Tuesday, Nov. 4, 11 a.m. ET

Redskins Postgame: Washington vs. Pittsburgh

Cindy Boren
Washington Post NFL Editor
Tuesday, November 4, 2008; 11:00 AM

Post NFL Editor Cindy Boren was online Tuesday, Nov. 4 at 11 a.m. ET to take your questions about the results of the Redskins-Steelers Monday nigh game and the latest news about the team.

A transcript follows.


Cindy Boren: Good morning...hope you all got more sleep than I did after thatloss by the burgundy-and-burgundy. Let's go.


Houston: When I was a kid (in the '70s), the Redskins could block punts. How come they didn't try harder to block the punt when the Steelers were stuck at their own one-yard line?

All 11 guys on the line! If you block the punt, you get a TD or a safety and the ball back, and if not, the punter has to kick it so high, it's not going to go far. Can the Redskins' special teams do anything special?

Cindy Boren: I'm with you. I thought that was the conventional wisdom when a team is punting from the first row of the stands: rush the punter with everything you've got...minus one guy who's back to receive, of course.


McLean, Va.: Two questions for you:

Is Devin Kelly a bust? He doesn't seem to "get it" yet.

Is John Jansen injured or is he essentially done as an effective player? He got rocked last night.

washingtonpost.com: Is "Devin Kelly" a hybrid name? I kind of like it.

Cindy Boren: Not sure if you mean Devin Thomas or Malcolm Kelly. (Or Thomas Kelly. Or Devin Malcolm.) Kelly has had knee problems since he was drafted and hasn't come around as quickly as Jim Zorn had hoped. Thomas has had a moment or two, which is about all you can expect from most rookies.

It's possible that age is catching up to Jansen.


Reston, Va.: Okay, was last night's game held in Landover, Md. or in Pittsburgh? With the cheers I heard after the Steelers scored their first TD, and the shots of the Terrible Towels, I couldn't really tell.

Cindy Boren: Steinberg and La Canfora reported from Redskins Park that Steelers fans were so loud that the Skins had to go to a silent count at times. That is particularly mind-boggling for a big game before the bye, with the team angling to go to 7-2...on national TV....oy.


Washington, D.C.: Cindy -- What's the deal with the full burgundy uniforms? I've been watching the Redskins since 1980, and I don't ever remember them suited up like that. Thanks.

Cindy Boren: I may not be a Robin Givhan when it comes to fashion, but I know what I like and it isn't burgundy on burgundy. (Especially when the tops and bottoms don't appear to match on the office TV.) I am told it was indeed a first and, you'd think after that effort, a last. Blecch.


Arlington, Va.: How could Skins fans allow so many Steelers Fans to get tickets...Pittsburgh travels better than any other team in the NFL...if Steelers fans could get that many tickets for a Second place team..can you imaging if the Skins were in last place... Skins fans might want to fill the stadium not fill there pockets with so much at stake!! Go Steelers!!

Cindy Boren: Again, I found it to be just stunning. So much for home-field advantage. Maybe a lot of people dumped tix way back in the spring or summer. Or maybe the economy forced them into selling them. Teams often don't care because they make money when tickets are resold StubHub. But last night was just terrible. You have to wonder when it will happen again.


Reston, Va.: With both teams coming off of losses, who do you like next week? The Cowboys with Tony "The Pinkie" Romo or the Redskins?

As a Giants fan, I'd like to see them both lose...but since that's not possible, my money is on the Skins. The Cowboys seem to be in absolute shambles, and the Skins defense was stuffing the Steelers...well, in the first half.

Cindy Boren: Both of these teams should be good and angry. The difference is that the Cowboys are in such disarray that even anger won't help. I think the Skins are still good enough to use 13 days of idle anger to their advantage.


Moab, Utah: I watched the game last night and it was pretty dang (he says lightly) painful. The offense was ... well I won't even go there.

Rogers played really well and I wouldn't trade him but... if held onto the ball that went right through his hands (possibly returning it for a touchdown), then the Steelers wouldn't have scored and Big Ben wouldn't have been injured and considering how bad he was playing.... Well, that was the turning point.

Cindy Boren: I agree that it was the turning point. Rogers was talking to La Canfora about it this morning and said he knows he has to hang onto that ball, but that he didn't cost the team the game. I might prefer that he take it a little more to heart.


Anchorage, Alaska: The Giants beat Pittsburgh in Steel Town. The Redskins couldn't even do it at home.

So why is Washington under any serious consideration to take the NFC East title away from NY or Philadelphia?

Great teams step up and win great games.

Good session this morning.

Cindy Boren: Wow, Anchorage, welcome. Washington is under serious consideration because of simple mathematics and the nature of life in the NFC East. They get the Gints and Iggles at FedEx...barring an invasion of New York or Philly fans. That should be a big advantage. I agree that the Skins really needed to step up last night, just to make a statement and assert their identity.


How could Skins fans allow so many Steelers Fans to get tickets: You mean we all woke up in the Soviet Union this morning?

My guess is the Uniform Commercial Code prevents the denying of ticket sales to folks you don't like. It's the law, dude. Try to get up to speed.

It's also unAmerican to deny fans the right to root for their team.


Cindy Boren: Can't blame the Steelers for having a solid fan base and pouncing on tickets. They travel well.


Albany, N.Y.: Cindy - Any updates on injuries? We didn't add any more to the list last night, did we? Is it likely Moss will miss any time? We are lucky Clinton and JC didn't get hurt last night, on a few occasions.

Cindy Boren: I think you're correct about the luck factor. Last night could have been catastrophic. While Moss didn't play much, he told La Canfora that he didn't aggravate the injury last night (at this point, you take your pluses where you can find them) and plans to do nothing other than heal during the bye week. Samuels is walking well, but will continue to be watched and given treatment. Taylor said he hasn't felt this good since before hurting his knee in preseason.


Charlotte: Zorn's play calling should be called into question over the past few games. The Giant's gave him a template for beating the Pittsburgh; however, he threw it all away!

Cindy Boren: One further injury update: La Canfora reports that Anthony Montgomery is in a walking boot and says he doesn't know yet how severely injured his right ankle is.

Now...Mr. Zorn. He does seem to be a little bit of a slump over the last four games. I really didn't get the play-calling last night. We've addressed the matter of pressuring the punter in the end zone. And I did not understand that fourth-down call at all. Stack the line and give the ball to your money back, Mr. Portis (beaten and battered though he may be). I know the Stillers are very tough against the run, but that's the way I'd have gone. I don't know that the Giants' plan would automatically work for the Skins, but there certainly were hints for beating the Stillers in that game, I agree.


Arlington, Va.: I have a two-fer-one for ya: 1. I say that nine wins won't make it into the NFC playoffs; teams will need 10. Do you agree? 2. And, assuming the previous statement is true, think the Skins will pull off 4 wins in the last seven games? Say, 3 of the 4 non-division games and maybe 1 within the East?

Cindy Boren: Thanks to the NFC South, I think it's entirely possible that 10 wins will be required. I see them winning one of the three NFC East games (probably Dallas), winning in Cincy and Seattle, losing in Baltimore and, oh, winning in San Fran. That's 4-3 and puts them at 10-6 -- no? -- and fits your scenario. Great minds.


Danville, Calif.: What in the world was Zorn thinking in calling a pass play on 4th and goal from the 2-foot line? You've got Mike Sellers and Portis in the backfield. I know the Steelers were strong on the line but when is the last time Sellers didn't pick up a couple of crucial yards. Zorn had done a magical job of play calling so far but to me that was a bonehead play and didn't fool anybody. Redskins fan forever...

Cindy Boren: Hated that call, but am willing to cut Zorn a little slack. Zorn was due for a few stumbles, wasn't he? He's very bright, he clearly can do this and is going to do it well for a long time. Still, he's only nine games into his head-coaching career.


Washington: Wow, did we take over your stadium last night. Wow.

Cindy Boren: Feel free to see the rest of the sights our fair city has to offer. The monuments and most museums are free. Enjoy yourselves. (Everybody but Steely McBeam.)


Zorn's play calling should be called into question over the past few games. : Heck, let's not stop there - let's ride the bum out of town on a rail, a week after we were ready to annoint him.

Redskins fans will throw somebody under the bus quicker than they will unload their tickets on eBay. Sheesh..

Cindy Boren: It hasn't been great the last few games but the dude is 6-3 -- that's way better than medium.


Sterling, Va.: Do you think that was just a bit out of step with what the Redskins are capable of, and have shown, this year? Granted the Skins were outplayed last night and got a bit beaten up, but I really think this might have had something to do with just being a bit tired and appearing a bit out of it. The team is really in need of the bye week and I think having the latest scheduled bye week played a part. What do you think?

Cindy Boren: It's the biggest reason why I had the feeling yesterday that they would lose. They began playing games (okay, five were preseason) three months ago yesterday. That's a looooong haul. They're banged up and pooped out.


Washington DC: I have lived here all my life. Season tickets in the family for over 40 years. Redskins fans are pathetic. Lots of talk but no walk. What an outright embarrassment: Monday night against a traditional power, and it is a sea of Terrible Towels. The emptiness of Redskins fans rhetoric typified its team's performance last night and all season -- barely beating the dregs of the NFL and getting absolutely steamrolled by a team with guts and moxie. Skins have no weight. No bearing. Just like their so-called fans.

Cindy Boren: Just wanted to give a long-time season-ticket holder a platform here.


Arlington, Va.: It's never too early to think towards the draft! What do the 'Skins address in the first round? Maybe O-line followed by D-line in third round? Vice versa? Or maybe a player to bolster our aging linebackers?

Cindy Boren: Actually, it is too early. I say so.


Cindy Boren: I have to run now...Hope you have a nice bye week. See you on the blog and back here in the burgundy-and-burgundy room again soon. Thanks!


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