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Twilight (Summit Entertainment)
Georgia Cranston, Kaleb Nation and Kimmy West
"Twilight" Bloggers
Friday, August 1, 2008; 1:00 PM

Last summer, Harry Potter fans lined up to be among the first to get their hands on the last in the series of novels about the young wizard. This summer, it's Twilight's turn. On Saturday, Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final volume of Stephenie Meyer's bestselling Twilight series hits the bookstores. If you haven't heard of the books, check out today's Washington Post story about the Twilight phenomenon and the primer at

But if you are already a fan, you are in for a treat. The people behind three of the most popular "Twilight" blogs out there were online Friday, August 1. Kimmy West, founder of His Golden Eyes, Kaleb Nation a.k.a. Twilight Guy and Georgia Cranston, one of the Twilight Moms talked about Bella, Edward, Jacob, vampires, the upcoming movie, and more.

A transcript follows.


Kaleb Nation: Hello everyone, I'm Kaleb Nation from and I'm so glad to be here to answer your questions!


Georgia Cranston: Hey everyone! My name is Georgia Cranston and I am one of the administrators on TwilightMOMS. You would probably know me as *gypsy wings* if you have ever visited the site. I am a 28 year old SAHM to my 3 little boys, ages 6, 4 and 3 ( Yeah... I know! They really keep me on my toes). I spend most of my time running around with them, and when I have a spare moment or two I like to spend it working on my jewelry business. I am really excited to be here and I look forward to answering any questions I can! Kimmy has been delayed but we hope she is able to join is shortly.


Washington DC: I'm thrilled to see such great media attention to the Twilight Moms... and not just because I -am- one, but because the group underscores the wide appeal of these books. I love hearing stories of other Moms trying to juggle their kids and their sometimes overwhelming desire to read just -one more page.- And I've enjoyed reading the twilight guy stories Kaleb has posted for those rare but much appreciate male fans. What are some of your favorite fan stories?

Kaleb Nation: My favorite guy story was the one who taped a Porsche magazine cover over Twilight, so he could read it in public without having his guy friends look at him weird. The fans-in-secret are hilarious!


Aiken, S.C.: (For any of y'all) What made you pick up "Twilight" from the bookstore and read it? Was it a suggestion from a friend? Or you just thought the cover looked cool or something like that?

Lots of Love -Ash is DA BOMB!- Just call me Ashley

Georgia Cranston: Hi Ashley!

My friend introduced me to Twilight. She and I were hanging out one night and she suddenly got really excited and was telling me "YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THESE BOOKS!" I have never really seen someone get SO excited about books, and this Edward guy sounded pretty interesting so I figured I had better check them out. I read Twilight and New moon in about 4 days and was instantly hooked. And then I had to suffer through the agony of waiting for Eclipse to come out :)


Atlanta, GA: When (during the time you were reading the series or when you found out about the series) did you realize that Twilight was really popular? Carol

Georgia Cranston: I think I first realized it when I went to the Eclipse signing and there were just hundreds and hundreds of people there. It was absolutely insane!


McLean, Va.: Kaleb, what has been your favorite part of the books so far?

Kaleb Nation: My favorite chapter in Twilight was Chapter 18, The Hunt. It was when a lot of the vampire action started (something I probably enjoy more, as a guy). That was the one where I blogged about two chapters in one, because I had to go right on to Chapter 19 after reading it!


Rice, Virginia: Hi Georgia! I just want to ask you if you prefer Edward or Jacob and which one you think Bella should stay with? Thank you so much!!

P.S. Go Team Edward!!!!

Georgia Cranston: Ooooh :) I am Team Switzerland all the way. I waver between the two, and am hoping the best for them both. I do tend to lean towards the Jacob side of the fence just because that boy needs some more love! They both have great qualities that is for sure... I am secretly hoping that Bella stays with Edward, and Jacob goes on to imprint on a nice girl who goes by the name of Gypsy ;)


Vincennes Indiana: Kaleb, how has reading Stephenie's work affected your writing?

Kaleb Nation: Even though my book doesn't come out until 2009 it has already been written for a long time, so I don't think that Stephenie will affect my writing style. She has, however, greatly affected my image of how authors act. I used to think that authors had to be reclusive and avoid their fans. Now, I know that I can just be who I am. I watch her closely on YouTubes of her book signings, and try to model myself as an author after the wonderful way she treats her readers.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Kaleb, Kimmy, and Georgia. I'm a recent Twilight convert and love all of your sites, and am definitely getting the final book at midnight tonight. My question is for Kaleb and Georgia: As an older Twilight fan, I get a lot of people that seem amazed by the fact that a 23-year-old college-educated person could get as sucked into the saga as I have. As I'm sure you get this question yourselves, how do you handle these comments?

Georgia Cranston: Hi!

I do get that sometimes, and now I just give them a copy and tell them to call me after they read it. Most of the time they come back and say "Oh! I get it now."

My hubby likes to roll his eyes at me a lot, but he is secretly a fan. He listened to all the audio books. I think he is afraid he might lose his Guy card if he admits too publicly that he is a fan LOL.


New Twilight-er: Thank God I got hooked only a few months ago, so I didn't have to wait very long! What is your ideal ending to the series? Mine is Bella being turned into a vampire by Edward and the two living happily ever after (or, as much as they can, given Bella's horrific luck).

Kimmy West: I hope that Edward ends up with Bella, and Jacob finds someone perfect to imprint on so everyone is happy in the end. If Jacob imprints his love would be even stronger than with Bella. I also hope Charlie, or maybe Renee finds out about what Edward and the Cullens really are, so its not so sad. ONLY if she can still become a vampire after that...which would be a very slim chance. What parent would want their kid as a vampire? =P


Philadelphia, Pa.: How did you each decide to begin your writings? Had you written things before and, if so, what had you written?

Kaleb Nation: I had been blogging for years before I started TwilightGuy, on my own site, so I was very accustomed to blogging before. I started my site when A) I blogged about Twilight and got 600+ comments (my usual back then was...three) and B) when the front of my website had more talk going on about Stephenie Meyer than my own books, when I had never read a word of Twilight. That pretty much brought me to my senses that there was *something* about Stephenie that brought about an enormously devoted fan following, and I wanted to find out what was special about the Twilight books.


Rockaway, NJ: Do you think, in "Breaking Dawn," Edward would die to let Bella live her life, and possibly marry Jacob; because the wedding scene is supposedly in the beginning of the fourth book??

Georgia Cranston: I have my theories... I don't really want to go into them though because it would take all day LOL.

I think that Breaking Dawn is going to be a MAJOR roller coaster ride no matter what happens. I think someone we love will get hurt or die... *sob*


Cincinnati, OH: As a reader who has only been recently swept up in the Twilight frenzy, I want to know your opinions on why you think the Twilight series has such an effect on people. His Golden Eyes has a staff mostly in their teens. features stories from guys who admit to reading Twilight. Twilight Moms shows the many moms, grandmas, etc. that are addicted to this. And there are so many more groups of people that I have failed to mention. What do you think makes this series so universal and so ridiculously addicting?

Kimmy West: Well, the universal want in life is unconditional love. Any age can fall in love with Edward, and any girl can relate to Bella. Even some guys may love Bella, and maybe not like the gushy stuff but the characters in the story make up for all that. =] It makes every girl want to be in Bella's shoes, and the only way to achieve that is by reading the books.


Cedar Park, TX: My question is for Kaleb. How do you feel about casting for the Twilight movie? Are you happy with it? Or do you feel someone needs to be replaced? If so, with whom?

Kaleb Nation: I am happy with who they picked for the cast. Since I am one of the few people who haven't finished all of the books yet, nothing in my mind really clashes with who was chosen, since I imagine the cast as the characters my first time reading the books. I think they could all do a wonderful job!


Kennesaw, Georgia: What do you look forward to most? Breaking Dawn or the Twilight Movie?

Georgia Cranston: Breaking Dawn, without a doubt! I will be one of the first in line for the movie, but I am first and foremost a fan of the books. I have always loved reading, and I always love the books more than the movies. It will be really exciting to see the characters come to life on the big screen, but nothing compares to that feeling of being utterly lost inside the story of a great book.


Sammamish, Washington: Kaleb, what do you think of the Twilight trailers?

Kaleb Nation: They are amazing, *especially* the second one. That made the movie look awesome, even for those guys out there who might still be reluctant to go see it.


Lansing, N.Y.: Have you had contact with Stephenie?

Kimmy West: No, I actually have never met Stephenie. Joelle from our C.W.A staff had a chat with her in an airport though...lucky duck.


Forks, Wash.: How did you all get introduced to the Twilight saga?

Kimmy West: I had a gift card to my local bookstore and I saw Twilight and decided that the cover looked interesting, and the little blurb on the back made me even more interested.


Salt Lake City, UT: Georgia, I am a 59 year old mom and adult business ed. teacher who is totally obsessed with these books and devour anything I can read about them on the Twilight websites. In fact everyone in my classes have also read the books. I think everyone loves a timeless love story. Do you think that many of us older readers love the books because they bring a little of the romance and youth back into our lives?

Georgia Cranston: Oh absolutely! Its funny, because as we get older and get more responsibilities in our lives, we kinda forget what its like to be so carefree and young. We start worrying about our mortgages and car payments. We begin to raise families... And reading a story like this just sucked me in and reminded me of all that. I am actually much happier after reading the books. I got all inspired by Stephenie to do something with myself. I know... that probably sounds dorky. But its true!


Chicago, Ill.: If you can be any character in the book, who would it be and why?

Kimmy West: I would want to be Bella of course! I'm not sure if I would want to be Bella if she turns into a vampire, however, because I want to grow up and have kids, and the normal deal. Getting to have Edward as a boyfriend however...that I'd like. =]


Putney, VT: What should Twilight fans do with themselves once the series ends and the movie comes out?

Kimmy West: Wait for the rest of the movies! =] Then read them over and over again. That's the great things about books, you can re-live the story whenever you feel like it. I have read Twilight many many times.

_______________________ For those of you interested in "Twilight" the movie, here is a blog post about the scene at Comic-Con.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin: This one's for Kaleb!

When you go out in public, do you ever get mobbed by a bunch of screaming Twilight Guy fangirls? If me and my friends ever saw you in public, well, prepare to be mobbed!

-Morgan :D

Kaleb Nation: Ha ha! Nope, no mobbings so far (whew). I haven't been to a public Twilight event yet. I have been so busy with my book that I honestly have not been in public very much since my site got popular, either! But, I was at a cafe a few weeks ago and was stared and pointed at, and one of the girls had a copy of Eclipse on the table, so I think they recognized me. That's the closest I've gotten to being spotted!


Anne Rice: I haven't read these books, but of course they are making me think of Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire" series. Have any of you (Georgia maybe?) read them and how do they compare?

Georgia Cranston: I have read the Interview With a Vampire series... looong ago. I read them in my senior year of HS, and then I read most of her others in the year following. I really loved them at the time too, she created a beautiful, yet dark world.

Twilight differs in MANY areas from what Anne Rice had created. I don't think its fair to compare them because they are entirely different. Each is great in its own right. I would say that Rice's books are much darker, they have a lot more of a sexual element as well.


Orlando, Fla.: What would you ask Stephenie Meyer if you got a chance to meet her?

Kaleb Nation: What would happen if a vampire bites...a gnome?



Georgia Cranston: That is what I want to know!!!

Jacob really deserves some love!


Woodstock, IL: Kimmy,

As another teenage Twilight fan who would love to create a fansite but always thought I was too young, what's it been like running the number 2 Twilight fansite?

Kimmy West: Well, running a fansite takes a lot of work but I find it very fun. I actually spend way to much time on the computer now...but it's because I want to. Basically my duties include posting news (a lot) but I have a lot of help now with that, and every time a new video comes out I update the videos page, and I have also been running contests occasionally. We also get a LOT of emails, which I check multiple times during the day.

School is starting soon, and I will really have to tear myself away from the computer to get my homework done! The lure of Twilight is much to strong! =]

I would say it is much easier to run a fansite if you don't have schoolwork as well. Sometimes it gets neglected, which is not fun. Basically though, you can create a fansite at any age, and if you put your heart into it, and a LOT of time, you can make it great.


Memphis, Tenn. Kaleb, you post a lot of stories from guys who have picked up "Twilight" out of curiosity, force (from girlfriends and/or sisters, etc.), but have you had any guys tell you that they read "Twilight" in response to your Web site?

Kaleb Nation: Yes, lots. I can't even count how many email me saying the site and the other guy stories got them to finally read Twilight. Also, a very common email I get comes from girls saying they used the site to convince their boyfriends to open the book. I'm glad I'm helping encourage a new wave of fans who might otherwise have never picked it up!


Orlando, Florida: This question is for Twilight Moms and Kimmy. (Kaleb cover your ears.) What is your favorite scene from all three books?

Georgia Cranston: Well, I have a LOT of favorite scenes. The Meadow (of course), the scenes in New Moon when Bella and Jacob are growing closer. And in Eclipse, I really love the scene.


Murphy,Texas: Kaleb, What is it about gnomes? I've noticed that you mention them a lot, but I have no idea why. Care to explain?

Kaleb Nation: Ha ha! Gnomes are something important in my novel The Farfield Curse. I've been obsessed with gnomes since I was 14. Come on: pointy red hats? Aren't they just made of awesome?


Dallas, Tex.: Hi this question is for Kimmy and Kaleb... I met Kimmy before on her chatroom, and I was in hysterics because it was so cool meeting her (remember me? I'm Lay!!)I was just wondering, is that usually the reaction you guys get when someone sees you or talks to you, or does anybody ever recognize you off your site?

Kimmy West: Nobody actually recognizes me anywhere, and people only find me exciting online. Haha, but I must admit, its pretty cool when people find me exciting, I feel famous! =]

Kaleb Nation: I haven't met any fans in person before. It is so funny meeting people who are fans online. It makes me feel special that they get so excited just to talk to me!


Lakewood Ranch, Florida: What do you think the cover of Breaking Dawn means?? The White King or Queen (I'm not sure which one) and the red pawn, what do you think it symbolizes???

Kimmy West: I was thinking that it symbolizes Bella, and her transformation into a vampire. The red pawn maybe represents Bella as a human, and the white Queen represents her as a vampire.


Las Vegas, Nevada: So I've been thinking about this since yesterday, so here's my question:

Stephenie Meyer told us that vampires can't have babies. But she didn't mention about a vampire and a human, so is it possible for a vampire to get a human pregnant?

I'm pretty sure that a lot of fans are dying to know the answer.

Kimmy West: No it isn't, because vampires don't have any normal body fluids. The only thing inside them is venom, so the necessary "stuff" to make someone pregnant isn't there. At least I think that's the case.


Putney, VT: Kimmy, is there any way for other people to get involved in your site and help you out?

Kimmy West: To help, all you have to do is send emails to with tips for news. We always appreciate them!


Vancouver, BC: Hi! I have a question for Kaleb, I'm guessing you really did like reading "Twilight," but is it enough to go watch the movie? Maybe more than once??

Kaleb Nation: Yeah! I'll be seeing the movie for sure. Opening night, if I can make it (wearing my Phantom Of The Opera disguise...he he)


St. Louis, Missouri: What would you guys do if someone turned Twilight into a musical? lol.

and to Kimmy, love the site! I go there like 5 times a day!

Kimmy West: I would go see it! If it is Twilight, it should be a pretty good musical. =]

Thanks for the support!


Warren, NJ: I hope it's not for a long time, but what will become of your sites once Twilight is over? After there is completely nothing new to be said.

Georgia Cranston: I hope that TwilightMOMS will be around for a loooooong time. I know I will be there for a long time anyway. I have made some really incredible friends there and since they live all over the world it is a nice way to keep in contact. People will still be newly discovering the books, so I think the sites will stay around. If they are anything like most of us were after reading them they will scour the Internet for anything they can find about the series and probably join one or several of our sites.

Kimmy West: I think that HisGoldenEyes will be here for a long time! It may not be as exciting once the hype dies down, but I would never want it to go away for good. That would be much too sad. =[

Kaleb Nation: I'm not exactly sure what will happen with the site when I finish all the books (though the posts will surely stay up for reference). I have a while before that happens, and will also keep blogging at my own site and doing YouTube afterwards, so I won't disappear or anything!


Orlando, Florida: Kimmy- What do you hope will happen in Breaking Dawn?

P.S. your website is totally vamptastic! :D

Kimmy West: I hope that Bella turns into a vampire and Jacob imprints!

Thanks for the support. =]


McKinney, Tex.: This is not a question but a problem with something in one of your answers stating that "they don't have bodily fluids," which is incorrect because how else will the vampires spread the disease? They spread this through their salvia which last time I checked was a bodily fluid.

Kimmy West: Stephenie said that they don't have saliva, the wetness in their mouth is venom. She said that in an FAQ. =]


Englewood, NJ: Kaleb, I LOVE your Twilight Guy blogs! Now I watch your YouTube channel as well. After reading your blogs I am certain that you'll be a great writer, do you have any other projects that you're working on... also are you single?! (hehe!)

Kaleb Nation: Hi, I'm so glad you like my site! Besides blogging, I'm working on the soundtrack for my book, and I'm also working on a book trailer, which you'll see on my YouTube eventually. Other than that...I'm slowly trying to get caught up on this enormous pile of books people have been recommending: Scott Westerfeld is next on the list...and John Green (DFTBA).


L.A., California: Kimmy and Kaleb, I know I couldn't live without your sites. I went on vacation and died from being away from them. Was it hard to start them up?

Kimmy West: It actually really wasn't all that difficult, I just sort of went with the flow. It started out as being this tiny little site, and it grew and grew and as more people were coming I tried to make it look nicer. I spent a lot of time on IMDB in the beginning promoting it...people got kind of annoyed at me. ;) It's been six months, I started it in December 07, and the popularity has been going up from there!

Kaleb Nation: It was a struggle on the first day I bought the domain. I went to bed that night thinking no one would read it and I would regret starting the site in the morning, and probably take it down. But I woke up the next morning to 3000 people having read it already while I slept. So I was brought to my senses that maybe it wasn't such a bad idea!


Palmdale, CA: So, when does "Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse" come out? I'm dying to read it! I'm sure it will be brilliant!

Kaleb Nation: Thanks for asking. It's set for late 2009 (I can hardly wait). Google it or check my site.


Yauco, PR: Kimmy--Who did you want to be in the cast of Twilight when you first found out there was going to be a movie?

Kimmy West: When I first found out there was going to be a movie I had my heart set on Hayden Christensen as Edward, even though now I prefer Robert. =] I didn't really have a Bella preference, I went with the Emily Browning rage but I prefer Kristen. They did a great job with casting.


Amarillo, TX: Hi Kaleb! We have heard Stephenie say countless times that the idea for Twilight came in the form of a dream and the characters are so strong that they lead their own direction with the story. How do you "get" the storyline for your book?

Kaleb Nation: My inspiration came similar to Stephenie's. I was awake on the night of March 3 of 2003 and was hit with the idea of a boy and a banker sitting on a roof, waiting for a burglar. The whole story and all the characters just exploded from that scene (coincidentally, still the first chapter). Stephenie and I started our books around the same time -- though she took MUCH less time than I did to finish hers!


Calgary, Alberta: What do you think is Edward and Jacob's most appealing quality that makes girls (like me) love them sooo much?

Kaleb Nation: Edward is truly unselfish in his actions, and is sincere in wanting the best for Bella, even if it is not what he wants. That is true love, putting her before himself. I think that is one of the big reasons girls love Edward: his sincerity.


London, U.K.: Kaleb: Girls all over the world know why it is so important for guys to read Twilight, but for you, as a guy, why do you think it's so important guys read Twilight?

Kaleb Nation: There are so many things that guys can learn from Edward. Courtesy, for one. Edward also carries himself with class. He likes regular music, but he's not afraid to listen to classical because he is sure enough of himself to try new things.


Memphis, Tenn.: This is a question for Georgia: As a teenager, I don't frequent TwilightMoms, but I was wondering if you are interested in all the other aspects of the fandom aside from the books and Stephenie. For instance, do you enjoy hearing non-Twilight related news about the actors, do you read TwilightGuy, or read fanfiction? I ask because my mom loves the books, but whenever I want her to read an interview or tell her about something funny Kaleb said in his most recent post, she always responds with "Allison, I like to read the books. I don't care about this stuff." Is that just her, or does it come from being an adult fan?

Georgia Cranston: Hi Allison :)

I am very interested in the other aspects of the fandom.

As far as fanfiction I don't read it very often but I have found some I really enjoyed... mostly the funny ones. I think the WalMart one, and the Sex Ed one were my all time favorites. I also read TwilightGuy, Kaleb is hilarious. I think that is why he is getting so many marriage proposals today... seriously, I think there have been at least 5 people ask him today. :)

I think each person approaches the fandom in their own way though, not everyone will be as into all the other stuff as some of us are.


Orlando, FL: Who is your favorite cast member?

Georgia Cranston: I really like all of them. I don't think there are any that I don't like actually. Of the ones I have been able to talk to, I think my favorites have been Peter, Rachelle, Kellan, and Ashley. All of them were SOOOO much fun to talk with, and seem like they are genuinely nice people. Ashley is one of the sweetest people ever.

Kimmy West: I love them ALL. =] I haven't been lucky enough to meet or talk to any of them, but I can tell they are all awesome people and will be great in the movie.

Kaleb Nation: Hard to choose! :D They all look like they will do so well for the movie.


Shreveport, La.: What do you think makes "Twilight" so addictive?

Georgia Cranston: I think there is some kind of drug laced into the ink on the pages... ;)


Newtown, Pennsylvania: Do you think that Bella would have still been attracted to Edward if he wasn't a vampire?

Kaleb Nation: I think Bella still would have, if he acted and carried himself in the same way as he does now.


Provo, UT: Did you feel like there were differences in Stephenie's writing style between the Twilight series and her adult novel The Host?

Georgia Cranston: I think her writing style has evolved and matured. The Host was beautifully written.


Port Orange, Florida: If you could date Edward/or Bella where would you take him/her?

Kimmy West: Uhm...I would take Edward to a meadow! I would want to re-live that meadow scene. How romantic would that be? =]

Or, I would let him choose. He seems to always have the best judgment. haha.

Georgia Cranston: Okay, if I was taking Edward on a date... Well, my hubby would not be too happy ;) BUT I guess I would want to go hiking or something... I know. Lame.

If I were taking JACOB on a date however we would go cliff diving!

Kaleb Nation: Hard question! If I was taking Bella on a date, we would probably go to the meadow like in the book...because, as we all know, Edward knows best :D


Georgia Cranston: Wow, this was a lot of fun! Thanks for all the questions today, I wish I could have gotten to more of them. I am off to make some lunch for the kiddies and then prepare myself for tonight! I cannot WAIT to get my hands on Breaking Dawn!!!!


Kaleb Nation: Thanks everyone for all the great questions! I had a great time answering them. Have fun tonight with Breaking Dawn!



DC Honeybee: I'm looking forward to reading Midnight Sun, the other side of Twilight (from Edward's point of view). What other character do you think is most deserving of the narrative spotlight? (for New Moon, Eclipse, or something new)

Georgia Cranston: I think reading Carlisle's history would be fun. He is such an interesting character, reading about his life as a human and as a vampire would be nice. I would also love to read something from Jacob's POV. I have read the bit on Steph's site that is from his POV, and I want MORE LOL! Victoria would be a fun one too.


Sacramento, California: My question for both of you is out of all three books, which one is your favorite?

Georgia Cranston: I go back and forth between New Moon and Eclipse being my favorite. Probably Eclipse though. I love all the tension Eclipse. PLUS, it has the tent scene... I love that scene.

Kimmy West: I love Twilight the most! Getting introduced to Edward, the meadow scene, and all the romantic tension...I just love it. =]


San Diego, CA: This question is for everyone. What are the things or what is the one thing you don't want to happen in Breaking Dawn? I have one, Edward dying. That would be a nightmare.

Kimmy West: A nightmare for me would be Bella dying as she was being turned into a sad. I also second the Edward dying one! Also, even if Edward and Bella do end up together, it would be sad if Jacob didn't imprint, and was left all alone.

Other than that, I don't mind because whatever it is will work out. Stephenie will make it great, I'm sure of it.

Georgia Cranston: I don't really know... I mean, if any of my favorite characters die I will be heartbroken. But I like books that take me on an emotional ride, I like to feel the full spectrum of emotions while I experience the story. So, whatever Stephenie has written I am pretty sure I will love.


Tulsa, OK: With all of you being fairly famous twilight fans, has anyone randomly walked up to you in your private lives and knew who you were because of the twilight fandom? And if so, how much did that freak you out?

Georgia Cranston: Its really funny. I have never thought of myself gaining any fame or anything from being on TMs, but every once in a while someone will realize I am a TwilightMOM and if they hear my username *gypsy wings* they know who I am. At The Host signing some really sweet girls wanted mine and another TMs autograph! I said no though (I just think that would be kinda weird...) and we took pictures together instead.

My mom told me that when she was getting her hair done one day the hairdresser mentioned Twilight, so my mom said her daughter helps Admin TwilightMOMS and then said "Her name is gypsy or something" and the girl started talking about something I had posted once. LOL!


Irving, Texas: Kaleb: Did you expect that reading Twilight publicly would be such a big deal for us long time fans?

Kimmy: What is it like having an incredibly popular Twilight website?

Georgia: How did you become involved with Twilight? How has the Twilight world affected your life?

All: On a scale from one to ten, how excited are you for Breaking Dawn? I think I know the answer, but Twilighters always give a hilarious reply. =]

Georgia Cranston: A friend of mine told me to read the books, and I got hooked right away.

Twilight has had a huge impact on my life, I know... sounds silly. But honestly it has. After reading it I started reading everything I could about the series and Stephenie I could find, and Stephenie herself really inspired me. I have a lot in common with her, we both have 3 boys, we share the same religion... And she has accomplished SO much!

I was at this really funky place in my life and it was like I woke up and realized that I could make my life what I wanted it to be. It was shortly after that when I really started to focus on my business and it started to take off. At about that same time I discovered a tiny MySpace group called TwilightMOMS and joined it. I think I was the 11th member...

The women I met there have become some of my closest friends. Those women have changed my life, and I think I owe it all to reading Twilight.

Kimmy West: Having such a popular site is SO much fun! =] It takes a lot of time to run, but I love every second of it! It is great to be able to put your love for Twilight towards something.

To rate my level of excitement for Breaking Dawn 1-10....

10! PLUS...the ages of Carlisle, Alice, Esme, Jasper, Emmett, Edward, Rosalie, and BELLA together. haha

Georgia Cranston: OH!!! I almost forgot! My level of excitement exceeds any number I could ever count to or name. I cannot WAIT for tonight... errrr... tomorrow I guess.


Kimmy West: Thanks so much for your questions! They were a lot of fun to answer. It is great talking to other Twilight fans who are as obsessed as me! =]

Kimmy West: Oh and, I am so excited for BREAKING DAWN! I hope all of you have lots of fun, I will be reading all night long. =]


Minco,OK: What is the craziest "Twilight Moment" you have had?

Kimmy West: Well, my family had some very close friends that used to be our neighbors.

I realized a while ago, that their names are Kris and Rob. LOL

I also got really excited when I did the Biology lab that Edward and Bella did! =]


Australia, Sydney: Describe The Twilight Saga in 10 words or less.

Kimmy West: An amazing book propelled by romance, suspense, and action.

Kimmy West: I meant series. =) haha.


Georgia Cranston: Okay... I am really leaving this time! Thanks everyone, this was fun!!!


Kimmy West: Thanks for your questions guys! Have fun with Breaking Dawn. =]

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