Celebritology Live: 15 Minutes of Fame Quadrupled

Liz Kelly
washingtonpost.com Celebritology Blogger
Thursday, October 30, 2008; 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Welcome to this week's edition of Celebritology Live, where we take the gossipy wealth and spread it around. With a butter knife.

In honor of tomorrow -- my favorite holiday of the year -- I am typing to you from under the quizzical influence of my pink crazy Britney wig. So if I seem a bit disjointed or disappear midway through the chat to get a hi-cal coffee bev, you'll know why.

Speaking of costumes, please share yours in our reader-submitted celeb-related (got all that?) costume gallery here. We'll leave the submission portion up through Monday or so since most of us won't be getting fully costumed until the weekend.

I don't want to cause any kind of panic, but it seems yet another "Dancing with the Stars" dancer is suffering from endometriosis. Coincidence or could it have something to do with Cloris Leachman. Hmm.

And it must be a slow celeb news day, because People actually ran an item about Soliel Moon Frye renewing her wedding vows. Maybe Rocci has a juicy tabloid story he can share with us.

Ooh, and before I forget -- much excitement: our very own Celebritology mascot, Gwyneth Paltrow, will be in Arlington tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. for an Obama get out the vote rally. All details here. I'm trying to figure out if I can make it. Would it be rude of me to rush through her thoughts on the election to ask about GOOP?

Let's get started...


No No to Kato!: The return of Kato Kaelin? Maybe the scariest Halloween trik of all!

Will Kato Get His 16th Minute????? (Fishbowl LA, Oct. 29)

Liz Kelly: Wow, that is truly frightening. One more reason to not watch broadcast TV.

Has there been a hanger-on as tenacious and successful as Kato in the years since he faded from the spotlight? The Madden Brothers? Adnan Ghalib? I'll entertain your nominees as we continue today's chat.


Goop truths unearthed: NY Observer gets to the bottom of GOOP and totally nails GP for Hypocricy re: a 2004 interview ""I think when people talk too much about who they are, and give the world access to every single thing --what kind of face cream they use, what they cook for dinner, and what nicknames they have for their significant others -- that's all you can think about when you see them," Ms. Paltrow told the BBC in 2004

The New York Observer

Liz Kelly: I love it. Thank you, NY Observer.


Wedding Bells for Corey Haim: Hmm... should the festivies be covered by A aqnd E's "2 Coreys" or (perhaps more aptly) "Intervention

Corey Haim Engaged to the Princess of Scream

Liz Kelly: I'm sure there will be enough material for both shows.

I like how the happy announcement ends with this bit of business:

Also, COREY wants to let everyone who ordered a painting know that he will be shipping them out to you within about 2 weeks.

Sure he will.


Nosy Parker: Last hour I asked "Sketch" artist extraordinaire (and a celebrity in his own right) Dana Milbank who he was going to be for Halloween. Here's his reply:

"...I dressed up as Ted Stevens: Incredible Hulk body pads, green face paint, striped prison uniform."

Liz Kelly: Nice. Maybe I'll go as Dana.


Bethesda, Md.: Liz,

Submitting this early, so I don't know if you have written about it today or not.

What do you think about this Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross story? Some phoney phone calls led to Brand quitting his show and Ross being suspended from radio and TV? The Prime Minister weighing in on the situation?


Liz Kelly: Ya know, I've been ignoring that one since -- despite his hosting the VMA's this year -- Russell Brand hasn't quite hit as a huge celeb here yet.

But I have been following it in the British papers and, man, talk about an unfortunate lapse in judgment.

Just so everyone's up to speed:

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross left messages on the answering machine of 78-year-old actor Andrew Sachs saying they'd slept with his granddaughter and suggested that Sachs might hang himself.

The backlash has been big and bad. Russell Brand yesterday resigned from his BBC radio show, though both he and Ross had already been suspended indefinitely.

And the prime minister did indeed comment on the situation, calling the calls "inappropriate and unacceptable."

Here's a link to the Guardian's coverage.

It does make one wonder, though... how many years has Howard Stern made a career out of tasteless pranks and he's never had a sitting head of state condemn him specifically.

Do you think Russell's getting a raw deal?


Is 'Joe the Plummer' Nashville stardom bound?: God, is this guy at minute 15 of his fame yet? Save us!

Joe the Plumber May Have Country Music Plans (CMT News)

Liz Kelly: He can be Kato Kaelin's first guest.


Boulder, Colo.: Speaking of GOOP...I received my first e-newsletter from the fishstick today. It went directly to junk mail...should have just left it there.

Liz Kelly: But if you deleted it without reading you would have missed out on all the cleansing advice.

Speaking of...


Liz Kelly: Oh, nevermind. I already put the Observer link out there.


Tenacious Hangers On: My votes: K-Fed, Trista Rehn from the Bachelor.

Liz Kelly: Ooh, definitely K-Fed. Which reminds me that we should also include Nick Cannon in this list.


Alexandria, Va.: Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito's kiss just doesn't do it for me like Madonna and Britney's. I guess their kiss was for you gals.

washingtonpost.com: Photo Gallery

Liz Kelly: If you think watching Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito lock lips does it for hetero chicks, then you are sadly misled.

Speaking of cringe-worthy kisses, did anyone watch "True Blood" on Sunday?


TerpsGirl: Hi Liz,

Can we talk for a moment about the photo gallery? Specifically, why is it that every time I look at Celebritology the photo advertising "Eye on Entertainment" has celebrities awkwardly kissing one another? First there was that weird menage a troi with Richard Gere, his wife and Diane Lane. Now it appears Michael Douglas is trying to open-mouth Danny Devito. Please -- for the love of all things scared -- stop with the creepy kissing photos!

Liz Kelly: I'll pass that along to photo editor Troy, who is the one responsible for choosing those fabulous pix and updating the gallery each day.

And, really, is it our fault if celebrities are a particularly demonstratively affectionate bunch?


NoVa Lady: Liz, I just adopted a new kitty from the Fairfax Co. pound, and I can't think of a good name for her. Her previous owners named her something icky and boring. She's super sweet and a dark tortoiseshell, short-haired variety.


Liz Kelly: Hmm. Well, I'm big on naming pets with real names. I don't go in for "Fluffy" or "Mr. Curly Tail" or that sort of thing. But, I dunno, it's hard without actually seeing her or knowing her personality.

Maybe some of the other readers have some good suggestions...

And out of curiosity -- what was her shelter name?


Nerdville: Nothing about today's biggest story, David Tennant leaving Dr Who?

This is just about the only thing in the U.K. that could bump Brand/Ross Gate from the top of the headlines.

washingtonpost.com: David Tennant Announces 'Doctor Who' Departure (AP, Oct. 30)

Liz Kelly: Ummm, newsflash everyone!


Arlington, Va.: Doesn't it seem like the celeb news has been a bit slow and uneventful lately? What's going on here?

Anyway, I have a question. If you could match-make any two single celebs, who would you put together?

I'm gonna go with Anne Hathaway and Adrian Grenier.

Liz Kelly: It has been a bit slower than usual. First off, we've had to compete with a particularly newsy presidential election cycle. Just this morning one Celebritology reader wrote me an e-mail saying that while she used to check Celebritology first thing, she's gotten out of the habit as the election has heated up. As long as we get a clear winner on Tuesday, things should go back to a more normal state.

But, readers or not, we are not in the halcyon days of celebrity news -- summer 2006, f'rinstance. Britney has gotten herself together, Nicole Ritchie is a mom, Paris Hilton isn't in jail, Mel Gibson is quietly returning to work -- even Lindsay Lohan has been somewhat tame.

Despite this year's bigger stories -- the sad death of Heath Ledger comes to mind -- we just haven't had the crush of them in succession that we've had in recent years.


Raleigh, N.C.: Liz, were you in Raleigh for the Obama rally yesterday? I was near the press bleachers and I saw someone who looked a lot like you in the media section.

Liz Kelly: Nope. Perhaps my doppelganger.


Liz Kelly: Bizarro Liz.


More Kato: Jeez, did this guy get a new agent or something?


Liz Kelly: Thanks -- it's a promo stunt for the reality show we talked about earlier. He is in good shape, though. How old is he now? Anyone care to look it up?


Columbia, S.C.: Someone wrote you last week talking about the miscasting of "Kath and Kim," saying that Molly Shannon and Selma Blair were too close in age to be realistic as a mother and daughter. It's make believe! Actors play different ages, ethnic groups, and sexual orientations all the time. Tom Cruise has been playing straight for 25 years now! I think Shannon and Blair are very believable in their roles; hopefully the writing will catch up with them.

Liz Kelly: Sure, there's the whole conceit of suspending disbelief. I get it. That's why I was able to watch "Grease" with a somewhat straight face. After all, John Travolta and Olivia Newton John looked like they'd failed senior year about 10 times when that movie was made. And don't even get me started on Stockard Channing.

But, yes, I enjoyed the movie and I'm sure I'd enjoy "Kath & Kim" -- believable age gap or not -- if it were watchable.

Another interesting instance of this phenomenon involves Michael Cera and Ari Graynor. In "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" they both play high school kids (despite the fact that Graynor is actually 25). But, in the upcoming "Youth In Revolt," Graynor plays Cera's mom -- or stepmom.


Re. Russell Brand: I think the issue is that he did this on the BBC radio, which is a state-funded communication system.

Liz Kelly: Right, though our airwaves are governed by the FCC and I'd hardly call the BBC prudish. After all, they brought us "Absolutely Fabulous."


Los Angeles, Calif.: Re Russel Brand -- this article is the first time I've seen that Sachs was consulted by the radio show and said they could air the recordings if they toned it down. So it doesn't seem that he is psychically injured in any way. Considering Russel is known for his raunchy humor, I'm starting to think this is all a bit overblown. Poor taste, yes. Bad judgment, yes. Sounds exactly like something Howard Stern would do and get away with, though.

Liz Kelly: Right. Sachs says he wasn't particularly hurt by the incident. Just thought Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross showed bad judgment in doing the stunt at all.

It's got to be hard being an "edgy" comedian. Since you're the one defining where that edge is, it's probably relatively easy to fall over.


Dorkus: Sadly I knew about David Tennant leaving Doctor Who a few months ago.

Liz will you be watching 30 Rock tonight?

Liz Kelly: Oh, you know it. I need me some TGS!

In fact, I've been fighting the urge to watch it online all week. NBC posted it to their vid clearinghouse site, Hulu.com a week ago.


Kath and Kim and Kato: Now that would shake up the show!

Liz Kelly: I like the way you think.

Speaking of Kato... and things O.J.-related, has anyone been watching the awfulness that is "Real Housewives of Atlanta?" I ask because in an episode I watch yesterday, the one white chick told one of the other "wives" that her young son looks just like O.J. Simpson. Oof.


Arlington Gay: Hey, Liz, my mom is in the hospital and I'm having a bummer of a day at work. (No news from the family all day.) Can you post a recent Andy pic to cheer me up a little?

Liz Kelly: Oh man, sorry bout your mommy. Sure, here's one and in the next post you'll get another and something else that will hopefully make you smile.


Liz Kelly: Since I know there is a high proportion of cat lovers in the audience, I ask you to see Tama the cat.

Andy, who just does this, obviously needs a job.


Bethesda, Md.: Speaking of "True Blood," I've often wondered how it is that an actor you haven't seen for a while will suddenly pop up in guest roles on several shows at the same time. I understand that work begets more work, but often they seem to land simultaneously. So, Stephen Root, a great character actor probably best known for "Office Space" and "News Radio," is on "True Blood" and in the same week appears on "Pushing Daisies." And on Monday, Tony Hale (from "Arrested Development") started what looks to be an ongoing role on "Chuck" and also had a role in "Samantha Who?" I've seen this happen pretty often, and I'm just curious about what sparks a run of guest spots.

Liz Kelly: Your guess is as good as mine.

All I know is that Matt totally ruined Stephen Root's cameo kiss with Lafayette by murmering "That's my stapler" through the entire scene.


Insoucience-ville: Gwynneth? Really? I'm just wondering how someone came to the conclusion that her appearances in Virginia would appeal to a huge swath of No. Va. voters. Although I assume I'm not part of their targeted audience (I'm a solid Obama supporter), she sure doesn't appeal to me!

Liz Kelly: Yeah, but it's amazing what a familiar face can do to get folks fired up. And at this point, I think Obama supporters would froth over into a frenzy if Kato Kaelin showed up to rally voters.


Obligatory Pleat Question: We all know your stance on pleated pants, but as this cold weather settles in, I have a question for you. Pleats in jackets. Yay or nay? Specifically coats for women that pleat out from a short waist. Does that make sense? I think it's the winter equivalent of babydoll shirts -- makes every woman look pregnant -- but I'm not sure if they are as offensive as pleats in pants.

Liz Kelly: I think they look right when paired with the right bottom -- like a pencil skirt or a straight legged jean.

And, honestly, I think it also depends on the size of one's upper torso. The bigger you are up top, the further out those pleats will fall.


byool, IN: Yesterday's headline, "Fashionably Late: Jessica Simpson", made me think that "Fashionably Late: Mr. Blackwell" would have been a great headline last week.

Liz Kelly: And I'm sure it was used somewhere. But I totally agree.


Cat name suggestion, Pa.: She's super sweet and a dark tortoiseshell, short-haired variety. ----------

Cole Hamels

Liz Kelly: Cole Hamels? What kind of a name is that?

Can anyone help us out with a new name here?


Kath and Kim: I had high hopes for this show. Both of these women are funny on their own -- Blair was particularly funny in The Sweetest Thing.

But I watched last week's episode, and it was awful. Truly awful and unfunny. It just completely missed the mark.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. I think that's the risk with relying on the premises of already successful British shows rather than developing new ideas. They tend to get a bit diluted in translation. I know this will be blasphemy to some, but I could never get into the American "Office" because I liked the Ricky Gervais-led original so much.


Cleveland Park, NW -- Keanu Reeves Trial: Can you boil this thing down for me -- photog sues Reeves, but somehow Britney Spears is involved? -- I'm confused...

Reeves' Attorney Chips Away at Paparazzo (AP, Oct. 30)

Liz Kelly: Sure.

Keanu tried to pull away from a curb and drive away while the paparazzo in question was standing next to his car doing his thing.

Photog says Reeves intentionally knocked him down with the car and was forced by his good conscience to bring suit against Keanu.

Keanu says he did not hit the pap, but that he saw the pap's feet get twisted up -- essentially tripping himself.

In court, the unlucky pap also admits he was beaten up earlier this year by other paps trying to take pix of Britney Spears.

Perhaps this strategy was meant to illustrate that the pap is super-annoying and has a personality that really invites injury from others?


Shelter names: When I adopted my cat, they informed me with a straight face that her name was "Pantaloons".

I named her Judy.

Liz Kelly: I like Judy.


Reston, Va.: Hi Liz: Not really a Celebritology question, but thought you might have a good perspective since you seem to work from home.

I'm considering an offer for a new job, for which I would work primarily out of my home. I know from a working perspective, I could get a lot more done with out the other distractions around the office, but I do worry about isolation. I'm not married, but do go to the gym and out with friends on a regular basis.

I really want to do this job, but I don't want to become the shut-in who never washes her hair or changes out of her pajamas...

Okay, to make this relevant to the chat, do celebrities actually go to the polls to vote or do they usually do absentee? I imagine they'd be quite a distraction.

Liz Kelly: Good question re: the celebs. I would imagine absentee to avoid any polling place mayhem. But I'm sure we'll get some pix on Tuesday of celebs faithfully exercising their right to vote.

Re: Working from home -- it isn't for everyone. It works well for me, but there is the danger of feeling isolated or cut off from the office scuttle. I try to head in to the office on a regular basis just to make sure everyone knows what my face looks like. But the home thing works particularly well for me since my job is largely a solitary pursuit. If you're being tasked with managing a small team of employees, it is obviously not the best option.

Can you maybe do a two/three split? Two home, three at the office -- or vice versa?


Arlington, Va.: Hi Liz -- a few months back I had asked for some leads on where to adopt kittens. I've been remiss in telling you that we adopted two from Home Alone Feline Rescue and they are too much fun.

I suggest "Delilah" for the tortoise shell.

And -- is it really over between Duchovny and Leoni? Was it sex addiction or supposedly David's relationship with the tennis pro the culprit?

Liz Kelly: Wow. A lot packed in here.

Congrats on your new kitty.

I like Delilah. Then she could adopt another cat and name him Samson. Or Samsonite.

And it does appear to be over for David and Tea, but you never know -- after all Sean Penn and Robin Wright got back together after an extended separation.


Cat name: My in-reserve cat name is Chester. Feel free to use it.

Liz Kelly: My brother used to have a golden retriever named Chester. But since the cat is, I think, a girl -- this one may not be the right choice.


Dorkus: On shelter names, when I got my cat the shelter had named him Kels.

I quickly renamed him Jonah.

Liz Kelly: Just putting this out there...


Mens Wear Dept, Tysons Corner: The obvious question about Pantaloons: Are they pleated?

Liz Kelly: I think pantaloons are more of a ruche, don't you?


Washington, D.C.: Hi Liz,

What does GOOP mean? Thanks!

Liz Kelly: If only I knew. I'm hoping I'll get a chance to ask Gwynnie tomorrow.


But Brand was telling the truth: Sachs granddaughter is blasting Brand for talking about their sex life. Inappropriate or not, calling him a liar is wrong.

Liz Kelly: Right -- they did have a relationship, just to be clear.


Arlington Gay: Thanks, Liz! Andy is adorable and looks a LOT like my 11-year-old girl with slightly lighter markings.

The 2nd pic of Andy is great. Sleeping on their backs, bellies exposed, shows they feel safe and loved. Right before they bite your ankle...

Uhhh... sorry, too distracted to try to get this back on topic. Except I'll be watching 30 Rock!

Liz Kelly: You're welcome, Arlington. Take care of yourself.


Cole Hamels...: ...is the Phillies' World Series MVP.

Liz Kelly: That explains why I wouldn't know.


The Obvious Name for the Cat: Liz

Liz Kelly: Enh. Maybe Liz Lemon.


Anonymous: I think Bristol is a nice name for a cat.

Liz Kelly: Yes, it is a nice name. For a cat.


I like the name: Maggie for a sweet cat.

Liz Kelly: I like this a lot. One of my favorite names.


Advantages of working at home: Working from home allows you lots of time to participate in washingtonpost.com live chats. But seriously, I have been doing it several years and its great. You just have to make a schedule to get out. Exercise in the morning, make lunch dates, and make sure at a certain time the day is over and you get up and walk away.

Liz Kelly: Absolutely. Well said. And that's a good point about getting up and walking away at a certain time. It is very easy to work too much when your office is also your home. What starts out as a few quick tasks after dinner to stay ahead can easily turn into having no life.

Though I'm a totally bad example because even when I'm away from my computer I always, always have my iPhone with me so I can check and respond to e-mail and keep up with the news.


Cat names....: I always like literary names for pets - seems to make them smarter!

There's Dinah (Alice's cat from Alice in Wonderland) or Bagheera (from the Jungle Book) or maybe Herriot (after James)?

Liz Kelly: Thanks.


Girl kitten name: I like Emma

Liz Kelly: Another literary idea...


Simpsons plus MadMen spoof equal Happy Halloween: 'Simpsons' Spoof of 'Mad Men' Revealed (New York Magazine)

Liz Kelly: I saw this earlier this week. This is truly like the intersection of Mr. Liz's taste. All they need to work in is a bike and some Jamaican music and he'd never leave the TV again.


Methinks: I 'heart' Andy. If you ever, EVER want to go away for like a month and need someone to pet sit him, please put me on the top of the list.

In other 30 Rock news, Jack McBrayer is from the town where I live and I ran into his momma and daddy in Target yesterday. (They both taught and coached my kids in high school.) I had already watched the season premiere but they were waiting for tonight. Just thought I'd pass along my two degrees of separation from Tina, Alec, and the rest of the cast.

Liz Kelly: Very cool -- thank you for sharing.


Elizabeth Edwards: So -- the gossip is that John and Elizabeth Edwards have split (she wasn't wearing a wedding ring at a recent event). Have you heard any confirmation or more details?

Liz Kelly: Not my purview -- but here's the scoop from Us.


Montreal, Canada: Sorry to correct you, but the original "Kath and Kim" was Australian, and not British.

In other news, I'm really bummed out that the Canadian network which runs "Mad Men" decided to run the season finale this coming Sunday (when AMC is rerunning it) and not last Sunday. Do you realize how hard it is to purposely avoid all the blogs, TV columns, etc., so I don't find out what happened?

Liz Kelly: Thank you. I knew that and was just lumping all overseas English-language shows together. My bad.

And, yes, I do realize how hard it is to avoid spoilers. I had the same problem -- but for a shorter time. Mr. Liz and I DVR'd the show to watch Monday, so Monday I had to carefully navigate all the celeb and entertainment news sites to avoid finding out anything about the finale. That made it relatively difficult to do my job.


Cat name: I vote for Fishstick.

How funny is that? I mean, think of all the double ententres in that name!

Liz Kelly: It does have a certain charm.


Ummm: Will the remainder of the chat be devoted to cat b.s. or should I stick around?

Liz Kelly: Stick around. The cat B.S. will be mixed in with plenty of celeb-stuff.


Go as 'Celebritology' for Halloween: Flat-front pants plus cat costume plus recipe folder embazoned with "GOOP" on the front. Then tell all the fatties to carm down.

Liz Kelly: Me likey. Of course no one would have any idea who you are.

But maybe you can save it for December when fellow blogger Kim O'Donnel and I plan to have a reader meet-and-greet here in D.C. Hopefully we'll have concrete details next week.


Nob Hill: Liz: Not sure I understood the David Caruso stalker story -- are they looking for someone to stalk him? Because depending on how much it pays I'd be interested.

Liz Kelly: No, no -- you must've misread the headline. David already has a stalker, she's just gone missing. Which prompted the AP to headline their story "Alleged Caruso Stalker Sought on International Warrant." I can see how that might've gotten your hopes up.

Man, who stalks David Caruso? What, was Don Johnson full up?


Sjcpeach, ME: Speaking of Mad Men, I already miss it! I thought Peggy's confession was perfect. Did you enjoy?

Liz Kelly: It was good -- but I dunno, I thought that whole scene with Peggy and Pete was a little forced. It didn't fit in the story line there for me. Also, knowing Pete as we do, I doubt his initial reaction would have been regret and a solitary tear. I think he would've denied it was his, cast aspersions on Peggy's character and then made sure that everyone at Sterling-Cooper was aware of her secret baby.

It actually made me wonder if one or the other of those actors might be leaving the show, hence them wanting to tie up that story line.


'quatch Cave: Liz, will the locale of the December meet-n-greet be animal friendly? I wouldn't want to be turned away at the door.

Liz Kelly: Don't worry Sas, we'll leave special instructions at the door to allow any and all Yeti to enter.


Anonymous: I know how much you adore Diane Keaton so I wondered if you saw the latest issue of Architectural Digest with the lovely Miss K on the cover?

Liz Kelly: No, but thanks for the warning.


Sabat... ohhhh....: was looking at the rest of the day's chat lineup and saw that Larry Sabato Jr. will be discussing Election '08. Sadly, he bears no resemblance to Antonio Sabato. (yes, slow celeb news day)

Liz Kelly: Astute observation.


Sabato again: sorry, meant to include Larry's pic Larry L. Sabato

Liz Kelly: But you have to hand it to anyone with the confidence to rock a 'stache.


15th and L: Did Angelina admit to an affair when she said her and Brad fell in love during Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or just trying to cause controversy to promote her new movie? I like her, but her strategy seems to be getting pretty obvious.

Liz Kelly: She said they fell in love, as I recall. She didn't explicitly say the two had started a physical relationship, though one does imagine that they didn't wait too long.

And "Changeling" may need all the sideways publicity it can get. Reviews are mostly negative.


Anonymous: Will Gene Wang be at your meet n greet ?

Liz Kelly: So far it's just Kim O'Donnel of the Mighty Appetite blog and I.


Fairfax, Va.: Liz -- Have you been keeping up with the Jennifer Hudson tragedy? I have family that grew up in the area where the murders occured. It truly is sad. To be on top of the world and then brought back with such a thud. I don't think we've heard everything there is to know by a long shot. My prayers truly do go out to the family.

Liz Kelly: I have been tracking the story, yes, and trying to include any actual updates in the blog each morning. I am trying, though, not to over-cover this story. There's just nothing I could write to amplify the fact that what happened to Jennifer Hudson's family is awful, the worst thing that could possibly happen.


Woodbridge, Va.: What? No mention of Jon Hamm's appearance on SNL last weekend? I thought he was great and could be next Cloon. Now it's a toss-up for #1 on my kitchen list -- Jon Hamm or Mike Rowe?

Liz Kelly: Ya know, I thought he did a great job, too. At least the part I saw (I watched up to the news segment). It's always refreshing when the guest star doesn't need an assist from the cast during the monologue.

And next Clooney? I dunno. Let's say he'll be John Hamm and that is quite enough.


Methinks: Liz, I thought Pete was trying on truth-telling for a change after Peggy's advice about him going to talk to Duck. Maybe as he saw the results were not as dire as he anticipated, he opted to allow himself to receive that info from Peggy with more vulnerability? Or maybe it was forced.

Liz Kelly: Right -- I know Pete thought "truth telling" was his new angle. But that's just it, for Pete everything is an angle -- even the truth. Yes, I think there's a good, scared kid inside him somewhere, but he is so twisted I just find it hard to believe he'd change his stripes in the course of one episode.


I love Letterman : His rant on "The Hills" made me want to give him a big hug.

David Letterman to Lauren Conrad: Maybe You're the Problem! (Us Magazine)

Liz Kelly: Oh, totally agreed. David has been on fire this year.


Stalker Sought: That is actually a great idea for a screenplay or TV show -- Down on his luck actor (I'm looking at you, Kato and Corey) hires someone to be his stalker to up his self esteem and get him press coverage.

Liz Kelly: That is, actually.

Or, barring interest from a studio, perhaps it could be re-worked into a reality show? Like the flipside of "Paris Hilton's My New BFF." "My New Stalker!"


Peggy and Pete and someone leaving Mad Men: Did Pete have a shotgun in that final scene? I heard somewhere that someone would commit suicide on Mad Men, and at the time I thought it would be Duck (or even Joan when the Marilyn suicide show was on). I can't imagine that Pete would commit suicide because he thinks so highly of himself, but maybe Peggy's confession had the effect of changing something in him. Hearing you wonder about someone leaving makes me think...

Liz Kelly: Yep, he did have a gun in his final scene. He sat there alone, contemplating Peggy's revelation, his wife's choosing of her parents over him and the heightened emotions caused by the Cuban missile crisis.


Anonymous: You haven't said anything about those cute little Olson twins and their book signing fiasco.

Liz Kelly: But sweetie, I included that in the Morning Mix earlier this week. Go back and look. PETA even added me as a friend on Twitter as a result.


North Slope: Please don't tell us you're reading the Cliff Notes on Catch-22. Bad celebrity columnist, very bad!

Liz Kelly: No! I'm going to read it. Err, finish reading it. As soon as I'm finished this last Ross McDonald book, I am going to buckle down and power through "Catch 22."



Atlanta, GA: I love how one of the Housewives describes herself as someone '...who was destined to be somebody someday'. She is the wife and an NBA player with lots of money. Wow, reaching for the stars eh?

Liz Kelly: And I love how Kim, the white chick, seems to have all of her money, housing, credit cards and bling provided by someone referred to only as "Big Poppa" who she talks to on the phone. Is she basically a working girl?


Stalking choices: So if David Caruso is a lame choice to stalk, who would your choice be?

I think I'd probably stalk Johnny Depp if I could. Even with that skinny little wife of his.

Liz Kelly: Sigh. Probably Billy Crudup.

And yes, I know he cheated on Mary Louise Parker with Claire Danes when she (Mary Elizabeth) was pregnant.



RIP Estelle Reiner: Carl's wife and Rob's mom. Forever enshrined in movie history for her remark in When Harry Met Sally -- "I'll have what she's having."

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Thanks for sharing.


Atlanta Housewives: Liz -- Have you seen this trash heap of a show? I can't stop watching! There is this one really trashy blond named Kim with a mystery sugar daddy she refers to as Big Papa. He supposedly a celebrity.

Liz Kelly: See above.


Avon by the sea: Seriously Liz, the Post could save beaucoup bucks if they just let you handle all the fashion, cat, lovelorn advice, and celebrity chats. By the way, how is the meet and greet coming along ? Will Gene Wang be there because I think he is so cool.

Liz Kelly: Aww, thanks. And as I said above, the meet and greet details should be nailed down by next week.


LTL Here: So not to sound grumpy or anything but why do some of the links (in both the blog and the chat) open a new explorer page and some simply route your existing explorer page to the new link? I ask because I actually have to think and look before figuring out if I hit the back button or close out the window. Every once in a while I close out the window when I should hit the back button and then I have to open up explorer and click til I get to the blog/chat.

In an effort to link this to Celebritology -- am I hopelessly Sheri Shepherd dumb or just lazy?

Liz Kelly: I'll look into the link thing and we'll figure out a standard way of doing it here.


Liz Kelly: Okay, that's it for today. You guys give such good chat.

In about five minutes I'm going to post a list below of all the rest of the cat name ideas submitted.

See you here next week and in the blog tomorrow.


Liz Kelly: Okay, here are the rest of the suggested kitty names.


Jimmy Choo

Bizarro Liz



Mei-Mei - Chinese for little sister, commonly used as affectionate little one, little honey

Christy Cat



Bartholomew J. Picklebottom

And, finally, this pertinent link someone sent:

All Of Pregnant Woman's Favorite Names Used Up On Cats (The Onion)


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