Celebritology Live: Comic-Con De-Brief

Liz Kelly
washingtonpost.com Celebritology Blogger
Thursday, July 31, 2008; 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Afternoon.

So I assume everyone's here to discuss Comic-Con, right? I mean, Jen and I never even got to writing about the World of Warcraft booth or the Mandelorian wedding.


Trust me, it did not go unnoticed -- at least by me -- that the majority of you seemed, oh, unenthused, about the five-day detour into covering Comic-Con in Celebritology. Here's what I want to know, though: are you truly uninterested in hearing about upcoming movies and TV shows and watching interviews with stars or did you just not want that content within the Celebritology construct? I'm truly intererested, so if you can take a second to dash off your thoughts to me here, that'd be swell.

In other news, I just ate an Newman-O that bore a striking resemblance to Chris Cillizza. Unfortunately, I didn't realize until it was too late so goodbye to dreams of an eBay fortune.

In breaking-ish news: Cinematical has a story claiming that Howard Stern is planning a remake of "Rock and Roll High School." This just sounds like self-immolation to me. Why would anyone want to mess with "Rock and Roll High School?" What's next -- a "Fast Times" remake?

Oh, and in case I forget to mention it in tomorrow' Morning Mix: Pam Anderson's new reality show -- " Girl on the Loose " (and by "girl" E! means a 41-year-old silicon repository) -- debuts Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET on E! I'm planning to watch and post an analysis on Monday.


Washington, D.C.: What is going on with Nicole Kidman's face? What work hasn't she had done? She doesn't really look anything like she did in the past. I watched "Far & Away" recently and I could not get over how much her face has changed. To much botox?

Liz Kelly: Well, she's pregnant so there are some physiological changes going on over which the fair Nicole hasn't any control. And, since you've invoked the B-word, yes, it has been rumored that Nicole is a big fan of the stuff but had to curb her habit when she got pregnant.

I suppose it will be interesting to see what transformation she undergoes -- if any -- now that she's given birth.


I knew Paris Hilton. I served with Paris Hilton. You, sir, are no Paris Hilt, ON: Liz, are you as weirded out as I am that Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have now been pulled into the presidential campaign, by the candidates themselves? If this keeps up, you could definitely snag a job as a campaign adviser -- Deputy Adviser in Charge of Sleazy Celebrity Analogies/Flat Front Pants Compliance Officer. It has a nice ring to it, no?

Liz Kelly: Groan. I thought we declared this an election news-free zone. It's a slippery slope. One teensy mention of Paris's usage in a campaign ad and the next thing you know we're locking horns with the Froomkin followers.

Personally, I think it was a bad commercial (maybe Producer Paul, who is sitting in today) can find the link.

I thought it was lazy on the part of McCain's campaign team and downright indicative of the fact that McCain isn't planning to battle Obama on actual issues of import to the country, but instead trying to take name-calling shortcuts. Shame on you, Mr. McCain.

Also, he might not have considered the boomerang effect -- now tanning salon receptionists across the country may just vote for Obama, thinking that is means state dinners presided over by Paris and Britney.


no more Comic-con posts: I think the best way to do this was to have ONE blog entry with all the spoilers/info from Comic-con. Or maybe one separate one for LOST spoilers from Comic-con, and one other post that has all the spoilers from the other shows/movies, etc. I got freaked out by the 300 posts and didn't know who/what half of them were about.

go luvlinsey!

Liz Kelly: Okay, fair enough. It did occur to me that maybe we over-saturated a bit and should have consolidated more of the items into fewer posts.


Clarification: Hello - As someone relatively new to Celebritology, would you please explain why something is considered "Headline" worthy and why others are only "Rumor Mill"? Are some sources of information considered more reliable than others? If so, how do you determine what's reliable? Thanks!

Liz Kelly: Sure thing. Happy to re-explain. Actually, I just went back and found what I wrote about this once before and since it is definitive and still a valid answer, I re-copy it below:

There are limits on what makes it to the Morning Mix, though. Despite outward appearances, that is only a small portion of what's available. Hopefully it's the good portion -- the high calorie stuff that somehow doesn't leave you feeling guilty after consumption.

Back to the ranges, though.

-- There are "duh" stories that are obviously big news to celeb news devotees. Keifer Sutherland getting popped for a DUI falls into this category. As does most Britney Spears news these days.

-- The next category are stories that are being buzzed about all over the place. If a story is likely to generate watercooler buzz, I want you to find it in Celebritology first. Depending on how much I trust the source, the quotes and the news, though, that story could wind up in either "Headlines" (stuff we know to be true) or "Rumor Mill" (stuff that might be true, but we're not comfortable reporting it as such). Other "Rumor Mill" includes might be stuff we know is definitely not real. We'll report it as such, but let you know that the very fact that it was out there generated buzz. An example of this would be the false story earlier this week about 14-year-old Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) being pregnant. A rotten hoax, but best to know it was false than hear someone else pass on bogus news.

-- The next category, one that is increasingly filling up the bottom of the "Headlines" area, is crime blotter stuff. Small incremental stuff -- Pamela Bach's court dates, Snoop Dogg's latest charges... that kind of stuff. Seems to be more and more every day. Maybe it should be its own category.

-- Beyond that, I look for things I, and I hope you, find entertaining. Good, bad and ugly pix, YouTube videos, and pretty much anything that I think will keep the blog interesting.

Needless to say, there's not been a shortage of material.


Otta, WA: Now that Obama has been declared by the McCain camp (and 'camp' seems the right word) to be the biggest celebrity in the world, it seems only fair to criticize his clothes. Pix from Afghanistan showed him to be wearing PLEATED PANTS!!! And they looked awful - all puffy, as if concealing a colostomy bag...

Liz Kelly: Hold on, now. How do we know those photos weren't manipulated by McCain's spin doctors? In fact...


washingtonpost.com: Will Obama Kill Pleated Khakis? - News & Politics (washingtonian.com)

Liz Kelly: See.


Falls Church, Va.: I for one love hearing about Comic-Con!! I just moved here from San Diego and this is the first Con I've missed in 14 years.

Were you able to go to the masquerade? That's always been my favorite part.

Liz Kelly: No, we missed the masquerade because we had to cover the red carpet at a joint EW/Sci-Fi channel party that evening. And I'm glad we did because not only did Matthew Fox attend, but we got to spend a good 15 minutes talking to the affable and hilarious stars of "Chuck" -- Zach Levi and Josh Gomez .


shaw dc: SHAME on you Howard Stern. How DARE you?! Of all the things you've done in your life that is the most tasteless and offensive.

Liz Kelly: Seriously. This is just straight up wrong. What would Joey Ramone say?


Fairfax, VA: Since I may be the only geek here (though not geeky enough to dress up or attend a con), I'll ask something about Comic-Con...any interesting news on the Watchmen film coming out next year?

Liz Kelly: No real revelations, but I will say that we sat in on the "Watchmen" panel and saw about 10-minutes of footage -- similar to the trailer that was released last week, but a bit more R-Rated.

All I can say is that it looks pretty good. The actors seem to have nailed their parts and the crowd was v. enthusiastic.


washingtonpost.com: Britney and Paris McCain ad: YouTube - Celeb

Liz Kelly: Thanks Paul. Or, as we call him around her, Hot Links.


Washington, D.C.: You ask about our ambivalence toward Comic-Con. I'm sure there's plenty of mainstream TV/movies stuff there, but the first word is Comics--and the pictures I see emphasize that. It's just not my thing. I don't know what any of the people in costume are dressed up as. I don't know the difference between manga and anime. And I just don't care to. To each his own.

Liz Kelly: I don't think our coverage was at all geared toward Manga or Anime, tho. In fact, I concentrated on the celeb beat more than ever while out there and -- of course -- "Lost," which looms large here anyway. Don't judge a book -- even a comic book -- by its cover.


beaker: Comic-Con should be separate from Celebritology--much like we made you do with "Lost." That being said, all was forgiven once I saw that lovely pic of Hugh Jackman. Mmmmm...Wolverine.

Liz Kelly: Oh, "made" me, did you? I beg to differ!

I kid. I get the point. Perhaps next year we'll do the coverage as a separate entity with just a refer from Celebritology.


Stone Ridge, Va.: Hi Liz,

As a fellow con member from the press who braces himself for a possible wrath of non-con anguish, was there anything in the TV/movie booths that you or Jen liked?

Liz Kelly: In the booths, or the actual panels.

The booths were all pretty marketing heavy. Lots of screens showing promos, free poster handouts and -- at least at the Warner Bros. booth -- lots of hot swag bags that ended up being the most sought-after items of the weekend.


Alexandria, Va.: So, who's the non-celebrity who has benefitted most from appearing on a reality TV show? By this, I mean the unknown person who appeared on a show like "Survivor," "Amazing Race," "Big Brother," etc., and had their life totally transformed for the better in obvious, commercial terms.

A lot of contestants have had short-term gains, but I'm thinking the biggest long-term winner has got to be Survivor's Elisabeth (Filarski) Hasselbeck, who didn't even win the show. (She came in fourth.) Any other nominees?

Liz Kelly: Hasselbeck has definitely taken her reality shot to an extreme. Who knew that immunity challenges and confessional videos qualified one for a career of opinion-making alongside the likes of Barbara Walters?

Others who have made a semblance ofa career out of a start in the reality world? Well, I guess Sarah Larsen, the former "Fear Factor" contestant who was dating George Clooney up until about two months ago, would qualify -- though it remains to be seen if she will just drift back into the obscurity of her Vegas cocktail waitressing career.

Who else?


re: Nicole Kidman's face: Does it matter? She just uses the same facial expression all the time anyways. (I just caught "Stepford Wives" on TV, that's how I noticed.)

Liz Kelly: She has plenty of different facial expressions. Just watch her slowly becoming more and more constipated looking in "Eyes Wide Shut."


Portland, Ore.: Hi Liz,

I was among those who wasn't keen on all the Comic Con coverage. Industry events interest me only in so-far as I can see what stars are wearing and who Gary Busey will horrify on the red carpet. It seemed like Comic Con appeals to true fans of TV/movies and industry people rather than people who may be true fans of certain shows (Lost! Battlestar Gallactica!) but in general would rather be talking about Nicole Kidman's botox and baby bumps than what new shows will be on ABC next season.

washingtonpost.com: Will you be attending the Project: America's Next Top Housewife-con?

Liz Kelly: Rut roh. I think you've angered Producer Paul. I'm gonna stay out of this one.


Trailer Dweller, MD: Liz, I thought your "trailer" comment in the Britney Spears item today was pretty mean-spirited. I grew up in a trailer (and not even one of those fancy double-wides), and it's not because we were tacky and trashy, we just didn't have a lot of money.

I often appreciate your snark, but not when it's at the expense of the less fortunate. There's tacky and trashy all over the place, including in the upper classes. Why pick on poor people?

Liz Kelly: I'm trying to figure out how to phrase this without being even more offensive because, trust me, that wasn't my intention this morning.

I was making use of a commonly-held-up stereotype that has become almost an inside wink-wink nudge-nudge shorthand for low brow. The same stereotype that makes the Blue Collar Comedy Tour or "The Simpsons's" Cleetus the Slack-Jawed Yokel funny. Sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves.


Boston, Mass.: I was interested in the Comic-Con posts, but ended up not reading very many of them because it was hard for me to tell what the point was. Why did they send you and Jen out there? Just to cover "Lost" stuff? For movies? Celeb sightings? TV shows? In all fairness, it didn't seem like you guys had a solid idea of why they'd sent you, either. But I did think it was awesome that WaPo had sent you to such a whacky, specialized event, and I loved that there was a ton of potential (that I think you did take advantage of) for moment-by-moment updates. Still, next year (and hopefully they will send you again next year!) I'd say set up a separate ComicCon blog and have one daily/afternoon dispatch to Celebritology covering the previous 24 hours' highlights.

Liz Kelly: Hmm, interesting take.

We were sent to cover the event as a whole. Personally, I was on the celeb beat -- which is why I interviewed Corey Feldman, Dakota Fanning, Samuel L. Jackson, etc. Jen was there to report more on the pop culture aspects. And, yes, both of us to cover the "Lost" panel.

But I do like the idea of a separate event-driven blog.


Comic-con: I've OD'd on movies about comic book characters.

Liz Kelly: As long as they make big box office splashes, Hollywood will keep them coming.


Seattle: How can you remake RRHS? How can you possibly top a movie in which the hot starlette has an erotic dream about Joey Ramone?

Of course, an erotic dream about Stern might be even more cringe-worthy...

Liz Kelly: There is a certain resemblance there...


RE: Non-Celebrity who's benefited from being on a reality show -- Trista Rehn-Sutter, or whatever her name is now.

Liz Kelly: Right. I guess...


New Orleans: I drank this drink that claimed when I woke up I would see a blue fairy. Well, that didn't work. When I woke up, all I saw was a naked Andy Dick outside my window.

Liz Kelly: Gene Weingarten, everyone!


Atlanta, Ga.: It said in one of those supermarket mags that Brad and Angie used in vitro. Is this even remotely true? If it is, I'm even more down than before on them. For various reasons...

Liz Kelly: Is it true? Dunno. That's kind of between Brad and Angie and their docs, unless and until they decide to share that particular detail with us.

As far as I can tell, the in vitro story isn't particularly well sourced, so it's really anyone's guess.

But why would that make you even more down on them than before?


Arlington, Va.: Liz, have you seen the preview of "Real Housewives of Atlanta"? Do you think this will rule the ratings or is the whole "real housewives" thing becoming played out?

Liz Kelly: Ooh -- no, I haven't seen that, but now I want to. It is possible that this "Real Housewives" construct isn't capable of going stale -- like "Cops," which is still going strong after two decades on the air.


Trenton, N.J.: Did I hear correctly that Tim Gunn got paid NOTHING for the first season of "Project Runway"? That is incredible to me. Does he have an agent now?

washingtonpost.com: Tim Gunn Used to Do 'Project Runway' for Free (nymag.com)

Liz Kelly: You heard correctly.


washingtonpost.com: Excelsior!: - Hugh Jackman and Stan Lee

Liz Kelly: I believe someone asked for this...


Non-Celebrity Fame: What about Omarosa? She's definitely had more than her 15 minutes.

Liz Kelly: Good one, though let's hope she's on the downward slope of the bell curve at this point.


Baltimore MD: Actual Comic-Con question: I have a friend who is a professional comics artist--among other things, he does the pencils for Torchwood, the English comic book based on the BBC series. He goes to Comic-Con every year for serious networking, seminars, etc. So I was wondering, how much of Comic-Con is about that and how much is it about fanboys and fangirls dressing up, etc.? I get the impression that, much like SXSW, it started out as a serious industry thing and mushroomed into a state fair atmosphere. Thanks.

Liz Kelly: That's the incredible thing about Comic-Con: there is room for artist networking, studio networking, anime kids, gamers, comic book fanatics, TV fans and celebrity followers. There is literally something for everyone and it is all done extremely well. There were panels -- of varying size -- for all of the above subject areas, and more. Many complain that Comic-Con has gone Hollywood, but the heart of it is is still there beating as strong as ever. There's just more now.


Booths or Panels?: Sorry, panels.

Liz Kelly: Well, probably too much to recount here. Jen was particularly impressed by the "Heroes" panel. They showed the entire season premiere episode and it was met with an ecstatic reaction from the 6,500 fans on hand. "Lost" didn't offer many revelations... ya know, probably best to go back and read what we wrote last week.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Liz,

I loved the celebrity memorabilia list ! (and I thought the Britney/trailer comment was funny).

Stevie Nicks's fingernail(s) skeeved me out, though, and I was a young teen at the height of her "Belladonna" album popularity!

Liz Kelly: All I could think about when I saw that metal fingernail/talon thing was about rumors of Stevie's rumored love of a certain white powder back during her hey-day. Just seems like it would've been a particularly useful tool.


Philadelphia: Isn't part of the appeal of "Cops" the secret hope that the next person they go after is going to turn out to be the jerk who made your life miserable in middle or high school?

Liz Kelly: I dunno. It's one of my favorite shows and I never sit there hoping to see someone I know. I look at it as more of an anthropological exercise -- a look at some particularly troubled people who one hopes fare better after their very public brush with the law.


Comic-Con: Liz,

My only problem with your coverage was jealousy. It looked like you and Jen had a blast! I'm starting to save now for next year, so I can attempt to have as much fun as you guys did.

Liz Kelly: Yay, well, we hope to see you there!


Baltimore: Let's tie together two threads in this chat: I want to see "The Real Housewives of" a white trash trailer park.

Liz Kelly: I'd like it noted that I didn't say this.


Bawlmer: Can you give us some success/failure odds on Shia LaBeouf? After his accident this week and subsequent arrest, I'm guessing 50 percent chance he gets a lid on his behavior and continues his rise to stardom, 30 percent chance he crashes hard a la Robert Downey Jr in the late 90s, and 20 percent chance he has a few flops and retreats to B-movie purgatory. (I hope it's the first one.) But I'm not a skilled handicapper.

Liz Kelly: Not having a fuller picture of Shia's day-to-day routine (like is he partying every day or are these isolated incidents) I don't feel comfortable making a prediction.

This is another one of those instances when you wonder if Shia -- a 22-year-old whose generational peers are all drinking to excess inside the safety of frat houses and college town bars -- is being unfairly hammered on this just because of his celebrity.

But I will say that I hope he gets it together, though he recently shared in a Details article that he has a complex and troubled relationship with substance abuse. His father has struggled with alcohol and heroin abuse since Shia was a tot and Shia admits to drinking with pop from a young age. This is a teensy bit reminiscent of Robert Downey Jr.'s dad having a hand in his introduction to intoxicants.


New Orleans, LA: I made the opening of the American Museum of the Cocktail in New Orleans. I looked for you in the crowd, I but guess I missed you. It is actually a one room addition to the existing Food and Beverage Museum in the Riverwalk in downtown New Orleans. Still, it was interesting seeing how many glasses, containers, and history there is behind the cocktail. Only complaint: no free samples.

Liz Kelly: I am just completely lost now.


Hartford, CT: Hi Liz. What do you think is up with Rosie O'Donnell? Her son breaks his wrist so she cancels her performance in Les Miserables in L.A. and stops her blog. Is there something going on we are missing? Its so much fun to wonder when its Rosie. Thanks.

Liz Kelly: Rosie seems to have made a habit out of abrupt changes of routine -- quitting her own talk show, leaving "The View," and now going on a blogging hiatus. She can afford it and, from my point of view, it's just one less blog to keep track of. Good on her!


Update: Nicole isn't preganant any more: This may have happened while you were away at Comic con, but Nicole had the kid. A girl. Sunday. Born on Monday. And yes, she looks weird!

Liz Kelly: Yes, I know she had the kid. I mentioned that in my answer -- didn't I say it would be interesting to see how her face changes now that she has given birth to little Sunday Rose?


Bethesda, MD.: How long are the celebrity lines at Comic-Con? I ask because I have seen lines that vary at other events, from none, to lines that last for hours. I fear going out of town to events only to spend the whole time in a line.

Liz Kelly: The lines are long, but once they start moving people generally seem to make it into the panels they want to see.


Reston, Va.: Hi Liz: Welcome back from Comic-Con! I apologize if I missed it, but did we ever get any Kevin Smith love? I thought you or Jen had a time with him, but never saw the interview results.

Liz Kelly: Nope -- sadly Jen got the run-around from his publicist, but she did sit in on a couple of his panels and described his attire as a "sweat mumu" -- which I found particularly entertaining.


Nosy Parker: Non-celebrities who have benefited from being on a reality show: Well, who ever heard of Julianne Hough before she took Olympic speed-skater Apolo Anton Ohno to the disco ball on Dancing With The Stars?

Liz Kelly: Okay. Also, Producer Paul invokes the name of New York from "Flavor of Love." She has taken that pretty far.


Comic-Con: I appreciated the coverage, though I didn't read all of it. The interview with the MST3K guys was my absolute favorite. (I have never completely recovered from my crush on Joel.) Thanks for that!

Liz Kelly: That was all Jen's doing. I'll pass this along to her.


Babawa, WA: Despite her infamous "what kind of tree" question, I don't think the Barbara Walters of "20/20" and the like would recognize the Barbara Walters of "The View," so a former reality show contestant joining her on the latter isn't really that shocking or disappointing.

Liz Kelly: I dunno. Barbara Walters is Barbara Walters.


Christian Bale: Is still dreamy.

So we're sure now that Mom and Sis are trying to get money from the Dark Knight himself, right? They hit him up for a loan after being estranged for pretty much ever? Right, Liz? Cuz I can't be havin' no mama abuser on my kitchen list.

Liz Kelly: Well, we don't know at this point. Christian isn't talking and, now, neither are mom and sis. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this story yet.


Shia: He does have a couple things going for him. First, the cops said the accident wasn't his fault. Additionally, I also read that there was a bystander urging him to flee the scene, and he said no, I gotta deal with this. At least that shows some personal responsibility. I hope he figures it out. I expected him to be terrible in the new Indy movie, and he just wasn't. He might actually have a little talent.

Liz Kelly: Right, the accident wasn't his fault, but he was still driving under the influence. So maybe he's lucky his car was hit before he had a chance to do worse damage to someone else.

Good for him sticking around -- but facing the music doesn't necessarily mean he'll forego the shots of Jack next time.


Cops: Liz and Sietsema both like this show!

Do you ever watch it together?

Liz Kelly: Wow. I'm honored to even like something that Sietsema likes. It makes me feel somehow more cultured. Refined, even.


Reality shows: Some of the has-beens who have had their own "reality shows" have been able to get a lot of mileage out of them -- otherwise, who would have been paying any attention to Flavor Flav, Hulk Hogan, or Danny Bonaduce? And Ozzy Osbourne, though still a popular concert performer, was never as "hot" as when his family had their show.

As for non-celebs, "Survivor" alum Johnny Fairplay has been able to milk it more than just about anyone. Hasselback still has the edge, but I think she had an assist from the fact that she married an NFL quarterback. Neither claim to fame would have been enough to get her this far on its own, but they worked together.

Liz Kelly: I agree with everything you say except the bit about Ozzy Osbourne. He is a mega-star -- he was before "The Osbournes" and continues to be so after "The Osbournes." The ones who were thrust into the spotlight on that show and ended up benefiting from it were Sharon, Kelly and Jack.


washingtonpost.com: How many Post Points would it cost to watch "Cops" with you and Tom?

Liz Kelly: You could never amass enough.


Liz Kelly: Also, I don't have one of those scanner thingies that lets me give/take points off of cards ... so really, how would we ever make the transaction happen?


methinks: Even though I'm pretty sure I'm already on record with these thoughts, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the Comic-Con coverage. There were several issues of interest in play...I'm something of a fan of some sci fi & pseudo-sci fi (MST3K), the 'Con' drew so many front line celebs (Hugh Jackman!), and the people watching must have been wonderful. I enjoyed the vicarious visit to the land of average American citizens dressed up as Xena and Batman. I can relate to those Comic-Con purists who wail about "their" event being taken over by tv and movie people. It's the same thing when I go to any ballpark other than Wrigley Field or Fenway Park...too much non-baseball carp (cq) cluttering the baseball landscape. I guess that's progress...

Liz Kelly: Thank you, methinks!


Speaking of luvlinsey...: Did you follow the Lohan show on E? This past Sunday was the season finale of this Dina trainwreck. Thoughts on Ali and whether she's gonna be a real "star" or will Dina have to exploit her youngest kid to become more famous?

Liz Kelly: I have to admit that I did not watch this show beyond the first episode. Unless one of these shows really calls out to me, I often only watch the first one or two episodes before moving along. If I forced myself to watch all celeb-reality, I would be awake 24 hours a day.


ComicCon coverage: I loved it and only wanted more. I also think the Post should assign a scribe to follow Kevin Smith and report every thing he says. And that scribe should be me.

I imagine it was hard to even fit in the blog posts into the day, with all of the events and freaky sights to see.

Liz Kelly: I'll talk to management about getting you on board for the Kevin Smith beat for next year.


Washington, D.C.: COPS: I admit it, I watch a lot of it in reruns on Spike and True TV. However, as time goes on, I get a little weary of some officer pulling over a guy with a busted taillight, slyly asking if he can search the car and hauling the poor jerk off to jail for a 1/4 oz of weed. So many of the incidents make cops look less than heroic and more like guys looking to pad their arrest records. But then, I guess the producers and cameramen aren't eager to be in the middle of shootouts with armed robbers.

Liz Kelly: See, I feel exactly the opposite. Sorry, but weed is illegal. Not saying it should be, but it is. So if some idjit wants to drive around with a joint in his ashtray, well, that's fair game for a citation.

I don't think the show makes the cops look less than heroic at all. In fact, every time I watch I'm reminded of how difficult that job is. You never know, even when pulling someone over for that minor traffic violation, if you'll walk away alive.

Are there some blowhards who make it into the show? Sure. But by and large, these people are doing a hell of a job.


Washington: Is there any chance someone will rein in Miley Cyrus before she (or someone close-ish to her) "accidentally" leaks nude pictures for the online world to have to avoid? I've already stopped visiting one site because of the increasing inappropriateness of her pictures being posted - at what point will the fact of her being underage finally kick in?

(Also, how can anyone think it isn't being done with at least her agreement, as misguided as she may be? The first time or two, yes, I can see how it would be against her wishes - but since this continues to happen either Girl.Is.Dumb. or someone in her camp approves of this.)

Liz Kelly: I think we're witnessing the start of a new Miley image rehab attempt right now. One of the latest stories circulating is a quote from Miley discussing her desire to go to college. She wants to study in England.

Doubtless, this is designed to distance from our minds the cell phone pix of last month.

Speaking of Miley and pix: I believe we'll have a special Miley Cyrus gallery feature going up in the blog next week. So, stay tuned.


Odds are: if we're going down this road... What do you think is the likelihood that LiLo will officially come out as a lesbian within the next 6 months, year, 2-5 years?

Liz Kelly: I think pretty high, considering her very open relationship with Sam Ronson. And by "open" I mean, public, not that she's a swinger.


Ozzy: Sorry, I way understated his rock stardom. But I think the appeal of his TV show hit a much wider (different) audience, not to mention it really paved the way for all of these other follow-celebrity-family-around shows. But you're right -- it has done more for Sharon than for any of the family.

Liz Kelly: Good point. Thanks for clarifying.


Lauren Conrad: She's definitely become a celebrity. Between "Laguna Beach," "The Hills" and her fashion line, she's made her name into a brand. (Is it obvious that I'm addicted to all of her shows)?

Liz Kelly: Ah, but is "Laguna Beach" or "The Hills" really a reality show?


Stop, stop, stop the comic-con!: When will it be safe to read your column or chat again? Yeesh!

Liz Kelly: It's already safe -- see, we're talking about Lindsay Lohan and everything.


Liz Kelly: Okay, I'm going to wrap up a few minutes early. See you all back here next week and, of course, tomorrow in the blog.


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