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Redskins Postgame

Cindy Boren
Washington Post NFL Editor
Monday, October 13, 2008; 11:00 AM

Post NFL Editor Cindy Boren was online Monday, Oct. 13 at 2:30 p.m. ET to take your questions about the results of the Redskins-Rams game and the latest news about the team.

A transcript follows.


Cindy Boren: Good morning! (That's your cue to ask me just what's so good about it.) Lots of news in Redskinsland after yesterday's surprising loss: Vinny Cerrato said on his radio show that there will be a new punter come Sunday and the Browns and Ladell Betts is headed to the hospital for an MRI on his sprained knee. So let's get going, shall we?


Chevy Chase, Md.: Special teams have been a problem all year... what to do?

Cindy Boren: Hmmmm...well, for one thing, the team could bring in punters for tryouts tomorrow -- which is just what they're doing. "Somebody else will be punting Sunday," Vinny Cerrato said on his radio show Monday. How's that for action?


Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: What in the heck are the Redskins doing about this punter Brooks. He has gone from bad to worse and I apply most of the blame on him for the loss. There has got to be someone out there that can do better.

Cindy Boren: Maybe if Brooks goes to a mediocre team, one with less pressure, he can get the time to develop and learn and get his head on straight. That's not a knock on him or the Redskins. (Well, technically, it is a knock on him. Nothing personal, though.) I do agree, Lauderdale, he's gotta go. Good luck and godspeed.


Redskins Park, Va.: I really believe the defensive front 4 once again let this team down. I know he's hurt, but it's looking more and more like we wasted another high draft pick in trading for Jason Taylor. When he has played, he's had little impact. Heck, Andre Carter has also had little to no impact. Thoughts?

Cindy Boren: The lack of a pass rush has been a factor for a looooong time, no? I still like the acquisition of Jason Taylor, but he has to stay healthy. You'll note that as he recovered from the knee injury and was back at nearly full strength for Games 2-4, the team did much better. He and Carter were having increasing effectiveness. Then, he got hurt again with one of the truly unusual injuries (Acute compartment syndrome? Come on...). It's going to take him another week or so to get back to normal -- maybe the Lions game. I still like the move to acquire him, even at a high cost. I'd have rolled the dice that you'd get the guy who played in four trillion straight starts.


Brunswick, Md.: Cindy,

Any word on what was the deal with Leigh Torrence jawing with Jim Haslett on the sideline? After that, it must have been particularly satisfying for the Rams that he was the one who got burned on that key completion at the end.

Cindy Boren: No word yet on that, Brunswick, but he did just talk about getting torched with La Canfora: "I believe I was in pretty good position, but it was an underthrown ball." As Richie Incognito said yesterday, there was a lot of jaw jacking going on out there.


Don't panic: This loss was not a complete shock. The 'Skins had just finished a rough road trip with results that no one could have imagined. This was a let down but they should bounce back.

If they lose another one of the next two, that will be a different story.

Cindy Boren: True that. What if this is Bizarro World, where the 'Skins win those big road games (and four in a row), then drop the three cupcakes and go 4-4 -- winning the games everyone figured they'd lose and losing the games everyone figured they'd win? I doubt it, but ...

Can I go back a question? Just got an answer on Torrence from Barry: Torrence said he felt like the Rams' players were yapping from the sidelines and he was addressing a larger scene beyond just Haseltt and was speaking to several people.


Tampa, Fla.: Good Morning Cindy and thanks for taking my question.

After things started to go in the wrong direction in yesterday's game I was wondering along with the commentators why Coach Zorn didn't attack the Rams cornerbacks since neither were their starters. Your thoughts?

Cindy Boren: Tampa, home of Super Bowl XLIII! I'll be interested to listen to Jim Zorn today...He didn't have his best game of playcalling Sunday, in my opinion.


Silver Spring, Md.: Pete Kendall made one of the dumbest plays I have seen in a long time. It can't be said enough how stupid he was on that play. I hope Coach Zorn makes him run sprints until gets the whole thought of being a running back out his system. The other mistakes were bad, but that was the worst of the bunch.

Cindy Boren: For me, that was the biggest jaw-dropping moment of a wacky NFL day. I felt like I did when Joe Gibbs called the back-to-back timeouts. There were just no words. No one luvs the unsung linemen more than I, so I'll cut Kendall some slack (but only a little). He made the mistake of thinking on that play (that can only hurt the ballclub, as Crash Davis sez). You have to give him props for being a stand-up guy afterward. "It's hard for me to know that I let down the 52 other guys in this locker room, the coaches, owners, the fans....For somebody who thinks about football an awful lot, to make a boneheaded play like that is inexplicable." And the poor guy couldn't get a shower after talking to reporters because the water was turned off.


Rockville, Md.: In the history of boneheaded plays, where does Kendall's fumble rank? What was he going to do, run for a 30 yard td? Oy!

Cindy Boren: Poor guy should have this tattooed on his forearm: "Bat it down. Fall on it. Do not run it. You will not score." About the most you can say for him is that at least he was headed toward the correct goal line.


Hilliard, Ohio: A big howdy, Cindy, from Ohio! Cindy, I've been a fan since the '70s. Great year until yesterday. I think everyone needs to pull back a little and chill. Even the great teams like the Pats lose occasional games. Yes, it was a major boiled egg they laid yesterday with enough blame to go around. One question however...what about the O-line? Why the pass blocking troubles against a horrible defense? Campbell hardly had time to throw downfield for much of the game. Thanks for replying.

Cindy Boren: Howdy...I believe Hilliard is near Columbus, no? You had me until you mentioned the Pats -- boy, did they ever pick the wrong "occasional" game to lose, no? The o-line was dinged yesterday...Samuels and Thomas were hurting. Samuels has a mild sprain and may miss some practice this week (there'll be lots of updates on the Redskins Insider and our Twitter feed today). And perhaps Jansen for Heyer isn't the way to go...Hopefully Heyer is healthy this week.


"Somebody else will be punting Sunday": Wouldn't it be better to, maybe, make sure the schlubs the Skins can bring it are actually BETTER than Brooks before announcing we'll have a new punter?

Cindy Boren: I had that same thought. We'll see who parades through the Punter Pageant at the Park tomorrow. Maybe Sean Landeta will show up.


Charlottesville, Va.: This just in -- Romo out 4 weeks with a broken pinky on his throwing hand. Means Brad Johnson plays against the Skins at Fedex.

Cindy Boren: I see that. As if the matchup needed to be made any more interesting or compelling....


Houston: It may sound odd, but they needed this -- there IS a quiet confidence about this team, but given the nature of the NFL, a 16-game season with LOTS of ups and downs, it is better that this happened now, instead of at the end of the year. You learn more from your failures than your successes, and this will keep them hungry.

Cindy Boren: Good point, Houston. One concern I had last week was that this is a team that is used to turning it on at the end of a season (in the two most recent playoff drives); I wasn't certain they'd know how to play from the lead (if they were, say, 8-2 or something). We'll see what they take from this into the Cleveland game. After all, the game was theirs for the taking Sunday.


Re: dumbest play of the week: Dumber than the Orlovsky safety in the Lions game? Close call, two hilarious plays in a span of 10 minutes.

Cindy Boren: The Orlovsky incident was much dumber and funnier.


Baltimore: Blache talked about missed assignments, dropped passes, and as good as Horton appears to be, he's very deficient in coverage. As the good as the D looks, I still think they will really click at some point down the road, once Taylor gets healthy and youngsters mature. The sacks will come.

Cindy Boren: I don't think I agree that Horton is deficient; the dude is a rookie. Rookies make mistakes. I am not overly concerned with the defense.


Reston, Va.: Heading in to the series of "easy" games, a few sports reporters figured that the Browns game would be the one that would give the Skins trouble. After their loss as overwhelming favorites yesterday, do you think that the Browns will be more difficult to beat, or less?

Cindy Boren: Last week, I was speaking with one of the writers (not Jason La Canfora, fyi) and I said I thought the Lions game on the road would be the toughest, with the Skins on the road looking ahead to the Steelers and the bye. He was pointing to the Browns game. I think yesterday's loss means the Skins will come out roaring Sunday; the Browns will have a short week after what should be a tough game against the Gints tonight.


Tony Romo: I'm only out 4 weeks, see you at Fedex in 5 weeks.

Cindy Boren: Hey, Tony. Thanks for writing in. Hope you're ready to go go in four week and, please bring Jessica, I beg of you. Please? And, by all means, wear that ballcap backwards. [Sorry. Ordinarily, I like the backward cap. On him, not so much.]


Baltimore: No question it was a bad loss at home, but let's look at the bright side. If the Skins' win their next two games then they're 6-2. That's a great start at the mid way point! Put this loss behind as fast as possible, make sure we limit the mistakes and things can get right back on track.

Cindy Boren: Good idea. Let's apply some perspective and look at the possible scenarios:

6-2 -- whodathunkit? hip hip ...

5-3 -- not bad, not bad. there's stuff to work on.

4-4 -- gack. still, given the early schedule, it could have been a lot worse and there's no reason to shotgun the hemlock. the team would be in the mix for the playoffs and have some sweet home games lined up.

No matter how the next two shake out, what's not to like?


Cindy Boren: Thanks for joining me today. There's lots going on, so I must sprint. Stick with us on the Redskins Insider and on the Twitter feed. See you here next Monday.


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