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The 'Lost' Hour: Season 5 -- Episode 9, 'Namaste'

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly Staff
Thursday, March 19, 2009; 3:00 PM

Has "Lost" got you a mite confused and ready to hurl at the next mention of smoke monsters? Or do you have the fate of the Oceanic 6 and the Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet love square all figured out? Who got Scooby Dooed this week? Are you a new viewer, adrift on an unfamiliar isle or an old hand ready to bare knuckle some quantum physics? In either case, we're here for you and armed with more mediocre puns and pop culture references than a hunky con man can shake a stick at. "Lost" bloggers Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney will attempt to get to the bottom of these matters every Thursday. Liz and Jen, both obsessive "Lost" fans, have been writing their weekly dueling analysis of the show since 2006.

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Jen Chaney: Hola, "Lost" fans. We're all amped up to talk about last night's episode, even though this chat totally conflicts with the extremely important first day of March Madness. (Okay, so I probably care more about that than my pal Liz does.)

Before we get started, I'd like to announce a critical mission in which all of you can play a role: I really want "move the island" to enter the lexicon as a legitimate catch phrase. I think it could be used in numerous contexts. If someone is ultra-old school, for example, you could say, "Oh, that guy is so lame. He totally moves our island back in time by at least two decades." Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, if someone totally rocks your world, you could say "She so moves my island."

Together, as a community, I think we can get this into the Urban Dictionary. Liz, will you join me in this endeavor and help make the world a better place?

Liz Kelly: Who am I to stand in the way of catchphrases in the making?

Let's get started...


lexicon: Jen totally just moved the island =o)

Jen Chaney: See? Together, we can all make this happen.


Washington, D.C. : Hey fellow losties! A few thoughts:

1. Did Sawyer/Juliet purposely assign Jack as workman to belittle his "doc" status or to befriend Roger, Ben's dad?

2. If little Ben in living in 1977 with the O6, does 2007 Ben remember them from his childhood? If so, is that why he had Michael kidnap them back in 2004?

3. Ok, I'm not sure where I'm going with this one.. maybe someone can tag on.. but, back in season 3, episode "Enter 77", we learn from Mikail, the code to enter into the communication's station computer when there's a hostile incursion is 77 - does this have anything to do with 1977?

4. Also, there've been many shots of the pit of bodies - did we ever get a glimpse of other worksuit names?

Jen Chaney: Wow, there are several good questions here. I think Sawyer definitely rigged Jack's papers to make him a custodian. (Which, incidentally, is the same ranking I got when I took the Dharma tests last fall. Sad, really.) But you raise a very smart question: did he do that to be a jerk, or because he's a "thinker" with other plans brewing? Could indicate that maybe he does have a plan as far as the purge is concerned.

Re: No. 2: I say yes. I think we touched on this in the analysis today. I think Ben has some grander sense of what's happening and that's why he knew which people he needed.

3. This is a great call. That sounds plausible to me. If 1977 is the year that The Incident happens, requiring the numbers to be entered into the Swan computer from that point forward, then it makes sense that 77 might be a logical, easy to remember code.

4. I like this question best of all. I tried in vain to find a screenshot of the skeletons but haven't been able to locate one. (If someone else can, please pass it on.)


hodie: Hey, who moved my island?

Liz Kelly: Who sunk my battleship?


Falls Church: I think I'm in love with Sun. Is that wrong?

Jen Chaney: Not at all. We have gone on and on about Juliet, Kate, Sawyer, Desmond. Sun deserves some time in the spotlight.

Liz Kelly: Agreed -- Sun deserves to shine.


Mass grave on the island: re: "4. I like this question best of all. I tried in vain to find a screenshot of the skeletons but haven't been able to locate one. (If someone else can, please pass it on.)"

I haven't found a screen capture, but I did go back last week to watch the appropriate episodes ("The Man Behind the Curtain" and "Cabin Fever"), and in the first, there aren't any names visible; in the second, the only one we see is Horace's.

Jen Chaney: Thanks for this. That's helpful.


Don't eat the sandwich!: Sayid knows better than to eat the sandwich, right?

Jen Chaney: Well, he might turn it down because, as a Muslim, he probably doesn't care for pork. Assuming you believe that the sandwich must contain ham, in classic Ben Linus fashion.

Liz Kelly: I would make it a general rule to turn down any food offered by one Benjamin Linus.


Ethan surviving the purge: Maybe he was spared because he was born on the island. Maybe they decided to kill only those who immigrated in.

Liz Kelly: Could be. Another interesting point about Ethan was raised in comments this morning:

Why isn't his last name Goodspeed? Is Rom a pseudonym, punning on the computer term? Is Rom an Egyptian term, linking Ethan & Amy to The Others, who may have an Egyptian connection? Any answers anyone? -- Mr. Merkin

I looked up "Rom" on wikipedia and wasn't able to find any Egyptian connection -- but if there are any Smithsonian types out there with encyclopedic knowledge of the ancient world, please weigh in. The only thing that seemed vaguely promising was a link to the Romani people -- or gypsies. I'm thinking that's a dead end, though.

Jen Chaney: My theory is that the writers gave him the name Rom because, when coupled with Ethan, it gave us the anagram Other Man. Which was great back in season one.

Now they may realize that last name makes absolutely no sense. Or it may have hugely significant meaning that I am totally missing.


Urbana, IL: are you gals doing the Lost Madness this year? I certainly hope so.....

Jen Chaney: We are not doing "Lost" Madness in the same fashion we did it last year because we already voted for a fave character.

But Liz and I are trying to cook up something fun and interactive and Webby. We'll keep you posted.

Liz Kelly: And we'd love to hear any ideas you might have -- send them in...


Incident: The incident happened in the Swan station, and it's clearly not built as of 1977, since they're still designing it. Seeing how the DI is organized, do you really think it can be built in 6-8 moths?

Liz Kelly: Why not -- they might sub in a special construction crew.

And who's to say it isn't already under construction? Radzinsky could just be occupying himself by building a scale model just because. I assume there's not much else to do at The Flame.

Jen Chaney: Also the Incident occurred shortly after the first experiments in the Swan were underway. So maybe it was partially constructed or something.

I don't think they need to get Island County approval for construction, so that could certainly expedite the process. "Build on the Island. We make the permit process fast and easy!"


Mt Rainier, Md.: What do you think of Doc Jensen's theory that this season (5) is parallelling season 2? If it's right, does that mean Sayid has gone over to the Hostiles, who somehow managed to turn him without removing his handcuffs? He'd be in the slot previously filled by "Henry Gale", who they thought was an Other, and he turned out to be all that and more...

Also, does anyone else feel like meeting the kid versions of characters, though cool, has a bit of a Teen Superfriends feel to it?

Liz Kelly: Hmmm, I dunno. I didn't have a chance to read Doc yet this week. I know, I know -- blasphemy. But if it takes until halfway through the season for it to start mirroring a previous one, I'd be wary of distortions.

As Jen mentioned in the analysis, we definitely had some images turned on their head last night -- the crashed plane, Sayid in lock-up, Sawyer in control. But I think the writers are using those brief references as jumping off points for very new directions in story-telling. As several people pointed out in the comments section of the analysis, Sayid is looking at young Ben with all the knowledge of what that kid will do as he reaches adulthood. And, as some further point out, may be weighing whether or not to kill Ben before he has a chance to kill the Dharmas in the purge, etc., etc.

Jen Chaney: I agree with Liz, BUT -- after reading the way Doc talked about the possibility that Sayid could be a turncoat a la Ben -- I felt like maybe he has some inside information from the writers about this. I could be dead wrong. He might just be trying to make us think that he knows something we don't. Or something.

And for the record, I didn't get a Teen Superfriends feeling. But I do want to note that after Liz and I both have made "Lost" Muppet Babies jokes, I was particularly amused that one of the shows airing on the Dharma monitors was "The Muppet Show."

Liz Kelly: Though I'm sure that episode was in the can long before our Muppet Baby comment.


Snowmass Village, CO: Yeah, Sun really moves my Island.

Liz Kelly: TMI.


Raleigh, NC: I think Hurley's jumpsuit said "chef."

Jen Chaney: Yes, a couple of you pointed this out. If he does work in the kitchen all I can say is: prepare for many meals involving that sweet, sweet ranch dressing.


Santa Rosa Mental Hospital : Did you notice the striking resemblance between Radzinsky and Leonard (from Season 2 "DAVE"), the guy that Hurley gets the "numbers" from while in Santa Rosa?



Liz Kelly: That is a pretty close resemblance. Anyone have time to do a little research?

Jen Chaney: Already did, Liz. This thought occurred to me last night, too.

But one major argument against it is that the two characters were played by different actors. Also, assuming we can take what we learned in season one at face value, Leonard was, I think, a naval officer who overheard the numbers transmission in the '80s. I suspect Radzinsky may have been the one transmitting those numbers, which would make the two connected.

Also interesting that Sam Toomey -- remember, the late husband of the woman Hurley visited in Australia and Leonard's military colleague -- committed suicide because the numbers drove him mad. And Radzinsky eventually does the same thing.

So there are threads there, but I don't think Leonard and Radzinsky are the same guy.


Ben's List: So Ben's List is made from the people who infiltrated the Dharma folk when he was a kid. (the list Ethan was using?) So it's all a circle/self-fulfilling prophecy?

And where are Rose and Bernard?

Liz Kelly: Well, but remember -- there were some Tailies on that list, too. How would they fit into that construct?


Lost Madness: Best Sawyerism? Best revelation? Best overall scene? Best couple? Come on gals... I'm sure you could cook something up for us!

Liz Kelly: I like the Best Sawyerism idea.

Jen Chaney: We can't do best overall scene because (ahem) ABC did a bracket (wonder where they got the idea?) that is very similar.

We'll mull these ideas and others in our pot of creative juices and see what we come up with.

Liz Kelly: I'd like to point out that our "creative juices" are hypo-allergenic.

Jen Chaney: And perfect for marinading!


Indiana: Any new theories on how time travel works in "Lost" after seeing this week's show? I've given up.

Liz Kelly: Nope -- we didn't get any time travel this week so not really any new evidence from which to work.


Wait a minute...: In the episode where we first learn of Locke's "resurrection", the boats are on the same beach as the plane crash survivors, who said they were already there. But last night, Ben had to hike a bit to get to where the boats were hidden. Do the new survivors (we need a name for them. 316-ers?) move to the other beach at some point?

Liz Kelly: Hmm, that is a good point. Last night's scenes took place before the footage of Locke making his return. I'm guessing that, yes, the rest of the survivors realized Sun, Ben and Frank were missing and went after them. They found the boats and a knocked out Ben and brought both back to their "camp" for safekeeping.

Jen Chaney: Right. Cesar and co. knew that Sun and Lapidus took off. And they could not have known that unless they somehow found knocked-out Ben and the remaining boats.


Falls Church, VA: OMG, Sawyer is so HAWT!!!

(they're going to kill him off now, right?)

Liz Kelly: Thank you, Falls Church, for moving the island back to my area of expertise.


Juliet: It is interesting that Juliet would serve as Ben's love interest as an adult, since he knew her as a child. Perhaps Juliet is the person who resembles Juliet. Does anyone else remember that episode?

Liz Kelly: But of course. And I think you're right about Juliet resembling her 1977 self. I'm hoping we'll find out that creepy little pre-pubescent Ben Linus had the hots for Juliet and brought her back to the island for just that reason.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, I like this idea, too. She does resemble his mother a bit, too, which would explain why he was attracted to her as a young boy.

And P.S. if he gives her a ham sandwich at some point, I will do a spit take.

Liz Kelly: Jen, you are fixated on bodily fluids today.


Dharma test?: Wait a minute... as a newly addicted Losty, I had no idea that there were tests I could take online to tell me where or not I was "Dharma material." Seriously? Could you link to it/them? I am so curious now. And my work afternoon is shot anyway. Thank you!

Liz Kelly: Unfortunately the Lost experience site that housed that test is no longer live, or so says Producer Paul.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, this was the process the "Lost" folks started last year at Comic-Con, where they tested people in person. The tests were also administered online and were supposed to lead to some big alt. reality game. But the plug got pulled, I believe, because ABC decided to reign it in, probably for budgetary reasons.


Young Ben: I find it odd that they have not shown any interactions between Sawyer-Juliet-Miles and young Ben. It's almost like they've just been ignoring him for the past 3 years...

Of course, this could all be covered in a series of flashbacks in any of the future episodes.

Jen Chaney: Well, but hang on. I am not sure Ben arrived in '74. Seems to me that maybe it was a little later, and perhaps even in '77. Can anyone else back me (or contradict me) on this with some hard data?

I was thinking last night when they were in the processing center that it would be sweet if Ben and his dad were being processed at the same time.

Liz Kelly: Hmm, Lostpedia has the timing of Ben's arrival on the island to "Sometime in the 1970s." I could swear they previously had a more specific year listed.


Ohio: So Miles can't be Pierre Chang's son if he is in Dharma times when Chang's son is, right? (Assuming that's why Old Charlotte couldn't time travel and exist when young Charlotte did...same with Old Ben and Young Ben.) Does that mean Sun could be the baby we saw a few episodes ago?

Jen Chaney: Hmmm ... good point. Jin's there, too, which would debunk that possibility as well.

I thought Chang/Candle's baby was a boy, though. Was pretty sure they said something to that effect.


Jack & Sawyer: I really think that scene at the end between them was interesting. Sawyer is defensive, and confident. Jack is curious, but also accepting...almost detached from that "need to be in control." I think it's the new Jack and I like him.

By the way, I think they both respect each other in profound ways. You'll see.

Liz Kelly: Good point -- Jack was biding his time, taking in the lay of the land. So, yes, thinking before he acts. And it was Sawyer who was "reacting" -- reacting to Jack's return to the island.

Jen Chaney: And the more I think about it, with that accent of his, Saywer saying "I'm a thinker" kind of reminds me of George W. Bush.

He's "the decider."

I agree about Jack. I got the sense that he's so relieved to have gotten back to the island that he's just going to roll with things. At least for now. Of course, that could change. But remember: He had a major spiritual epiphany on the way back. He is moving toward being a man of faith now and we're starting to see how that plays out.


Time travel chaos...: Okay, hear me out. I think that the reason Sun and Ben are not in the past is because other versions of themselves already are. We at least know that Ben is a child on the island in 1977. This leads me to believe the Sun is also on the island. It would also explain why Charlotte's body didn't travel with the rest of the gang, because they had arrived in a time she already existed in.

One way to debunk this theory is to bring up the fact that Sawyer saw Kate helping to deliver Claire's baby and therefore he existed twice in the same time. But my theory on this is because Sawyer was only "passing through," time at that point, that it was allowed. Think about this -- 1974 was always the predetermined time that the island would stop in. Therefore, Sawyer witnessing the birth was a means to an end to get him to 1974. Once there, only the ones that returned from the O6 were ones that weren't currently there, in some form.

Liz Kelly: Hmmm. I think that whole stop at Claire's delivery of Aaron does discount that theory, but I'm willing to be proven wrong.

I'm convinced Sun didn't make it back to 1977 with the others because she has something to accomplish in 2007 (or whenever they are). The island has something it needs from her before she can move along.

As for Ben -- I think he's a special case because we know he wasn't really allowed to return to the island at all (or so he claimed).

Jen Chaney: Yeah, I am not entirely sure about this theory either. But I am also not sure that Sun isn't in 1977 because she needs to do something else first.

I do believe (and maybe this is just a reverse way of agreeing with Liz) that the island needs Jack, Sayid, Kate and Hurley in 1977. To go back to Damon Lindelof's entertaining and bizarre explanation of the island on the season four DVD, it sort of acts like Plastic Man. It reaches out and grabs people that it needs and brings them into its orbit. So I felt like the island "grabbed" the four people it really needed, but doesn't need Sun right now. The question is why not Sun and that I still haven't figured out.

Liz Kelly: But the island clearly needs Sun. I firmly believe that if it didn't she would not be there. Remember John was told to bring back all of the Oceanic 6. It was his choice to not visit Sun -- he was trying to respect Jin's wishes.

Plus I don't think Christian Shepard -- who I long ago filed away as an agent of the island -- would have materialized for her if the island didn't have something specific in mind for her to accomplish.

Jen Chaney: Okay, that's fair. You've persuaded me this time, Liz Kelly.

Liz Kelly: Excuse me, everyone, while I revel in this moment.


time travel: Sure you do -- how did no one notice the picture of Hurley, Jack, and Kate from 1977 hanging on the wall in the DI/Others town and not recognize them? Only Ben looked at those pictures?

And, BTW, you're jumping through a lot of construction hoops just to make the "neat" connection between the year 1977 and "enter 7-7".

Liz Kelly: Because maybe they weren't in the picture yet because they hadn't yet traveled back in time?

Jen Chaney: Agreed. They hadn't traveled back yet, so they would not have been in the picture.

Maybe there is no enter 77/1977 connection. But I think it's totally plausible. Maybe the Swan is already semi-under construction right now.


College Park, MD: My memory on the Incident is fuzzy... Where can I get a recap?

Liz Kelly: Right here:

The Incident was an electromagnetic anomaly that apparently caused a catastrophic event that resulted in the DHARMA Initiative establishing the Swan station's protocol.


Virginia Beach, VA: Ok, I just have to get this off my chest. I love your chats, thanks for doing them. You're certainly entitled to your opinions, but geez, EASE UP on Kate and Jack! Ok, she's been a pain at times and he definitely has been stupid at times, but they're written that way! I, for one, like the Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet angles and think they've been well-written and well-played.

It wouldn't be half the show it is without all the sturm und drang of these relationships.

Whew, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Jen Chaney: Hey, Virginia Beach. I'm the choir and you're just preaching to me.

I completely agree with you. While I don't like the idea of Kate showing up and causing trouble for Sawyer and Juliet (just because, you know, that's not cool), I don't dislike her character. All of these individuals are flawed, which is what makes them interesting.

Liz Kelly: Let's also not forget that this is a TV show and, as viewers, we thrive on identifying or villifying certain characters. Do I enjoy making unfavorable observations about Kate/Evangeline Lilly? Do I think the show would be better off without her? No way.


Ben's arrival: Do we know Ben's age at arrival or year of birth?

Jen Chaney: This Lostpedia page simply says he was born on Dec. 19 in the early 1960s.

He appeared to be the same age last night as he was in the previous episode, when he first arrived on the island with his dad. So, depending on how you define early '60s, puts him at about 14 or 15 years of age when he shows up on the island. I would say more like 14. He looks pretty young to me.


Manifest: Amy said when she was all sleepy on the hammock that two people refused the knock out meds on the sub. They will obviously know that Jack, Kate and Hurley weren't on the sub, right? Last night I thought this fact was going to blow their cover right away, but seems like it went ok so far. Perhaps these new DIs and creepy looking check-in guy will put it all together.

Liz Kelly: Right. I agree that disguising them as new Dharma arrivals seemed like pretty thin cover. First off, if the two people who refused the knockout meds were replaced by Kate and Jack, then how did they account for Hurley's presence? And is the person who piloted the sub not around to mention that he never saw "Kong" brought aboard?

Jen Chaney: I agree, seems like someone would catch on to this. But I'm willing to roll with it, if only because at a certain point, there are only so many narrative questions I can take before I make like Leonard and start playing Connect Four at the Santa Rosa Mental Hospital.

Liz Kelly: Plus, Phil -- and possibly Radzinsky -- seem to be mighty skeptical about the new arrivals.


Washington Dc: Wasn't it a little odd that young Ben knows about a hostile (Sayeed) being held captive and is free to walk in and chat and offer a sandwich? How would a kid at the Dharma camp even know there is a prisoner? Is young Ben already calculating and scheming, or does Dharma have really lax internal security (which doesn't seem likely, given the electronic fence)? Brief interview with the actor playing young Ben: 'Lost' villain's story develops (

Liz Kelly: Four words: Village of the Damned.

Jen Chaney: Interesting note about the kid, which may be in the interview you sent. (I read some interview with him somewhere, and now I can't remember the source.)

Anyway, the actor said his instinct was to try to imitate some of Emerson's mannerisms in his first scenes back on the show, and he was told not to do that, for some plot-related reasons. Don't know what those plot-related reasons are, but the implication was that something will happen later in 1977 to change Ben and turn him into the fun-loving, kill at any costs Ben we all know and adore today.


Nashua, NH: This might seem totally obvious to everybody else, but it seems like all the children were saved from the purge. It makes me continue to wonder why the others are so interested in children...

Jen Chaney: Well, one reason may be that, as Richard noted, they choose their leaders at a very young age. So maybe the culture values children, which makes the fact that -- at some point -- babies can't safely be born on the island that much more disturbing to them.


Ben arrival: Lostpedia says Ben was born in the early 1960's so at the latest this could be 1964, making him 10 in '74 when he arrived. The Harry Potter doppelganger appears to be no more than 12 in last night's episode and that's on the high side. (I'm a peds nurse, guessing ages is kind of part of my job.)

Jen Chaney: Okay, but we don't know he arrived in '74, do we? If we do, that's cool. But it may have been later.

And I think 14 is about as old as he can be, really. He looks more like 12, you're right.


Rockville, MD: I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that Ben kidnapped the people he did through Michael because he already knew they were important. That seems at odds with the concept that while it was in the past, Ben hadn't met the Losties yet. Kinda like when Dez suddenly "remembered" Faraday while on his boat.

Liz Kelly: Right. And I think I mentioned earlier that Ben had a bigger list of people he wanted captured and we were led to believe that Jacob, not Ben, compiled that list -- and it included some Tailies.

Jen Chaney: Okay. But even if he hadn't met them, I am sure their names were on a list. So Ben would know to be on the lookout for certain people, even if Jacob was the one running the show.

Maybe it doesn't explain the Michael thing, but it at least explains why Ben knows so dang much about everyone.


jack's ghost: Did anyone else think that the "Workman" suit that Jack gets tells us that Jack is the corpse the Losties found a few seasons ago - the one in the van with the beer? I think they are trying to tell us this, and I'm so upset about it!

Liz Kelly: No no no! "Workman" is his detail -- his work designation. The corpse in the van was Ben's dad, Roger -- who was also a workman.

Jen Chaney: I also thought that for a brief second. But the jumpsuit on the corpse also said Roger on it. So there can be no mistaking it was Ben's dad.


The Anti-Daniel: Liz said, "maybe they weren't in the picture yet because they hadn't yet traveled back in time?"

Or, maybe the Others didn't notice the picture the first time around because they weren't there. If the Others had taken over, why would they have left up pictures of Dharma people or left up Dharma signs?

The time line was changed.

Jen Chaney: That's a really interesting point. After Ben purged them and took over, they probably wouldn't keep pictures hanging of all those people he killed.


Liz Kelly: Right, but then why would they be on the walls when Frank and Sun arrive?

Jen Chaney: Because the timeline changed and there is no purge and the Dharma Initiative continues on the island for a longer period?

I think that's what the reader was hinting at. That past events are changing the future and Faraday doesn't know what he's talking about.


Cruise cousins: We've covered the fact that Ethan is WAY too old to be that baby, right?

Liz Kelly: We have. Maybe the island has the opposite effect on children born there. Instead of the healing effect, they all turn into Benjamin Button.


Marvy Marin: C'mon girls, quit skipping over the 800 pound gorilla from last night - where IS skinny D, and what happened to him????

Liz Kelly: No skippage -- he's either:

a) turned the Donkey Wheel and off on a grand adventure.

b) hanging with the Others

c) not in his right mind

d) dead.

I don't think we have enough information at this point to make an educated guess. But I'm leaning toward him being with the Others.

Jen Chaney: We know from the first episode of this season that Daniel is there during the Swan construction, when he bumps into Candle/Chang and sees the electromagnetic material they are drilling into, right? Given that, I am inclined to think he does something Donkey Wheel-ish and that maybe he's in another time doing something else.


Star Wars parallel: So, basically, we get to watch how young Anakin turns into Darth Vader, eh? Cool. Wow, I love this show.

Jen Chaney: Ha, ha. Yes. Exactly.

Hopefully this will work out better for that young actor than it did for Jake Lloyd.

Liz Kelly: And bonus: No Jar-Jar Binks!

Jen Chaney: Nikki and Paolo were our Jar-Jar.


Mark my words...: Desmond comes in big. Just you watch. Ben tried something with Penny (he vowed to Widmore he'd kill his daughter as retaliation for killing Alex) and that's what is going to bring Desmond back to the island.

Lest we forget Daniel told him the "rules don't apply" to him. He's going to be the one that fixes things. Daniel's mom did say the island wasn't done with him yet, right? And the island usually gets what the island wants.

Liz Kelly: Oh Desmond will definitely return to the island. The very fact that he said he never would guarantees it.


Arlington, Va.: Is anyone else totally terrified when Phil is onscreen thanks to his pants-wettingly scary turn in "Mullholland Drive"?

Jen Chaney: No, I think of him more from "Mad Men," where he's also a little scary.

So we agree, just for different reference-point reasons.

(Wow, I totally forgot he was in "Mulholland Drive." It's been a while since I saw it.)


Baltimore, MD: This chat makes me hungry for a ham sandwich...

Jen Chaney: You and me both. With mustard.


Pete: No Back to the Future reference this week?!? Great Scott!

Jen Chaney: Well, Liz had forbidden it. But since you ask, I think Sawyer should have told everyone his name was Calvin Klein instead of LaFleur. That would have been AWESOME.


Moves my Island: Interstingly, Lapidus. Only this season, though - not so into the scraggily beard. But now - Woo!

Liz Kelly: Jen, I'm thinking "Moves My Island" has taken on a different meaning from the one you intended.

Jen Chaney: No, no, totally acceptable meaning. Falls under the "rocks my world" definition of the phrase.


James LaFleur: Did anyone else notice the look Jack got when he asked where "James" was? What do you think that guy was cooking up when he told him not to use that name? Was he wondering how he knew his real name or what?

Liz Kelly: My impression was that Sawyer had never given his name as "James," only the nickname "Jim" -- so it would seem odd for anyone, let alone a new recruit, to address him as James.


Liz Kelly: Alrighty, thanks for another edifying, confusing and utterly addictive discussion.

See you next week.

Jen Chaney: Once again, we couldn't get to all the great questions and comments. But not to worry, we'll be back next week at this same time to discuss the next episode, with a title we both love: "He's Our You."

Until then, keep the MTI (Move the Island) campaign going. See ya.


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