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Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, July 23, 2008; 12:00 PM

Reliable Source columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts was online Wednesday, July 23, at Noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, what you think about their recent columns or who you want to see them writing about in future ones.

In today's column: Rockville's own O.A.R. solidifies hometown hero status by giving locally. Christian Bale arrested for... assaulting his mom and sister? Michael Bolton visits Hillary Clinton, Nick Cannon visits Barbara Boxer, and Luke Wilson visits the Delaware shore.

In recent days: Before he ended up in stripes, Anne Hathaway's ex was the toast of D.C. one night in 2006. Hillary's hair: The week in Review. Andy Dick's disturbing new mug shot. Pollster Frank Luntz leaves D.C. in search of a life. Is James Brown's medical bracelet more valuable than his Kennedy Center Honor? Is Lionel Van Deerlin the only man who loved Congress enough to have his ashes scattered here? And why won't you people stop stalking Anthony Bourdain?

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A transcript follows.


Amy Argetsinger: Good morning everyone. Why no Christian Bale questions? Are you too transfixed by a certain tabloid today? Hmmm, let's see here, yes, looks like you are. Anyway let's get going.


Uh, OH: Has John Edwards been caught with his, er, guard down? National Enquirer Still Chasing John Edwards--Affair Story; Claim to Have Caught Him in Hotel Tryst (Daily Intel, July 22) The link to that tabloid that none of us ever reads at the checkout counter has some pretty specific details. (But no pics?)

Roxanne Roberts: Here's the deal: We have no evidence this is true. Lots of juicy details----enough so Edwards may feel he has to address the issue, especially if it's not true and there's an innocent explanation. Or not. That won't stop anyone from talking about it, but let's assume, until we know the facts, that this could be false.


McLean, Va.: Any truth to the rumor that they won't build a rail tunnel in Tysons because there is a Dick Cheney "undisclosed location" hiding place underneath the Clydes?

Amy Argetsinger: No, and I have no idea where heard that. His undisclosed location is under the California Pizza Kitchen.


Songs about Washington: Have there ever been any great songs written about Washington? I can't think of any. New York, San Francisco and Chicago all have several great songs written about them. Kansas City, Houston and Memphis have at least one that comes to mind. Glen Campbell wrote about Galveston and Phoenix. Dionne Warwick wants to go San Jose, Will Smith had a song about Miami (all right, it's not great, but still....). Prince wrote about Minneapolis. Randy Newman has made a career singing mostly about Los Angeles. But Washington? Nothing comes to mind. Is it the only great American city that doesn't have a great, defining song? Or am I forgetting the obvious?

Amy Argetsinger: Wasn't the George Clinton/Parliament song "Chocolate City" an ode to Washington? Or maybe it mentioned other cities too. But you're right, if Wichita gets a song, so should Washington. (Did Prince really write a song that had "Minneapolis" prominently mentioned?)

Are we forgetting any Washington songs? Beyond any terrible old P.M. Magazine theme songs?


What ever happened with: the woman from Falls Church and the police officer neighbor?

Amy Argetsinger: Yeah, good question. Are you out there today, lady? Want to give us an update?


Hooray for Jason Taylor!: This means that your column can now include stories about seeing him out and about and showing us all his dance moves! He will probably be a very popular invitee to events.

Amy Argetsinger: Yes, exactly. This is very good news.


Now that she's done campaigning : with her mom, what is Chelsea Clinton up to?

Amy Argetsinger: She's apparently back to her NYC boyfriend, apartment, and dog, and her usual shunning-of-the-media, I guess.


O.A.R: Are you going to do a follow-up story on their Merriweather Post Pavilion concert? Do you have tix?

Amy Argetsinger: Nope, not planning to go, but if you do, please give us an update.


Hillary's part: Not surprised she went back to the old hair part location. It can be rather weird to change the natural part of your hair....

Amy Argetsinger: Truly, it's a more complicated issue than anyone quite gives credit to.


Chicago, Ill. : I read the National Enquirer article on John Edwards and it strikes me as totally unreliable for one simple reason, no pictures. What reporter, doing the reporting they claim to have done, not taken a picture? Answer, no one.

Roxanne Roberts: One very good reason not to jump on this. If they had so many reporters tailing him, someone would have gotten a picture.


Here's a Christian Bale Posting: So, my boss said, "I always figured he was pretty together." I said, "If anyone can make your anger take over, it's family." Anyway, interesting story that we may never hear the truth about. Interesting how he seemed to get preferential treatment from Scotland Yard -- not being interviewed until after his premiere.

Amy Argetsinger: Thank you very much. Here's why this issue is so important. For years, the Hollywood press has consistently failed to give me enough information about the most compelling actor working today. And now he's gone and pulled a major power that will FORCE them to put him on the cover of People and treat him like the true celebrity he should be. And even better, it's a totally bizarre misdemeanor -- completely Brando-esque -- which is completely in keeping with the character of a man who loses 60 pounds for a movie role ("The Machinist"), as opposed to the other misdemeanors that usually get you on the cover of People, like going to a restaurant with Jessica Simpson.

Not that I've put much thought into this. Thank you for listening.


Not a Fan of the Tabloids: But this John Edwards' late night visit to Rielle Hunter is really bothering me. I hate to think that he is the father of her child. Everyone involved even peripherally is really closed-mouthed about it. Part of the ickiness factor is the state of Elizabeth's health. This definitely puts the kibosh on being nominated for VP.

Roxanne Roberts: It's so easy to jump to conclusions---and I admit, this looks bad. But again, maybe it's not as black and white as it seems. The Enquirer is not going to sell papers with nuance or sensitivity. I need more reporting from a credible source before I'm prepared to pass judgment. I'm not sure Edwards is a real candidate for the VP job, but if so will have to address this one way or another: It's explosive stuff for many of the reasons you've cited.


D.C. Songs: D.C. does get a shout out in "Dancing In the Streets"

Amy Argetsinger: Yes. And also in Ludacris's "Pimpin' All Over the World."


Songs about Washington: What about, ahem, "The Washington Post March" by John Philip Sousa?

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, right. Good beat, you can dance to it.


Cleveland Park, Washington, D.C.: One terrific Washington song is "Washingtron" by Tru Fax and the Insaniacs.

Amy Argetsinger: Find it for us on the Internet, okay? Would like to hear it.


Christian Bale: Not interesting. His mother the circus clown said something mean, and he yelled at her.

Roxanne Roberts: Another tricky story. One British tab said he pushed past her, which could have been innocent or a shove. Let me personally say I think something weird is going on: Mom and sis don't call the police that night, but file a report the NEXT morning? The day of his movie premiere? Gotta wonder if it's about $$$$$$$$.....

Amy Argetsinger: No, that's EXACTLY why it's interesting, and thanks for reminding me of his mom's circus background. Sez Wikipedia, in its classic dry Wikipedia voice: "Bale has described his childhood, with respect to his mother being in the circus, as interesting. He recalled his first kiss was with an acrobat named Barta."


Oshkosh, Wisc.: How real is the Heath Ledger Oscar talk?

Amy Argetsinger: Very real. I'd put money on it. It's not the kind of role that would ever get an Oscar nomination under ordinary circumstances, but the Oscar voters are a sentimental bunch who will feel bad that they missed a chance to honor him while alive, and by most accounts it's a pretty impressive performance.


Olney, Md.: Did you catch a glimpse of Anthony Bourdain while he was in town last weekend? I hear Sam Brown from Travel Channel is coming soon that true?

Amy Argetsinger: No, but that's okay because I only heard from about 300 people who did see him. However, I met him a year or so ago (before I'd ever seen him on TV), and he was actually delightful.

I don't know who Sam Brown is, but I've got someone's about to inform me.


D.C. Songs: Wasn't "Afternoon Delight" inspired by the snack menu at a Georgetown bar, which were referred to as Afternoon Delights? Now, of course, it has a slightly more risque meaning in the song.

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, that's right. But do they name-check Washington?

Meanwhile, both Annandale and Rockville have hit songs (thanks to Steely Dan and R.E.M.).


Feud update: How's the Sietsema feud going? I miss the days when his name could get a big rise out of the two of you. Are you mellowing?

Amy Argetsinger: Well, everything was fine until you had to go and mention Mr. Wonderful. Why do you people love him so? What's the matter with us?!?!


Landover, Md.: Hi Ladies!

Where might we be able to spot Jason Taylor about town? Three cheers for that trade!

Amy Argetsinger: Too soon to say. Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo?


Another D.C. Song:: The Postal Service: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Amy Argetsinger: Good call. Ben Gibbard wrote it after his girlfriend moved here.


Love for D.C.: Washington, D.C. by the Magnetic Fields.

Amy Argetsinger:"W a-s-h i-n-g t-o-n, baby, D.C.!

W a-s-h i-n-g t-o-n, baby, D.C.!

Washington, D.C.

It's paradise to me"

It could be our state song. If we had statehood.

_______________________ The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight ( YouTube)


Woodbridge, Va.: You know who we never hear from? The Quayle kids. Surely they've had some developments in their lives. Maybe Dan and Marilyn are grandparents?

Amy Argetsinger: This is a good point. I remember almost nothing of the Quayle kids: Tucker, Benjamin, and Corinne. And haven't heard anything of them in a dog's age. Guess that means they've kept out of trouble.


New York, N.Y.: Why should it matter where John Edwards hangs his hat? He's just a private person and not even in the headlines anymore. Why are people so damn nosy?

Roxanne Roberts: Because he presented himself in a certain way that ---if this is true----he wasn't? Because we're living boring lives? Because we don't mind are own business?


Prince : His song Uptown (from Dirty Mind) was about a hip, trendy party neighborhood in Minneapolis. I was also thinking about the songs from Purple Rain, which, because of the way Minneapolis became such a strong character in the movie, the songs pretty much became a part of Minneapolis in one way or another even if the name of the city wasn't specifically mentioned. Too abstract, maybe.

Roxanne Roberts: As a native of the city, I'm so grateful for Prince for making us cooler. Minnesota is not exactly edgy.


Washington: Politico is reporting that Bob Novak was cited for hitting a pedestrian in his black Corvette. I'm not sure what is most bothersome -- that a person was hurt, Novak as a 'Vette, or that they still allow that to drive. Columnist Bob Novak Strikes Pedestrian in Downtown D.C. (Post, July 23)

Amy Argetsinger: Whoops! The story claims the pedestrian actually rolled off Novak's windshield, but Novak kept driving; later said he didn't know he hit anyone. Whoops.


Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne: I've either heard or read over the years that having multiple C-sections was not recommended. Is this still the case, or have they come a long way? Why not a natural delivery?

Amy Argetsinger: Oh lord. We've got no idea why Angelina Jolie's obstetrician recommended whatever course they took. I know that in general health experts are concerned about an increase in the number of C-sections and argue that some may be unnecessary, but when you get down to an individual case -- well, that's somebody's individual case, and sometime a C-section is the only way to get the baby out.


Washington, D.C.: This question pops into my mind whenever I see Lindsay Lohan walking hand in hand with her new girlfriend (e.g. the photo in this week's Us Weekly): is she supposedly a lesbian now? Or bi? Has she commented on the issue personally?

Amy Argetsinger: It's all tantalizingly ambiguous. I bet she's just going through a stage.


A DC Song:"Meanwhile, both Annandale and Rockville have hit songs (thanks to Steely Dan and R.E.M.)."

Yes, and both cities get slagged ("California will tumble into the sea/before I head back to Annandale"/"Don't go back to Rockville/And waste another year"). Maybe it's a good thing that there are no huge D.C. songs.

Amy Argetsinger: Probably.


Seattle, Wash.: So has amy seen Batman yet? What were you focused on the most -- Heath Ledger and his apparent brilliance or Christian Bale and his hotness?

Roxanne Roberts: Planning on taking my son this weekend----I'm most curious about Ledger's performance. Honestly, Bale isn't on my list of hot guys---yet.


Kensington, Md: Forgive me if I shared this story before, but last week's reference to Make Way For Ducklings brought back a memory. My husband and I lived in a very rough part of Boston in 1992. He was reading the Boston Globe and laughed out loud, handing me the paper. Our neighborhood, Mission Hill, Roxbury, was featured because a Mallard female had her troop of young marching down Tremont in the middle of morning rush hour. Officers didn't know what to do, so they put the ducklings in a box and hoped mom would follow. She did, so they marched her to the Fens, almost 2 miles on foot, with all of the trappings of a visiting head of state. Cruisers stopping traffic for her and her entourage to pass, motorcycles leading the way. That article had one of the funniest lines I've read; one officer on the radio to another (again, rough neighborhood) "What was she doing in Roxbury, buying quack?" (Note: I'm told Roxbury is very nice now.) They unloaded the young and mom very loudly led her brood into the water.

Amy Argetsinger: Ha! That's a great line. This reminds me of our adorable story last year about the ducklings hatched outside the U.S. Trade Rep's office, which adorably marched down to the Department of the Interior pond, where they were systematically picked off by a mean Canada geese and -- oh, heck, why'd you have to remind me of that terrible story?

Roxanne Roberts: And for all you animal lovers who haven't seen this, check out this sweet, 30-year-old footage of a lion and his two owners reuniting. You Tube sensation, but I didn't see it until yesterday.

_______________________ Christian the Lion - the full story (in HQ) ( YouTube)


Edwards: Do the press assign reporters to just follow around presidential candidates and other high profile public figures just to see if any are cheating on their spouses? Might as well high private detectives. Or do you guys do that too?

Amy Argetsinger: No. Can you imagine the manpower that would take? I do know of reporters who've had to stake out politicians involved in extra-marital affairs, but those are pretty rare situations and they only got those assignments when there was some pretty credible evidence to suggest something was up. And even then, as you know, reporters are always wrestling with the question of whether an affair matters -- and sometimes it doesn't, for story purposes, unless there's lying or inappropriate dispersal of funds or conflicts of interest, etc. Sticky business.


Washington Song:"Christmas Eve in Washington" -- gag me.

Roxanne Roberts: Oh, yeah. Eeewwww.


Herndon, VA: Actually, the Annandale referenced in the Steely Dan song "My Old School" refers to Annandale-on-Hudson, a small town in upstate New York, about 100 miles north of New York City. It's the location of Bard College, where Donald Fagen and Walter Becker both attended college (and where they first met).

Amy Argetsinger: Huh. You know... a bit of research suggests you might be right. This disrupts the powerful belief system -- a mere mythology? -- that has long been an article of faith in Northern Virginia, sort of like the belief that Dave Grohl went to YOUR high school, when in fact he went to three others, none of them yours. But -- what about the William and Mary reference in the song?


Falls Church, Va.: Roxanne, I am not sure how old your son is but it is definitely not a movie for young kids.

Roxanne Roberts: He turns 16 next week, so he'll be fine. This is the only movie he's expressed any interest in this summer---would have seen it last weekend but was out of the country.


Vancouver, BC: I was just reading Larry McMurtry's "Lonesome Dove," which I notced was dedicated to Maureen Orth, which seemed to be a familiar name. Is that Russert's wife, and who would McMurtry dedicate a 945 page book about Texas to her?

Amy Argetsinger: You know, this is an interesting question to which I'm not finding many solid answers, other than that they're "friends." From an Entertainment Weekly profile some years ago:

"McMurtry is a collector of smart, attractive, idiosyncratic female friends, and their framed photos clutter a big wooden table on the back porch: actresses Diane Keaton and Cybill Shepherd (who starred in Picture Show and its sequel, Texasville), Native American writer Leslie Marmon Silko, journalist Maureen Orth, and sometime collaborator Diana Ossana, among others. 'I've had a lot of not-quite relationships,' says McMurtry. 'I've always had interesting women in my life, and ultimately I was more interested in keeping all of them rather than having one totally rapturous love.' "

How's that work for you. More questions than answers, huh?


DC Song: Banned in DC, by Bad Brains.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks.


Falls Church song: The Mamas and the Papas sang about Falls Church

Amy Argetsinger: Didn't they sing about Arlington? Or Alexandria? A couple of them went to GW High School, back when that was a high school.


Washington, D.C.: Don't forget "Arlington" by Emmet Swimming.

Emmet Swimming - Arlington

"And it's the suburb of the week... Arlington."

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, good one.


Arlington, Va.: There is something in the LA Times about the Bush family not moving back to Crawford on January 20 because Laura would prefer Dallas and W has to go along. Any validation of this?

Roxanne Roberts: News to me, but I figure he owes her big-time. She likes museums and the like, and living in Dallas or Houston would make it easier for her. Besides, they never lived at the ranch full-time---they were based in Austin when he was governor.


Minnesota Native: I don't really think Prince made us seem cooler. I think it was the whole Minneapolis music scene of the late 80's particularly the Replacements, Husker Du, Trip Shakespeare, Babes in Toyland.. Prince was certainly a part, but I'd also give starring credit to First Avenue.

Roxanne Roberts: You're obviously way hipper than me. But I was long gone by then, so I'll defer to you.


Roxanne!!!!! Please add Bale to your list: He is SMOKIN HOT!!!!!!

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, by the way... I should note that last week's discussion in this chat of Menudo led to a quite wonderful thing happening. Menudo read it and sent me a CD and a t-shirt telling me what big fans they are. I am now obliged to tell you that Menudo's new CD is outstanding and I plan to wear the t-shirt unironically (except on alternate Sundays, when I will wear it ironically). This follows a couple weeks after we talked about Jell-O in the chat, and the Fake Collector sent us some Jell-O in the mail. Point being, I am going to keep writing about Christian Bale in hopes that he will show up here and, I don't know, punch me in the face. It would be an honor.


Anonymous: So who is going to play Raffaello Follieri in the inevitable movie? And would it be better as a humorous "Catch Me If You Can" flick, or a woman-scorned movie that focuses on Anne Hathaway and will be showing between 2 and 4 p. m. every Sunday on Lifetime? Either way, this guy's story is really darn entertaining.

Roxanne Roberts: I think he looks like David Duchovny.


Larry McMurtry in DC: Don't forget he had that wonderful bookstore in Georgetown for years. Maybe he knew Ms. Orth back then.

Roxanne Roberts: True. I'd forgotten that.


Batman: So does Amy like Christian Bale more or less after this whole episode? And you can't say it is too early to tell or judge because, well, we all judge. It's kinda fun.

Amy Argetsinger: I'm just grateful for any event, however unfortunate, that allows us to talk openly and candidly with our friends and family about Christian Bale.


Re: Songs about Washington: Well, there's always "Time for Some Campaignin'" courtesy of the new Jib Jab video. It's going through MY head, that's for sure.

Amy Argetsinger: Jib Jab -- totally overrated. It's basically Capitol Steps type material, but everyone makes a big deal about it because it's on the Internet where it allows us to pretend we're working when we're really looking at silly videos.


Shelton, Wash.: McMurty's written so many books that it probably became a problem finding people to dedicate them to. You feel uncreative when you dedicate a book to someone to whom you previously dedicated a book

Amy Argetsinger: Ah, interesting.


Bethesda Mom: Hi Rox: My just-turned-16 son saw Batman and thought it was awesome, but he went with friends and was aghast at our suggestion that we see it as a family -- don't know if this is usual embarrassment at being seen with family while a teenager, or whether the movie itself has something embarrassing in it (sex scenes?) that would make it uncomfortable. On the other hand, I find that there is almost no movie that a mother can see with a 16 year old son these days.

Roxanne Roberts: I'm lucky---he's still willing to be seen with me in public. We go to a lot of movies together, and he always makes fun of me when I cry or jump in my seat.


Evanston, Ill.: Is Dana Milbank the Post's answer to Mark Leibovich or is it the other way around? In other words, who stole whose style?

Amy Argetsinger: They are totally different. Don't you think? But since Mark Leibovich cruelly left us, I am inclined to declare that he is a pathetic cheap rip-off of the inimitable Dana Milbank.


Washington, D.C.: This is meant simply as a compliment: I'm a big fan of yesterday's column which spells out that the people are not really famous for anything other than their brushes with the law. Believe it or not, that is quite helpful as I rack my brain to try to figure out why these people are written about and it doesn't force you guys to pretend they have done anything meaningful in their lives, cutting right through and making things more transparent. Thank you for your good work.

Amy Argetsinger: You are quite welcome. Now and then one of these people creeps into the headlines -- I'm lookin' at you, Foxy Brown! -- and I think, why are we still writing about them like they're a famous entertainer?


Mrs. Bush: She likes museums, yet neither she nor her husband were seen anywhere (more or less) in D.C., must less the museums. Really?

Roxanne Roberts: Really. The first lady has been a regular at local exhibits and performances since she started living here. The president, not so much, but he's been busy.


David Duchovny as Raffaello Follieri : More like a role for Roberto Benigni

Amy Argetsinger: Haha!


Crawford vs. Dallas: Well, in that surreptitious video where Bush said Wall Street is hungover, he also said that Laura was househunting in Dallas, and that he liked Crawford but doesn't get to be the decisionmaker after "eight years of sacrifice" (whether that means eight years in the White House or eight years of near-constant vacationing in Crawford)... Bush: Wall St. Got Drunk ( YouTube)

Amy Argetsinger: It's an endlessly fascinating video.


Alexandria, Va.: Tuscadero did "Mt. Pleasant" on the Pink Album a while back. And re Steely Dan, they sang "William and Mary won't do," which doesn't suggest a close connection.

Amy Argetsinger: Okay...


Annandale, Va.: The Roches: "On the Road to Fairfax County"

Amy Argetsinger: Really?


Batman and Bale: The movie is truly fabulous (and I am a really tough critic) and Bale is scorching. There is a scene when he is in a bathing suit and dives into the water and ....phew, excuse me, where was I?

Anyway, great movie, amazing performance by Ledger, and despite critical review, by Bale, too.

Roxanne Roberts: Now I'm curious.


Summer Reading from Tom : Here's a fun read for the beach :

Don't Fill Up on the Antipasto Tony Danza's Father-Son Cookbook Simon and Schuster

or did you already have a copy ?

Amy Argetsinger: Wow, this is a real book? I had to check the link to make sure you weren't rickrolling me. That Mr. Danza is a Renaissance man, I tell you.


Bushes in Texas: Wonkette reported, citing a news source, as always, a good while ago that they are building a house in Dallas.

Roxanne Roberts: If I knew that, I forgot. Certainly sounds plausible. Anyway, we'll check it out and get back to you.


I'm told Roxbury is very nice now: Umm... No. No it is not. I go to law school at Northeastern and Roxbury is our backyard. It's probably better than it used to be, but no one would describe it as "very nice."

Roxanne Roberts:"Doesn't suck as much?"


Restaurant Week: I know this is a Tom question, but he was very mum on Restaurant Week recommendations especially considering they came out today.

Any places on the list you ladies would recommend or at least go to to try and get gossip?

Amy Argetsinger: I think that's because Tom probably hates Restaurant Week. And you know what? I kind of do too! Usually too much hassle, not much of a bargain, and you'd be much happier going to any of these lovely restaurants on an ordinary week and ordering what you please.


Oscar noms:"It's not the kind of role that would ever get an Oscar nomination under ordinary circumstances"

Johnny Depp was nominated for Pirates and Ledger's performance in the DK blows that out of the water. It's a truly great performance that deserves to be recognized on its own merit. Have either of you seen the movie?

Amy Argetsinger: Not yet...


Anonymous: Don't you worry that Christian Bale will lose interest in Batman, deciding it is beneath him, and these brilliant movies will end up with Jimmy Fallon or Jude Law taking over the franchise and the movies will completely start to suck?

Amy Argetsinger: I don't spend a whole lot of time worrying about the Batman franchise. I saw "Batman Begins" on DVD a few months ago and found it unutterably boring -- ended up fast-forwarding it. And everyone said, "What's your problem? It was the best Batman movie ever!" But of course I was coming from the perspective that I hadn't actually seen any of the other Batman movies, so I was less appreciative, instead viewing it as the lamest Christian Bale movie ever. But I will go see The Dark Knight, because I'm also one of those Heath Grief people.


Songs about Washington: So you're all proving my assumption correct--there are no great, iconic songs about Washington.

Amy Argetsinger: That's how it's looking.


McMurtry/Sietsema Smackdown: Larry McMurtry is the really dreamy guy. What a great way to pay tribute to his women friends! We should all have a Larry McMurtry in our lives.

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, Larry, you can dedicate a book to me.


Angelina's C-sections: At the risk of turning this chat into "Obstetrics Today," I just want to mention that the wisdom about C-sections has gone something like this: first the thinking was that once you had one C, all subsequent deliveries should be C's. Then the thinking shifted, and doctors were encouraging "VBACs," or Vaginal Birth After C-section. Then the pendulum shifted the other way, and the thinking is that there are generally too many risks to uniformly recommend VBAC, but there are lots of variables for a doctor and patient to figure out.

At any rate, the ultimate goal is a healthy baby -- or babies -- and a healthy mother. And if that's what it took for Angelina, good for her. Yes, a "natural" delivery has its benefits, but there's no need to guilt a mom into not being Earth Mother enough if she had to have a C-section. We don't need to go back to the days of women routinely dying in childbirth.

Roxanne Roberts: I think we know way more about the births than we need to. Any, mom and twins are fine, which is all that counts. Now we'll wait for the paparazzi to catch her a bikini so they can shoot her fabulous looking scar.


Anonymous: Do you get any special perks because of your status? Anyone ever try to bribe you not to report something?

Amy Argetsinger: Special perks:

-- Free movies, sometimes.

-- Weird swag (bullwhips, Menudo CDs, vegan brownies, Jello)

-- Entree into receptions with free glasses of cheap chardonnay, and lots of mini-quiches.


Arlington, Va.: Remember when Christian Bale played the lead, singing, dancing, paperboy in "Newsies"? Underrated movie with great songs!

Amy Argetsinger: Eesh. Haven't gotten around to that on the Netflix queue yet either.


Sauna Party: Did you read the other article about the sauna party at the Finnish Embassy? I was surprised it ran, given how good your coverage of the party was.

Amy Argetsinger: Why, thank you. And yes, I thought it was deeply weird to have two stories about Finnish embassy sauna parties in one month. But maybe it's the new trend.


Love it at Levitz: Isn't "You Always Get Your Way at Ourisman Chevrolet" the unofficial Washington song?

Amy Argetsinger: Yes, brilliant. It's like "La Marseillaise" of the D.C. suburbs, circa 1980. Stirring, always brings a tear to my eye.


Batman Begins was awesome!: boring? Amy, my opinion of you just plummeted....

Roxanne Roberts: Now, now....surely you two can talk this out like friends?


Dick Cheney's secret location: After seeing that Karadzic hid out in plain sight in disguise, they can do away with the location and dress the VP up like someone and sit him at some bar somewhere....

Amy Argetsinger: Could Dick Cheney go underground as a hippie alternative health-care guru?


Anonymous: Just curious -- why is The Post going back now to look at Chandra Levy's disappearance? Not like the seven-year mark is a magic round number. A bunch of editors in a room saying, 'hey, whatever happened with that case,' or a reporters just have a bunch of notes in his/her notebook they wanted to get in a story?

Amy Argetsinger: As it happens, there was a chat devoted to this very issue a couple days ago, hosted by Investigative Editor Jeff Leen. We'll post a link.


Follieri lookalike: hello! Rocco Dispirito! I thought for a while that's who Anne's bf really was.

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, totally.


Annandale, Va.: Speaking of bikinis, how about those pics of Helen Mirren on holiday in Italy? Wowza.

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, we talked about that last week -- where were you?


DC: Local band The Oxymorons has a song called "Shady Groove." Good beat and I can dance to it.

Amy Argetsinger: Shady Groove -- clever.


The Press Assignment question: Aren't most of these "journalists" with the tabloids freelance? So, it's in their interest to make up (excuse me, report) the most sensational take on on a story.

Roxanne Roberts: The National Enquirer doesn't sell papers with headlines like "Former Senator Has Non-Compromising Meeting with Acquaintance."


Getting things sent to you: Jello, Menudo, now the shout-out for Tony Danza (like every week). Maybe you'll get the cookbook. But let me know if the Christian Bale thing works out, I may have to try it.

Amy Argetsinger: Yes, I've come to think of this chat as the magic box in which I place my wishes. Thus far, though, no matter how much we discuss these things, George Clooney has never shown up to take Roxanne to dinner, and Jenna Bush has never offered me a cigarette.


Great Washington Songs:"Hail to the Redskins" is in a class by itself for greatness, as the only song for an NFL Team. It has that line, "Fight on, fight on, 'til you have won sons of Washington!"

Roxanne Roberts: Really? Could that be true? No other NFL team has a personal theme song?


Not a big fan of songs about D.C.: Are you gonna have a big finish today ?

Amy Argetsinger: Working up to it.


Another Minnesota native: And don't forget the Suburbs, Soul Asylum, Flamin' O's, Flyte Time Productions, Twin Tone Records, Raspberry Way, the Mekongs....and on and on. Damn, it was fun back then.

Amy Argetsinger: Let's stay on topic, please. Washington songs!

_______________________ Discussion: Who Killed Chandra Levy? ( Live Online, July 21)


Montclair, Va.: If Samantha Brown needs a place to sleep while she is in town, there is lots of room at my house!

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, so the Travel Channel luminary of which you speak is a lady. I knew someone would fill me in.


Songs: If there is a D.C. song from a commercial, the easy winner is Eastern Motors, where your job's your credit.

Amy Argetsinger: It's hard to figure which is more anthemic, the Eastern Motors jingle or the Ourisman Chevrolet jingle.


Falls Church, Va: Odetta live, 2005, singing Bourgeois Blues about Washington, D.C. Odetta Live in concert 2005, "Bourgeois Blues" ( YouTube)

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks. Will have to check this out after the chat.


Take it from me, Roxanne: C-section scars are very low these days. It would have to be an extremely skimpy bikini for the scar to get on the tabloids' pages.

Roxanne Roberts: All righty, then.


Songs: We get a shout out in "The Heart of Rock and Roll." What more could we possibly want?

Amy Argetsinger: Yes, only the worst song in the history of 1984. Thanks for bringing it up, Patrick Bateman.


Now, now, Amy...: Why the hate for JibJab? I thought the video was quite funny. Equal-opportunity ridicule, and a spot-on critique of our ridiculous election process. JibJab

Amy Argetsinger: Okay, here's the clip -- happy now?


Pittsburgh, Pa.: That's not true about "Hail to the Redskins" -- the Steelers have a song too. "We are the town with the great football team, we are the Pittsburgh Steelers" -- naturally, it's a polka.

Roxanne Roberts: I knew there had to be at least one other. Do people polka in their seats when the team scores?


Estelle Getty, RIP: I never "got" "Golden Girls" -- among other things, Rue McLanahan's character was beyond annoying, and I much preferred "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Maude" when I wanted to see Betty White and Bea Arthur. Nonetheless, I'm feeling nostalgic for clean, relatively intelligent shows from the pre-reality TV era.

Amy Argetsinger: Just wanted to recognize this shout-out to the great Ms. Getty.


Chicago, Ill.: Um, I'm pretty sure "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" is more than just a figment of my imagination. Redskins fans need to get over themselves.

Roxanne Roberts: But we love our Skins!


Sietsema: Nothing's wrong with you, it's just that he's a man who LOOOOOVES good food, and he's rumored to be a cutie when he's not all dolled-up in one of his disguises. Also, you know there won't be any football talk at dinner, just a few hushed whispers about the gravity and essence of the Boeuf Bourgignon or the Tilapia or whatever.

Just be glad we're not oohing and aahing over Dan Froomkin or Gene Weingarten.

Amy Argetsinger: Regrettably, Tom is very handsome.


Batman is boring?: I'll take it over 2 1/2 hour German subtitled movies that Amy seems to rave about.

Amy Argetsinger: You mean "Downfall"? Or "Das Boot"? It's so hard for me to pick which 150-minute subtitled movie about doomed Germans in a claustrophobic environment I love better.


DC song: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Walking To Do

Won't you take me where my feet feel wholly in their own time And the Cathedral of Reason lets the bells chime, and the lightning is fine? I'm old enough to know that people waiting for some big sign Should quit their waiting on the Divine. Divine is what's in your mind I've seen the cruel and hard, and I've seen them hard on you But I'll buy you brand new shoes if you cross to my side- there's a whole lot of walking to do

And if we're near or far from out city by the sea-side Well, as long as we keep our stride, I believe we'll be fine You've seen the years roll on, and you've seen me roll with you I see the road is long, so get on my side, there's a whole lot of walking to do And if we stay on our feet, we'll make it in our own time And though the road has got some steep climbs, I believe we'll be fine

From your house, to my house, the the Mews- there's a whole lot of walking to do Bethnal Green, to the tube- there's a whole lot of walking to do Aoyama to Shobuya- there's a whole lot of walking to do Rock Creek Park, the The Ave., and on past the zoo- there's a whole lot of walking to do

Well I'm here, and you're here, and it's true- there's a whole lot of walking to do And I'm cool, and you're cool, and it's true- there's a whole lot of walking to do There's no fuss, and I trust, I trust you- there's a whole lot of walking to do And you're strong, and I can be too- there's a whole lot of walking to do And you do, and I do- there's a whole lot of walking to do -------------------- places mentioned are Rock Creek Park, and "The Ave" is referring to Connecticut Ave. in NW which has a lot of bars/restaurants and appropriately for this song, the National Zoo.

Ted Leo lived in DC for a while.

Amy Argetsinger: Okay, just putting that one more out there...


Chicago, Ill.: Hey Ladies, who do you think will/should get the Meet the Press job? Felix Gillette pans David Gregory in the NY Observer today. David Gregory: NBC's Lame-Duck? ( The New York Observer, July 22)

Amy Argetsinger: My gut tells me that it won't be David Gregory, but what do I know.


Washington, D.C.: D.C. Song And Chuck Brown mentions G-Town in Chuck Baby.

Amy Argetsinger: Figured we could count on him.


Falls Church, Va.: Steely Dan not singing about Annandale, Va. Donald Fagen met Walter Becker at Bard College in Annandale-On Hudson, New York in 1967.

Amy Argetsinger: I hate how the Internet allows us to clear up all these mysteries. I just hate it.


Harrisburg, Pa.:"Weird swag (bullwhips, Menudo CDs, vegan brownies, Jello)"

Umm..bullwhips? Want to 'splain that one Amy, before our imaginations run wild?

Amy Argetsinger: Promotional gewgaw for the Indiana Jones movie. I think.


Anonymous: Now Amy hates Huey Lewis? Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost

Amy Argetsinger: Are you about to kill me with an axe? I always knew you were an American Psycho.


Anonymous: According to John Legend in She Don't Have to Know, you could walk around D.C. and hold hands publicly, because nobody would recognize you (Mr. Spitzer may disagree).

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, good one.


Leesburg, Va.: Kid Rock got 12 months probation and 6 hours of anger management training for last year's Waffle House fight. Hmmm. Can't wait to see how that 6 hours of anger management training works out.

Roxanne Roberts: Five hours of cursing and throwing things, followed by one learning not to do it it public. Makes you feels warm and fuzzy, yes?

I just threw a punch at Amy because we're way past our alloted time, and she's going to file a police report tomorrow, and then Bale is going to call me and we'll bond.

In the meanwhile. we've got to write tomorrow's column. Send your deep thoughts, sightings and tips to Behave, you all.


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