boyfriend and I have discovered we have our first free Saturday in a while coming up. Besides the portrait gallery and concerts what can we enjoy? We just moved into a new apartment so we're on a bit of a budget.

We're thinking fun excursion in the afternoon followed by a relaxing dinner with drinks.

Anne: Not sure exactly where you are, Relaxville, but I'm feeling a version of this: hanging out at Volta Park's pool, then picking up a picnic at Cafe Divan and eating in Montrose Park. Or, consider Learn-to-Row Day: anything outdoors Saturday is bound to be H-O-T, and I'm not saying this will cool you off, but at least it's near water and that should mean some breeze, right?


Woodley Park: All this talk about the Islander's Dark and Stormy, but what about the food? I've been walking past that place for ages and I've never gone in. Is it fusion? Or will there be goat curry and coconut rice?

Fritz: The goat curry there is 100 percent on point. The owner/cook is from Trinidad and Tobago, and she keeps it real.


Falls Church, Va.: Where can I find a really, really good burger. I like 5 Guys, but I'd like a nice restaurant, maybe with a patio, and table service. And really good fries wouldn't hurt either.

Fritz: Because I was just there ... best burger/fries combo in the area is at Palena. Burger is juicy and wonderful, and the fries are just amazing.


Washington, D.C.: I've got tickets to tomorrow night's Nats game, are there any bars nearby the stadium to get a few drinks/dinner beforehand?

Julia: Here are our top picks.


Cheap bus to NYC: There's a new service called, that has really cheap fares. Bolt Bus is good because it has wireless AND plugs., is also reliable and friendly, though slightly more ($22 e/w) but has wireless. (Yeah, my boyfriend is in NYC for the summer, can you tell?)

Julia: From a reliable source.


Me Again Re: Baked Alaska: 'Julia: Oooh. That one was pretty bad"

Sorry. I'm a little shaken up today, some guy cut in front of me in line at McDonald's, wearing shades and a "I (Heart) Gosling's!!" T-shirt; kept saying "Don't you know me? I write for the POST!!" in a loud voice. Bad scene....

Julia: Wait, really?! That sounds kind of hysterical....

(Sorry I was mean before. I don't usually hate on our dear chatters. You seemed like you could take it though.)


Washington, D.C.: Hi Gurus! I was thinking about stopping by Hudson this Friday evening, and having never been there before, am wondering what type of crowd/dress code, etc I should expect? Thanks.

Fritz: Are you going for happy hour or dinner? Happy hour is more suit-y, lots of people getting off work and taking advantage of happy hour specials on the patio ($6 cocktails, $25 huge pitchers of sangria) or at the bar. It's a designer-casual kind of place for dinner, and without being pilloried by the crowd, I dare say you could wear jeans in the dining room and no one would bat an eye.


Apartment = duuuuuuuuude fest: the SOTG website describes it as: "Getting ahead in business by loaning out his apartment to the bosses for their illicit trysts..." A classic dude-only move. Risky Business?

Jen: It's not a dude-only movie. Shirley Maclaine is in it. It's a classic romantic comedy with dude-ish elements.

Trust me, Jack Lemmon does not dance around in his undies to Bob Seger.


Arlington, Va.: Fritz,

I miss Dr. Dremo's already. Where can I grab a drink outside in A-Town?

Fritz: Galaxy Hut or Jay's Saloon both have the relentlessly cool and local spirit.


Washington, D.C.: My mom is coming in town this weekend and she's seen all of the museums and I don't want to walk around endlessly in the heat. Any ideas of fun events going on this weekend?

Anne: See, since it's June, most of the events are planned for outside. So if you want inside, museums are good way to go. If you just picked one from the Museum Walk, you could stay cool. Personally, I think the Freer is the coldest, coldest one in the city. Must be all the stone. Hillwood is screening classic diva films outdoors this weekend, and the (reservations required) price includes admission, so you might as well check it out.


Washington, D.C.: Where are some good cooking classes in the area?

Julia: This slightly dated list should help you out. The Sur La Table in Pentagon Row has gotten some props in this chat for it's one-off classes.


Roller coaster just outside of Frederick: Adventure Park USA is just outside of Frederick, Md., and has a fun little roller coaster. It's styled after the old coasters, but it was just built last year. The poster's husband will like it because it's a really small amusement park that doesn't get crowded.

Anne: Thanks for the idea -- I haven't been but this definitely fits the daytrip time.


Old Town: Hey GOGs, I have a quick question for you all. I love good beer and good food like anyone else, but I also enjoy a night filled full of cheap beer. I know of places in D.C. where all-night happy hours make this possible, (example: Lucky Bar's on Thursday night). But, I live in Old Town Alexandria and sometimes do not feel like making the trip into D.C. I know Café Salsa has an all-night happy hour on Wednesday nights. Are there any other places in Old Town where cheap (inexpensive) drinks can be found all night long? Thanks GOGs!

Fritz: Chadwick's used to have a special with cheap Miller Lite all day Sunday, so that may be one option, and I think Mango Mike's has and extended (late?) happy hour with half-price margaritas on Mondays.

Anyone else?


Silver Spring, Md.: Gurus,

My husband is treating me to dinner at CityZen for my birthday this weekend. How dressy is it? Does he need a tie? Thanks!

Julia: Lucky you! I don't think he needs a tie, but he wouldn't be out of place if he chose to wear one. A dress shirt and slacks is a must.


Jay's Saloon? Really?: I used to live right behind this place. We went on our second day living there and it. was. scary. So many creepy old men.

Fritz: I like it -- really cheap beer in frosty mugs, Astroturf on the front porch. Yeah, it's an older crowd, but there's always the Clarendon Ballroom for the singles scene.


Best Burger: If you are on the way to the beach, best burger can be had off the bar menu at Lisa's Small Plates just over the Bay Bridge. Main menu is tapas and pretty yummy too.

Fritz: If you're on the way to the beach, you might as well go to Sonic (just beyond Bridgeville).


Washington, D.C. I like the new strikethrough look -- very Gene Davis-ish

Julia: Yeah, I broke the chat! My bad. All will be fixed shortly. Thanks for tolerating the strikethrough!

_______________________ When all the answers get crossed out, you know it's time to end the chat. See you next week, everyone.


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