Celebritology Live: Remembering Natasha Richardson; TMZ Hits D.C.

Liz Kelly
washingtonpost.com Celebritology Blogger
Thursday, March 19, 2009; 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Welcome to the show. A somber week in celebrity land. The death of Natasha Richardson yesterday is just rotten news. I can't imagine the pain her family must be in right now. I'm happy to take anyone's thoughts about her death, but maybe we should focus on her life -- she had a rich, full 45 years, a varied and interesting career, two kids and a husband. Any and all thoughts are welcome.

In other news, I consider it my duty to share with you these pictures -- just posted to TMZ -- of Jeremy Piven and Snoop Dogg allegedly smoking pot. High times, indeed.

Speaking of TMZ, I'm interested in reactions to TMZ's arrival in town. If you missed Howard Kurtz's excellent dispatch, please take the time to read in.

Let's get started...


Ottawa: Did you get a degree to do this?

Liz Kelly: No, but almost four years in I'm hoping someone sees fit to award me one soon.


Re: Natasha Richardson: Liz, I just had a stray terrible thought. I thought of Liam Neeson and flashed back to his character in "Love, Actually" who sees his wife die young, leaving him with a son almost the age of his own children now. A terrible case of life imitating art. Very sad.

Liz Kelly: Oh geez -- I'd forgotten about that. A great movie and a great performance from Neeson. Though I'm sure it didn't do much to prepare him for dealing with the very real loss of his wife.


Cleveland Park, NW - Too bummed to snark: I never considered myself a Natasha Richardson fan per se, but this is such a sad situation - my zeal for snark is diminished. The Rihanna story is frustrating, Lilo's driving troubles are boring, Jen Aniston's love woes are lame, Octomom is disturbing.

Liz, do you have a fun celebrity story in your pocket we can laugh about?

Liz Kelly: Well, tt doesn't get better than pix of Lisa Rinna begging to be included in the new "Melrose Place."

Oh wait, you said fun, not pathetic!


Los Angeles: What a tragic and senseless loss of a terrific human being. I worked with Natasha Richardson on a film many years ago, a dark and challenging role of a type that usually gives actors license to be difficult. I can tell you that everything being written or said about how gracious, professional, kind and all around lovely she was is absolutely true.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for writing in. She seems to have been universally loved and respected.


Strange Question: This isn't really celebrity-related, but as someone who still produces Gene and was the online guru . . . WITW is Steven Pearlstein? I saw he had a recent column, but haven't seen chats in a while. Did his chat get axed, too?

If so, that may be the worst loss of them all (KOD, notwithstanding). Not many people can provide clarity into the economic insanity.

I promise to submit a question about something Celebritological during the hour...

Liz Kelly: I'm told that Pearlstein is still doing his regular show, he's just off today.


What is wrong with these Disney kids?: ANOTHER "slant eyes" picture from a Disney teen? (This time is the middle Jonas not Miley.) Is there any education on the Disney lot? - at least media training about how EVERY thing these days ends up on the internet?

washingtonpost.com: Joe Jonas' Asian Eyes Picture: Another Miley? (The Huffington Post)

Liz Kelly: I'm speechless.

If that is indeed Joe Jonas -- and all signs point to yes -- what a dolt.


Boston: I know celebrity-wise this is small potatoes, but I am kind of icked out about the Leann Rimes/Eddie Cibrian affair. I think it's kind of bad taste for US Weekly to blast it on it's cover along with security photos and footage especially since Eddie Cibrian has two young children. And also, who cares? They are both C-list, so I wonder why US Weekly spent the manpower and money to get this info.

Or do you believe the rumors that this was dreamed up by their PR teams to get buzz about their TV-movie? But would a parent of two really do that to his children?

Liz Kelly: I hear you, but let's look at this from a different angle. C-list or not, Rimes has to know that she lives in a fishbowl. There are more paparazzi in Southern California than there are coyotes (is that a valid comparison?).

So to go to a restaurant and proceed to make out in public with a man who is not your husband makes you fair game in my book. We're not dealing with super-humans here who have some special ability to conduct their extramarital affairs with tact and dignity. They are people, just like us (!). They may wear more expensive watches (or hair extensions), but they are possessed of every single shortcoming the rest of us have. Thoughtlessness, idiocy, etc. Having an affair is by definition a selfish act -- no matter how true your love may be and how honorable your eventual intentions, someone is going to get hurt. And that rule applies for everyone. Celebs get it posted online or in Us Weekly. We get caught by co-workers or friends.


Gaithersburg, Md.: There was some comments about actors/musicians being on fashion mag covers, in relation to the comment by Tyson Beckford (who should be on as many covers as possible). Someone remarked that Jack Black would never be asked to be on a fashion magazine cover. Sadly, he was on the cover of GQ a couple years ago. I was horrified at the time, and still somewhat horrified now. That man is the epitome of anti-fashion! I don't understand magazines like GQ, Esquire etc. who 1/2 the time put unattractive men on their covers, fully clothed in business suits, but the other 1/2 feature beautiful women in bikinis.

Liz Kelly: I know the Jack Black debate came up a couple of weeks ago in the blog, but there are some people out there who find this man attractive. I actually think he's appealing in a guy-next-door, hilarious, likeable personality kind of way. Not everyone has to be Tyson Beckford.

In fact, I will go so far as to say I find Jack Black to be more attractive than Tyson Beckford. Jack has character. Tyson is a blank canvas, a mannequin, a mere rack from which some designer's creations hang.

But then again I find Iggy Pop attractive, so it's just possible I may not be an authority here.

But I just couldn't disagree with you, and Tyson Beckford, more. I am delighted when I see someone with a little character knock the models off the covers -- Julianne Moore or Drew Barrymore or Jack Black or Jack White, all of them imperfectly beautiful.


Leno: What do you think about President Obama appearing on Jay Leno's show tonight? Admittedly Leno is outside the usual Hollywood crowd for Democratic politicians Didn't McCain announce his candidacy on Leno's show? I'd have said Letterman is more Obama's style--cool, postmodern, ironic.

washingtonpost.com: Baracketology (washingtonpost.com, March 19)

Perhaps he should do a "I'm (deleted) Sarah Palin" video for Kimmel.

Liz Kelly: That would be excellent.

Why did he do Leno? I'm sure it had something to do with ratings and getting the most bang for his time spent.


Washington, D.C. : Is anyone else alarmed by the TMZation of D.C.? I'd rather they think we still can't dress, go out or eat at good restaurants.

Liz Kelly: I'm not alarmed. I could be wrong, but I'm convinced the rest of the country will respond to this new coverage with a massive yawn and it will go away.


Jonas Pic: Actually, he looks like a total train wreck in that pic - who dressed him, Richard Simmons?

Liz Kelly: I thought he was dressed as a Solid Gold dancer.


Tw#t: So - that insufferable wanker and publicity hound dog, John Mayer, is "tweeting" about his break up w/ Jennifer Anniston?

Make him stop!

Liz Kelly: Oh come on. The only oblique reference he made was "This heart didn't come with instructions." That's hardly airing one's dirty laundry.

And as celebrity twitterers go, he at least interacts with his fans. He's not just blasting inanity into the cyberworld, like that tool Ashton Kutcher.

And I coughed up my Silver Needle tea just now when I read this recent tweet from Mayer's feed:

BREAKING CELEBRITY NEWS: I was sitting with my legs crossed for too long and my penis fell asleep.


washingtonpost.com: Twitter feed for johncmayer.

washingtonpost.com: Twitter feed for johncmayer.

Liz Kelly: If you've got a few minutes to kill after today's chat-a-thon.


Liz, PLEASE do me a favor...: ...and explain to me the appeal of "The Hills." I've honestly never actually seen an episode of this show, but have seen clips on "The Soup." But I can't figure it out, why do people watch this show? On the news that Audrina is getting her own show, what has she ever done to merit her own show?

It just doesn't make any sense to me: These people don't do anything. At least on shows like "Deadliest Catch," "Axemen, or even "Dog the Bounty Hunter" they are doing stuff.

These people don't do anything. They sit around, as far as I can tell, and be rich and beautiful. Occasionally they cry. That's all I've gathered. Is there something I'm missing? That's not doing that's being and I can't figure out how it's entertaining. Can you explain the appeal?

Sorry for the long-ish nature, but it's been on my mind since the Audrina news. I'm a straight male - is it possible that I'm not genetically equipped to "get" a show like "The Hills?"

washingtonpost.com: Perhaps that gene was replaced by the gene that moderates use of italics.

Liz Kelly: Paul -- calm yourself.

Listen, I'm with you. I can't stand "The Hills," but I've evolved. I'm no longer critical of people who do enjoy it because I could easily be targeted for my devotion to "Real Housewives," "Intervention" or "Celebrity Rehab."

Hey, at least we live in a world where there is a reality show for pretty much everyone. I say live and let watch.


Omaha, Neb.: Sending this because of last week's discussion of Spear's song "If You Seek Amy." Slate did a feature on other wordsmiths (including Joyce and Shakespeare) who used the same technique.

Since it's from Slate, this counts as intellectual observation and literary discussion. It is NOT just an excuse to tell juvenile, dirty jokes. Thank you.

Liz Kelly: Oh that is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.


Welcome to the neighborhood!: Can you imagine one day you are living in a sleepy soCal cul-de-sac, the next day you are an Octomom neighbor? I would freak out. Someone should put copies of the AA "serenity prayer" in their mailboxes - the next couple of weeks are going to be a nightmare.

washingtonpost.com: Suleman's rep apologizes for neighborhood chaos (Whittier Daily News, March 18)

Wasn't Nixon from Whittier? Does this signify some kind of cosmic justice?

Liz Kelly: Who would you prefer as a neighbor? Nadya Suleman and her brood or Bob Dylan and his stinky port-a-toilet?


Liz Kelly: Oh merde. Looks like TMZ has taken down the Piven/Snoop pictures. I'm guessing a lawyer was involved. But that does make me think they were the real deal.

But -- hey -- maybe this was therepeutic for Piven. Is medical marijuana a treatment for mercury poisoning?


15th and L: Can you do a chat with Paul Rudd sometime soon? I know you said you were over him after "Clueless" but I hope you reconsider - he's the man!!

Liz Kelly: I would love to. I'm speaking with someone of great interest -- at least to me -- next week. I'm going to keep it a surprise, though.


for Andy: Liz, when will Andy be issuing a statement on the Kenley cat-throwing story?

Liz Kelly: Andy said he'd like two minutes in the Octagon with Kenley.


Jack Black: I agree with you. I'm not a constant fan -- love "School of Rock," hate some, indifferent to others -- but I thought he was even believable as Kate Winslet's love interest in "The Holiday."

Liz Kelly: Thank you. As did I. He totally held his own as the other main male love interest in a movie co-starring the jaw-droppingly beautiful Jude Law.


Flummoxed: Having long maintained that the Reese-Jake pairing was a tad too convenient for all concerned, I am wondering how to respond if they are actually engaged?

Liz Kelly: Well, you know -- marriages come in all shapes and sizes. (TomKat.)


Twitter pated: washingtonpost.com: Twitter feed for johncmayer.

Liz Kelly: If you've got a few minutes to kill after today's chat-a-thon.

You mean, if you've got a few extra brain cells to kill....

Liz Kelly: Either or.


t,mz: I don't know about you, but I'd much rather see TMZ getting a quote from a pol than Heidi Montag. Seriously, at least they have a job.

Liz Kelly: But will it play in Peoria? That's the question. Remember, there is a huge legion of tweens, teens and 20-somethings that seem to have an insatiable appetite for news about Montag and her band of dimwitted pals.

And although you'd rather see TMZ getting a quote from a pol, I'd rather see Chris Cillizza getting that quote. At least it would be about something substantive.


Charlotte, NC: I'm sorry, I've said the name of the Britney song out loud with every variation of syllable emphasis and I STILL don't get it. Help!

Liz Kelly: Read the Slate piece linked above.


John Mayer's breaking celebrity news: OK, that was pretty funny. Have to give him credit.

Though, from the various gossip about his romantic life, it probably could use some rest.

Liz Kelly: Nice.


Paul Rudd: Today's article in Style poses the question, dreamboat or goofball. He seems like the kid who was voted "best sense of humor" in your high school class and never quite got past that stage.

washingtonpost.com: Funny Valentine Paul Rudd, Equal Parts Dreamboat and Goofball

This never fails to amuse me: Paul Rudd clip from "Wet Hot American Summer." Might not be completely SFW.

Liz Kelly: Thanks -- if anyone catches hell for that clip, remember -- it's Paul's fault. (And I don't mean Paul Rudd's)


Julianne Moore or Drew Barrymore or Jack Black or Jack White, all of them imperfectly beautiful: Liz please -

Moore and Barrymore may not be 19 and 6 pounds but they are still Hollywood gorgeous. No women with the appearance quirks of Jack Black is ever allowed on a magazine cover (or really onscreen) -- no Janeane Garofalo, Kathy Najimy, Nia Vardolos, or Katey Segal allowed.

Even the singer Adele who is conventionally beautiful (if big) was been airbrushed and obscured into oblivion in the new Vogue.

washingtonpost.com: Adele Gets Slimmed Down In Vogue (jezebel.com)

Liz Kelly: I see your point, but I'm not sure I wholeheartedly agree. I need more time to noodle this one through.


Filtering: As I understand the process, you do some pre-screening of Gene's chat questions before he sees them (I assume due to the volume). Does Paul do that for you, or do you eyeball most of your own chat questions firsthand?

Liz Kelly: Paul pre-screens them. And thank God -- how else would he add his witty asides?


Nosy Parker: In the tributes to Natasha Richardson, I've yet to see anyone mention her grandmother, Rachel Kempson, who was an accomplished actress in her own right (perhaps best known to Lizards from the film "Out of Africa," and in the series "The Jewel in the Crown," which aired here on PBS).

Checking Wikipedia just, I read that "In 2003, four days before what would have been her 93rd birthday, (Rachel Kempson) died of a stroke at the home of her granddaughter, Natasha Richardson, in Millbrook, New York." So here's yet another facet of Natasha's life that most of the public didn't know, but presumably would find admirable.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for sharing it here. Natasha did have some serious acting genes in her chemistry. Being the child of Vanessa Redgrave alone would be enough to give me a complex.


Richmond, Va.: I thought Paul Rudd was charming in "Clueless," but then he creeped me out with his obsessiveness in "40-Year-Old Virgin." Oh well.

Liz Kelly: Well that was his character, though. I'm really heartened to see him getting good work and some laurels after being in the game as kind of a background player for so long.


McLean, Va.: Hey Liz - How about that Manson picture? He must have scarred himself awfully deeply for it to still be that visible.


AP Photo

washingtonpost.com: You know it's a bad day when Charles Manson news isn't the most depressing thing going on.

Liz Kelly: This is Celebritology. Can we talk about Marilyn Manson instead? Shirley Manson?


Thanks for the reminder!: My best friend and I used to throw his kittens at our older sisters when we were ca. 5-7 years old. The perfect covert weapon! I spit out my coffee reading the Morning Mix this morning. Clearly a more serious offense after you (and the cats?) hit puberty, but god that was a memory I had completely suppressed! And for the record, both cats lived until the age of 18, miraculously surviving his childhood.

Liz Kelly: Celebritology and washingtonpost.com do not condone the use of kittens or cats as weapons.


U Street, DC: So I need to express a dilemma I am having. One of my top celebrity crushes for YEARS (like maybe a decade) has been Paul Rudd. I am super glad that he is finally being recognized for how talented and funny and cool and understated he is. I worry about him become too overexposed and now that he has reached mainstream fame the tabloids will be all over him and he will not be as cool. I feel like a hipster teenager who is secretly mad my favorite band is becoming popular....help!!

Liz Kelly: This is make it or break it time for you. Either you stick with Paul and revel in the satisfaction that you knew he was special all along or you give him the old heave-ho and set your sights on a new up and comer.

Here's my thought. I loved Nirvana before Nirvana was huge. I saw them at small clubs. When they blew up big, I faced the same dilemma. But I thought about it and nothing had changed about their music. It was still as good as ever and, in fact, only getting better. I stuck with them and cherished my history with them and I'm glad I did.


Baltimore: Natasha Richardson and the randomness of life: When I first heard she was injured in a skiing accident, I thought of Sonny Bono, or that child of Robert Kennedy, both of whom died running into trees at high speed. When I saw she had taken a seemingly innocuous spill on the beginner's slope and at first got up laughing about it, only to lose consciousness not long afterward, it made me think of how were all just a hair's breadth away from dying.

A few years back, I gracelessly tripped over one of those concrete blocks put at the end of spaces in some parking lots and went flying. I landed smack on my nose at high speed. My nose was broken, there was a lot of blood, etc., but as I was riding off in the ambulance I thought, oddly, how lucky I was--how if I had fallen at a slightly different angle, I would have come down not on my nose, but my head.

Ms. Richardson's sad accident brought all that back. I am glad that her two sons have a strong father and grandmother.

Liz Kelly: This is something we could all do with remembering -- thanks for putting it so eloquently.


Silver Spring: I confess - I love TMZ. It is so wonderfully mindless and gives you a blip into the personalities of A, B, C-list celebs. Seeing who is gracious (Regis always) and who isn't (Jessica Alba) is always entertaining. Plus, it is only 30 mins (22 with a DVR).

Liz Kelly: Right -- they have a certain knack for bottom-of-the-barrel coverage. I, of course, have to visit their site for work... but I do sometimes find myself luxuriating in the low-browed skankiness of it all.


forget twitter john mayer!: Twitter Christopher Walken is the perfect way to cheer yourself up today.


washingtonpost.com: Is this for real?

Liz Kelly: Oh please please please let it be real. I so want to keep the mental picture of Walken in a Snuggie.


Wait, wait: Pix and video this morning of Angelina getting arrested? What was she arrested FOR?

Liz Kelly: It wasn't a real arrest. It was a scene for her upcoming movie, "Milk."


Leeann Rimes: She isn't C-list. In the country world, she's absolutely A-list & a lot of her songs have crossed over. Her boytoy may be more C-list . . .

It occurs to me that without his musical ability and pretty, pretty hair - John Mayer would be one of the guys who doesn't leave the house because he's too busy wreaking havoc from his computer. I'm thinking specifically of the "Warcraft dorks as done by South Park" archetype.

He spends an awful lot of time not making music.

Liz Kelly: Paul had a good take on Mayer before the show. He's totally Vinnie Chase. Maybe he spends a teensy bit more time on the computer than Vinnie, but I think the analogy is apt.


Jack Black: I also liked him in "Margo at the Wedding."

Liz Kelly: And, as I've mentioned before, I enjoyed his brief role in "Jesus's Son."


If You Seek Amy: Thanks, Slate. I feel like such an idiot.

Liz Kelly: Don't worry, you're not the only one that's ever been made to feel like an idiot by Slate.


Anonymous: Any one who has seen "Nacho Libre" would not doubt the range and depth of Jack Black. And I still can't get that movie's theme song out of my head.

Liz Kelly: See -- that's not my favorite Jack Black role. Something about it just didn't work for me.


Will it play in Peoria?: Haven't you heard? Even Peter Orszag has fangirls. Anyone can be a celebrity.

As for Obama on Leno, well Leno has a bigger audience than "Meet the Press" or Wolf Blitzer's show or whatever. He'll go on, they'll talk about basketball for a minute, Leno will ask him about the bonuses, he'll repeat his "the buck stops with me" line, and try to explain the budget/stimulus/whatever in the remaining five minutes.

Liz Kelly: Right. I wouldn't expect any unscripted moments.


Joe and Miley eyewear: please let this be a joke...please let this be a joke...

washingtonpost.com: 'Slanties' Replace Shutter Shades As Worst Eyewear Ever (Gawker)

Liz Kelly: Yeesh.


Taking a stand: Since your organization does not condone the use of cats as weapons, how do you feel about Laser Cats on SNL Shorts when Andy Samberg and Bill Hader are using kittens to zap evildoers?

Liz Kelly: Oh, well, Laser Cats are different. Obviously.

Speaking of "SNL" -- did anyone notice how last weekend's Tracy Morgan hosted show was the most consistently funny show they've put out in years?


Ha ha ha: Jolie's movie is "Salt" not "Milk." Thanks for the laugh, though, I needed it!

Liz Kelly: Thank you. Did I mention that I'm going on 3.5 hours of sleep?

I'm surprised I didn't call her movie "Mayo."


I was using asterisks, does that turn into italics?: Sorry, wasn't trying to be annoying. Also, I wasn't trying to be critical of people who like "The Hills," I try not to judge people for what they watch on TV. I just don't understand the appeal, it was a legitimate attempt to understand.

IMHO, on "Intervention" they are doing something - drugs, and then maybe rehab -- ditto for "Celebrity Rehab." My fiancee watches "Real Housewives" and I agree that's the same idea as "The Hills." I guess it doesn't bother me that much because it's not a phenomenon like "The Hills," nor are its "stars" as big as "The Hills."

Apologies for the excessive italics.

washingtonpost.com: It's okay, just giving you a hard time. Next time, though, I reroute the question to Dana Priest.

Liz Kelly: I just got a chill. Is that like the live chat equivalent of extraordinary rendition?


Julianna Moore: I saw her a few years ago in DC and she had, hands down, the most beautiful hair I have ever seen in my life.

washingtonpost.com: This would not have been my reaction.

Liz Kelly: Right. Paul, we all know you would have been blathering about how white her teeth were. You are such a sucker for dental hygiene.

As a member of the ridiculously Caucasian set, I like that she is unapologetically freckled.


The Hills: You didn't answer italics-man's question: what's the appeal? Or did he have it right-- people like to watch people, and like to watch them more if they're rich?

Like italics-man, I have only seen clips on The Soup, but would be very interested in hearing what makes it a popular show.

Liz Kelly: Sorry -- the appeal is mindless entertainment, I guess. You don't have to think. Just react. Or drool. Whatever your personal energy level allows.


Really?, D.C.: TMZ in D.C.? Hounding congressmen and women? Really?

I agree that we should focus much more on what they're doing in that big, white, domed building, but is TMZ really the way to do it? I prefer to keep my politics and my celeb gossip separate, thank you!

Liz, defend your DC turf!!! :)

Liz Kelly: Now now, it's not really my turf being impinged. If anything, they seem to be confining themselves to chasing junior representatives around Capitol Hill. Go to it and welcome, I say.


Replacement crush for Paul Rudd: Peter Sarsgaard. I heart him, and he tends to fly just below the radar of major celebtritydom. Not entirely dissimilar-looking to Mr. Rudd, either.

Liz Kelly: Yes, though he doesn't quite have the goofiness factor Rudd has going. Anyone who saw "Boys Don't Cry" will agree that he's more intense than fun-loving.

Though -- as Paul reminds me -- Sarsgaard did play Postie Chuck Lane in "Shattered Glass." So maybe Chuck Lane is the appropriate sub for Rudd?


Nosy Parker: Jack Black also sings a bit on a recent CD by his wife, Tanya Haden, and her other two triplet sisters, and their father, the rrenowned jazz bassist Charlie Haden. It's roots music (some of it Carter-family typed country) that the Hadens have always sung as a family. Heard Charlie interviewed re it on "Fresh Air" last year. Definitely interesting for some of us.

Liz Kelly: Yep, in fact Black was on Fresh Air a couple of months back talking about this. Maybe Paul can tear himself away from Juliana Moore pix and find us the link.


The Hills: I love The Hills, because it is TV's version of minimalism combined with Pop Art.

Liz Kelly: Easy tiger.


A question from left field: I was looking at pictures of Nicole Ritchie, is that her hair or extensions?

Liz Kelly: I would guess extensions. She's a known repeat extension offender.


No women with the appearance quirks of Jack Black is ever allowed on a magazine cover: I think the poster's point is that women can have various types of appearance - glamorous charlize theron, to odd looking Chloe Sevingy and be accepted by the fashion/magazine industry - but they can never be above a size 8 - even with a rollicking personality a la Jack Black. Men can come in a range of sizes and be accepted - women can't.

Liz Kelly: What of Oprah... or Queen Latifah. I feel like both have done their fair share of covers. And, yes, I realize Oprah owns her own mag.


Jeremy Piven and Kid Rock: Raally needed Kid Rock there to round out the Circle of Skeeviness.

Liz Kelly: Yes, with just a dash of Andy Dick. Then we'd be cooking.


Liz Kelly: Alrighty. That's it for today. It's possible we may not be able to do the chat next week -- I've got a tight Thursday schedule. But I'll work with Paul to see if we can resked for another hour.

Stay gold!


washingtonpost.com: Please join Liz and Jen Chaney for the 'Lost' Hour.

washingtonpost.com: Please join Liz and Jen Chaney for the 'Lost' Hour.

Liz Kelly: .


washingtonpost.com: Charlie Haden Returns To His Bluegrass Roots


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