Celebritology Live: Sarah Palin Must Be a Celeb, Cuz We Can't Stop Talking About Her

Liz Kelly
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Thursday, October 23, 2008; 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Afternoon and welcome back to the chat. Lots of excitement in blog land today as the site switched us over to only allow comments from registered users. It's working for some, not for others and generally causing mayhem. We held off on posting today's main item -- a creative captioning pic -- because of the switch and its hiccups, but we're tired of waiting. Editor Nancy will post it momentarily. I'll let you know.

It's a slowish day in celeb news, though producer Rocci may have some headlines to share below. I did, tho, like this pic of Spencer Pratt posted to Us Weekly today. He's carrying his gun and wearing a "Palin For VP" t-shirt. Nice.

Let's get started...


Team Shatner!: I say anyone who can keep carrying a grudge this long, that gets renewed with perceived slights over a wedding he probably wouldn't go to anyway, is my kind of feisty!

Liz Kelly: Amen. I'm tempted to cast aspersions on Shatner in the hopes that he'll aim his indignation in my general direction.


Costumery: Have you ever dressed the charming Page in a doggie Halloween costume?

Liz Kelly: I have, actually. Here she is as Katie Couric a couple of years ago.


Liz Kelly: Oopsy -- Here's that Spencer Pratt pic.


Hockey Mom: I'd ask a question, but I'm too busy shopping at Saks!

Liz Kelly: Well, save some Dolce for the rest of us.


Cleveland Park, NW, Washington, D.C. - Will the tabs ever tire of Aniston?: A new Angelina movie, another round of Brad-Angie-Jen heartbreak/betrayal stories in the tabs. Yawn. Does anyone out there really care anymore? It this point it seems about as fresh as Eddie Fisher leaving Debbie Reynolds for Liz Taylor. Does this story still move issues off the stands?

Liz Kelly: It seems that a large contingent of interested parties never tire of the "Jen was wronged" story. I'm not saying she wasn't, just that there are some folks out there who still can't let a mention of Angelina Jolie's name pass without commenting on it.

Though it looks like there's enough Jen news to talk about without bringing Angie into it.


GOOP must die!: Just knowing it exists makes me want to yank out my hair. Maybe we should just make the prisoners at Gitmo read it? Ugh

Liz Kelly: I had a friend write me today -- a friend who I admire and look up to, who is smart, worldly and a published author -- to ask, "Is it depressing that I secretly like Goop? I kind of want to make her recipes."

She also sent along this take on Gwynnie's latest post.


Flat-front pants!: I was at Nordstrom Rack at Potomac Mills this week, and I was delighted to see a rack of men's dress pants labeled "Flat-Front." There were many more there than at a regular Nordstrom.

Liz Kelly: That's nice that they're clearly guiding men to them. I know that will make the shopping experience that much easier.


Austin, Tex.: I'm really incensed over SNL's decision to have Sarah Palin on the show. I understand featuring candidates from both parties, but Palin's brand of vitriol and divisiveness is too much. I declared I would never watch the show again, despite the fact that my wife and I can hold entire conversations comprising nothing but lines from SNL skits. Can Tina Fey talk me out of my declaration? It may seem stupid, but I'm pretty distraught about this.

Liz Kelly: Really?

I watched Saturday's Palin spots and I don't think they did anything to sway voters already dead set against her or dissuade those firmly in her camp. And "SNL" hardly gave her a platform for furthering her message which, some would argue, has definitely been on the negative end of the spectrum of late.

In fact, I thought the news segment -- the Amy Poehler rap -- was downright biting to Palin, yet she sat there and took it. It was as if she was oblivious to the fact that we weren't laughing with her, but at her.

I'll add another commenter's take next...


Washington, D.C.: Tina, you are very funny in general, but I believe your portrayal of Gov. Palin has been a disservice to her and to McCain's campaign. Gov. Palin is not a professional politician, like many other politicans that have been parodied by SNL. I believe that your portrayal has helped to put forth this constructed image -- now mainstream narrative -- that Gov. Palin is "ditsy," unintelligent, and unready to lead. I believe these are unfair characteristics, and I don't believe that Gov. Palin has been given a fair chance to prove herself to the national audience. If my concerns are reflective not only of conservatives, but perhaps of a broader audience, then would you be somewhat concerned of the impact that your portrayal has had on the narrative of this campaign?

Thanks for your time.

Liz Kelly: I appreciate the sentiment, but I'm not sure Tina Fey did any more than Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric to convey the impression that Gov. Palin is ditsy.


Tinseltown: John Grogan mentioned in yesterday's chat that Jennifer Aniston was very nice to him and his family. Does that count for anything?

washingtonpost.com: Book World Discussion With John Grogan (washingtonpost.com, Oct. 22)

Liz Kelly: Well, it makes sense that she'd be nice to the guy on whom one of her upcoming movies is based. But I've never heard it mentioned that Aniston was anything other than pleasant.


Office of the Vice President, undisclosed location: You forgot to mention the beer that Spencer Pratt was carrying. You know, beer and guns don't always mix well.

Liz Kelly: Listen, he's just trying to emulate Joe Six Pack.


Wardrobe mistress: Liz, since you traffic in celebrities, where do you purchase your wardrobe items? (i.e., what does one wear to ComicCon?)Won't ask about your clothing budget since I assume The Post is not as generous as the RNC.

Liz Kelly: I shop everything from H&M to Neiman Marcus and, like many other average Americans, know a thing or two about credit card debt.


Tralfamad, Ore.: Did anybody not predict a Madonna-Ritchie break-up? Who gets custody of Madge's fake British accent?

Liz Kelly: Since Paris Hilton is reportedly contemplating a move to England, I believe she'd be the rightful heir.


Halloween costumes:: So what celebrity can I be for Halloween (besides Sarah Palin)? My husband informs me that my first choice -- Britney with a half-shaven head is soooo last year.

Liz Kelly: Why, thanks for asking. We'll have a special feature ready for Celebritology tomorrow that will help everyone prep a celeb-inspired Halloween costume.


Bennington, Vt.: How does Tina Fey do her impression of Gov. Palin and not just burst out laughing?

Liz Kelly: She's a professional, that's how.


Portland, Ore.: Liz,

I am going to try out Gwyneth Paltrow's insouciant carmelized black pepper chicken recipe this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.

Liz Kelly: Just go light on the insouciance, heavy on the pepper.


Austin, Tex.: I agree they didn't give her a platform. It was just the simple fact that she was invited for the sake of ratings. I dunno, you got to the meat of the matter since she was almost a non-participant and the rap def was biting. It just really bothered me for some reason. Thanks for the help!

Liz Kelly: I hear ya, Austin. But I think it would've been worse if SNL had not welcomed her. They would've been missing out on a big ratings opportunity and probably accused of being part of the liberal intelligentsia.


Celebrity Rehab countdown!: Is it wrong I am counting the minutes until this awesome trainwreck of a show starts again tonite? Busey and Dr. Drew -- perfect together!

Liz Kelly: No, not wrong at all. Thanks for the reminder.


Washington, D.C.: Is Gene lurking around the chat? I was wondering if he has the hots for Gov. Palin after seeing her in knee-high boots and a skirt. It looks like she has at least two pairs of boots. Maybe Gene will vote for McCain just to keep the boots around for 4 years.

Liz Kelly: Somewhow I doubt that.


Methinks: Wow. What about that America Ferrara vs. Lindsay Lohan piece in the N.Y. Post. You go America! And in a real catfight, you know she's got Lindsay pinned to the mat.

With all the "news" coming in about the Guy Ritchie/Madonna breakup, have you thought about giving that stuff its own ongoing headline as you did with the Brit Watch when she was going all crazy?

Liz Kelly: My favorite part about that story, maybe Rocci can link (it was in the Morning Mix, Roc) was that America had accidentally rendered Lilo bottomless and Lilo cried.

And, yes, I almost caved and gave Madge her own section this morning. If this divorce continues to build into a franchise, it will definitely happen.


Liz Kelly: We have an official response from Weingarten as to his thoughts on Sarah Palin's boots and skirt look:

"She has a great butt. And great butts are handsomely accessorized with boots and skirt."

So there you have it.


Gwyneth Paltrow's insouciant carmelized black pepper chicken recipe: You mean she's not vegetarian? Oh, the humanity!

Liz Kelly: She used to be a vegan, but I think I remember her saying she eased back into a more omnivorous diet when she was pregnant with Moose, or Moses or whatever that kid's name is.


Philadelphia, Pa.: Wait a minute: Washington said "Gov. Palin is not a professional politician, like many other politicans that have been parodied by SNL."

Well, either Palin's a politician with experience to step up and lead from day one (as the vice president is supposed to be prepared to do), or she's not. And if she isn't, then why is she on the ticket and why are people claiming that she has more experience than Obama, or that her years as mayor of Wasilla (a truly hard-hitting occupation) and months as governor of Alaska (with a population smaller than many of our major cities) make her qualified? She can't be both qualified/experienced and "not a professional politician."

Liz Kelly: Right. I think that missive was an attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor. I'm thinking maybe the poster needs to go back to the drawing board.


Jamie Lynn: Has her camp "officially" denied the pregnancy rumors?

Liz Kelly: Well, if Jamie Lynn's best friend -- who was the alleged source of the leak -- counts, then yes, they've effectively shut this one down.


Sully: Liz -- I'm freaking out a little bit. I'm registered on washingtonpost.com, but it's telling me I'm not registered when I try to leave comments. What do I do? Is there a specific registration for comments?

Liz Kelly: Okay, this is such a McGyver fix, but according to other posters what works is this:

Go to Achenblog and make like you're going to leave a comment. There you will be asked to sign in. Then, return to Celebritology and you should be golden.

I love upgrades.


Silver Spring, Md.: Spencer/Heidi need to just go away. He is carrying a gun AND beer while she is strolling next to him in her hooker shoes on a dirt road -- there is just so much wrong with this picture. Wait -- maybe she will trip and fall down the cliff and break a leg. Then Spencer would have to shoot her. All is right with the world.

Liz Kelly: Always looking for that silver lining, eh?


Ferrerra vs. Lohan: Who do you side with?

I really WANT to like Lindsay. She was a good actress at one point. But I think those reports from the set sound very true. And America has shown no similar signs of trashiness.

Here's a crazy idea -- Lindsay should go to college. Expand her mind and her experience and maybe get back some of that intelligent promise she had at 14.

Liz Kelly: I completely agree.

But here's why I'm still on team Lindsay: She's got a lot to overcome and didn't grow up with any kind of instructions on how to cope and get along with other people. Her parents are both publicity -- umm -- hounds who couldn't wait to make a buck from their offspring. Part of her entourage is apparently a sober chaperone, so that's a start. She's got to figure all this out for herself with little traditional familial support. So I don't begrudge her a few tantrums here and there.


Gov. Pal, IN: Not for Halloween!

Attention Partygoers

Liz Kelly: That's fabulous. The costume shop owners I talked to this week were, of course, inundated with requests for Sarah Palin wigs. They've been taking go-go girl wigs and refashioning the hair into a bouffant.


Port of Pain, Possum Island: Hi Liz! Without your blog, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert, I think I'd be even crazier than I am. I have a question about Mr. Colbert's show. Behind his desk, it looks like there is a photo of Edward Norton. Do you know why this might be so? Are they buds? Thanks!

Liz Kelly: I have no idea. Maybe someone else out there knows?


Oh, the humanity!: To Rocci: It's "Owe -sic], the humanity!" Please don't edit the lizards.

Liz Kelly: I will have a talk with Rocci and share the Celebritology glossary with him.


The Lost trailer is up!: Hooray! I forgot how much I missed this show!

Dark UFO Spoilers: Lost

Liz Kelly: I know. And it looks good, dang it.


Keanu and Claire, what's the deal: Couple or not? Weren't there rumors of an engagement yrs ago?

Keanu, Claire (Jezebel)

Liz Kelly: Well, according to recent reports they've been "dating."


washingtonpost.com: I'm sorry that at times I'm not so hip as thee's audience.


byool, IN: This morning the Lovely Mrs. byoolin asked me, "Where has Amy Winehouse been?" and I realized I didn't know the answer.

Should someone maybe go by her house and make sure she's not been dead on the floor for two weeks?

Liz Kelly: Good question. Amy has definitely been out of the spotlight lately. But this report did surface in London last week:

The Grammy award-winning singer, 25, was filmed ranting about music officials and she screamed that Satan was giving her drugs.

According to reports, the Back to Black star could only play two notes on her 3,000 guitar before smashing it up at the West London studio where she is trying to record her third album.


Washington, D.C.: Spencer/Heidi. The book she is holding is upside down!

Liz Kelly: Well, as long as she's not reading it.


Richmond, Va.: A poster on an earlier chat accused someone of being part of the cultural elite. I honest to God don't know what that means. Ballet vs. wrestling? Can you give me a thumb print description, like soccer mom, everyone can tell who that describes.

Liz Kelly: I'm not sure I even want to go there. So I'll deflect this question with a lame attempt at humor:

For the purposes of Celebritology cosmos, I suppose it's "Rock of Love" vs. The Kennedy Center Honors.


Lohan U: But if LiLo goes to college, she'll probably end up like many girls and experiment with alcohol and lesbianism and... oh, never mind.

Liz Kelly: Right -- see, she'll have a leg up on the rest of the freshman class.

Oh, wait.


Skirts and boots: I'm wearing the look today, sans hose/tights. (I hope my butt is up to the task.) I didn't much care for Palin's dark hose under black boots -- but since I don't have my own shopper and a $150K budget, I assume I'm in the wrong, fashion-wise.

Liz Kelly: That's right. And let this be a lesson to all of us that red leather jackets did not die with the demise of Merry Go Round.


Halloween: Not a celebrity, but might as well be among my group of friends -- we're going as "my new haircut" on YouTube. Accents, fake tan and all. We'll be keeping tallies on those who get the joke and those who think we're one of them...

Liz Kelly: Anyone else want to share their costume plans?

I'm going as crazy Britney. All I need is the pink wig (check) and a frappucino.


Update: Dog Adoption: Hi, Liz! I wrote in months ago asking for suggestions on shelters to adopt a dog. Just wanted to let you know that we've been proud puppy parents for almost 2 months now. Just wanted to share the good news!

Liz Kelly: That's great news! Would love to see a pic if you have one.


Re: Shatner: Do any of his former castmates like him? Is the speaking out just desperate attempts to stay in the spotlight?

Liz Kelly: From what I understand, he's not popular with the rest of the Enterprise crew.

Though from what I've read, "Boston Legal" co-star James Spader doesn't mind him. In fact, he even once said that Shatner smelled pleasantly. Here's the quote:

"He had a very sort of, a strangely very attractive sort of pungent sort of gamey, sort of a venison or a lamb sausage... and a little bit of rosemary with a touch of ranch dressing."


Wanting to be back in lost-ville: Did you see Dr. Ethan from "Lost" on "Criminal Minds" last night? When will our Losties return?

Liz Kelly: Nope, I didn't. Lost returns the last week of January.


washingtonpost.com: Lohan's Betty Gig (Page 6, Oct. 23)


re: my wife and I can hold entire conversations comprising nothing but lines from SNL skits. : That's me and Seinfeld. Any situation, I can quote the same situation on Seinfeld and what George did about it. I'm starting to realize it's no longer hip nostalgic, but getting into Star Trekkie in the basement world.

Liz Kelly: That's me and Mr. Liz and the Simpsons. There is a line perfectly tailored to every single thing we have to communicate to each other.


All my exes live in, TX: Claire Foralini is married to Dougray Scott, and I think Keanu is dating Parker Posey. Although Claire and Keanu were together in the past.

Liz Kelly: Right you are, though here are some pix of Keanu and Claire on a friendly dinner date last night.


Centreville, Va.: Liz, wouldn't you also need a bag of Cheetos and/or a green umbrella to complete the "Crazy Britney" look?

Liz Kelly: Good point. But I'm stopping short of the Marlboro lights and ambulance.


Alexandria: Hi, I'm the one that commented a few weeks ago about Taylor Momsen's horrible haircut. I assume you see what I mean with today's headline?

Also: Taylor Momsen: "I'm Naturally Thin" (Us Magazine, Oct. 21)

Momsen (omg!)

I thought this was just Taylor's awful style, but an article on OMG today says that next week Jenny Humphrey gets rebellious. (I haven't watched this week's episode yet.)

Liz Kelly: I don't think it's that bad. It's sort of reminiscent of late Carol Brady. It just looks kind of severe in that pic.


I suppose it's "Rock of Love" vs. The Kennedy Center Honors. : Boring AND boring.

Liz Kelly: What's your poison?


Ahhh, the Simpsons: Is there any dialogue more romantic? My long-term boyfriend wooed me when we first met using Dr. Nick voices. I was devastated when he died in the movie...

Liz Kelly: When Mr. Liz and I were first dating, I think I maybe dialed or e-mailed him something like "I really like you" one night when I'd had a few too many beers. And, pitch perfect, he e-mailed back this line originally delivered by Homer Simpson:

"Beer, the cause of and solution to all our problems."

It was definitely love.


Alexandria, Va.: Hey, that Daily Mail site you keep sending us to said that Keanu was with Parker Posey but had been spending time with Trinny (from the Brit version of What Not to Wear) to console her on her failed marriage.

Oh, and he has ear wax.

You know, there are days when I really hate you, Liz Kelly.

Liz Kelly: What's with the hate? Because I'm sending you to the fabulous Daily Mail or because Keanu has ear wax or some else?


A methinks Halloween: I'm dressing up as Joan Holloway from Mad Men, right down to the pen hanging around her neck. Unfortunately after this past Sunday's episode she's cutting a more melancholy figure.

Liz Kelly: Right. Sunday was a pretty rough episode for Joanie.

I saw some great wigs that would make a perfect Joan this week.


Not a Vegan: Gwynnie was never vegan. She was macrobiotic. Big difference. The latter eat meat (certain special types).

Liz Kelly: I think she's flirted with veganism, actually. In the past she's said that she didn't do meat or dairy, but would slip and have occasional cheese. Looks like she's back to enjoying a range of foods. Maybe it's the influence of pal Mario Batali.


D.C. all the way: What do you think of Fringe? Personally I think it's not on par with X-Files but it is entertaining and when did Pacey(sp?) become hot because he's looking good on the show?

Liz Kelly: Pacey is def. hot, but I'm not liking the show. I can't put my finger on it except to say that the female lead is kind of wooden and Pacey's dad is a huge scenery chewer.


Ratchet the soldier's dog: Finally made it to his new home in Minnesota from Iraq after 67K people signed a petition to help save him. He promptly went to sleep on the floor in the baggage claim area in the Mpls. Airport -- which was a lot quieter neighborhood than what's he used to. Welcome, Ratchet!

washingtonpost.com: Ratchet the Iraqi pup arrives in Minn., takes nap (AP, Oct. 23)

Liz Kelly: Awww.


Tinseltown: Is it that Charlie Sheen is expecting twins, or that people expect he'll look at the baby and see twins?

Liz Kelly: No, in this case he and his new wife are actually expecting twin sons. So glad he's still out there procreating!


Joan Crawford: Could be a good Halloween costume -- all you need is heels, a beehive hairdo, and a bag of (wait for it) wire hangers.



Halloween again: So if you're going as pink wig crazy Britney, does that in fact mean that I 'can' go as shaved-head Britney and not be uncool?

Liz Kelly: Sure, just don't forget your umbrella.


Wasilla, Alaska: When I go clothes shopping for my husband, should I buy pleated pants?

Liz Kelly: No, no, no -- what your husband needs is a flak jacket.


Zuvielekatzen: What did Sharon Stone do to herself? I just got my copy of "More" magazine (the mag for us chicks past the age of 40), and she along with Jane Fonda and Tea Leoni are on the cover. I didn't even recognize her! She's still attractive and all, but she doesn't LOOK like herself anymore.

Liz Kelly: Annoyingly, they don't have that cover posted on their Web site, so I'll have to reserve my judgment until I can run down to the local drug store.


Alexandria, Va.: The faux hate is because I keep getting sucked into the Daily Mail vortex obsessively reading about strange people (like Trinny, WAGs, young royals).

Liz Kelly: Right. That site is such a guilty pleasure. I love it.


washingtonpost.com: I'm surprised anyone in this chat even knows who Joan Crawford is. (Bitter Baby Boomer)


Yikes: Well, she sure fell off the vegan wagon hard:

Gwyneth Paltrow Flaunts the Fur in New Ad Campaign (Ecorazzi)

Liz Kelly: I know. She's definitely reinventing herself these days, though still as insouciant as ever.


Bawlmer aka area: Any tips on timely and witty celebrity Halloween costumes for those among us that do things last-minute? I'd like to go as Sarah Silverman, but then I'd have to leave every party after forty minutes.

Liz Kelly: Off the top of my head: buy a $15 buck long black hair wig and six baby dolls and go as Angelina. Oh, and be sure to check out Celebritology tomorrow for a special Halloween feature.


Halloween costume: Me and the boyfriend are going to be Scully and Mulder. I have the red hair, he's tall and dark and mysterious, and all we need are business clothes and FBI badges. Costume done.

Liz Kelly: There you go.


Liz Kelly: I'm out of here for the afternoon. Today's main post is finally up, so please leave your best captions before heading back to work.

See you here next week and in the blog tomorrow...


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