The 'Lost' Hour: Season 5 - 'LaFleur'

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly Staff
Thursday, March 5, 2009; 3:00 PM

Has "Lost" got you a mite confused and ready to hurl at the next mention of smoke monsters? Or do you have the fate of the Oceanic 6 and the Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet love square all figured out? Who got Scooby Dooed this week? Are you a new viewer, adrift on an unfamiliar isle or an old hand ready to bare knuckle some quantum physics? In either case, we're here for you and armed with more mediocre puns and pop culture references than a hunky con man can shake a stick at. "Lost" bloggers Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney will attempt to get to the bottom of these matters every Thursday. Liz and Jen, both obsessive "Lost" fans, have been writing their weekly dueling analysis of the show since 2006.

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Jen Chaney: Oh the questions you have: About Olivia Goodspeed, all this time travel stuff, Richard Alpert's eyeliner. So let's just jump right in.

Liz Kelly: Agreed... let's get started.



AGGGH!!! NO!!! Nikki's coming back?!?!? (at least according to IMDB)

Liz Kelly: Calm down -- it could be as part of an "Expose" episode one of the characters watches on TV.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, let's not read too much into those IMDB listings.


Faraday, Antarctica: So are we to believe that when Faraday was underground in his snazzy Dharma suit earlier this season, that that's the time period we (or Sawyer, Juliet and Miles at least) are in now? Or is Faraday now on the island twice in the 1970s? Great episode, but still leaves open lots of loopholes.

Jen Chaney: Yes, I think that's a fair assumption. We were seeing Faraday in the time period he and the other Losties just landed in last night. The notion that he was there twice would be too much for all of us to process, I think.


Del Ray, Va.: In this morning's column Jen, you say: "Faraday's time travel theories are definitely wrong. The past can be changed. Or are we to believe that Amy would have lived and her husband would have somehow died, even if Sawyer and Juliet hadn't busted out their guns?"

I think that misses the point. Faraday's argument is that the timeline is written, and it can't be changed. Asking if Amy would've lived even if Sawyer and Juliet hadn't pulled out their guns isn't relevant - because Sawyer and Juliet did pull out their guns.

Thinking of it another way, your question assumes that history passed through 1974 twice - once when the Losties weren't there, and then another time after the donkey wheel turned when they were. And you're asking how Amy's fate could've been the same both ways.

But according to Faraday, 1974 only happens once - and the Losties were always there to save Amy. They're not "changing" anything, because there isn't anything to change.

Jen Chaney: Okay, I follow you, Del Ray. But that leads to the obvious question: What happens to the past that Sawyer, Juliet, et. al experienced in 1974 the first time around, off-island? They are just absent from those elementary school or junior high classes, etc.?

I think that's the piece that keeps tripping up everyone.

Or is it that their pasts have been erased, which is good, because it fits in with the overall theme of our flawed characters redeeming themselves. Or is it door No. 3: Two Sawyers living two different lives?

Liz Kelly: Well, but it isn't the 1974 Sawyer, Juliet, et al that were on the 1974 island... it is a manifestation of their 2004 adult selves.

So I think what this reader is getting at is that 2004 Sawyer and co. always went back and saved Amy and that has nothing to do with 1974 off island. Right?

Jen Chaney: Manifestation ... interesting choice of words. You're totally right, Liz, it is '04 Sawyer and the gang.

I think people (okay, sometimes me) get confused because it's easy to forget that island time operates on a different frequency than "real time." So even though it's '74 on the island, time is still marching on off the island.


Nashville, Tenn.: Perhaps the baby born last night was Ethan?

Jen Chaney: It's possible. Maybe we should start a list of people that baby might be. I'm not convinced we need to limit his identity to individuals on the island.

1. Ethan Rom

2. Boone (doubtful)

3. Karl, but I think we ruled him out already

4. Marty McFly

Liz, other options?

Liz Kelly: Hmm, I like the Ethan idea.

It would have made perfect sense for that kid to be Ben if we didn't already know Ben was born off island.


Snowmass Village, Colo.: So this is bugging me and no one has addressed it that I can find. The DI and Eyeliner Alpert were pissed about Suliet killing the two Others and breaking the truce, but what of the Others busting up their picnic party by killing Paul and preparing to give Amy the old Eiffel Tower? Don't you think that would have been in violation of the truce?

Liz Kelly: One commenter in the blog mentioned that perhaps the Others considered the truce broken by the Dharmas because they wandered into an area considered exclusive Other territory.

Although I think you're right and I think that fact is partly how Sawyer convinced Richard Alpert to stand down.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, no one was totally following that truce. Alpert was just looking for an excuse to break out some eyeliner-style whoop-ass.


Fairfax, VA: I know I've seen that necklace before. Where? On whom?

Liz Kelly: Jim Morrison.

Jen Chaney: And also, apparently, on Liz Kelly: The College Years.

But in all seriousness, I felt like I had seen it on a Lostie as well. Jack? Did Jack rock an anch at any point, or am I confusing it with his tattoos?


Austin, TX: What do you think Julliet was preparing Sawyer for dinner? Ham!?!

Jen Chaney: Hell no. She knows better.

She also upgraded to bottled Dharma wine, vs. the boxed Dharma wine that Kate and Sawyer sampled. Sawliet -- they're all class.


Boston: Man, nobody can enjoy a picnic on the island! Hurley and Libby's doesn't happen, Shannon and Sayid have a lovey picnicky time, then she gets shot, now Michelle Dessler's hubby is offed. Can't any islanders just enjoy a Dharma bagguette and some time with their love interest without dying?

Liz Kelly: Apparently the only way to eat Dharma food in the bush is to shove it in one's mouth quickly, ala Hurley and the Dharma mayo.

(I think it was mayo -- wasn't it? Or was it some kind of whipped marshmallow product?)

Jen Chaney: And Goodwin got killed after a lovely picnic with Juliet, too. My God, you're right!

And I thought it was ranch dressing, Liz. Which is mayo-like, so close enough.


Fairfax, Va.: Shoot...Jen beat me to a "Back to the Future" reference! but to answer Liz's question about whether Juliet could leave the island and encounter her younger self... Doc Brown had a most prolific explanation in "Back to the Future II" "I foresee two, coming face to face with her (older) younger self might send her into shock and she'd simply pass out. Or, two, the encounter could cause a chain reaction that would destroy the entire space-time continuum. Granted, that's just a worst-case scenario...the destruction may just be limited to merely our own galaxy."

I was hoping the last flash would be the Delorian arriving with Michael J. Fox stepping out looking very confused.

Jen Chaney: You and me both, my friend.

I am just waiting for the moment when we realize Huey Lewis works on the audio-visual team for the Dharma Initiative.

"Dr. Candle? I'm afraid you're just too darn loud."

Liz Kelly: Listen, if this "Back to the Future" talk doesn't stop I'm going to start mentioning "Peggy Sue Got Married" every week.

Jen Chaney: Go ahead. I am sure Nicolas Cage would welcome it.


Under the four toed statue: Since last year we saw dead Horace building Jacob's cabin for his wife, and Amy is his wife, who is Olivia, the Dharma teacher he was traveling with off-island when they met Ben's parents on the road?

Liz Kelly: Good question. Either they were off island together working or Amy bites it at some point leaving Horace free to move on to the next hot thing to fill out a Dharma uniform.


Rockville, Md..: Juliet is hot! My wife sees the way I stare at her through my television. I play it off by saying I am staring at the scenery behind her. I am of course lying. I wish I was Sawyer/James/LaFleur.

Liz Kelly: Ahh, 3:27 p.m. ET -- must be time for true confessions.


Washington, DC: The necklace... Didn't Mr. Echo wear an ankh?

Liz Kelly: No, Eko wore a cross -- remember he had kind of morphed from a fake priest into a real one.

Here's a pic



Piney Branch Road: Not sure if this was mentioned last week, but did Ben have to kill Locke/Bentham in order for him to die? Recall that Jack, Michael and Hurley were unable to commit suicide when they returned because the Island wouldn't let them. Could that have been the case with Locke? Ben had to do it because Locke couldn't do it himself?

Jen Chaney: This is all still sticking in the collective "Lost" consciousness craw. And it is one theory, that the island won't let people kill themselves, at least not until it's done with them. And the island certainly wasn't done with Locke.

It's probably the best explanation, since it doesn't make a lot of sense that Ben would coach John down off the ledge, as it were, only to immediately off him. I mean, I know he's diabolical and all but that isn't particularly efficient. And Ben is nothing if not efficient.

Also -- and I bring this up only because we're all constantly arguing about Ben's motives -- Mr. Linus must understand the whole notion of what's fated to happen will happen. If he knows that Locke is destined to die in order to save the island, that absolves him of any guilt he may have about committing the murder. "Would have happened anyway, I just expedited the process." Could also explain why he does all kinds of crazy, awful stuff without feeling responsible.

Not condoning, just explainin'...

Liz Kelly: I'm still liking the Doc Jensen theory that I mentioned in this morning's analysis. That Ben is basically jealous of Locke's status as special and trying to usurp that role at every step.

So in that scene he thought he needed Locke to get back to the island. That is until Locke blurted out that Ms. Hawking was the key. At that point, John was disposable. I think he may be surprised to find a "living" John on the island once he wakes up.


Olympia, Wash.: "She also upgraded to bottled Dharma wine, vs. the boxed Dharma wine that Kate and Sawyer sampled. Sawliet -- they're all class."

As much class as you can squeeze out of a merlot, anyway. Did they even have Merlot in the '70s?

Liz Kelly: Yes. Someone needs to study up on their viticulture.


Ohio: So, am I the only one who thought that when Sawyer was shot at in the beginning, the bullet actually should have hit him? He looked like he thought it did, almost searching himself for it. Perhaps time-travel adds some invincibility to a person, or more likely, as we saw with Michael, now that he's in the 70s, it's just not his time to die.

Liz Kelly: I didn't pick up on that, but you're not the only who has mentioned it here. Jen, did you catch that?

Jen Chaney: I thought he was searching around because he didn't realize initially that Juliet had fired. But I'll have to look at that scene again.

It does make sense that he couldn't be killed in 1974 if he's post-'04 Sawyer because -- to use that DVR analogy again -- he hasn't caught back up to live broadcast Sawyer.


Timely Question: Since you all talk to Lindecuse more than I do (once or twice, right?) what do you think their stomach for taking a very risky move and not ending with any sort of happiness or redemptive storyline.

I'm thinking that in order for time to not get broken, the Losties simply have to close the loop on their time-traveling and make sure they don't make any changes to the broader universe that creates a paradox. That just means they have to go back to the island and not keep themselves from messing anything else up. It's just a fatalistic acceptance of their lot. It would be a major bummer, but may be the most logical.

Also, Mrs. Hawking said the universe has a way of correcting themselves. They can't really change anything.

Jen Chaney: We have spoken to them a couple of times, though not in terribly great depth. However, based on all we have read, heard, etc., I think they are definitely willing to take a risk with their ending. And I think they elected to end the show after six seasons so they could work toward that end in a logical way.

This question of whether they can make changes to the broader universe is what we keep coming back to. Faraday says no, and that's also been the approach LindeCuse have advocated as well. Past can't be changed, and if it does, fate course-corrects it.

The question is whether we will find out that isn't true. I would argue that in many ways, some of our main characters have changed their fates, or what their fates at least seemed to be. Look at Sawyer. (I know, you don't need an invitation.) He was a colossal, morally reprehensible jerk in season one, albeit one who managed to be likable due to his hotness. And now he's become a good person, who truly loves someone, acts out of consideration for others and is at peace with himself.

Which of course, Kate will totally ruin.

Liz Kelly: I don't see them going for the Disney ending. It just isn't LindeCuse's style. We've already had them kill off beloved characters and been subjected to somewhat uncomfortable storylines.

Besides, if everything is tied up with a neat little bow what will that leave for the feature film script?


Rockville, Md..: This season seems to be doling out answers at a much faster pace. I am of course interested to see whether or not are Losties get back to their real time. However, I do know who the baby was! ME! I was born in 1977. My parents are adamant that I was born in D.C. but I doubt it.

Jen Chaney: Man, why didn't I think of that?

Add another to the list:

5. Reader from Rockville....


Washington, D.C.: Hi there, I love "Lost" and really enjoy your dueling analysis! I have to laugh because I totally wore an ankh necklace in college too. And here I thought I was being cool and original. :-)

Liz Kelly: And yet buying it at the mall should have been some kind of clue for both of us, no?


Farragut Square: Now that we've seen Sawyer in a relationship with Juliet, and his reaction to Kate's return...what do we think he whispered to Kate on the helicopter?

Sawyer is so hot.

Jen Chaney: Maybe that's what he said: "Kate, don't forget: I am really hot."

I assumed that he had asked Kate to look after his daughter, Clementine.


Arlington, Va.: I thought it was Roger Workman who was building the cabin when John saw him last season? And not Horace? No?

Jen Chaney: No, if memory serves, it was Horace.


Anonymous: "who is Olivia, the Dharma teacher he was traveling with off-island when they met Ben's parents on the road?"

"Liz Kelly: Good question. Either they were off island together working or Amy bites it at some point leaving Horace free to move on to the next hot thing to fill out a Dharma uniform."

No, no. Ben was born before 1974. So, Horace was with Olivia before Amy. He might have still been a two-timing' 70s era playa, but not in this case.

Liz Kelly: Right, and according to Lostpedia, Ben was born in the early 1960s and the relationship between Horace and Olivia is classified as "unknown."

So, that would make more sense -- that Horace had some kind of dalliance with Olivia, then moved on to Amy once Paul was killed by the Others.


Reston, Va.: Doesn't the gang being in the Dharma Initiative in the '70s (pre "purge") mean the can pretty much whack a young Ben Linus and throw the whole timeline out of whack? Ok, maybe not whack him, but at least stop him?

Jen Chaney: See, I told you this confuses people!

Ben doesn't die in the '70s. So they can't kill him, again, if Faraday's explanation of time is correct. Ben is meant to live until 2008, at least, and nothing anyone does to him before that (allegedly) can prevent that from happening.


Clip Show?: I thought the whole idea of having an "end date" to the show was supposed to vitiate the need for clip shows and reruns? So why am I reading that LOST is having a clip show in April? You two know everything - tell me this isn't so!

Liz Kelly: I didn't see that story, but I'm guessing that's in a bid to keep everyone up on what has turned into a convoluted, layered story. I, for one, don't mind having my hand held from time to time.

Jen Chaney: Okay, let's clarify: The end date was set up so they would know how many episodes they had to sketch out the rest of the story and wouldn't have to fill time with, I don't know, say, ping-pong tournaments and visits from Bai Ling.

So that means 16 episodes per season. But obviously 16 consecutive episodes starting in January doesn't take us right into those crucial May sweeps. Hence, clip show time!

I actually don't mind so much. The little breaks give our brains a rest and allow us to marinade on things more (read: continue to poke new holes in Jen's theories about Ben...)


Chattanooga, TN: So am I the only one who grimaced with the final scene? Here we go again with the Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet love affairs. Jack has morphed into a bit of a weenie, and Kate--man, I just don't get the Kate-appeal. Sawyer's been tough and great, and Juliet--well, she's a bit of a nonentity, but at least she's good at something. So now we're going to get Sawyer jealous of Jack and Kate, Kate conflicted between hooking up with money/skills versus total sex appeal, Jack staring gloomily at them both, and Juliet being brave and disappointed in the background.

I'd rather see more explanation about what the hell is going on and how it will be resolved. Doesn't anyone else feel this way?

Liz Kelly: Tell us how you really feel.

That said, I think we're going to get both -- more love square (or quadrangle or whatever)


more explanation. There's enough room for all of it.

And just think -- if it weren't for Kate, we'd only have Ben to hate with a white hot passion.

Jen Chaney: I am torn on this one. On one hand, I like seeing Sawyer blossom (flower!) into a decent, loving man for Juliet. On the other, I have to admit that when he and Juliet exchanged their "I love yous," a voice in my head said, "Uh-oh, was that a shark jumping?"

I don't think it was, but I understand the love square fatigue.


Rhode Island: Isn't the purge coming? Will Ben kill our beloved Oceanic 6 plus the Freighter 2? Where is this going?

Liz Kelly: Before we go any further, let's just all remember that the purge doesn't happen until 1991 -- so there is a lot of time left for Sawyer, Juliet, et al to somehow extricate themselves from Dharma before that bad Ben Linus gasses everyone.


James Ford Country: Last night should silence all the haters that felt Sawyer was too one-note this season... there was a lot of facial acting last night from Josh Holloway, way beyond the mad squint and way beyond the multiple beards. And he and Juliet made sense! I never woulda believed it...

Liz Kelly: Yeah, Sawyer was definitely back on his game last night. And I wouldn't blame Josh Holloway for a one-dimensional early season. The writing wasn't there for him.

Jen Chaney: True, Holloway deserves a lot of credit for making Sawyer's evolution credible.


Washington, DC: I think that "Amy" may be the "Amelia" who attended the Others bookclub meeting in Episode 1 of Season 3. And Amelia's son was...Ethan Rom.

It may also explain why the Others were so interested in getting Juliet to the island as a Mittelos recruit. Who better to help them with their little procreation problem than the very woman who delivered a full-term baby on the island?

And it might also explain Ben's obsession with Juliet. Ben should be about 13 or 14 when LaFleur & Co. show up at Dharma. The reason that Juliet "looks like her" is because Juliet is her (that woman in the painting isn't Ben's mom, it's Juliet).

It was nice to see Sawyer and Juliet, who've had such mucked up lives, have some relative peace and normalcy. Too bad Jack and Kate are now back and primed to re-muck up everything, for everyone.

Jen Chaney: Yes, others raised this point about Juliet looking like "her" because her is Juliet. It's very valid. Although, for the record, she does look a little like Ben's mom Emily, too. (Who, to blow your mind further, happens to be Michael Emerson's wife in real life.)

But your point about Mittelos is a really interesting one. I need to wrap my head around all the implications there.


who?: Is Juliet or Emily Michael Emerson's wife?

Jen Chaney: The woman who plays Emily is Emerson's wife. Sorry, that was a bit of trivia. At this point, trivia only confuses matters more.


Ancient Egypt: At some point a couple of weeks ago, there was a discussion of our first glimpse of 1970's Faraday w/Dr. Candle and how the dig team he was working for might have discovered Jughead or the donkey wheel. Do you think we're headed in this direction, i.e. our heroes need to re-discover the donkey wheel (and maybe avoid Jughead) and give it a good spin to get them back to the '00s?

My favorite line last night: Sawyer claims that Horace's drunken dynamite toss was going to be front-page news in the Coconut Gazette...who do we think writes for this rag?

Finally, Kate = unemployed murderer, baby napper, doesnt like to play house with Sawyer, and uses Jack as a baby-making machine.

Juliet = cutting-edge fertility doctor, has Sawyer's back, loves playing house, makes great pasta, and only periodically engages in mild forms of torture.

I dont really see a choice here for our man.

Jen Chaney: Yes, but that's all on paper. He connects with Kate because he used to be just as bad as she was.

Juliet is his path to being a better person, Jack is Kate's. Well, non-pill popping Jack, anyway.

As for the Coconut Gazette, if they turn the wheel and get to 2008, that publication will have morphed into, the online version of its former self. I hear they have excellent "Lost" bloggers on that site. (How's that for meta?)

Liz Kelly: Yes, but has that site figured out a solid ad revenue model?


Charlotte: Was that really Charlotte who Daniel saw? I think it was Lostpedia that speculated it couldn't be her, given her date of birth (at least the date of birth that Ben Linus recited last season).

Liz Kelly: Right. According to Ben, Charlotte was born in 1979.

So either the writers really goofed (which I doubt) or Daniel just sees a little red-haired girl and assumes it is Charlotte.

Jen Chaney: Right. Daniel may be wrongly assuming that little girl is Charlotte, which is still heartbreaking. Maybe even moreso, if he's going to think every red-headed girl is her.

If that was just a goof, then someone in the continuity department is in big trouble.

Liz Kelly: Someone should take care to keep him away from Peanuts cartoons.


Cambridge, MA: I am awed by the briliance of Washington, DC's analysis of the Juliet stuff. Thanks D.C.

Jen Chaney: Ditto.


Washington, DC: I must say that, as a man, I really enjoy reading the catty, anti-Kate diatribes in these chats and your analyses. Must women get so torqued-up about a hot woman? She struck gold in the genetic lottery -- give it a rest. If two men wrote the Dueling Analysis pieces, I can guarantee they wouldn't spend three paragraphs each time ripping on Sawyer.

Liz Kelly: You so don't get it.

Jen Chaney: First of all, I don't dislike her. I think she has messed with both Sawyer's and Jack's minds a little bit because she has conflicted feelings. And that's not necessarily fair to either of them.

But I like the character. And I am very interested in finding out what really happened with her and Aaron.

So there!


Centreville, VA: So, who do you think the woman with Frank is? Sun? Eloise? Some random person we can enjoy and mourn when they're killed off? Boone in a dress?

Liz Kelly: Oh I would assume it's Sun.

But where, I wonder, is Sayid?


Not to be a bastard, but...: Isn't Ethan Rom a little old to have been sired in the late '70s? He'd have to be six or seven years YOUNGER than Charlotte...seriously?

Jen Chaney: It's OK, you can be a bastard. Yeah, he probably is a little old to pass for 27 as of 2004.

Also, I don't think Ethan is pivotal enough to be the big reveal when we find out who the baby is (assuming we ever do). But he can still remain on the list as a possibility since, you know, the list is pretty much nonsense at this point.

Liz Kelly: Well, if everyone else is saying bastard I want to get in on the action.


McPherson Square: So are we to understand that the plane crash people, including Locke, Sun, Ben, etc. and the people who disappeared in the white flash before the crash -- Kate/Jack/Hurley -- are both on the island but in different years? So does that mean that it's impossible for Ben crashed on one part of the island to run into Dharma Ben?

Liz Kelly: Yep. I think that's exactly what has happened.

Jen Chaney: Agreed.


Dharma babies: You suggest that Amy was going to take the sub to the mainland for delivery because mothers and children die during delivery. Couldn't it be simpler--that the medical facilities are better on the mainland? The problem with pregnancy was an issue of the Others/Hostiles, not the Dharma folks. Since Richard is apparently immune to sonic fences, could it be that there are some other physiological differences or mutations--perhaps having to do with the "unique electromagnetic properties" of the island--that cause the difficulties for the Others, but not the Dharmites, who haven't been there as long?

Liz Kelly: Well, hold on -- Richard may just have a pair of ear plugs that allows him to (like Amy) cross the sonic barrier unscathed. (That seems like a particularly easy security system to circumvent, no?)

Another blog comment I liked earlier today posited that perhaps the island's fertility problems didn't start until Ben released the purge gas in 1991. That perhaps some residual contamination of the island's water supply or air is the root of the problem.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, but the problem with that is: Why send women off the island to deliver, as the doctor suggested last night was customary? There must have been some pre-existing issue if they were taking those precautions on a regular basis.

Liz Kelly: Well, didn't the doctor say he wasn't an obstetrician? If he was just a country doctor (dammit), maybe he regularly sent women off island to give birth to head off having to deal with any tricky deliveries.

Jen Chaney: I guess that's true. I don't know, it just seemed like a significant detail to me.

Plus, Dharma obviously knows the island has special properties. And I think we all agree that some of those properties may be the reason there are issues with babies being conceived and born there. That condition certainly existed in the '70s, otherwise Dharma wouldn't be there in the first place, right?


Shirtless: I know this is super late. But why last night when Suliet were in bed did he have a shirt on when she didn't. It was the perfect chance for him to be shirtless. Does the new Sawyer not go shirtless? With glasses must go shirt?

Liz Kelly: Maybe he was feeling a little bit nippy. Ya know the tropics can get a little cool overnight.


Charlotte, '79: So what if Charlotte has a recorded birthday of 1979? We've all seen Walt's amazing growth/aging spurts after he left the island, who's to say little Charlotte didn't have her own wacky aging issues when her mom took her away from Dharma Isle in the eighties?

I'm not trying to be mean, here, that bothered me too for a hot minute, but there's not necessarily a "sky is falling" continuity problem here...

Jen Chaney: Fair enough.


Lost in the District: Ladies,

I think I may have figured out the statue! The Ankh is the sign of eternal life, but what if the status is the Egyptian hippo fertility goddess? Here is an image.

And here is an blurb when I tried to read more: "In all of the ancient Egyptian astronomical diagrams there is one figure which is always larger than all the rest, and most frequently found at the center of what appears to be a horizontal parade of figures. This figure is Taweret "The Great One", a goddess depicted as a pregnant hippopotamus standing upright."

She has four toes, and also in some of the images (see this link for more pictures as well as more info) holds an Ankh in one hand. She is not only a goddess of fertility and birth but also the goddess of REbirth = everlasting life.

Definitely has interesting connotations given the Lost obsession with childbirth, fertility, and re-birth.

Also, Lafleur could be also be a humorous throwback to Peter La Fleur, from Dodgeball! Or...not.

Jen Chaney: Is it wrong that the words "Egyptian hippo fertility goddess" make me laugh?

Seriously, thanks for sending this.

And as for "LaFleur" being a "Dodgeball" reference, I can only hope this means that in some future episode, Ben will repeatedly get hit in the crotch with a wrench.

liz: Nice find... though I'm still thinking it's Anubis. The ears, especially, gave me more of a jackal feel than a hippo.


Jacob's cabin: My longshot prediction: The new baby is Jacob. Before Sawyer and the gang went back in time, baby Jacob died like all the other newborns on the island. His spirit haunts the cabin his father was building for him and his family.

The spirit of Jacob told Locke: "Help me." Locke did. By sending Sawyer back in time (i.e. leaving them stranded in the 1970s), he saved Jacob's mom and Juliet ultimately saved Jacob.

Curse lifted. Island's happy. Little Jacob grows up to be a big-time Hollywood producer named, uh, LindeCuse and makes "Wonder Years-like" show about his childhood.

Liz Kelly: Okay, now that's interesting. Thanks for contributing to the seizure I feel coming on.

Jen Chaney: I like this. Except, when Locke saw Alpert in the 1950s, didn't he say: "Jacob sent me"? I thought he did, but I could be wrong.


Boston, MA: I've been wondering about something--we've time traveled back and forth to important points in the island's history--so why have we not seen Henry Gale's balloon yet? Obviously anyone landing on the island is a strange what gives?

Liz Kelly: Now now -- there's still a whole season and a half left. We only got to see Rousseau's island arrival a couple of weeks back although we knew she had shipwrecked there from at least the end of season 1.


Amen, Chattanooga!: So tired of Kate, so not eager to see Sawyer regress like that. If they want to keep things interesting, bring back BOONE! I'll be happy to guest star with him.

Jen Chaney: Dude, is this off-island me writing into our own chat?


New Otherton: Here's a possibility for the baby using Doc Jensen logic.

A term asscoiated for for "Goodspeed" could be "Pace" - meaning that Baby Goodspeed is really Charlie!

Liz Kelly: And Pace is a brand of salsa. And I bet Hurley has eaten salsa and we know he's eaten Hot Pockets, so maybe the baby is Jim Gaffigan!

Jen Chaney: Oh my gosh, that makes SO much sense, Liz. The Jim Gaffigan thing ties back in beautifully with the episode "Solitary" from season one.


Suliet?: Don't think I don't sense a pattern in which comments you're posting, ladies. As someone who prefers Jawyer (but only as a matter of vocabulary, I couldn't care less about these silly romances clogging up the storyline), it's clear to me that you're taking all these "Suliet" questions in order to get us all used to that ridiculous name...honestly, if the two of you weren't so darned brilliant and fun to read, I'd be on the next bus outta here...

Jen Chaney: You realize you just said the name Suliet twice in your question, even though you prefer Jawyer? You're not helping your cause, my friend.

I'm actually no fan of any of these merged names. Skater and Jater work much better, purely from an etymological standpoint.


Arlington, VA: Just wanted to point out that I read spoilers, and Washington DC's comments about Amy/Amelia and Ethan are a little too on the nose based on a blurb from somebody (Kristen from E!?) that were online in the past week that basically confirmed those two facts. Given that last night's episode didn't really offer any hints towards either of those topics, you may want to consider removing that question and answer from the chat.

Liz Kelly: I don't think we should remove anything. I think everyone knows the analysis and the chat are rife with potential spoilers.

Though if someone is pushing theories they've seen elsewhere on the Web as original thoughts here, well, that's disappointing.

Jen Chaney: Yes, I wish I had time to read Kristin every day. But I don't, so if someone is repurposing facts, that's not cool.

If you're going to do that, at least say that you read it elsewhere, ya know? Unless it's a coincidence, which is totally possible.

Hopefully that's not happening on a regular basis. We give our readers the benefit of the doubt as far as theories being original and certainly want to continue doing so.


Ankh You Very Much: I just wanted to say that Juliet can change my transmission fluid any time. Thank you.

Jen Chaney: You're welcome.

Liz Kelly: First cursing, now double entendres.

I think we'd better wrap up today's chat before things devolve even further Jen.

Jen Chaney: Well, it's too late for stopping that devolution. But we're overtime, so we are wrapping up.

Even though "Lost" isn't new next Wednesday, we'll still chat at this same time next Thursday. Why? Because we love you more than Sawyer loves Juliet.

See you then, everyone.


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