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Gene Wang
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, October 16, 2008; 12:00 PM

Want to win your league this year? Washington Post staff writer Gene Wang will be online Thursday, Oct. 16 at Noon ET to solve your fantasy football dilemmas.

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Gene Wang: What a wild week for fantasy owners. Some fantasy studs finally look like they're back in top form, while others are on the shelf for an extended period. I'm sure there are a lot of questions this week, so let's get to them.


Court House, Va.: It's encouraging to see the Colts getting back on track, but what value does Anthony Gonzales have in the long-run, given that Marvin Harrison isn't as bad off as I thought and Dallas Clark is still contributing? I was counting on him being my No. 2 WR in my 14 team league, but thankfully Vincent Jackson is stepping up. Also, is the emergence of Devin Hester and Brandon Lloyd's prolonged absence with a knee injury reason enough to drop Lloyd? I'm thinking of pulling Dominic Rhodes off the waivers to use as trade bait for Addai's desperate owner. Thanks

Gene Wang: You should get Rhodes off waivers immediately. Honestly, I'm really surprised he's still available. As for Gonzo, he's still a No. 2 WR in deeper leagues because that offense appears back in gear. At it's peak potential, that offense can produce three 1,000-yard WRs like Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Brandon Stokley. Also, Lloyd could be back at practice this week, so don't cut him just yet.


Arlington, Va.: LeRon McLain or Darren McFadden as my flex RB alongside Thomas Jones? McLain had a terrible week last week, but McFadden has been consistently average. Given the defenses they're up against this week...I'm stumped.

Gene Wang: McFadden is due for a big week. He's healthy for the first time this season, and the Raiders are intent on using him in other spots than tailback. Don't be surprised to see him getting direct snaps in the Wildcat formation, which he ran with ridiculous success at Arkansas. He could line up at wide receiver too.


Boston: I have Portis, Chris Johnson, Jones-Drew, and Willie Parker as my RBs, but my receiving corps is very weak and unreliable-Wes Welker, Issac Bruce, Santonio Holmes. Which one of my RBs should I try to trade for a top flight receiver? And which receiver should I try to get?

Gene Wang: Willie Parker isn't attractive trade bait now since he aggrevated his MCL in practice, and you have to keep Portis since he's leading the league in rushing. So it's either CJ or MJD. You might as well start high, as I always do in trades, and go after someone like Steve Smith or Plaxico Burress and bargain down from there.


Washington, D.C.: Gene: The old war horse (Chad Johnson) has morphed into Ocho Stinko. He has for the past 3 seasons been entrenched in my starting lineup. Can he still conjure up a 3 catch game much less a 3 TD game. Or should the young and more targeted Lance Moore finally replace No. 85 in my starting lineup?

Gene Wang: With Carson Palmer out this week and perhaps the rest of the season, Ocho Cinco's value takes a nose dive. It's time to insert Lance Moore into your starting lineup, but remember too that Marques Colston probably is back this week, meaning Moore will get less down the road.


Stanton Park, DC: What do you think of starting Brad Johnson right off the bat against St. Louis? Should I jump right in with him, or wait a week to see how he does? The other options for me would be Jake Delhomme vs. New Orleans or Derek Anderson vs. the Skins . . . Thanks!

Gene Wang: The Cowboys are such a mess right now, so I'd wait on Brad Johnson. He's not going to put up great stats anyway because you have figure Dallas is going to focus on running the ball. I like Delhomme to rebound this week after a stinker last week. That New Orleans-Carolina game could feature a lot of points.


Silver Spring, Md.: Gene,

I've got Devery Henderson and Brandon Stokley as two of my WRs. Are either worth keeping or should I look elsewhere?

Gene Wang: Your situation reminds me of that old sports cliche, "It's time to go in a different direction." Henderson has dropped way down the charts in New Orleans with the emergence of Lance Moore and the impending comeback of Marques Colston, and Stokley is dealing with a concussion.


DC: Four backs -- pick two:

LenDale, Steven Jackson, Warrick Dunn, and Deuce.

Also, I just completed a trade for Roy Williams the day before he went to the Cowboys. Is that good luck or bad?

Gene Wang: LenDale and SJ. Getting Roy Williams now is a wash, because he wasn't going to have Jon Kitna anyhow if he stayed in Detroit, and now he doesn't have Tony Romo for a month. His upside is better than is current fantasy value.


Capitol Hill: Is it worth taking a chance with Shockey this week, or should I hold off one more week?

Gene Wang: Shockey looked good in practice, according to coaches and players. That's good news for Shockey fantasy owners as well and reason enough to get him in your starting lineups. Just be sure to monitor his progress the rest of the week.


Morgantown, W.V.: Should I start Lee Evans or Colston with Greg Jennings? If Colston plays (which seems likely), does he immediately put up the numbers we are use to or is there concern for a rust factor?

Gene Wang: There is a rust factor, but I'd still get Colston in your starting lineup.


Alexandria, Va.: Joseph Addai, what to do? I need a decent running back! Keep him on the bench in anticipation of the playoffs, or trade him? It's not like he's been a stud this year.

Gene Wang: Keep him because that offense appears shifting into high gear. When he gets back, he'll be a big part of it.


Washington, D.C.: Gene, any update on Kellen Winslow? If he can't go, is Olsen a decent pickup off waivers? Poor Kellen.

Gene Wang: Winslow continues to be questionable, and I would stunned if he played on Sunday. Olsen isn't a bad alternative.


Falls Church, Va.: I am losing Addai this week. Would you start Deangelo Williams, Derrick Ward, or Bernard Berrian (flex) in his spot? THANKS!

Gene Wang: DeAngelo Williams.


Fairfax, Va.: Would you start Colston this week?

Gene Wang: Yes, because I'm doing just that in a couple leagues.


Mount Olympus: Gene,

I'd like to end up with a spot on Mount Olympus as a fantasy football god. The only way to do that is by making incredible decisions week after week. In my league I need to choose between starting Deuce vs Carolina or Sammy Morris vs Denver. My league gives 1 ppr and 1pt/10yds rush/receiving. I'm leaning toward Morris vs the putrid Denver rush D unless you can think of a good reason why I'd be better off starting Deuce. Thanks for the advice!

Gene Wang: That's a big mountain to scale my friend. Let me know what you find when you reach the peak. Morris is going to be the featured back against the league's 30th-ranked defense. Plus Denver is making a cross-country trek to play a Monday night game against team that was embarrassed last week. Morris a better play, especially in PPR leagues.


L Street, D.C.: Is Matt Schaub now becoming a reliable fantasy pick after 2 300+ yard games? Rivers has been great most of the games this year, but Schaub is playing the anemic Lions.

And is it finally time for me to bench Randy Moss?

Gene Wang: Schaub is finally a reliable fantasy starter. That offense is clicking big time, and that trend should continue against Detroit, ranked last in the league in total defense. I'd go with Moss this week, with the Pats on Monday Night Football. We know how Randy loves to shine on national TV.


Vienna, Va.: Aaron Rodgers (#2 scorer in my fantasy league) vs IND or Matt Schaub vs the really bad and poorly named Detroit Lions?

Gene Wang: Schaub. See previous answer.


Transplanted in Lisbon: Hi Gene! Submitting this in the hopes you'll respond. I'll keep it simple: LenDale White or Dominic Rhodes? This is a must-win week for me!

Gene Wang: LenDale White. The Chiefs are giving up a league-worst 182 yards rushing per game.


Rockville, Md.: Gene, would you rather have R. Bush or M. Turner for the rest of 2008 in a standard non-PPR league?

Gene Wang: Hmmm, very interesting question. I'd say Michael Turner, but it's close.


Baltimore: Hey Gene, with McNabb on bye this week, is Frerotte a good start against the Bears? Derek Anderson is available in my league, although the Browns are playing a good Redskins D. What do you think?

Gene Wang: Frerotte isn't a bad play considering the Bears are ranked 27th in the league in pass defense. Meantime, the Redskins are ranked 13th in pass defense.


Maryland: Never thought I would ask this, but start Texans D over Vikings D this week?

Gene Wang: I never thought I would say this either, but Houston may be the better play. The Lions have the 30th-ranked offense in the league and just lost their No. 1 WR and starting QB. Plus Houston is at home and has confidence and motivation after a dramatic victory last week.


Arlington, Va.: Gene -- is Hester for real as a WR, and am I crazy for thinking of starting him over Bowe who has a tough matchup this week? Thanks!

Gene Wang: Hester is for real, but Brandon Lloyd may be back this week. Consider that before starting Hester.


Columbus, Ohio: Thoughts on the Browns offensive stars (Edwards, Anderson, Lewis, Winslow)? Are they back to 2007 form or was the Giants game a mirage?

Gene Wang: I said all along the Browns couldn't possibly be as bad as they showed over the first month of the season, and they proved that Monday night. The big three of DA, Braylon and Jamal Lewis are on their way back to 2007 form, which means start them until further notice.


Washington, D.C.: I just picked up Rhodes but already have Chris Johnson and Marshawn Lynch. Do I go with my established studs or bench one of them for the Colt?

Gene Wang: My philosophy always has been to go with your established studs.


D.C.: Gene,

Nate Clements or Eric Wright at DB? S. Breaston at WR or Cotchery? Thanks, and Go Cowboys (I know you are a hater).

Gene Wang: Wright and Cotchery, and Cowboys are in a world of trouble for the next month. This season has 8-8 potential, if not worse. What a letdown for a team that was crowned Super Bowl champion in August.


Fairfax, Va.: What's your strategy with replacing kickers or defenses when they have a bye week? We are only allowed 4 bench players so I only have 1 kicker. I have Jason Elam and he had an outstanding week last week. He's on a bye this week, but I dont want to drop him for another kicker just to replace him in the lineup for this week.

Gene Wang: What a coincidence. I too have Elam, and I'm keeping him on my roster, but we have six bench players. It's a little more dicey with just four bench spots. I'd probably just let Elam go and hope to get him back next week.


Denver: Gene--Of course I sat Marvin Harrison last week, when he racked up a ton of points. Luckily it made no difference. Hopefully he can put up good numbers this week. Who should I play of these guys? I'm starting Reggie Bush and need to chose a second between Steven Jackson, Ryan Grant and Michael Pittman. Thanks!

Gene Wang: Steven Jackson should have a big day against the depleted Cowboys defense.


Washington, D.C.: Gene, love the chats. I don't really have a question about who to sit or start or trade, etc. I'd like to know what players that are sitting on my leagues waiver wire may pay dividends down the stretch. Ryan Torain is out there, Kevin Curtis, D.J. Hackett as well. I am sitting in first in points and wins and I am pretty happy with my current roster but I can afford to drop Chris Perry for a potential payout down the road. Keep up the great work

Gene Wang: Kevin Curtis is a good addition. He'll be the No. 1 WR when he gets back, despite the fast start for DeSean Jackson.


Knoxville, Tenn.: Oh wise Oracle...

Got a couple of questions, I offered Julius Jones for Roddy White, good idea? Will Earnest Graham EVER get the touches he deserves, he volunteered for fullback duties, great for winning the game but lousy for fantasy

Also, have a manager in my league who has checked out (my mistake for letting him in) so I am managing his team, got any hints, I have been playing the best projected players. What about trades, should I let other teams trade with him, love the chats, later.

Gene Wang: Good idea, considering it looks like Matt Ryan is the real deal. Also Graham will get the touches fantasy owners covet, maybe even this week against a bad Seattle team. As for the vacant team, have you tried to get another owner to fill the spot? Otherwise it seems starting the best projected players is the most equitable way to handle the siutation the rest of the season.


Washington, D.C.: Bernard Berrian or Antonio Gates for my W/T slot this week? I picked up Berrian last week, and he delivered big time. But, I don't know whether he's consistent enough to replace Gates, who, despite being injured and less effective, still has more touchdowns.

If you think I should stick with Gates, then should I put Berrian in as a WR over either E. Royal or L. Evans (R. Wayne is my other starting WR)?

Gene Wang: I like Gates and Berrian both in your starting lineup with Eddie Royal.


Reston, Va.: Hi Gene, is Shaun Alexander worth picking up to replace some bye players?

Gene Wang: He's worth adding in deeper leagues, but be sure to temper your expectations. Redskins coaches have said he's not going to be handling backup duties alone -- Rock Cartwright will get carries too -- so figure on 10 to 12 plays a game for Alexander.


Gene Wang: Wow, another hour in the books. Thanks for all the questions, and be sure to check me out tomorrow and every Friday at 5:30 p.m. on Washington Post Live for the Friday Fantasy Fix. See you next time.


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