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The Washington Redskins

Cindy Boren
Washington Post NFL Editor
Monday, September 15, 2008; 2:30 PM

Post NFL Editor Cindy Boren was online Monday, Sept. 15 at 2:30 p.m. ET to take your questions about the results of the Redskins-Saints game.

A transcript follows.


Cindy Boren: Good afternoon! We have one little hour in which to cram jibba-jabba about the Redskins' victory over the Saints and, um, maybe Chris Cooley. Or not. Let's go.


Reston, VA: So the Redskins lose game 1, and the Bandwagon is questioning Jason Campbell's fit with the system. The Redskins win game 2, and Jason Campbell is THE man. So what happens if they lose game 3? Is he on the outs again?

Cindy Boren: It's a lot like Wall Street, isn't it? Jason Campbell is going to have his ups and downs -- have you seen Eli Manning? He could be great next Sunday against 'Zona or it could be a stinkeroo. While I'd like to see him progress each week, that doesn't always happen with QBs. You have to dedicate the year to him, so he can focus on that. (I haven't seen the name "Colt" come up yet today in the questions, which is good.)


Rockville, Md.: Cindy, from a media perspective, how would you compare Jim Zorn's press conferences with those of Joe Gibbs, who pretty much said the same two things over and over again: "It all starts with me" and "Our guys fought their guts out."

Cindy Boren: It's fascinating, it's refreshing. Zorn, despite all his years in the NFL, managed to duck out on the Coachspeak 101 class. The guy appears incapable of not answering a question. Nor has he learned how to take a question and then give the answer he wants to give, like a politician. Sometimes, you wonder if he won't give too much away because he so clearly loves to talk strategy and won't just say, "I'm not telling you."


C'ville, Va.: Durant Brooks is going to hurt us at some point this year. Have you heard any rumblings of someone with holding experience taking over those duties?

Cindy Boren: Not yet. Boy, did he have a rugged day Sunday.


Moab, UT: Vinnie stinks! The Redskins are going to be terrible this year! Start Colt Brennan! Get rid of Zorn.... uh, ooops. I was supposed to send this in last week. My bad.

Cindy Boren: It takes a while for email to get here from way out West...Save it -- maybe you'll need it next Monday. One week it's hemlock, the next it's Kool-Aid. It's gonna be this way for a while.


Tampa: Good afternoon Cindy and thanks for taking my

After last week's game the first thing that came to mind after the first play was "Oh no here we go again!"I think the single most significant thing which came out of this game was that Jason Campbell was able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. I think that this was JC's if not first real comeback victory then it is his best to date

Secondly, how about that stud rookie safety that filled in for Reed Doughty, Chris Horton "Sees a Defensive Player of the Week" as a rookie starting in his first game!

Even though New Orleans is no slouch I too still say that it is to early to predict how we will end until we play both Dallas and Philly.

Cindy Boren: Hey, Tampa -- home of Super Bowl XLIII. That Campbell-to-Moss 67-yarder was a thing of beauty, absolutely. He has to feel more confident after that. Chris Horton had a great game, but Jim Zorn just said that he expects Reed Doughty will be the starter Sunday. As for the big picture, the long-range outlook, I still believe what I have all along. It's a rugged first five games, compounded by a new coach. If they can get to the halfway point around .500, it'll be interesting with NFC East games at home starting Nov. 16.


Arlington, VA: Unfortunately for me I was driving home from New Jersey during the game and did not see it. From watching the highlights I saw the final TD on the long pass to Moss and I just smiled. Was that soley because of the score/time or have we already begun to roll back the ill-fitting West Coast offense (ill-fitting for Campbell that is)?

I hope we are modifying our attack to take advantage of one of the best long throwers I've seen in a while (look at how Moss doesn't even have to slow down at all on the TD...sheer beauty).

Cindy Boren: I think you were smiling because you were in a nice cool car with the A/C cranking...presumably. Sorry to wipe the smile off your face, but I'm not sure they've "begun to roll back" the WCO. It does seem as if there's some tweaking going on, though. Maybe that's good enough for a smile. Zorn pointed out in his presser today that it wasn't just "a security blanket" to be up under center; there really are advantages to being up there.


Norfolk, VA: Does "my cousin Vinny" admit his mistake and go out and find a punter that can do the job?

Cindy Boren: I can't speak for him, but I'd guess that he'd say it's only one game and point out that Brooks did win the Ray Guy award....Maybe Ray Guy could come in.


Baltimore: Cindy, thanks for doing these chats. The Wash Post has really opened up to us Redskins fanatics who can't get enough of the these chats and the Insider's unbiased coverage. Great stuff. Great performance by Santana Moss yesterday. He would be outstanding if he was in an offense that featured a great QB like Brady or Manning. He's been through a lot of change with this team so it's hard for him to build any continuity with a QB, plus he's had the hammy issues. Kudos to him for showing us that he is still one of the best in the league when things go right. He looked like his old speedy self out there!

Cindy Boren: Thank you, Charm City! We're happy to join you here and on the Insider. All we want to do is report on the team and share our impressions. It was indeed a very nice game by Moss. That 67-yard pass play was a thing of beauty.


Rockville, MD: What is Jason Taylor's status? He was out briefly, but then back playing. He was much improved from week 1.

Cindy Boren: Taylor was much better and that stands to reason given the original timetable for his injury. Am I the only one concerned, though, that the knee is going to get dinged again?


Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Cindy, Why do they continue to use Randall-El as a return man? He stinks! A good receiver, yes he is. Thrash used to return punts punts. What happened to him? He was quite good at it.

Cindy Boren: Thrash sprained his ankle yesterday (as did Malcolm Kelly). Zorn said the team may move Moss, Thrash (when healthy, obviously), or others into the rotation. La Canfora did report that Zorn supported Randle El - "He's not a schmuck when it comes to punt returns," Zorn said. "I'm not down on him at all. We just need to get more production there."


7-9...: That's all I see when I look at this team. Tough division, new coach who is not good, o-line that is old and never lived up to its potential, defense that is okay.

Also, Reed Doughty should never, ever play again ever for the Washington Redskins. He is not good.

What do you think? I feel like I'm being realistic. Maybe if Portis plays out of his mind and Campbell becomes the QB we want him to be, they make a run at the playoffs.

Cindy Boren: I'd thought 6-10 or 7-9 in the spring and through the summer. Still do. If they can just get to the halfway point around .500, maybe they can make a little run and be in contention. I agree with most of your assessments. As for Doughty, Zorn has said it looks like they're going to go with him as the starter Sunday.


Reston VA: Can we stop with the "my cousin Vinny" made a mistake with the punter nonsense! He may be a bust or he may end up being good, we don't know yet, but either way you can't get 'em all right as far as picks and personnel moves. You are going to miss on some of them.

Cindy Boren: Yep. Way, way too early to make that call. And no GM bats 1.000, even there are no bats in fubball.


SW DC: Why isn't Colt or Collins holding? I don't remember who it was, but 15 odd years ago our backup QB did an ad for a car dealership saying "I may not be the best QB in Washington, but I am the best holder."

Cindy Boren: Because you guys have convinced Colt and Collins they should be starting? Kidding!


Silver Spring, Md.: How much rope are the Redskins willing and able to give Suisham?

Cindy Boren: A lotta rope. Who else is there? I've never been very high on Suisham, but do they fire up Redskins One and start looking for a new guy -- with gas prices where they are?


Washington, D.C.: Did anyone ask Zorn who made the decision to keep Brooks over Frost?

The concerning thing is that it seems the culture in the organization rewarded Brooks for being a draft pick and that's it. You just can't tell me that Frost isn't the better punter (and apparently holder).

Yes Brooks had a bad day, but everyone does. It's the culture and precedent that concern me.

Cindy Boren: Let's revisit this next week. And the week after. Brook's role and development will be significant.


HTTR!: So CynCity, Any rumblings about "little" Cooleys unscheduled appearance on the intergooglenetweb? Is he getting grief from his teammates? Enquiring "minds" got to know the scoop!

Cindy Boren: Cooley has declined to comment and the team will release a statement, we expect, from him shortly. Player availability is very limited on Mondays, so no rumblings, yet....


College Park, MD: Thanks for taking my question,

With a very capable return man, Rock Cartwright, waiting in the wings and Randle El still struggling in punt returns, how soon do you see Zorn finally ending the chapter on Antwaan and giving someone else a chance?

Cindy Boren: Very soon. Zorn said they're looking at the rotation.


Brunswick, MD: I like that Zorn is willing to compromise with Campbell and do a few things Campbell is more comfortable with. After Gibbs I adapted his scheme to his personnel, (good bye 50 passes a game, hello John Riggins) good things happened.


Cindy Boren: A coach who isn't willing to adapt to his personnel is soon going to find himself in the TV booth on Sunday afternoons.


Columbia, MD: Don't get me wrong, I thought yesterday's win was very exciting and I screamed my lungs out when Campbell found Moss for the TD and just as loud when Horton got the pick to seal the win, but it should have never come to that. The Redskins should have blown out the Saints, no matter how good the Saints are or are supposed to be. I am hoping that this was just a growing pain disaster they avoided yesterday by pulling off the win in the end, but are these Redskins really as good as the stat sheets showed in the 1st half or are they just smoking mirrors?

Cindy Boren: Sounds painful, Columbia. No team knows when disaster or the dreaded stinker will strike. They got out of this one with a W (a lot of people predicted it would be an L) and have a bunch of stuff to learn from it. I don't think they're as good as Sunday showed or as bad as they appeared Sept. 4.


All the way to Tampa Bay?: Home of Super Bowl XVIII also. Let's not talk about that.

Cindy Boren: Sorry.


DC: Regarding Frost. We all know his body of work and it wasn't pretty so lets not make it out like we let go of an all-pro.

Lets at least give the new guy half a season before throwing him out of town.

Cindy Boren: That seems prudent. We hate prudent.


Anonymous: Seriously where is Vanderjat? He gets drunk and says a few dumb things about Peyton and his career is over?!?!

Cindy Boren: The Argonauts' gain is the Redskins' loss.


Washington, DC: Has anyone asked Zorn for an explaination for the 2-point conversion attempt? To me, it was a rookie coach error, and one that will continue to creep into the Deadskins playcalling throughout the year. Luckily is did not cost the Deadskins the game, but I certainly see a silly decision like that coming back to haunt him. Please DO NOT respond with a discussion about Mike Shanahan, because his 2-point decision was what the commentators called "playing with house money." Also no "chart" should say go for 2 down 2 in the 3rd quarter at home.

Zorn's 2-point attempt was something that Spurrier would think about and actually realize it was wrong. Deadskin fans are a bit too excited about a game that was handed to them by poor QB play by Drew Brees.

Cindy Boren: I haven't seen his comments today on that, but it was not a smart move. We were watching the game and calculating all the mathematical possibilities. You can learn from your mistakes without losing a game because of them.


Leesburg, Va.: What are our chances next week against Arizona?

Cindy Boren: My prediction -- and I'm horrible at this -- is that the Redskins lose a close one.


Seattle, WA: We sure do miss Zorn! Hassleback looks horrible and the Hawks are 0-2! Can we please have him back...thanks!

Cindy Boren: You'll have to make do with seeing him Nov. 23.


Cindy Boren: That's it for this Monday...thanks for stopping by! We'll dissect the Cardinals game next Monday and kick off "Dallas Week."


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