Celebritology Live: Oscar Redux; Worst Red Carpet Interviewers
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Liz Kelly
washingtonpost.com Celebritology Blogger
Thursday, February 26, 2009 2:00 PM

When stars shave their heads, marry (or divorce) inadvisedly, couch-jump, spend countless minutes in jail, commit a fashion faux pas and/or other random acts of ego-inspired inanity, washingtonpost.com Celebritology blogger Liz Kelly is on the job. Every weekday, Liz shares the buzz, offers perspective and provides crucial links to juicy alternate news sources and, of course, takes your reaction in her daily blog.

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Liz Kelly: Afternoon. Welcome to today's chat. I'm Liz and I'll be your guide through the next 60 minutes of celebrity smack talk.

Lots of post-Oscar items to talk about. Not to mention the continuing Rihanna/Chris Brown saga, Morgan Freeman's driving habits and Julia Louis-Dreyfus's abs. Who knew?

Let's get started...


Sean and Robin: How long before they file for divorce again? She did not look happy to be with him at the Oscars, even when he won. The camera kept cutting to them and she did not seem happy with or for him. I'll include a link -- but I don't know how to make it any shorter than that, so I don't know if you'll use it.

Liz Kelly: I don't want to speculate on their marital bliss (or lack thereof) based on one picture, but it was a little odd that he left Robin out of his acceptance speech. He later said they'd agreed in advance that he wouldn't thank any family in his speech if he won, but if I recall he started off by thanking a best friend -- Sato Matsuzawa -- who is apparently his assistant. Which seems like an odd choice, no matter how easy she (?) makes his life. That would be like me leaving out Mr. Liz, but including Producer Paul. Not!

Here's vid of Penn's acceptance, complete with cut aways to Robin:

It does look like she's getting all misty-eyed and verklempt, which would be an odd reaction if things were less than amicable between the two. Or, umm, three.


washingtonpost.com: Liz, isn't the true big news of the week that Megan Fox is now single?

Matt Sayles - AP

Liz Kelly: I think Producer Paul is trying to tell us something.

Yes, Paul -- Meghan has broken off her engagement with Brian Austin Green -- aka, the original "90210's" David Silver. Which led Fark to title the story something like "Meghan Fox Breaks Up with Brian Austin Green After Finally Realizing She Was Engaged to Brian Austin Green." Priceless.

Now she's free to take up with some happily married actor, devote her off-screen time to humanitarian work, get more tattooes and generally continue her slow morph into Angelina Jolie.


Malden, Mass.: Hey Liz. Is there something wrong with Ryan Seacrest? Really- "I think I can smell you" has to be the single stupidest thing any interviewer ever said to anyone on the red carpet. He could have saved it by saying "and honey you smell fantastic!" or something, but no. What a buffoon. For the rest of the night my husband and I kept saying to each other "Hey, I think I can smell you...".

Liz Kelly: As I recall he said that to the extremely pale -- but apparently reeking -- Evan Rachel Wood, right? It's not his best line and, honestly, makes me think we didn't miss much by not getting a full-on Brangelina Seacrest summit.

But is it the stupidest thing any interviewer ever said to anyone on the red carpet? No. That distinction would go to Lisa "I'm dripping" Rinna.


Boo! "Top Chef" finale: I'm disappointed by the winner of this season's "Top Chef." I wish our own Carla could have won, or Stefan. But Hosea? Really??? He was whiny, boring and mediocre. Stefan was an excellent chef and competitor, and plus the guy made little pants for fruit, which rules. Carla was a total hoot(ie hoo!). I think the judges really blew it.

washingtonpost.com: Carla Hall chat yesterday: Top Chef Finalist Carla Hall Dishes on the Competition

Liz Kelly: I didn't watch, but I'll take your word for it. What I am watching, though, is the return of the delicious train wreck that is "Real Housewives of New York."

The fakey, wanna-be Countess is penning an ettiquette book. Jill is warring with Alex and her hubby. Ramona is as nutso as ever and Bethenny continues to sum up everyone else's insanity with her wry observations.


Lindsay Lohan: Is her career over? Any chance of a Drew Barrymore-like comeback?

Liz Kelly: 1. Not yet. (See below)

2. It's never too late for a comeback. (See Rourke, Mickey)


Poor Annette Benning!: The woman must have the patience of a saint or be heavily medicated to contemplate sharing a roof with Warren Beatty AND Lindsay Lohan -- that's a lot of ego for one home.

Liz Kelly: Yeah -- apparently Warren is offering Lindsay a role in his upcoming movie on the condition that she move into the Beatty-Benning Household and abide by their rules.

But I'm with you -- It doesn't sound like the best idea for a young hot (though ridiculously thin) hard-partying starlet to move in with a guy who used to be known as quite a ladies' man -- happily married or not.


Oscar After Parties: So the word on the street is that Vanity Fair obliterated the competition - did Madonna and Prince end up having their parties after all or did they bag it?

Liz Kelly: Who am I to argue with the word on the street? Especially since my after party consisted of a snoring husband, a snoring dog and two cats chasing each other up and down the stairs?

Seriously -- though -- the Vanity Fair party was the place to be, though Madonna & Demi and Prince both hosted separate fetes -- as did Elton John, who raised nearly $4 million for his AIDS foundation at his bash and counted Ryan Seacrest, Victoria Beckham, Quincy Jones and a scandalously-clad Sharon Stone (google it if you want to see) among his guests.

Prince's bash turned out to be less than stellar -- at least as far as the celeb set was concerned. Apparently at the last moment it was relocated from his home to L.A.'s Avalon Ballroom where -- gasp -- actual fans were welcomed (as long as they coughed up the $100 ticket price) Some VIPs did show up, though -- including Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, Angie Harmon, Tyler Perry and Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson.


LA: While I totally appreciated a look at Julia Louis-Dreyfus' cut abs, the link in the morning mix proceeded to open up a thousand new windows in my browser before I finally got it to stop. If I'm going to get busted looking at Celebritology at work I want it to be waaaaaaaay more worth it than that.

Liz Kelly: Apologies. The Shape link did not similarly afflict my computer. Maybe because I'm on a Mac?

I'll cross Shape off my list for the future.


Los Angeles: Ryan Seacrest is the master of inappropriate red carpet questions. My fave was when he asked a very pregnant Jessica Alba if she was planning to breastfeed. Her response was "that's pretty personal." Indeed.

Liz Kelly: Yeah. It's odd. It is almost as if the guy -- who in all other respects seems to be taking the field of celebrity event leechign hosting by storm -- gets nervous and just says the first goofy thing that comes to mind. I can't imagine he doesn't have a little squadron of assistants feeding him facts and questions.

But I doubt he's too upset by it all -- if you watched E!'s red carpet coverage to the very end, you doubtless saw the huge "Ryan Seacrest Productions" logo. Which means that stupid questions or no, the guy is making bank.


Have we no SMA, ME?: When I read about the million-dollar-offer for Octomom to start a career in porn, the first thing I thought of was Major Kong in "Dr. Strangelove":

"Well, I've been to one World's Fair, a picnic, and a rodeo and that's the stupidest thing I ever heard come over a set of earphones."

Liz Kelly: Okay, I can't say that was the first thing I thought of.

Not even close, actually.


Atlanta: Liz, did you read the excerpts from Robert Wagner's memoir? Cheesey and skeevy all in one.

Liz Kelly: I read the bits that were excerpted on the Daily Mail site. What a cad -- what kind of a gentleman not only kisses and tells, but gets a little nasty. To wit, re: Elizabeth Taylor:

Elizabeth's life is built completely around Elizabeth and she needs a man to service her life 24/7.

And Bea Arthur? Really?


GOOP Glop - the defense : Gwynnie's Goop defense in light of last Sunday's NY Times style piece.

Liz Kelly: Okay, I need to fess up -- I have actually utilized yet another bit of Gwynnie's GOOPy advice. (The first was an exercise DVD recommendation, which I have yet to crack open.)

A couple of weeks back, Gwyn posted an interesting spin on an aoili meant to accompany a steamed artichoke. I tried it and, by god, it was good.

So sue me.


Richmond, Va.: The more interesting question is how does Brian Austin Green get all these foxy ladies?

Liz Kelly: Right -- he also dated Tiffani Amber Thiessen and Vanessa Marcil before hooking up with Fox.

But, I can't believe you even have to ask what the attraction is: Duh.


Arlington, VA: re: Shape link - FWIW, I clicked on the link in this chat and had no problems with other windows opening. And I'm a pc.

Liz Kelly: Hmmm -- most peculiar, mamma. But I'm glad to hear the trouble was isolated.


Reston, Va.: OMG!! I'm totally bumming. I DVRd the Top Chef finale and was going to watch it tonight. I've been avoiding references to it all day and it shows up on the Celebritology chat? This isn't the TV chat! Argh!!!!

Liz Kelly: OMG, I'm so sorry!!!


Alexandria, Va.: In an era when we're debating the fairness of execs of failed Wall Street and Detroit companies getting huge bonuses, I ask where's the outrage over some of the serious Hollywood underperformers? Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy need to be put on some kind of probation for their recent crimes against humanity. And who the heck keeps signing Matthew McConaughey when he hasn't put in a decent performance in about a decade? (I'd like to use the word "stinker" in reference to Matt, but that just seems too easy given the deodorant thing.) Speaking of Matthews, I know you're feeling the love for Matthew Fox, but he should have paid audiences to watch him in Speed Racer and Vantage Point rather than the other way around.

This just scratches the surface of the film side. Don't even get me started on the TV side of things. (I'd like to send Eva LaRue of CSI: Miami, my nominee for the absolute worst actor on TV, to the Lost island for a date with the smoke monster.)

I dunno, maybe I'm just cranky because I'm working more hours for less money...

Liz Kelly: I'm not particularly "feeling the love" for Matthew Fox. He's a looker, sure, and he's on one of my favorite shows -- but I don't think I've ever confused him with being a master thespian. Like the rest of the "Lost" cast he does well in an ensemble situation. I'm not sure many of them would survive outside that construct.

As for the rest of your point -- I share your outrage, but I don't think these perpetrators of badness are getting off scot-free. Mike Myers's "Love Guru" won the Razzie for worst movie of 2008, Eddie Murphy hasn't managed to spin his Oscar-nominated "Dreamgirls" role into much of a comeback and McConaughey's last movie may as well have gone straight to DVD. Wait, I think it did.

In any case, there are many guilty parties. I'll be happy to collect the names of others.


Bawlmer, Hon: Any juicy bits surfacing from Jeremy Piven's grievance hearing? It's sounding more and more like he effed up big time.

Liz Kelly: Not yet. It started at 11:15 today and -- as of 12:11 p.m. -- there was no news emerging from the hearing yet. Who knew it took that long to hug it out?


Arlington, Va.: I hate to say it, but I tried one of the soups from GOOP and it was pretty good.

Liz Kelly: It's okay. I've discovered that one can appreciate a few small tidbits from GOOP while still retaining a healthy derision for Gwynnie.


Richmond, Va.: It's funny, we complain when celebs act superior, but when someone does something millions (?) of regular folk do (maintain a blog with recipes, hints, bad poetry, hints, thoughts, pics), we say she has no right to do that because she's a celebrity. Huh?

Liz Kelly: No no no -- I don't think we (at least not here in Celebritology land) have ever disqualified Gwynnie's advice on grounds that she's a celeb. No, we accused her of being annoying, dumb, disconnected from reality and exceedingly insouciant.

Big difference.


Robert Wagner's book: My mother got this book for Christmas (she's a huge fan of "RJ" as she calls him) - let me tell you he gets the claws out! My personal fave is when he rakes Stephanie Powers across the coals after she refuses do do another 50 weeks of dinner-theatre touring with him. Ee-yow!

Liz Kelly: Raise your hand if you, too, watched "Hart to Hart" every week in the '80s.


Dra, MA: Hi Liz, Still waiting to hear some facts about the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna incident. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Can we just assume that they were probably doing way too much coke and got into an argument?

Liz Kelly: So wait -- I'm confused. Did you want to reserve judgment or rush to judgment? Just checking.

The situation is still up in the air -- charges have not yet been filed and Rihanna, aside from telling fans (through a spokesperson) that she's okay -- hasn't commented. The only people who are commenting are folks who it would seem have little to do with the actual situation -- T.I., NeYo, Jay-Z, etc.

Check this morning's Mix for some of the other rumors floating around about this story.


OMG!!!: We totally shouldn't have brought up local celeb Carla Hall in a celebrity chat!!!! What were we thinking?!

Liz Kelly: It's not the reference, it's the spoiler. Not being a "Top Chef" watcher, I didn't realize the transgression.


"I'm not sure many of them would survive outside that construct. ": Agreed....but I'd still watch Evangeline Lilly read a phone book.

Liz Kelly: Well, she may be available for that gig in the near future if this zap2it.com story about her hunting for a new job is true.


Speaking of E! and the Red Carpet: Will someone PLEASE send Guliana Rancic somewhere? Like a deserted island? Or back to Italy? She is HORRIBLE!! I'm seriously missing Joan and Melissa...

Liz Kelly: I agree. Giuliana, Ryan and the gang were horrible. But at least they looked human. I couldn't bear to watch the TV Guide channel for more than a minute at a time because of Lisa Rinna's freaky misshapen face. She totally scared those poor "Slumdog" kids.


Kenneth the Page: Will he migrate from 30 Rock to appear as Gov. Jindal in the opening skit on SNL? On the Post's Bob Kaiser post-speech chat, some thought Gov. Jindal sounded more like Mr. Rogers (who is unfortunately not available to appear on SNL).

washingtonpost.com: Froomkin went with McBrayer yesterday in his White House Watch chat.

washingtonpost.com: Jack McBrayer * Gov. Jindal

Liz Kelly: I'm with Froomkin.


Hart to Hart: Hand raised. Also loved Remington Steele.

Liz Kelly: Same! And that dang "Scarecrow and Mrs. King," too.


Arrested Development Movie: Is there any way the movie could do justice to the smartest, funniest show ever (in my grand opinion)?

I'm happy that Michael Cera signed on -- it could not be good with George Michael -- but I am deeply concerned. The TV-to-movie transition just never seems like a good idea.

Liz Kelly: I know. That's my concern here as well. The only consolation I have about an upcoming "Arrested" movie is that if it involves all of the same talent -- in front of and behind the screen -- it may have a fighting chance. Those shows remain some of the best TV ever written. I wouldn't be surprised if the magic could be summoned again for a movie, though the pacing would be very different than a 22 minute show.

Besides "Sex and the City," what other shows have survived at TV to movie transition well?


Brian Austin Green dating award: Should really be named after Davis Spade. (Criteria: consistently dating gorgeous women waay out of your league, who wouldn't look twice if not for fame.)

washingtonpost.com: I think you mean the Rick Ocasek Cup?

Liz Kelly: Really, Rick and David are pretty much tied. And there might even be some room for Billy Joel on that thing.


Tropic Thunder: Redeemed a lot of actors in my eyes. Matthew McConaughey and even Tom Cruise.

Matthew Fox can go though. I do not care for him.

Liz Kelly: Though Matthew didn't have much to do in "Tropic Thunder" except be himself. He was hardly carrying the movie. RDJ and Tom Cruise (I know!) were the standouts in that movie. To me, Matthew was static.


Dumbest red carpet question: I dunno, I think Guiliana Rancic from E! has to be in the running for asking Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes how Brad has "helped her grow as a woman." And then having the (whatever colloquialism you like) to ask Brad a similar version of the question.

I mean, really -- are we really surprised Brangelina skips most red carpet interviewers? Most of them get so stupid fan-girly on them that I'd avoid them too! Poor Tim Gunn pays for the sins of others...

Liz Kelly: That is a very good point. In fact, I made an example of that clip earlier this year.


I'm giggling: What do you call the Octomom and all her kids? The Octoposse. HAHAHAHAHAH.

Liz Kelly: Okay, that's good.


Seacrest on the Carpet: I believe I read that he gets $7 million per year for doing the red carpet thing for E! This on top of his $14 million "AI" salary and all his production and media companies. Nice work if you can get it.

Liz Kelly: Seriously. I doubt Rinna's making that kind of bank.


re: have actually utilized yet another bit of Gwynnie's GOOPy advice. : Liz, I feel like I don't even know you anymore! Did Andy get mad at Liz and take over the keyboard or something?

Liz Kelly: So you're saying that Andy is more likely to be Gwynnie-friendly?

No -- I'm just growing as a person, dammit. And I still think she's a total twit. She just happens to accidentally spew out a good tip from time to time.


Cat thing: Have you seen the Simon's Cat cartoons? If not, head to youtube (there are three, I think). If so, join me in appreciating the genius of someone who is clearly owned by a cat.

Liz Kelly: I only had time to watch this one, but that was pretty adorable. And so true. Except that Andy would've resorted to a flame-thrower or some kind of battering ram before giving up.


Lisa Rinna's freaky misshapen face. : Holy Cow! What is up with that?

Liz Kelly: Body dismorphic disorder and way too much collagen?


Girl, you are so precious to me: Am I precious to you? Thanks for the link to "Be-be-be my love", which was what my husband's geeky friends serenaded me with at my wedding. I had a mad crush on BAG back in the day.

Liz Kelly: But remember when David got too big for his britches and totally cheated on Virginal Donna in a limo? What a jerk.


that's it: I'm going to Goop, just to annoy y'all.

Liz Kelly: What, and leaving us? Don't do it!


Okay, I can't say that was the first thing I thought of. Not even close, actually.: Liz, maybe you and I had the same reaction. Puking in the nearest trash can while trying desperately to come up with any other image in our mind to blot out the nasty image of Octomom porn.

You know how they say you can sing Copa Cabana to get rid of lyrics in your head you can't stop singing? We need something like that for images.

washingtonpost.com: I suggest a Google image search for Lisa Rinna...still shuddering...

Liz Kelly: I don't know that Lisa Rinna's freakishly smiling face would be the thing to bring serenity.

No, what we need is something innocuous. Something borderline shmaltzy. Something like this.


It's not the reference, it's the spoiler. : Okay, but the chat is full of spoilers. Robert Wagner's book. Real Housewives of New York. We should just stop talking about ANYTHING.

washingtonpost.com: Also, well, this is a news site. We try to have it contain news on occasion.

Liz Kelly: Now we've upset Producer Paul. Can someone send him a ScarJo link or something to calm him back down?


we accused her of being annoying, dumb, disconnected from reality and exceedingly insouciant: like I said, just like millions of regular folks' blogs.

Liz Kelly: You have a point there...


Good TV to Movie: The Muppets. Superman. Batman. (reverse direction prize, M.A.S.H.)

washingtonpost.com: Star Trek?

Liz Kelly: Agreed re: the Muppets.

What about "The Simpsons?" I'm a huge fan, but I was totally underwhelmed by the big screen version.


I think you mean the Rick Ocasek Cup?: I think you mean the Ric Ocasek Cup?

washingtonpost.com: Darn you're right. I was so focused on the last name...

Liz Kelly: Thank god for the clarification. Cuz I read "Rick Ocasek" and I was all like "Who's that ninja?"


Book .v. Movie: I have a dilemma, Liz. The Watchmen movie looks like it's pretty cool. I know it's based on a graphic novel but do I have to read it first in order to fully appreciate the movie or will it just bother me that the movie isn't as good as the book?

Liz Kelly: Yes. You do. As far as I've been able to determine, the movie pretty much follows the graphic novel shot for shot. But there is also a lot of back story in the book in the form of faux newspaper articles and whatnot. It's a quick read.


Daniel Craig: Was in all his tuxedoed glory at the Oscars, but appeared to be maintaining a careful amount of distance from his co-presenter Sarah Jessica Parker.

washingtonpost.com: Not the Oscars, but close enough?

Daniel Craig and Kate Winslet at the BAFTAs -- AP

Liz Kelly: Well who could get close to Sarah Jessica? The skirt of her dress had the footprint of a small grain silo.


McLean, Va.: So, after asking where Jack was on the Oscars chat, I realized that maybe he bowed out in deference to Heath Ledger. You know the producers would have cut to him every single time the Joker came up on the show. Have we heard anything this week about why he was missing?

Liz Kelly: Perhaps out completing his bucket list?


Seattle: Have Hugh Jackman's romantic prospects increased after his Oscar song and dance?

Or is he still with his wife?

Liz Kelly: Ouch.


Aussie celebs and brushfires: I think there was a question in this chat a couple of weeks ago about if/what Aussie celebs in Hollywood would be doing to raise cash for the victims of those horrific fires? To answer that person's question, Anthony LaPaglia is putting together a "Footie and Meat Pie" event where they will gather for an afternoon of soccer and fundraising this Saturday.

Liz Kelly: Okay, thanks for sharing. When I first scanned this, I thought the event was titled "Foot and Meat Pie" and wondered why they bothered including the word "and."


Not to fan the fires...: but do you remember when the aioli recipe appeared on GOOP? I'm very intrigued. Thanks!

Oh, and can I maybe request an Andy pic for today? Double thanks!

washingtonpost.com: Steamed Artichokes with Cheat's Aioli

Liz Kelly: It's the garlic that totally makes the difference. I had been using everything else, but the garlic elevated it from just a mayo to an actual aioli.

(And I used the Veganaise and it was fab)


Gimme a break! and Brush with Hart to Hart Celeb: Oo Oo I love this "Remington Steele" and "Hart to Hart" backwards look. How about "Gimme a Break" with Nell Carter! --crickets...-- anyone?

True story--there was a "Hart to Hart" episode with a character called "the clicker" who hypnotized Jonathon by asking "would you like a THIRD cup of coffee?" while twisting his college ring and clicking his gum. I tracked down the actor and told him it was an acting tour de force. He answered and was very gracious, and I felt slightly guilty because it was kind of a joke.

Liz Kelly: You just made me laugh out loud. How did you manage to track the guy down?

And I HATED "Gimme a Break." Of course I still watched it. Same thing with that horrible "Too Close for Comfort" and it's never-ending bad gay jokes courtesy upstairs neighbor Jim J. Bullock.


Pot, meet kettle: "Can we just assume that they were probably doing way too much coke and got into an argument?"

The previous sentence exhorted us to remember 'innocent until proven guilty.' Yes, fine. We should not assume Brown's guilty of assault, but it's OK to assume they're both doing coke?

Liz Kelly: Hence my confusion...


Herndon, VA: Re. Guiliana Rancic, doesn't she have a masters degree in journalism from U of Maryland? Seems to be wasting it on E!

washingtonpost.com: Wikipedia says (so it MUST be true): Giuliana Rancicwas raised in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. She is a gradualte of Walt Whitman High School (Bethesda MD), received a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland, and a master's degree in Journalism from American University.

Liz Kelly: I'm not going to bring up Jayson Blair or anything...


Gwynnie and her GOOP: I read your blog the day that you reviewed the exercise video-blurb thing, and I wound up buying the mat DVD. Crack that thing open, girlfriend! It's awesome! I'm fitting into pants that hadn't seen the light of day in years. They're still in fashion, though, I promise. No pleats to be seen.

Liz Kelly: Ooh, now if that's not motivation I don't know what is. Thanks so much for chiming in.


TV to Movie: A little thing called "Star Trek" didn't do too shabby.

Liz Kelly: I think, though, that we should confine ourselves -- to stick w/ the "Arrested Development" model -- to movies made using the same talent.

(Yes, I know most of the Star Treks did.)


Ric Rick Rollin': Billy Joel seems better for the Cup because Ric Ocasek only dated one, married her, and they still are, so he hasn't had serial hotties, has he? (or am I low on Ric Ocasek trivia?)

Liz Kelly: Good point.


Arlington, Va.: I know this doesn't jive with the chatters (and I heart this chat) but if you don't like GOOP, don't subscribe!! Jeez people, she's not forcing her newsletter on anyone.

Liz Kelly: The voice of reason.


Nicki Hilton's I-Hop Public Arrest: Awesome

Liz Kelly: And I love that she was at an IHOP at like 5 a.m. and that the citizen's arrest was precipitated because a homeless man pushed her to the ground. Maybe he thought she was Paris.


NYC: In this article Giuliana addresses her red carpet performance pre-Oscars. It's actually mildly interesting.

washingtonpost.com: Ha ha, her "guns."

Liz Kelly: So what I'm getting from the interview is that she asks shallow, vapid questions because she thinks that's what we want to hear.


Evangeline Lilly story is false: I guess the E! Online people checked with her rep and she totally denies it. Oooh, guess that does make it true then?

washingtonpost.com: Evangeline Lilly's Rep Calls Auditions Report "Absolutely False"

Liz Kelly: Oooh, hot off the wires. Thanks for sending this along.


GOOP Exercise DVD: OK, now we need to know what the DVD is, too! Didn't realize the chat was going to become all Gwynnie all the time...

washingtonpost.com: Tracy Anderson Method

Liz Kelly: Paul sure did find that link quick. I wonder if he's a devotee of the Method.


Farm girl: We know you are an urbanite, so we can suggest that SJP's voluminous dress had the footprint of a hog confinement crate, not a small grain silo.

Liz Kelly: Thank you so much for the clarification.

But, on behalf of veg urbanites and "Charlotte's Web" fans the world over, please let the piggies go!


"Footie and Meat Pie" event : Oh, Aussie football. I was afraid it was a benefit performance of "Sweeney Todd," although on second thought Hugh Jackman could probably rock the title role.

Liz Kelly: So you're totally disqualifying Yahoo Serious?


Clicker stalker here: The impetus for finding the actor was that my family and I had caught the "clicker" episode one summer when we were all at the beach, and even 15 years later we still would periodically laugh about it and pretend to be hypnotized if asked "would you like a THIRD cup of coffee?" I got one of my single-minded prank ideas to track him down and see if I could get an autographed photo to frame and give my family for Christmas. I googled the actor and I think found his website. He's doing dinner theater now. He actually did remember playing "the clicker" and said it was a lot of fun. I framed the email for christmas.

Liz Kelly: That is a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. I wish I had time to google for a "clicker" clip.


TV to Movie: Firefly to Serenity - same cast, great job.

Liz Kelly: I didn't watch either -- but want to!


washingtonpost.com: 'Lost' Hour

washingtonpost.com: 'Lost' Hour

Liz Kelly: And, as the link above probably tells you, time for me to switch gears and head over to the "Lost" chat. See you here next week and in the blog every week day.



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