The Reliable Source: Casting the HBO Clintons Movie, Key Bridge Fails to Explode, More

Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, March 25, 2009; 12:00 PM

Reliable Source columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, March 25, at Noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, what you think about their recent columns or who you want to see them writing about in future ones.

In today's column: Did McDonald's rip off a D.C. artist's Big Mouth Billy Bass-inspired masterpiece? Look -- it's the "Deadliest Catch" dude, and Urkel's girlfriend too! Lauer vs. deer. LiLo blames you, the fans, for her career descent.

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Reston, Va.: So do you feel better? You in the media that have killed the career of Lindsay Lohan? She is the genius that brought us the classic I Think I Know Who Killed Me Last Summer -- or whatever it was called. And now we might not get to experience her acting stylings anymore. Surprising that she wasn't out in the public eye commenting on the passing of Mrs. Richardson, who played her mom in The Parent Trap. Seems like she is good at making things all about her.

Roxanne Roberts: You missed Lindsay's comment on Natasha? Something along the lines of "we haven't kept in touch" but she was deeply saddened, etc. But yes, all of us "sicko" fans and media types ruined her life.


Amy Argetsinger: Good morning everyone! Thanks for joining. And thanks to those of you who sent in your bracket picks for the 2009 Reliable Source Tournament. Some of them sent Roxanne into a laughing-coughing fit so hard I worried we were about to lose her.


Gossip Bracket: Will the pres. be completing one on Web cam, like he did with ESPN for the NCAA? Seems only right!

Amy Argetsinger: Don't you think? Or is it right for him to pick out a bracket if we've got an entire division devoted to his administration?


Ok, who's cuter?: Butterstick or leopard cubs? Leopard Cub

Roxanne Roberts: Butterstick was awesome, but his 15 minutes are over. Plus, even my teenaged son went "awwwwwwww" and then wanted to know why the cub's nose was so pink. Awwwwwwwwwwww!


SW D.C.: Dude, Urkel's girlfriend?

How far down the list does someone who's been on television have to be before the Source feels s/he is not newsworthy?

Roxanne Roberts: She's from here, man! And some people cherish her as Urkel's gal.

Amy Argetsinger: Come on! It's Urkel's girlfriend! A treasured part of pop-culture history. Also, as we discussed the more random the locale of the celebrity sighting, the better. Brandywine Target, y'all.


Silver Spring, Md.: My ladies, any idea why Chris Matthews always pronounces Dick Cheney's name "chee-nee?"

Amy Argetsinger: Does he? How strange. Hadn't heard that. Matthews has some interesting vocal stylings, though.


Your piece on the McDonald's ad: makes me wonder -- do they sell more fish sandwiches during Lent? Who Listened When His Fish Talked? (The Reliable Source, March 25)

Amy Argetsinger: Probably. I just sort of assumed that the season of penitence and self-denial was the cause for this marvelous two-for-$3.99 Filet-O-Fish deal.

True fact: I have never had a Filet-O-Fish sandwich. Should I try one this Friday?


Post's Multiple Final Fours: What Would Happen If: you combined the Reliable Source's gossip Final Four with the craft beer Final Four currently being conducted by Post beer columnist Greg Kitsock? Maybe more alcohol-fueled items for your column? Amy and Rox downed by doppelbocks? Reliable Source Tournament andBeer Madness, Round Four: Grudge Match!

Amy Argetsinger: Then none of us would remember who won. Great idea, though.


Port of Alexandria: I have lived around here for years, but never knew it was so dangerous here. I might need to looking into selling. Perhaps move to Edgeboro, Va.

Roxanne Roberts: I hear they need a new guard at the port. Old one is on the run.

Amy Argetsinger: Quick -- flee north on The 355 to Bethesda.


Santa Anita, Calif.: Is there any money involved with this celebrity bracket racket? Because gossip gambling is illegal as far as I know and my horse always finishes out of the money anyway.

Amy Argetsinger: I've been calling all over Vegas and various off-shore outlets but I can't find anyone with a line on this tournament.


POTUS Press Conference: Notably missing last night, any questions about either his NCAA bracket or the future DOPOTUS (Dog Of President of the United States). BTW, Dopotus would be a cute puppy name!

Roxanne Roberts: How would that be pronounced? "Dop-o-tus?" "Dope-tus?" "Dope" for short? Nah, don't see it. I think "Moose" is the top contender. Michelle said so.


Baltimore, Md.: You journalists are falling down on the job. I read about Lance Armstrong getting hurt, and my first questions are 1)what does Sheryl Crow think? and 2) what do the Olsen twins think? No newspapers/Web sites answered that for me. Very disappointing.

Amy Argetsinger: Ah, good questions, but don't you know the official answer is always, "I'm hoping he gets well soon." As opposed the heartfelt sentiment of "heheheheheh."


LiLo blames me?: Well, she's right if she's looking for someone who doesn't give a hoot about her -- and hasn't seen anything she's done since taking a daughter to see "Mean Girls" because Tina Fey wrote it....

Roxanne Roberts: That was before the first rehab, right?


Falls Church, Va.: So my favorite waiter at the Ruby Tuesdays in Bailey's Crossroads ran into Dave Grohl at the Staples there last week. Anyone hear he was in town? Anyone know where I can find him??

Amy Argetsinger: I'm pretty sure his mom still lives around here, though I don't think he has a place here anymore.

Dave Grohl at Staples -- just another reason to like this guy.


Dylan: It's sunny, though still chilly. Not yet spring, and I have to go to work at 2 p.m. today, which I am not really looking forward to. What Bob Dylan song should I be playing to fit my mood?

Amy Argetsinger: Play the entirety of Nashville Skyline -- you can probably listen to it two or three times in the next hour and a half, it's that short. The Johnny Cash duet always puts a smile on your face. The love songs will fit your melancholy without bringing you down. "Nashville Skyline Rag" and "To Be Alone With You" and "Country Pie" will perk you up.


Washington, D.C.: Has the Key Bridge faux explosion happened? Even though my building is in SW D.C., we got an e-mail about it yesterday.

Roxanne Roberts: I drove down GW Parkway before noon and there were firetrucks and camera crews waiting, so should be happening any second now if it hasn't already.


Clinton-Blair movie: What do you think about the casting of the HBO movie that will feature Dennis Quid as Clinton and Michael Sheen as Blair? I can understand Sheen-Blair since most people probably think Sheen is actually Tony Blair. But Quaid as Clinton? I mean, he did a great Bush impersonation in that awful Hugh Grant-American Idol-inspired show a couple years back, but just don't see Clinton in him.

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, and Julianne Moore as Hillary! Nutty, isn't it? But maybe brilliant. They're all pretty great. Everything is made better with a bit of Dennis Quaid, and I think he could be pretty good as Clinton. Who's the best damn fighter pilot you ever saw?


re Lance: 3) Was McConnahey there saying "it's all good man."

Amy Argetsinger: Yes, shirtless.


Arlington, Va.: I know that Dick Cheney said that the family name was always pronounced Chee-nee although he had given up on correcting people. Chris Matthews is apparently just following CHee-nee's preference.

Amy Argetsinger: True? Who knew?


D.C.: So first there are plans for a Karate Kid remake with Will Smith's son, and then Zac Efron was in talks to do a remake of Footloose? Is nothing sacred? Can't the next generation come up with its own idea, or at least try to mask the old ideas and pretend they are new? I really worry about this generation.

Roxanne Roberts: I worry about us all. Music, movies....barely an original thought out there. My son's high school classmates keep playing old You Tube music clips from the '60s.


Britney: I had no idea that Britney had a new album or was touring. But from reading the paper today, it seems she has bounced back. So my question -- where is she on the comeback scale? Is she still making her way back, or is she back? When the eventual Britney Spears TV Movie comes out, will the closing credits run (to the sounds of her "Stronger") with this comeback tour, or with her leaving the court house after a judge gives her custody of her kids back one day? Britney Rules 'Circus' Ring With the Greatest of Tease (Post, March 25)

Amy Argetsinger: Well, she filled Verizon with $100-a-seat fans, which seems pretty good. I have no idea off the top of my head what her album sales are like. My personal bias is that it's all too much, too soon -- we're just two years removed from the head-shaving, barely more a year from her involuntary psychiatric hold. She probably should have taken a lot more time off. But hey, maybe it will work out for her.


Washington, D.C.: Re: Dave Grohl at Staples -- just another reason to like this guy.

Everyone has to go to Staples at one point or another. It's an unfortunate fact of life.

Amy Argetsinger: Except that some people hire people to go to Staples for them.


SouthEast D.C.: How was Letterman's wedding? I assume you guys were invited. What did the bride wear? Their first dance?

Roxanne Roberts: The bride wore navy suit and a peach rose corsage. First dance? "At Last."


Beautiful Silver Spring, Md.: By now I am sure all of your readership is on tenterhooks awaiting the results of the hardest-fought gossip contest in the nation's capital, indeed, the world -- the Reliable Source Gossip Bracket. Yet while all the contenders are worthy, one must speculate regarding which candidates were deemed unworthy of the Big Gossip Dance. Care to provide a "last four out" so that we know who just missed the cut? Or predictions on who'll be featured in the 2010 bracket? Reliable Source Tournament

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmm, well, Gilbert Arenas lost his usual berth, on account of not playing nor blogging... Rod Blagojevich probably should have been in there, but we honestly forgot about him already. Jon Favreau (the Obama speechwriter, not the "Swingers" star) -- we keep thinking he has so much promise as a gossip figure but he just hasn't brought it, you know?

And you tell us -- who else just barely blew their chance to make it to the Big Dance?


For Rox: : Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me was featured in Gene's chat yesterday! Chatological Humor (Post, March 24)

Roxanne Roberts: Excellent!


I think "Moose" is the top contender. Michelle said so: I thought she said that they considered and rejected "Moose," but that was the only name she would discuss. The reason I paid attention is that my husband and I have a whole private language that is based on the word Moose. To the confusion of those around us when we forget where we are and start talking that way.

Roxanne Roberts: Private language based on "Moose?" Oh, details, please.


Washington, D.C.: Minka Kelly is coming to D.C .to do a drama on politics (word is Brian Austin Green going to join too!) Hopefully this will end that stupid BCM D.C. "reality" show...

Minka Kelly part of CW's 'Body Politic' (, March 11)

Amy Argetsinger: Also, Jason Dohring, who apparently was on Veronica Mars -- he was in the newsroom the other day doing research for a role. Am told he's a nice guy.

Minka Kelly -- didn't she date John Mayer? And how do I know that?


Staples: Some people enjoy going to Staples, checking out the office equipment, finding cool cardstock, etc. Just sayin'.

Amy Argetsinger: Not as fun as Home Depot.


RS Bracket: I have to totally disagree with some of your logic. I agree that Oprah might be the biggest star in the world, but for her to dominate your picks, and be proclaimed as always winning, she really has to throw a bone from time to time. She is not seen. She is not heard. The occasional Cafe Milano, Five Guys, or sighting at the LA Sports Club gym is necessary. When Clooney is in town, there is a buzz because we might be lucky enough to cross paths. Very, very, very slim chance, but it could happen. But not Oprah, and that takes away the fun for us. For that reason, I don't think she should rank high on your list. Just my humble opinion.

Amy Argetsinger: You make a provocative argument. I'd love to see an upset here.


Alexandria, Va.: You see the big news of the day? Spandau Ballet is getting back together? Spandau Ballet True

Amy Argetsinger: I know this much is true. Apparently it was easier to get back together than to settle their disputes over royalties. This is sort of similar to why some divorces get called off.


Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C.: I saw in your column that Jenna Bush is still enjoying secret service protection, but what is the deal with Barbara. Any idea what she is up to these days? Working? Dating? Where she living?

Amy Argetsinger: So far as we know, she's still in Manhattan, where last we heard she was working at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum.


Phil Spector Murder Trial, take 2: I didn't realize until yesterday that this was going on again. Any good photos of Phil and his always-unique hair? What will happen this time? Defense still saying it was suicide? Phil Spector's attorney: Actress killed herself (Spector picture on page) (AP)

Amy Argetsinger: Follow the link to the latest image of Phil Spector's courtroom hair.


A celebrity doppleganger sighting: I was having lunch at Jaleo the other night when I spotted a man walking by who was a dead ringer for Simon Cowell. Since I knew there was no way that Simon Cowell would be walking down "E" street by himself on a Sunday afternoon I figured it wasn't him -- so I didn't send you an e-mail right away. The thing that got me was, who in the world would WANT to look like Simon Cowell? I mean the guy had the same haircut, the same tight black t-shirt, and the same sneer. Is Simon Cowell's "hairstyle" the new "Ollie North", as in, "I'd like a haircut just like Ollie's?"

Roxanne Roberts: Hmmmm. Maybe the guy's claim to fame is that he looks exactly like Simon Crowell. So he walks into a bar and all the girls start staring at him and finally one comes over and says, "You look EXACTLY like Simon Cowell." And then he smiles and says, "But I'm nicer." And then he goes home with her and four girlfriends. Or not. But it's a good enough icebreaker.


Was that "At Last": at Letterman's wedding lip-synched -- oops, I mean, "sung" -- by Beyonce?

Roxanne Roberts: Exactly. Etta James is mad....again.

_______________________ Another Phil Spector Hairstyle (Google Images)


Quaid and Moore, together again: John Travolta did a great Bill Clinton in "Primary Colors." And of course, the great Emma Thompson played the Hillary role. I don't know why you would mess with that combination.

Roxanne Roberts: Because that was before Monica----and really, wouldn't you watch a movie with Dennis Quaid as Clinton? Even if you never admit it?


D.C.: What is the fascination with Meghan McCain? I saw that she was on Larry King the other day, and can't understand why we care what she thinks. I can understand the Bush daughters or Chelsea Clinton, who have an interesting perspective as the kids of the president. But McCain's father lost. Daughters of losing presidential candidates are a dime a dozen. Why do we care?

Amy Argetsinger: Anyone got an answer to this one? I guess because it's rare to see a politician's child really putting herself out there -- and saying provocative things, whether it's about Ann Coulter or her own dating life, to get her news coverage. Also, she's young and blonde.

Basically, it has a lot to do with the fact that thanks to blogs, the entertainment news cycle is now operating 24/7, just as the political news cycle has for a while, and at a time when not really enough is happening to fill either one, Meghan can fill voids on both sides.

She also has a tad more claim on legitimate fame than a lot of the people in our culture who get lots of attention. As someone much smarter than myself said, Meghan McCain is a reality TV star without a reality TV show.


Cheney: Yeah, Chris Matthews made a big deal out of the correct pronunciation back in 2000. He's just saying it right, and we're all saying it wrong!

Amy Argetsinger: Okay, let's all practice: Chee-nee, Chee-nee, Chee-nee...


New York: Are you guys a little worried that David Letterman might have rushed into things? I mean, he has only been dating her for 23 years.

Roxanne Roberts: I think Harry made them do it.


Potomac, Md.: I loved the Billy Bass story! I suspect that even though the McDonald's spokeswoman denies any issue, that sometime this morning the ad agency for that fish ad got a phone call from McDonald's headquarters! Who Listened When His Fish Talked? (The Reliable Source, March 25)

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. Really, you can never go wrong with a Big Mouth Billy Bass story.


re: Minka Kelly: apparently Brian Austin Green is also in the show...

Exclusive: Brian Austin Green lands part in The CW's 'Body Politic' (Korbi TV, March 11)

Amy Argetsinger: Lord, too much excitement.


Dave Grohl at Staples -- just another reason to like this guy. : Is he known as a likable guy? I didn't get a good impression of him years ago when I sat near him at a Metallica concert. I overheard him several times complaining about what he hates about the fans. But maybe he'd just had an annoying run-in.

Amy Argetsinger: Really? I think you must have caught him on a bad day -- and probably it's hard for us to understand just how invasive and weird some of the fan-ship can be. The one time I met him he was incredibly gracious and ingratiating; and that's pretty much what I've heard from everyone else. He's managed to keep the regular-guy thing.


Washington, D.C.: It is pretty rich of La Lohan to blame her lack of career on her sicko fans. Perhaps if she actually did some real work rather than partying 7 days a week, we'd actually have something else to judge her on!

Amy Argetsinger: Pretty rich quote, wasn't it?


Dupont Circle: Does Larry King still host a talk show, or just a parody of a talk show?

Amy Argetsinger: It's the best show on television. It's like vaudeville.


Jason Dohring: HOTT! Also rumored to be a Scientologist, and you know what that means. Bad for us girls.

Roxanne Roberts: Now, now. There must be some red-blooded manly Scientologists. Otherwise there wouldn't be baby Scientologists.


Filet o fish : Never had one? Hard to believe.

Just imagine a large frozen fish stick from Gorton's of Gloucester on a hamburger bun. And cheese.

Roxanne Roberts: Never had one. Never tempted. But I do love the commercial.


Doppelganger's: Do you get a lot of those? (I ask as someone who submitted one).

Roxanne Roberts: Less than you'd think. You all are a pretty savvy bunch. But we always double-check before we put a sighting in print, just in case.


10th and Penn: Any more information on "Washington Field"? I know it is just a pilot, but judging by its name, and the pretend explosion in the Potomac -- it is already my favorite show. Who is in it? Who should I be looking out for at Cafe Milano?

Amy Argetsinger: Ah, good question, let's see.... "Washington Field" is about husband and wife experts in the Washington field office of the FBI.

It stars... Eddie Cibrian, who you may know from the cover of last week's US, allegedly having an affair with LeAnn Rimes (conveniently timed to the debut of their Lifetime miniseries)... and Teri Polo, who you may know from about every third TV series of the past decade.


Gallery Place: Who wears the haircut better? Rahm Emanuel or Al Pacino in Godfather 3?

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, Google-Image this one. Gallery Place is right!


Minka Kelly: is (or was) dating Derek Jeter.

Amy Argetsinger: No kidding. Derek Jeter is an even more prolific dater than John Mayer. But unlike John Mayer, he doesn't blab.


"Lauer went flying off his bicycle Saturday when the deer jumped into his path; he's recovering from surgery for a separated shoulder.": What, no news about how the deer is doing? Is he recovering from having Matt Lauer scare him half to death?

Roxanne Roberts: The deer is in talks with Dr. Phil for an exclusive about Matt's crazy driving. "So, I'm grazing and this guy on a bike comes out of NO WHERE.....and God, the spandex!"


D.C.: Is Spandau Ballet getting back together to sing, or to make a sequel to The Krays?

Amy Argetsinger: Well, aren't you clever with your Spandau Ballet trivia? I think I actually saw that movie.


Phil Spector's hair: Thanks for the link to the photo. Now I won't need to spend $1 to rent a horror movie from RedBox tonight. I'll just look at that photo....

Amy Argetsinger: Majestic, isn't it?

_______________________ Phil Spector: Higher Hair (Google Images)


Chevy Chase: Ok ok -enough talk about Cheney please! Let's talk about George Clooney! Who is he dating now?

Roxanne Roberts: Probably another cocktail waitress. Notice how he rarely goes out with anyone famous?


AIG guy: I was going to send you two a really great gift but they made me give my bonus back. Sorry.

Roxanne Roberts: Bummer. We still get two weeks at the Hampton's beach house, right?


Brian Austin Green: So does that mean Brian Austin Green was able to get out of his contract to appear on Freddie, starring Freddie Prinze Jr? That show's still on, right?

Amy Argetsinger: Well, aren't you clever with your Brian Austin Green trivia. No reference to his rapping career? "Body Politic" will also star Gabrielle Union.


So Lilo thinks: that she'd get better roles if her fans would go away? It's interesting logic.

Roxanne Roberts: It's that kind of acute thinking that's served her so well so far.


Washington Field: Starring Teri Polo -- of not only The West Wing, but the Ethan Hawke classic, Mystery Date? This indeed will be my new favorite show.

Amy Argetsinger: You guys have gotten so much better with the Google.

And also of that show written by Brooke Shields' husband where she played the Brooke Shields character. And "Meet the Parents."


Washington, D.C.: Speaking of Oprah, that photo of her on her magazine with Michelle is less than flattering. I realize she is standing to our statuesque First Lady, but she looked dumpy! O, The Oprah Magazine

Roxanne Roberts: The dress was a mistake.


Meghan McCain: The reality TV star without a show. Makes sense, but isn't the obvious next step for her to get her own show? And love how she complains that all the attention kills her social life, as she goes chasing every camera she can possibly find. Seems logical.

Roxanne Roberts: How about Meghan and Lindsay in an update of "The Simple Life?"


Re "Washington Field": My favorite thing about the pretend Potomac explosion is that the initial overwrought "30 foot fireball" press release went viral instantly. I heard about this thing from my neighborhood listserv, from my kids' school, from e-mail lists left over from the Obama campaign, from people who live in Boston who's office sent out an "if you are traveling to D.C. on March 25" message... it was nuts. It's clear that deep down we are all really, really hankering for a 30-foot fireball in our lives.

Amy Argetsinger: No kidding. We really wanted that fireball, didn't we? Even a day after the Post put stories online saying "sorry, no fireball!" I was still getting e-mails from people saying "hear about the fireball?" Some of them thinking about taking their kids out of school to see it. We are a perverse culture.

I'm told that our reporter on the scene says the non-explosion hasn't happened yet.


Herndon, Va.: Who do you guys follow on Twitter?

Amy Argetsinger: I don't do anything with Twitter. Should I?


Anyone got an answer to this one? I guess because it's rare to see a politician's child really putting herself out there -- and saying provocative things: Remember Maya Keyes? She actually put herself OUT there! Boy was that guy a nut.

Amy Argetsinger: Aw, we haven't seen enough of Maya. Why isn't she on the talk shows?


Filet o fish: I hear the trick to get McDonald's to fry you up a fresh filet o fish is ask for no salt. Otherwise you get a heat lamp o fish.

Amy Argetsinger: You can special order at McDonald's? Just like In-N-Out?


Anonymous: This is out of the blue and all but I have just become fascinated by "House." USA has like a zillion past episodes in a row on Saturday (I think ...) and I want to state here and now if I get sick or something I want that dude taking care of me.

Amy Argetsinger: I have not caught the "House" bug. Maybe someday.


Chicago, Ill..: Good Afternoon Ladies,

I saw that Kim K. is covering Complex Magazine's April/May issue.

When did she become worthy of such an honor? What has she done besides the Ray-J video?

Amy Argetsinger: Er, Complex magazine? Is that an honor?... She also has a popular reality series I've never seen.


Chantilly, Va.: Any chance Matt Lauer and Lance Armstrong will rehab together?

Roxanne Roberts: Probably not. Matt's (for the moment) still married. Lance is.....Lance.


Washington: Any Britney sighting while she was in town? Where does someone like her stay? I was really hoping to catch her at the Tune Inn a couple hours after the show. Seems like her kind of place.

Amy Argetsinger: Sadly, no sightings. We looked all over Staples for her, too.


Re Spector's hair: All he needs is that hat the first lady of Cameroon was wearing when she met the Pope. A First Lady With a Head for Style (Reliable Source, March 20)

Amy Argetsinger: How much do we love Chantal Biya? She should be a superstar.


Filet O Fish: True story: the filet o fish was created by a McDonald's franchisee in my very Catholic hometown of Cincinnati. It was pre-Vatican II and people couldn't eat meat for all of Lent (not just Fridays) and he was losing too much business. He created and tested it, and Ray Kroc said fine and adopted it nationwide.

Amy Argetsinger: No kidding. I'm definitely trying one this week. It may be what I need to do to get that fish song out of my head. "Give me back that Filet-O-Fish! Give me that fish!"


Cicely, AK: Teri Polo who helped bring Northern Exposure to its knees after it was cruelly abandoned by Rob Morrow?

She's another in the Paula Marshall/Ted McGinley "kill the show" mold.

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmm. And she was also in the final seasons of The West Wing...


Key Bridge explosion: My office is in Alexandria and we got notification about this. Now I just want to see the pilot to count the D.C. geography screwups.

Amy Argetsinger: So looking forward to this one.


You two are speedy today: Those witty responses are just cranking out today: snap, snap, snap. MUCH faster than Tom Sietsema, who was slow as molasses in his chat. Although, being Tom, he was as slow as West Indian hand-harvested organic molasses, or something like that.

Amy Argetsinger: Why is it always about Tom?


15th and K: What are they shooting at McPherson Square today? There is a camera crew and a blond actress I couldn't recognize coming and going in and out of a trailer parked next to the Burrito Guy.

Amy Argetsinger: Really? E-mail us with the other details ( since they may be gone by the time I can walk outside. It's TV pilot season -- so hard to keep up with all the action. But I'm pretty sure "Washington Field" wasn't going to be doing any off-the-water shooting here today.


Special order mcD: Amy, I am disappointed you obviously don't do enough fast food...

Teri Polo was also the "older woman" on Felicity...

Amy Argetsinger: Is Teri Polo the new Tony Danza?


Washington, D.C.: Why did Natasha Richardson's death get so much more publicity than Ron Silver's? I'd say they are pretty equal on the fame-o-meter, wouldn't you?

Roxanne Roberts: No contest. Ron died, sadly and quietly, from cancer. Natasha died in a sudden, weird way. Daughter of a movie star, married to a movie star, mother of two young boys. Much better tabloid story.


"the non-explosion hasn't happened yet.": To quote Marvin T. Martian of Loony Toons fame; "Where is my earth-shattering KABOOM? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering KABOOM."

Amy Argetsinger: Indeed.


I don't actually watch House, but...: If that dude is taking care of you, doesn't that mean you're going to end up having some really rare and unusually nasty disease?

Roxanne Roberts: And once every so often, the patient dies because they have to mix it up. Can't save everyone....


Times are tough all over: Ha! What sacrifices have you all made to help the country over this economic hump? I expect it hasn't stopped the consumption of $ 4.00 lattes at the Post...

Amy Argetsinger: I don't drink coffee, which is the only reason I can think of for why I'm not in debt like most Americans.


D.C.: "D.C. geography screwups."

Like in True Lies where they get off at the metro stop at Georgetown Park that doesn't exist.

Amy Argetsinger: Do they do that in True Lies too? That's a famous scene in "No Way Out." Which, now that I mention it, it's a high time I Netflix.


Derek Jeter: Seriously! Who - besides me - HASN'T he dated?

Amy Argetsinger: I'm still waiting for my turn.


Anonymous: Ron Silver turned conservative after 9/11 and lost a lot of work. I bet that had something to do with it

Amy Argetsinger: Silver himself said he felt he got the cold shoulder from Hollywood after his political conversion.


Anonymous: It strikes me as a tad pretentious for Oprah to constantly be on the cover of her magazine anyway -- what's up with that ?

Amy Argetsinger: Well, it hasn't hurt sales -- Oprah's her own brand. However she may start sharing it more often now; there's talk of her sharing the cover with Ellen DeGeneres soon.


Anonymous: so Roxanne : How was the vacation ? Did you do fun stuff or sleep late ? We love Amy but missed you !

Roxanne Roberts: Went to Florida: Slept a lot, coughed a lot. Gambled, swam, ate stone crabs at Joes. Very relaxing.


Anonymous: "How much do we love Chantal Biya?"

For what, ripping off Jackee's look from 227?

Amy Argetsinger: Well, that look was due for a comeback.


Brooklyn, N.Y.: The thing about new puppies is that you'll spend most of your time cleaning up the mess they leave behind. Perhaps Obama should just call the pup W.

Roxanne Roberts: Oh, that's rich.


Filet of fish: is made from Alaskan Pollack, if you wanted to know.

Amy Argetsinger: I'm going to write a song where I rhyme "Alaskan pollock" with "Jackson Pollock." Then Tony Danza and I will record it as a duet, with Dave Grohl backing us on drums. We will open for Bob Dylan.


there's talk of her sharing the cover with Ellen DeGeneres soon. : Can't Ellen get her own "I love myself" magazine?

Amy Argetsinger: I think there's only room in this market for one talk-show-host vanity magazine at a time. Remember, it didn't work out for Rosie's McCall's.


Anonymous: Does Tony Danza pay you to mention his name at least once every single chat?

Roxanne Roberts: Oh sure. He took the 6-month package; couldn't afford the entire year. It's like "fruit-of-the-month" for out-of-work actors.


Anonymous: In War of the Roses, the housekeeper takes day classes at William and Mary. That's a 10-hour commute!

Amy Argetsinger: Seriously? That's a great one.


D.C.: Thanks to you guys all day I'll either be singing True (breathing part) and that darn Fillet o Fish ad.

Amy Argetsinger: It's a terrible set of options, isn't it? That's why you need to put "Nashville Skyline" in your CD player right away. Clears your brain.


"D.C. geography screwups." : What about when Jack Nicholson drove a laboring Meryl Streep to the hospital in "Heartburn" from Georgetown to somewhere in NW (Sibley? Georgetown Hospital? GW?) PAST THE CAPITOL!

Amy Argetsinger: Ack! There are just too many examples. I need to Netflix that one too.


Fish/Lent: YES! You never see ads for Filet-o-fish any other time of the year, do you? It is being hyped now because of Lent. Just wait, after Easter it'll be back to Big Macs ands mighty kids meals. I'm a practicing Catholic and we know this stuff.

Roxanne Roberts: I always like the term "practicing" Catholic---as in "we keep trying until we get it right."


Re: Dick "Chee-nee": He's given up on correcting people?

Really, I thought Dick Cheney was ALL ABOUT correcting people.

Amy Argetsinger: Maybe he waterboarded Chris Matthews to get him to pronounce it correctly.


Virginia: The British press made a big fuss that the DVD to their PM doesn't work in the UK since they use PAL and we use NTSC. And the Brazil people are complaining their head of state name was misspelled. Does anyone in the social secretary office and/or the State Department really have protocol experiences?

Amy Argetsinger: Ahhhh. Mistakes to learn from.


Octomom update: So, she said she felt like the nurse/nannies were waiting for her to make a mistake any time she held her babies. Isn't that what all of America is waiting for? And why go on Dr. Phil? Whose side is he on?

Roxanne Roberts: I think he was trying to help and assumed she was sane. Everybody makes a mistake now and then.


I'm going to write a song where I rhyme "Alaskan pollock" with "Jackson Pollock.": Is it really that hard to rhyme pollock with Pollock?

Anyway, how about you and Joaquin doing the duet?

Amy Argetsinger: It's the internal quasi-rhyme of "Jackson" and "Alaskan" that I find so deeply appealing. I should ask Joaquin. Who knows, maybe he'll say yes.


Richmond, Va. : Like most of Americans with actual recession-related problems, I have little sympathy for celebrities whining about too much/wrong sort of publicity.

I think in some cases, the 24 hour celebrity gossip machine actually performs a valuable service. I love seeing Ruth Madoff being followed and annoyed while she's going about her business. It helps after seeing all the sad stories about honest people losing their life savings. Why shouldn't she be inconvenienced?

And my other fave, Octomom. I also like them following her to get her nails done, buy makeup, etc. It makes it very hard to sympathize when you know she gets more time off from octo-mothering than any new mom I know.

Roxanne Roberts: And don't forget the OTHER six kids. She's way too busy defending her mothering skills to actually be a mother.


Word to the wise: Amy: Just a small bit of advice, if you do decide to go to Mickey D's don't dress too fancy or wear your expensive jewels. As a matter of fact if you must go please be sure to get the meal "to go" because you just don't know who's been sleeping in that seat before you.

Amy Argetsinger: I know you all think I'm a high-class broad and all, but I'm actually a McDonald's regular -- on road trips, anyway, when I find their French fries are exactly what I need to power on another hour or two. I've just never experimented with their seafood offerings.


I always like the term "practicing" Catholic -- as in "we keep trying until we get it right." : Ha. I always think of it like "practicing law." Like it's a job you do during the day, but at night you've got time off.

Amy Argetsinger: hahaha


Dylan Quote....: Roxanne -- did you mean to quote Dylan? "If there's an original thought out there, I could use it right now..." Brownsville Girl, one of my favorites...

Roxanne Roberts: Not intentionally. But he IS from Minnesota, too.


Tony's cook book: You mean you haven't gone out and bought his cookbook that he wrote with his son. Shame on you.

Roxanne Roberts: God, I have a vague memory of his appearance with Martha Stewart. Pasta, yes?


re: I don't drink coffee: Amy, you should start buying overpriced coffee drinks so you can say you're doing your part to keep the economy going.

Roxanne Roberts: Good idea. And she can give it to me about 4 p.m.


Rochester, N.Y.: Amy, I thought about reaming you for being smug about no debt when you likely have a very nice union salary (unlike the downsized among your fans). But the sentence about your new band made it all better. You crack me up.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks! Didn't realize I was on the bubble there.


Anonymous: I think time should only put clocks and watch faces on their covers.

Amy Argetsinger: What about hourglasses and sundials? Just for variety.


Dave Grohl: Is it a compliment to say that someone is "ingratiating?"

Amy Argetsinger: Sure. Same as saying someone's endearing. It's only when someone's *trying* to ingratiate (implying that they're trying too hard, and failing) that it's a dis.


Arlington, Va.: And this is NOT from Google, but Teri Polo was Dan Rydell's GF on Sportsnight.

Amy Argetsinger: Hardest workin' woman in showbiz, that Teri Polo.


Give me back that Filet-O-Fish: Today's Reliable Source chat, brought to you by McDonalds!

Amy Argetsinger: And now, time for lunch...


Amazon describe Danza:: "Now, actor, television personality, and exuberant cook Tony Danza and his son, Marc..."

Is it embarrassing for an actor to also be described as a "television personality?"

Amy Argetsinger: I think most actors are just happy to be workign.


"We still get two weeks at the Hampton's beach house, right? ": Yeah, JPMorgan Chase is gonna fly you up in one of those new state-of-the-art corporate jets they just decided to purchase.

Roxanne Roberts: I think they JUST outlawed that. Damn.

Guess that means we'll stay glued to our computers, tracking down Tony Danza's next career move and those Simon Cowell look-a-likes. Send your tips and sightings to and watch those fish filets for wise-cracking. Same time, next week.


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