The Reliable Source: Dead Visit Obama, Easter Egg Roll, Stalked Congressman, More

The furry addition to the first family fulfilled President Obama's campaign promise to his daughters. The Portuguese water dog has been learning his way around the grounds at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. since his arrival in April 2009.
Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, April 15, 2009; 12:00 PM

Reliable Source columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, April 15, at Noon ET to discuss the Grateful Dead at the White House, tears at the Easter Egg Roll, Aaron Schock, the TMZ-stalked congressman, still not having a D.C. girlfriend. And other stuff.


Amy Argetsinger: Good morning everyone! Looking forward to your questions.


Bethesda, Md.: OK, so where's the Obama cat?

Amy Argetsinger: This is a good question. Has there been any meaningful discussion on felines in the new administration? Are they off table, allergy-wise? Now that our long national nightmare of the Obama Dog Watch is over, we need something new to think about.


Sarasota, Fla.: Any word on whether the president lit any incense or if the first lady dabbed on a little patchouli oil before The Dead dropped by?

And any word from Mr. and Mrs. Gore's spokeswoman, the first girl my brother ever kissed, regarding Mrs. Gore's performance? Reliable Source (Post, April 15)

Amy Argetsinger: For some reason, the White House not getting back to us on our many, many questions about the Dead visit.... And no word from best-political-spokesperson-name-in-the-biz Kalee Kreider about Tipper Gore's drum performance at last night's show, but our colleague Dave Malitz says she wasn't half bad.


Arlington, Va..: How sad is it that the Smithsonian "went nuts" over a camcorder? It's not like you can't find one for five bucks at a flea market...

Amy Argetsinger: Yes, but this was THE camcorder, used to shoot the first winning video for "America's Funniest Home Videos." It's history!


Portuguese-American: What a great week to be a Portuguese-American! I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am that the Obamas chose, ahem, a Portuguese water dog for their daughters' furry companion -- parabens! This also helps a bit to soothe the sting we Portuguese-Americans suffered a couple years ago over President Bush's diss of our language, when he injudiciously characterized a modest proposed congressional earmark to a Portuguese language center at Rhode Island College as being among the most flagrant examples of pork.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for writing. Are you hypo-allergenic?


Sarasota, Fla.: Just had to thank you. You rarely, if ever, have to post a correction. I was reading Gatecrasher this morning and it led with a baloney story about Brit-Brit being engaged, then ended with a rather firm denial from her rep, pointing out that she couldn't even [have] been where the supposed engagement happened since she's on tour. Thank you for your reliable-ness.

Roxanne Roberts: What a nice way to start the chat on such a yucky day! It's so tempting to post all those delicious internet gossip items---but we do everything we can to find out how true they are first. Sometimes we get beat because someone publishes a rumor that later turns out to be true----but we don't find ourselves backpedaling when its not. So it's nice to be appreciated for being journalists. Thanks! Yay!


Report from the Egg Roll front: Would you like reports from those of us who managed to get into the White House Easter Egg Roll? Of course you would. Here's mine:

1. The lines to get in were a little late to get moving (my group was the fourth of five groups spaced throughout the day). I had a few tense moments of wondering if we had landed in the Purple Tunnel of Doom, Spring Edition. But everything was pretty organized and once the line moved, it moved. Thumbs up to all the organizers.

2. Ziggy Marley was awesome, and so was his incredibly cute daughter (around age 3, maybe), who helped him out on a few songs.

3. James Cromwell was very sweet and generous about posing for photos and signing autographs. He looks tall in all his movies, and guess what? He's really tall. Also, he gives a fabulous reading of "Goodnight Moon."

4. My daughters looked at the huge line waiting to do the traditional egg roll, and then looked at what that actually meant -- pushing an egg across the lawn with a big spoon -- and said, "Nah." But they enjoyed all the cool activities. The egg decorating and jump rope creating were favorites.

All in all, a great day.

Amy Argetsinger: Your daughter sounds like a precocious and wise child. Thanks for the report. How was Fergie's performance?


Oh, please,: Why didn't David Caruso just give the woman an autograph? Yeah, she's over the top, but HOW RUDE of him.

Amy Argetsinger: I missed this one. Thanks for the tip. Cutting and pasting here...

"VIENNA (AFP) - A 41-year-old woman who sent a death threat to US actor David Caruso after failing to get an autograph was jailed on Tuesday for seven months by a court in Innsbruck, western Austria.

"The woman had sent around a hundred letters to Caruso, the star of the US television series CSI: Miami, including one in which she threatened his life.

"She will be held in a centre that treats prisoners with psychiatric problems, but her lawyer said they had not ruled out an appeal.

"The woman originally fled to Mexico in an effort to avoid arrest, but after 10 months on the run gave herself up to the Austrian authorities in March."

Me again. Seems like an awful lot of nuisance for a David Caruso autograph.


Anonymous: Phil Spector is one strange looking dude. His look may have gone well with a career in producing rock records, but if you were his lawyer wouldn't you have told him to at least cut his hair? Phil Spector: He's A Jailbird (The Smoking Gun)

Roxanne Roberts: If I were Phil Spector's lawyer, I'd have bigger things to worry about than his hair. But (as I joked to a colleague)the hair itself pleads not guilty by reason of insanity.


Woodbridge, Va.: Will Phil Spector survive prison?

Amy Argetsinger: I assume Phil Spector will be put in that special secure cell block where they keep the celebrity felons so that other jailbirds can't mess with them.


Bethesda, Md.: I am told that for many or even most, the Easter Egg Roll Monday was a disaster. Hours of delays, newly "privileged" Obama-ites pushing into lines ahead of the citizens they work for. Is any of this so? My source is my daughter and son-in-law who were ticketed attendees.

Roxanne Roberts: I don't think that's fair. They had problems with long lines, but its their first year and they invited a record 30,000 to attend. I doubt administration types jumped the lines, but they may have some provision for getting in before they went to their offices. Anyway, we looked into it and found very few complaints.


Washington, D.C.: Do you think Sharon Stone was on something last night on Larry King? Not even she is that relaxed and when he asked her a typically hard question, like "you have a Web site?," she kept going on about Asia being 1/3 of the world. And she didn't pull on his suspenders, which she always does.

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, sorry I missed this. Had no idea she was going to be on. Larry King's show is the most amusing thing on TV. It's the new vaudeville.


Celebrity Hair: One wonders what the hair of the lovechild of Phil Spector and Rod Blagojevich would look like...

Amy Argetsinger: It would deserve its own reality show. You saw the news that Blago is taking his career in that direction? Link to follow.


Separated at Birth: Tipper Gore and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Amy Argetsinger: Totally.


Vienna, Va.: Hi! So I noticed that Joe Robert was at the Nats' home opener. How is his health these days? Haven't heard much about him since the tumor diagnosis.

Roxanne Roberts: Joe's in great spirits. He's in the middle of treatment and is the most upbeat and optimistic patient I've ever seen. He was at the game with his mom and two sons---hasn't missed a home opener yet.

_______________________ Blago Does NBC, Pending Court OK (de Moraes On TV, April 15)


Bo Reveal: It was so considerate of the Obamas to plan the unveiling of Bo the day before the RS chat -- if they had waited until Thursday or Friday we would have had to wait a whole week to discuss the first pup! Photo Gallery: Obamas Welcome Bo to the White House

Amy Argetsinger: Yeah, so what does anyone think of the first pup? You like, or should they take him back?


Dead tree version: I just subscribed to the WaPo 7 days a week. Does that make me a celebrity to you?

Amy Argetsinger: You know that they just hung an 8 by 10 glossy of you in our newsroom, right?


Foggy Bottom, D.C.: Was flipping between Gilmore Girls and Washington Post Live on Comcast Sportsnet last night and caught the tail end of your chat with Russ Thaler. Have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see you on a sports show. Sadly, I missed the bulk of your segment. Still, seems to me there's a lot of room for discussion regarding our local sports stars and all the visitors.

Roxanne Roberts: Can we tell you how much we love the show? The guys are relaxed and really funny, and we always have some local sports star doing something interesting off the court, ice, etc. I grew up with sports and have a sport-crazed teenage son, so it's a great fit.

Amy Argetsinger: Thaler is great. He's got us talking about the most random assortment of topics, but manages to keep it moving along in brisk but leisurely and amusing fashion. Clever guy. It's the most fun we've had on TV since Tucker's sad departure.


Washington, D.C.: Mel Gibson's wife may get a half a billion dollars in the divorce. What would you do with a half a billion dollars?

Amy Argetsinger: This is a better question than wondering who won the Powerball $144 million in Southeast Washington. I don't know. I'd probably fritter it away on dresses and parking tickets.

Roxanne Roberts: Let's see.....invest it in the stock market? Not so fast. Oh, who am I kidding? I'd finally buy an old house with a fireplace in the bedroom, indulge my Jimmy Choo habit, get a dog or two, and enter the World Series of Poker Main Event just for kicks.


Arlington Gay: I saw Anderson Cooper, but it doesn't count as I was in NYC at the time. But I can report he's taller than I expected and even more handsome in person.

Amy Argetsinger: I'll always remember the very amusing sight of 300 blushing, swooning 25-to-40-year-old women greeting him at a bookstore signing here a couple years ago. Beatlemania.


Anyway, we looked into it and found very few complaints. : That's because the people who want to complain are still stuck in that BlackBerry-less zone called the White House lawn...

Roxanne Roberts: Nah---they hustled them out before Bo made his press debut yesterday afternoon. Maybe they're in the basement....


I am told that for many or even most, the Easter Egg Roll Monday was a disaster. Hours of delays, newly "privileged" Obama-ites pushing into lines ahead of the citizens they work for. Is any of this so? My source is my daughter and son-in-law who were ticketed attendees.: I was there and it was fine. Sounds like a Republican plant question trying to discredit where none is justified

Roxanne Roberts: Like we said---very few complaints from anyone, regardless of politics. And we usually hear them.


Bo: The cute factor at the White House is out of control! Those adorable little girls! Now that furry perky puppy! I never use exclamation points but how can you not when talking about Bo?!?!?!

Roxanne Roberts: I know! So cute running across the lawn with president!!! The only problem is that he's so furry we can't see all those adorable puppy expressions! Darn!!!!


Obamas: Super adorable dog and kids, good-looking couple...if the White House gets any cuter we're all going to OD. Isn't there a cantankerous uncle with questionable hygiene they can trot out occasionally?

Amy Argetsinger: That was the formula that worked all those years for "My Three Sons" and other great sitcoms. Following that formula, we can also expect the Obamas to adopt some adorable little scamps once Sasha and Malia get older. And for the finale, there will be a wedding! Who, exactly, I don't know -- can we get Kal Penn to start dating, I don't know, Desiree Rogers?


La Isla Bonita: How happy are you to have Madonna home in America again? Think she has any ideas about running for political office in the great state of New York or does she just like to be closer to Yankee Stadium?

Roxanne Roberts: Madonna is a road show that's been running, what, 30 years now and still manages to entertain now and then. Glad to see her back on these shores, but I think the Yankee boy-toy might be history. Haven't seen them together much, and since they're both divorced now, no reason for discretion. Not that Madonna was ever that discreet, but you get my drift.


Dead tree version: I just subscribed to the WaPo 7 days a week. : I live out of town and spend $1.75 a day during the week and $5.00 on Sunday to get dead tree WaPo to read on my commute. I should get the Pulitzer.

Amy Argetsinger: We're setting up an appointment for you to come in here and pick the one you want to have on your mantle.


Boston, Mass.: I love dogs. Especially big dogs, like my enormous, sweet chocolate Lab. I was really pulling for them to get a shelter dog, but with the allergy issue, I totally understand. And really, who says no to a dog from Ted Kennedy? Plus, Bo is adorable. Ridiculously cute. I especially love the shots of the president in his suit running with the dog. I think I'm in love. With Bo, that is. Video: Obamas Unveil New Puppy

Roxanne Roberts: Bo will never break your heart. That's the difference between falling in love with a dog and falling in love with a politician.


Silver Spring, Md.: Phil Spector is not Robert Blake or O.J. Simpson. The only reason that some of your dim-witted readers know the name Phil Spector is because he's a celebrity on trial and convicted for murder. No difference between him, Hulk Hogan's kid or the guy from 40-Year-Old Virgin to you or them. Phil Spector changed music and his songs will be around much, much longer than your readers' attention span. Don't worry snarkers, there'll be another celebrity killer shortly. Phil Spector has been obviously mentally ill for a long time and will serve his time. I fail to find anything funny about that.

Amy Argetsinger: Well, there was nothing funny about the Robert Blake or O.J. Simpson situations either. And both of those guys, like Spector, had distinguished showbiz careers long before they became murderers... Kind of is the same situation, actually.


Washington, D.C.: Hi guys,

I sat right behind David Gregory at the Nationals opening day Monday(got lucky and had my bosses tickets). He looked like he was with his friends as well as his wife and kids, did a few dances to the between-inning music and cheered loudly for the Nats. Weird moment was when Luke Russert (who was sitting with Carville) left the game and gave a weak wave to the Gregory clan on his way out. Friendly but awkward moment for sure.

Roxanne Roberts: It hasn't been a year since Tim died, and I think Opening Day probably stirred up a lot of memories for Luke. Nothing against David, just one of those things.


The Dead: Was Al at the show with Tipper? How was she looking?

Amy Argetsinger: Apparently he was not at the show... or at least not onstage...


Washington, D.C.: You guys kill me. I can't believe we just had a discussion about journalistic integrity on the gossip chat that wasn't ironic. Wait... was it ironic?

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, who can ever tell these days.


Washington: How are you celebrating the 144's anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln?

Amy Argetsinger: Well, personally, I went to an elegant cocktail party to celebrate the tragic milestone (more in tomorrow's column) -- I assume most of you did the same?


D.C.: I could have sworn I saw a Civil War-era marching band walking down to Ford's Theater last night. I had had a few drinks, so can't be positive -- but were like Tom Hanks or Barack Obama doing something there marking the anniversary of Lincoln's death?

Amy Argetsinger: No, what happened is that you stepped into a wormhole in time -- sort of like when they move the island on "Lost" -- and you were actually transported back to April 14, 1865. Bet your head hurts today, huh?


Tampa, Fla.: Of course, the best thing about the Obamas getting the dog is that when they got him, he had already had a couple of months of professional obedience training. As a dog owner, that's worth the price of admission. Of course, you could still tell he has lots of puppy still in him, the way he was dragging the girls and Obama along with him while he ran around the lawn, sniffing at everything.

Roxanne Roberts: That's part of the charm. I really hope they tell use if he eats a show or shreads a pillow.


Anonymous: I'd just like to say I cheered and jeered at the TV when they wheeled away that pathetic old Nazi. I'm sick of people defending him just because he's old and weak. He showed no mercy back then. We should show none now!

Amy Argetsinger: Who are we talking about now, Phil Spector or John Demjanjuk? (The latter got a last minute stay on his deportation.)


More Bo: Bo is curly, not furry. He has hair, not fur, that must be trimmed regularly. That's what makes him (supposedly) hypo-allergenic.

I think he's a great choice. Sure wish the Kennedys would send me one -- hint, hint.

Roxanne Roberts: Well, yeah. Just like poodles, right? But you know what I meant.

And I think you have to be the president's daughters to get a dog from the Kennedys.


Edgeboro, Va.: I had been really impressed with the first half of the 24 season, but man o man, those wheels keep flying off. Are you OK with the latest plot developments?

Amy Argetsinger: No. I'm not okay with this at all. Me and Tony are over, you hear? OVER. I mean, just how many double-triple-crossings, dead-not-dead twists should I have to deal with? Kept taking him back, but I'm just tired of it now.


Washington, D.C.: I was at the Egg Roll with DCPS students who got tickets from the Chancellor for the 8 a.m. time slot. My only complaint was that we didn't get to see the Obamas. I think that would have been great for the 2000 DCPS kids who got tickets for that time slot.

Roxanne Roberts: Cut them some slack---it was the Obamas first year, and they did a lot to include plenty of local kids. Truth is, they can't be there the entire day, and someone had to miss out.


Mel's Divorce: There was a day when this would have made my heart go all atwitter (you know, because of course we'd meet and he'd realize I was his one true love) but now it's just sad and tawdry. He's a whackadoodle and the long-suffering Robin deserves every penny of that half-gazillion.

Amy Argetsinger: Here's my crazy theory: I bet they'll reconcile. After all, 28 years is a long time, and $900 million is a lot of money.


Anonymous: O.J. was famous because he was a Hall of Fame football player. He wasn't really an actor -- just in a few films. Robert Blake was on trial 20 years after he had been declared a has-been.

Roxanne Roberts: Bottom line: Sensational trials with celebrities from Hollywood. Tabloid heaven.


Please eggsplain: I'm sorry but I'm confused was it an Easter Egg Hunt or an Easter Egg Roll and isn't rolling eggs something from like Grover Cleveland's time ?

Roxanne Roberts: Both. The roll has been a White House tradition since it started more than 100 years ago----involves pushing a hard-boiled egg with a long spoon. The White House also set aside a straw-filled pen for an egg hunt, with wooden eggs tucked under the straw. The hunt I understand; but I don't know how the roll got started. Any historians in the house?


Washington, D.C.: I'm taking the earlier poster's point about O.J. as a direct insult the Naked Gun movies, and demanding an apology.

Roxanne Roberts: Good luck with that.


Arlington, Va.: Regarding your tidbit that new GOP congressman Aaron Schock does not have a girlfriend, isn't it more important to understand that he needs to focus on doing his job first? Secondly, how does any single member of Congress find someone to date who they could trust to NOT go to the media about their dating? And if they broke up, who would want to be in Congress and read about themselves as their EX is dishing the confidential dirt? How come you make it sound as if being single is a bad thing, anyway?

Amy Argetsinger: Let's not read too much into this tidbit, okay? Aaron Schock is the cute new ridiculously-young congressman, and many people are curious to know if he has a girlfriend. (Not a surprising curiosity -- chatters in this forum are always asking who the "most eligible bachelors" are.) Details did a personality profile on Schock, and one of the things they asked -- among many other issues touched upon -- was whether he had much of a dating life in D.C. And he gave a cute answer, which we excerpted for your reading pleasure. Doesn't mean he's preoccupied with finding a date. Did we make it sound like being single is a bad thing? It's a terrible thing!


Hoboken, N.J.: The tabloids are screaming that Brad and Angie are "at war" -- are we maintaining a firm no comment on this big star smash up or are you all still in denial ?

Roxanne Roberts: It's been a slow month for the tabs, now that the Octomom news has essentially played out and Jennifer Aniston isn't being dumped by anyone. They need Brangelina to be "at war." I'm not buying it yet.


D.C.: What's the deal with Jamie Foxx's rant against Miley Cyrus? I think the girl is very annoying, but Foxx was kinda harsh!

Amy Argetsinger: I don't know. Don't really care. So Jamie Foxx went on the radio and make a crack about Miley Cyrus's gums or something. The fact that this is even a story is a sign that we've all become too reliant on a 24-hour celebrity-minutiae news cycle.


Reston, Va.: If Anderson Cooper and Tucker Carlson got married and adopted, would their children have four surnames?

Amy Argetsinger: Cooper Carlson Anderson Tucker would be an excellent name for a law firm.


Blagojevich would be one of 10 "celebrities" competing in challenges -- to raise money for their favorite charities, of course. : So he gets to keep the money?

Amy Argetsinger: hahaha


Speaking of love: I have never even liked Simon Cowell before, but now I think I have a crush on the guy after seeing the beatific expressions on his face during Susan Boyle's performance.

Susan Boyle's voice is amazing, but the most astonishing thing is how it changed my opinion of Simon. Hopefully, the Simon part will pass and I'll recover my senses! Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 - Saturday 11th April (YouTube)

Roxanne Roberts: Cute, wasn't it? I think Simon is actually kind of sweetheart, deep down.


Washington, D.C.: What the heck is Paris Hilton doing now? How long has it been since she's done something stupid in public? What else does she do then?

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, just last week she told some entertainment blogger that she's going to marry the minor-league ballplayer she's currently "dating." But that seemed even more boring than Jamie Foxx making fun of Miley Cyrus's gums, so we didn't deliver it to you.


Tampa, Fla.: "Here's my crazy theory: I bet they'll reconcile. After all, 28 years is a long time, and $900 million is a lot of money."

I don't think so. They have reportedly been separated for the past 3 years, so if they were looking to right the ship, you think they would have done it by now. My personal thinking is that she finally filed because they have already worked out what she will get, so now she feels comfortable making the split permanent knowing she will be getting what she thinks is fair.

Roxanne Roberts: That's so rational. You're a divorce attorney, I bet.


Dead at Verizon Center: That's who was at the Verizon Center last night! I mistakenly thought it was Phish due to the huge number of hippies outside the center and the cloud of patchouli hanging in the air as I swam through the crowd to get to Proof. It was scary.

Amy Argetsinger: I was struck by the fact that the crowd hanging around outside seemed much older than the crowd I used to see at those shows. (I was also in the neighborhood, in a vain attempt to track down reports of a roving Civil War band.) But I'm told that inside, there was proof that the Dead have continued to replicate a new generation of young fans. Amazing how they do that. Where do these kids come from?


Chicago, Ill.: Did you hear that Blagojevich has been cast in the NBC reality show -- "I'm a Celebrity . . Get Me Out of Here." You planning to watch this? And is Blago the dumbest man in the world -- or much smarter than any of us think?

Amy Argetsinger: I think we've already put up a link to this story... I don't know -- Blago is awfully entertaining, might be hard not to tune in.


Anonymous: "Cooper Carlson Anderson Tucker would be an excellent name for a law firm."

As a Jew, I'd insist there be a Schwartz or something in there before I brought them my biz.

Amy Argetsinger: Well, as suggested, they could always adopt.


Nats Stadium: Which of you got to go to the ballpark for opening day, and who was stuck at the office? But reading the highlights, with the `VIPs" and where the president turns down the request to throw out the first pitch -- D.C. is really looking pretty B-list. We should send that horrible team and the dreadfuly cheap Lerner family back to Montreal.

Roxanne Roberts: I went to the game and Amy stayed back here. It was nice until it got cold, which is when I bailed.

The Nats are terrible now, which really cuts into the fun. I don't think the Lerners are "dreadfully cheap" but you're entitled to your opinion. But the food still costs a small fortune, and the lines are endless.


Grateful Dead show?: I was confused about this Grateful Dead show that Tipper Gore was at. I mean, isn't Jerry Garcia dead?

Amy Argetsinger: All the surviving members -- who have mostly spent the past 13 years or so touring with their own offshoot bands -- reunited last year for some Obama fundraisers, and decided to take their rediscovered mutual love and respect on the road for all the fans. I imagine it's fairly lucrative.


So high and mighty: So Harrison Ford feeding a hippo is news ?

Roxanne Roberts: During a slow gossip week....oh, yeah. Personally, the picture cracked me up. And Harrison was looking almost as wrinkly as the hippo.


Yeesh: Is it the rain? Is that why people are jumping all over you today? cheer up, people!

I have nothing gossip-related, but this will be my last live chat performance because I am switching jobs and won't have access. Sniff. I usually get one or two posts a chat too, so this is sad. Farewell, ladies, and if I have anything wise to say, I'll submit early... (btw, I'm the Thanksgiving eve first-dater from, well, Thanksgiving eve)

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, that's terrible! Does your new job have a no-web-chat policy? I think that's a first amendment violation. Anyway, we'll miss you. Please do post early when you can...


RE: I think Simon is actually kind of sweetheart, deep down.: It almost seems like Simon has a different persona in the U.K. than stateside. Man is he hard on that poor contestant Lil Rounds on AI, for example. Also I am sick of the stupidity between him and Paula Abdul.

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, it's all such made-up drama. He tends to be hard on contestants he likes, knowing full well that if fans sense they're in trouble, they're more likely to call in support of them and keep them on the show.


Reston, Va.: From Wikipedia: "The original site was on the grounds of the United States Capitol, but in 1877 a new lawn was planted and the gardeners canceled the event. Congress then passed a law making it illegal to use the grounds as a children's playground. At the request of a number of children, including his own, the then President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife Lucy Hayes brought the event to the White House lawns."

Amy Argetsinger: This was in the Metro story about the Easter Egg Roll as well....


Maryland: The issue wasn't the crack Foxx made about her gums, it was the other nastiness he spewed.

Amy Argetsinger: Yeah, I guess there was more to it, but I couldn't get past the first paragraph. Will take another look, if you insist.


Washington, D.C.: I dunno -- I'm kinda bummed about the first dog Bo. I'm confident the Obamas could have found a hypo-allegenic dog at some shelter in the U.S. I was hoping they'd use the opportunity to rescue a pooch -- use the pulpit for the benefit of the dogs that need a forever home. Would have been a great message about rescue dogs!

But's true, what Teddy wants, Teddy gets, yes?

Roxanne Roberts: In the scheme of things, I don't think it's terrible he got the dog from Teddy---especially if Bo's first family wasn't a good fit. Anyway, the whole dog question sparked a lot of discussion about shelter adoptions, which has to be a good thing.


No, what happened is that you stepped into a wormhole in time: I'm actually betting this was just a bad dream. You know one of those, "it was Tom Hanks, but it was really Obama, and you were there, only you weren't you..." Followed by a frustrated, "well, it made sense in the DREAM!"

Amy Argetsinger: Time-travel or a dream? Sometimes it's just so hard to tell.


Florida chick: is Sen. Lindsey Graham like, available? I have a crush.

Amy Argetsinger: Ladies, he's single.


Silver Spring, Md.: Please compare the cultural impact of Phil Spector to Robert Blake or OJ.. Simpson. Sorry, Phil Spector wins hands down. Aside from 18 or 19 songs that many, many Americans know he wrote, he changed the way rock/pop records were made. O.J. Simpson's football records were broken and he never played on a championship team. His commercials aren't played anymore. Phil Spector's records will continue to be played. When they drag out "Imagine" for every hackneyed anti-war PSA or Lennon tribute till days end, you'll hear Spector. Phil Spector is no Robert Blake or O.J. Simpson.

Roxanne Roberts: True---but you had to know music to understand Phil's historic role. If not, he's just another crazy Hollywood dude with bad hair and more money than common sense.


Cleveland, Ohio: I just read that Jennifer Love Hewitt, our favorite Ghost Whisperer, is dating Jamie Kennedy, that annoying guy who used to have a TV show that nobody watched. Something about that seems wrong? Is this finally the man of her dreams?

Amy Argetsinger: All I know is that every day has a new story about their love topping their web site. More proof that our nation is close to depleting its resources of celebrity news. We're totally running dry here.


Anonymous: "I mean, isn't Jerry Garcia dead?"

Yes, and he's grateful too.

Roxanne Roberts: Ouch. Harsh, man.


Washington, D.C.: Who is going to play Capt. Richard Phillips in Pirates of Somalia: The Movie? I'd take Bruce Willis or David Straithairn. I'm hoping Charlie Sheen and Demi Moore can reprise their roles as Navy SEALs.

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmm, good question. I'm all for Sheen and Moore in that movie, but have to think more about the captain casting.


Mongrels: Tend to be smarter, more emotionally stable, and less prone to inherited genetic problems than pure breds. I'd a thought an American presaident would have wanted a real American mutt from the pound, allergies or no.

Roxanne Roberts: Maybe, but didn't happen.


Anonymous: This is nice. The last living survivor of the Titanic (she was 9 weeks at the time), who is 97, is selling off the last of her Titanic memorabilia to help pay for her nursing home costs.

Amy Argetsinger: That's interesting. Can't believe we're down to our last survivor. The Post magazine had an interesting story a few years ago about the last survivor who remembered the sinking. She would never talk about it.


Bo and Second Dog: They should get a second dog since they promised they would get a shelter dog and didn't!

Roxanne Roberts: Biden said he would do that, so we're watching carefully. If the Obamas decide Bo could use a buddie, I bet it comes from a shelter or Portie rescue group.


Tipper playing with the Dead: Wow. Wow. I just don't know what to say about this. Should it not surprise me as much as it does? Not saying this because I'm horrified, truly, I'm just shocked. Am I that out of the loop?

Amy Argetsinger: Tipper was the drummer in a band she formed at St. Agnes School for girls back in the '60s...


Sasha's Squeaky Voice: I love how excited she was when she talked about how Bo can't swim. That must seem pretty silly -- a WATER dog has to be taught how to swim!

Amy Argetsinger: It was all pretty adorable, huh?


I fail to find anything funny about that.: Dude, you might be in wrong chat, if you didn't know we come here to make fun of people. Yes, we know he's mentally ill. Yes, we know about his contribution to music. We are making fun of his HAIR.

Roxanne Roberts: His hair loves the attention.


Partisan v. Tradition: This is what makes me sad. We used to be willing to separate partisan politics from the traditions of D.C. We were happy to enjoy traditions like the Egg Roll without trying to use it to criticize the other party.

Roxanne Roberts: Can't we all get along, peeps? It's Eastertime.


Anonymous: So is Tipper going to ask the Dead to put warning labels on their albums?

Amy Argetsinger: hahaha. Probably not.


Anonymous: Who is going to play Capt. Richard Phillips?

William Petersen from CSI -- looks like the dude.

Amy Argetsinger: Not a bad idea.


More proof that our nation is close to depleting its resources of celebrity news: Another argument for developing alternative, infinitely renewable, sustainable gossip.

Amy Argetsinger: I'm putting you on that task force.


Tipper was the drummer in a band she formed at St. Agnes School for girls back in the '60s... : See, this helps with the shock. Or at least helps explain. Thank you ladies.

Amy Argetsinger: You're welcome!


Washington: Hey - nobody has bashed Kumar yet today. I still think his appointment is an insult. Just getting that out there.

Amy Argetsinger: Sneaky of you, trying to get the last word that way. I'm sure someone will revisit it next week now...


Administration types jumping the line at the Easter Egg Roll?: Maybe they were going to work...

Roxanne Roberts: Likely.....

Which reminds me: We've got a column to write! Love you all, but there must be breaking dog news we need to sniff out! Send your tips and non-Bo sightings to Enjoy the weekend----supposed to be actual spring weather---and see you back next week.


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